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Wild Baby Animal Rescues That Will Make You Smile Compilation | December 4th marks Wildlife Conservation Day! To honor this very special and important holiday, we have pulled together some of our favorite baby wildlife rescue videos. For more information on these videos, see below. And if you're interested in learning more about the amazing work that the Wildlife Conservation Society does to protect animal species around the globe, check out their platform here: www.wcs.org/.
Orphaned Kangaroo Loves Her Rescuer
Baby Otter Reunited With His Family In The Wild | Video by Mario Orcon
Squirrel Who Fell Out Of A Tree Finds The Perfect Family
Rescued Baby Foxes Are Growing Up Together | To help this rescuer save more foxes like Foxy and Micro, you can support Howling Mountain Wildlife Rescue: thedo.do/howling. You can also supply them with an item from their wishlist: thedo.do/hmr.
Baby Humpback Whale Rescued From Beach | To help these rescuers save more whales, you can support Humpbacks & High-Rises: thedo.do/humpbacks.
Baby Rhino Who Lost Her Mom Is Growing Up Big And Strong | To sponsor the ongoing care of Khanya the rescued rhino, you can support the Care For Wild Africa rhino sanctuary: thedo.do/cfwa.
Baby Coyotes Get Help From The Nicest Rescuers | To help these rescuers save more animals, you can support Wildlife Emergency Services (thedo.do/wes) and Native Animal Rescue: thedo.do/native.
Brave Baby Elephant Is Rescued After Losing His Mom | Orphaned elephants under the care of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust are reintegrated into a fully protected wild area; click here to support their vital conservation work: thedo.do/dswt
Guy Helps Lost Baby Sea Turtles Get To The Ocean
Baby Chimps Stolen To Be Pets Are Freed | To sponsor the ongoing care of rescued chimpanzees, you can support the Jane Goodall Institute's Tchimpounga Sanctuary (thedo.do/goodall), the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Centre (thedo.do/primates), and the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary: thedo.do/sweetwaters. To help save endangered wildlife, you can support Project CAT: thedo.do/projectcat.
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1-Dek, 2017

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The Dodo
The Dodo Yil oldin
In honor of Wildlife Conservation Day on December 4th, we hope you enjoy these adorable wild baby animal rescues! Check out more of the Wildlife Conservation Society's work here: www.wcs.org/.
SARAH LOVE 2 oy oldin
Awww so cute animals but sad storys
Ben Schubert
Ben Schubert 3 oy oldin
1:42 Foxes are my favorite Wildlife critters next to Wolves.
David Hansen
David Hansen 4 oy oldin
The Dodo M
Les Cargaules
Les Cargaules 4 oy oldin
Des belles images d'humanisme . merci beaucoup .
Dave Tume
Dave Tume 4 oy oldin
The Dodo qqqq
Trebor Ironwolfe
Trebor Ironwolfe 8 soat oldin
Most people say that laughter is the best medicine.. I argue that unconditional love might be an even more potent cureall.
Trebor Ironwolfe
Trebor Ironwolfe 8 soat oldin
Oh jeez... so roo's raid the tp rolls also... guess I'll mark them off my houseguest list along with cats.
Kazi Nazrul
Kazi Nazrul 16 soat oldin
I am really happy for this animals because you saved this animals life(♡˙︶˙♡)
Christopher Delagarza
Christopher Delagarza 17 soat oldin
I’m an army veteran. Iraq combat vet to be exact. Who would like to team up with me. And become the anti-poachers. Where we kill the poachers instead of them killing the animals. That sounds like Fairplay to me.
Violet Mills
Violet Mills 19 soat oldin
I'm not crying you're crying
Ruby Castillo
Ruby Castillo 2 kun oldin
0:14 into the Mary Poppins bag we go!
Jeanne Oliveira Rocha
Jacqueline Huang
Jacqueline Huang 4 kun oldin
so cuuuuuuuute
Basha Koy
Basha Koy 7 kun oldin
So many sick disabled and homeless people out there nobody helps them but to animals
Alko Holiker
Alko Holiker 7 kun oldin
Baby animals > baby hoomans.
Tlantei Hp
Tlantei Hp 8 kun oldin
If I founded a baby animal without owner I will name it HomoMope
VETO KOOLAID 8 kun oldin
Such a terrible punch some babies face when they enter the world. 😭
NipponCat Japanese Lessons
Beautiful, thank you Dodo and to all the kind people shown in these videos that are rescuing these precious lives.
joe smoe
joe smoe 9 kun oldin
Birds got to eat but Dunes are a man-made obstacle
Tara Rees
Tara Rees 10 kun oldin
The Fox was the cutest
new comer
new comer 10 kun oldin
The last one was garbage
Freddie Jackson
Freddie Jackson 10 kun oldin
😅 even if that fox did have a family it would have been SNATCHED Lol I'm joking ik it needs a family 😫 but it's so cute
REEE 11 kun oldin
Yes I will take one of every animal in this video please.
Xx AR-Bliss xX
Xx AR-Bliss xX 15 kun oldin
I'm DeAd
Slender Canada
Slender Canada 15 kun oldin
the baby squirrell who feel from the tree was cute , sure if the mother looking for her baby for hours abandoned her because she gave up, but it was nice to see that a human rescue the baby while her mother did not find her.
J D 16 kun oldin
People who are caught poaching rhinos and elephants should be set free in the wilderness and then poached themselves. Iv'e heard kidneys are very valuable on the black market too.
aesthetically tiny
aesthetically tiny 16 kun oldin
Bless all the people behind these rescues 💓
Anne Marie Graff
Anne Marie Graff 17 kun oldin
❤❤❤ love love love
Luke Devey
Luke Devey 17 kun oldin
Humanity at its best
vivek kumar
vivek kumar 17 kun oldin
So..nice of you..all...God bless you........for your kindness in animals..................God bless you...........
aphrodita 18 kun oldin
About the chimps, what if that was happening to us humans?
Hotlobstar3D 1325
Hotlobstar3D 1325 19 kun oldin
Imagine if animals got their revenge ;_;
Gacha Kate
Gacha Kate 20 kun oldin
I took care of 2 baby squirrels, they are so sweet.
HardShot 21 kun oldin
Most Animals may not be all that smart but they all have good memory.
John Lloyd Conato
John Lloyd Conato 21 kun oldin
It's so sad that rhinos are already extinct 😢
Birgitta Andersson
Birgitta Andersson 22 kun oldin
Shabby Cat
Shabby Cat 22 kun oldin
My heart feels funny and my eyes are leaking.
T Ghost
T Ghost 22 kun oldin
I ❤ videos like this!
Michael Sterling
Michael Sterling 23 kun oldin
This is the side of humans I like to see
Damn it Greg!
Damn it Greg! 23 kun oldin
So much trash on the beach...
hikmat jamil
hikmat jamil 24 kun oldin
Animals make human happy but human torturig and killing animals so sad.
katelyn silly squirrel
Note to all poachers... you all should be shot on site!!!!!!!!!
M. A.
M. A. 27 kun oldin
On social media sites?
M. A.
M. A. 27 kun oldin
People who kill these animals for sport and profit, are lowlifes.
Russ Pink
Russ Pink 28 kun oldin
When that baby jumped in the bag that was awesome
Your Mom
Your Mom Oy oldin
Fecking poachers. Hope they get eaten by a hippo.
Gary Kent
Gary Kent Oy oldin
1:40 Oh my god that fox is the cutest damn thing!!!
Sean Reichl
Sean Reichl Oy oldin
Good people
Dumb Comment
Dumb Comment Oy oldin
0:13 *K*
Amber Maple
Amber Maple Oy oldin
6:49 what if there was another baby seaturtle stranded ;-;
supriya Kadri
supriya Kadri Oy oldin
great video!
I feel so bad for the little squirrel 😪
Petec23 Oy oldin
Poachers should be killed for sport instead of the animals.
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charrua007 11 kun oldin
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