Why Today Was Five Guys Worthy

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I promised myself I would NEVER step foot in Five Guys... unless something like this happened. Let me tell you all about Fargo North Dakota and my first Alex Clark Live show....
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Sneaky Mytsics
Sneaky Mytsics 4 oy oldin
Samantha Lewis
Samantha Lewis 6 soat oldin
yes yes you are lol
I'm a Gryffindor. Also a dragon rider.
Wait that's you???!!!
Choir Fandom Cooking Rants and Random Channel
+It's Alex Clark Im broke come to south texas please :)
Estella Hagin
Estella Hagin Oy oldin
good job
Sarah Brzykcy
Sarah Brzykcy Oy oldin
Jack Tarpley
Jack Tarpley 7 soat oldin
No girls are allowed in five guys
Jul L.
Jul L. Kun oldin
This is awesome! I wish I could come! :P (Also, there was a guy with TheOdd1sOut T-shirt and one wearing the same pokemon T-shirt that James has... I just noticed that.)
DiamondSword gaming
I love 5 guys
Hunter Wilson
Hunter Wilson 2 kun oldin
five guys is the best even though i haven't been
Boomboxbilly Kun oldin
You should only ever go five times
ROCHELLE and ELLIE 2 kun oldin
His voice is like perfect for cartoons
SleepyPanda :]
SleepyPanda :] 3 kun oldin
How do you not know what 5 guys is?
I'm a Gryffindor. Also a dragon rider.
I have never been to Five Guys, so. What is five guys?
Zoey Da best
Zoey Da best 3 kun oldin
I love five guys bc it's the only place I can get a burger with only bacon and pickles
Abdoulie Ndaw
Abdoulie Ndaw 4 kun oldin
I wish I was there too
Charles Anderson
Charles Anderson 4 kun oldin
No no you when you get your next a million subscribers you should do an ASMR in Five Guys even though I hate it
LiamPlayZ - Games
LiamPlayZ - Games 4 kun oldin
Isaac Damico
Isaac Damico 8 kun oldin
1 word to describe the show: Everybody else: great! Me: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! PS i wasn't actually there :C
Haaris Ali
Haaris Ali 8 kun oldin
ONG I saw my self in the vid
Cristian Montiel
Cristian Montiel 9 kun oldin
0:57 Thats A Cheese Burger Ya dummie lol
jackson zheng
jackson zheng 10 kun oldin
What is fry guy
Mahin Hoque
Mahin Hoque 11 kun oldin
Hey I should be in the video
pixel gun 3D player
pixel gun 3D player 11 kun oldin
Quinn is really nice boy 🖒🖒
Meme Machine121
Meme Machine121 14 kun oldin
Five guys is so good
angela barth
angela barth 15 kun oldin
with five guys when i get the little burger it's like 2 thirds of a bigmac and the medium fry is like a paper bad full
chaotixninja5 17 kun oldin
Man, I haven't had Five Guys in months. The food is pretty awesome (minus the Caucasian fries. not a fan of that). Sadly, I haven't been able to go back since it's so expensive.
Sunny D
Sunny D 17 kun oldin
I love five guys
Spinning Panda
Spinning Panda 18 kun oldin
O jeez your insane for five guys... QUESTION TO FIVE GUYS: DID YOU SPONSOR THIS VIDEO
Beatoodle 19 kun oldin
Five Guys is a tradition for me, my Brother, my Dad, and whoever is with us on the road trip to stop by on the way back from NJ to VA. c:
star animator
star animator 19 kun oldin
I knew what five guys was
Sebastian Chiong
Sebastian Chiong 19 kun oldin
Zithers one guy whereing the odd1sout shirt
Sebastian Chiong
Sebastian Chiong 19 kun oldin
I meant to say the one guy wearing the odd1sout shirt
Awesome Sauceume
Awesome Sauceume 19 kun oldin
I flipping love five guys I’m more of a hotdog person and their hotdogs are the best
Alejandro Borque
Alejandro Borque 21 kun oldin
There's a five guys near my house.
CJET007 PS4 21 kun oldin
Five guys burgers and fries?
Yis Pinto
Yis Pinto 21 kun oldin
*GingerPail isn't Green*
Valdis Stocking
Valdis Stocking 22 kun oldin
I knew what 5 guy is. I live it. It’s my favorite
Bella Grace
Bella Grace 22 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure I’ve never been to 5 guys I’ve been to Red Robin’s smash burger chili’s Freddy’s basically every freaking burger joint (as a vegetarian so I haven’t tried like any of their hamburgers) but not five guys
Arland Smith
Arland Smith 22 kun oldin
Yaaaayy Alex!!
Amanda Villezcas
Amanda Villezcas 22 kun oldin
ISD Thailand tv
ISD Thailand tv 22 kun oldin
Daniel Wagner
Daniel Wagner 23 kun oldin
Come to Colorado
The MLG Quinndin
The MLG Quinndin 25 kun oldin
I’m Quinn! But the Quinn in the video is a different Quinn.
his name would be DAVE
So you are saying 5 guys isnt your mums house
Kim Mj Mangos
Kim Mj Mangos 26 kun oldin
What is 5 guys XD
Kimberly Kimmy
Five guys is a restaurant there now you now all they sell is hamburgers I go there like all the time
Helé Erasmus
Helé Erasmus Oy oldin
Zorgo duivuise 5:26
Tigist Chka
Tigist Chka Oy oldin
I live in Canada and we only have McDonald KFC agw
The fantastic 4
Hi alex
Cupcake Lps
Cupcake Lps Oy oldin
Five guys is A Diner
turkey 22
turkey 22 Oy oldin
I've been to Five Guys before about. 8 months ago
Craig Grando
Craig Grando Oy oldin
duh five guys is the best!
Jarek Rudy
Jarek Rudy Oy oldin
what is five guys
Ashley Adams
Ashley Adams Oy oldin
So what is five guys?
The sad parts of life Iife
I love five guys 😻🤗🍔🍔🍔🍔🥤🥤🥤
Cirilo Jr Sanchez
4:40 Alex cussed he said sh*t
Delaney Drottar
You only go 5 times in your life?
Jacob Utke
Jacob Utke Oy oldin
5 guys is good
Zamantha Tello
Zorgo diffuse 3:28
Zamantha Tello
Zorgo diffuse 3:28
Zamantha Tello
Zorgo diffuse 3:27
Zamantha Tello
Zorgo diffuse 3:27
Tracy Sault
Tracy Sault Oy oldin
I'm so happy for you! Keep up the good work.
Bepis Shibe’s Entertainment
I don’t like 5 guys.
The RandomPie
The RandomPie Oy oldin
Crying of happiness
It's Alex Clark
yay! - hopefully I'll see u at a show :)
Mia Holly
Mia Holly Oy oldin
Did you know that five guys was actually invented by 4 guys
Valrhi YT
Valrhi YT Oy oldin
I hate 🍔 (hamburgers) and I just can't but I sound like a vegan or something but I just don't like eating them
Tracee Morton Gough
Is that was in the background
Jose Castillo
Jose Castillo Oy oldin
What is 5 gyus
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Oy oldin
Why cant it be five Mexicans that got deported Pls pin Imexican but have a visa
Zoe Loves puppys
do you know the odd ones out
Kim Macdonald
Kim Macdonald Oy oldin
Five guys is happy because of the business.
Panda Friend
Panda Friend Oy oldin
Five Guys is my babe!!! 🍔💟🐼
Why are you sleeping with your girlfriend tho?
What’s...five guys Jkkk
Nickster/Kevin Gomez
He said shit=#$?#
Jay and Pae
Jay and Pae Oy oldin
Allison Scoville
6:07 Odd1sOut shirt
Karatee 44
Karatee 44 Oy oldin
Was that vegan bacon?
FaZefiresword101 AWESOMENESS
people don't know what five guys is!!! ps. I love five guys
Blitz Boy Games
Alex you've earned a cooking show y
Kaitlyn Oy oldin
I want 5 guys now
Tyler BUNCE Oy oldin
At about the last minute there was a guy waring the odd1sout isnt that alexs enemy
Ventner Oy oldin
I feel sorry for you
Gaming With Cam
Why is five guys, not my comment
Thatonedeepseaguy Films
Holy 🤬 4:03
Maximum565 Oy oldin
Iikelsieii Oy oldin
Guy fives fugergs ad bries
lulu haki
lulu haki Oy oldin
Rockstar555 Oy oldin
I wish I could go
I haven’t tasted five guys
Emmett Ashton
Emmett Ashton Oy oldin
You should come to Virginia!
Teach me.... the master ways...
Emily Beatriz
Emily Beatriz Oy oldin
didn’t used to have five guys in ga but they finally brought it here been wanting to go there I used to live in Cali but never ate it while I lived there
Estella Hagin
Estella Hagin Oy oldin
but i love five guys
Angelica Guzman
Angelica Guzman
um I'm not making fun of its that he said a lot of fans
Qlbbl Oy oldin
LOL My name is Quinn too!
Bomber YT
Bomber YT Oy oldin
Im sas i couldn't go😭😭
Aubsdamobs Oy oldin
I love it
Aubsdamobs Oy oldin
Oh my god he wears an odd ones out shirt
Niamh Harris
Niamh Harris Oy oldin
GenuineAlpaca77 __
The llama is under the play button!
Lil Pumpshotgun
What is five guys?
William Lim
William Lim Oy oldin
Who seriously drove 18 hours just for a show?
Lemon Boi
4 oy oldin
Reading Fables
3 yil oldin