Will Food GO BAD in a Vacuum Chamber?

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Today we're seeing if putting different types of food in vacuum chambers can keep them from going bad after a month!
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30-Sen, 2018

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Aiden Pearce
Aiden Pearce 3 soat oldin
Just think about the iss then you might have the answer...
Michael Vilabrera
Michael Vilabrera 4 soat oldin
I heard that the taste disappears when food is vacuum sealed for a long period of time (like orange juice). Did you experience that?
olafpayne 4 soat oldin
What I've learnt is that drying things is more effective.
The Dark Binzky
The Dark Binzky 4 soat oldin
Soul Fodah
Soul Fodah 5 soat oldin
Video begins at 4:50
Emma Robbie Us
Emma Robbie Us 7 soat oldin
Can you do tests on food you get from food pantry? I've never tried it, I Can Only Imagine?
OnlyAirKicks 7 soat oldin
Try molten metal in a vacuum
14598175 8 soat oldin
more research needed, this was awful.
Renz Aaron
Renz Aaron 10 soat oldin
What if u put a banana peel inside it?
Archmage Madara
Archmage Madara 11 soat oldin
Lmao, apparently everyone in this comment section is a PhD certified doctor
David 11 soat oldin
You can get counter-sinking drill bits to deburr a hole after you drill it. Saves some time.
Zandemonium 11 soat oldin
if you can do this put a fly in a jar for 3 days
Zandemonium 11 soat oldin
and see what happens
Ama Malik
Ama Malik 14 soat oldin
What happens to natural things like leaves or wood or things like that in the Vacuum? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Julian Garcia
Julian Garcia 15 soat oldin
He should have put one marshmallow per jar
Cielo Greene
Cielo Greene 15 soat oldin
Wears gloves but eat the food anyway😅
Aryan Bhargav
Aryan Bhargav 15 soat oldin
what happens when water is in vacum chamber
Damon Albarn
Damon Albarn 15 soat oldin
Well, there are anaerobic bacteria, that's why we have fermentation process... If food has enough water content plus little carbs in it then it's all bacteria needs to grow...
Uta 16 soat oldin
before watching the video, I know that the food won't go bad
Duke 18 soat oldin
Anaerobic processes should still be able to happen, right?
Kieno 21 soat oldin
Why did you cut the apples?
Wilbur Bednaroski!
Wilbur Bednaroski! 21 soat oldin
You should do a better test with the vacuum jars
Dylan 21 soat oldin
Why does mold occur in a vaccum
Erika エリカ Plays
Erika エリカ Plays 21 soat oldin
Kenn Tollens
Kenn Tollens 22 soat oldin
Can you hatch an egg in a vaccum chamber?
John Yu
John Yu 23 soat oldin
Eating the stale chips after touching the moldy bread made me nervous.
Brayden Cromar
Brayden Cromar 23 soat oldin
I got half-way through this and realized, “wait, you can just buy a vacuum sealer.”
Meriah Smith
Meriah Smith Kun oldin
This was an interesting video. Thanks for sharing. If you want another science idea, to try, how about this one: I've long had an engineering idea where a car's axels could be fitted with a kind of turbine and an alternating battery system. As in, when one battery is being used, another is being charged by the turbine as the car drives down the road. If my idea works, the car can just keep recharging itself and just keep going indefinitely. It would be interesting to see if my idea works.
Ash Ginsberg
Ash Ginsberg Kun oldin
Ok but like you're so adorable im
aaron beristain
aaron beristain Kun oldin
what happen if you put ooblek in vacuum
JK 2627
JK 2627 Kun oldin
All the negative comments aside I was just wondering if you would get the same result with the chips if you used unflavored regular chips as opposed to the flavored chips you used
Soviet Scoot
Soviet Scoot Kun oldin
Hey I just had some of those gram crackers for s'mores.
Jackson Zaza
Jackson Zaza Kun oldin
If my theory is correct you can take a glass jar Port lithium in it then cooking oil then pour isopropyl alcohol into it and the isopropyl alcohol in the lithium would react under the layer of oil preventing oxygen from interacting and removing oxygen from the isopropyl molecule turning it into propane bubbles propane actually is a gas which sinks if this works the propane will stay inside the jar and some of the hydrogen from the water in the isopropyl alcohol will float up into the air I do not have the ability to test this on myself can you do it for me please and thank you
D. Jones
D. Jones Kun oldin
Chips are hard and get soft as they stale, bread is soft and gets hard as it stales, gram crackers are hard and get soft as they stale... WTF???
Oliver Eales
Oliver Eales Kun oldin
if its in a vacum the moisure inside the food regardless of how dry it looks will get drawn out into the lower pressure surroundings.
Yujin Wonyoung kan
When he start eating😥
Saidul Alam
Saidul Alam Kun oldin
if one of the jar exploded you'd been fked.
alfheib Kun oldin
should have bleach the jars and lids you might of not had mold ..
Melvin Alcuizar
Melvin Alcuizar Kun oldin
You still used the same gloves! After poking the molded bread. Then eated the chips. Omg!
Mateowable Kun oldin
a pink lady apple
joe goecke
joe goecke Kun oldin
Food has oxygen in it's composition, so I'm guessing a vacuum alone won't do much. Now to watch!
Mas Ekel
Mas Ekel Kun oldin
You ate the chips after you touched the mold
Dharamvir Singh
Dharamvir Singh Kun oldin
What happen when you put dry ice on lava
LPS Believer
LPS Believer Kun oldin
Is slime going to stick on a dog
nitin kumar khera
What will happen with an egg placed in vacuum...
Gucci Burger
Gucci Burger Kun oldin
What would molten metal do in a vacuum chamber?
Mediaboon Kun oldin
This kind of mold does not grow in the absence of oxygen.
PEPSI JAZZ Kun oldin
The porous nature of the jar and rubber valve make extended non-continuous vacuum applications impractical. You are going to gradually lose whatever vacuum you have and after 4 weeks enough air will have seeped in that you will have virtually no vacuum. There is a reason why scientist continuously pump out air during vacuum experiments. Not to mention you are using canning jars. They are literally designed to create a vacuum without the need of making a rubber valve on top.
Alex Hauser
Alex Hauser Kun oldin
Terrible science lol a better control would've been sealed jars, no vacuum.
John Power
John Power Kun oldin
What does ammo do in a vacuum chamber
Chris Schoenthaler
Chris Schoenthaler 2 kun oldin
It’s kind of odd that mold seems to grow BETTER in the vacuum jars than the open ones,
Primal Crypt
Primal Crypt 2 kun oldin
How to make croutons
Adam Eastment
Adam Eastment 2 kun oldin
Could you potentially use a large enough vacuum chamber to juice apples?
Bernhard Jordan
Bernhard Jordan 2 kun oldin
If there is water there is no vacuum
Richard Devereux
Richard Devereux 2 kun oldin
the black on fruit is probably from the knife used to cut it up. oxidation from the iron in knife
Jenson 2 kun oldin
Should of just used clamp lid jars, this is such an ineffective way of doing this I wanna see this again but with clamp lid jars.
Chris W
Chris W 2 kun oldin
Great video never thought of putting food in a vacuum this is something Preppers may want to get into it would be a fraction of the cost how about doing a long-term storage video like put the chips in a vacuum and 10 months to a year later check on them
Siya Belliappa
Siya Belliappa 2 kun oldin
Louis Pasteur did it...Better.
Mike Bartoli
Mike Bartoli 2 kun oldin
LOL..... You retards poked holes in canning jars!?!? Next time do your homework before making yourselves look like fools!!
Aries MIA
Aries MIA 2 kun oldin
People keep saying he poked moldy bread and didnt eat the bread, but kept the same gloves on while eating the chips... like y’all didn’t realize he used different hands huh? 😂😂
Naveen Kumar Theagarajan
9:15 you look like pewds lol
Salih Özdemir
Salih Özdemir 2 kun oldin
Sorry but it was not a vacuum.
Kaleu Cadl
Kaleu Cadl 2 kun oldin
next video: use a laser to transmit sound
DarthTitanium 2 kun oldin
You didnt sterilize the jars - so sealed everything with germs. No point in this experiment
Duke 18 soat oldin
Worthy of note/experiment is the effect of continuous vacuum exposure on microbes.
White Recluse
White Recluse 21 soat oldin
DarthTitanium everything you touch is covered in germs
lilcrunchy 2 kun oldin
touching the moldy items and then grabbing food to put it his mouth 🤮
Sidney Wieand
Sidney Wieand 2 kun oldin
oml... this guy touches a bread infested with mold. it doesn’t look like it but it’s covered in it. it’s just microscopic. but you basically touched it with the same gloves then ate a chip after. the mold was carried onto your gloves from the bread so you basically just ate mold😤😤
Mahtab Batool
Mahtab Batool 3 kun oldin
VOLT Squ¡sh
VOLT Squ¡sh 3 kun oldin
Will gallum stay watery in vacuum chamber
Valueless Dollar
Valueless Dollar 3 kun oldin
Duh.. Oxygen and Moister are your enemy when it comes to preservation. Wont hurt to toss in some kosher salt with hot water. Learn to prep and blow your mind.
blmonkey 3 kun oldin
You are missing one vital aspect of canning with a pressure cooker. Not only are you creating a vacuum seal, you are also bringing the temperature of the food item above the boiling point. Most organisms not native to oceanic magma vents will die. The sterility of the food is key to vacuum storage. I grew up around canners. If you screw up temperature or vacuum seal you got spoiled food.
XxGachaCheesexX 3 kun oldin
This dude just killed my lunch 😪
JLO Gaiming
JLO Gaiming 3 kun oldin
does clay get hard in a vacuum chamber
dan ciagar
dan ciagar 3 kun oldin
You cannot have liquids in a vacuum. If you see liquid, there is no vacuum, you will have a partial pressure that depends on the properties of the liquid in question and the ambient temperature.
renegade_ace 3 kun oldin
Vacuum sealing made the bread and apples worse!
Bipolartorecovery 3 kun oldin
Does the vacuum change the flavor if it is still fresh?
Soto 3 kun oldin
Right hand to poke the bread. Left hand to taste the chips. Unless the you expect the mold to jump from one hand to the other, where's the issue? "Derek Lidstorm"
Samos900 3 kun oldin
What happens to balloons with varying amounts of air or water inside a vacuum?
Lofty Marsh
Lofty Marsh 3 kun oldin
If you put your cat in a vacuum it stops it from scratching the furiture!
Chris CRGR
Chris CRGR 3 kun oldin
Eggs would be interesting to see how they are after 2 months
Axe Gaming
Axe Gaming 3 kun oldin
Keep things warm, or refrigerated which spoils or molds first? As in keep it 40F and 180 for warm.
Jekabs Silacerps
Jekabs Silacerps 3 kun oldin
will phosphorus burn in vacuum?
Alkis05 2 kun oldin
nothing burns on vacuum. Oxygen, dude.
C Morris
C Morris 3 kun oldin
Omg way too much talking....get on with it!!!
Elizabeth Swims
Elizabeth Swims 3 kun oldin
Um you know those lids are designed to let air out and not in so the rubber stopper is redundant.
TheClonazepam 4 soat oldin
He needed to illustrate the vacuum easily for the camera. The rubber stopper works perfectly for this.
Tyler Bowers
Tyler Bowers 8 soat oldin
how would work at all if no rubber stopper was used? what causes the slightly ajar lid to spin shut in your method?
Johnny 21 soat oldin
But he drilled it though.
ntm4 Kun oldin
Except that they drilled a hole in the top, lol.
daniel mendoza
daniel mendoza 3 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice he put in gloves after the MOLDY bread then got a chip nd ate it with the glove on xD (then again idk he could've changed the glove. That just popped in head)
Rahul Patel
Rahul Patel 3 kun oldin
dry stuffs do well in vacuum than hydrated stuffs
AntonioKowatsch 3 kun oldin
I knew already what was going to happen because I did the exact same experiment when I was 10 years old. I was really fascinated with mold and microscopy. I know, I was a weird kid.
Hugo Henttinen
Hugo Henttinen 3 kun oldin
Awsome experiment
mikefire98 3 kun oldin
Now I'm wondering if you can juice an apple with a vacuum chamber.
Zibartski 3 kun oldin
Make vacuuming grenades withe the bottles
Shaden Alharbi
Shaden Alharbi 3 kun oldin
The reason why it molds is the bacteria, I wonder if you sterile every thing, would it still rote? Does food rote in outer space?
Mert Dogan
Mert Dogan 3 kun oldin
Robert Sampson
Robert Sampson 3 kun oldin
The difference is moisture.
YouTube Username
YouTube Username 3 kun oldin
-butt- _hole_
Zachary Huddleston
Zachary Huddleston 3 kun oldin
What would happen if they had some sort of a preserving fluid
Mrrhin0226 3 kun oldin
i thought lays had enough air
3k temka
3k temka 3 kun oldin
why putting ur fkin mouth
Sister L.
Sister L. 3 kun oldin
What if you lined a container with some kind of paper/ absorbant material, then just pooled paint (of 2-3 different colors?) At the bottom. Would the vaccum action pull the paint enough to splash the liner paper? Would that make some kind of cool effect for abstract art?
Ronaldo Brito Roque
Can you make a boat make of zinc and copper, in such a way that, in contact in water, it runs like a battery, and it generates enough energy to move it self?
Olajugoat 3 kun oldin
Only $25? This idea got you almost 6 million views
Rancid Dinosaur
Rancid Dinosaur 3 kun oldin
What would happen if you vacuum sealed a living Terrarium? One that has plants and such already established?
The Eccentric Penguin
Will a balloon pop if cooled with liquid nitrogen or keep its shape?