Why Tobey Maguire Will Always Be the Best Spider-Man

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10-Yan, 2019

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Dorkly 6 kun oldin
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Chevy Storm
Chevy Storm 13 soat oldin
The Incredible Mr Joe I don’t think I do because it’s a fact
The Incredible Mr Joe
The Incredible Mr Joe 17 soat oldin
I think you need to explain yourself. Andrew Garfield made for a great Spiderman. He played a "Poor Peter Parker" in the first movie, but by the second movie he struck a great character balance.
C Ol
C Ol 18 soat oldin
After watching Spider-verse I rewatched the Raimi versions and for some reason I find Tobey Spiderman to be a bit iffy. But Tobey does make a nice Peter Parker. Plus the Raimi train scene reminded me of the final act in Nausicaa Valley of the Wind.
Chevy Storm
Chevy Storm Kun oldin
Dorkly you are fucking stupid, Tom Holland is the best Spiderman. Tobey was just meh as the character of peter Parker and Spiderman.
auzziegamerfan 3 kun oldin
+Drago Dragneel I completely agree with the first half of that. However, I feel like Tom Holland isn't quite Spiderman yet. He has some real potential though. Definitely agree about the former two though. Combine Andrew's Wisecracking Spidey and Tobey's massive nerd of a Peter Parker and you've got perfection.
egoy34 Daqiqa oldin
i hope in the spiderverse will show tobey, andrew, emma, kirsten. it would be awesome.
rozahalimi zakaria
rozahalimi zakaria 11 daqiqa oldin
Tobey is spider man ...simple
Natalie Sharp
Natalie Sharp 36 daqiqa oldin
I’ve never been a fan of Toby as Spider-Man. He was all wrong.
YoUrS tRuLy MR sCrUbB FaCe
Tbh can’t stand Toby maguires shitty acting
charl X
charl X Soat oldin
I need pictures! Pictures of spiderman! The toby spiderman movies have the best J Jonah Jameson
Danny Soat oldin
The original trilogy is the best because Raimi understood the character. He completely adapted Peter's problems and Peter's behavior. Raimi got the character down to the bone. Jon Watts even messes up the supporting cast, he messes up Peter himself. Far From Home is better but Homecoming tarnished his legacy.
kinectic00 Soat oldin
Tom spidey doesn't LET ned find out his identity you idiot. And also, Andrew Garfield is Amazing btw
Dota 2
Dota 2 2 soat oldin
I thought it is really about "Pizza Time" :D
Rhett Gedies
Rhett Gedies 2 soat oldin
Daaaaang. I thought it was going to be cold enough to leave Garfield out of the video entirely....and then that ending! Bam. Good stuff.
marlon lazaro
marlon lazaro 2 soat oldin
Very well explained❤️
TheMadDogpunk 3 soat oldin
Am I the only one who loves all the Spider-Man movies? Even the Andrew Garfield ones?
Jay Le Cornu
Jay Le Cornu 3 soat oldin
you realize however that a lot of the raimi trilogy was WRONG riiiight? even to the way peter parker acted was wrong (and not even the symbiote in 3 could make him right) heck even the phrase you speak about in the FIRST example you give (not pizza time because when is it NOt pizza time ) no i mean "with great power" well in the raimi trilogy even that was wrong and not as inspiring as it was put in comics and MCU movies. sorry but not even this video could convince me those awful movies were any good as a spiderman film, it was even worse than Japanese spiderman (thats right worse than the emissary from hell) plus toby was horribly unfunny as spidey, all the jokes delivered as spidey in the movie and movie games were delivered terribly to the point that the joke was just ... lost... sometimes even taken seriously
El necrofilo
El necrofilo 3 soat oldin
they hated Jesus because he told them the truth...
Devon P
Devon P 3 soat oldin
Nope no way. Garfield was better than Toby, and holland is better than both. Just because there hasn’t been tragedy yet doesn’t mean Holland’s incarnation of Parker won’t go through a similar development.
Mike Rotch
Mike Rotch 4 soat oldin
The Danny Elfman soundtrack also played a big part in capturing the excitement of Peter Parker learning his powers and ultimately using them for good. I still can hum the theme from the first movie.
Flamingo Shorts
Flamingo Shorts 4 soat oldin
Completely wrong its seeing Uncle Ben's rice in walmart every day and laughing
Mike Rotch
Mike Rotch 4 soat oldin
Ironboy and Skaterman got nothing on Spiderman (Tobey)
Esports Anime Station
Marvel clearly stated that they where going to change things up because we already had 2 origin stories. Which is why is not a fair compare which peter parker is better.
iMiguelAOG 5 soat oldin
Never knew dorkly made these type of videos
Ethan Evans
Ethan Evans 5 soat oldin
Basically, Sam Raimi has been the only film maker to understand the character
Rockaholic Angel
Rockaholic Angel 5 soat oldin
In my universe after SM3, Peter and Mary Jane get married in 2009 and Dr Conners offers him a job to work with him so the Lizard is born which leads the remains of the symbiote sample to escape and cling on to Kasady, Peter saved the world from the Lizard and then faces Carnage in 2011 with the help of Jessica Drew who originally was sent by Hydra to kill Spider-Man connecting the MCU with the Raimiverse and after a tragic night with Carnage almost killing pregnant Mary Jane and killing Gwen Stacy, Peter becomes emotional and paranoid from further enemies threatening his family, in 2012 Spider-Man saves civilians and fights Chitauri soldiers in the New York invasion but does not meet the Avengers until Tony Stark recruits him in 2016 Civil War, Spider-Man makes a strong comeback as Spider-Man when the world captures footage of him in Germany fighting half of the Avengers, in 2017 Mysterio, Kraven, Electro, Vulture, Rhino, and Scorpion give Spider-Man his final challenge before Thanos arrives, in Infinity War Peter and Mary Jane dont survive the snap leaving 6 year old Mayday behind and is taken care of by the Avengers.
Madwizard145 5 soat oldin
toby was dead ass worst spiderman. Even fucking garfield was better
CIRUS MEDIA 5 soat oldin
I'm happy to see that i was not the only person who thought that Andrew Garfield's spiderman was the WORST ...ever!
Dylan Z
Dylan Z 6 soat oldin
Unpopular opinion: I like the Sam Raimi character, but i don’t like tobey maguire. I like that sam raimi created peter parker as a normal person with a lot of problems, but Tobey Maguire doesn’t really fit the cocky teenager character.
Rozai Othman
Rozai Othman 6 soat oldin
Comeback tobey
Brad LeCompte
Brad LeCompte 6 soat oldin
The more Spider-Man movies they make the more I like the original trilogy
Ian De
Ian De 6 soat oldin
The best is Earth-616 Spider-Man. Oh wait.
Catalino Clemente
Catalino Clemente 7 soat oldin
Before watch the video pizza time
Åreš 7 soat oldin
Aidan Barnes
Aidan Barnes 7 soat oldin
Out of all the versions of Spider Man Andrew Garfield's is actually the most faithful. I never read any of the comics but I know that he was always smart and had a big sense of humor and used that to fight his battles that's exactly what Andrew did. Tobey's version didn't exactly have much of a sense of humor and was too serious all the time he also didn't have to build his own web shooter like Andrew did the spider bit already gave him the power to shoot web
Benjamin Tyus
Benjamin Tyus 7 soat oldin
Comparing homecoming and the Raimi trilogy is like comparing a happy meal toy to a statue of St Peter from the Vatican
HalfBoiIed 8 soat oldin
Tobey is not the best Spider-Man. Seriously, why do people think that? Nostalgia? I love the Raimi trilogy, but I can say he's not the best Spider-Man. Best movies, yeah. But not the best version of Spider-Man. Garfield's Spider-Man is the best Spider-Man.
Van Page
Van Page 8 soat oldin
Golden harp54
Golden harp54 8 soat oldin
Your opinion not a fact
Karthik Pullela
Karthik Pullela 8 soat oldin
🤮 don't like Tobey at all. He is a low-energy Spiderman which is not at all like Spiderman. For me Tom Holland's chatty bubbly version is what Spiderman has been, should be and hopefully, will be!
DaVinci 3
DaVinci 3 8 soat oldin
Sam Ramanie trilogy iscorny, silly, the characters are unlikeable, the villains are laughable and cheesy, and the scripts clunky and poorly written. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is way better. @me
Born Yesterday
Born Yesterday 8 soat oldin
He was utter shit as spiderman and pretty much everything ive seen him in. Watching toby in spiderman put me off all that hes done. What a cheesy, talentless actor. I think its that grin.
PokeJake 28
PokeJake 28 8 soat oldin
Are opinions not a thing anymore???
Andrew Gallardo
Andrew Gallardo 9 soat oldin
I’m here because of r/raimimemes
Talk and Reaction
Talk and Reaction 9 soat oldin
yes... you do andrew garfield is under rated, and.... amazing 2 was in fact actually good. people just failed to understand why it is good
Matt Moore
Matt Moore 9 soat oldin
Tobey McGuire isn't even the 2nd best live action Spiderman.
Nesicha bat Ashmedai
Finally someone recognized the truth.
0okamino 9 soat oldin
Ehhhh. To each their own, etc etc.
Solid Gamer
Solid Gamer 10 soat oldin
With Great Power, Comes Pizza time!
Johnreel 10 soat oldin
Tobey captured the emotional parts of Spidey Andrew was the best Peter with him being awkward and nerdy (1st movie anyways) Tom captures the humor but doesnt really act nerdy Theres no perfect spider man
Kuroko Taiga
Kuroko Taiga 10 soat oldin
Lol fact is, tobey was the best Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Not making quips as much as Garfield or Holland won’t change that fact. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man will always be the best period, because no one else can do Spider-Man justice like he did. Lol have fun with your "quips" that you just need so badly every 5 seconds, meanwhile Spider-Man 2 is still considered the best Spider-Man movie of all time, and one of the best superhero movies of all time. Now spiderverse has matched it. Homecoming is still below it, far from home will most likely still be below it, and forget the Marc Webb films, they were a joke.
Wolfkami 10 soat oldin
*Pizza Time*
max123994 10 soat oldin
your just nostalgic
Jamie McNeil
Jamie McNeil 10 soat oldin
This is completely opinion based. I think your over thinking it.
mrmacross 10 soat oldin
Tom Holland's ability to portray Spider-man can surpass (and IMO, does) Tobey Maguire's, but he's always going to be under the shadow Tony Stark and the Avengers. A part of Tom Holland's Spider-man's story is always going to be shared with other prominent Marvel heroes. In a sense, MCU Spider-man's story is always going to be a bit diluted. Tobey Spidey pretty much had all of the spotlight, whereas Tom Spidey kind of has to share it with the MCU. And once you're a part of the Avengers, or working with Nick Fury or whoever, you're not going to be lacking in certain resources. It won't be one man/boy vs. the world, which is how Tobey Spider-man often felt like. But to dissent a bit from the video, Tom Spidey didn't let Ned in on the secret. That was an accident due to Tom Spidey's carelessness. Ditto Aunt May's knowledge. The only ones whom any Peter (Tobey, Andrew, Tom) let in on the secret were the girlfriend characters. Also, the scene you describe as Tobey's most memorable scene isn't Tobey on his own. Spiritually speaking, the community lent their support, even if physically the could contribute nothing. Tom's most memorable scene was the remade scene from Amazing Spider-man #33, when all he could rely upon was himself. No supportive onlookers, no friends, no fellow heroes, no fancy suits... I tend to think that scene is not as powerful as it could've been, but comparing it to the train scene from Raimi's Spidey 2, while it is less selfless than Raimi's scene, it better captures the feeling of loneliness and isolation. I also found it less corny, too, FWIW.
the ugly barnacle 007
the ugly barnacle 007 10 soat oldin
I think " Pizza Time" is actually the staple of the entire trilogy
12Metatron 10 soat oldin
"Pizza Time"
Eddie C
Eddie C 11 soat oldin
you make a good point it is the best cinematic dipiction of parkers true nature .. but title is clickbait nonsense .... because you used to word .. ALWAYS .. grow up!
adh 21
adh 21 11 soat oldin
What about Spider-Man from PS4?
guitarman0365 11 soat oldin
i do have to agree mostly but holland spider-man has not really faced a giant threat yet. even cops and detectives, swat deal with scum of humanity but they still have families and lives. I don't think spiderman in the mcu has yet to really find that spark that initiates this type of behavior. Even tobey spidy did not really have that right away even when ben died, what did he do he went straight to a revenge mission he immediately wanted to use his powers to get payback and rightly so. Spiderman 1 skipped his start as spiderman and just kind of fast forwarded from wrestling to quick shots of news footage to full blown spidy as we know coming up to green goblin, it skipped some character building moments. This version of spidy never had a gwen, never had to deal with consequences of his actions of being spiderman in a horrible way that shakes him out of his cockyness. This is why at least for now i don't mind holland being a little more risky with his identity we shall see if far from home gives him that moment that really makes him take a 180 and start pushing people away for their own protection. the benefit of having a lot more appearances than just a trilogy is that you can spread character development out a bit farther as you don't have to get the point and story across in only three movies.
DuckSeeker TV
DuckSeeker TV 12 soat oldin
The thing that made spiderman by tobey maguire the best because of his grandfather's quote "With great power comes great responsibility"
Cala Content
Cala Content 12 soat oldin
Hello, I want to say only one thing. Amazing Spider Man. I'm just using you as subjects for my studies.
ChrisK 13 soat oldin
In your opinion, yes. In my opinion, hell no. Toby with his 5 o clock shadow and damn near every other cast member was waaaaay too old for the roles. Flash looked like he could have had 2 wives and several kids at his "high school" age. You people really need to stop pretending like you speak for anyone but yourselves. Personal opinion and preference will always be first, you guys would do good to remember that. We live in a weird age where everyone's personal opinion is fact and how does that work? Now we have a gazillion different, conflicting facts for every subject there is? No thanks.
Benjamin Tan
Benjamin Tan 13 soat oldin
I frequently thought the original trilogy was overrated, but over time I've come to realise it was the best interpretation of Spiderman. But, honestly, Spiderman has never been truly portrayed the way I think he should.
Clarence Dankerlui
Clarence Dankerlui 13 soat oldin
first off raimi/tobey spidey are the best, i grew up with them and still love them very much. second...haha come on. at least give andrew garfield some credit for amazing spider-man 2, cause that one was good compared to the first one.
Klyntar Spiderman
Klyntar Spiderman 14 soat oldin
Tom: i just want to be like you Tobey: then i want you to be better
Klyntar Spiderman
Klyntar Spiderman 14 soat oldin
Hes the best spiderman and peter Parker hes just perfect now marvel movies are all only about money smh
Big boi T MARK12
Big boi T MARK12 14 soat oldin
The Genius Gamer
The Genius Gamer 15 soat oldin
Could’ve done with more *F I N G E R S N A P S*
aneshia 126
aneshia 126 15 soat oldin
I was a huge fan of spiderman back then in early 21st century, when I was like 5 or 6 but now I can't handle this spiderboy. He looks very small for being a spiderman . Why they changed spiderman??
OuterRaine 16 soat oldin
Tobey Mcguire had too much cry face but he is the closest to the embodiment of Spider-Man, Tom Hollands is the best balance of Peter's life and the persona he maintains as Spider-Man. Sam Raimi's Spider-Man seemed too polite, and didnt really quip.
Joshua Thompson
Joshua Thompson 16 soat oldin
The best-realized Spider-Man, I can grant, though I, too, think that Tom Holland actually *plays* the character better. Maguire was literally just the fella they picked to play Spidey in the most thoroughly faithful Spider-Man films with the best cast... other than the leading man. The overused "great power, great responsibility" catchphrase is so meaninglessly memeworthy that I really prefer the renditions from both the MCU version and even the down-to-earth version in the first Garfield film, too. Holland might not end up with the crappy apartment, pizza delivery job and soul-rending need to forsake everyone who cares about him in order to be Spidey because of the way the MCU set him up, but in Homecoming when he looks down through the skylight to see the girl he's crushing on having fun in the pool while he's putting his life on the line for an investigation nobody else believes in because it's the right thing to do, it really illustrates the "cost" of being Spider-Man just as well as Tobey moping around, if not better because Holland emotes better. Raimi set things up in a stellar manner and it only went downhill after Sony started shoehorning in things on a corporate level; I think it's only fair that we give Holland another movie, at least, to flesh out his rendition of Peter Parker before we start lobbing "Best Spider-Man" at anyone else. Garfield had two films to try his hand, and Maguire had the same (let's just not talk about Spider-Man 3, m'kay?). Holland only has one solo film and a side-story throwaway intro "addition" in an MCU mash-up movie. Once Far From Home is on the books and we can look at him in terms of actual character arc, we can talk. (Maguire is still the worst actor to play Spidey in a film, even if it was the best Spidey film. :P)
crypto66 16 soat oldin
This made me realize just what it was I hated about the MCU's version. I first thought it was just because he debuted in Civil War which I absolutely despised, but it turns out because Holland's Spidey is just so completely off what truly makes the character great. Couldn't stomach Homecoming, especially with that ridiculously stupid ferry scene. They tried *so* hard to one-up Spider-man 2, they went, in the immortal words of Iron Man himself, "full retard." Come to think of it, that scene embodied everything wrong with the MCU Spider-man; they're too caught up on making a "better" Spidey, they forgot to make one that's actually GOOD.
Dark Kaito
Dark Kaito 17 soat oldin
You said toby and beat Spider-Man in the same sentence so you get a dislike and an unsubscribe. Go burn for reviewing trash movies
YoungTheFish 18 soat oldin
Sam Raimi's Spider-Man has a touch of sincerity that is lacking from most other Superhero movies, which works wonders for Spidey
Jeff Daniels
Jeff Daniels 18 soat oldin
Here I thought Macho Man Randy Savage carried Tobey Maguire spiderman.... Ohhhhh Yeeeah! Honestly though Sam Raimi Spider-Man is what made the MCU movies even possible. Before that there was Batman Forever, and I'd watch Spiderman 3 everyday of the week over that movie. That Spider-Man proved that given the right budget and attention to detail comic heroes were perfect for the action movies.
The Jazz King
The Jazz King 18 soat oldin
I like Garfield in the role.
Awake Now
Awake Now 18 soat oldin
Tobey Maguire and Spidey PS4 are the best screen interpretations of Pete in my opinion. Both captured the themes of sacrifice and responsibility. Both showed us a rather poor version of Peter Parker too. Hobo Peter from Spider-Verse is also a decent interpretation of how he could have turned out later on. I love Tom Holland's expression of Peter Parker, but he IS a bit spoiled.
Jacknife17shadows 19 soat oldin
Finally someone gets it! The only thing I would say is that they should of had a separate voice actor for Spiderman but bring in Tobey when Peter needed to talk. Tobey is an excellent Peter but doesn't have the confidence in his voice to Spiderman
Angel Delgado
Angel Delgado 19 soat oldin
When i was a kid i loved Spiderman and couldn't imagine loving him anymore. Now im 22 have dead end jobs, about to be married, education is not going well, the world is seemingly becoming more grey and uncaring, and i question my place because of it. There has never been a film that i can relate to more as i age then this one. Spider Holland is fun but not touching. Spider field is cool but not humble. Tobey is me ..nerdy, insecure but capable of great things, sadly it usually takes a terrible crisis to make me see that. While these other films are flashes in the spidey pan this film. Sat me down in a car when i wanted to leave and see more spidey action. Looked me in the eye and told me to be careful who i change into. I yelled back as a child "Get to the action already!!" and it replied "With great power comes great responsibility." This has made all the difference.
Jose Tobal
Jose Tobal 19 soat oldin
Tobey spider man suck MCU is better
Klyntar Spiderman
Klyntar Spiderman 13 soat oldin
+Jose Tobal explain why tobey maquire sucks
Jose Tobal
Jose Tobal 13 soat oldin
Yes I have it on DVD
Klyntar Spiderman
Klyntar Spiderman 14 soat oldin
Jose Tobal i Bet you haven’t even watched his movies
HFCGAMES 19 soat oldin
He was too much of a cry baby!!! Tom holand is the best.
Toppins 19 soat oldin
The train scene gets me all the time. Spiderman 2 is a true classic.
Toppins 19 soat oldin
He’s the best because he knows how to deliver a great pizza while at the same time getting to Dr. Connor’s class on time
Talha Qureshi
Talha Qureshi 19 soat oldin
Teoman 19 soat oldin
Spiderman is the Friends theme song. Best thing if ever heard
killer animations
killer animations 19 soat oldin
I saw all the moves
Lame Name
Lame Name 19 soat oldin
*Jake Johnson
Jacob Keary
Jacob Keary 19 soat oldin
*_P I Z Z A_* *_T I M E_*
GanonGhidorah 19 soat oldin
At the core of Spider-Man's entire story, is an allegory for Growing-Up and becoming a Man. Which is why being Spider-Man sucks so much...because being an adult really sucks. Every goal and aspiration you had for yourself shatters and turns to dust before you as you now have to prioritize your responsibilities; and more often than not, your responsibilities don't line up with what you want them to be. It's Toby's Peter Parker that goes through this struggle of having adjust to an adult-life and learning to stand on his own that makes him relatable and more compelling to watch. And better yet, even when he goes through this struggle, the movies show he's not fully prepared for the responsibility - which is what leads into the "villain-themes" of the movies as well. Tom Holland's Peter Parker...is not Peter Parker at all. I don't get what people see in this kid that's so "inherently" Peter, when nothing about him synchs up with what Peter is supposed to be...and his Spider-Man is even worse. The simple fact is, Tom Holland's life as Peter Parker...doesn't suck. Literally speaking, his only "social conflict" is a Scrawny Flash Thompson who only ever calls Peter rude names, and Peter has no choice but to associate with him because the so-called "bully" is surprisingly in the same Decathalon Team as Peter. Toby was actually bullied...Tom is basically surrounded by characters that Peter calls his "friends" - especially if the trailer for Far From Home is any indication...Toby had Harry Osborne...and that's basically it. The MCU doesn't even seem to understand the actual struggle that Peter is supposed to experience when it comes to Aunt May. May has lost her husband and due to her age, is unlikely to ever find a partner who will support her during her Twilight Years. Peter is literally all she has. (and may in-fact be her biological son if certain comics are to be believed.) Tom's Aunt May...is played by Marisa Tomei and is constantly being flirted with by LITERALLY EVERY GUY in the respective movies. And hell, now that Tony is getting married to Pepper (thanks for wasting our time, Civil War) they're going to be having Happy Hogan flirting with Aunt May...And I'm sorry, but there are few things sadder in life than being flirted with by Happy Hogan. And then of course...there's the Iron-Man Shaped Elephant in the room... The thing with Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy, in the sense of the First-Two movies, both villains that Peter faces ultimately have the perspective of being potential father-figures for Peter, which goes to add why Peter's life sucks so much. If Raimi had gotten the fourth movie that finally had Dr. Connors turn into the Lizard, we would've undoubtedly had that theme followed. Norman Osborne is so disillusioned with his own Son, that he wants to take Peter under his wing and mold him into being what he believes Harry can't be. Norman's intentions - as well as the Goblin's - are inherently Selfish because his way of mentoring would effectively be a "be-like-me" way of fathering. We see this when Goblin makes his offer for Spidey to join him on the roof-tops, and even resorting to emotional blackmail to do it. But not only does Peter reject the Goblin - because murderer - he fully rebuffs Norman Osborne at every opportunity, mainly because at this point in his life, he just lost Uncle Ben and is not ready to replace him with a surrogate father just yet. And that's why Peter's final line of the climax is so powerful, with Peter fully embracing who Ben taught him to be. During Spider-Man 2, Peter's life becomes more complicated and frustrating and more time has passed leaving Peter in a vulnerable position. So much so that when he meets with Dr. Octavius, they're able to bond over both their love of science and their philosophy. Otto gives out some genuinely good advice to Peter - ironically stuff he was already following - and what was even better, gives him dating advice; he'd seem like a good Father-Figure for Peter to have in his time of need. But when Otto does go crazy, he's blinded by his own ambition and can't see that it was his fault; he instead blames everyone else for his losses, especially Spider-Man. It has some pretty dark connotations when you think about it... And now we have Tom Holland and his relationship to Tony Stark...I say it right now, Tony Stark - in the comics - is the absolute WORST father-figure Spider-Man ever had, and was meant to be the point where Peter realized he needed to stop putting faith in older, wiser men to help guide him, and find the answers for himself. The problem is, the MCU Tony Stark is a bit more redeemable than that, but even still, it represents a huge problem with Holland's Spider-Man. Holland's entire character-arc is that he wants to impress Tony Stark so that he can join the Avengers; that really shouldn't be a priority for someone whose life is as screwed up as Peter's is. But Tom doesn't have to worry about that, because life is literally a silver-platter for him. Instead of having to come into his own as a Super-Hero, he's given what is basically a spandex Iron-Man suit with an AI. His biggest problem of this movie is that Tony - who is basically his alcoholic Step-Father - won't pay enough attention to him. And what's even worse, when Tony does the ONLY responsible thing that he has done LITERALLY since Iron Man 1, by taking away Peter's Suit - (the only moment where Holland's Peter actually does resemble the down-in-the-dumps Peter Parker life, and only does so ironically) - this moment is completely overdone when, when Peter disobeys Stark's orders AGAIN, but manages to get lucky enough to stop the Badguys, Tony REWARDS him...not only in letting him join the Avengers (unofficially) but also giving him his suit-back... So yeah, Tony is being even more irresponsible than before. This is basically the equivalent of giving a Teenager a new car, after they hot-wired and stole another car just a few nights prior! TL;DR - Tom Holland sucks as both Peter Parker AND Spider-Man because the people writing him don't understand thing-one about the characters or the struggle they're supposed to go through.
MILES Z 21 soat oldin
Tom Holland is much better
Klyntar Spiderman
Klyntar Spiderman 14 soat oldin
MILES Z not as spiderman but maybe as peter parker
Andrea Mello
Andrea Mello 22 soat oldin
Maguire´s Peter can eat my ass
Ti My
Ti My 21 soat oldin
Kartikay singh
Kartikay singh 22 soat oldin
Abe kya bakwas kiye ja rha hai tu
Dick Richie
Dick Richie 22 soat oldin
Tom Holland is the best spidey and Peter Parker
Divi nity
Divi nity 22 soat oldin
I think he's the worse. Firstly,he was the oldest.He is suppose to be younger,at lest than his age. Secondly,he didn't portrait Spiderman's teenage emotions properly
Ti My
Ti My 20 soat oldin
1. He was in college throughout the majority of the series and Tom Holland has been in his 20's dice homecoming. 2. Refer to #1.
arry animations
arry animations 22 soat oldin
Yes! Finally, someone understands! I can't agree more!
BS23 - Designs
BS23 - Designs 23 soat oldin
I think this was more about the movie's script, rather than the actor himself. So imo, the title should be Sam Raimi instead of Tobey.
Ti My
Ti My 20 soat oldin
It was the entire character portrayal
GRIM greninja
GRIM greninja 23 soat oldin
Toby mcguire sucks
Klyntar Spiderman
Klyntar Spiderman 14 soat oldin
GRIM greninja and you swallow
That Retarded Boi
In my opinion, I like older Peter from Spider Verse Cause come on, that Spidey’s life is so depressing
legofan1799 Kun oldin
Well Andrew Garfield had the best on screen relationship, as well as the most charisma. I think you're being too harsh on the guy.
We live in a world where the best live-action Spider-Man gets ripped on by _"fans"_ for looking goofy... _even tho he's supposed to look goofy!_ & not like a teen model straight outta High School Musical like Andrew & Tom do..
Farabi Rahman
Farabi Rahman Kun oldin
IMO: *Christian Bale* wiil always be the best *Batman* *Robert DJR* will always be the *Iron Man* *Hugh Jackman* will always be the *Wolverine* *Tobey Maguire* will always be the best *SpiderMan* ( *Tom Holland's* version comes close, but A Garfield's version is not impressive)
://ReaperReaper 8 soat oldin
Adam West is the best Batman.
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
I like the amazing Spider-Man.
Jaiswal Siddharth
3 reasons. 1. Nostalgia (bad acting) 2. Nostalgia (old spiderman) 3. Nostalgia (cry baby)
Ti My
Ti My Kun oldin
This is the argument you make when you have no argument. This is the argument stupid people make. You add nothing to the discussion.