Will It Butter? Taste Test

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Can we believe it's now butter? Or are these new butter options better off unchurned? GMM #1354
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16-Iyl, 2018

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Fikrlar 8 112
It's Thinzy
It's Thinzy 5 oy oldin
will it stop my heart
poké dragneel
poké dragneel 5 soat oldin
Will it yes it will
Z Peterson
Z Peterson 2 kun oldin
It's Thinzy “ *YES!* “
Kristy Kuehfuss
The Spirit of Orchestral Music
Will it friendzone?
fem wynn
fem wynn 2 kun oldin
that's not cornbread....
SB 50cal
SB 50cal 3 kun oldin
12:20 that’s what she said
Luna Park
Luna Park 6 kun oldin
10/10 on those Rhett sounds after he eats the Gutter.
Reznov 11982011
Reznov 11982011 6 kun oldin
“That’s what daddy needed.”
20kitkat 7 kun oldin
For the first few butters, I started to believe that 'hey, maybe today'll be the day that everything will butter'... But then...nah boi...WHY GUTTER WHY
Covey Carter
Covey Carter 7 kun oldin
Rhett finally admitted to being a bird
Nero Mauritzen
Nero Mauritzen 6 kun oldin
*Buys shotgun and waits for Thanksgiving/Rhett hunting season🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃*
kadijah adams
kadijah adams 8 kun oldin
I enjoy this show way more than I should !!
FFX Skipity
FFX Skipity 9 kun oldin
“Will it butter my crossaint”
Nishtha Sinha
Nishtha Sinha 9 kun oldin
Exotic Butters :)
Nero Mauritzen
Nero Mauritzen 6 kun oldin
Erotic Butters... 😆
SUBSCRIBE Just for fun
Rewatching this the camera looks so much crisper then now
Yasmin Seah
Yasmin Seah 10 kun oldin
Did Rhett say lobsters are insects? Aren't they crustaceans?
Dan Hemsley
Dan Hemsley 10 kun oldin
Breanna Kittle
Breanna Kittle 10 kun oldin
Exotic butters.
Leo Moore
Leo Moore 11 kun oldin
pickle butter? anyone
Nero Mauritzen
Nero Mauritzen 6 kun oldin
Yes! Made from those big pickled cucumbers
deveros dev
deveros dev 11 kun oldin
maybe will it soap ????
Screaming Phoenix
Screaming Phoenix 11 kun oldin
Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh, did these dudes deadass just eat the poop chute and the milk fat in one go
Vania Pinedo
Vania Pinedo 11 kun oldin
I would like ingredients and instructions and a detailed courseso on how to make the baked beans butter, the burger butter and the starbursts butter 😊😊 by the mythical crew😁😁
Frankenwolfer Guy
Frankenwolfer Guy 12 kun oldin
Will It Ketchup
Imane Ben
Imane Ben 12 kun oldin
Will it waffle?
Destyni Cannon
Destyni Cannon 12 kun oldin
Will it soup?
Wow, almost everything buttered.
Trinity Gutteridge
Trinity Gutteridge 13 kun oldin
I feel like a lot of the will it's are less will it become something and taste good than they are will they go with something.
MissAbiDoe 13 kun oldin
so it's hagus butter ?
Ramsher Felix
Ramsher Felix 13 kun oldin
Prediction. Everything butter's, because butter.
Carson Thiel
Carson Thiel 13 kun oldin
"Well, bring him down from the mountain top buddy because we gotta keep this in the pantry" -Link Neal
TTG GAMING 13 kun oldin
I thought this was going to be a will it full house! But then they tried the last one
Ari Mato
Ari Mato 14 kun oldin
Find the difference 😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😸😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺
Soul Productions and Film
Watching this while I make my morning toast! Thanks Rhett and Link!
Marco 15 kun oldin
The last one is just pate xd
Nuno Silva
Nuno Silva 15 kun oldin
They'll eat crayons butter but not cow butter... Logic!
Laura Bird
Laura Bird 15 kun oldin
Please please please upload a video on how the ButterBurst was made! 😋❤️
Danny Adams
Danny Adams 15 kun oldin
i had to look up if crayons are safe to eat i was scared
Folkert Veenstra
Folkert Veenstra 15 kun oldin
Why don’t you try Carolina Reaper Butter?
blob14343 16 kun oldin
Why dont they ever use the pun "rhettches"
Isela Díaz
Isela Díaz 16 kun oldin
Bean butter? That's exactly what us mexicans need!!
TidalTV 16 kun oldin
Baked Beans are always a win!
xiTzSpooder 16 kun oldin
Should've done a nut butter, butter that was made out of animal nuts 😂
Li Shaoran
Li Shaoran 16 kun oldin
6:38 you can tell he REALLY liked that. 😂
Jesses 19 kun oldin
Will i die at 40?
Hannah Louise Seifert
The cheeseburger butter looked like liver paté 🤢
Cream Supreme
Cream Supreme 19 kun oldin
You: Intestines Me (an intellectual): *Poop tunnel*
Bradly Moss
Bradly Moss 20 kun oldin
how did you make starberst buder
4:37 he looks like a kid
Aidan Wissinger
Aidan Wissinger 20 kun oldin
Bring Irish Rheet back
mestavros 21 kun oldin
"Why do we eat so many poop tunnels?" -Rhett 2018
Gamer Girl Bri
Gamer Girl Bri 23 kun oldin
“Thick and hearty, make you farty” - Link Please make a collage of Link saying funny things please 😂🤣😭
Parker Edwards
Parker Edwards 23 kun oldin
Link: we have some cornbread to put on it Rhett: well I was gonna put it on the cornbread Link: *pretends to not hear it* Me: that was shade 😑😑
iggy the fox 2.0
iggy the fox 2.0 24 kun oldin
Hopefully that's non toxic crayons....
Corinne Veach
Corinne Veach 24 kun oldin
Will it McDonald's Will it tocobell Will it get OVER9000
Kolohe 24 kun oldin
I thought that they were gonna make popcorn flavored butter
sack943 24 kun oldin
why did I miss this episode I must have been under a crock
yoxredwolf 25 kun oldin
you ruint lobster..
nothing 26 kun oldin
Rhett : will cow guts butter? Of course not!!! Me: then y did u try
Tate Sepanski
Tate Sepanski 27 kun oldin
if you say that you don't just eat a log of butter but my bro just grabbed a stick and stuck it in his mouth
Tonyisgaming 27 kun oldin
Baked Bean butter has already been invented... hate to break it to you guys. It's called "Hummus" and yes Rhett, it's great with chips.
Khairaniwati Amir Hamzah
at 12:59 link sound like a motorcycle that cant start
Pyro 27 kun oldin
I can't believe it's not butter!
Tariq Hyat
Tariq Hyat 27 kun oldin
These guys need to open a gmm restaurant
DRT003 27 kun oldin
omg i just realized their mugs
vScarceELITE 27 kun oldin
I like everything about her BUTTER CRABS (😉u see what I did there)
lil vader
lil vader 28 kun oldin
wheres the butterfinger butter
Tessa Christman
Tessa Christman 28 kun oldin
*"mm, that's right. ThAt'S wHaT dAdDy NeEdeD..."* 6:23 Tbh «same»
Hannah Hicks
Hannah Hicks 29 kun oldin
but why didn't you name the utter butter "Gutter Butter" instead :(
Recon's Game Corner
Recon's Game Corner 29 kun oldin
I feel like you didn't accurately test it. Does melting the butter affect taste or spreadability?
xydoit 29 kun oldin
It better to be butter
Nodel Oliver
Nodel Oliver 29 kun oldin
Will it cheese?
pepsicomics Oy oldin
Ryan Stitt
Ryan Stitt Oy oldin
6:00 Thick and Hardy, Make you farty??
Laмira Oy oldin
shawnpatureau Oy oldin
I hate false advertising, like 'Skittles: taste the rainbow.' No one's ever been like, 'Rainbow, right you guys?' Or what's Reese's? 'There's no wrong way to eat a Reese's.' Oh, really? Tell that to my uncle who used to put them in my underwear. Alright, maybe your uncles didn't love you. Tweet
JJ Brando
JJ Brando Oy oldin
Meh, it always gets a bit too ridicules. #crayonbutter Standard trying too hard*
xKaitoACUTEx - DarkerShade
Cheese Oy oldin
Watching in November 2018
Kimberly Lukanich
Erin Lott
Erin Lott Oy oldin
Something about Link retching is so hilarious to me.
Elor504 Oy oldin
Will it milk?
Lisa Siantar
Lisa Siantar Oy oldin
Ate crayon butter and "The intestine is boiled to be safe."
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas Oy oldin
Why does rhett always look high lol
funkyX000 Oy oldin
Speakin of candy in popcorn, I've always enjoyed Junior Mints in my popcorn
SaraDerps Oy oldin
What if you guys brought back the really controversial "Will It"'s (the ones you guys disagreed on) and debate them?
Zues Oy oldin
This made my day "Butter"
AuraMaster Oy oldin
Did Rhett just call a Lobster an insect??
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Oy oldin
Do will it soap
osc w
osc w Oy oldin
where is the peanut butter butter
Hatty_Cat Gaming
That little smirk when link likes something 😉
Vaastav Parikh
How about “Will it Paratha?”
William Winder
I love cinnamon sugar butter
Annis P
Annis P Oy oldin
not sure if its a thing anywhere else. but in sweden we have liverpaste on bread as a popular breakfast dish. not a favorite of mine. but whit pickles on and its pritty good. we call it "leverpastej". the cowgut butter reminds me of a flaky version of it, just when you didn´t think swedish could been any nastyer right. ;)
Hail Oy oldin
I like chocolate and butter on my popcorn
Thurnis Haley
Thurnis Haley Oy oldin
Rhett's face when he eats the baked bean butter straight is pure satisfaction
Mach_A_Vel1 _
Mach_A_Vel1 _ Oy oldin
It’s bad i come here mainly for the torture they go through 😂
Captain Caveman
what?!!! no bacon butter?
Jackson D'Albini
I liked, I su
D u a l i t y
D u a l i t y Oy oldin
Will it birth control?
Daren Garcia
Daren Garcia Oy oldin
Awesome job guys....the crayon turned my stomach but....most of the others....tasty!
randomuser Oy oldin
will it make you puke
Manik Kreator
Manik Kreator Oy oldin
"You didn't dink it"
Sebastian Rodriguez
6:26 pure happiness