Will It Butter? Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning
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Can we believe it's now butter? Or are these new butter options better off unchurned? GMM #1354
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16-Iyl, 2018

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Fikrlar 7 969
It's Thinzy
It's Thinzy 3 oy oldin
will it stop my heart
Johnnie Snappleseed
I can’t believe no one has asked the true age old question...WILL IT WILL IT!!!!
Raven Steward
Raven Steward 12 kun oldin
It's Thinzy yes
Totallymady 13 kun oldin
Ketamine; will it butter?
JordanBruhh Oy oldin
That went deep real quick
Z Peterson
Z Peterson Oy oldin
weirdo /-/ Yes
Abby Liu
Abby Liu Soat oldin
me forgetting Americans call bread biscuits
Rebecca Mayo
Rebecca Mayo 20 soat oldin
We need a Will It Rice Crispy!
The Nicky Chronicles
Will it popcorn??
Payton Hayes
Payton Hayes Kun oldin
Haha “you’ve ruined the experience”
chance shadow
chance shadow Kun oldin
Am I the only one who dislikes the idea of eating crayons? Like, that crayon butter would've been a no for me.
Lila Hartwig
Lila Hartwig 2 kun oldin
you should of done a peanut butter
Rinara Collins
Rinara Collins 2 kun oldin
Sophie Rousseau
Sophie Rousseau 3 kun oldin
You should do will it sushi
Josiah Gonzalez
Josiah Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
Can it cannabis
dorklo ermen
dorklo ermen 4 kun oldin
I wish you missed me like I miss you *( Pdfdownload2015*com )* 5968
TupolevPilot 4 kun oldin
They should’ve just use straight up shit for butter
Axcityy 4 kun oldin
*WILL IT* not hurt my taste buds
Kayla Hammann
Kayla Hammann 4 kun oldin
RansuDoragon 5 kun oldin
Everything was sounding decent, something I might try, not too crazy. But then you guys had to bring out the crayon butter....... CRAYON?! I know the wrapper says non-toxic but that's the same for typical school glue. Geez man
Fresh119k 5 kun oldin
The 10 commandbeans😂😏
MTLion3 5 kun oldin
I was happy... Until they got to the cow guts. I don’t know about everyone else, but I much prefer when they’re happy with their creations. Watching their faces light up at the bean butter was far more satisfying to me than the gross cow one
Dawn Fox
Dawn Fox 5 kun oldin
Starburst butter sounds like it would be gross, but is really good. I'm impressed
Neon Owl
Neon Owl 5 kun oldin
Will it stuffing? Will it chip? Will it turkey (Stuff turkeys or hens with random stuff)
Tiffany 5 kun oldin
This episode would have been entertaining enough without the utter butter.
Dominick Hendricks
Dominick Hendricks 5 kun oldin
"It's the best form I've ever eaten crayons in though." is a sentence I wasn't prepared to hear from a grown man 😂😂😂 (I've been a mythical beast forever, I understand why he said it. It's still weird though)
Natalka Davis
Natalka Davis 6 kun oldin
10:53 *gets ready for Link to vomit*
ilya babineaux
ilya babineaux 6 kun oldin
At our rodeo carnival in Houston, Texas we have friend butter. Y’all should try these fried! 🤷🏽‍♀️
Noah Ervin Reviews
Noah Ervin Reviews 6 kun oldin
Nicolas Ceresoli
Nicolas Ceresoli 6 kun oldin
will it haggis?
the average everyday person
I'm officially going to count the number of questionable things link does that Rhett doesn't approve of
Logan Fisher
Logan Fisher 7 kun oldin
You guys should swap seats one episode and say nothing about it
Megan Ray
Megan Ray 7 kun oldin
Did these guys inspire the idea for... Exotic Butters?? 😂
scottcol23 7 kun oldin
cannabutter! dont forget that!
Dashel Martinez
Dashel Martinez 8 kun oldin
Butter-flavored butter take some butter sprinkle some shredded butter on that
Andrew Soto
Andrew Soto 8 kun oldin
Rhett went too long with the bird thing so it just was an awkward trying to be funny time with no laughter lol
Mike Seo
Mike Seo 8 kun oldin
I was introducing my girl friend who is my wife now to my mother and sister at this restaurant. The whole meeting didn't turn out to be about us meeting for the first time, but watching this lady sitting across from us pulling out a whole block of butter from her purse and started to just chomp on it and eat it (I think she actually dipped it in sugar). Even her friends (maybe family?) who was with her were disgusted and were like "What are you doing?" "Are you eating a block of butter!?" things like that. She replied "What's wrong with that? It's like eating ice-cream. To this day I don't remember a thing I talked about with my mother and sister that day, but just that lady... enjoying her block of butter.
P 9 kun oldin
Will it Will Ferrell? or Will it with Will Ferrell?
camron nutt
camron nutt 9 kun oldin
Baked been butter = refrigerated refried beans
Alien The Rapper
Alien The Rapper 10 kun oldin
Will it butter part 2!! Like if you agree
Jarred Diaz
Jarred Diaz 10 kun oldin
I wonder how their opinions would change if they tasted these without knowing what they were. Like blind taste test and answering if it will butter
Jackson George
Jackson George 10 kun oldin
Can't you make Pâté out of cow guts and oils?
Jackson George
Jackson George 10 kun oldin
You know they ran out of ideas when they turn to will it butter.
xydoit 10 kun oldin
Is it safe to eat Crayons?
Jackson George
Jackson George 10 kun oldin
yes but it isn't recommended.
Ashley Cl.
Ashley Cl. 10 kun oldin
Let's be honest though, crayons didn't butter
Adrian Lehvy
Adrian Lehvy 10 kun oldin
I love this show so much.
Jacob Oclair
Jacob Oclair 11 kun oldin
Crayon 🖍 🤮
Melanie Sutton
Melanie Sutton 11 kun oldin
Ewwwwww. You guys can keep your poop tunnel butter lol
Firebolt Seeker
Firebolt Seeker 11 kun oldin
maxie fuqua
maxie fuqua 11 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure this is the first time a human has posed the question "why do we eat so many poop tunnels?"
Emperes Smith
Emperes Smith 12 kun oldin
Y'all look like the weird guys at school tht smells everything, lol....I love you guy videos tho♥️
Bobddotcom Plays
Bobddotcom Plays 12 kun oldin
Wow crayon, their favorite food after play-do.
GameBerry 12 kun oldin
They should try body fat butter
Raven Steward
Raven Steward 12 kun oldin
Anyone else think Link low key looks like Frankenstein’s monster with his hair or is it just me lmao
Raven Steward
Raven Steward 12 kun oldin
Ignorance is bliss. I’ll stick to ignorance thanks 😂👌🏽
michaiah stimson
michaiah stimson 12 kun oldin
Is it just me or do they look and seem like they smoked a pot marijuana cigarette before doing this episode lol
Allsmiles Inshallah
Allsmiles Inshallah 12 kun oldin
when are ya'll releasing a recipe book about food that will?
Foreign Breach
Foreign Breach 12 kun oldin
"its the best form i've ever eaten crayons in though" xD
Randy Beef Grass
Randy Beef Grass 12 kun oldin
Pause at 11:14 rhett having too much butter
Dirty Mexican
Dirty Mexican 12 kun oldin
When they eat the cow butter close your eyes and listen
jordan johnston
jordan johnston 12 kun oldin
Reht and link here in scotland we eat haggis witch is sheep organs you should do will it haggis
hakeme sperf
hakeme sperf 13 kun oldin
In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. 2485
Mom The Ebayer
Mom The Ebayer 13 kun oldin
Kids please don’t eat crayons!!!!
Mariah Kayla Fernandez Escalada
5:54 link you have no soul!
Chronicles 11
Chronicles 11 13 kun oldin
the daily W
the daily W 13 kun oldin
One place has honey butter
TheKingGamer117 13 kun oldin
I wonder if they hate tripas?
VegaBjorn 14 kun oldin
8:29, did Rhett just call the lobster an INSECT?
SethSk0zz 14 kun oldin
XPaperx xLoverX
XPaperx xLoverX 14 kun oldin
This was the most entertaining episode of GMM this season!!
Alex O
Alex O 15 kun oldin
I enjoyed that they didn't go to gross ones right away. I don't like the gross "will it"s
* Iris Scott *
* Iris Scott * 15 kun oldin
Wouldn’t the cow guts butter taste like paté
Arigames 16 kun oldin
Rhett and Link: Dink it Me: Then figure out how to eat it
Platinum bacon Gamer
Is think turning old because I see gray hairs
Orion Big Boy Gaming
Will it clog my arteries and have me 50 years from now on a 3rd heart attack....YES lol I mean, will it butter? YES. Lol
Ventnom -
Ventnom - 17 kun oldin
"Thats what daddy needed " hmmmmm
TruePlatypusKnight 18 kun oldin
What PSYCHOPATH is putting starburst in popcorn?
Caleb genesis
Caleb genesis 18 kun oldin
I’m poor and hungry and I can’t watch this show without noticing how much food they waste :/
Cherokee 18 kun oldin
I bet they can eat ass now without a care in the world
laurie26t 18 kun oldin
here in quebec we legit have smth that ressembles porc butter its called creton and its basically meat butter my parents eat that every morning
Frank-Skateboarding and more
This got me so hungry I immediately went into the kitchen and the first thing I saw was cup noodles. I boiled the water and when I poured it my excitement got the better of me and I completely drenched my hand in boiling water. Ouch.
Dracyan 19 kun oldin
oh, you guys really eat some Disgusting stuff...
mattromano83 19 kun oldin
"It's the best form I've ever eaten crayon in though" Welcome to good mythical morning everyone.
BrennanChubs 20 kun oldin
is time to ask the age old question will this stop? lets talk about that
Jason Sulham
Jason Sulham 20 kun oldin
Pretty sure crayons are not edible lol
Alice Abigail
Alice Abigail 20 kun oldin
Still waiting for will it soda
AMP. com
AMP. com 20 kun oldin
Butter Smear: makes everything a little butter
My Art Page
My Art Page 21 kun oldin
Do the crayons color your poop?
Joey R
Joey R 21 kun oldin
Love this channel
MiiaBournewold 22 kun oldin
giving more reasons for people to eat whole sticks of butter
Xar niac
Xar niac 22 kun oldin
Eat crayons they make you colorful
CareyJ714 23 kun oldin
7:41 Marines: *heavy breathing* *edit* if you don't get it and want to try and white knight, I myself am going into the Corps. This is a joke amongst the marine corps.
Super Saiyan Shark
Super Saiyan Shark 23 kun oldin
12:00 Did anyone else hear Marge Simpson?
ChirpNDerp 24 kun oldin
They could’ve just used some sprinkles, but is it really a GMM “Will It” if there aren’t crayons?
Alyssa Fizzy
Alyssa Fizzy 24 kun oldin
can you eat crayons??
Faith L.
Faith L. 24 kun oldin
*taking legs off lobster* You can really tell it's an insect
Primitive 1
Primitive 1 24 kun oldin
Do will it sauce !!!
JackieChin Channydog
The day you two stop doing these videos is the day I stop watching UZvid
christian østberg
christian østberg 24 kun oldin
the beans looks like norwegian leverpostei
Phaedrus Taylor
Phaedrus Taylor 25 kun oldin
Will it Syrup?
Fishyfishington 25 kun oldin
etoney11 25 kun oldin
Watching this and started smelling Hardee's biscuit its midnight
Jayden Hamm
Jayden Hamm 25 kun oldin
Your so amazing guys please shout out to me!!!!
Jayden Hamm
Jayden Hamm 25 kun oldin
Just do a will it crayon!
Jayden Hamm
Jayden Hamm 25 kun oldin
Jayden Hamm
Jayden Hamm 25 kun oldin
Rhett and link are looking so good im a girl im on my brothers acount