Why Post Malone Is So Damn Catchy (HBO)

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Face tattoos, unkempt hair, and beer-swilling aren’t the typical blueprint for pop stardom. And yet, we still have Post Malone.
He’s one of the most listened-to and inescapable artists of the moment, and his music has broken commercial performance records previously held by The Beatles and Michael Jackson. But for every Posty fan, there seem to be even more people confounded by the idea that he has fans at all.
VICE spoke to Berkeley College of Music songwriting professors Kareem Clarke and Brian “Raydar” Ellis to discuss the Post Malone phenomenon. They credited his repetitive rhythms and melodies and strategic song structure as major players in his music’s popularity potential. Another advantage? His average singing voice.
“You know, it's different from a Beyonce when she sings ‘Love On Top’ you know when she gets to the part where she modulates, in other words she goes from from one key to a higher key to a higher key,” Ellis explained. “When she's doing that, at a certain point the average listener is just not going to be able to follow, like they can't […] For artists like Post or artists like Rihanna, they tend to just work inside a specific, limited range of notes that complement their voice but also complement the average listener.”
Looking at his music and persona in aggregate, it’s clear Post Malone is the beneficiary of a rare confluence of factors that almost predestine him for mass popularity. The formula is covering all his bases at once.
His songs are easy for everyone to remember and sing. His music pulls from multiple genres without ever fully committing to one. He’s a pop star and a populist. He does beerbongs and he drives Bentleys.
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10-Noy, 2018



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pompay subba
pompay subba Kun oldin
I thought he got Pulitzer or something .. But nay ... #cole world here ..
DUNNISHER 82 Kun oldin
He is a lazy writer like all other post 2005 musicians . Guy is trash . Try spitting over a gangstarr beat , he'd be flipping burgers at bk real quick . Fat hack
Jota Soares
Jota Soares Kun oldin
the more complex the song is... the less people it appeals to! so ye... simplicity and repetition/simple patterns makes most songs more 'enjoyable' (?!) There are lots of songs with only 4 chords that are world wide famous!!!
Jimmy Wallace
Jimmy Wallace 8 soat oldin
That's not really correct tho... songs like BoRhap are pretty complex and still popular
Jake Pearson
Jake Pearson Kun oldin
melanin or melody
roltthehunter Kun oldin
Post is likable and people want to see him succeed, He is a champ. Also the ending of this was a bash on the fans, I think it was a bit of a punk move by them, really shows their character or lack thereof.
DCC Kun oldin
this is so rude
Zatarra Dantez
Zatarra Dantez Kun oldin
Drake is as much white as he is black. Why does it even matter........ exactly!
Chelsey Leigh
Chelsey Leigh 2 kun oldin
This is what bitterness looks like my friends...
rockman298 2 kun oldin
Why dont these guys make a song if they are professionals in the area
Clesarie 3 kun oldin
Cause he makes music that people wanna hear and its versatile enough to appeal to a wider audience than most people. Also this video is a douche bag haters video. Everyone always says how easy and formulatic shit is to do yet they're not as successful. If its so easy why arent you out there making tons of money.
landshark616 4 kun oldin
I don’t think he woke up one day and said I have to make music for my critics , he is just doing his thing plus his music yeah just gets you ina. Good mood .. he is simple yet creative I don’t know to many artists who can flow have nice beats and yet play guitar ..
Carol Wiley
Carol Wiley 5 kun oldin
So I feel like basically they r saying he has no talent he's brain washing us.. what a load...💩. He's here, he's talented and he's gonna be around awhile... Let the brain washing commence..😵
KIDSVEVO@ 5 kun oldin
You can smell the jealousy of the two men talking about post...
Jo Berg
Jo Berg 8 kun oldin
This is nonsense..try to rap along to his lyrics and you stumble on the words. He's a genius.
cm53 8 kun oldin
These 2 guys hella jealous of posty songwriting talent. I do listen to a lot of music and I love post malone. So their comment at the end was just bitter...it's okay guys, you are 2 failed musicians 👍 but don't be bitter
alyisdead 9 kun oldin
I don’t even like his music, but I like him, he’s the nicest and most polite rapper I have ever seen; I caught him on tv by accident and couldn’t change it because I couldn’t find my remote, and I was blown away by how kind and respectful he was, it’s crazy. Like, the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” absolutely fits with him.
je co
je co 10 kun oldin
or you can just say he is a Genius
Sahay Ray
Sahay Ray 11 kun oldin
In Posty we believe!!
Jan Mavin
Jan Mavin 11 kun oldin
Bullshit. Posty is great. That's it.
Tommy Loika
Tommy Loika 12 kun oldin
Still don't know any of his music
Mikethedude22 12 kun oldin
MLK Jr. - "Not judged by the color of there skin but by the content of their character.." Vice - "But what if it's there skin color tho..?"
Michael Bryan Lao
Michael Bryan Lao 13 kun oldin
face palm, i thought he was swae lee . .
The Gerd of Yore
The Gerd of Yore 13 kun oldin
*Vox wants to know your location*
Joe 14 kun oldin
Someone's jealous.
Beav 14 kun oldin
If someone’s trashing you it’s because they noticed. That’s all the fuel anyone needs to keep on rolling while feeding off the shade. Continued success son you do you.
Joseph Torres
Joseph Torres 15 kun oldin
No one is doing what hes doing, in the way that hes doing it. That makes him a genius.
FreakWeirdoGeekHero Studios
He is a folk singer deep down. And folk music always wins
Cherry Doof
Cherry Doof 16 kun oldin
Boy you better believe I’m gonna turn up that volume and try to hit all fo them Beyonce keys 😂😂😂
jr dock
jr dock 17 kun oldin
there are so many songs on that list that dont even start with a chorus smh
tommunist10 17 kun oldin
Take my like, then take 10 more. Beautiful. Thankyou for paying attention. Seriously, seriously thank you.
tom colbey
tom colbey 17 kun oldin
haters gon hate
Johnny Doe
Johnny Doe 19 kun oldin
No it's just that he's a little lazy and likes the hook so he decides to repeat it which I kind of enjoy
Kami 24 kun oldin
I listen to ALOT of different music like literally every genre and beyond and im not even a big fan but saying post malone is not unique is a retarded statement
Kami 24 kun oldin
Vice taking Ls alot lately
JAY 25 kun oldin
I luv the editing of this video
Jimmy Wallace
Jimmy Wallace 7 soat oldin
They ripped it off of vox lmao
Call him what ever you want....but he is not hip hop
Spacey Oy oldin
Can we ban Vox from the internet?
Dillon Rust
Dillon Rust Oy oldin
This video is very manipulative and “formulated” as well. Nice ending Vice we see what you are trying to do here.
Ethan Penrod
Ethan Penrod Oy oldin
Why isn't he classified as a rapper? Maybe because he's a singer... I don't know...
Jason May
Jason May Oy oldin
Its called melody. Its the reason why any song is popular. Catching a great melody is like catching lightning in a bottle. Some really talented musicians can come out with many good melodies over their career. Like Taylor Swift. Dont listen to these fools that could never write a hit melody try to dissect it. Its popular for none of those reasons.
Jason May
Jason May Oy oldin
Its called melody. Its the reason why any song is popular. Catching a great melody is like catching lightning in a bottle. Some really talented musicians can come out with many good melodies over their career. Like Taylor Swift. Dont listen to these fools that could never write a hit melody try to dissect it. Its popular for none of those reasons.
Nathan Phillips
Stop hatin niggaa
Ray Dyk
Ray Dyk Oy oldin
Why so many dislikes though 😲
Haha, people are mad in the comments because this video speaks the truth
Mr Original Abides
White and makes really good hip hop.......better make a video putting him in a negative light. Vice are a bunch of pathetic wimps.
rock and roll
rock and roll Oy oldin
Just to show my display pic I have to comment so u guys can know I am post fan
Aditya Dixit
Aditya Dixit Oy oldin
Why divide based on race even in music? Music is supposed to bring people together... I mean I listen to Hindi and Punjabi songs all day.. but when I listen to Post Malone or MaroonV or any other artist.. it feels good simply because it is different.. music brings people together.. ✌️
Mathew Cameron
He's so popular because he's fucking good! It's not repetitive, it's a complete product of music, from rap flow to rock beat structures and country style ballads all in one. Yeah he might easy to be able to sing along to, but the gravel in his voice provokes honesty, his clothes and style provokes honesty. This guy's music is beyond a specific type of genre, it's all honest artwork. Isn't that what art is? The upmost honesty of the individual presenting and representing the work?
Phillip Smith
Phillip Smith Oy oldin
Not to mention Post touchdown in one of the gayest times in history for music. Mumble Rap???
Eddie Upchurch
Whatever. These 2 guys talk just to hear their head rattle. I like Post Malone because he puts out great music. Period. Lots of people do what these two guys are talking about, don't care for their music at all. Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears come to mind.
J C Oy oldin
Ah. The race baiting, couldn't-make-it music "professors" lol. Remember kids, if you can't do, just teach.
skyze Oy oldin
Why do people think its bad to like and feel simple, repetetive melodies?
Flavio A
Flavio A Oy oldin
Post Malone is clearly a rapper. Dresses like one, looks like one, his lyrics have base in hip hop, beats are hip hop, and even his singing style is hip hop. He should stop trying to deny it and accept it.
Paul Oy oldin
Or maybe his melodies are just super unique because he’s influenced by so many eras of music
Mugdho Bosu
Mugdho Bosu Oy oldin
He the god
RULE Helpful_killer
They are just mad because they cant make good music and posty can... And also when did this become Vox?
Danyal Elia
Danyal Elia Oy oldin
This video is soooooo wrong ....
Merhawi Doe
Merhawi Doe Oy oldin
Is he a popstar??
Greg M
Greg M Oy oldin
Did anyone else keep wiping off their screen thinking black specs were on it? LoL
Wesley Brookman
Wow haters gunna hate
Gorilla Go
Gorilla Go Oy oldin
Ugliest video ever. Why so many unnecessary effects? Looks like a kid was given the task to go crazy with weird effects
dylan peritz
dylan peritz Oy oldin
Lotta salt in the air
Ricky Connelley
Anyone who attains fame overnight here in U.S. will have a bunch of ppl trying to define why it’s a fluke just so they can feel ok about being unsuccessful. It’s been going on for years. They did it to Robert Johnson saying “He sold his soul” lol. In reality if u have some talent, work really hard, an have a lil bit of luck and timing you can blow up in the music industry. Post is just like his music, not one thing great but a mixture of great things..
sultown Oy oldin
V(ox)ICE News
Johl Emtage
Johl Emtage 2 oy oldin
Post Malone just knows what his fans like and sticks to that. He's probably the best artist right now in my opinion and I feel that he receives too much hate. All love to him.
gosumonkey 2 oy oldin
Why does youtube keep putting this trash in my feed?
Mike F
Mike F 2 oy oldin
Lol they had to reach and find a way to make this about race... I imagine it’s protocol for a vice video at this point.
B4d7ss 2 oy oldin
He's a white country boy who makes rap music. Not too hard to piece together.
Mike D
Mike D 2 oy oldin
Song Writing Professor - like the Dentist that calls himself a Doctor
NEQXY 2 oy oldin
He might not even know he has some formula, he just doing his thing
Daniel terentyev
Daniel terentyev 2 oy oldin
garbage race baiting vice back at it again
nickcon 2 oy oldin
Cool video. Until they threw the race card in for no reason.
Bad Hairlines
Bad Hairlines 2 oy oldin
yo imagine actually getting triggered by an opinionated video about a pop artist that happen to bring in race for like 15 seconds😂
Tomasz Niezgoda
Tomasz Niezgoda 2 oy oldin
nice, but exhausting editing
Rinzler380 2 oy oldin
He clearly is from the future”
Jade S
Jade S 2 oy oldin
you know what is unique though.. stupid ass news channels using someone else's fame and success for a quick buck. This shit is truly original for real, good work fellas
Jade S
Jade S 2 oy oldin
Youre trying to say that because his music is reptitive and diatonic its not unique?? Its not just about the notes its what you do with them . Tons of songs stay in key. nobody is saying he's mozart but hes unique, youre all tripping vice.
Allan Ren
Allan Ren 2 oy oldin
stay in ur lane vice this is vox's job
Allan Ren
Allan Ren 2 oy oldin
did vice literally credits posts succes cuz hes white?
Jasper L
Jasper L 2 oy oldin
Cuz his musics good duh
The Brown Connor
The Brown Connor 2 oy oldin
people love to be offended. lol post is dope af
Big Gansgsa
Big Gansgsa 2 oy oldin
Walter Langkowski
Alright who gave these two the hatoraid? I can make a playlist of Post Malone and everything he made and never hit skip one time. Also I enjoy watching his live covers of other people’s songs especially rock songs
Anastassia Fowler
Media makes everything mundane and racial. 😑
Cheri Stuve
Cheri Stuve 2 oy oldin
I thought it was interesting how they broke the song down. I didn't realize that much went into a song
TXNIZ 2 oy oldin
because he's a good artist smh
Krevin 2 oy oldin
Love yah posty, keep rockin and doin you mate. I tip mah cigar to you
Rambo 2 oy oldin
😂😂😂😂😂 vice is a joke now.
Ryan Calderon
Ryan Calderon 2 oy oldin
Not to hate on post but the song rockstar was ghost written by Joey bada$$ (underrated rapper).
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 2 oy oldin
vox???lol vice going to shit
KAMENG BENGDE St 2 oy oldin
This video is not catchy at all
Matt Parker
Matt Parker 2 oy oldin
Love his music but those tattoos are ridiculous
Justin Paul
Justin Paul 2 oy oldin
Post Malone is catchy cause he is Post Malone very simple
Rilly Jo
Rilly Jo 2 oy oldin
Went dbl play with no promotion. Bet the label loved that
B Elston
B Elston 2 oy oldin
Vice thinks post Malones voice and looks are average. Good to know. Not. Dicks.
Sportysport 2 oy oldin
This video was about 10 seconds short of calling white privilege the reason for Post's success.
Muhd Hzwn
Muhd Hzwn 2 oy oldin
His videos with h3h3 really showed me that he's really just a genuine dude.
DORIAN PRIME 2 oy oldin
People who are afraid analyse the parts because they dont understand how to make the whole
DORIAN PRIME 2 oy oldin
Stop trying to analyze things just live
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