WideNeck & LongNeck: Everything Wrong with the Internet

Kurtis Conner
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In this video, we take a close look at Charles McDowell AKA Wide Neck (@damnwideneck). His mugshot went viral a few months ago, and what transpired afterwards is very strange. From fighting Long Neck to collaborating with SupremePatty and Kushpapi, this whole thing gets really weird.
I hope you enjoy the various sizes of necks!
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11-Yan, 2019

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Pickled Onion
Pickled Onion 6 kun oldin
You paid $40 for a video shoutout from wideneck and he didn’t even show his neck
Peachy Milkeu
Peachy Milkeu Kun oldin
Chippy Chompy
Chippy Chompy 2 kun oldin
Why is long neck so skinny?
Animagus 3 kun oldin
That costs necks-tra.. Look I'm not happy about it either.
Sophie Tripp
Sophie Tripp 3 kun oldin
Arya Teske
Arya Teske 2 daqiqa oldin
I just got an ad begging me to impeach trump. Thought you should know.
sinhalite 23 daqiqa oldin
the clip with noel was gold
J R Soat oldin
That’s a necks level monopoly
Ivy L.
Ivy L. 2 soat oldin
At 0:33 i keep thinking about how he did this motion silently in real life before editing the video and adding music to it
anavi 2 soat oldin
you should make a video where your hair is slicked back so we can see your receding hair line
Bella Goodyear
Bella Goodyear 3 soat oldin
Aye Escambia is my county!! Well technically right next to mine
Super Waffle
Super Waffle 3 soat oldin
An angry normie doesn’t like memes
iceturtle 1025
iceturtle 1025 4 soat oldin
Bruh I seen you before
lnvincible CC
lnvincible CC 4 soat oldin
who remembers when he first added the extra greeting
lnvincible CC
lnvincible CC 4 soat oldin
holy shit you have so many subscribers now
s o f t a n d n e a t
get l i t t y like a t i t t y
BelloVita 5 soat oldin
Why am I so ddisgusted😂😂😂
Felix Bach
Felix Bach 6 soat oldin
Kurtis, you videos never failed to make me laugh and I'd lie if i said I wouldn't jack you off. love ya #normalneckgang
Carina Leon
Carina Leon 7 soat oldin
They're really milking this ~aye~
Sophie Grieve-Williams
This is some necks level comedy content.
Allout Inferno
Allout Inferno 9 soat oldin
I think you meant INTERNECK
Zoe Coyde
Zoe Coyde 9 soat oldin
thank you, neckxt
Guy Manson
Guy Manson 11 soat oldin
Have people not heard of Corey Taylor or George Fisher?
Riley Spurlock
Riley Spurlock 12 soat oldin
Not sure if it was because of the mouth sore or the zoey 101 joke, but I laughed and subscribed
Jass 1738
Jass 1738 14 soat oldin
Thank you very much for this video, the "media" needs to learn...
Kimberly Lozano
Kimberly Lozano 15 soat oldin
@10:20 is how I looked this entire video...bored af(except for the commentary). Why in the world would they get internet fame with ZERO talent? Its as bad as "cashmeoutside girl". This is why the old generation think so low of us. They See these talentless idiots all over the place. Its disappointing....
Koiji 17 soat oldin
*N E C C*
MaXX KiDD 18 soat oldin
Wait why tf wasn’t I subscribed. I thought I was 😭
Jordan 18 soat oldin
I’m pretty new to this channel...and I like the videos but also The Canadian accent is strong with this one ❤️
VioletLeek 19 soat oldin
Kurtis lowkey sounds like kuzco
nunya fukofff
nunya fukofff 19 soat oldin
Yeah look at these guys using their unfortunate situations and making something out of themselves with it. THEY MUST BE STOPPED. STOP MAKING THESE PEOPLE FAMOUS OMG WHATS WRONG WITH THE INTERNET. Shut your retarded ass up man. Im proud as fuck of these guys for using their situations to their advantage. If they didnt become famous and start making money from it they'd just be random blokes that get made fun of on the internet and thats fucked. Why shouldnt they use it to their advantage?
Luke Valovcin
Luke Valovcin 20 soat oldin
Hey you should do a video where you like watch car ads and roast them cause ya know there weird and might I say “cRiNGe WorThY” anyway it might be funny so ya you should do that 👍🏼
C 20 soat oldin
A guy named Adam giving gus an apple cause Adam apple
Yuli Sye
Yuli Sye 21 soat oldin
I subscribed for an extra greeting
wolvesteeeth 21 soat oldin
I find your voice very soothing
Elizabeth Yow
Elizabeth Yow 22 soat oldin
Also, speaking of the videos being boring I feel so awkward watching them like I feel awkward for them like you mentioned they don’t wanna be there...
Elizabeth Yow
Elizabeth Yow 22 soat oldin
I choked on my food when you did the Pokémon comparison 😂😂
just desserts
just desserts 23 soat oldin
thank u, necks
Will Porter
Will Porter 23 soat oldin
Best protect ya neck
Ryder Sixx
Ryder Sixx 23 soat oldin
Why tf is long neck so fucking skinny
E H 23 soat oldin
Why does it look like you have a hole in your neck.....O.O
Abril Kun oldin
wow I have a serious crush on you
evelinanest Kun oldin
I appreciate your appreciation for cody and noel please and thanks
Lison Tunick
Lison Tunick Kun oldin
The editing makes my life
Bubba_the _pig
Bubba_the _pig Kun oldin
Why did it take me a whole minute to realize the vine reference. I HATE MYSELF
Elliot A
Elliot A Kun oldin
the christian mingle screencap has me reeling
niara Kun oldin
kurtis there r so many ads on this video 😤 better be getting that money
Zoie Kun oldin
Hailey L
Hailey L Kun oldin
3:16 - you say that the neck dudes can manage themselves but let's be honest. Their agent is a genius. He's the brains (and the stupid) behind all of their content. It isn't about making GOOD content, it's about making money. Which clearly he is successful in doing. If the neck dudes just wanna make money, using an agent is the best thing. I don't think either of them would have come up with such idiotic content - they need an agent to say "I know this looks stupid but trust me it will get views and money."
Ra Lu
Ra Lu Kun oldin
I love all ur vids but gotta disagree with u on this one, the neck stuff is kind of funny and yeah it’s like “why” but it’s one of those things that just kind of is for no reason and I think the amount of fame he got for it is like.. fine lol like compared to bad babie who really SHOULDNT be famous
JohnnyBerchtold Kun oldin
Honestly all this talk about necks makes me want to pop open incognito and google giraffes
Kiel yourseilf
Kiel yourseilf Kun oldin
Kurtis pleaseeee make a video with Drew Gooden
Jordan Howell
Jordan Howell Kun oldin
Bro that Christian mingle plug
Lady Indulgence
Lady Indulgence Kun oldin
Girlie I saw Noel and I knew EXACTLY what video it was from. God fucking bless Kurtis 👌😭💯👐
candyslice Kun oldin
It might just be because im high but the shadow on your Adam’s apple makes it look like a hole in your neck???
2IK Kun oldin
soundcloud.com/lilzapsmd lol
Penny baby
Penny baby Kun oldin
*Ew man*
Peridot Ok
Peridot Ok Kun oldin
10:34 bro they burnt your brain cells
Where the fuck is no-neck
Peridot Ok
Peridot Ok Kun oldin
7:16 ugh *damn* *it*
Cassidy Shoop
Cassidy Shoop Kun oldin
i scream laughed when you said "thank god" and showed the picture of gretchen weiners and her christian mingle lover
Zoes Out
Zoes Out Kun oldin
cody, noel, ryan and kurtis need to collab rn please!!
Natalia Kurowska
Kurtis should team up with h3h3, that'd be ultimate collab
JE M Kun oldin
That long neck guys looks so skinny. Is he ill?
Melissa Mussetter
oral gel mouth wash for mouth sores with help your mouth bro!
Kyle Grimes
Kyle Grimes Kun oldin
What's wrong is unfunny youtubers having 667k subs
Giselle Solano
Giselle Solano Kun oldin
13:43 😂😂😂😂
Riqueury Alejandro
And u are?
rainy_jones Kun oldin
This is the kind of content I live for.
Adam Gray
Adam Gray Kun oldin
When one of your fave youtubers promotes your other favorite youtubers 👌 also 666k subscribers
light blue chameleon
You surprised me with that nic level, nearly died
No name
No name Kun oldin
His N E C K level is over 9000 !
Lorryan Doubleday
This video is lame. Thank you, necks!
rina Kun oldin
his neck level is over 9000!
OkEva Kun oldin
Unrelated but You look super hot backwards ❤️😂
Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice Kun oldin
the long neck guy looks scary
OkEva Kun oldin
How does your eye color seem blue and brown at the same time lol
Manu Sangiorgio
Manu Sangiorgio Kun oldin
Their manager updated century circus freaks to the 21st century
ir3n3 3xtra
ir3n3 3xtra Kun oldin
Mya Kun oldin
He has 666k subscribers kurtis is confirmed satan 😱😱😱😈😈👹👹
NamNumsDaBoi Kun oldin
666k subs on this video. i cant help but feel its cursed
Jay E
Jay E Kun oldin
The massage video is fuckin scaryyyyy😂😂
sophie 11564
sophie 11564 Kun oldin
i love that he has 666k subscribers at the moment
Ivanne Aguilar
Ivanne Aguilar Kun oldin
Ok but why is nobody talking about how thin long neck is. I am scared.
Stefanie Chocolate
I almost chocked on my piece of gum watching these
marissa Kun oldin
danny , drew , kurtis , noel , cody do a video together in 2019 . planting the seed
Peachy Milkeu
Peachy Milkeu Kun oldin
uwu karen took the kids
Aziza Aaliyah
Aziza Aaliyah Kun oldin
Someone should make a compilation of Kurtis saying “Dude”
Rahela Shikorina
Please make more videos exposing Kings of Cringe
Ashley Lauren
Ashley Lauren Kun oldin
Long neck is a streak of piss
Raychell Kun oldin
Sad that this is the most popular thing in Escambia County. Love this for society
Ariel Perez
Ariel Perez Kun oldin
Cannot miss out on that second greeting anymore
mary gonzalez
mary gonzalez Kun oldin
Love me some extra greetings :’)
Introvert [That’s Why I’m Watching Youtube]
I love you’re Shane Dawson references.
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix Kun oldin
Hey, fuck you.
cherriichapstic 2 kun oldin
kurtis flexing on us with the airpods
Arthur Burille
Arthur Burille 2 kun oldin
Kurtis reminds me of Steve Buscemi
Its Amira
Its Amira 2 kun oldin
are u canadian
Silver Anna
Silver Anna 2 kun oldin
Than u, neck
Ryan Leatigaga
Ryan Leatigaga 2 kun oldin
The only one who should be admired for his neck is Corey Taylor
Silver Anna
Silver Anna 2 kun oldin
Tal fishmen has a long neck get him more followers
gabeskee210 2 kun oldin
You forgot about Noneck!
zoe calsyn
zoe calsyn 2 kun oldin
dad will you and your average neck watch my videos thanks ily
Pranks with Bae
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Yil oldin
7 kun oldin