Will Food GO BAD in a Vacuum Chamber?

The King of Random
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Today we're seeing if putting different types of food in vacuum chambers can keep them from going bad after a month!
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30-Sen, 2018

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Ultimate Requiem
Ultimate Requiem 6 soat oldin
The real question is if poison go bad will ut be less poisonous or more poisonous
gsingh bjatt
gsingh bjatt 15 soat oldin
Put some heavenly stuff in those veins bruh
gsingh bjatt
gsingh bjatt 15 soat oldin
Put some heavenly stuff in those veins bruh
Glowfish Kun oldin
2:12 oh your bread just gets crunchy? In our rainy climate that stuff molds like the day after it expires XDD Lucky
Nikhil Kolekar
Nikhil Kolekar Kun oldin
Can you generate energy from a never ending power source which involves rotating the motors!????
Alfred Peneyra
Alfred Peneyra 2 kun oldin
Try putting a coconut on a vacum chamber
Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker 3 kun oldin
It's the same Principle as canning you gained nothing in this experiment. Your actions show you know nothing about this.
Vlad Baje
Vlad Baje 3 kun oldin
Cool music
xXShadowTheCat63Xx :]
Finally a way to store my bread!
Fire Productions
Fire Productions 4 kun oldin
Lief Nova
Lief Nova 6 kun oldin
But... That's just canning.
Binaya Poudel
Binaya Poudel 6 kun oldin
What would happen if you keep a kitchen foil in a vaccum chamber And also do with making it a sphere
MsAnthropicGeek 6 kun oldin
You have many issues with this experiment. No sterilization. The lids weren't hot when the food went in, so the seal didn't work. The holes in the lids broke the seal. And NONE of your food is in its raw form. Our food is inundated with chemicals for preservation, so it doesn't have the ability to break down properly. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Bobsyouruncle Wilson
Food spoils, it doesn't go bad. There is no morality involved in this process of decomposition. ... and talk about cross contamination with those gloves. Ah well, at least your hands will be clean.
xnestlex 7 kun oldin
11:10 - this is called kozuch ;) (PL) - sheepskin (ENG)
jryde421 7 kun oldin
11:02 ahh 😦 lol
Thomas D Harrell
Thomas D Harrell 9 kun oldin
EXPERIMENT WAS SCREWED YOUR JARS WERE DIRTY OR CONTAMINATED WITH BACTERIA AND FUNGUS FOR SURE. Autoclave the jars and try it over. They should not be any fungus contamination. The fruit may have fungus on it
Brian Cherry
Brian Cherry 9 kun oldin
It seems to me that some of these results have less to do with vacuum and more to do with moisture escaping. Need a third sample that is sealed but not vacuumed.
mad for music
mad for music 10 kun oldin
U should also use marshmallow so u can check if there is air or not
Ralph Nines
Ralph Nines 10 kun oldin
He made yogurt
White Noise
White Noise 10 kun oldin
I don't think your experiment was valid. Your food wasn't left in a complete vacuum the entire time....
Cody Franklin
Cody Franklin 10 kun oldin
Spray cheese in vacuum chamber
ambirch1 10 kun oldin
You could do a better job of distinguishing between which sample we were looking at. You would move from vacumme to not without saying it.
Travis Hunter
Travis Hunter 11 kun oldin
MRE army food knows the secret to all this
Mark Joshi
Mark Joshi 11 kun oldin
Nice video
Mr. Garbyal
Mr. Garbyal 12 kun oldin
Starts at 7:20
Katherine L
Katherine L 12 kun oldin
Ali Maghsoudi
Ali Maghsoudi 12 kun oldin
Haven't seen yet but yes it does due to bacterias which doesn't need oxygen
Dan Simons
Dan Simons 13 kun oldin
I've never understood why Graham crackers are spoken gram. As a brit this has always confused me.
BlueBananaFox 123
BlueBananaFox 123 13 kun oldin
Not the BBQ chips!!!!!!!
Joshua Failing
Joshua Failing 13 kun oldin
@TheKingOfRandom what happens when you put a dry ice in a vacuum
BDORR93 14 kun oldin
It would have sealed in the jar without the rubber stopper. You would get more reliable results.
Kinq_sb 15 kun oldin
The answer is simple, if there is bacteria on the food, it will go bad at some point. If the vacuum keeps all bacteria out the food will never go bad.
Travis Green
Travis Green 15 kun oldin
my issue with this experiment is you had the one set vacuum sealed and one set with the lids off. Of course stuff is going to go stale with the lids off. To make it a better test your control should've had the lids on. Then you can really tell if the vacuum did anything or not.
Gaming Doodle
Gaming Doodle 15 kun oldin
what happens if helium balloon in the vacuum chamber?😁
Cardboard_Box61 YT
Cardboard_Box61 YT 16 kun oldin
Is it weird that I like stale oreo's?
Charles Whitwan
Charles Whitwan 17 kun oldin
Fluids boil under vacuum...
SrmthfgRockLee 17 kun oldin
Mr. Pablosek
Mr. Pablosek 17 kun oldin
Apocalypse 101: long term food preparation
Enigma 17 kun oldin
So a bit of a tip for when your filming with fruit and you cut it open especially with apples, to prevent them from oxidising aka going brown, you should coat them in lemon juice as it's great for when your doing photography and your working with cut fruits.
Emily Evans
Emily Evans 17 kun oldin
You should make a pop bottle vortex, but use gallium in the water
taycat 34
taycat 34 18 kun oldin
Air is weird man
James Hutchins
James Hutchins 18 kun oldin
dude . . . your teeth are perfect. What is your secret????? cool video
David Blandini
David Blandini 18 kun oldin
From now on I'll vacuum seal my memes so they don't get stale. Thanks!
J.L 18 kun oldin
what is the point of putting the control sample in jar if you leave it open, the point is to test how vacuum will cause different in food, so the other food should be place in air tight jar with atmospheric pressure to check whether their will be different between low pressure and atmospheric pressure. Otherwise, it is just like testing differences between air tight and non air tight. A package of chips filled with air works fine to keep it crispy as well as biscuits.
Devan Harripersad
Devan Harripersad 19 kun oldin
Poorly performed experiment. Sterilze rubber, jars, change gloves, use one item at a time , temperature and humidity control. Used swabs and a microscope instead of tasting it.
Dark Celestial Consciousness
Lmao was just thinking all this checked comments to see if anyone was smart and mentioned. he touched the moldy bread then ate a chip after with the same hand and glove, disgusting!
Mr. Trancis
Mr. Trancis 19 kun oldin
Will Food GO BAD in a Vacuum Sealed Bag? probably not at all, and that would be a short episode. i'm guessing why that's why they went with jars.
Arnie Calang
Arnie Calang 19 kun oldin
so he just says everything twice or thrice?
Kyle Richmond
Kyle Richmond 20 kun oldin
Try making a half human,half something.
Gummy Leeches & Knuckles
This is satire right?
Chris Centeno
Chris Centeno 20 kun oldin
Did he change his gloves after touching the mold? Cause he ate using gloves
Dark Celestial Consciousness
Ha was just thinking that he didn't disgusting!
rhinocort3 21 kun oldin
Next time, try to learn what is vacuum and how to make it. You did not make vacuum in any of those jars because they were filled with vapors as soon as you stopped pumping.
Sean Oxborough
Sean Oxborough 21 kun oldin
Er non sterile jars. Duhhhhhhhhh.
Venushan Gk
Venushan Gk 22 kun oldin
How does nuclear power form or made
Emily Fogerty
Emily Fogerty 22 kun oldin
Cotton candy in a vacuum chamber!
Jax TheKiller
Jax TheKiller 23 kun oldin
What would happen if you vacuumed chambered just water?
Ghennah Forde
Ghennah Forde 23 kun oldin
Now I wanna see juice be vacuumed from fruit
RzAndGabby Vlogs
RzAndGabby Vlogs 23 kun oldin
Wait i mean have you trys vacuuming dry ice ?
RzAndGabby Vlogs
RzAndGabby Vlogs 23 kun oldin
Hsve you done vacumm
CJAN DelaCruz
CJAN DelaCruz 23 kun oldin
And stone
CJAN DelaCruz
CJAN DelaCruz 23 kun oldin
What will be happen when water and fish get into the vaccum
Usama Sadiq
Usama Sadiq 24 kun oldin
Who else thinks this video was a huge disappointment?
2 1/2 minutes in and I can tell you that a lot of those foods are going to be dry just because you put them in a vacuum. The graham crackers and potato chips will stay fresh for an eternity.
Tulula Bell
Tulula Bell 24 kun oldin
What would happen if you pour lava in a glass vacuum chamber
Chung Lee
Chung Lee 24 kun oldin
should of boiled those jars first
I have a horse named Teddy
Can you try to see how easily glass breakers break glass?
luminescent 25 kun oldin
who else misses the O.G king of random
Mark Joy
Mark Joy 25 kun oldin
Can you melt metal with very hot 💦
Shreya Gupta
Shreya Gupta 25 kun oldin
The food releases moisture so it will stale
Addyson Gray
Addyson Gray 25 kun oldin
Can you turn air freshener into powder
kloosmitsoos xD
kloosmitsoos xD 25 kun oldin
11:09 no that isnt mold thats just so me fat
Randomstuff2019 25 kun oldin
Is the reason the sealed bread got moldy because the moisture in the bread when the open one all the moisture left the bread?
YourGrandmaYa 25 kun oldin
River Bergman
River Bergman 26 kun oldin
what if you vacuumed electronics
Rose Pie58 Gacha
Rose Pie58 Gacha 26 kun oldin
What happen If you put makeup in A vacuum chamber or the freeze dryer
Darkheart 989
Darkheart 989 26 kun oldin
Will fruit go bad if you freez it in water for three days
Wxrld 28 kun oldin
Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, the perfect lunch.
Megan Dark
Megan Dark 29 kun oldin
If there is not air or moisture in a vacuum chamber. What is?
Luke Whitley
Luke Whitley 29 kun oldin
Bread gets super moist and moldy down here. South Georgia here
noahmeme2 Oy oldin
Yes it will, anorobic bacteria will rot it.
Russ Hamilton
Russ Hamilton Oy oldin
The bread wasn't under vacuum then or the moisture in it would have boiled away.
Satyaki Majumdar
You really shouldn't eat food that has only been in a vacuum without being sterilised beforehand. Lots of anaerobic bacteria thrive in such environments, particularly Clostridium sp. which is really dangerous as a Gram -ve killer. Best thing to do - keep a microscope and a couple of staining solutions on hand. Take samples of whatever you feel like sampling and check whether they respond to the staining tests for bacteria and fungi.
skeeter marie
skeeter marie Oy oldin
What would happen if you put an unopened bag of chips in the chamber ?:0
mike marten
mike marten Oy oldin
Does food stale faster in high pressure? LOL
McKayla Buck
McKayla Buck Oy oldin
9:11 instant regret
CallMeSoul YT
CallMeSoul YT Oy oldin
Try to see if objects act differently in a vacuum
Hayavadana Belgaumkar
Try that can we live without food and test that we can live by breathing only
hey gurl what up
He just ate a chip after poking mold
Frank Meyer
Frank Meyer Oy oldin
the food containing lots of moisture - spoiled. the food which is meant to be kept dry - survived. and as others said, you didn't sterilize anything. and maybe your improvised seal was not tight enough to preserve vacuum for 4 weeks. if you properly vacuum let's say dry Rice or dry uncooked noodles, they would last a very long time without getting spoiled. it depends on what you vacuum, and how you do it.
Dylan Thompson
who is dis guy? and when did he take over
WhatTheFridge 1o1
Kinda wanna eat the crushed marshmellows
Paul Cassady
Paul Cassady Oy oldin
could try silica packets to keep excess moisture, and maybe mold from forming, in bread/apples
M Tull
M Tull Oy oldin
I'd love to see this repeated with a closed jar with air in it, I mean of course the bread is going to dry out! It's out in the "open"! To compare the sealed jar with the vacuumed jar would compare a vacuum seal with just sealed.
Weirdoo 0089
Weirdoo 0089 Oy oldin
Sponsered by Lays. I wish!
FD 2003
FD 2003 Oy oldin
You forgot to control for LIGHT. Also -- mold can't grow in a vacuum. I think you vacuum didn't work completely.
Tafadzwa Sithole
What hep pans when you mix every glue
Firestorm Entertainment
I would recommend retrying this experiment without putting holes in the jar lids.
Code Awesome
Code Awesome Oy oldin
I thought natr would eat the bread
Code Awesome
Code Awesome Oy oldin
Silvija Bucaj Shehi
Silvija Bucaj Shehi
Are you funny ?
Kuch bhi bakchodi kr rha hai 😂
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