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Wild Baby Animal Rescues That Will Make You Smile Compilation | December 4th marks Wildlife Conservation Day! To honor this very special and important holiday, we have pulled together some of our favorite baby wildlife rescue videos. For more information on these videos, see below. And if you're interested in learning more about the amazing work that the Wildlife Conservation Society does to protect animal species around the globe, check out their platform here: www.wcs.org/.
Orphaned Kangaroo Loves Her Rescuer
Baby Otter Reunited With His Family In The Wild | Video by Mario Orcon
Squirrel Who Fell Out Of A Tree Finds The Perfect Family
Rescued Baby Foxes Are Growing Up Together | To help this rescuer save more foxes like Foxy and Micro, you can support Howling Mountain Wildlife Rescue: thedo.do/howling. You can also supply them with an item from their wishlist: thedo.do/hmr.
Baby Humpback Whale Rescued From Beach | To help these rescuers save more whales, you can support Humpbacks & High-Rises: thedo.do/humpbacks.
Baby Rhino Who Lost Her Mom Is Growing Up Big And Strong | To sponsor the ongoing care of Khanya the rescued rhino, you can support the Care For Wild Africa rhino sanctuary: thedo.do/cfwa.
Baby Coyotes Get Help From The Nicest Rescuers | To help these rescuers save more animals, you can support Wildlife Emergency Services (thedo.do/wes) and Native Animal Rescue: thedo.do/native.
Brave Baby Elephant Is Rescued After Losing His Mom | Orphaned elephants under the care of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust are reintegrated into a fully protected wild area; click here to support their vital conservation work: thedo.do/dswt
Guy Helps Lost Baby Sea Turtles Get To The Ocean
Baby Chimps Stolen To Be Pets Are Freed | To sponsor the ongoing care of rescued chimpanzees, you can support the Jane Goodall Institute's Tchimpounga Sanctuary (thedo.do/goodall), the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Centre (thedo.do/primates), and the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary: thedo.do/sweetwaters. To help save endangered wildlife, you can support Project CAT: thedo.do/projectcat.
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1-Dek, 2017

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The Dodo
The Dodo 11 oy oldin
In honor of Wildlife Conservation Day on December 4th, we hope you enjoy these adorable wild baby animal rescues! Check out more of the Wildlife Conservation Society's work here: www.wcs.org/.
Rainbow Chan
Rainbow Chan 9 kun oldin
Awww so cute animals but sad storys
Ben Schubert
Ben Schubert Oy oldin
1:42 Foxes are my favorite Wildlife critters next to Wolves.
David Hansen
David Hansen 2 oy oldin
The Dodo M
Les Cargaules
Les Cargaules 2 oy oldin
Des belles images d'humanisme . merci beaucoup .
Dave Tume
Dave Tume 2 oy oldin
The Dodo qqqq
AstroChilli 7 soat oldin
Lovely video but damn look at all that rubbish in the Otter clip!
Shivanshu Singh
Shivanshu Singh 2 kun oldin
Elyssa how
Elyssa how 3 kun oldin
The fox is soo cuteeeeee😗😗😗and it has the cutest eyes that i ever seen....
Anglo Saxon Longsword
Barbara Hagan
Barbara Hagan 7 kun oldin
Wild baby animals are so cute
Roland Schlösser
Roland Schlösser 7 kun oldin
How about picking up all that garbage at 0:54??
Lupe Nunez
Lupe Nunez 7 kun oldin
Shoshana Hyalos
Shoshana Hyalos 8 kun oldin
I'm not crying, I'm not😭! I love them all!
Kerry S
Kerry S 9 kun oldin
I love this video justBeautiful I really enjoyed it. Lots of Love Hugs and Kisses from Kerry in SouthFlorida XOXO XOXO 😘😘😘😘💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💛💛💛💛💖💖💖💖💚💚💚💚❤❤❤❤♥♥♥♥😙😙😙😙😙
Rainbow Chan
Rainbow Chan 9 kun oldin
Awww so cute
Pick Midnight Tv
Pick Midnight Tv 10 kun oldin
Nothing makes me smile but this 😁
May 11 kun oldin
Kaytama Gordon
Kaytama Gordon 12 kun oldin
You want and break and pull to get what you want if you spent more time on love money and respect think where you could of been now. My sister has no of them Qualities neither do you you are in her circle
TOUCH 2 CHANGE 13 kun oldin
The DODO, thank you very much rescuing animals. Of course donated and will do it again and again and again.
Aizaibela Lima
Aizaibela Lima 14 kun oldin
This video is amazing! However I couldn't help but notice the trash 0:47 :(, let's recycle, don't throw trash on the wild, take care of it!
Fox Lover
Fox Lover 14 kun oldin
Yes a Fox was saved
Leelo Stitch
Leelo Stitch 14 kun oldin
Sorry I don’t wanna be the one to ruin something but I wish y’all cared this much about black ppl 🧐
Leelo Stitch
Leelo Stitch 14 kun oldin
Sorry I don’t wanna be the one to ruin something but I wish y’all cared this much about black ppl 🧐
iiJolinii T
iiJolinii T 15 kun oldin
Chimpanzees are so cute but people just don't know it
Headmasterhiccup Aj
Headmasterhiccup Aj 15 kun oldin
Ur vids always make me smile :)
theseinstrumentals 16 kun oldin
love when they help and save animals in need but what's up with the otter, the otters were wondering what happened to him. how do they know when to intervene because it seems like they didn't there
Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam
Doing work on UZvid, i have grown accustomed to seeing hateful, rude, nagging, negative comments in every section. I come here to escape it.
mylee perkins
mylee perkins 21 kun oldin
Omg I love foxes!😍😍 this video filled me with peace and happiness
James 21 kun oldin
I don't think you can count the number of kangaroos run over in the open outback, probably mainly by trucks that don't slow down. Sad.
Lie Kiok Ling
Lie Kiok Ling 22 kun oldin
第一 西方人对动物的大爱 👍👍👍动物们的福气 感恩祝愿大家康乐如意
Jay Sims
Jay Sims 22 kun oldin
Beautiful. Thank you so very much for your efforts and help with these animals. I wish the dumb human race would wise up and preserve life rather than be selfish. These guys were here before us. X
gacha ice
gacha ice 23 kun oldin
Whoever disliked this is controlled by the Devil himself.
Karma 11-11
Karma 11-11 24 kun oldin
Blue Skyz
Blue Skyz 25 kun oldin
The otter one was cute but all of the pollution and trash was horrible to watch ☺️❤️🙁
LukasGames daGamer
LukasGames daGamer 25 kun oldin
Soo cute!
Dan Koning
Dan Koning 29 kun oldin
I wish people felt this way about the thousand and thousands of innocent human babies that are killed every year.
Эллионора Лебедева
Помоги киту пожалуйсто просто помогите вы ж люди
Эллионора Лебедева
Боже он очень милый разве можно их обижать надо просто их любить и мир будет ярче и прекрасней жалейте животных не бросайте их в беде ведь мы все смертны поймите жизнь одна
Ray Harkins
Ray Harkins Oy oldin
We need so many more people like these. Thank you
shilpa aychitte
😍😍😍😍that fox
Jackie Kane
Jackie Kane Oy oldin
The whole story was great,savings God's critters! Makes my heart soar and tears of joy
darkness gacha
I live in South African.............(old who cares?)
Billyblue10 Oy oldin
i want a fox OwO
Alan Hernandez
Im crying because of how cute
Honza Marek
Honza Marek Oy oldin
This is why human was created...
jess jesse
jess jesse Oy oldin
1: thank you all people ! Who care & take responsability to rescue & supporting animals ! The real angels on earth ! Super fantastic job ! Welll done guys ! Congratulation ! Goodguys ! Ssssupppperrrr!
Mohamed Khalifa
Very good ❤️👍
sonali Roy
sonali Roy Oy oldin
Nice video👌👌👍👍👌👌👍👍
Lisa winn
Lisa winn Oy oldin
Can you get any cuter ^^, I'm so glad amazing people like these are around, a lot of these animals wouldn't stand a chance otherwise.
piano notes helper
thats sad look at all that trash when they freed the otter so many bottles and plastic :(
james pisano
james pisano Oy oldin
The whale rescue and the chimps... but they're all good!
Quinn Hack
Quinn Hack Oy oldin
the foxes are like kittens
tuborg carlsberg
Good job people from 1 to 100 you are 99.99
CorgiGamer Oy oldin
Bless these amazing people.
P G Oy oldin
where can u go to hunt poachers?
Jaysann22 Oy oldin
People SERIOUSLY need to stop perpetuating the lie of chimpanzees being "98% genetically indentical to humans." It's simply NOT true. It's more in the lower 90 percentile and much of that isn't even in the appropriate order in regards to the genetic sequences. Hell there are MULTITUDES of Chimpanzees genetic build that are VASTLY dissimilar to the human genome. One example being a GLARING obvious difference and that's that Chimpanzees have 24 chromosomes with humans only having 23. And humans born defectively with 24 or more are EXTREMELY mutated, underdeveloped, and generally heavily mentally or physically handicapped....
Sandra Waller
Sandra Waller Oy oldin
The Dodo : All your videos are sweet and precious !👍⚘🌟♥️
The Dodo
The Dodo Oy oldin
Thank you, Sandra! So happy you enjoy them💞
Kimberly Ortega
all of these made me cry plus the music
sw 2018
sw 2018 Oy oldin
Awwwww im adoor babys😢😊💖💗💘💝💞💟💚💛💜💓💕👍👍👍👍
Zoes Dada
Zoes Dada Oy oldin
I doubt ten human adults would sacrifice their lives to save one human child from being kidnapped.
Mina ELB
Mina ELB Oy oldin
Barbara Dyson
Barbara Dyson Oy oldin
We had this problem in the Oman the baby turtles were heading inland because of the runway lights, we could pick up a small sack and return them to the sea.
Mister Sparky Del Rio Texas
Thank God Jehovah for people like this
Australia Oceania
I once rescued a baby bird, it hit its head causing balance problems too. It passed away after a few days though.
Aurora Anicito
FiddleStick's bessette
word's going by to fast..
Dutch Clancy
Dutch Clancy Oy oldin
0:52 What kind of home is that?! There is so much plastic and trash, the otters deserve better.
alpha tango
alpha tango Oy oldin
I hate poachers and the ppl who buy the animal parts even more
madhu kapadia
madhu kapadia Oy oldin
Who watches these because it is so honorable to see people save animals because I watch them because they are cute!
Tory Oy oldin
wow less than 300k chimps are left and thats last year...?... :/
sophia gamble
sophia gamble Oy oldin
Daisy Cocoa
Daisy Cocoa Oy oldin
The trash was just horrible on the beach with otters
Alby damned
Alby damned Oy oldin
A baby fox is probably the cutest thing on Earth
cizmik cowz
cizmik cowz Oy oldin
Chimps aren't our closest relative
I liked the elephant one because of the trunk bit
Chime In
Chime In Oy oldin
this made me cry
Panda Boi
Panda Boi Oy oldin
You mean make you cry?
Zoe Tremain-Woodcock
Santiago Giuntoli
You should get death penalty for buying and selling a chimpanzee just as you should for buying and selling humans, black markets should get exterminated, except for the black market that sells booze in Dubai... like come on... forbidding booze? For fucking real? Lol
C’est Moi
C’est Moi Oy oldin
All that plastic rubbish on that beach!The entire beach is littered with animal death traps.
Abhinav Joshi
Abhinav Joshi Oy oldin
That makes us human
Mm ,
Mm , Oy oldin
林志嵐 Oy oldin
Dimitri van Hees
Why are there 784 dislikes? whats wrong with those people?
anja kogovškova
idk.. universal power to the people who care.
Snoozii1 Oy oldin
The last story about the chimps broke my heart. How cruel that people kill and tear up entire families to kidnap and traffic baby chimps for profit and vanity.
John Kody
John Kody Oy oldin
So cute❤️❤️
Stars Atlas
Stars Atlas Oy oldin
Can those human who kill wild animals for money just go burn in the hell please?
TikiorTaka Oy oldin
I wish I would be part of this and help them in every way possible. God's work.
//Ellie Msp\\
//Ellie Msp\\ Oy oldin
Aww the Fox 😭❤
Banana Gamer
Banana Gamer Oy oldin
My birb screamed in this part 1:05 i was like its not a birb dumbass
Chitwan Chauhan
At my old school a new born chick fell from the speakers so I took it home and fed it until it was good enough to go back out. Last year I saved a quail who had a broken wing, we kept her for two weeks and named her tweetie. A few weeks later a cat showed up at my house and kept coming for a few days so we loaf her, bought food for her and everything, we named her cookie but we knew that she had real owners so we had to give her away. All because I really care for animals and wanted a pet of my own. Now I have a dog named buddy. He’s the cutest thing ever and the best companion I could ask for. What did we do to deserve animals
Chitwan Chauhan
It’s good to see that some people are still human 🤧💗 also that kangaroo omg ‘jumps in to a bag and in rolls toilet paprer’ hahahha
steve henrichs
thank god! for the dodo send more dodo's these animals can teach us how to treat one another
ffi1001 Oy oldin
All that plastic garbage on the beach with the otters! Such a disgrace!
ThazCatz Oy oldin
Thank you so much to all these wonderful people doing this. I’m literally crying with joy right now, I’m so happy to these AMAZING AMAZING people rescueing these animals. You guys are an inspiration to me, like there are so many not earning enough for them selves but are still willing to spend their own money on these poor animals. You guys are the BEST
HeyItsSeeBee Oy oldin
That us soo cool
Pukito Kiho
Pukito Kiho Oy oldin
What kind of people unlike this kind of videos..
uWoTm8 !
uWoTm8 ! Oy oldin
"A Turtle Has Made It To The Water"
Gamer Fam
Gamer Fam Oy oldin
Me when I saw less than 300,000 chimps reiman , MOM GET THE MONEY WE ARE TRAVELING TO KILL THE CHIMPS HUNTERS
Harjit Sidhu
Harjit Sidhu Oy oldin
I don't understand why there are dislikes on this