Why Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is So Much BETTER Than Expected

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is an amazing Miles Morales story and a great Spider-Man movie. Here's why.
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13-Dek, 2018



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captainmidnight 3 oy oldin
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Cloverload 123
Cloverload 123 11 kun oldin
captainmidnight sup
Jake The Pokemon fan
I loved it
Eu Oy oldin
Bryan Mantle The lack of frames was intentional
Bryan Mantle
Bryan Mantle Oy oldin
I liked the story, but the lack of frames used gave everything such an unnatural movement to it, made my eyes and head hurt. All cgi animation is guilty of this, but this film was especially bad. Did anyone else notice?
Eu Oy oldin
I had huge expectations and they were all met Can’t wait to watch it again
Sonny Emmanuel
Sonny Emmanuel Soat oldin
Into the spider verse is a great Spider-Man movie but I don’t think it’s the best Spider-Man movie
Protomorph Kun oldin
Did anyone else cry when Miles’s uncle got shot.
Savannah Allen
Savannah Allen 2 kun oldin
I’ve watched this movie about 98 times with my boys and can’t stop watching 🤷🏼‍♀️ it great!!!
Kami Ultra
Kami Ultra 5 kun oldin
Best Spider-Man movie ever made
Marc 6 kun oldin
I don't know if you've been told this, but you gotta be the the king of segue.
BK 6 kun oldin
Uh... It's better than Spiderman 2. It's the best Spiderman movie.
Adam Williams
Adam Williams 7 kun oldin
... *_hey_*
Brian Bagnall
Brian Bagnall 8 kun oldin
This movie is so overrated. They threw everything in but the kitchen sink and it was pure kiddies.
CyndiMi 8 kun oldin
Listen, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I had a friend who said the animation sucked... and that is the closest I’ve ever come to murder
J-Roc 11 kun oldin
Lol, he's a talking spider with pig powers.
ItsAbbyBlue :3
ItsAbbyBlue :3 11 kun oldin
When my brother first showed my the trailer, I was like "Oh uh ok" After I saw it, I was blown away. I loved every detail of the movie. EVERYTHING. Best movie ever 👌🏼
rotten silence
rotten silence 12 kun oldin
"It just works" todd howard
Warbledor 12 kun oldin
I would LOVE to see something new about Spider-Ham.
hithummah 13 kun oldin
still sad that OG Spiderman was killed
joseph liao
joseph liao 14 kun oldin
This was the most visually beautiful movie ever it literally defines the phrase every frame painting.
Subscribe to this channel for literally no reason
When you said the directors made LEGO and 21 Jump Street it all immediately made sense, geniuses
Max Heim-Salgado
Max Heim-Salgado 14 kun oldin
I think it’s pretty incredible that they managed to fit in 3 important and impactful character arks for people in 3 different stages of life, Peter and having children and a marriage, Gwen and allowing people back into her life after a serious loss, and Miles in becoming more confident and driven. Although Peter and Gwen’s arks are secondary to Miles’s I still found them impactful
ainsley toledo
ainsley toledo 15 kun oldin
My favorite scene in the whole movie has got to be the burger scene. The dialogue rolls so naturally and it's hilarious but you can start to sense how disconnected Peter is from being Spider-Man and his current unwillingness to have kids
Ivan Štrobl
Ivan Štrobl 16 kun oldin
I really liked the movie. I've seen it twice, but I was getting sick of people praising it all the time without mentioning the flaws as if it had none. The villains were the biggest problem for me and I'm glad that you mentioned it.
ClannerA01 16 kun oldin
Haven't actually gotten into spider-gwen yet. Does she have the same "animal attraction" to "bad boys" like her 616 counterpart did?
Xander Rey
Xander Rey 17 kun oldin
Fucking awesome insight man! Well done. Looking forward to any follow up on these characters
john lobo
john lobo 17 kun oldin
Talking spider with pig's power
emperorbailey 17 kun oldin
This is my favorite Spider-Man movie. It had so much more authentic emotion than almost any other superhero movie I’ve seen. If it hadn’t won Best Animated Feature, I can’t even imagine what would have beaten it.
Jesse Rya
Jesse Rya 18 kun oldin
Why does a character that fights drug dealer and crimanals listen to musical artist that glorify criminal behavior? Nicki, Wayne, Post... What a fucking joke. Im expected to belive this is a kid of genius level intellect.
Alex Altamirano
Alex Altamirano 18 kun oldin
Sorry dude but you got it all wrong, Spider ham isn't a pig with spider powers, it's a spider with pig powers smh
Rodrick Connolly
Rodrick Connolly 18 kun oldin
It was the best
The SonicHybrid13
The SonicHybrid13 18 kun oldin
“Not bad kid” gahhh the tears man.... what a great spider man movie 😊
The SonicHybrid13
The SonicHybrid13 18 kun oldin
I personally prefer this movie a LOT more than homecoming
FJ Nemo
FJ Nemo 18 kun oldin
If you wanted more about the villains, y'all were going to complain about it being too long. Let's just appreciate this masterpiece please
Andrew Grabowski
Andrew Grabowski 19 kun oldin
Sony pictures animation: goes from the Emoji movie to this oscar winning Spider-Man movie. Has Sony finally learned? With Into the Spider Verse being a hit, Venom being big too; I think they've redeemed themselves.
SaitohYatate 19 kun oldin
This movie was amazing. The pacing, the humor and the character development is amazing. Middle-aged Spidey was hilarious in all of his cynical glory, but was also calm and reassuring whenever he got serious. “Gwanda” is strong and hot; Peni was extremely cute; and both Noir and Spider Ham are over-the-top fun. My only real complaint is that we never get to see Peni win with her robot or Kingpin getting to bear-hug Gwanda, but that’s just nitpicking.
Eight Trailer
Eight Trailer 19 kun oldin
Spiderman into spiderverse might not be the best spiderman movie but it is one of the best animated movies
Saud Sanchez
Saud Sanchez 19 kun oldin
Boredom AMV
Boredom AMV 19 kun oldin
you can't compare daredevil kingpin and spiderverse one
gerbenvanessen 19 kun oldin
Doc Oc was a great character though.
Moonlit Stones Studios
I thought the movie was popular because of Miles, being a black superhero and all.
Ball of grime
Ball of grime 20 kun oldin
If you want to follow the rules of this world as well as the movie should of than the food old Peter ate that absorbed into his body would start glitching out after he returned home, removing pieces of himself.
Ball of grime
Ball of grime 20 kun oldin
It isn't possible for this to start a Miles franchise cause the spider that bit him was from a different dimension and from the rules of this world we know that things can't exist outside their native dimension. So whatever that spider injected into him to change his DNA can't exist in that dimension forever. Soon after the movie ended parts of Miles DNA should of started glitching out of existence leaving him deformed or dead.
Sourish Basu
Sourish Basu 20 kun oldin
He ain't a talking pig with spider powers, he's a talking spider with pig powers
Red Leaf
Red Leaf 20 kun oldin
That segway into the sponsor tho
bikebudha01 21 kun oldin
Uncool. Always 'announce' when you are switching to salesman. Never just try and sneak the add in....
Chris Caldwell
Chris Caldwell 21 kun oldin
You're missing the fact that its Spider-Man and not the Justice League. Spidey rules!!!
shim2dawg 21 kun oldin
If this isn't the best spider man movie, then what is?
Guy ultimatecyberdog
One detail I absolutely love about his "becoming spiderman" scene (spoilers): When he jumps off the window, he breaks it, because his hands are still stuck to the glass. Why? The movie establishes that he can't let go without relaxing. He's still terrified. But, he's taking a _leap of faith._
MisaelDoesAnimation 21 kun oldin
It has more than one spiderman what else could you want
Kevin Forbes
Kevin Forbes 21 kun oldin
I honestly think the Spoiler-y villain might have been one of the better ones. The clues are subtle but there - the show they are watching at Miles's school, the eagerness that they have at the thought of watching Spider-man glitch out of existence, the way they are willing to help Kingpin reach his goal even though they know it won't really work, just because they want to see what will happen. To Miles, it had to have been like finding out Mr. Rogers was secretly evil or something.
fireball111121 21 kun oldin
Fun little reference, the Peter Parker that is Miles' teacher in the movie, is supposedly from Earth-616 (or the Main Marvel Universe) according to the monitors when they first activate the portal. This is significant, because given all the shit writers have put him through, it's no wonder he would end up like this, and its a perfect parallel to the perfect Spiderman we see from Miles' universe, which seems to me to be the ideal version many people picture when they think of the character.
Anvilize 21 kun oldin
I was high with my friends when I watched it in theaters and I really want to watch it again and really appreciate it.
Book Worm
Book Worm 22 kun oldin
One other thing: I would LOVE a 2099 franchise
aquamarine ancient soul
Honestly i would be happy if they made spin offs of each spider from the movie
Ahmed Alhashimi
Ahmed Alhashimi 22 kun oldin
this is how i know you have no idea what you are talking about...spider ham is a spider that was bitten by a radioactive pig so he is a spider with pig powers....exposed
Almat Sailaukhan
Almat Sailaukhan 23 kun oldin
6:03 hot take: he's afraid because he can't give up saving people but also can't bring a child into the world who might very easily lose a father figure (which Pete knows is hard), not because of immaturity
Almat Sailaukhan
Almat Sailaukhan 23 kun oldin
*spoilers ahead* one moment i've not seen people talk about enough is the leap of faith from the trailer. maybe it's just that i'm dumb and people realized it when they saw it, but it really was a leap of faith: Miles wasn't just magically ready because he doesn't unstick, he breaks away the glass
hkr006 23 kun oldin
*Wins Oscar* - "You're the best of all of us, Miles. You're on your way."
Austin Wood
Austin Wood 23 kun oldin
Can u make a full episode about your problems with all the villains in this movie? I wanna hear your opinions on the rest.
Jerri Coloma
Jerri Coloma 24 kun oldin
Pretty ironic because expectations are the premise of the movie
Viktor Lima
Viktor Lima 26 kun oldin
Who would have imagined that lower frame-rate 3D animation, cartoon style animation and anime-like 2D animation would blend together so perfectly? Also, a tiny detail I really liked was when sometimes, there would be colors just a little outside the line, just like in old comic books
Aung Zeya
Aung Zeya 26 kun oldin
In this movie, Miles' suit is just a recolored version of Peter's suit. Anyone hoping he get his own suit in the sequel? The one with red webbing?
Fabio Viveiros
Fabio Viveiros 28 kun oldin
God I love this movie it's great!😆😆
Blue 29 kun oldin
Sony finally outdid Marvel on this one.
Krishna B
Krishna B 29 kun oldin
1:56 how dare you, he’s a talking spider with pig powers
Blake Thompson-Dodd
Blake Thompson-Dodd 29 kun oldin
Agreed on the villain front. In fact even up until the very end fight, I was assuming Doc Oc was going to reveal herself as the 'real' villain somehow. I figured she must have been using Kingpin to fund the dimension portal for her own gain, like bring a whole bunch of Doc Ocs in from other worlds.
Bluestar 29 kun oldin
I remember when I watched it and my mom (who didn’t even know the movie existed until we bought the tickets) was like “oh his uncle is the purple guy” long before it was showed on screen XD
Pulkit Prabhav
Pulkit Prabhav 29 kun oldin
people who have seen the movie knows the Earth 67 Spiderman scenes. ;)
Caleb Morgan
Caleb Morgan Oy oldin
Ok, it’s been a couple of months now, and I’m still obsessing about this movie. Usually, I’m content to wait for a movie to drop in price to own it. It’s an extremely rare movie I’m willing to pay $20 for. This is the first movie in years that I needed to own so badly I not only didn’t wait for the price to drop, I preordered.
Antoneo Hernandez
Nicolas Cage was pretty brilliant casting too!
Kyky T-T
Kyky T-T Oy oldin
Thing is, Sony does really good animated spidey. Ever heard of the spectacular spider-man? It’s said that it’s marvels best animated series, AND that it is at least near or on the same level as BTAS. When Sony wants, it can make some really good animated stuff. When it wants. Like here
Anthony Rivera
Nahh man the relationship he has with his dad and uncle is important and awesome love their approach with it especially how they end it
Ashkins Curls
Ashkins Curls Oy oldin
LOVED this movie, saw it yesterday and it was so good.
shassitojn 49
shassitojn 49 Oy oldin
Huh. A kids film that isn’t shit? When I saw the trailers I felt it had some promise and I was so glad when I saw it I was right.
Dallas May
Dallas May Oy oldin
I love when good movies break perception. Another example of this is the origin story. The movie almost mocks people that are sick of seeing the origin story. "Oh you are tired of the origin story? Well **** you, were going to show it like 14 times."
TrunksCell 125
I saw this movie 3 times... The only movie i've ever seen (in theaters) more then once was the black panther. This is the best Spiderman movie.
Teddy Oy oldin
after seeing so many marvel movies as soon as I saw the trailer I knew finally something good was coming I thought it was the same for every1 just 1 look at the trailer
Fire puppies
Fire puppies Oy oldin
My biggest issue was not enough peni, ham and Noir
Fire puppies
Fire puppies Oy oldin
Which means... They did a good job making the likable. I don't want any less of Peter, Miles or Gwen. Just more of the other 3.b
Grumpy Kitten
Grumpy Kitten Oy oldin
It really felt like i was watching naruto. That good.
Pieces Animates
If they made a Noir series, it wouldn’t be for kids 😂 Rated Restricted because of violence, language, alcohol and drug use...😂😂😂
Poe Territory
Poe Territory Oy oldin
I avoided all trailers and spoilers before seeing this movie and I'm so glad I did. Was a great movie.
Claudio Santana
A talking Spider with Pig powers*
Let me take a Jörmungandr at that
*It kinda clicks* Was that an unintentional LEGO Movie pun?
Gardow Oy oldin
I always laugh when the radio broadcast bit at the end cuts off just as he mentions free gifts and prizes.
Justin Reyes
Justin Reyes Oy oldin
Who's that man.... Who's that man..... It's Nick!
Too bad it only made $400 Million. Not being sarcastic. It didn’t make nearly as much as other superhero films.
jamesmcd3r Oy oldin
An excellent analysis, especially going over the older Peter Parker and his fears of moving on.
Andrew Goldsmith
This movie made me realize that spiderman is as varied in his interpretations as a character as Batman. I appreciate different Spider-Man movies for different reasons. I grew up on the rain I trilogy and that to me is the best representation of Peter Parker’s world. I’m not a huge fan of the amazing movies but I’m glad they exist for fans of those films. I enjoy Homecoming as well. People like to bash on Homecoming because it’s the cool thing to do now. I enjoy homecoming and rain I trilogy for different reasons, but both are accurate representations of the character
t s ó l a r i a
This movie had a really cool take on Doc Oct and the mad scientist archetype in general!! Like, if you've seen interviews or educational films with real scientists, you've seen *at least one* unkempt, enthusiastically outside-the-box nerd just like her. The fact that they took that set of traits and applied to a villain? It was my first time seeing something like that. That was mad cool.
It’s TMNTfan2000
I adore this film to death, but SP//DR and Peni Parker was the worst part of the film. She didn’t really stand out to me and she was overall a boring character. But besides that Everything Is Awesome!
Ash Oy oldin
holy fuck I actually didn't notice nicholas cage was noir until you mentioned him being in this movie.
I do Stupid Stuff
I just can’t get over how much I love the animation in this movie :3
Ay u
Ay u Oy oldin
*dude..* *they want from the emoji movie to this*
t s ó l a r i a
*Sony Animation is a powerful and fickle god*
Kelsey Baloney
Just noticed that Gwen mentioned moving with the grace of a dancer and the feet of her suit look like ballerina shoes
Best of Best Studio
Why does Spider Ham remind me of the book Charlottes Web?
Simon Boudreau
By far the best Spiderman movie ever, by miles!
Jessi G
Jessi G Oy oldin
Sometimes I wonder why.
Michael Moran
Michael Moran Oy oldin
How can you not like it when Spider-Ham is in it! ♥️♥️
A A A A Oy oldin
Only issues with the movie: pacing of the the second act and way kingping is defeated
Sad Keanu
Sad Keanu Oy oldin
I'm highly aware that i'm the only one who don't like this movie.
SP:ITSV: Spidergwen< Marvel Contest of Champions, Spider-Gwen.
Tetsujin Oy oldin
I loved this movie. It was so fun!
Drag shan
Drag shan Oy oldin
I wish Miguel o'hara/spidey 2099 was in the movie.
t s ó l a r i a
Pretty sure he was in the after-credits scene
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