Will It Butter? Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning
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Can we believe it's now butter? Or are these new butter options better off unchurned? GMM #1354
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16-Iyl, 2018

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Fikrlar 7 419
It's Thinzy
It's Thinzy Oy oldin
will it stop my heart
Massmurder er
Massmurder er 2 kun oldin
I hope they don’t die because of this comment
Steven Young
Steven Young 3 kun oldin
MARS DG 3 kun oldin
Micah Smith
Micah Smith 4 kun oldin
Will it kill me
Liam Trudel
Liam Trudel 12 kun oldin
Playfulkitten105 2 soat oldin
*These be exotic butters*
Grammado Mandala
Grammado Mandala 2 soat oldin
Please colab with David Dobrik! its gona be amazing..
Mills Haskett
Mills Haskett 4 soat oldin
You have chosen: Exotic Butters
The Octojelly
The Octojelly 5 soat oldin
🅱️ush's 🅱️aked 🅱️eans
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose 6 soat oldin
Why do I have a crush on Rhett? 😅
Cheeba 7 soat oldin
Need new questions *yawn*
beth32580ify 10 soat oldin
My pappy always called it a "poop shoot!"
Wyatt Glaeser
Wyatt Glaeser 10 soat oldin
Dan Oh
Dan Oh 17 soat oldin
burst out lol-ing at 12:00
Dan Oh
Dan Oh 17 soat oldin
mmym starburst butter
SolidSaber 17 soat oldin
1.8k lobsters disliked
Caroline garcia
Caroline garcia 23 soat oldin
Can I get that recipe for that starburst butter :D?
Corinn Haag
Corinn Haag Kun oldin
They should do a will it pancake.
steveismylover Kun oldin
Will it lasagna?
Lemon butter from sweet chick is the best butter of all times
MrFrost123ify Kun oldin
Why do Rhett and link eat so many poop tunnels?
Mahum Ahmed
Mahum Ahmed Kun oldin
tobbaddol Kun oldin
What am I doing? Oh, just watching Rhett and Link retch on youtube again.
Vexelle fsdhjsdf
Thank you for selecting: E X O T I C B U T T E R S
Mike Beaudry
Mike Beaudry Kun oldin
Link: who knows, maybe it'll be good? *Both of them gag, Link cries, and almost throws up*
Ice Tèa
Ice Tèa Kun oldin
It’s herbs… YOU SAY IT HERBS!!!
ravenwda007 Kun oldin
Will it mac n cheese
The crazy life of ME Aaron
Will it snack cake?
Gardevoirs Boyfreind
You guys should make a restraunt out of all the good will it foods
alysha cushing
alysha cushing Kun oldin
will it chicken fried
diva and the lunatics
the look on links face when he ate the glob or Skittles butter was gold
Kyanu Pryce
Kyanu Pryce 2 kun oldin
Will it digest
madness games
madness games 2 kun oldin
The way you know Rhetts having trouble is when he means back in his chair
madness games
madness games 2 kun oldin
Are the crayons boiled for safety
nicholas veliz
nicholas veliz 2 kun oldin
The baked bean butter looks like kinetic sand
Game Bros
Game Bros 2 kun oldin
I was really hoping for some Tide Pod butter...
aly kidder
aly kidder 2 kun oldin
Misses his chance to say Link is "a maze ing"
Jim Willis
Jim Willis 2 kun oldin
Will it rice crispy treat?
Ashley's Journal
Ashley's Journal 2 kun oldin
You guys should sell a will it cookbook where you put the recipes to the best will it’s in it so we can try it!
ICE WOLF 2 kun oldin
SPAM: Stuff Posing As Meat
James Page
James Page 2 kun oldin
WILL IT FRENCH FRY?!?!?! You could cut certain things into a fry shape and fry it??!! Possibly ❤❤
jdssurf 2 kun oldin
Starburst are pathetic
iwannabluepartyhat 2 kun oldin
dgroves1570 2 kun oldin
I literally work for starburst I love this. I don't have the authority to make that decision but I wish i did!!
xocountrygirl93xo 2 kun oldin
Will it Bacon
xocountrygirl93xo 2 kun oldin
Will it Peanut Butter
xocountrygirl93xo 2 kun oldin
Will it pretzels
Are crayons edible?🤔
Joy Arnholtz
Joy Arnholtz 2 kun oldin
"Why do we eat so many poop tunnels?" - Rhett 2018
The gaming dino
The gaming dino 2 kun oldin
Oh my god link is that real gray hair I hope not
Jayla Garcia
Jayla Garcia 3 kun oldin
I had to point this out cause my OCD but at Texas roadhouse they have cinnamon butter😮😍
Tristin Bubba
Tristin Bubba 3 kun oldin
Will it soda
Steven Young
Steven Young 3 kun oldin
Have they done "will it milkshake yet"?
tom mcgee
tom mcgee 3 kun oldin
Wtf they ain't biscuits
Breath you out Breath you in
This channel makes me hungry haha 😁
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer 3 kun oldin
Is that real crayon?
dannyboy765ify 3 kun oldin
is link getting gray hair already?
J3LLYPLAYZ 2254 3 kun oldin
Will it Slime?
Kale Grey
Kale Grey 3 kun oldin
I honestly feel like certain non toxic waxes may be good fillers for butter to keep your calorie intake low. Maybe some artificial flavors to increase potency, but it would keep a realitivly normal texture
ilovepickles45 3 kun oldin
Star Butturst
Russo Sheryl
Russo Sheryl 4 kun oldin
will it oatmeal?
Foreststorm1099 AJ
Foreststorm1099 AJ 4 kun oldin
“I’m trying to do like, a normal person’s amount of butter.”
Foreststorm1099 AJ
Foreststorm1099 AJ 4 kun oldin
Could you get the Stranger Things kids on the show if you have time?
banana high
banana high 4 kun oldin
my god i just ate but this video has made me SO HUNGRY aaaaaaaaaaaa
Genevieve Smith
Genevieve Smith 4 kun oldin
Will it icing? I've been thinking of this one for awhile and I think it would be a great episode
TheNegletedOne 4 kun oldin
these are all more Pate than Butter
Minh Kwan
Minh Kwan 4 kun oldin
Will it bread?
Kiezt 4 kun oldin
Surprised they didn't use blood
ProDG Gaming
ProDG Gaming 5 kun oldin
Exotic butters
Mousrache's ALT
Mousrache's ALT 5 kun oldin
12:01 I died at the sound Rhett made.
Macy's weird Life
Macy's weird Life 5 kun oldin
6:00 lololololol😂
Dein Marcus Acoba
Dein Marcus Acoba 5 kun oldin
Bacon Burger Butter, it tastes a little bit “butter”.
H A 5 kun oldin
You should do will it gum
LordPickle 5 kun oldin
Will it toothpaste?
DJ AOTEAROA 5 kun oldin
will it stir-fry?
Smiley Lol
Smiley Lol 5 kun oldin
will it ice cream?will it sauce?will it baked cookies?
Alex Perez
Alex Perez 5 kun oldin
Where can I buy these
Alex Perez
Alex Perez 5 kun oldin
Except cow guts and crayon
Wanna be Witch
Wanna be Witch 5 kun oldin
I love that! "We're not gonna fully know how bad it is unless we swallow it..." That is a good quote to live by when trying new foods. Haha! Lol!
Freya Wilkins
Freya Wilkins 5 kun oldin
You can�t have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time 7008
CityKanin 5 kun oldin
Is Link greying?! :D Looks nice :)
blamtasticful 5 kun oldin
Will it Slurpee?
Mr Weird
Mr Weird 5 kun oldin
You should get judge Judy on gmm for food court
Ilora Rosenberg
Ilora Rosenberg 5 kun oldin
Might actually make some of these
silver flame
silver flame 5 kun oldin
Will it tamales
A Wall
A Wall 6 kun oldin
Do a will it build
Talia lol
Talia lol 6 kun oldin
You should do will it tea as in you should put different things in tea bags than add sugar then water than milk not anything else other than other stuff
Talia lol
Talia lol 6 kun oldin
By that I meant ice no ice or changing the way you put the ingredients in
Paige Davis
Paige Davis 6 kun oldin
I en watched this in so long that links hair has gone grey😭
Ed vids
Ed vids 6 kun oldin
Bushes baked beans? What happened to Heinz
Fletcher Bailey
Fletcher Bailey 6 kun oldin
It looked more like pate
milky moon
milky moon 6 kun oldin
suggestion: will it salad? you gotta be healthy after this butter amirite
Kendrick Kings
Kendrick Kings 6 kun oldin
Guys I just finished watching all the will it videos with my cousin, but I did not find a soda video and would be very interested to know what will soda
GFCROCKS11 6 kun oldin
we need a compilation of every time link said “wow rhett”
Lala Land
Lala Land 6 kun oldin
Will it wafle
Lala Land
Lala Land 6 kun oldin
Will it waffle
Golden Games
Golden Games 6 kun oldin
Can you guys do will it soda please talk about that
Kylie Arsenault
Kylie Arsenault 6 kun oldin
I genuinely hope you guys bring home each "will it" item home to your families to enjoy all week long lol
lost in a world of people
Am I the only one who still wants an episode of Will it penis 😂😂😂
KIKOKAL 6 kun oldin
Will it coctail?? Some ideas: -shrimp imfused in the coctail -peanutbutter and rum -pork blood with wine -and last but not least icecream with ouiski
Lily mutt
Lily mutt 6 kun oldin
Do you guys just like eating crayons ??
Mano Slewa
Mano Slewa 6 kun oldin
Will it rice
amyseger92 6 kun oldin
You should *Will it Air Freshener!!
Jessica Pecar
Jessica Pecar 6 kun oldin
Will it latte?
Jalyn R
Jalyn R 7 kun oldin
Will it Popcorn?