Why ramen is so valuable in prison

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Instant ramen noodles have become like cash among inmates in the US.
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Cash is illegal in prisons. And that means everything from tuna to stamps to cigarettes have their own unique value in a trade and barter market.
But ramen has quickly taken over as the most in demand products the prison system offers.
Watch this video to see how ramen took over prison economies and why it’s the default item for trade among inmates.
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14-Noy, 2018

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Trumpist 16 kun oldin
play games
play games 40 soniya oldin
I have 50 ramen packets in my kitchen I’ll be rich in prisons
Anouk van der mark
Anouk van der mark 6 soat oldin
Meanwhile, in the Netherlands. Prisoners get private cells, a desk, own bathroom, tv, PlayStation. And becaus There are to less prisoners they even import Them from norway...
An droiduser
An droiduser 7 soat oldin
Not healthy
StepOnALego 19 soat oldin
I actually knew this thanks to Brooklyn nine-nine
Terence Co
Terence Co Kun oldin
alienapt101 Kun oldin
I love seeing how humans adapt to different environments like this.
Kudasai Kun oldin
If it was like this then why the goverment dont want to change the prison food all into ramen ?
Alex Vilchis
Alex Vilchis Kun oldin
I thought this was only true in b99
9,999,999 views Kun oldin
$1.77 in my country can buy you 3 meals.
9,999,999 views Kun oldin
*_WHATS YOUR CRIME???_* *steals ramen*
samuelCWM 2 kun oldin
What about the whole shabang
Jun Mashiro
Jun Mashiro 2 kun oldin
Why are those prison meals look like a typical american school lunch
Kao Yang
Kao Yang 3 kun oldin
I can vouch for this. My uncle works as a CO in state prisons and ramen tops other items.
Aaron Alvarez
Aaron Alvarez 3 kun oldin
So that episode in Brookly 99 was correct??
WuzNab 3 kun oldin
Imagine a prisoner walking in a prison with thousands of soups stuffed down his pants
Hazman 4 kun oldin
So funny...why not use candy or chocolate as a money in prison???
Vincent Ciccone
Vincent Ciccone 4 kun oldin
It's a number one item because ramen is #1 cheap and awesome food.
Tea Tea
Tea Tea 5 kun oldin
That's good though why should they eat like king's for commiting crimes I would rather have them eating 50 cent dishes
Chuvak 5 kun oldin
Still fed better than American public school students :(
Aaron Young
Aaron Young 6 kun oldin
In reality coffee is gold in jail. Romen is just popular because food is trash and you can starve. But coffee is the real gold
SmartIdiotGaming 2
SmartIdiotGaming 2 6 kun oldin
*Pink guy is the Ramen King*
xxxnaughtydevil 6 kun oldin
The ramen prison care packages to sent in California are starting $30+ so I'm enjoying 😃 ramen 3 for a $1 😁 it used to be 6 packs for a $1...
Nootshed Z
Nootshed Z 8 kun oldin
its tasty thats why. this observation was before given any facts by the video, I haven't even watched the first second of it.
whitesongs73 8 kun oldin
Dear dudes and dudettes please let's try to keep our asses out of the prison system
Kawerau Woods
Kawerau Woods 10 kun oldin
Chinese guy must be king. Why you want dried Ramen? I'll cut you a fresh made noodle.
Alex M
Alex M 11 kun oldin
It's a form of currency
Red Balloon
Red Balloon 11 kun oldin
That's a lot of razor blades relative to ramen sales and relative to the US prison population. They don't sell ramen in my country but we do have instant noodles. I'm just wondering whether they all taste the same or does Ramen have a distinctness about it?
Levi 14 kun oldin
Who else is eating a raw block of ramen while watching this?
Powdered Salt
Powdered Salt 14 kun oldin
This video was made by the college gang
Flake 14 kun oldin
Why don't they just give the prisoners 2 packets of Ramen for lunch, breakfast, and dinner cause that means that it would be a total of $3 per day for each prisoner soooooo.
Adam Hale
Adam Hale 15 kun oldin
My brother said that he and his buddies when they were doing their time would get a trash bag, fill it with ramen and hot water then throw in beans and cheese and whatever other ingredients they could get ahold of and feast upon that.
Janjabill Tahsin
Janjabill Tahsin 15 kun oldin
*I bet the guy who invented ramen would be so proud right now*
Matt Butcher
Matt Butcher 15 kun oldin
Not to mention the jail makes a large profit selling them to inmates. They cost $1+ in Louisiana prisons.
Unicorn army :3
Unicorn army :3 17 kun oldin
Im happy to live in Norway
sabriyah bakare
sabriyah bakare 17 kun oldin
im making top ramon now
Propaganda Minister
Propaganda Minister 18 kun oldin
so if ramen is top drug what happens if you bring peanut butter into prison?
Brandon Tran
Brandon Tran 18 kun oldin
i want ramen
prynce pooh ATL
prynce pooh ATL 19 kun oldin
**Eating good noodles everyday**
Quazi Raidah
Quazi Raidah 19 kun oldin
Imma be ramen dealer 😎😎😎
Rotcrawler 19 kun oldin
Phew. That was close. I almost watched a vox video instead of downvoting.
Peanut haterzz
Peanut haterzz 19 kun oldin
very nice useless video vox thank you
superzombiesamm 20 kun oldin
*f u e l e d b y r a m e n*
Maximiliano Maripilla
Ramen is a huge meal on salt or carbohydrates and it's incredible cheat even on prision guys than have almost the same body size like the rock
DarkNeonDeath 20 kun oldin
PewNews is better and has more followers making PewNews a main stream media
victor trejo
victor trejo 21 kun oldin
Crush a ramen soup bag with a Hot cheetos( yellow one ) ,mix it, add hot water. Some flour tortillas with some prison salami. Prison Burritos..😥😥😥I miss those burritos..
princekhadeem 06
princekhadeem 06 21 kun oldin
Who was eating ramen while watching this
f dmt
f dmt 21 kun oldin
why ban ciggarettes, isn't there enough stress on the inside? now you want new prisoners going thru withdrawl and angry.
Chris An
Chris An 22 kun oldin
That Ramen is dodo shin Ramen is a 10000000 times better
Eganati 22 kun oldin
Well I'll be the damn richest person if I was ever thrown in prison
Reality YT
Reality YT 23 kun oldin
hmmmm what if some one commit a crime just to be able to eat ramen in jail
jessie christopher lapinid
Wahts the problem on Ramen being the most popular staple in the prison
Pete Rock
Pete Rock 23 kun oldin
Summer sausages are also a staple.
Oliver Lowe
Oliver Lowe 23 kun oldin
its not ramen its noodles
Nylon 23 kun oldin
studioskim3 23 kun oldin
When I taught middle school, my students told me they didn't mind going to jail, because it's better than what they had home... some of these kids had a parent or two in the nearby prisons, and visited them often... how sad is that when kids want to go to jail to eat, and inmates aren't getting good meals in the first... not that they deserve steak, but at least more than a child's serving. Aramark is evil. They also catered to my college campus and their food SUCKED!
BowieThe Player
BowieThe Player 24 kun oldin
No they should change the title to "Why weed is so valuable in person".
Jarid Gaming
Jarid Gaming 24 kun oldin
I think that people forget 40% or more of the people in jail are there for non Violent Crimes. Such as cant afford to pay a ticket something that was outlawed in the 19th Century that's 1800 to 1900 and yet it still continues
Jarid Gaming
Jarid Gaming 24 kun oldin
It's not the "Chosen Favorite" among college students. It's a necessity or they die. 50% of college students are food insecure
sergent chris
sergent chris 26 kun oldin
John Nguyen
John Nguyen 26 kun oldin
ufokingwot 27 kun oldin
They should import some instant ramen from Japan/Korea. The inmates will go crazy over them.
Pixel Donkey
Pixel Donkey 29 kun oldin
Aren't college kids and inmates in the same place
british people yellow teeth
we need to give prisoners ice cream, turkey legs, t-bone, gravy, and what else vox some cheese cake too??? pathetic, we could be giving foster kids better food you know. Prisoner should be fed with roadkills and dead animals, period!
PinkyJello 25 kun oldin
Not all prisoners are bad people...I agree if they have murdered or raped children but it's just human decency to give them school lunch type meals for the least. they aren't asking for steak or anything
Lyas 29 kun oldin
Naruto can explain
Henri-Eerik Reintal
I Prefer anacom
Sebastian Lim
Sebastian Lim Oy oldin
Baby beef - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Oscar Sey
Oscar Sey Oy oldin
why dont they just feed the prisoners ramen its 59 cents right?
flower power
flower power Oy oldin
Maruchan and top ramen are not the same! Maruchan is where it's at
Yezus 323
Yezus 323 Oy oldin
And because you can make a shank out of that ramen lol
The toad
The toad Oy oldin
If you send 100 packs to your family member in prison...*becomes richest prisoner on earth*
WizardMitten Productions
If ur not able to have money in prison how do u get the ramen from the commissary in the first place
The Universe Within
they literally said that inmates don't carry cash, then they showed a special card that allowed them to get objects, which inmates trade.
Waluigi Sebnasti
It’s because the college kids always do underage........ ummm...................
Jr Lopez
Jr Lopez Oy oldin
i could get a 12 pack of raman for $3
Daichi Hirata
Daichi Hirata Oy oldin
As a Japanese person, I really confused.....
Pockey Oy oldin
There criminals they don’t need to have a meal worth the same as the good samaritan
Leelurb Poopy
Leelurb Poopy Oy oldin
Eating good noodles every day
Mr Dan Master
Mr Dan Master Oy oldin
Its like prison has its own economy.
I literally watched that episode of ONB like 2 hours ago
Dexter's Laboratory
Level 35 boss
SSR_Toxic Oy oldin
I bet filthy Frank Is watching this
Just Trying
Just Trying Oy oldin
I actually saw a Brooklyn nine nine episode about how ramen is the currency in prison
Link Link
Link Link Oy oldin
top ramen nasty asf.
aggie s
aggie s Oy oldin
maybe i would survive in prison.
Lavar balld As a muthafucker
Nah Mi goreng noodles is better!!!
kurzon 605
kurzon 605 Oy oldin
# great big story rip off but still a good vid!
zdruva Nosworthy
I thought it was SOAP ...
Elijah Juni
Elijah Juni Oy oldin
Alright let’s get this straight is Maruchan or Nissin better
Fishy boi slippin in yo hoof
Better than sex, literally.
imanasaurus rex
and now I want ramen.....
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Oy oldin
You got some -drugs- ramen
Awkward Leacim
15 Ramen And I'm Going To *"Accidentally"* Drop The Soap
Destroyer IsGodly
-I be eating good ramen everyday-
Walter Clements
Anyone else plays Hard Time
Snoop Ham
Snoop Ham Oy oldin
Stres and worry is and for anything living Please keep your eyes on the road not on your phone or radio be careful and safe
yunggoth Oy oldin
Prison sells ramen for lower prices than my university
Yeet Oy oldin
yo bro got any ramen...?
Michaelthe King
You got that good stuff 🤫
FBI Undercover Loli
Now to ask my friends and relatives to send me ramen when i go to jail so i can make money
Kyle Ma
Kyle Ma Oy oldin
Kali Muscle knows what's up
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