Why Samsung lets Huawei win

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Samsung's phone sales are dropping. But I think this is all part of a greater plan by Samsung (The Story Behind - Ep. 38)
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Manqoba Mabuza
Manqoba Mabuza 22 soat oldin
the chines are just better ..even if they were to take on what Samsung is investing in they would win.stop underestimating the chines.its boring
Manqoba Mabuza
Manqoba Mabuza 22 soat oldin
you are just lying bra
Jeromes knowledgenet
I bought the 8 gig ram 512 gig note 9 and gave loved it over the last 4 months, but like you said. With these new phones you don't need an upgrade every year
wildrealms Kun oldin
I knew that Huawei will pull-down Samsung in the near future :) and it's happening now :) and Samsung prepared their excuses... the question is... who will pull-down Huawei later on???
Eugene Kun oldin
If iPhone collaborate with Samsung equal undefeatable
blink jennie
blink jennie Kun oldin
What are you talking about Huawie will never win agents Samsung SAMSUNG is the best
Ammar Alkhatib
Ammar Alkhatib 2 kun oldin
lmao why the music sounds like pew news
Carlos Adaes
Carlos Adaes 2 kun oldin
Not letting anyone win look as the s10
Francisco hernandez
What I like to see is a new phone in two or three year not every year why because I don't see the difference between s8 or s9 yeah better battery and camera nothing really more. I just want a phone that is good and different then last model
Tiger25NYC Brooklyn
I still feel like that Samsung has the best phones. Huawei P20 Pro is a good phone but the Note 9 is still a better phone.
朱渤恂 4 kun oldin
An interesting form of fallacy.
Yeadeh Amazing
Yeadeh Amazing 4 kun oldin
I Can't wait the day iphone will finally get out the Funeral home have her burial. My wish please buried her in gold and fine Lining. The innocent blood precious metals is finally been hear bu the most high.
AsellusPrimus 4 kun oldin
The ironic thing is that when smartphones finally became GOOD products across the board, people stopped needing to replace them so much and thus business is going downward. Personally I think smartphones from about 2014 and earlier were mostly garbage, trying to accomplish a lot but just being mediocre at everything. I used to see people get a new phone every year or two because their phones would become pretty much unusable by then. Now almost all my friends are still using an S7 three years after its release (and I just bought a refurbed one) because there isn't much difference between it and the phones that have come out since.
yagle hoole
yagle hoole 4 kun oldin
Samsung lets Huawei win? Is that a joke? Handsets aside, what 5G infrastructure hardware, e.g. base stations, routers, does Samsung produce?
Wesley6925 5 kun oldin
8:53 I throughly enjoyed the seamless introduction.
bill2526 bill2526
bill2526 bill2526 5 kun oldin
I bought the s9+ had a 49.00 lg style 3 ..i wont buy Samsung again.
Lindsey Yah
Lindsey Yah 5 kun oldin
what about the Samsung 10+ it appears to be a innovative handset
Henrik CPH
Henrik CPH 5 kun oldin
Huawei is just better, simple..
Eilben Casiano
Eilben Casiano 5 kun oldin
its not new that samsung develops chipsets and screens. the phone battle is still on!! 👌🏼
Unicorn Family
Unicorn Family 5 kun oldin
I love samsung so much
Mahmoud ahmad
Mahmoud ahmad 5 kun oldin
Badly wrong, with the release of the S10e - S10+, we can see that their phone game isn’t slipping, but in fact way ahead.
Helmholtz the Mule Watson
I think the reality is this, you can only innovate so much before you reach a point where you are just reaching. The smartphone market has matured to the point were their really isnt much more to do without going outside the box with an entirely new and niche product, and the market has strongly rejected this in favor of familiar products. The fact all that those "innovation" you listed all gimmicks or just branding of updated tech slapped onto a slab phones that look and function just like any other made in last 5 years says it all. OMG is that a "mechanical camera" oh no it's a "triple camera" is that phone using "HD turboboost 1" I so need that XD
MiximumDennis 6 kun oldin
I just got an ad for Huawei smartphone from the video
Leonel Tobias
Leonel Tobias 7 kun oldin
I'm telling gloria borger you took pew news music. 😂😂😂
Fede Rico
Fede Rico 7 kun oldin
I think is video has been proved wrong by none other than the giant himself...Samsung. They released the S10 line which is booming and is being described as the best phones by the literally every tech youtuber.
Ha Bak
Ha Bak 7 kun oldin
homeageify 7 kun oldin
very useful video
camtwan1 7 kun oldin
Maybe because these companies are so fucking lazy all they do 0 R&D and just put together shit phones every year. Not to mention they just stay on Android which is a terrrible OS and shows 0 effort
Semar Small
Semar Small 8 kun oldin
Man stop chat rubbish about slide intentionally!!! Huawei is just a force to be reckoned with
Jacky Wong
Jacky Wong 8 kun oldin
of course Samsung lets Huawei win, and Apple let Samsung win, Nokia let Apple win, very logical and make sense
Dileep M Nambiar
Dileep M Nambiar 9 kun oldin
What do you say now? #S10
spectrum 9 kun oldin
4:26 brand is apple
U G Official
U G Official 9 kun oldin
Look. Huawei will steal S10 design too...
U G Official
U G Official 9 kun oldin
Huawei can't live without Honor Samsung is always Samsung. And makes products under Samsung name.
Syrian Alpechi
Syrian Alpechi 10 kun oldin
That makes sense i also noticed that Samsung memory modules is getting common now. Last year i was like "Oh Samsung makes memory stuff now huh?" Anyway yeah your right Smartphones have stagnated growth nowadays. Only to have bigger screens͵ Thinner͵ Notch design that not much people cared for͵ And just few hardware upgrades. This might go on in a decade more or less. Hope some alien random crashing down here.
Ensar Ercan
Ensar Ercan 10 kun oldin
JUST DONT MOAN Samsung is badd
Ahmad Firdaus
Ahmad Firdaus 10 kun oldin
It seems like Nokia is purposely making other brands win for years now. I'm so waiting for what Nokia will be releasing soon, maybe.
Joshua Edwards
Joshua Edwards 10 kun oldin
And then the S10 and Fold came out
VusKorE 10 kun oldin
0:25 Poppy Gloria
KajiRider1997 10 kun oldin
I hope we still get good western phones though. I don't want to share my phone especially not with the CCCP
Evoq Gaming
Evoq Gaming 10 kun oldin
When Samsung leaves, other phone companies fail
Jerry Qin
Jerry Qin 10 kun oldin
yes, other fields are more profitable, but soon those fields will be shared or occupied by Chinese companies. then what, Samsung goes to other fields? the samsung is just declining.
Danimaclaney 10 kun oldin
Bull shit
Frontofax 10 kun oldin
Wait my favorite phone company is losing? Lettme make avideo bulshiting about why my favorite phone company is "letting" others to win.
Dceva2 9 kun oldin
Tanny Cruz
Tanny Cruz 10 kun oldin
Oppo is winning
Laila 11 kun oldin
Only if you could see 6 months in future
Maxwell Huey
Maxwell Huey 11 kun oldin
Lol you fanboys can’t just take the L in peace...always with the excuses 🤣🤣
Andreas F
Andreas F 11 kun oldin
1:22 "slowed down pace of innovation". I Don't know bout that. It's always been the trend that Samsung makes a greater re-design only every second generation. Galaxy S and S2 looked similiar, S3 and S4, too. S5 was kind of a exception, but S6 and S7 again were similar. That's why I don't think they reduced the pace of innovation and and it becomes clear now that the S10 was released. It is again a re-design with innovative features.
Noah 11 kun oldin
Um are you stupid? I know tons of people with Samsung phones, not a single one with a Huawei phone. Actually I've only heard of them on the internet, never once seen one in person. So how are they winning?
Ricky Bodmer
Ricky Bodmer 11 kun oldin
Samsung buy Nintendo, create awesome games within the video game market. similar to how Sony is with the PlayStation. I bet you guys could help Nintendo create a ton of video games with your funding. Help allow Nintendo to create amazing games! Samsung should invest into the gaming industry as well! It’s the perfect company to do so! Especially since most of the worlds best gamers are from Korea! There is a business here surely. It allows Nintendo to create better hardware, software, and games!
I.M.H 1111
I.M.H 1111 11 kun oldin
Currently writing this with my s.pen while watching this on my Note9 taking mental notes...
buzzcrushtrendkill 11 kun oldin
Huawei doesn't actually make a profit, they are undercutting the competition to gain market share. Huawei is underwritten by the CCP for their operating costs. Samsung (and all other smart phones) must use a Chinese specfic Android firmware to sell in China. It prevents the installation of other internet browsers than the Chinese approved and won't install apps from Google Play. I know because I bought one. I went to Manila and tried to jailbreak it but no one would touch it when I told them it was Chinese version.
Vaughn Bacolod
Vaughn Bacolod 11 kun oldin
If the Samsung joined to the smartphones competition all phone brands will be broke
boyeatsworld 12 kun oldin
Huawei is literally a government spying device for China. How anyone from a developed nation would buy one is beyond me.
Kry 11 kun oldin
If you believe that youre brainwashed. The US banned huawei so that china could not make money. Even if they are spying , everything that is 'free' on your phone spies. How do you think they make money? How does Google know your recent searches and some advertisements on websites are what youve searched before?
A. V.
A. V. 12 kun oldin
Win ? Win what exactly?
Sexy Me
Sexy Me 12 kun oldin
The best on the market? You are clearly not knowing what you are taking about, Huawei still kicks Samsung around and will end up being the biggest of them all! Go home Samsung!
Dkar0 12 kun oldin
This was so informative, thanks for the awesome content. Subscribed!
Total Drivers
Total Drivers 12 kun oldin
totaldrivers.net/tips/tips-step-by-step Please share with us 5 highlights of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro after a period of use. The most prominent is definitely about the camera. Following other things such as modern face security technology, fingerprint sensor under the screen and swipe operation replaces the basic Android buttons, powerful and finally its design and finishing Good experience for a big screen phone.
Marvin Lin
Marvin Lin 12 kun oldin
Their just saving their "innovation" for the s10. They're saving the features for the 10th anniversary, so they can hype it up better.
Cman Kun oldin
why are you talking in the future tense
Italiano Dio
Italiano Dio 9 kun oldin
+Marvin Lin I know...but you used future tense. It has already released before you made that comment. I was just saying.
Marvin Lin
Marvin Lin 9 kun oldin
+Italiano Dio I know, im just saying...
Italiano Dio
Italiano Dio 10 kun oldin
S10 is already released..
Casszs Deletor
Casszs Deletor 12 kun oldin
When I clicked on this video, there's an ad about Huawei. 😂
Muhammad Qasim
Muhammad Qasim 12 kun oldin
Lol, are u serious samsung is a fake shit, huawei is the right product
CUISINED 12 kun oldin
Watching this on my Samsung S10Plus...This phone is amazing.
Hey hey hey Hey bro
Watching from mine too but noone asked you. Only people who barely have anything brag. Please stop
Kickerback US
Kickerback US 9 kun oldin
+Jason Brody Dude I watched the new Spiderman movie on it and it was still at 83%.Pretty good imo.
BeazenHD 10 kun oldin
S10 ,yeah thats amazing too
CUISINED 12 kun oldin
+Jason Brody battery is great!
Jason Brody
Jason Brody 12 kun oldin
Is the battery good??I am confused between it and the mate 20 pro
petebest22 12 kun oldin
Samsung dont only make their own phones (apple don't , the Chinese make them) Samsung also make chipsets for apple, and make tv's fridges set top boxes 😱 Samsung rule all 😃👍
CSX 13 kun oldin
Their not letting anyone win look at the new s10
Brian Luk
Brian Luk 2 kun oldin
Look at vivo v15 pro
Always Active
Always Active 4 kun oldin
+ohhh yeah yeah its called Samsung is getting copied
Always Active
Always Active 4 kun oldin
+oopserv316 there*
Jori Al Jiran
Jori Al Jiran 8 kun oldin
+ohhh yeah yeah mmmhhhh that what they all say (apple)
ohhh yeah yeah
ohhh yeah yeah 8 kun oldin
+Jori Al Jiran its called innovation not copying
Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones 13 kun oldin
Chinas plan is to steal the technology
Flaming Flamingo
Flaming Flamingo 13 kun oldin
I don't know why but I fucking hate this guy's accent no idea
Claude Tiffin
Claude Tiffin 13 kun oldin
Pew news
Damianos Dimitris
Damianos Dimitris 13 kun oldin
Samsung is just too smart for them..
Garage TUBE
Garage TUBE 13 kun oldin
Bro ! those trees looks sucks at the background 3:05 , but i like your show thx
martin Kunyenje
martin Kunyenje 13 kun oldin
Then boom s10 .....we unstoppable now
saurabh raj
saurabh raj 13 kun oldin
*Next video: Why Nokia let Samsung Win*
Sandy Idiot
Sandy Idiot 3 kun oldin
how about german let usa win?
S Wang
S Wang 3 kun oldin
Next next video: Why Apple let Android win
Deflated Marshmellow
GAMING WITH DANDY 12 kun oldin
saurabh raj
saurabh raj 13 kun oldin
No one lets anyone win.. It's not a choice.. If samsung can make profits by selling components then they can make super profits by selling the whole phone too.. Huwaei & Xiomi at this time are unstoppable..
Kid Marley
Kid Marley 14 kun oldin
s10 says hi! Kind of negates your major points
Newman8881 14 kun oldin
the reason is very simple, people r get boring with samsung and keen on try something else.
vishav 14 kun oldin
"win" foldable phones are pretty much useless so it doesn't matter if Huawei has a better one or Samsung does they're both not good in this matter. Besides the foldable phone Samsung is better than Huawei in all ways.
NPC #34254334 Response:
Watching this on a Mate 20
Josh Lau
Josh Lau 14 kun oldin
henry chua
henry chua 15 kun oldin
huawei is the best among androids
Harry Evans
Harry Evans 15 kun oldin
*10s comes out* Huawei: Fuck
Maureen Sun
Maureen Sun 15 kun oldin
AI, 5G, automotive electronics parts.Huh, you know what? I just read exactly the same words from some video about Huawei yesterday.
Oscar EenOog
Oscar EenOog 15 kun oldin
Thanks for the research! This was very beneficial to know
unboxing theboxx
unboxing theboxx 15 kun oldin
Nastalas 15 kun oldin
Folding Phone happned
Star Wars Chronicler
So, Samsung or literal spyware? What a choice!
Star Wars Chronicler
They are SUPPORTED by their government. CCP and Huawei have deep ties. Good luck being in the US and suing Huawei in China. Even if a lawsuit was filed it wouldn't do much, even US government suits are left to rot. No security, no accountability.
magnilsonmelo 10 kun oldin
​+Star Wars Chronicler so what's the difference?? if you find out that they're spying on you , you can sue them or at least their subsidiary, if you can get spyed on by the government through any device i dont see why some are accepted and others are not. Thank you for the correction.
Star Wars Chronicler
I'll just correct that. 'You think the American government won't spy on you via your Samsung or iPhone'. Obviously they could, but in the west we have rights and A LOT of whistleblowers. Plus in the west, unlike communist China, people can sue the living daylights out of a company or government for ANY wrong doing. If people are burnt, that rep will ALWAYS stick with that company. Some people just outright call Huawei devices spyware where I live. Our intelligence agency informed our government about the risks associated with them and so they were barred from building our 5G network. Hopefully soon, they'll be banned.
magnilsonmelo 11 kun oldin
you think american government won't spy you from "your" samsung or iphone if they want to?
3 15 kun oldin
Samsung: We made a foldable phone Huawei: Hold my beer
sickasssbiotch 14 kun oldin
+3 fold my beer is a better one. don't copy other people's jokes
3 14 kun oldin
+sickasssbiotch Ur opinon
sickasssbiotch 14 kun oldin
that joke is old now. Huawei sucks anyway
M. Saleh
M. Saleh 15 kun oldin
semiconductors + displays = phones, basically. So they are investing in critical phone parts. They also didn't mention TVs, but then again, displays.
XD张景荣 15 kun oldin
Idk why I watch any videos about Huawei it will come out a Huawei commercial m, I love my Huawei
I AM GROOT 15 kun oldin
Xennit -
Xennit - 14 kun oldin
I AM GROOT It isnt losing, what you on about?
Firdaus Rashid
Firdaus Rashid 16 kun oldin
because samsung cant beat huawei??😏
stinger15au 16 kun oldin
Of course they could, its just not as profitable to do so compared to other ventures
WPhhh 16 kun oldin
You mixed the cause and the result. It's not Samsung give up phone by itself and moving to other directions, it's the Chinese competitors start pushing Samsung out of the game, just look up the Samsung market share in China, it has falling into "others" category since 2017. And Huawei started 5G and AI research way earlier than Samsung, BOE is also catching up with display manufacturing, the only leading part Samsung still have is the semiconductor, however, it is also hard to say how long the lead going to last.
babu bicep
babu bicep 16 kun oldin
You look somewhat like Heisenberg
babu bicep
babu bicep 15 kun oldin
+Diablo A. meth
Diablo A.
Diablo A. 15 kun oldin
Whatchu smoking?
Khalid Mohammad
Khalid Mohammad 16 kun oldin
Well now I know which companies care about their android phones
First Surname
First Surname 17 kun oldin
honestly i don't see why companies need to get out with a new phone each year, 2-3 years would be better, 1. more innovation 2. people would actually buy them, so more profit
John Sum
John Sum 17 kun oldin
South Korea needs America more then China .any unintention or retaliation will be on China.
JR Perrotta
JR Perrotta 17 kun oldin
UPDATE YOUR PAGE!!! SAMSUNG S10+ IS BLOWING AWAY THE COMPETITION. WAKE UP!!! uzvid.com/video/video-sDdlsH_craI.html&t
The Spark
The Spark 18 kun oldin
All this "innovation" and sometimes lack of the same leads me to one thought, how long till we get implants in our bodies which act as smartphones?
Silvian Iordache
Silvian Iordache 18 kun oldin
Oh ya? What about s10 ???? Samsung rocks
thatoriordanlad 16 kun oldin
It's a rebodied Mate 20 Pro. That proves the point he's making.
redX111t 18 kun oldin
Phones are a huge part of the company brand, that's why companies will not drop them even if it makes no or little money or even loses some.
Jemar Christian Velasco
Huawei 😍😍😍😍😍
Md Ibrahim
Md Ibrahim 18 kun oldin
huawei is best
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