Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World 🍔

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Meat is a complicated issue. But also a delicious one. Let's talk about it.
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Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World



30-Sen, 2018

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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eeGrass :D
eeGrass :D 12 soat oldin
You always have a happy ending don’t you😊
Aznboy 4 kun oldin
Hi ich mache Street Interviews wär krass wenn ihr vorbeischauen würdet :)
Baneaname Tomlinson
You should get really mad and break your mundane voice and rant in a video it would be hilarious
SaniK 7 kun oldin
Hello Kurzgesagt! I love your video and have been subbed for over 6mo. I was wondering, you did a couple videos about what a portion of the immune system is and how it attacks bacteria and viruses. Could you do a 2-3 part video that explains the entire complicated process? I think it would be very interesting how the entire things work! Is there any research out there that is finding new ways to attack bac/viruses in ways our immune system doesn't, or ways to fight with/train our immune system? That would be really interesting to know!
Divine Flames
Divine Flames 27 daqiqa oldin
What about vegetarians????
Debbie C.
Debbie C. 39 daqiqa oldin
Sebastián Gonzalez
Sebastián Gonzalez 49 daqiqa oldin
4:45 .... FML
Chloe Sanchez
Chloe Sanchez Soat oldin
Oh god this is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to turn me vegan.
White Cloud_YT
White Cloud_YT Soat oldin
_🍔 :D_
holy grail of lame
regardless of what you think about meat, can at least a few people in here agree that people in this comment section saying "just go vegan" sound pompous and smug?
Tactician Soat oldin
I would never be a vegan, but this video, one that uses actual facts instead of telling me I'm a horrible person is the only one which has ever gotten me to consider doing so.
Makayla Hall
Makayla Hall 2 soat oldin
Is no one else gonna point out that Bob's burgers made a cameo In this video?
Maurice Philipps
Maurice Philipps 2 soat oldin
I feel like the message at the end "enjoy your meat" is such a cop out. You spend 7 minutes explaining how terrible meat is and then say "but it's tasty so don't go to too much bother".
Destiny Myers / sun flower Super myers family team
in the intro you can see bob burgers characters.
joshua Candoit
joshua Candoit 2 soat oldin
one of the reasons why I change into vegetables... Either way, it ain't helping them. The only way is to exterminate humanity itself. I guess...
Lucia Pulvirenti
Lucia Pulvirenti 2 soat oldin
Me dan mucha vergüenza
Argonxx12 1
Argonxx12 1 3 soat oldin
I am a Vegetarian and I thought this video was going to be about defending, meat since this was what I have been seeing on the internet quite often. Good job guys esspecially with the closing statment about eating meat doesn't make you a bad person so meat eaters don't feel triggered.
tanki motoko
tanki motoko 3 soat oldin
I dont know man
tanki motoko
tanki motoko 3 soat oldin
I knew organic is bullshir
Eggman's Tomato sauce
I like how no ones mentioning the bobs burgers references
Kawaii Cupcake
Kawaii Cupcake 3 soat oldin
Am i in danger if my vegan sister sent me this?
TheAmazingDeltax 4 soat oldin
Meat is fuel for me. The food chain exists for a reason. I do feel bad for the animals, seriously that's cruel what happens to them. Why can't we treat them right before they're turned into meat. This is truly a cruel world
Korlash, Heir to Blackblade
0:23 I wonder if that was a horse meat burger?
Sol Bri
Sol Bri 5 soat oldin
How about HUNTING YOUR OWN FOOD and how about fish? And sea food
Patrick Jacobs
Patrick Jacobs 5 soat oldin
2 words: Genetic Modification
Miriam Tomt
Miriam Tomt 5 soat oldin
if we stopped eating meat the problems would be worse than the benefits
Eben Olivier
Eben Olivier 5 soat oldin
One of the most biased Kurzgesagt videos. Too laden with subjective emotional blackmail.
Kenji Yamamoto
Kenji Yamamoto 6 soat oldin
If going vegetarian or vegan is difficult for you. Just don’t waste your food
Draydin Bardon
Draydin Bardon 6 soat oldin
Dont care tastes good.
Kenji Yamamoto
Kenji Yamamoto 6 soat oldin
Jennifer Henson
Jennifer Henson 6 soat oldin
This is fucked up
carson simpson
carson simpson 6 soat oldin
2:57 That's a huge KDR ratio.
Neratah Ezemekeh
Neratah Ezemekeh 6 soat oldin
time to bait some vegans mmmm meat mmmmm bacon yummy yummy in my tummy, you see cow? im gonna eat it! mmmm tastes sooooo good. animals dont have feeling, and plants are also living things, you are a four year old trying to solve an impossible question. ever since the dawn of man we were eating meat, your ancestors were eating meat, did they care about the inhumanity? NO. sure, plants are healthy, have more benefits and etc. but if you say that meat eaters should die, then you wouldnt exist. i respect the vegans who mind their own fucking business, not "GO VEGAN AND IF YOU EAT MEAT YOU ARE EVIL" with that said, have a nice day! and fuck you too.
CALVIN SEMCZUK 7 soat oldin
After watching this video, and researching Paul McCartney's campaign, I'm going to try to be more vegetarian. Not completely, as eating meat is very human, but only once in a while. Besides, I've been meaning to make my diet more healthful.
Your Lord Tachanka
Your Lord Tachanka 7 soat oldin
Anyone realize at the beginning of the video the people are from bobs burgers
tolga1cool 7 soat oldin
Why are suddenly so many video titles translated into German????? I don't want this. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing? On the Android app btw
Vincent Badalamenti
Vincent Badalamenti 7 soat oldin
I think it's insane that this video, and so many others, completely ignore the major health risks associated with meat consumption. Forget the planet. Eating meat and dairy significantly increases your chances of heart attack AND stroke, clogs your arteries, and increases your risk for a variety of cancers. Multiple studies have pointed to this. Anyone can just Google that shit and nobody talks about it. It doesn't matter how delicious bacon is and how little you care about pigs; eating them is literally killing you. It's like karma, but actually based in science.
Parag Bhattacharya
Parag Bhattacharya 8 soat oldin
Just reduce your monthly meat consumption for now if you cant leave it.
Nate Swank
Nate Swank 9 soat oldin
I hate fried chicken.
Olivia villafuerte
Olivia villafuerte 9 soat oldin
Just because plants don't have a central nervous system didn't mean they don't mather...
chelsea Guadalupe
chelsea Guadalupe 9 soat oldin
I’m vegan now
T H 9 soat oldin
World hunger is solved!! ufortunatly it's not profitable
ليان 10 soat oldin
نبي ترجمه عربيه
Tarael Blackwing
Tarael Blackwing 10 soat oldin
I think that cruelty towards wild animals and pets is bad because they are either part of ecosystem or our companions. Cruelty towards animals on meat factories, however, is totally ok. They are not part of ecosystem and they are just a resource. We are sentient beings, so we have a right and power to decide their fate. They are born for a purpose of becoming a food. We benefit from their deaths so they need to be kept in conditions only good enough to produce a quality product. Their "happiness" shouldn't be our concern, because they are not sentient and not wild.
Timothy Schellin
Timothy Schellin 11 soat oldin
watching the animators skills develop over the lifetime of this channel has been truly satisfying.
Joeri Spek
Joeri Spek 11 soat oldin
I would love to see a video about why people enjoy music so much. What is it in our brain that reacts
Sakıncalı Düşünür
Türkiye'de et yenilmiyor ki aminiyum
ilonw ziniene
ilonw ziniene 12 soat oldin
4:00 rip bird
clementscully clementscully
Vegans Uniteeee!!!
Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton 12 soat oldin
Do we really kill 74 billion animals every year and is it true that 97% of calories are lost untill it( meat ) comes to us.
unacceptable lemon
unacceptable lemon 12 soat oldin
thats why I do photosynthesis
Yanet Floyd
Yanet Floyd 12 soat oldin
I feel so bad there treated like $ih+ but the end it so true HOW
Τρελός Πανεπιστήμονας
so what ? should i eat just vegetables now ? no way !
WiedZeR 13 soat oldin
C'mon guys in fact we are animals as well and your brains improved because your ancestors started to eat meat. And vegans eat vegetables because vegetables can't feel pain or shout this is bullshit so being a vegan is for feel less cruel but you can't escape from truths you are an animal this is nature (and don't forget animals are killing each other even dogs,cats. Nature is wild and dangerous)
robloxgamer220 13 soat oldin
Fun fact. Im eating a chicken wing :P
QoR uTo
QoR uTo 13 soat oldin
Vegans would be so happy that this video exist
QoR uTo
QoR uTo 13 soat oldin
Man This world sucks.
Iona Turner
Iona Turner 13 soat oldin
This is turning me vegitarian
Declan Thomas
Declan Thomas 13 soat oldin
Won’t be too much longer now and we won’t have to worry about anything they said in here. SCIENCE will solve it for us
ThatOneGuyInTheGroup 14 soat oldin
Yup *Humans have the highest killcount*
LanGaming Tv
LanGaming Tv 14 soat oldin
Why you Name is german ?
Cherry Wu
Cherry Wu 14 soat oldin
I think that some animal products still to be need for children's growth.
PearuArmasJ 14 soat oldin
you just gotta fucking love how many retarded ass vegans here didn't even watch the video to see what it *ACTUALLY IS ABOUT* but instantly started advertising their fucking retarded, equally as damaging to the environment lifestyle. You wanna know why all of this *GO MEAT OR GO HOME* or *EAT VEGIES OR BE A MURDERER* fucking bullshit is such low intelligence and fucking stupid? Well because as they said in the video, *EATING MEAT DOESN'T MAKE YOU A BAD PERSON NEITHER EATING VEGIES MAKES YOU A GOOD ONE* is so fucking true it is unbelieveable plus they both are equally as damaging to the environment, meat eaters are responsible for mass murder of animals but vegans are fucking responsible for mass murder of plants. We are legit chopping down the fucking amazon rainforest, the *lungs* of the fucking planet and fucking up the oxygen level of the whole planet, especially around the equator just so you could make yourself some stupid fucking salad. Still ignorant? Well go fucking google what would happen if the amazon rainforests were to get cut down or wouldn't exist. Even fucking worse is the fact that the human digestive tract was fucking *DESIGNED TO EAT AND DIGEST BOTH* so before you fucking cretins come here advertising your dumbshit, watch the fucking video first or fuck off and dive off a cliff, you would literally spare thousands of trees according to basic mathematics. I personally feed off of both sides and because of that i don't cause such fucking extreme damages to neither side, it's called balance. And if you seriously can't fucking handle my alternative which is by far the best and most effective at sparing both plants and animals then at least fucking listen to some of the alternatives given in this video.
AuraSynergy 15 soat oldin
I like broccoli
king of beast
king of beast 15 soat oldin
thank god i am not a non vegetarian
darkhorse0404 15 soat oldin
The flash that hates
xavier beillas
xavier beillas 15 soat oldin
Guys, your videos are amazing ! Please never stop !
Alice Apsara
Alice Apsara 15 soat oldin
Video was amazing! I just wish you would’ve talked about fishes... a lot of people think being vegie means only eating fish. And some people also claim to be vegan but eat fish! As if fishes didn’t suffer. For y’all to know, the salmon number decreased of 50% in 2 years.
Alice Apsara
Alice Apsara 15 soat oldin
Thanks for that video. I’m actually surprised most of the people didn’t know about these. It’s really sad that all these tortures are not being known when it’s so easy to get informed about it. Whatever, i was born in an asian family, where you eat delicious meat meal everyday, even for breakfast (meat noodle). Never thought i could become vegan. Well here I am! I’m 15 and It has been 1 years since i last ate meat. It’s not difficult at all. You just replace meat by eggs (which I’m planning on stopping eating too but school makes it impossible), burgers with eggs or vegetal steaks are delicious as well. There are a lot of brands that propose amazing vegan food such as nuggets and knackies sausages and they taste the sane, i can tell because I love meat. Obviously it has been hard at first when yo grandma brings you delicious homemade chicken wings but you just have to learn to get above that. I’m done with people always finding excuses about eating a lot of meat... like two meals made of meat every day!! (You don’t even need that much of meat! What is recommended is 1 steak per week!) You can just start by reducing your consummation of meat ...It’s not that hard :) I don’t get it fr. you must be heartless if you can, if your family is okay and you’re still eating that much of dead animals.
Dr vimal Katarmal
Dr vimal Katarmal 16 soat oldin
this channel is doing best
Yuuki Goku
Yuuki Goku 17 soat oldin
6:30 vegans mustve been slightly offended with that
ZED 17 soat oldin
CheapGamer 17 soat oldin
Sorry but I was watching this while eating 600g double steak burger
Juanlupesuper super
Juanlupesuper super 18 soat oldin
Kurzgesagt, what means the blue telephone cabin? (I know it doesnt appear in this episode.)
the comments section is in anarchy
I mean if eating meat is destroying the planet I dont care, i will still eat meat. The destruction of the earth is inevitable. Plus when you say the earth will die its just wrong. In my opinion its actually the creatures that will die. For me when most animals and all humans are all extinct the earth wont care, the earth may reshape itself and plants might grow on all our stuff. If aliens (the observable universe has a diamter of 93 billion light years so its very unlikely that aliens dont exist) arrive here in around a few million years then they might find/discover the remains of our civilization, but the earth still doesnt care about our existence nor the alien's existence.
DPBDNIEWÜDHGS 18 soat oldin
what a shitty moral in the end of the video "respect your meat" yeah as if u respect a coprse eating it
Jannis 23 06
Jannis 23 06 18 soat oldin
Why are all of the Charakters in The beginning from Bobs Burgers?
Darkness 18 soat oldin
i showed my pet chicken this video, he did not come back.
İbrahim Yıldız
İbrahim Yıldız 20 soat oldin
What about Fish? how dare you
ping ping
ping ping 20 soat oldin
I'm still eating this burger.
trugangsta4real 20 soat oldin
We humans are racking up some seriously bad karma with all these suffering animals.
Plague Captain
Plague Captain 20 soat oldin
What about Fish ? It is Safe ?
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams 21 soat oldin
Could you make a video on article 13? Copyright on the internet is something you've touched on before and I would like to see a genuine assessment of the pros and cons not just the melodramatic b.s. the rest of the internet has come out with.
rinus 21 soat oldin
but still a vegan meal is still improper. you need meat, eggs n such. only eating plants wont give you enough of the amount of vitamins you need.
ATCguy23 14 soat oldin
Vitamins is a big lie, but there are alot of other things that the dont get
Falcon 21 soat oldin
Me before I saw this: How is M E E T bad? Me after video: I think imma go vegan now...
Treehouse Trapstar
Treehouse Trapstar 21 soat oldin
Vegans are Nutting rn
EpicDragonHunter 21 soat oldin
6:07 is that an Eyebot from Fallout 4?
Abhiisme 21 soat oldin
just become a lacto-vegan
ATCguy23 14 soat oldin
then watch the video again
Can I hit 100,000 subscribers
Bob burgers charter
PrestonPlayzRoblox 117
What about the best worst thing?
samuel barreto
samuel barreto 22 soat oldin
I’ll eat my steak just as normally lol
fast slow
fast slow 22 soat oldin
Fired Heartbeat
Fired Heartbeat 22 soat oldin
Can you make a video about "Cold Urticaria"? Please because I have it
XxrobloxderpgamerxX 22 soat oldin
The real reason why people turn vegetarian
Zachary Fennell
Zachary Fennell 23 soat oldin
People say those who eat only veggies are going to be skinny but gorillas and pandas are some big meaty animals maybe I shouldn't if been hating on vegans/vegaterians🍉🐢
Socialist1922 23 soat oldin
Does nobody notice that characters from Bob's Burgers are in the beginning?
Ninja Gris
Ninja Gris 23 soat oldin
I do not like to eat animals, but the prices for vegan good are broken at all. There must be laws and programs to improve its commercialization.
Astain-Halan Union
The vegans have declared victory
ATCguy23 14 soat oldin
watch the video you moron.
Can we get to a million subs without anything
But don’t blame us Blame the Greedy Capitalist Meat Tycoons
TheVeryDarkFox The Pack of Foxes
Lol I remember that show not the show wait- IT'S BOBS BURGER !!! I think ._.
Centuri Amethyst Ammaterratsu
Who else watched this while eating fried chicken?
Neurotic Shit
Neurotic Shit Kun oldin
2:42 No Shit
l i l r a c h i
l i l r a c h i Kun oldin
bobs burgers