Why Tobey Maguire Will Always Be the Best Spider-Man

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10-Yan, 2019



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Dorkly 2 oy oldin
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The Seph I am
The Seph I am 18 kun oldin
Was this the last episode of today in nerd history? If so... why?
munender singh
Oisin Reilly
Oisin Reilly Oy oldin
+Drago Dragneel omg your so right
Oisin Reilly
Oisin Reilly Oy oldin
No offense but this is only your opinion cuz other people will think differently
60sto80s2 Oy oldin
Kitsunekun2 then again he had more kill count than the villains so.. maybe AG Spider-Man was truly the Villan of the story
sm4carnageihope 3 soat oldin
That implies that Tobey was a good actor to begin with..... He's not. Andrew and Tom all the way.
Checkerzzz gaming Hi
Checkerzzz gaming Hi 11 soat oldin
No they won't cast this spider man thank God
Reilly Smith
Reilly Smith 11 soat oldin
I actually like Tom holland better than Toby just my opinion
Pygmy Puff
Pygmy Puff Kun oldin
I like both of them
Teddy Tea
Teddy Tea Kun oldin
Welll...that’s just an opinion......
Boruto Sufian
Boruto Sufian Kun oldin
Please back Real Spider-man
Radostin Mihov
Radostin Mihov Kun oldin
Nah, he sucks.
Herbert Leggieri
Herbert Leggieri 2 kun oldin
I didn't care for spider verse. The story was okay but I didn't like the animation. I feel that ultimate Spider-Man did that whole gimmick a lot better. I don't remember what season it was in but like I'm saying it's a better version in my opinion.Tobey Maguire is definitely my favorite out of all of them. I do like Tom Holland to but Toby was definitely my favorite. I also like the fact that he was able to shoot webs on his own. He didn't need to make web shooters.
Ryuoka Animation
Ryuoka Animation 2 kun oldin
Just bring back the original spiderman already! Along with hugh jackman, in the avengers! Tobey!!
Telix 3 kun oldin
No no and no
mikehtv 3 kun oldin
The rami trilogy had heart and emotion. It also told a concise story that was told fully with each film rather than trying to set up other films and team up movies. The rami trilogy was much more focused on the story and the message.
Isaiah Rucker
Isaiah Rucker 4 kun oldin
Andrew and Tom suck webs
KRaZzy KaTT yT
KRaZzy KaTT yT 4 kun oldin
James Ars Channel
James Ars Channel 5 kun oldin
Toby the best ,, he is serious as spiderman..
Nigel Thornberry
Nigel Thornberry 5 kun oldin
Im sorry but Tom Holland is the best spider man and peter parker
Grolloër films
Grolloër films 5 kun oldin
I really like the amazing Spider-Man 1 not 2
TahuMata1888 6 kun oldin
When Cap said to Stark "You got to stop pretending to be a hero", tell it to Raimi's Spiderman who saves four kids (two from respective buildings on fire and the other two about o be hit by a truck when he was delivering pizzas) and saves people on the train out of control, so what is Steve Rogers going to have to say about that?
TahuMata1888 6 kun oldin
At least Disney did NOT get their hands on him or the trilogy!
James Ars Channel
James Ars Channel 6 kun oldin
Toby is best spiderman and nice costume.
Bushido Breeze
Bushido Breeze 6 kun oldin
He definitely set a good foundation for spidey sad this isnt mcu related
Practice Run Studios
That's all a matter of opinion. But yeah, Toby was my favorite live-action Spider-Man too.
leonardo HG
leonardo HG 7 kun oldin
Pizza time
M i l e s
M i l e s 7 kun oldin
same goes with the Joker (heath ledger)
r gokulram
r gokulram 7 kun oldin
Sam riami's spider man is a fantastic series same as 1998 the animated spider man FOX KIDS
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen 7 kun oldin
Toby for sure Spiderman 1 & 2 are still awesome to watch and even tho part 3 totally sucks it still makes me laugh at how terrible it is and Toby's bad emo acts and the dance scene is classic
WilliamWallace Of the US
The reason Tobey Maguire is the best Spider-Man can be summarized in one word: Responsibility
Ayush A
Ayush A 8 kun oldin
Dustin Ray
Dustin Ray 8 kun oldin
Tobey is SpiderMan. My least favorite is Andrew Garfield.
Golden ASMR
Golden ASMR 8 kun oldin
Toby was the best! He needs to come back for spiderman 4
Doppio 8 kun oldin
The dislikes came from tasm fanboys
kakku zahen
kakku zahen 8 kun oldin
Legend ll never b forgtn.... ....!
amir Reza
amir Reza 8 kun oldin
Nah , Andrew was the best
Tived Nagol
Tived Nagol 8 kun oldin
One thing I liked about Raimi’s interpretation of Spidey is how his webs were organic; his choice to become Spider-Man made more sense that way since spinning webs is what most people associate with spiders. The web shooters don’t have that. He was bitten by a spider and gained super-strength and super-senses, but _not_ organic webbing? Then why become Spider-Man? Why not become Quick-Man or the Fist? Why not become McDibbles, or Colonel Pecs, or the Scout? Super-strength and super-senses don’t necessarily make me think “huh, I should be a spider,” they make me think “I could be a strong guy who knows how to fight.” I guess what I’m saying is that Raimi made the idea of being spider-themed make more sense, y’know?
Muhammad Satria
Muhammad Satria 9 kun oldin
I'm not being like.. arrghh how to say it.. but to be honest, I've tried to watch the new ones and still for me Tobey is the best Peter Parker. Tobey struggled to be good for MJ, Uncle Ben, Aunt May, Harry, Americans, Pizza, Photographs and that's not easy at all
Sarathb Sarath
Sarathb Sarath 9 kun oldin
Tobey one of the best marvel charter
Arianna Paletta
Arianna Paletta 9 kun oldin
I accidentally searched “why peter Parker is the best Spider-Man” proof right there
Arianna Paletta
Arianna Paletta 5 kun oldin
yonkou kaidou ♥️
yonkou kaidou
yonkou kaidou 8 kun oldin
I love you
Punit Pathak
Punit Pathak 9 kun oldin
I hope tobey makes a cameo in future spideman films. That train scene always gave me goosebumps.
Trickxus 9 kun oldin
Andrew Garfields Spider-Man was so trash I don't know how that movie got green light oh wait there were two movies WTF
Charleston Ordonez
Charleston Ordonez 10 kun oldin
Tobey maguire is the best of all spiderman 😁
Enjoy Scane
Enjoy Scane 10 kun oldin
Toby Best Spaiderman Forever .😃 Plis ComeBack!😥
Lost 2torm
Lost 2torm 10 kun oldin
This is opinion, so I respect it, I don't agree with it but I see where you're coming from
armaan syed
armaan syed 11 kun oldin
I always felt this. He was the best to play this character and made it look like real Peter Parker and Spiderman
Daniel Satter
Daniel Satter 11 kun oldin
MCU isn't done with Tom's version of Spiderman though and, if stark dies and most likely will, we could still see a purer version of Spiderman
kevin Rudd
kevin Rudd 12 kun oldin
Just the fact that he has all the powers (can shoot web from his body, not a gadget) makes him the best version.
Paolo Pasaol
Paolo Pasaol 12 kun oldin
According to the thumbnail, it's more realistic to look constipated when struggling 🤔
Reptile 25991
Reptile 25991 12 kun oldin
Toby best Peter Parker Andrew best Spider-Man at telling jokes Tom best Spider-Man in relation to the teens
Michael Colon
Michael Colon 12 kun oldin
The amazing spiderman wasn't that bad homecoming was pretty good it's just I don't see spiderman I see spiderboy
Von Alyson Greg
Von Alyson Greg 12 kun oldin
What I really love about Tobey and Raimi's Spiderman was how character had been delivered and how the actor presented it, and the feels that came along the honest acting that's so heavy like having huge sympathies towards Peter Parker--it's the very heart of a struggling superhuman. I appreciate and admire the other versions of this character, but Tobey's will always be the greatest Spiderman for me--presented the real face of someone named Peter Parker..
Tea in Korea
Tea in Korea 13 kun oldin
I love how he just ignored the amazing Spiderman movies lol🤣 we all kinda do
Martin Cooper
Martin Cooper 13 kun oldin
I’m gonna put some dirt in your eye
Martin Cooper
Martin Cooper 13 kun oldin
Pizza time
pacmania Lawrence
pacmania Lawrence 14 kun oldin
Tobey was never the best miles and Tom are better
Abe Mrofchak
Abe Mrofchak 15 kun oldin
They spelled Andrew Garfield super wrong in the title.
Vfch Buf v j
Vfch Buf v j 15 kun oldin
tobey is the best actor!
beowulfsbane 16 kun oldin
Thank you so much for saying this .. I thought I was alone in remembering what made Toby's spiderman great .... it's not that the other versions were bad but .. Toby's version had something they dont
Ancient Monkey
Ancient Monkey 17 kun oldin
Heero yuy
Heero yuy 19 kun oldin
people keep saying toby was to old to play a high school student yet no where in the movie does it say they are in high school...judging by what i see id say they were in collage
John Wen
John Wen 19 kun oldin
Tobey Maguire's spider man showing a lot of real struggles in life too, it is almost like he become a sad hero which what make his spider man so great.
Shaojie Huang
Shaojie Huang 19 kun oldin
Let's make an organization and try to ask Sony to switch back to Tobey, or they can keep Tom Spiderman, make another Tobey Spiderman movie (if they are willing to). Even though we know the movie does not exactly follow the original story, but they can make a story about when Peter gets old, how does he live and protect the world.
Karthick Ramakrishnan
Wow .. The part where you explained about the train sequence was so beautiful... It almost made me cry, probably b'cos i grew up watching Spider toby. Great video man
Fighting Forrest
Fighting Forrest 20 kun oldin
Totally agree🤙
Rodycaz 20 kun oldin
I grew up with the Raimi movies and used to loved them back then. Now I'm 24 and I can tell they're actually pretty mediocre haha Tom Holland feels more like Spider-Man. The best adaptation of Spidey is the PS4 videogame though, better than any of the movies.
rupam Tarafder
rupam Tarafder 20 kun oldin
There is no doubt that Tobey Maguire the Spider-Man was a honest man in the movie and also well in studies.He is the best Spider-Man ever in my heart.🙂🙂🙂
Gabriel G2
Gabriel G2 21 kun oldin
People like Tobey more coz he is the type of loser and nerd in class who always get bullied, while Andrew is just, just to cool you feel me? same with holland.
Susan T
Susan T 21 kun oldin
What about all the consequence Holland faced as spidey in homecoming
Aqi_momo 21 kun oldin
Tom Holland can't fit the role, he just looks wrong for it, maybe it's the acting but it looks too forced and doesn't have the oomph to it and originality, spiderman homecoming is so bad cuz I hate the start
Joshua Wrathall
Joshua Wrathall 21 kun oldin
Everything you mentioned though isn’t Tobey, it’s Rami... The direction & writing were what made the movies good in my opinion. I personally loved the movies, but Tobey wasn’t the greatest. I found him to be annoying as Spider-Man & Peter Parker.
Spider-Guy 21 kun oldin
Helper 1
Helper 1 22 kun oldin
I dunno loved the memes
Brayan  Chojolan
Brayan Chojolan 22 kun oldin
Nostalgic shit
Oliver Grant
Oliver Grant 22 kun oldin
Ha how much crack you guys been smoking, he's terrible. He didnt embodie any of the fun wises cracking up beat spirit that we all loved or the stressed troubled side of trying to juggle everything in his life. he's just a deppressed bumbling idiot whos just seems to like being deppressed not to mention his wise cracks are just so corney and cringy. Horrible horrible actor with absoulty no range, also shout out to kristen for being another horrible choice in this film looks like you'll catch something just buy standing near her.
Alex Touthang
Alex Touthang 23 kun oldin
He's the worst of the three...
Robert Savageau
Robert Savageau 17 kun oldin
Bullshit!, Andrew's the worst!
Robert Savageau
Robert Savageau 17 kun oldin
Bullshit!, Andrew's the worst!
Robert Savageau
Robert Savageau 17 kun oldin
Bullshit!, Andrew's the worst!
Mario Hugo
Mario Hugo 23 kun oldin
Robert Savageau
Robert Savageau 17 kun oldin
No he doesn't!
Ophelia Dusk
Ophelia Dusk 23 kun oldin
No, no he won't, to bet maguire spider-man sucked
Robert Savageau
Robert Savageau 17 kun oldin
ebenezer bartholomew
Yea tobey is always the spider man. Even if many other spidermans have come but can't compete with Tobey
Jesse Paiano
Jesse Paiano 23 kun oldin
I got a Spider-Man tattoo from the first movie that has Spidey hanging upside down with "my gift, my curse" above it.
Ibraham_ Luke
Ibraham_ Luke 24 kun oldin
everything u said is totally right and the tobey spiderman was the real spiderman but i like mile morales spiderman
Josh Barnes
Josh Barnes 24 kun oldin
Gross. Maguire is so off putting. Not just as Spider-man. As a human dude. Ugh
Robert Savageau
Robert Savageau 17 kun oldin
Why, just why?
Haiti LeBlanc
Haiti LeBlanc 24 kun oldin
Spider-Man 2 is one of the best movies period. Spider-Man 3 is not so good but the fight scene with Harry are epic
geraldine woods
geraldine woods 24 kun oldin
1:12 4:18 7:00 PIZZA TIME
geraldine woods
geraldine woods 24 kun oldin
Pizza time
Jester Lloyd Geoca
Jester Lloyd Geoca 24 kun oldin
Andrew garfield left the group
Rebel friend
Rebel friend 25 kun oldin
Tom holland is the perfect millennial Spider-Man. He has a giant safety net daddy but still complaining about what he has.
Tommy Marsiglia
Tommy Marsiglia 25 kun oldin
You can clearly see the Disney movie influence vs the real good movie, as happened with the latests Star Wars, unfortunately blockbusters like these don't have a great script behind it but everything is made to sell merchandise.
Lemonade King
Lemonade King 25 kun oldin
Toby McGuire really teaches me how it hard it is to be a superhero
Atomic Scarecrow
Atomic Scarecrow 26 kun oldin
There is no Best Spider-man. The best Spidey is the one who we believe to be the best. It's all about the opinion.
raghunandansharma13 26 kun oldin
Tobey Marguire is the best Spiderman of all time!!
SML/jeffy 26 kun oldin
I loved Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man then Andrew Garfield became my favorite then Tom Holland became Spider-Man at first I thought he was going to be horrible but I was wrong Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man he looks 15 like Spider-Man was in the original comics Tom will always be my favorite Spider-Man I don't care what anyone says
T SMACKS 26 kun oldin
It’s never been about nostalgia when it came to Tobey’s Spider-Man. His character was just done right. Period.
Roger Stevens
Roger Stevens 26 kun oldin
5:51 and theres why it would be Awesome to have a Cinematic Spider Men (Saint Stark and Young Spiderman)
Roger Stevens
Roger Stevens 26 kun oldin
Kind of a Saint Stark(all sees him like an asshole,but he is a real Hero and a Legend)
STR3LOK 26 kun oldin
bully maguire is the best spider-man
Infinity Loop
Infinity Loop 26 kun oldin
Tobey is the 2nd worst spiderman (Andrew is the worst)
steve gill
steve gill 26 kun oldin
So funny Kevin fiege couldn’t capture spider Essenes
steve gill
steve gill 26 kun oldin
Uk why I love spider man because he’s spider man 😂
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson 26 kun oldin
You got to lay off the weed!! He was the worst Spider-Man!! I hated him and Spider-Man!!
Robert Savageau
Robert Savageau 17 kun oldin
You need to respect other people's opinions and not be a dick!
Arman B
Arman B 27 kun oldin
Tony stark is my dick
Deniz Taner
Deniz Taner 24 kun oldin
Wtf xd
Anthem70 27 kun oldin
This video is ass
Anthem70 17 kun oldin
Robert Savageau Your standards are low and funny as shit
Anthem70 17 kun oldin
Robert Savageau Duh u fuckin retard.
Robert Savageau
Robert Savageau 17 kun oldin
Like you could do better!
b07rivera 27 kun oldin
Damnnn... I think you did Garfield wrong... he got screwed over the most from the Sony Executives and diehard Spider-Man fans alike.
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