Why Nancy Pelosi Shrugs Off The Haters Like Drake | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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The 116th Congress has been sworn in and Nancy Pelosi returns to the House Speakership with even more experience and fame than when she first took the gavel in 2007. Pelosi made history as the first woman Speaker of the House and now becomes the first person to re-take the Speakership in more than 60 years. Ari Melber breaks down how and why Nancy Pelosi has become the Drake of the Democratic Party.
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Why Nancy Pelosi Shrugs Off The Haters Like Drake | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC



4-Yan, 2019



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Linda Watson
Linda Watson 23 kun oldin
Timothy Hughes
Timothy Hughes 25 kun oldin
Nancy Pelosi was and is a fox.
Brent Donley
Brent Donley 2 oy oldin
Franklin Archambault
nancy the floozie is six sandwiches short of a picnic
Luke The Drifter
Luke The Drifter 2 oy oldin
America is a Republic not a democracy.
Richard Smart
Richard Smart 2 oy oldin
You've gotta love Ari's hip-hop references, don't you?
Justin is right
Justin is right 2 oy oldin
Internship i in DC for free one of the most expensive places to live. Hum I wonder if a normal American can do that. Or maybe one that comes from money? I think the ones that worked for free probably come from money. Or they work three different jobs to do that. Maybe if you pay them $15 an hour we can get a more diverse internship thank you AOC . You know not one where your mom and dad have money to send you there.
Kim Jong Don
Kim Jong Don 2 oy oldin
Almost all of US politicians supported and let American tax payers paid for Israel's wall(s), but these hypocrites won't found their own border wall? MIGA!!
Matrox One
Matrox One 2 oy oldin
KamaLiar Harris wants opens borders, Alexandria Occaissional-Cortex wants Socialism. They won't be happy until they leave with their lifetime pensions and a wrecked sh!thole country.
Matrox One
Matrox One 2 oy oldin
Blue wave my azz...it came out last week that thousands of dead people were never purged from the democratic rolls and they voted in this blue wave. Funny how the corrupt mainstream news won't make a big deal of this. So now the two Swamp Queens Nasty Pelosi and Chump Shoomer have been reselected to continue the corruption like they have been doing the last 30 years.
Evan Varnon
Evan Varnon 2 oy oldin
Quoting pedos now Ari? He's so obviously desperate to sound relatable
polachee 2 oy oldin
Pelosi will detach Pootin's controlling strings, wrap them around trump's fat neck and hang him with them. Oh goodie! I'm going to watch with uncontrolled satisfaction.
phytology 2 oy oldin
Ari Melber, please stop quoting hip hop lyrics
Dusty Davis
Dusty Davis 2 oy oldin
Pelosi is just an old crazy woman like most politicians I believe all should be fired and it should be a straight volunteer job then you will get people that actually care in
degeneracy 2 oy oldin
because the gender and color of one's skin represents how well one will do in office. this was not MLKs dream
degeneracy 2 oy oldin
just like Drake
Kiki Lau
Kiki Lau 2 oy oldin
I just love Ari 🤣
23640631 2 oy oldin
@ When the militant terrorist's attack within the US due to no Southern border wall. Then Mr. Schummer and Mrs Pelosi and democrat officials will have to take the blame, and admit the US citizens were not in safety or had security, remember 9-11, or Dec. 7th.
Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper 2 oy oldin
The downfall of a once great nation
Herman Demianenko
Our democracy is in danger , let's pass legislation about the MAGA lunatics, Let's ship'em to the Soviet Union . Since they love them so much I don't think they would oppose it
Cynthia Hawkins
Cynthia Hawkins 2 oy oldin
Remembering when I went to vote at the midterm election: I had tucked under my arm, THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE, the biography of Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer. I mentioned this to the elder lady at the desk who checked my paperwork, and she looked up, smiling. Then she said, nodding to my book, "I was there, in Atlantic City. What a time it was. I talked with Mrs. Hamer, and with Gloria Steinem.." I felt like I was a link, in a wonderful network of sisters..I am now 70. And despite the negative things that are going on in the White House? I feel.. very hopeful!
Cynthia Hawkins
Cynthia Hawkins 2 oy oldin
She made sure the kids, of all stripes... were involved in the process. Translation: Little boys and girls will grow up, and become diverse men and women. They'll be voters, citizens...and decision makers. Huzzah!!!
QUEEN DEE DEE 2 oy oldin
This guy & Drake bs
Tommy Hayfield
Tommy Hayfield 2 oy oldin
Let victims have their voice Ari. Some of these people in Congress were victims but now they're leaders. Good for them. GOOOOD for Democracy!
Daughter of Immigrants
Two native American women were elected to congress. "Democratic representatives Debra Haaland (New Mexico) and Sharice Davids (Kansas) shared the sweet moment as newly-elected House speaker Nancy Pelosi welcomed and congratulated the 116th Congress."
EC 2 oy oldin
MSNBC - you headline here makes it seem like Drake is a hater of Pelosi.
PJ Brown
PJ Brown 2 oy oldin
Nasty Pelosi #nasty Be careful, she might get skunk tinkle on you. lol
Sandra Walker
Sandra Walker 2 oy oldin
THANK YOU!! tRUMP FOR BEING SUCH A RACIST , MISOGYNOUS , CORRUPT, SELF SEEKING, ABUSIVE , ANTI AMERICAN pRESIDENT ..because of you new and diverse under 50 year old candidates have been inspired to run for elected office and the decent law abiding people , VOTERS of America have thrown down the gauntlet and answered the call ....further landslides in 2020 !!!!........HARD work ahead for this diverse Congress to CORRECT the wrongs and restore democracy ( which has been under threat for over the last 50 years ) to America............... NO RESTING ON YOUR LAURELS
Grandmas Boy
Grandmas Boy 2 oy oldin
They are the special needs kids that we're just proud showed up for school! Diversity!
Eisdax 2 oy oldin
By the gods, Ari, I like you but please stop with those horrible metaphors.
Pj Braine
Pj Braine 2 oy oldin
Dear CONGRESS, PLEASE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS: (1) How is it, I want to know, that We The People can allow a CRIMINAL to negotiate Government Policy, like trade policy, the Border & Immigration with/for the USA???? I thought the Trump family was NOT suppose to be allowed to work for or with ANY non-profit organization - - - There was a judge that RULED against Trump's Family, CORRECT??????? (2) Isn't the USA Government a "Non-Profit" organization? (3) Isn't it your job to focus on policy that protects federal workers & government & We The People? And, The Bill of Rights? And, people over FAKE corporations, which are labeled SCAMS? (4) How do you, Lindsey & the GOP, sleep at night? You alllllll look UN-well. (5) When will WE THE PEOPLE collaborate, plan, and realize that WE THE PEOPLE opened the hen house door to a wild dog? * definition * "Wild Dog" can be defined as the domesticated dog that has been bitten by a fox, i.e., RUSSIAN MAFIA, with no sense of care for other creatures in the world of WE THE PEOPLE, or USA values,. Now, this "Wild (bitten) Dog" is killing the chickens & eggs, cuz he is sick, and because the GOP & complacent representations, let him run crazy? - cuz we 2 R scared, like a rabbits??? Now, only feathers remain on the chicken coop floor? WHO ARE WE THE PEOPLE? Allowing CRIMINALS in the WH???
Ttheway2 life
Ttheway2 life 2 oy oldin
Im black and voting for warren. she doesnt need a great speech. her actions counts more than anything.
Always Ready
Always Ready 2 oy oldin
If Pelosi and the Dems hate the wall so much, why do they live in walled communities with their doors locked?
head strong
head strong 2 oy oldin
Lets get it straight....the Pelosi has more american blood on its hands than all current Armed Forces Generals combined. Poly Klass, Kathryn Steinle, Ron Singh just off the top...... payoffs to release prisoners and felons directly into your neighborhoods is an Evil yet lucrative business....... You like that? Good you will be on the receiving end of much more now that Gov`t is back in .....ehh wait a minute the killing machine is shut down...... Ha!!!
catalinacurio 2 oy oldin
How come republicans spew such aggressive hate? See comments below & please report where required.
cy2087 2 oy oldin
Yes, I'm happy the Democrats have the house. I'll be even more happy when they don't choose a speaker because she "brings in the most money", but because they create the best policy. Because they do the greatest good for the greatest number, not the bidding of the donors, PACS and Corporations. Did you notice that the first thing she talked about was how much money was spent, not who would do the best for the working class? Sorry MSNBC but we won't accept someone who gives the networks billions, only those who will fight and win for the millions. You have Pelosi for now but, if we don't have a real Progressive Democrat like Sanders on the 2020 ticket, get ready for another crippling loss.
Slimer 2 oy oldin
You mean she "shrugs off the haters" like Donald Trump?
Terry Oesch
Terry Oesch 2 oy oldin
Pilose is a joke Schumer is a joke and they have become billion airs from obstruction of the truth Kennedy's were murdered 911 was an inside job 2planes 7banks how stupid are we anyhow ?
Terry Oesch
Terry Oesch 2 oy oldin
You creeps all you want chaos and race wars open borders transgender hypocrisy migration crisises and never report the news just spread biases bassed on biases you want America to fail
Guitar Overkill
Guitar Overkill 2 oy oldin
Pelosi is an old woman that would be retired in any other business.
Read more
Read more 2 oy oldin
What a wonderful place it is! Although my parents have an everlasting place in US, both would have suffered with his "idealogy."
Joey Calabrese
Joey Calabrese 2 oy oldin
I will not vote for democrats again what idiots
saabguy303 2 oy oldin
Nancy Pelosi is a “SILVER FOX”!
Aparna Dahanukar
Aparna Dahanukar 2 oy oldin
I hope Elizabeth Warren wins!
Brown Moscato
Brown Moscato 2 oy oldin
🦋🏄🏽‍♂️💎💙💙💙💦💪🏽 A government for the PEOPLE...by the PEOPLE
Truth 2 oy oldin
Im sooooo happy we have all these wonderful women in congress!! And Nancy is awesome.
Mad Monkee
Mad Monkee 2 oy oldin
G-d votes Meretz, and so do I.
mr. truth
mr. truth 2 oy oldin
DEMOCRATS Manipulate by using name calling, insults , character attack, for votes needed to get power for big business.. A VERY EFFECTIVE METHOD for very foolish people..
Mad Monkee
Mad Monkee 2 oy oldin
Can she be counted as the first AND SECOND woman speaker? I mean, yeah, Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and 24th president, but there was a president in between. There was no woman speaker between Pelosi and Pelosi? This makes me wonder who is counting the speakers. I'm sure someone is. Well, anyway, I'm thrilled that MADAM SPEAKER is third in line for the presidency!
G. G.
G. G. 2 oy oldin
Two Native American women! Yay!
Amnon Meyers
Amnon Meyers 2 oy oldin
Donna Brazile 59 years old or so -- stunningly beautiful!!! Brilliant, well spoken -- she should run in 2020 as well.
bolt riprock
bolt riprock 2 oy oldin
why is donna brazille on to offer any expertise when under her watch the dems lost to Trump. She needs to go help the republicans so the dems will win more and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jon dow
Jon dow 2 oy oldin
DONALD TRUMP is the Most Ridiculous person on the planet and will be remembered as the Worst President/Human on the planet ...May his Name be forever stricken from History ...We don't want to remember the Biggest joke in the World...So Sad he doesn't realize how STUPID he Really is.
Shadab Ahmed
Shadab Ahmed 2 oy oldin
msnbc, please stop bringing corrupt donna.
Salre 22
Salre 22 2 oy oldin
Lol at people supporting Pelosi who made millions using her political office and supports foreign citizens more than her own. Meanwhile, Trump is the only politician to lose money and takes no salary.
Zahid Ali
Zahid Ali 2 oy oldin
Democrats are showing the world that Donald Trump is not the people's president because he lost the election by more than 3million votes to Hillary. Donald Trump does not represent AMERICA.
Don Emigholz Jr.
Don Emigholz Jr. 2 oy oldin
What is taking so long!!! IMPEACH Trump now! NOthing, nothing else matters. Trump must be instantly impeached other wise we are condoning coup of our Justice department and the FBI!! (Just to name a few)
Ts s
Ts s 2 oy oldin
Women tend to be more progressive. They are often the victims of non progressives.
R Garlin
R Garlin 2 oy oldin
I'll readily admit it. I consider NDP simply wonderful, and exactly what we need today for House Speaker. 👍
Victor O
Victor O 2 oy oldin
Congrats Nancy and California..!!!!
SC 03
SC 03 2 oy oldin
Wow, Nancy Pelosi net worth Is $100 millions. NO WONDER SHE DOESN'T WANT WALL.
True Hunt
True Hunt 2 oy oldin
Nancy Pelosi is a corporatist THUG.
Trey Tucker
Trey Tucker 2 oy oldin
I like no-wall Nancy cuz she's pretty but maybe her doctor should check her cerebral circulation before she strokes out.
Christopher Smith
The Disney kid???
Trey Tucker
Trey Tucker 2 oy oldin
Just for the record my grandmother pays for direct tv and doesn't get CNN or Fox news. MSNBC was of course the default.
James Garcia
James Garcia 2 oy oldin
How come Nancy Pelosi don't apologise for all the murders all her immigrants have committed against fellow Americans? Back stabbing traitorous lying corrupt sell out..
Valentino Massimo
#nomoreoldwhitepeople For President.. Run a Young Progressive
Valentino Massimo
Warren is no progressive, Why doe s no one ask about her hawkish policies against the Palestinians , Her Pro Apartheid Stance , when It comes to the Jews in Israel. Voting to give billions more taxpayer money to the Industrial Military Complex.. Voting to give millions more for the Iron Dome to bomb and massacre Palestinian women and children .. She & Bernie both are no progressives . #NoMoreOldWhitePeople for president
HodgePodge Doodles
Drake? The guy who feels up kids on-stage?
Todd HellsKitchen
Go Nancy!
Idris Fashan
Idris Fashan 2 oy oldin
Rap call outs FOREVER. Ari makes MSNBC amazing.
E M.
E M. 2 oy oldin
Nancy Pelosi does not support Black Lives Matter
Brenda Baker
Brenda Baker 2 oy oldin
William Bunting
William Bunting 2 oy oldin
Invigorating! Everything Trump voters thought they would get with Trump only to burden the country with an illiterate amoral regressive and dangerous foul mouth.
kermitefrog64 2 oy oldin
In the United Kingdom she would be the Prime Minister.
juan tobon
juan tobon 2 oy oldin
This almost made me cry but it also scares me because there is so much hate coming from the other side it seems the only way they will accept us is when we die.
Luvbonne 2 oy oldin
Smart People / Americans - Should Not be Intimidated by this ... Conservative Family People & Men , Should Embrace this Balance & Diversity ... The Peoples House Should Represent the People , Not Banksters , Hedgefunds , Criminal Financiers & Lobbyists Who Bribe those Who are Pledged / Sworn to Protect the Constitution / & the People ... ... For Those that are Frightened by these Liberals , We conservatives Have Allowed Government & the Moneyed Interests to Control America ... This is Part of the Inevitable Push-back that We Guaranteed with Our Apathy ...
Beatrice Pierre
Beatrice Pierre 2 oy oldin
Nancy pelosi is a corporate corrupt democrat who takes money from billionaires and multi millionaires. She serves her donors not the people
Carol Wood
Carol Wood 2 oy oldin
Ari Looks Gooooood With his beard :)
Heather Remlin
Heather Remlin 2 oy oldin
TRUMP thinks he's smart? PELOSI will slowly and methodically shred your hatred! She's going to show you how it's done!! THANK YOU! OMG, THANK YOU!
JJSC 2 oy oldin
Donna Brazile?!? Debate question thief and fraud, and obfuscatory in chief while DNC chair?! Her credibility is zero and her smug dishonesty disgusting. She should be banned from the DNC and sent permanently to political purgatory.
Huib Wetzel
Huib Wetzel 2 oy oldin
More EXPERIENCE and more MONEY(?)
Kevin McKasy
Kevin McKasy 2 oy oldin
Is Nancy Pelosi the next Drake?
Henri Clement
Henri Clement 2 oy oldin
Melber, such a not so suble double languable. Such a devote of the Dem. Establishment !
brohamwes 500
brohamwes 500 2 oy oldin
There's more Security in DC then there is on our border as long as the Democrats are safe on my tax paying money that's all that counts don't worry about your taxpayers worry about yourself Democrats
Ayodamola Ajala
Ayodamola Ajala 2 oy oldin
She is 78, wow 😱😱👏
kevcom82 2 oy oldin
Can a Democrat MSNBC reporter possibly talk about anything else but gender and race? I don’t give a flying rip what your gender and/or race is! It’s more important that you are representing America by protecting our Constitutional rights and freedoms! These rights and freedoms are what are most important to me. Protecting Americans rights and freedoms!
Craig806 2 oy oldin
God is a He.
L Benson
L Benson 2 oy oldin
It is really wonderful that in Americas darkest hour, when we are threatened with by predatory, nationalistic kleptocrats the American people’s response is to raise up a diverse wall of resistance!!!
Craig806 2 oy oldin
Maybe this lady can give the questions to trump
Craig806 2 oy oldin
Women only have power because men gave it to them.
Sunking 2424
Sunking 2424 2 oy oldin
Please please Dems and Nancy Pelosi DO NOT EVER give in to a con man demagogue. The free world is counting on you. Someone has to speak loudly and proudly for sane and reasonable human beings. The wall is such a stupid idea anyways. This is not Israel and the middle-East !!!!!
John Hunt
John Hunt 2 oy oldin
So proud to see there is even a Samoan woman in congress
Aidan Campbell
Aidan Campbell 2 oy oldin
I'm not sure I want Elisabeth Warren to run for president. Don't get me wrong, I think she could be an outstanding candidate and a president who could drag America back from the depths.... But she is such a powerful voice in the senate.
More anti American people!
Ronald Dregan
Ronald Dregan 2 oy oldin
Annoying and uninformative title. Why?
Thumb Print
Thumb Print 2 oy oldin
Brilliant array of diversity.
Rose Mirren
Rose Mirren 2 oy oldin
Elizabeth Warren would be a great President but I think she'd get torn apart. She's too nice.
DaylightDigital 2 oy oldin
I think Trump is our "Batman & Robin" of presidents. It's so egregiously bad, but also great because it forces an awesome reboot :-)
Rose Mirren
Rose Mirren 2 oy oldin
AND she wore pink. Nice.
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