Why SpaceX Built A Stainless Steel Starship

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[1] www.wd40.com/cool-stuff/history
[2] goo.gl/6eyfsP
[3] www.nasa.gov/feature/nasa-spacex-agree-on-plans-for-crew-launch-day-operations
[4] www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9780124016989000021
[5] spaceflight101.com/msl/msl-aeroshell-and-heat-shield/

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Narrator/Writer: Brian McManus
Editor: Stephanie Sammann (www.stephanie-sammann.com/)
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (www.moboxgraphics.com/)
Sound: Graham Haerther (haerther.net/)
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster twitter.com/forgottentowel

Music by Epidemic Sound: epidemicsound.com/creator
Reversed Beginning - Luwaks
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Atomic Numbers 2 - August Wilhelmsson
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8-Fev, 2019



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Real Engineering
Real Engineering 2 oy oldin
The daily problems on Brilliant are actually fantastic. Great way to challenge your brain each day. Thanks again to Brilliant for making these videos possible: brilliant.org/realengineering/
Loki Vato
Loki Vato Kun oldin
Dude, your videos are so incredibly well-crafted and executed. Thank you.
trez christy
trez christy 2 kun oldin
STARLITE will really solve 99% of the heat problem
trez christy
trez christy 2 kun oldin
Can u please contact elon musk & inform him about the "STARLITE" ....revive that technology, he really REALLY needs it!!! Pretty please....
Al Kindi Abu Yosef
Al Kindi Abu Yosef 10 kun oldin
Don Vittorio DiMaggio Your thé crap 💩
Don Vittorio DiMaggio
I fuckn hate your fuckn channel. the content is just shit crap
rbwannasee 4 soat oldin
"The stars are not for Man" - Arthur C. Clarke
Travis Brown
Travis Brown 13 soat oldin
I’ll watch it on tv
Karl Shrestha
Karl Shrestha 22 soat oldin
Why not?
Giuseppe Spalliero
that transition into the ad there at the end...👌
lazy crazy
lazy crazy Kun oldin
You mean a fancy thermos
Luke Collins
Luke Collins Kun oldin
PDB Kun oldin
Too much words to explain a motivation that i miss
lasalleman Kun oldin
Excellent analysis. Ship looks like something from a 1950s pulp science fiction magazine. Given enough time, sci-fi tends to become reality. Seems to me.
lasalleman 5 soat oldin
+Bill Anderson Good points. Many problems remain to be solved. All large engineering or scientific projects are a trade off. Especially if public funds are being used. This new starhopper ship looks pretty good. Science and technology will continue to move forward.
Bill Anderson
Bill Anderson 6 soat oldin
A gray irony in space travel is that often “high tech” is not better. For example, how do you make water, breathable oxygen, and rocket fuel on Mars? Centuries old technology. Seriously. NASA goes for such perceived high tech these days not because it is technically necessary (most often it isn’t) but because it is politically necessary. They have to “spread the jobs” among enough congressional districts to maintain some semblance of political support, hence budget. The sad irony there is that they wind up doing less for more.
Eric Williams
Eric Williams Kun oldin
Even though it may look like a "shit show" I'm sure that the rocket scientist/ rocket engineers are learning quite a bit for their "shit show mistakes". Like you said, and showed the site where you can "learn from your mistakes", I'm sure that they are doing the same. Space travel, right now, is still in the "trial and error" stages...yes, there have been a lot of successful launches, but when you really get down to it, they have all just been by sheer luck pretty much.
Conroy Boothe
Conroy Boothe Kun oldin
I still don't trust Elon Musk
CrazyLegs 2 kun oldin
"it's more 'penisy' than your other space x rockets"
trez christy
trez christy 2 kun oldin
7:30 WOW! the earth is really flat eh FLAT EARTHURDS!!!! I really REALLY really want to put bullet passed right through ur forehead...each 1 of u flat earthurds!! all u know is to promote HATE & annoying!
trez christy
trez christy 2 kun oldin
5:04 - 5:26 the rocket design was beautiful & sexy! =)
mccallumcra 2 kun oldin
I kinda like that idea of sweating to cool. I hope the ship doesn't get any blackheads like I'd from sweating but I doubt that would happen with methane as long as you don't go to a planet with a high pressure atmosphere. Lol
Zen Rhys
Zen Rhys 2 kun oldin
Y not use graphene....
James Lavanway
James Lavanway 2 kun oldin
Great video, but where are you finding the extra "I" in aluminum?
Shaan Bukhari
Shaan Bukhari 2 kun oldin
We need a nuclear powered rocket engine
Shaan Bukhari
Shaan Bukhari 2 kun oldin
8:37 , looks like my rooster
Dali Parson
Dali Parson 2 kun oldin
Ligma Balls
Ligma Balls 2 kun oldin
Only words I understood: steel,mars,freeze
I YOUTUBE Bread 3 kun oldin
It’s aluminum not aluminum😭😂
Preston Sanchez
Preston Sanchez 3 kun oldin
Finn Wain
Finn Wain Kun oldin
Preston Sanchez lmao only Americans say it that way
Ger Loke
Ger Loke 3 kun oldin
Yeah, first starship!
Ian Eune
Ian Eune 3 kun oldin
Nice V2... or rather V3 rocket
Naeem Akram
Naeem Akram 3 kun oldin
Cool info
DrakE (original)
DrakE (original) 3 kun oldin
Isn't titanium better? 🤔 I mean better than steel and aluminum If someone would've to make something durable for various space flights that's the best material
DrakE (original)
DrakE (original) 2 kun oldin
+Loxx Rexx that's better sir. Titanium is expensive but its stronger than steel and a little bit heavier than aluminum. Excepting graphene, is the most "futuristic" and advanced material overall
Loxx Rexx
Loxx Rexx 2 kun oldin
Yet, according to wikipedia and stuff, it has a lower heat conductivity and higher melting point than stainless steel.
Loxx Rexx
Loxx Rexx 2 kun oldin
Im not sure, but i think titanium is way to expensive?
CircularSolid5 3 kun oldin
>Hopper joined the chat >Wind joined the chat >Hopper left the chat
Mike Castellon
Mike Castellon 3 kun oldin
They built out of stainless steel so it wouldn’t get easily stained
Khashayar Dashtdar
Khashayar Dashtdar 3 kun oldin
I think this shiny star ship is just a joke. The real thing will be unveiled within a couple of years.
SteveVi0lence 3 kun oldin
It looks like a dildo
James Gilkison
James Gilkison 4 kun oldin
Btw Any is Any not Anne.
zygmunt szymanski
zygmunt szymanski 4 kun oldin
Gdyby nie niemieccy i rosyjscy inzynierowie to amerykanscy bandyci na orbite by dylizansami jezdzili !!!
Scott Minnella
Scott Minnella 4 kun oldin
Why does NASA have any say in any of this? SpaceX should take their advice, but not need their approval.
amazingman63 4 kun oldin
I think its amazing that something made out of steel can be so thin that storm winds could knock it over
Daniel Purdy
Daniel Purdy 4 kun oldin
To waste money and do nothing with it. Still can’t go to the moon and they say we did 60 years ago.
TGS Shane
TGS Shane 4 kun oldin
“Why did space x build a stainless steel starship?” Answer: cause it’s cool
saip bop
saip bop 3 kun oldin
Haha yeh that's what whole the video was about
Aiwin Anton
Aiwin Anton 4 kun oldin
7:05 "stainless steel shines"😂😂
aiuio000 gggft
aiuio000 gggft 4 kun oldin
2019 : resuable rockets 2030: reusable condoms
Merp 3 kun oldin
2045 condom rockets
Ali Stair
Ali Stair 5 kun oldin
So they don’t get stains on it dumbass
JAMP0T1 5 kun oldin
‘Oh fuck it fell over, quick pick it up before anyone notices’
UrAvrgAshen1 5 kun oldin
they need vibranium
Rawdilz 5 kun oldin
This was a super interesting video
luis wenzel
luis wenzel 5 kun oldin
I am from germany and i didnt know where you did acually come from until i saw your electrical resistance... -> USA Please dont use them they are a crime against mankind. Thank u
Quinton Beck
Quinton Beck 3 kun oldin
I am from the US and I can say with 100% certainty that Brian is not from the US. He is speaking Irish English, so I presume he is Irish.
Gaming with Rocket
Gaming with Rocket 5 kun oldin
Walking back to the fifties with stainless steel Rockets, don't mind the other one over there. that one fell down last week 😂
Siddhartha Rajput
Siddhartha Rajput 5 kun oldin
Hell of a knowledge... Liked the way you interdused the sponsor..🤘👍
Lhenkhantus 6 kun oldin
Next video: SpaceX creates a vodka bottle shaped rocket made aout of stalinium
Frank Davignon
Frank Davignon 6 kun oldin
You say SpaceX I hear Spay Sex ...lol
Frank Davignon
Frank Davignon 6 kun oldin
Noo oil on Maars? Why da fueck are we bothering? lol
solobackpacking 7 kun oldin
We can optimize the technology we have but practically speaking we are not ready.
chinito2912 7 kun oldin
Elon Musk: “In this spaceship we will reach mars” Spaceship: *gets knocked down by wind*
shockwave2291 3 kun oldin
"Tis' but a scratch!"
Gottfried Lenz
Gottfried Lenz 5 kun oldin
that's just hopper
Bubble 7 kun oldin
That video makes you wonder, what if there was metal light as aluminum and strong as steel? Well, guess what - Titanium.
Bubble 7 kun oldin
+Old Albird Haha so smart, of course they do. But video shows you these graphs with weight and strength, and do not acknowledge titanium, which is widely use in space and supersonic planes. The narration goes like there is no alternative, it should've said: "there is titanium which is light as aluminum, and strong as steel but it could not be used in this instance because blablabalbalba" get it?
Old Albird
Old Albird 7 kun oldin
Bubble i think those scientists know what they‘re doing and they know the periodic table
Cordero **ƚ**
Cordero **ƚ** 7 kun oldin
I wonder what they realy bringing back with them.
Banks Nicholson
Banks Nicholson 7 kun oldin
Alright let’s settle this is it Ah-loo-mi-num or Ah-lu-min-ium
Agressive Parmesan II
Ah loo mi num
sciencemanguy 7 kun oldin
It's Aluminum.
Jasonfireshield 7 kun oldin
The first liquid cooled rocket better have RGB
Dwu Tlenek Wodoru
Dwu Tlenek Wodoru 3 kun oldin
zygmunt szymanski hahaha, Cejrowski wszedł mocno
shockwave2291 3 kun oldin
Especially because it makes it go faster.
SteveVi0lence 3 kun oldin
zygmunt szymanski
zygmunt szymanski 4 kun oldin
Ty jestes potomek tych co sie dali w Afryce w siatke zlapac ?? Podziekuj rosyjskim i niemieckim naukowcom..bo bys na orbite dylizansem jezdzil..
knifey 6 kun oldin
Jasonfireshield yea
BootlessDave 7 kun oldin
Space X: "I can build reusable rockets that land themselves on land or on water at the same time!" Wind: "Can i come?"
bluefox venus
bluefox venus 7 kun oldin
Background music not needed
John Hedges
John Hedges 7 kun oldin
Elon Musk is not a rocket scientist.... SpaceX are the brains, and he's the guy behind them. Elon is not planning to use these technologies, he's showing the technology that SpaceX have developed! 🤦🏻‍♂️
Michael Udeze
Michael Udeze 8 kun oldin
Dr Alchemy
Dr Alchemy 8 kun oldin
Sense you are so smart and opinionated why dont you go work for SpaceX and solve their problems. Your opinion means nothing.
lusia permita sari
lusia permita sari 9 kun oldin
Amazing! such a great explanation & the narration is easy to follow (even for dumb me)
Riley Kingston
Riley Kingston 9 kun oldin
PERHAPS Helium would help?
cujoe Mblakka
cujoe Mblakka 9 kun oldin
Pulse frequency, to cool the craft and put out fires.
Jay Gill
Jay Gill 9 kun oldin
You keep on referring to stainless steel as steel.
Azi Smythe
Azi Smythe 9 kun oldin
Somebody play "Telstar" or the theme from "Fireball XL5" !!!!!
Just Dave
Just Dave 9 kun oldin
It's a spaceship, not a starship, unless they moved Mars to another star system.
Martin Långvik
Martin Långvik 9 kun oldin
was like, what the fuck is maris xD
Young Scientist of the USA
Maybe they should make a titanium rocket because titanium is way stronger than steel and aluminum but it is lighter.
Dear Leader
Dear Leader 9 kun oldin
Let’s go to mars *they got oil in it*
Crack Nation
Crack Nation 9 kun oldin
Hahahah “ to Merrs “
Roy Campbell
Roy Campbell 10 kun oldin
earth is a space ship. with systems critical to its cleanliness
The Centurion
The Centurion 11 kun oldin
What a great video, this really explained all of the design choices perfectly, good work.
Patrick Fuchs
Patrick Fuchs 11 kun oldin
He should make a ship out of unobtainium
Al Sp
Al Sp 6 kun oldin
Did you jizz on children?
Becoming Vincent
Becoming Vincent 11 kun oldin
Will it look black/burnt after landing ?
Brandon 11 kun oldin
Why would someone want to go to Mars in something you could punch a hole through or by like hitting your head on the side of the ship
Intended 12 kun oldin
Watch him land 2 of these at once
Knot Evil
Knot Evil 12 kun oldin
Great video but that transition to signing up for "brilliant" was a stretch
snoot dingo
snoot dingo 12 kun oldin
Short answer: they felt like replicating Queen Amidala's ship.
Ap0c 12 kun oldin
Stainless steel wtf.. weak material.
Michigan Truther
Michigan Truther 12 kun oldin
Joe Monroe
Joe Monroe 12 kun oldin
There is only one "i" in aluminum.
Bundy714 13 kun oldin
I keep seeing articles and videos where they discuss rocket technology for going to the Moon and Mars, and setting up bases. As if those are the only challenges. YET, every long term study of people spending time in space shows that the space environment is extremely harmful to our bodies. Between the lack of gravity, causing skeletal, muscular and eye degeneration, you have radiation screwing with people's chromosomes, DNA, and immune system. Why don't we ever hear about anyone addressing those, well known, issues? So far, space exploration seems like a very short term job, because it will eventually kill you. So, it's pretty much, a one way trip, unless you make that trip very short. Which is just the opposite of either a lunar base or Mars base. Your body wouldn't be able to handle coming home after a stay on Mars, because of skeletal and muscular degeneration, possible blindness, and have a compromised immune system and/or cancer. Read up on what they have learned about the effects of long term space flight on the ISS and you'll see what I mean. They don't like telling you what happens to the human body when it spends a year or more in space. It's not good. To me, it's the human body's limitations and vulnerabilities that are the most pressing issue with space exploration. Unless those issues are addressed, it's exploration by robot. Or short life span, suicidal, disposable astronauts. I have plenty of confidence that we can build the rockets, structures, etc.....but shielding the human body from radiation and battling the effects of near zero gravity may prove our undoing. We are very much unsuited for the rigors of space exploration.
Zoe Porphyrogenita
Zoe Porphyrogenita 13 kun oldin
Spoiler: SpaceX hasn’t built a starship.
Murray Lewis
Murray Lewis 13 kun oldin
Until I saw this I thought a stainless ship was just some kind of joke or PR stunt.
Robert 13 kun oldin
Maybe they can find a new metal on Mars that can handle a flight threw the sun.
W-nyq 13 kun oldin
robin roberts
robin roberts 13 kun oldin
I know how they could lose some weight,starve the bullshitting astronaughts to death,no one as been to space or ever will
walton market
walton market 13 kun oldin
The only thing Space x make are vibrators to give all the retards an orgasm.
spawnof200 13 kun oldin
oh hey it has a geodesic frame, just like a wellington!
Suzy Kats
Suzy Kats 14 kun oldin
Don't chip your teeth sucking Elon's martian stainless dildo!!! Young starhopper... Fuckin loser!!
Al Kindi Abu Yosef
Al Kindi Abu Yosef 14 kun oldin
I think those spacecraft should be armed.
Al Kindi Abu Yosef
Al Kindi Abu Yosef 14 kun oldin
Why not developed new space ships and new engines.
Al Kindi Abu Yosef
Al Kindi Abu Yosef 14 kun oldin
This is just nothing comparing to an advanced civilization, if this was compared to a advanced civilization , this spacecraft would be nothing to comparing to. Time to step up their game NASA, because we don’t know if it’s an advanced superior civilization out there, and if it is, then this is just toy ships in comparing.
xfire7 14 kun oldin
Snake Oil.
Klaus Rasch
Klaus Rasch 14 kun oldin
the key for this mars shit is if all of us stop and come together for something that at one point we will need drastically
Anthony D
Anthony D 14 kun oldin
What can people make in these videos just say aluminum like a normal person
Mehran M
Mehran M 14 kun oldin
I've always thought evaporative cooling was a great idea. You can also use ordinary water which you need up until the point of re-entry. My question is why not use Titanium which has the same properties as steel but better. A polished Titanium body seems viable if very expensive.
Piotr Kaczor
Piotr Kaczor 14 kun oldin
Hi guys come to check my video on Starship-like Ship send to Duna In KSP uzvid.com/video/video-r7nQyFZQUZg.html
Philippine Ball
Philippine Ball 14 kun oldin
Stainless? heheh.... ok I’ll go sit in time out now
Kojo0tti z
Kojo0tti z 14 kun oldin
Looks like we are going to mars
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