Why Samsung lets Huawei win

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Samsung's phone sales are dropping. But I think this is all part of a greater plan by Samsung (The Story Behind - Ep. 38)
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17-Avg, 2018

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I am Jafar
I am Jafar 7 soat oldin
your videos provide lots of data. You do research a lot. big up for you.
rick morty
rick morty 14 soat oldin
that's why fuck china
Lawrence Z. Art
Lawrence Z. Art 15 soat oldin
So many Samsung Fans here, stupidly arguing that Samsung is original. Go ahead. See for yourself.
A 18 soat oldin
What would companies do with smartphones when it reaches its climax? I think the biggest goal for smartphones would be cameras under the screen or a perfected version of foldable phones. But you have competitors, and they offer the same phones for a cheaper price. By that time almost every phone would be the same and only the companies who offer cheaper prices would most likely just survive. But after that, idk.
URsupermax Kun oldin
letting others win? what a stupid logic. Have you been to school?
starsunderer Kun oldin
Unfortunately companies are forcing obsolescence by not supporting updates for older devices like the note 4. I cant get a new android for my T version of the note 4. I also feel they went with the non-removable battery so it again forces you to buy a new phone again and again every 1-3 years. Another thing people need to look out for when buying a phone is how much a replacement for a screen costs. These new phones are outrageous in their screen pricing just to have a curve on them or super high definition. This is why I went with a Xiomi redmi note 4x, ( another note 4 lol ) it's great, it cost a little over $100, and the screen is like $30 compared to $100 to $200 or $300 which makes fixing flagship phones not viable. One day these companies are going to have to wake up to the realization that smart-phones are ubiquitous since there are soooo many companies producing them for cheap like xiaomi. I love my note 4 and still use it, but would I get a new note 8 / 9 / 10? for 600 - $1000 + in 2019, nope. Even used they are $450 - $700, but then you have to consider whats left on the battery and how much and how hard it is to replace them. I wish I could just get another note 4 with upgrades like more ram, storage, cpu, and camera that stays up to date on the android os. Really the only draw for me on a new samsung phone is the DEX which allows one to replace their laptop or desktop as a basic computing device. Although it does not work great, it does work, and perhaps it will get better with time or the Linux capability. With the "throw away" mentality that these phone companies have with such high end devices that cost so much, it's only a matter of time that throw away design also equates to people only shelling out a few hundred at for a phone they know they can only use for a couple years at best. Self defeating in my opinion for companies like samsung and apple. That coupled with phones that can do it all at such low prices ( like the note 4 in 2014 ) will leave only the few who will pay so much for such expensive phones that are "old" in a year or less. The "flag ship phone" idea I think is on its last leggs since fewer and fewer people will be swayed by slight performance increases for maximum prices and since there are far cheaper options out there now a days from a myriad of companies, like google, 1+, xiaomi, huawei, ....... a dozen more. Nearly all phones are made in China, ( or thier parts, or assembled) so then does it really matter anymore if you buy a far cheaper Chinese phone? Unless of course they roll out the flexible screens they have been touting about for years someday, then its going to be a big shift over to that. Personally I'd like to have my computing and storage and battery on one device, then a screen that it links to via blue-tooth. that way you can have a "brick" in your pocket or belt or purse that has ever increasing performance over time and then have an interface device like a phone screen, tv screen, projector, computer monitor, roll up screen, overladed reality glasses ect ect. This way you only have one device for computing and storage and can use it on anything. With lines blurring between these devices other than visualization size and the potential of quantum computing it's only a matter of time. But that will be in like 10-20 years....sadness.
dave comish
dave comish Kun oldin
The biggest problem for Samsung is that most the money is in the os not the phone and as Google ain't interested in cutting Samsung in even though Samsung is the biggest reason why android is so successful
Peter Kimme
Peter Kimme Kun oldin
good information~~
ishan R
ishan R Kun oldin
Apple's future is also super dark for sure.
Naughty Goat Farm
Ive owned about 6 samsung galaxy smartphones in a row. But the S8+ is rubbish and i wont be buying a Samsung phone next time.
sebc2s Kun oldin
Chinese government is way more protectionist than Trump, yet people like to shit on Trump. China is literally saying "the only way to sell semiconductors in China is if you let us steal your intellectual property". They have been doing this for decades. All their tech was stolen from companies manufacturing their stuff over in China.
Rd Zhang
Rd Zhang Kun oldin
So you totally buy this guy's propaganda. You idiot
Ham Spam
Ham Spam Kun oldin
Watched video good
Nathan Blanco
Nathan Blanco Kun oldin
Its around $90 billion
Eric Outram
Eric Outram 2 kun oldin
25 trillion 40,ooo new workers But they can’t even answer a email to their users problem I switched from sungsung to apple And it still shit 🍎📉both are shit
rahxfeng 2 kun oldin
My Note8 is still going strong. I won't buy Huawei in US not because it is bad. The brand is banned here and servicing is going to be a problem. The title of this video is just dumb... To think any company "let" others win is stupid.
seceber 2 kun oldin
Because Samsung not able to win, did you get what I mean?
박근우 2 kun oldin
The husband of my mom's friend works as the Samsung engineer, and he says that if Chinese manufacturers catch up with their tech in 10 years, then it would be a big issue. Also, he says that all those Chinese companies pays off the Korean engineers to leak their technology to them.
John Shepherd
John Shepherd 2 kun oldin
I have the s9 plus and I dropped it like 50 times and it still works so well. I dont care what thi dude says I'm a Samsung fan and the Huawei pro is the same price as samsung so forget this dude
Nicholas II Alexandrovich Romanov
Doesn't matter if Huawei is the best phone company in the world. I don't like the Idea of my phone being produced by the Chinese government. Call me a sceptic or tell me to put my aluminium cap back on but, I just don't like the idea of a totalitarian state being the owner and manufacturer of my phone.
Rd Zhang
Rd Zhang Kun oldin
You think Samsung isn't backed by Korea government?
The WoTB Tanker
The WoTB Tanker 3 kun oldin
still i would never but anything but Samsung or Apple
rahxfeng 2 kun oldin
they are great products. more choices are always good. i wish there are more brands on the market
Deepak Uniyal
Deepak Uniyal 3 kun oldin
Another guy sponsored by samsung
Sam 3 kun oldin
Samsung nooooooo! 😫😫😫
Harry Tran
Harry Tran 3 kun oldin
Samsung still making tvs, monitors from people use.
paco bautista
paco bautista 3 kun oldin
Just like blackberry huh.
itsjustkashii 4 kun oldin
I'M GETTING THE HONOR 10 LITE OVER THE GALAXY NOTE 9 .... it's cheaper and has a huge screen.... and the company let's their phones die so they can break the ice with the next line
Harsono Ng
Harsono Ng 4 kun oldin
Samsung does not let Huawei win. They just doing their own business not getting jealous by out perform competitors.
CMDR unematti
CMDR unematti 4 kun oldin
Still not gonna buy other than note series samsung, the pen and the exynos processor just makes it good enough for me... Not to mention the display. They should do biyearly releases tho, cuz my carrier contacts with phone always that long... 🤔
Pete S.
Pete S. 4 kun oldin
By being less innovative though, Samsung has became more premium.
CARBON G 5 kun oldin
Love you bro MIND BLOWING
joe ph
joe ph 5 kun oldin
Samsung must win, Huawei are too big and they even threaten Canada, one of the most pacifist country in the world! Indirectly Because of the usa, but still. They are out of their mind .
Alvin Rey Delos Santos
There was a time when I had to record music when it played on the radio just so I can make it my ringtone. What this all means is that we consumers are the winner here. Previous flagships who are almost as good as the latest but is way more affordable is available ....got lost in my train of thought lol
OH MY 5 kun oldin
And now USA and other countrys are paranoid so they can't even sell huawei phones .-.
Nilab Nangarhari
Nilab Nangarhari 5 kun oldin
Samsung won't let Huawei win, never ever.
Big Brother
Big Brother 5 kun oldin
What about lithium-ion batteries? Samsung is one of the biggest manufacturers afaik
NinjaVishan 5 kun oldin
Samsung is us related shit Americans
Chinmay bapat
Chinmay bapat 5 kun oldin
You make some of the best videos on the planet. Useful, info based. Cheers mate!
Arunaswarooban P
Arunaswarooban P 6 kun oldin
The is the first video of yours I am watching. U r doing good bro
Ishmum Ur Rahman
Ishmum Ur Rahman 6 kun oldin
Samsung galaxy s 10
ramailo nepal
ramailo nepal 6 kun oldin
this man forget about huawai is the worlds largest telecom eqipment maker .
Ken Lau
Ken Lau 6 kun oldin
Keep it up bro amazing analysis(business student)
169709394 6 kun oldin
why China lets US win
D X 6 kun oldin
If there is no Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, the price of Apple and Samsung will be higher than now.
Sir Skywalker
Sir Skywalker 7 kun oldin
Huwai no thanks! I would rather buy an iPhone,Sony or Samsung. But not chinese stuff
Davor Novosel
Davor Novosel 7 kun oldin
End of the Apple = Nokia It's time for a fresh innovations.
Dennis Wright
Dennis Wright 7 kun oldin
Samsung will come on top because Huawei as links to the Chinese government and at some point in the future will be band in the US and other countries !.
Rd Zhang
Rd Zhang Kun oldin
Samsung is backed by Korean government as well
Sigurd Allen
Sigurd Allen 4 kun oldin
Bollocks, it's all a load of crap, Samsung and Apple are panicking as Huawei are growing in stature, they're leading the world in telecommunications, they will become the number one phone maker with latest technology, as for all the spying crap, get over it
Anime Invader
Anime Invader 7 kun oldin
1+,OPPO, Vivo are same company called BBK electronics
Cesc Fabregas
Cesc Fabregas 7 kun oldin
sorry but china really doing a better job here. they get free technology in any department from all over the world while at the same time the chinese companies are still owned by them without any kind of compromises. those companies go to china sell well for a few years but at the same time chinas technolog is catching up and before they know it china builds everything just as good while at half the price and they still own 100% of their own companies...
ak g
ak g 7 kun oldin
Better focus more on camera..photos and video capabilities, most of the people prefer the best camera smartphone if they want to pay premium.
Jonathan Hidalgo
Jonathan Hidalgo 7 kun oldin
But Huawei is also a huge telecommunications company that also manufactures its own chipsets for their own use but could potentially sell them to other phone manufacturers in the future.
Makmak Balong
Makmak Balong 8 kun oldin
samsung slow in gaming
Aero 8 kun oldin
Samsung was also shooting for more _innovative_ innovations, it seems. They committed to not using a notch and waited til the tech was ready, and they waited to make in-display fingerprint sensors fast enough. I'd say other companies are jumping the gun while Samsung refused to put out an ugly half baked idea. I'm certain with their investments in display tech and semiconductors alone they're investing more into their phones, indirectly, than any other manufacturer. Their display tech goes directly into their phones, and iPhones, and it makes them stand out. Case in point the folding display. The conclusion in the video is shallow.
Logan MacGyver
Logan MacGyver 8 kun oldin
Huawei is pretty big in europe
george sevastakis
george sevastakis 8 kun oldin
samsung canot win huawei
KING OF HEARTS 8 kun oldin
When PewDiePie background music started, I literally lost every single word he said.
Оптимальный Английский
😎 I got Nokia 7 Plus 💪🏼
ankit Singh
ankit Singh 8 kun oldin
Huawei is better than Samsung and Apple
Asian Entertainment
While US and China r focusing on 5G,other countries are secretly focusing on 6G, in either way Samsung is wining,maybe lose-lose US n China in this competition .2019 is the bad year for the economy
stampgalore 9 kun oldin
before you trash what is being said..... go to the library , get the value line sheet on Samsung and you'll see the profit numbers.... they are making less and less profit on phones and directing the co to other areas.... simple.
Zetahawse 9 kun oldin
Anyone else notice that this is the same background music pewds use on srs topics?
Risto Smilevski
Risto Smilevski 9 kun oldin
Failed to mention, who sells to apple the displays and the chipset? Samsung makes more money on diplays sellin then mobiles
jim de nooij
jim de nooij 10 kun oldin
did you check customers loyalty? maybe they are over confident?
LOVE SIMPLETON 10 kun oldin
Apple lets Huawei and Xiaomi win too
Martina Martins
Martina Martins 10 kun oldin
*Samsung and Huawei are friends..*
alexandre langlois
alexandre langlois 10 kun oldin
And here I thought Lay's was the biggest chip seller.
Ass hole Name
Ass hole Name 10 kun oldin
Buy a device or two is fraud
Ass hole Name
Ass hole Name 10 kun oldin
Making memory is not and will not continue to be profitable .
Ass hole Name
Ass hole Name 10 kun oldin
These phones don't last long and they spy on users ..illegal
Ass hole Name
Ass hole Name 10 kun oldin
A tip for videos , don't put fillier music ,it's annoying and won't subscribe ..
puru buru
puru buru 10 kun oldin
'' You don't LET people win , You just CAN'T win '' That' s how it works
Eugene Hong
Eugene Hong 10 kun oldin
China's strategy = steal everything that's not nailed down. Why build quality phones when the design is stolen by Huawei?
Dan Basler
Dan Basler 10 kun oldin
Google User
Google User 10 kun oldin
I dont think huawei will win because of how much countries are banning the company
Brian Wilkes
Brian Wilkes 10 kun oldin
Samsung has been submitting patents for drones
Xlroyal E5ten
Xlroyal E5ten 10 kun oldin
Everyone spent four years making the same thing... 2015-2019 if you have a high-end phone from 2015 and haven't upgraded my hat off to you.. Still on my Failing cracking Hauwei Nexus 6P
dragondescendant1 10 kun oldin
Samsung let Huawei win???? Samsung wouldn't if they could help it.
bballhawk1977 10 kun oldin
"well actually " moving up the value chan wouldn't be concentrating on components. Ah never mind, good video
Jim Sia
Jim Sia 10 kun oldin
Huawei so far ahead not worthwhile for Samsung to invest alot
neverfeed 11 kun oldin
the problem with samsung is that they think that their curved glass is the next big thing when in reality after you experience it once it becomes more of a nuisence than a feature. theres no good case the glass itself is really weak and a lack of decent glass screen protectors really destroys a lot of feelings for the phone itself. I like samsung but its really such a negative that i avoid their phones.
胡教 11 kun oldin
Huawei could care about the smart phone market the least. Its biggest investment is on telecommunication and 5G, not smart phones.
kiss peter
kiss peter 11 kun oldin
interesting talk , i knew and suspected all this , but still interesting , also let's not forget that Samsung has a part in pretty much every industry . From memory chips to chemicals , and even shipbuilding & machine tool making
B Tte
B Tte 11 kun oldin
Apple, if they keep making shity phones at a crazy high price, death of the company is near!
Drohan Rai
Drohan Rai 11 kun oldin
Samsung is now making tanks..honestly search for it
Powaup 12 kun oldin
Very good analysis. Thanks u have my sub as a reward
Darker74 12 kun oldin
Real crap explanation....samsung simply lost the battle with China by making dangerous phones for public use. That costs not only money but also the reputation.As a samsung 5 owner and old samsung buyer, I would never give a 900 euro for the new one when I have the same quality with much cheaper huawei!
Nuwan Udara
Nuwan Udara 12 kun oldin
You are awesome...
Dewer x
Dewer x 12 kun oldin
I kindly agree with what u said but samsung is not gonna leave phone industry They are still selling well , a lot of profit and still number one If this happens to any person on the business they dont leave the area that they are perfect in it They get better And huawei is getting to the up bcs of the prices If u want the most complete phones in the market the first companies would be samsung and apple and huawei is pushing their way to being aknowleged bcs of their low profit and prices
Constantin Amundsen
Constantin Amundsen 12 kun oldin
Samsung makes so much profit by selling components to huawei and apple
S I 12 kun oldin
I like to argue that Samsung is going down the drain. Enter the dragon - Huawei.
jappie jappo
jappie jappo 13 kun oldin
ching chong chang ching ching ching!
DumDum 13 kun oldin
its simple they don't care for smartphone cause every backyard company is making one now , then why not selling them the parts to make one in the first place and focus on what they are really the best at and always been semiconductor and displays. All those backyard phone company can't create semiconductor or chipsets or display or camera or any other part at all so they have to buy from the likes of Samsung or Sony or Qualcomm and whoever make the most of this things is wining is Samsung is pulling ahead on this. Samsung , Google, Microsoft are not something you can just beat in anything they just decide to fucus on what they think is the future and Smartphone is not a new idea anymore the main thing that changed last couple of year is display size and it happen that Samsung is making one for most phone on market today.
J B 13 kun oldin
Making a profit while your competitors are hacking and stealing your technology is even more difficult to make a profit. The west plus Japan and Korea have aloud China to steel and clone for way to long. They also have to turn over all their patents not some of them. This is why these companies will not go there with their extremely high tech stuff. Shame on anyone who buys from pirates and thieves is what I say.
R O M C H O M P A 13 kun oldin
I dont want a fucking bendable screen
Spaceballz123 13 kun oldin
China "if you wanna do business in China give us your technology 2025"
BOILED Icewater
BOILED Icewater 13 kun oldin
I like your video mate,especially the music on your videos.keep it up.
Revs 13 kun oldin
Samsung is probably doing well just selling OLED screens to other phone makers.
MahdiBanners 13 kun oldin
Also don't forget the massive profit potentials of 5G for the Internet of Things !
Dog Dog
Dog Dog 14 kun oldin
I hope snapdragon 855 will be better than a13 bionic chip
kyunhwoarang 14 kun oldin
the background music seems familiar..hmmmm
Ross Best
Ross Best 14 kun oldin
*The Samsung Note9 & Galaxy S10 sure doesn't look like they are slipping by any means..*
Subi_fan 14 kun oldin
I still prefer Made in Korea, sorry chinese.
Thank you.
6 oy oldin