Why the US celebrates Columbus Day

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Should Columbus Day be Indigenous Peoples’ Day?
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In past decades, Christopher Columbus has gone from unquestioned US hero to problematic figure. For centuries, the destruction and disease he ushered into the Americas have been set aside, allowing the myth of a pioneering sailor who discovered America and proved the world was round to embed itself in US culture. But as this myth has been increasingly confronted with brutal historical facts, things have started to change.
While Columbus still has a national holiday in his honor, complete with parades and celebrations, there are many people fighting to dismantle the myth that surrounds him and choosing to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead.
Watch this video to understand how Columbus became a US icon over time and why his status is in question today.

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8-Okt, 2018

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Vox 4 oy oldin
Correction: At 00:32 we incorrectly say that Columbus never set foot on North American soil. Columbus landed in Central America and the Caribbean which are both regions in North America. We meant to say that Columbus never reached the United States. We regret the error.
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 14 kun oldin
There already was United States in Columbus' day? 🤔
Tomedy 16 kun oldin
problem was united states did not exist till 1776, he never step foot on what was to be come the usa, how ever he did discover both north and south America. so is wasn't the country it was the continent America.
Iván Marcos
Iván Marcos Oy oldin
He wasn't Italian thought.
Dziban Molniya
+Richy you must be a beta male
jaded 2 oy oldin
ok but how could you say central america is not north america it's basic geography
Boundless 2 kun oldin
Anyone else think that looks like George W. Bush at 4:30?
Benjamin Akira
Benjamin Akira 5 kun oldin
Killing people, stealing their land, amid chaos and celebrate as a hero? American Idol indeed.
John A. Calderon
John A. Calderon 7 kun oldin
Columbus is the reason why we came to the Americas he's the first European to discover this continent. Therefore, people need to stop getting mad for no reason over this fact. So what Native Americans died, it always been the Survivor the fittest. These Native Americans used to conquer each other. Now people want an Indian day then they should make another day for Indians but leave Columbus alone. There's nothing wrong about him.
Joe S
Joe S 11 kun oldin
The Spaniards were the masters of the slave trade . We know Vox failed in World history class
Reaper123ch7 The Bum Bum
The thing is that Columbus Day is getting replaced by induegenues people’s day. (I can’t spell)
xxxCrazyNuggetx xx
xxxCrazyNuggetx xx 26 kun oldin
See when ur in School in Elementary School books can be a lie
shawn m
shawn m Oy oldin
more leftist propaganda and revisionist history
Priscilla Ferrari
If you try to celebrate Columbus in South America, you're going to be beaten. We are far too aware of what he (as a symbol, not a person) caused.
Tim Miller
Tim Miller Oy oldin
What a disease
Chaitanya Deshpande
He is the genghis khan of West...unfortunate that world had these greedy bastards
Kebab with extra garlic mayo
and unfortunate that we still have people who don't understand moral relativism, try to take your personal lens off when analyzing history
Campbell DIT
Campbell DIT Oy oldin
Roses are red Violets are blue Columbus killed indigenous people, with small pox and the flu .... But hey! He mapped the Bermuda triangle! And I geuss that wasn't so blue... Oh wait, it was Both literally and figuratively, I've misconstrewed, The ocean is blue, And his maps were really not true, He thought he mapped the Indies, But hadn't a single clue.
Monsy MG
Monsy MG Oy oldin
My man Columbus just wanted to go to India , he discovered America by accident
Jolin Jiang
Jolin Jiang Oy oldin
He also thought the earth was shaped like a pear
Abu Bardewa
Abu Bardewa Oy oldin
Correction: America is a stolen land.
diviengi Oy oldin
Fk colubus day. This represents the genocide of native indiand. And fk to all those who celebrate him.
Kebab with extra garlic mayo
fk u too
Gyovanny7080 Oy oldin
I’m trying not to be racist or anti-semitic, but weren’t some of Columbus crew Jewish?
José Carlos García
¿Somebody have read De las Casas?. This is pure Black Legend, as always. This channel lies. This is the truth.
Ŕųśhî Śçöřpîøñ
They should first respect native american culture, not Columbus who was saughter
Ŕųśhî Śçöřpîøñ
+Kebab with extra garlic mayo I agree technology is everything , since I am computer engineering, But I hope technology will not cause any kind of destruction , just for proving someones supremacy in future... But human nature is not such, as a country i want to become more supreme than america, and technology will let me do that leading towards ways of destruction... Today whole world is held by thin thread, always there is chance someone may cut that , and again we would put in age of destruction If technology would never ever lead to any destruction in future, or as long as it don't with high probability i agree with you technology is everything
Kebab with extra garlic mayo
+Ŕųśhî Śçöřpîøñ mate i don't geet what you are trying to say but technology is nearly everything fro development of human society, it is what brought european supremacy and what will hopefully help us trancend our biogoligcal boundaries. I don't get what your response is though are you agreeing with me or not?
Ŕųśhî Śçöřpîøñ
+Kebab with extra garlic mayo If you think technology is everything then you are not self realized, We are just playing our game in the time which never exist, Technology brought life back, now will blow again, Today man is powerful than any other creature on earth, Competition herewithin is unbiased, Whaterever you try, many have to die,
Ŕųśhî Śçöřpîøñ
+Kebab with extra garlic mayo After reaching what European did was not good , and revolution took all population which would take centuries to vanish within few decades..
Kebab with extra garlic mayo
+Ŕųśhî Śçöřpîøñ native american culture was backwards and just as barbaric to each other, in many ways if the europeans hadn't come native america would have been like subsaharan africa, and the diseases would have reached them one way or another
jocko jonson
jocko jonson 2 oy oldin
Even though Ki was horrible that event was the most important genetic discovery of human history
Baguette1 2 oy oldin
so the union party held back the native americans, and did not give them a say
greased 2 oy oldin
But wait vikings found america first lol get ur facts right.
Glerii 2 oy oldin
You mean natives right
Der Steppenwolf
Der Steppenwolf 2 oy oldin
"The Native American who discovered Columbus made a terrible discovery." Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742 - 1799)
Jonezx2020 2 oy oldin
Columbus was a RAPIST. So Happy Rape Day.
Fred is aus the venision
At the end an Italian Landead in new York 50 years later. so Now you are all Fucktup in your History!!!🇮🇹
AGENT 355 2 oy oldin
Obviously most people shouldn't trust a poll that was done by the knights of columbus these are the same people who think there's just a few bad apples when it comes to priests RAPING children
Dimitri Annikie
Dimitri Annikie 2 oy oldin
I live in the Caribbean and we wouldn't even dream of making a day for that greedy genocidal maniac 🙌🙌🙌
Ontann 2 oy oldin
I'm surprised the founding fathers chose Columbus over Amerigo Vespucci (i.e. the guy that the name America is based on).
Non 2 oy oldin
Lol, I only like Clumbus Day cus' there's no school.
MaddCB 2 oy oldin
How you get credit for "discovery" if people already there? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Kebab with extra garlic mayo
he discovered them for europe and the eastern hemisphere which was the epicenter of the world scientifically and technologically
firufu 3 oy oldin
Americans are so hellbent to keep this idealized version of Columbus despite the evidence contradicting the ideas. Its truly disgusting
g4ngst4crizz4b 3 oy oldin
What's worse? "Columbus Day"? Or if I mention the cleaning product "Spic and Span"? The reaction is enough to consider the association a "race is involved somehow" joke. What's worse? And should Spin and Span be removed either by public action through law or consumer boycott?
Штурмик Резкий
The vikings and another italian, John Cabot opened America for english-speaking people.
vinci vedi vici lex talionas
The Vikings beat him by almost half a millennium. They did not know it was North America, but neither did Columbus hence Indians (India). There is also evidence that the Scandinavians inhabited Greenland until the 14th century. The Vikings that landed there had a name for the natives. "Skralings" which roughly translates into "little ugly people" lol. I learned this stuff from college and I just thought I would share it.
Glerii 2 oy oldin
Which were natives
Christian Zaffuto
Because we, the Italians, spanish, portugues, french, spaniards, etc spawned them.
energyeternal 3 oy oldin
Indigenous People's Day
Charlotte Katakuri
Aww.. we destroyed the indians mud huts and built educational institutions, constructed hospitals, invented technology in this land. White people are terrible for advancing the world.
cidcampeador1952 3 oy oldin
BARBATUS 89 3 oy oldin
I was taught in Central America to hate the Spanish. Then I grew up, grew a beard, realized I was 100 percent Spanish because of my Spanish beard and other evidence, and learned more about my past, seeing how glorious it was. Columbus was a devil worshiper Knight Templar whose ships La Niña, La Pinta y La Santa María displayed, if ubiquitous illustrations are based on the truth, the Templar cross showing their mission was to establish masonry in other lands, not so much Catholicism which also uses the Templar cross because the Templars aka elite so-called "free"masons who call themselves "ILLUMINATI" also control Catholicism which is idolatrous making Mary a goddess in effect. Everyone who says they are against slavery is a hypocrite when they are silent about terrorist Muslims made prisoners of war. Captives are slaves. The Spanish were in a global war against Islam. If Spain did not conquer what it did, Muslims like the Turks may have gotten there first. Spain was not going to sit idly by and let Islam grow in strength making the Reconquista pointless. Spain improved the civilization of the Natives who were in some cases cannibals or sacrificed humans. Spain taught of racial equality, that all come from Adam. The Spanish mingled with the Natives unlike the British norm. Spain defended the Philippines from Muslim invaders from Brunei and elsewhere. Filipinos would be bowing to Mecca five times a day if not for my people who improved their civilization, united them and gave them chocolate from Aztec lands conquered. Except for some bad apples among the Spanish who deserved torture and death, the Spanish did not kill Natives unless the Natives were hostile to the agents of improved civilization and protection from Islam or human sacrificers or what have you. Ironically, if Muslims took over Spain, land of my ancestors, and executed the libtards in the government and their libtarded army who disgrace Spain, I would be glad to see justice there. 4:32 It's George Dubya Bush with a wig! lol
rabblerouser 3 oy oldin
I think the natives enjoyed our immigration. They never built any walls.
rabblerouser 3 oy oldin
Diversity is our strength
Justino Igriega
Justino Igriega 3 oy oldin
And yet you celebrate Thanksgiving without complaining lmaooooooo
Strawhat 845
Strawhat 845 3 oy oldin
I don't understand why the f*** I got a holiday after this guy that killed thousands of people it's just a shame... it's so funny how white people always say they discovered stuff but they haven't discovered anything they just stole from everybody
Kebab with extra garlic mayo
mate don't be a pissed about this, the white people brought diversity and multiculturalism to your country thank god native americans didnt have walls to stop this beautifull phenomenon
this nigga eating beans
y’all be saying you hate America but your comment is on a platform made by an American i-
Miguel Castresana Aguirre
So basically a few hundred of conquistadors conquered lands of millions with their own hands. No help from the native tribes at all. Damn, these spaniards were super humans? Come on... Do not insult the intelligence. They were IN CONSTANT fightings. Aztec/Inca Empires were subduing the surrounding tribes, which was used by the spanish as an advantage.
Laurent Champagne
Vox never puts a source after their video or in the description.
PlaneTravels 3 oy oldin
Guys, you are decontextualizing stuff, you shoud study more history, really. Columbus has done nothing wrong in the eyes of a man of his time. You are the ones that are judging a man using your own modern values. Every civilization had slaves, Aztecs had them, it was normal. The word "slave" came from "slav", becouse slavs were common slaves in medieval time, and they were white, but it was not important at the time. When ancient greeks conquered another greek city, they could decide to kill all males and sell every one else like slaves, so, i guess, now we have problems with columns...
Sophia Wilson
Sophia Wilson 3 oy oldin
Lot of towns have stopped having parades for the Columbus. The truth is coming out.
Katie Kolenic
Katie Kolenic 3 oy oldin
where are your sources??
Protor Reuter
Protor Reuter 3 oy oldin
You celebrate Stalin and Mao so....
Aidan Bernard
Aidan Bernard 3 oy oldin
everyone took land back then lol
DCpounder 3 oy oldin
I love Columbus Day! Nice job discovering the new world! Vox nice error and hold the L.
Slenderman Zavala
Columbus brought back Syphilis lol
who create GOD?
who create GOD? 3 oy oldin
native American discover first!and he is a murderer
jeremyjw 3 oy oldin
careful not to confuse Columbus with Columbia, the personification of the United States
Steven Beauchamp
Steven Beauchamp 3 oy oldin
Christopher Columbus is such a fraud.
quiflington 3 oy oldin
+Steven Beauchamp Well, sorry but I don't know what else to tell you. He discovered the new world and you wrote something in the UZvid comments section. I don't think it's much of a stretch to suggest that he's probably cooler than you are.
Steven Beauchamp
Steven Beauchamp 3 oy oldin
Dude! ...uncool. ☹️
quiflington 3 oy oldin
He's cooler than you are.
Ver Coda
Ver Coda 3 oy oldin
Possibly because not many people know that Saint Brendan (allegedly) discovered America long before Columbus, but then just went right back to Ireland and left it at that. Brendan was possibly fond of tall tales, however.
toadsar the blader
We can't juge him that how it was at his time
Ray Please Ban The Rolex
When you spend centuries killing your neighbours, but when Europeans do it it's different and evil 😎👍
Pandora Kepler Facts and Stories
How can you you celebrate ? As per my knowledge Colombus was the one who infected the Native Americans with Disease that he brought from Europe in order to kill the Native population. This disease killed 90% of the Population Isnt it ?
Pandora Kepler Facts and Stories
+Greg Lautigar Australia has a similar story XD
Morgoth The Older
2:18 is the picture from a German painter or why is the title German?
Aaron  Calderon
Aaron Calderon 3 oy oldin
All you guys did was get rid of another Holliday. We don’t get any new ones that often
Arindam Paul
Arindam Paul 3 oy oldin
Europeans wrote the history which made them comfortable - now everything will change - there are more babies of non-European origin than European. Now, the truths will come out.
Kebab with extra garlic mayo
yeah when civilization collapses you'll be like we were raj n shiiet
joshua ostapko
joshua ostapko 3 oy oldin
I feel as we should have a colombus day but then also have a day for native Americans such as indigenous people day
moist faucet
moist faucet 3 oy oldin
He discover the new world. Amazing......just like i travel to iceland to discover them.
Cool kid 69
Cool kid 69 3 oy oldin
Glad he gave us a day off a true unit
Maximiliano Zuñixtli
We should throw out Columbus Day & create Election Day instead to get people involved to act in their own government...
Cosmic Centaur
Cosmic Centaur 3 oy oldin
I remember (and this is sort of unrelated to Columbus) during a history class of our country, Venezuela, our professor showed us a letter from one of the spanish colonists where he talked about indigenous women and how they were the perfect lovers, showing so much skin and how they just stayed still and quiet and let them rape them after just a few hits. Americans are completely in the wrong about celebrating any kind of colonialism (or imperialism!) because all the colonists sent here were really awful people, plus Columbus wasn't really involved in British colonialism. But I do think it's ridiculous to hate so much on a guy that's been dead for centuries and it's sort of responsable for how our nations came to be here in America.
Andrea Macconi
Andrea Macconi 3 oy oldin
A part from the fact that Bartolomeo De Las Casas was only 8 years old at the time of Columbus's travels in the caribbean, and so the "information" given by the video from 2.00 to 2.17 is complete bullshit, i think that judging Culumbus's action by modern standards and modern morals is silly. In fact all the explorers of the late XV and XVI century were motivadet by a lust for fame wealth and power, also i would like to point out the fact that the majority of native americans were killed not directly by the europeans but by the diseases, like smallpox, bringed by the spanish, portuguese, and later british and french settlers. This video is misleading and historically inaccurate
HooDatDonDar 3 oy oldin
Great men often suffer greatly. And where there is greatness, there is great error. Columbus was no exception, by all accounts. I consider Columbus one of the greatest men who ever lived, certainly since the time of Christ. I would therefore expect him to be demonized. Nevertheless, whether denounced by modern American Indian protesters paid by white liberals, or condemned by his own contemporary countrymen, the rage against Columbus has ever but slightly shadowed his true accomplishments. Anger is a weak ideology. True greatness is untouchable and triumphant, even if it's crucified along the way. As an American Indian-a Comanche-I find no objection at all to the Columbus venture. Columbus, having never encountered my people, or any other American Indian tribe, certainly deserves a dispassionate opinion from me. I find it stifling to be denied the wonderment his adventure affords. I find it demeaning to be coerced by political correctness to associate his name with every ill experienced by the American Indian subsequent to his arrival in the Caribbean. Fortunately, Columbus' name and adventure survived the contumely over the centuries. The liberal-backed Indians who protest today really represent the weakest criticism of all, the least logical, and the worst construct. Yes, in 1500 Columbus was brought back from the Caribbean to Castile-in chains. But there was earthly logic in that. Comendador Bobadilla, the Spanish governor of Hispaniola, saw some bloody evidence (hanging bodies of Spaniards-punished by Columbus), immediately misinterpreted it and took advantage of it, in the name of the Crown and his own power. On the other hand, today's mythical association of every known Indian personal pang with the name of Columbus is utterly irrational. And not only was Bobadilla himself cruel to the Caribbean Indians, but today's liberal political abuse of Indians is equally cruel, in my opinion. It is a spiritual slavery, of imaginary or misconceived injustice, that liberals impose on the minds of Indians. To tell Indians they must denounce Judeo-Christian European civilization is like making them bark at the moon. What is accomplished by encouraging perpetual discontent? It is an ultimately self-destructive anger that the liberals offer Indians. I for one Indian deeply resent and reject this puppet role, this wooden Indian posture. Give me the aspirations of Columbus. Give me the world to explore! That feels a lot better. One who is often lauded in the ranks of liberals is Kirkpatrick Sale, author of the terrific book, The Conquest of Paradise. Sale's book, seven years in the writing, is actually a dramatic balance of violently opposing views. The fact is Sale can't help himself. Though a renowned liberal, he cannot disguise the historical record, nor does he try. Yes, he founded the New York Green Party, and takes many opportunities to denounce the mechanical materialism of European society and its galactic expansions through America. But, the facts in the case of Columbus, the sheer telling of the story, is overwhelmingly convincing. Columbus was an extraordinarily individual. Sale simply can't tell the story any other way. It may be true that people simply need heroes. But the gainsayers never replace them with anything comparable, let alone better. Indeed, the critics can't comprehend greatness. They are but leeches, living off protesting the achievement of others. Worse, they are thieves. As college professors, they rob youth of their natural aspirations, their instinctive ambitions. They offer instead an attitude of perpetual complaint, protest, and depression. They degrade reality. Greatness speaks for itself. It is its own interpreter. the late Dr. David A. Yeagley was an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation.
A. Mangla
A. Mangla 3 oy oldin
history is a biography of madman who wins but in today times, we must just call them native americans instead of indians.
Shaurav Kumar Yadav
Today Europe would call us Indian, poor, 3rd world country, Trump will say shithole but, in 15th century they all were searching our land to loot.
Joe Austin
Joe Austin 3 oy oldin
I was there. Chris was a chill dude.
Shaurav Kumar Yadav
Well Columbus did not reach India, but 6 years later Vasco De Gama did reach India. We Indians cant even think of celebrating Vasco day, it would be a crime knowing the fact what India faced after arrival of Europeans.
Jairo Baltodano
Jairo Baltodano 4 oy oldin
Why did he get a holiday you ask easy, He was a white Spaniard.
YPG 4 oy oldin
So innacuarate!!!
YPG 4 oy oldin
Other english video using the spanish black legend! 😒😒😒
Gerson Morales
Gerson Morales 4 oy oldin
Thanks to this man, North American history never would’ve been the same
Jorge Vega Curiel
Columbus was from Spain
Vinicius Alexandre
Gary Cooper was gay?
Jacob Neal
Jacob Neal 4 oy oldin
Isn't it cool how Native American descendants from where the US is are complaining about a conquest in Southern America, it turns me on.
濱田絵 4 oy oldin
No more Columbus day
Silas Bishop
Silas Bishop 4 oy oldin
Jesus, I thought that "native activist" was GW Bush.
Silas Bishop
Silas Bishop 4 oy oldin
Columbus is a hero to Western Civilization. He opened up the Americas to western settlement. Thank You Columbus!
truthbetold459 4 oy oldin
Columbus was nothing more than a glorified white terrorist.
d.u.g. Drilly
d.u.g. Drilly 4 oy oldin
dont forget the Malian and the Viking that actally DID make it to 'America' over 100years before Columbus was thought of.
Carlos Granadillo
I’d argue this video is completely accurate.
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson 4 oy oldin
He brought diversity to a monoracial nation, what a hero.
SoulTrial 4 oy oldin
I don’t think you mentioned that some Native American tribes joined the explorers to take down the big ones. Like the Aztecs. The Aztecs enslaved people, killed people, and forced other tribes to tax them. Explorers and Native Americans took that empire down and Native Americans have been waring each other for centuries. Do you really think a small group of explorers can beat millions of Native Americans alone? You are making it sound like explorers came and killed a bunch of Peacekeepers. Which is very incorrect, also, if you think that a bunch of half naked men with bows and spears will beat men with guns and horses. Then you are just wrong. Diseases did kill many Native Americans but that was not the explorers intention. They didn’t come to the new world to kill everyone with diseases they came there for land, gold, and raw materials.
Kakto Tak
Kakto Tak 4 oy oldin
Does anybody has any evidence or support for the claim that the conventional wisdom of the Columbus time was that the Earth was round?
Chiara Del Rio
Chiara Del Rio 4 oy oldin
Didn't Fernando what's the one that proved the world was round not Columbus
interanaut 4 oy oldin
So what if millions of Indian died? Why should we care.? Humans are meant to be killed right? What about people of iraq, afgan, yaman, Syria? US. Is doing the same what columbus did to them.
Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez 4 oy oldin
I assume a columbus day sale means I can just walk in and take whatever I want
Jacob Neal
Jacob Neal 4 oy oldin
And if there was a Natives Day that means I could go and horribly sacrifice all the employees.
Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez 4 oy oldin
School on columbus day? I just skip and stay home sleeping
A FPX 4 oy oldin
If you want a real explanation of Columbus check the channel “knowing better” and not this
Papa Jacobs Pizza
Vox iz gayyyyyyy buttz
User Name
User Name 4 oy oldin
Pee Butt
User Name
User Name 4 oy oldin
User Name
User Name 4 oy oldin
Crusty butt
User Name
User Name 4 oy oldin
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