Why Today Was Five Guys Worthy

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I promised myself I would NEVER step foot in Five Guys... unless something like this happened. Let me tell you all about Fargo North Dakota and my first Alex Clark Live show....
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First Nation Industry & Gaming
Sarah Brzykcy
Sarah Brzykcy 19 soat oldin
Joseph Nicholls
Joseph Nicholls 14 kun oldin
Fun4U 15 kun oldin
Congrats! 🎉
Mark Samuels
Mark Samuels 17 kun oldin
me to
Joseph Suarez
Joseph Suarez 29 kun oldin
Part 8
BADASSM1NER 3 soat oldin
please balance your audio better
Krptik Legend
Krptik Legend 4 soat oldin
Free marketing for five guys they should be happy
Savagebear 2406
Savagebear 2406 11 soat oldin
OHHH MYY GOODNESS I love 5 hurt burger and fries
Burhan Senih
Burhan Senih 14 soat oldin
Super Ryan14
Super Ryan14 14 soat oldin
Just because you can’t go to five guys doesn’t mean you can’t eat five guys food
Sarah Brzykcy
Sarah Brzykcy 19 soat oldin
airplanemode 19 soat oldin
I am eating five guys while I watch this..
Moon ._.
Moon ._. Kun oldin
My mom works there!!!!!!!!!!!
Hotdog Man
Hotdog Man Kun oldin
5 guy is bad
TheWolve'sDen Crafts, Gaming and Tutorials!
4:39 did he say the sh word?!?!?!?
King Namor 777
King Namor 777 2 kun oldin
Alex Clark is Legend wait for it Dairy❤~❤
King Namor 777
King Namor 777 2 kun oldin
I heard of five guys. Because I five best friend in the whole wide world.
Amber Martinez
Amber Martinez 2 kun oldin
Sophie Suleman
Sophie Suleman 2 kun oldin
Canada in Calgary because I would love to you ps we have five guys there milk shakes are amazing 🍔🍟🍔🍟🍔🍟😊😊😊😊🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 ty
jory Carey
jory Carey 2 kun oldin
you do too many face reveals
Blkea 2 kun oldin
“It’s a hamburger joint” Well then don’t put cheese on it boi
JuicyDragon Gaming
JuicyDragon Gaming 3 kun oldin
The free peanuts are my favorite
TNZ BROTHERS 3 kun oldin
Kaden D
Kaden D 3 kun oldin
As a North Dakotan I welcome you to ND even if the welcome is late :P great video.
SuperCamPlayzYT 3 kun oldin
4:39 Alex: Holy S***
Xx_TiM_MeTz_xX 4 kun oldin
Five guys is overated and overpriced imo.
Mack Savage
Mack Savage 4 kun oldin
Jess B
Jess B 5 kun oldin
Is the audio off for anyone else? I can't tell if its just me. Other videos sound normal...but this one, the narration is really quiet and the music and sound effects are super loud
Abby I
Abby I 5 kun oldin
Jesus man you need to balance the audio out!
Teodoro Nino
Teodoro Nino 5 kun oldin
I live next to a five guys burgers and fries
David Huinaccostanza
I know five guys
Brian Garrett
Brian Garrett 6 kun oldin
5 guys is probably only where u live where Eva that may b
brit. ann
brit. ann 6 kun oldin
You're just . . . like, one of the coolest people on UZvid. I only discovered your channel recently, but I'm hoookeded. 👌🏻💛🌼 I can't wait to watch your channel grow even more!
Viral Playz
Viral Playz 7 kun oldin
Pooooo Pacca
Stacey Moore
Stacey Moore 7 kun oldin
I love 5 guys 🙂
CluelessAnimations 7 kun oldin
People who have to travel 12+ hours are probably from Europe
JPTV 8 kun oldin
Do they sell chicken burgers 🐓 🍔
Hunt3433 !
Hunt3433 ! 8 kun oldin
does Alex really have a girl friend
Rajdip Sarker
Rajdip Sarker 9 kun oldin
I’m in the videoooooooooo
BNVG 9 kun oldin
Was that a Diablo in the scenematics
Barbslayer 10 kun oldin
Hold on I thought 5 guys was a secret Area 51 transportation system to Mars Edit: And 5 guys is always so small on the inside but big on the outside so I think the burgers secret ingredient that makes it soooo good is Mars dust
lizzy Daniels
lizzy Daniels 10 kun oldin
I like how you make everyone look so real in the animations
lizzy Daniels
lizzy Daniels 10 kun oldin
Do a truth or dare!
Jack'ed productions
Jack'ed productions 10 kun oldin
North Carolina please.
Joseph Wallace
Joseph Wallace 10 kun oldin
Fortnight lama
Vanessaxxx Gacha verse
What five guys why is five guys there idk sorry Not everyone is American I’m austarlian :)
Anny Annymations
Anny Annymations 11 kun oldin
Kristaps Sprūdžs
Kristaps Sprūdžs 11 kun oldin
for me this video is quietererer than normal (the ererer is a joke (for pc people(the parenthasese in the parantheseseis also a joke)(also (im not english so sorry for the mistakes)for pc people)))
ientereda name
ientereda name 12 kun oldin
what is 5 guys again? j/k
Gage Davis
Gage Davis 12 kun oldin
Five Guys is AWESOME!!!
Percy Mc
Percy Mc 12 kun oldin
This vid inspired me
Cloud - From The Squad - ROBLOX and More!
Lol it's funny how I'm watching this vid IN the airport
gaming kitten
gaming kitten 13 kun oldin
Fiv guys
Gabecraft64 gaming
Gabecraft64 gaming 15 kun oldin
You’re gonna have to have five guys cater you’re wedding and funeral. So one more time
LDProductions 15 kun oldin
Dang I work at five guys but I obviously wasn’t in this video cause I live in the dead of nowhere
LDProductions 14 kun oldin
itsAlexClark Even though you didn’t come to my location the next best thing happened, you responded to my comment!!!
itsAlexClark 15 kun oldin
That’s where this was. Lol
xIsaiah02x X
xIsaiah02x X 15 kun oldin
I have a five guys not to far from my house in my city
Fun4U 15 kun oldin
Wait I still don’t get it. What’s 5 guys?
Lily Melvin
Lily Melvin 15 kun oldin
I've seen a Five Guys before but, my parents won't let me go
Danny Brown
Danny Brown 15 kun oldin
Five guys!
Jayvyn Sheppard
Jayvyn Sheppard 16 kun oldin
Luv you bro!!😀😃😄
Judy Shimada
Judy Shimada 16 kun oldin
Sooooo what is five guys again I wasn’t listening
Wong Kobe
Wong Kobe 16 kun oldin
I’ve never had Five Guys And yes.. *I’m American*
Grape Jelly Films
Grape Jelly Films 16 kun oldin
5 Guys Doesn’t Exist Anymore
nisa rojas
nisa rojas 16 kun oldin
Lol he called those who were unaware of Five Guys dummies😂
Cat Dot
Cat Dot 17 kun oldin
That walmart looks like the one I go to 2:06 it's the subway
Oli-Bear.moose! Yay moose
What is five guys?
Braiden Quinones productions
Texas plz
Kitty Clover
Kitty Clover 18 kun oldin
Come to Illinois
kira chanYT
kira chanYT 19 kun oldin
Five guys = heaven
N 19 kun oldin
You can only go to five guys with five guys you go as many times that you want
Loganatorexit 19 kun oldin
Uncultured swines
Justin Vickers
Justin Vickers 19 kun oldin
You should come to northern California!
Cameron Simms
Cameron Simms 19 kun oldin
Plz come to London in England
RAWLILY Gaming 19 kun oldin
This is so funny a guy is wearing the Odd 1s out Merch and he’s at an Alex Clark tour XD
Aamin Gill
Aamin Gill 19 kun oldin
i appritiate your work man
PacificThunder 20 kun oldin
Very nice selection of music :P (love the Electro Swing)
Dean Friedel
Dean Friedel 20 kun oldin
Your freaking amazing go to pittsb burgh
Itsjack G
Itsjack G 20 kun oldin
alex clark looks like mr beast
Fire ball
Fire ball 21 kun oldin
In n out is better
deathball0123 rage
deathball0123 rage 21 kun oldin
Did you like what I gave you Alex I am Quinn remember
IndianaMcMahon 31
IndianaMcMahon 31 21 kun oldin
I saw Sam perform in Colorado
StarDie4Ever 22 kun oldin
Im ur sub number 12
Dave the Duck
Dave the Duck 22 kun oldin
What is six guys
Team Sloth
Team Sloth 22 kun oldin
Ive never heard about 5 guys?
CCkoolTube 22 kun oldin
There's a little more than 5 guys in 5 Gus xd
Crystalwolf _YT
Crystalwolf _YT 22 kun oldin
I just went to five guys yesterday
Turkey Man
Turkey Man 22 kun oldin
you just casually raid five guys
Datntlover / HussDTL
I want u to have a show at Detroit Michigan because I live there
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia 23 kun oldin
What who dosent know what five guys is
William Eaton
William Eaton 23 kun oldin
who is 5 guys
Shockwave0811 24 kun oldin
What’s five guys??
Unicorns N Stuff
Unicorns N Stuff 24 kun oldin
I looooooooooove five guys
xplere 24 kun oldin
The five guys with pies tell more :D
some guy on youtube
some guy on youtube 24 kun oldin
Everyone asks what is five guys *But nobody asks how is five guys*
AloxGaming 25 kun oldin
Holy crap, your videos are so good but your audio is absolutely terrible, find a sound designer lol, I almost go deaf listening to your videos because of the inconsistency in audio volumes. I'm being serious, and I really hope you start taking note of the audio volume because I've watched almost all your videos but always go near deaf every time lol; PLEASE, FIX, AUDIO LEVELSss
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar 25 kun oldin
The only criticism I have about this video is: The volume levels vary too much. One second you're talking normally, then you're yelling from my speakers.
Hunter P Mazon
Hunter P Mazon 25 kun oldin
You guys don’t know what 5 guys is
RainbowAnimeCupcake 25 kun oldin
Your audio editing is pretty terrible, the volume goes up and down like crazy
lena c
lena c 25 kun oldin
WowPower Anims
WowPower Anims 25 kun oldin
Give fuys furgers and bries
Justin Flame
Justin Flame 25 kun oldin
Please come to VA in your world tour
KaiTTP 25 kun oldin
I know what 5 guys is
Jeremy Simpson
Jeremy Simpson 26 kun oldin
4:39 is he swearing lol
the gaming dragon
the gaming dragon 26 kun oldin
Whats a hamburger
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2 oy oldin
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7 oy oldin
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