Why this black hole photo is such a big deal

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What it took to collect these 54-million-year-old photons from a supermassive black hole.
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This is an updated version of a video we published in 2016 about the Event Horizon Telescope, an international collaboration to image a black hole for the first time in human history.
On April 10, 2019, the team announced their results: They had successfully imaged the supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy m87, which is nearly 54 million light-years away from us. They were able to achieve unprecedented resolution using very long baseline interferometry, which combines the observations of multiple radio telescopes across the globe.
The team wanted to find out whether Einstein's Theory of General Relativity holds up in the extreme environment of black holes, and the results do, in fact, seem to be consistent with the predictions. In the future, we may see more and shaper images of black holes as the team targets smaller wavelengths of light and recruits more telescopes. Eventually, they may include an orbiting space telescope.
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10-Apr, 2019



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Vox 11 kun oldin
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cairo 4 kun oldin
Really great script, and narration Joss, you have a talent. :)
Èlia Gàmiz
Èlia Gàmiz 4 kun oldin
+Brett MacnChee go suck pewdipie's lasagna
Tina Rhodes
Tina Rhodes 4 kun oldin
There's something round in black in side of it
Tina Rhodes
Tina Rhodes 4 kun oldin
When you take your camera point it at the sun
Tina Rhodes
Tina Rhodes 4 kun oldin
I think a black hole is in the sun
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson 4 soat oldin
THERE ARE NO BLACK HOLES,just high heat from a star like the NIBIRU MINI SOLAR SYSTEM,who all of you will be seeing close up here shortly,its about to pass the earth,and when it does,MOST OF YOU WILL BE KILLED BY IT,aren't you glad ALL your scientists are paid government whores,they won't warn either.....
Elder 987419
Elder 987419 16 soat oldin
The truth is its not a big deal its only 2019 humans are stupid
Monk S
Monk S 20 soat oldin
This is not a photograph. It is not a picture of a black hole.
Star Lemon077
Star Lemon077 21 soat oldin
Lol cat eye black hole
Could Be Anybody
This is the first time one of VOX's video's have actually been relevant and consistent lol.
K. Khurana
K. Khurana Kun oldin
After few decades we will be telling our offsprings about how difficult it was to take the first picture of black hole.
Cymoon RBACpro
Cymoon RBACpro Kun oldin
This is not a photograph, this is a reconstructed image using data from different radio telescopes. This type of phenomenon has been observed by optical telescopes they are called *Ring Galaxy which is a galaxy with a circle-like appearance. Hoag's Object, discovered by Art Hoag in 1950, is an example of a ring galaxy.* The ring contains many massive, relatively young blue stars, which are extremely bright. The central region contains relatively little luminous matter. Calling this object a black hole is self-imposed wishful thinking! Click here to see a ring galaxy (Hoag object) apod.nasa.gov/apod/image/0209/hoag_hst.jpg
Aamir Bedi
Aamir Bedi Kun oldin
Why does every major reported change happens only thousand light years away?? Why can’t it happen in matter of few thousand kilometers ???(from earths surface)
Geoffrey Sarita
Geoffrey Sarita Kun oldin
Yes! they have a picture of black hole, children who doesn't have food, shelter, and clean water will be able to live a decent life now!! Good job, your billion is well spent.
F34R Gridlock
F34R Gridlock Kun oldin
A *privileged* group of telescopes
crankcall2u Kun oldin
Black hoe
Bob Brown
Bob Brown Kun oldin
So what they are really saying it that they captured 100s of years' old light from a bunch of different frequencies and locations from things being swallowed up by the black hole and all the data corralated in the image proving the outline " not the still invisible point" exists. But still, turning a theory into a measurable fact.
rollercoaster55 2 kun oldin
This video utterly failed to properly explain what we're looking at. That picture is NOT a picture or image of a black hole! This video gets a D- for explaining science. "They...worked for months to generate the image that _best represents_ the data." In other words, this is NOT a picture of a black hole (because of course that would be impossible with today's technology). It is instead a graph of what a bunch of mathematicians THINK a black hole looks like based on the computer models they created which are full of assumptions about the data.
Jace Harbison
Jace Harbison 2 kun oldin
That's not the full black hole, if you were an honest new outlet you would have shown the not zoomed in image to show that the image was very detailed and clear rather than showing the one bad part
justin morgan
justin morgan 2 kun oldin
No barionic matter can’t travel faster. But ok
Ninja Xhyper
Ninja Xhyper 2 kun oldin
Its just a donut thats blurred to make people think its a blackhole
Ixion Music
Ixion Music 2 kun oldin
TruthSeeker Ultimate
Black Hole:The Universe's Dumpsite which provides the Evidence of INTELLIGENT DESIGN !!!
pujarani Maharana
pujarani Maharana 2 kun oldin
The real information of black hole in this linkwww.lookchup.com/read-blog/850931
Deborah AIchele
Deborah AIchele 2 kun oldin
it's God's eye looking at us.
RIXETHEM 2 kun oldin
Good, finally
T Bjornsson
T Bjornsson 2 kun oldin
that was an abrupt ending!
Carl Shorter
Carl Shorter 3 kun oldin
It’s truly hard to comprehend 54mil miles... they apparently got a picture of a black hole that’s 54 million LIGHT YEARS... this is science?? I heard one of the lady’s at the conference for this black hole event say we couldn’t see cause it’s black, but we got a nice blurry pic of a red and black hole..what a big load of none common sense bull....
Tommy Sinclair
Tommy Sinclair 3 kun oldin
This is scary
H e c k Y e a h
H e c k Y e a h 3 kun oldin
It looks like a glazed donut to me
qυєєи ɨռֆǟռɨtʏ
*This isn't a big deal! No one is even talking about it! NO ONE! I think everyone should, this is kinda a big step.*
SayedFadhil AlAttas
Black hole for stephen hawking fapping
Patrick Lockwood
Patrick Lockwood 3 kun oldin
Picture taken with an android
squidy random
squidy random 3 kun oldin
CFH M3TAL 4 kun oldin
Photo= pieces from different places put together by 4 different teams. Call me when u get that actual photo... A Polaroid should do
Doodoo Diploid
Doodoo Diploid 4 kun oldin
6:07 "So that's why it's real."
zznug 2
zznug 2 4 kun oldin
ah so now those 'images' are illustrations...funny how they omitted that when they where presenting black holes before
Nicholas Harp
Nicholas Harp 4 kun oldin
The modern idea for a black hole hasn't been around for centuries, just caught that at the beginning.
William Alarie
William Alarie 4 kun oldin
where is Katie Bouman in this video.
Ant 4 kun oldin
2:42 is that a peni-
Luciuslikes Raña
Luciuslikes Raña 4 kun oldin
My teachers cosine is the discoverer of that black hole
Tina Rhodes
Tina Rhodes 4 kun oldin
That black hole is in a different galaxy in that to to to to to far away not even one black hole will reach us it's impossible. There's lots of planets in other galixys but it might keep growing if stars break we have to know this because if you do get sucked into a black hole you can't breath well you wouldn't want what because that's in a another galixy I'm suprised that a little telescope would capture millions in millions away in I'm kid I'm surprised that I'm this stuff but it would be better if I did then not
Manasseh Gallemit
Manasseh Gallemit 4 kun oldin
Can you make a video about The world corruption free, and what happen each country economy and peoples lovelihood. Can poverty decline?
l Poc
l Poc 4 kun oldin
It’s not a picture
parampaa2 4 kun oldin
It only took minutes before it is made into a meme.
Anonymous U
Anonymous U 4 kun oldin
An “Unseeable” Black Hole
Pagong27Gaming Mapping and More!
Black holes are "invisible". The first image of this black hole is blurry.
Lee Yan Lei
Lee Yan Lei 4 kun oldin
It looks similar to nuclear medical imaging of the short axis of the heart!
grin and bear it -
grin and bear it - 4 kun oldin
Black hole is like a demonrat, it takes everything you feed it and never gives in return.
Call Me Yamato
Call Me Yamato 4 kun oldin
If Only Stephen Hawking Lived One More Year.
Arcadian Duke
Arcadian Duke 5 kun oldin
WTF? It's no "image" at all. Using a histogram? To estimate the diameter? This is complete BS! Nothing more than a fuzzy CGI that is now being passed onto the world to justify the cost. $19,300,000 for a best guess fuzzy computer generated image? Again, I say WTF? Will you nerds please explain to someone who clearly isn't as smart as you, why this is nothing more than science fiction, and why using "innovative algorithms" that create an image that isn't real, is an achievement?
Kem Ko
Kem Ko 5 kun oldin
You need to check your "facts". I am not going to make it easy for you. Do your own RESEARCH & see if you can find out what MISINFORMATION that you are spreading.
Vinod Menon
Vinod Menon 5 kun oldin
"Nothing moves faster than speed of light " she says . Has she not heard of Warp Drives , I ask ? :-)
Renato Cara
Renato Cara 3 kun oldin
A foton traveling through a (hypothetical) warp drive is still faster than anything else. So yes, nothing is faster than light.
shaul sharabi
shaul sharabi 5 kun oldin
the black hole we captured is Super massive black hole or other?
Steffi Castandillo
Steffi Castandillo 5 kun oldin
The effort they put just to capture the first image is damn hard
BxckStxbber 12
BxckStxbber 12 5 kun oldin
Me: OMG THE FIRST BLACK HOLE IMAGE!! Girls: ...Ew that's the worst pic quality ever
GAMING MACHINE (tankionline)
why big deal? because its the biggest hole in the universe
yoboytrel 5 kun oldin
Itay Maoz
Itay Maoz 5 kun oldin
Why do you say centuries ago, it has been barley 1
Famous TV
Famous TV 5 kun oldin
Good quality video! Always keep doing worthy content and you can expect to expand fast! Subscribe to our channel and so we could subscribe to you!
Dirga Buana
Dirga Buana 5 kun oldin
hm,when you explain it like that,it is outstanding that we can even get a picture at all.
Pan Damasque
Pan Damasque 5 kun oldin
Is this video from the future? Because from where I'm watching 1916 is not "centuries ago".
Jun Shibata
Jun Shibata 5 kun oldin
This was a Japanese team that made this find. No mention?
Bugsy 5 kun oldin
obviously fake
Bugsy 5 kun oldin
wake up sheeple
Binker 5 kun oldin
This presentation is best viewed alongside something like "Wallace Thornhill: Black Hole or Plasmoid?"
RafPlayZ 5 kun oldin
Light:**Travelling** BlackHole:*NOM NOM NOM*
barritoo thy
barritoo thy 5 kun oldin
This is a unbelievable photo. They made a Blurry photo from that far! The photo would be a black screen with little dots on it, if our technology wasn’t as great as now. That photo was taken from 513,000,000,000,000,000,000km!
Victor Nikolov
Victor Nikolov 5 kun oldin
This is a heated nut. It even has six sides. :-D
Spondon.14 Gaming
Spondon.14 Gaming 5 kun oldin
thats really lit
Demo Real
Demo Real 5 kun oldin
fake scientists can tell BS about astrophysics for years and journos will believe everything they say
Marcus Doherty
Marcus Doherty 5 kun oldin
1:00 Uhhh, I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure bullets go twice the speed of light and that's why when you get shot in the head the brain isn't being torn, it's just the bullet squishing through so fast, it stretches the brain further than its breaking point.
Angel Liux
Angel Liux 5 kun oldin
Still don't understand how they did this, can someone explain in a easy 1+1=2 way?
Akshay Mali
Akshay Mali 5 kun oldin
Why did they not include Hubble Telescope in their project ? As it's already in space and would've helped capturing a more clear picture of a Black Hole by avoiding dust particles and gasses of the earth which are absent in space !
Duc Duc
Duc Duc 5 kun oldin
Flex tape ?
R.D. outlaw
R.D. outlaw 5 kun oldin
So how does this save the world , prevent starvation in 3rd world countries !
Ian Williams
Ian Williams 5 kun oldin
Because it’s the first visual representation of Kobe Bryant
Titan Smash Games
Titan Smash Games 5 kun oldin
If only hawking lived one more year he could have seen this 😪
Chuttunt Chumnong
Chuttunt Chumnong 5 kun oldin
it's very very so..... so... far away.... form us...
Razordreamz 5 kun oldin
The eye of Saruron is real!
Chivo Chivito
Chivo Chivito 5 kun oldin
I’m still lost even more after watching this lol
Simon Ruszczak
Simon Ruszczak 5 kun oldin
Bullshit, it's a plasmoid.
F.B.I 5 kun oldin
Is it sad that if Steven Hawkins lived a year longer he would have seen a black hole
Ray Mak
Ray Mak 5 kun oldin
The place of infinite density
The Duke 71000 71000
Black Holes only exist in the minds and computers of certain branches of Science where the Scientists forgot to get themselves any qualifications in Electrical matters. On the other hand Astro Electrical Physicists & Plasma Physicists are falling about laughing at this nonsense as the Pictures in reality show nothing more sinister than a Plasmoid. The Universe is run by Electricity (not gravity), and a spiders web of electrical currents (known as Birkland Currents) flow throughout the Universe connecting virtually everything. Where many of these current flows meet, commonly at the centre of Galaxies, is found a concentration of Plasma that carries electricity known as a Plasmoid. It is donut shaped, and can glow (as seen in the supposed "Black hole" pictures), if sufficient dust and gas is present to reveal it. The Plasmoid is effectively a "Junction box" of numerous "Birkland Currents". "Birkland Currents" are credited to Prof Kristian Birkland Nobel prize winner 1903. Who discovered the electrical connection between Earth & our Sun. His work was expanded by Prof Hans Alfven (Nobel Prize winner 1970) who discovered the spiders web of "Birkland" electrical currents that flow across the whole Universe. "Black Holes" belong in Science Fiction movies, not real Science.
Joshua Degreiff
Joshua Degreiff 6 kun oldin
We need a galaxy 10s for take pictures better than photos this 😂
Harsh Jaiswal
Harsh Jaiswal 6 kun oldin
Dawn Marie May
Dawn Marie May 6 kun oldin
I heard it was the end of Snoop Dogs Blunt. Lol.
Shubham Mourya
Shubham Mourya 6 kun oldin
Congratulations..... According to me, it is a 55 million years old image because data collected by telescopes is captured through that light(radio waves) which reach us after travelling 55 millions light years distance..........Am I right or not???
Mariyeh Mushtaq
Mariyeh Mushtaq 6 kun oldin
The way he said, "so...that's why its real" in the end, makes me feel its not. Lol jk
Robert Cathcart
Robert Cathcart 6 kun oldin
Looks like God enjoys a donut with his coffee.
K Clark
K Clark 6 kun oldin
Pure propaganda and deception. So easy to see through this. What is wrong with you guys?
Na Sha
Na Sha 6 kun oldin
her voice is stirring me up
mash made
mash made 6 kun oldin
might be a plasmoid not a black hole
Phrawsty 6 kun oldin
The way that guy ended that was super gay...
Pratheesh R
Pratheesh R 6 kun oldin
And people still believe in god
Spanci0k 6 kun oldin
John Doe
John Doe 6 kun oldin
Fake news. That galactic scaled celestial orange glazed donut was a paid actor.
Felt Is king
Felt Is king 6 kun oldin
Science book companies: *sees picture* time to make New science books
Kayn Frost
Kayn Frost 6 kun oldin
0:13 GTA san andreas big ear right?
michelhouelpdesque 6 kun oldin
Black hole picture = so great it can fix mass zombification. It's just THAT great. "SARC" "Off"
Noob Gaming
Noob Gaming 6 kun oldin
And here people are still thinking that earth is flat😁
beautiful stick
beautiful stick 6 kun oldin
Just some progaganda like man walking on the moon. Nothing of this is real. We live on a flat land with a glass ceiling, there is nothing but heaven outside. Do you really think angels are living in some space with void ? BS
sha zsha
sha zsha 6 kun oldin
wait does someone here say 'man, too bad stephen hawking dot, dot, dot, dot,'
IndonesianAviationFan 561
You want to know why? It is a meme
sha zsha
sha zsha 6 kun oldin
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