WideNeck & LongNeck: Everything Wrong with the Internet

Kurtis Conner
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In this video, we take a close look at Charles McDowell AKA Wide Neck (@damnwideneck). His mugshot went viral a few months ago, and what transpired afterwards is very strange. From fighting Long Neck to collaborating with SupremePatty and Kushpapi, this whole thing gets really weird.
I hope you enjoy the various sizes of necks!
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11-Yan, 2019



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Pickled Onion
Pickled Onion 2 oy oldin
You paid $40 for a video shoutout from wideneck and he didn’t even show his neck
Saraswati Kulikowski
Steve Buscemi / Johnny Depp/ Evan Peters....
So Tired
So Tired 20 kun oldin
Anna Maria Hallberg dos Santos
I’ve watched like 3 of your videos, andddd, you deserve another subscriber. So *click* Nice man
Bennett Frazier
Bennett Frazier 4 soat oldin
Long neck's neck wouldn't even be that long if he wasn't so fricking skinny. Like, I can see his ribs. Dat's not gud.
Ryien Carroll
Ryien Carroll 4 soat oldin
My two sleep paralysis demons
Black Lamb
Black Lamb 5 soat oldin
Kill. IT .with. FIRE.
Monsieur Hinterdacht
Monsieur Hinterdacht 11 soat oldin
You're literally my new favourite youtuber
Devin Culver
Devin Culver 13 soat oldin
don’t you mean everything wrong with the “interneck”?
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear 14 soat oldin
broke you cant afford the wires
Blueblueberry 16 soat oldin
DUDE I HAVE A CANKER SORE I FREAKING HATE THEM every time one heals I get another one
Jordan Walker
Jordan Walker 16 soat oldin
Long neck has a,ways been so funny to me because his content is so terrifying, cringy and laughable 😂 also his voice. Guys go on Instagram and find his “tuna box” videos
Hannah DePover
Hannah DePover 18 soat oldin
Bryn Jackson
Bryn Jackson 19 soat oldin
Does Longneck have some kind of disorder? =/ Not trying to offend or anything, but like... He's so tiny and skinny, with that longass neck and odd body proportions.
Bryn Jackson
Bryn Jackson 19 soat oldin
The 'all necks matter' then them on the playground bit was legitimately pretty funny. At least, out of context and as presented here it was pretty damn funny. The rest is just cheap cringe lol
Hugo's creatures
Grow a beard o.o
erika -
erika - Kun oldin
thicc necc
HI H Kun oldin
He looks like he has a hole in his neck in here
Jonali Sorensen
Jonali Sorensen Kun oldin
It really is like the circus culture of the modern age.
Imogen-mahni Hayward
He can’t hear us he’s got AirPods in!
Ayano Itami
Ayano Itami Kun oldin
Who are you? Why yutub always recommend you to me?? Confused
Emma Nissen
Emma Nissen 2 kun oldin
U should be normal neck and get famous off of that
flowey the flower
flowey the flower 2 kun oldin
For real tho the extra greeting is so wholesome and cute i love it
Jirfin 2 kun oldin
Jazzmyne Cansler
Jazzmyne Cansler 2 kun oldin
where do you get your t-shirts from? cos I most definitely want every shirt you wear in your videos dude
Krizzy Boom
Krizzy Boom 3 kun oldin
All the ladies are like butterflies because they love my neck-tar. I hate myself.
sofia novak
sofia novak 4 kun oldin
the word "neck" as lost any kind of meaning to me by the end of this video
Townsend Amick
Townsend Amick 4 kun oldin
you really could have told him to get a “Necksus” instead of a “lexus” for his car. missed opportunity. badum chh🥁
Jess Plenty
Jess Plenty 4 kun oldin
I literally love you wtf
Caitlin Garry
Caitlin Garry 4 kun oldin
I'm genuinely upset that Kurtis thinks his videos aren't that good. He makes such great content. I love him and his channel
Caitlin Garry
Caitlin Garry 4 kun oldin
Use this as a Kurtis is the best youtuber button
jinmin is real
jinmin is real 4 kun oldin
Why is Long Neck so skinny? Is he okay? I don't think that's healthy.
Gabby Barber
Gabby Barber 3 kun oldin
He has a rare physical illness
sub 2 PewDiePie
sub 2 PewDiePie 5 kun oldin
Supreme Patty is comedy Jesus
Crash Lee
Crash Lee 5 kun oldin
🤢🤮 that longneck "lick the neck" part honestly almost made threw up.
Daniel DeChurch
Daniel DeChurch 5 kun oldin
Damn long neck = 2.1!
Daniel DeChurch
Daniel DeChurch 5 kun oldin
1.2 million followers
DeadMemeLandia 5 kun oldin
Imagine you playing this in your room really loud and then when they were getting their necks rubbed and your mom gets home.
Sairaa Ahmedd
Sairaa Ahmedd 5 kun oldin
Danny Drew Cody Ko Noel Kurtis Jarvis Ryan.... do a MEGA collab
bobert beetle
bobert beetle 5 kun oldin
Had to like just cause the extra greeting
Ausra Ko
Ausra Ko 6 kun oldin
It s not some new phenomenon. Traveling freak shows used to be huge
Elisabeth Asbaek
Elisabeth Asbaek 6 kun oldin
I can't believe you made me watch that video of them getting a neck massage shoulder to shoulder. my poor, poor eyes.
Kamryn Meares
Kamryn Meares 6 kun oldin
Wow I’ve never seen a giraffe in action
It’s Me Mechele
It’s Me Mechele 6 kun oldin
I got scared I thought you weren’t finna say folks 😂
christianadaexx 8 kun oldin
i fell in love at 4:45 😂
Katie Lindsay
Katie Lindsay 8 kun oldin
Thank u necks
Nekan11 9 kun oldin
that bobby reference was golden
jimmy rietveldt
jimmy rietveldt 9 kun oldin
didn't know Jesse Klaver had a youtube channel
Alizza Pasucal
Alizza Pasucal 9 kun oldin
Folks *CLAP*
cronical246 9 kun oldin
One piece neck vs Persona 3 neck
Timzy 9 kun oldin
u spelled it wrong your spelling : neck the actual spelling : necc
Ivebeeenthinkntomuch YT
I love kurtis low key flexing on us with his air pods at the end of every video
Kristy Spy
Kristy Spy 9 kun oldin
how many instagram accounts do you have by now?
Ricki-Sue King
Ricki-Sue King 9 kun oldin
What is that ooh from (at the start)
sowhatandisaidhi 22
Me: :( Kurtis: 💕💗extra greeting💘💞💕 Me: :)
Mx. IrD
Mx. IrD 9 kun oldin
Damn Kurtis is wearing his fucking AirPods, we don’t speak broke on this channel
murdered by malice
murdered by malice 10 kun oldin
i mean we live in a society so there are people in the world
Daniel Spicher
Daniel Spicher 10 kun oldin
Yaaaaay my greetings!
Bigby Wolfe
Bigby Wolfe 10 kun oldin
I will not tell you that you look like John Mayer.
Eleanor Bradley
Eleanor Bradley 10 kun oldin
Getting people famous for this shit is just Victorian freak show 2
Cranston Cranston
Cranston Cranston 10 kun oldin
I got a 40 second unskippable ad in the middle of this video...
aquamarine ancient soul
Im sorry u had to watch that. Honestly.
aquamarine ancient soul
Isntagram is pretty awful.
aquamarine ancient soul
Most of the time.
Jesus Alfaro-Garcia
Jesus Alfaro-Garcia 10 kun oldin
You thick af my dude
Tradescantia 11 kun oldin
wait like.. what are necks/?
Diabolical Butler
Diabolical Butler 11 kun oldin
i wanna suck this dudes cock. i bet its huge
vrapcka 11 kun oldin
WideNeck LongNeck everything wrong with the InterNeck
Nick Flicks
Nick Flicks 11 kun oldin
I got a long neck, give me attention
Jawz 11 kun oldin
spit out my water on the wide you follow him part
Ayvya 11 kun oldin
I'm very prone to those canker sores & turns out (at least for me) its due to the frothing agent used in toothpastes. Try looking for something without sodium Laurel sulfate
Lian D
Lian D 12 kun oldin
aw dang! necks time, I'll be early. #sadneck
tittynope 12 kun oldin
zoey 101 reference honestly kind of made my day i'm leaving b ye
tittynope 11 kun oldin
+kaloncpu57 to be honest
kaloncpu57 11 kun oldin
It was s u p r e m e
Henry Biesnazzle
Henry Biesnazzle 12 kun oldin
trachea oh my god
What The Heck
What The Heck 13 kun oldin
Wideneck was like a meme that lasted for a hour- not even- 30 minutes. Idefk where longneck came from.
Taylor E
Taylor E 14 kun oldin
that’s a neck 👌🏽
tessa grace
tessa grace 15 kun oldin
yike im from escambia county
Shazza H
Shazza H 15 kun oldin
Thought I’d end up with Shaun but he didn’t have a long neck
Malachityee Jl
Malachityee Jl 15 kun oldin
*acidic coffee*
Jo Jonas
Jo Jonas 15 kun oldin
Ella Goldstein
Ella Goldstein 15 kun oldin
LongNeck is the demon that moans in my sleep paralysis
Karma Sarni
Karma Sarni 15 kun oldin
i'm so scared to like this video... it has 69k likes...
dad jokes
dad jokes 15 kun oldin
thank u, neckst
Simon MacLean
Simon MacLean 16 kun oldin
It IS! It IS nice to see me again!
Loren Garms
Loren Garms 16 kun oldin
I feel gross
Kyle Sorrell
Kyle Sorrell 16 kun oldin
drew Gooden I love your new channel
Awesome Pug
Awesome Pug 16 kun oldin
get littie like a tittie is now my catchphrase and ringtone
Morgan heyyy
Morgan heyyy 17 kun oldin
Imagine if they actually fought like giraffes ( they're necks ) 😂😂😂
Morgan heyyy
Morgan heyyy 17 kun oldin
Is that whip cream...saurkraut.... Mayo...WHAT IS IT?!?!
CoffeeCookie 17 kun oldin
8:45 Kurtis can’t hear us, he’s wearing air pods!
Saffiya Raili
Saffiya Raili 17 kun oldin
0:33 just started my day
Sydney Warmbein
Sydney Warmbein 17 kun oldin
Looovvveeeeeeee every moment of all your videos dad
Twigpalm -
Twigpalm - 17 kun oldin
You're just the grey area between wideneck and longneck
Julia Oriani
Julia Oriani 17 kun oldin
moon indie
moon indie 17 kun oldin
I've followed daddylongneck since 2k followers. I told my friend about him and she thinks we're dating. Like actually.
Emma Miller
Emma Miller 17 kun oldin
0:32 hey kurtis what’s it like being the funniest person alive
apple green
apple green 17 kun oldin
anybody see that bug fly on the left side of kushpapi's face jsjsjs at like 10:11
Corrupt Pastels
Corrupt Pastels 17 kun oldin
Kurtis, and i can't stress this enough, *PLEASE* do a collab with Cody, Noel, Danny and Drew
Janna Dee
Janna Dee Kun oldin
Valentina Castilho
Valentina Castilho 3 kun oldin
Corrupt Pastels THANK U
w i l l a
w i l l a 17 kun oldin
Omg your so close to 1 million 😱
DELTΛ Fusion
DELTΛ Fusion 17 kun oldin
Okay the number one okay the okay of th okay is not the okay so okay the okay okay
maggie :3
maggie :3 17 kun oldin
Long neck looks anorexic, I'm concerned that he's going to fucking die.
mckenna white
mckenna white 18 kun oldin
for anyone who didn’t know... he got caught in pensacola. that’s in florida. is anyone shocked?
Psydraulics 18 kun oldin
The interneck
Clockwork T.V
Clockwork T.V 18 kun oldin
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