Will It Butter? Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning
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Can we believe it's now butter? Or are these new butter options better off unchurned? GMM #1354
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16-Iyl, 2018

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Fikrlar 8 208
It's Thinzy
It's Thinzy 7 oy oldin
will it stop my heart
EmoWhale 11 kun oldin
Dead Channel
Dead Channel 17 kun oldin
HiCludo Oy oldin
Will it give me a shield oot
N Valiente
N Valiente Oy oldin
Will it premature death
poké 2 oy oldin
Will it yes it will
Paul Pagani
Paul Pagani 7 soat oldin
Good Mythical Morning u should make spider butter .
Phillip Sasse
Phillip Sasse 23 soat oldin
"The ol slice and smell"
Pause 4:38 link looks like a kid
Richie !
Richie ! 2 kun oldin
My gramps eats butter by the stick, I think he’d eat logs of the baked beans one
Just Me
Just Me 3 kun oldin
Leif likes leaves
Leif likes leaves 5 kun oldin
Gutter butter, beyond the udder (This needs to be a thing. Maybe not made from actual cow guts tho. Ya know, more palatable.)
Greg Rohs
Greg Rohs 7 kun oldin
Why wouldnt you try putting popcorn into butter?
Brian Morrissey
Brian Morrissey 7 kun oldin
the glow of a man that has communed with the beans!
Kaitlin Eswizzle
Kaitlin Eswizzle 7 kun oldin
I'm really curious about their religious backgrounds. Like, they're both southern so I'm assuming they went to church, but idk. I'm v nosy.
Just K
Just K 10 kun oldin
This episode: will it heart attack Answer: yes
PUPPY158 10 kun oldin
Yall dat aint no biscuit dats a scone
Enter Thy Name _
Enter Thy Name _ 10 kun oldin
This is one of my favorite episodes, because of the variety of the things they put the butter ON. popcorn, cornbread, lobster. It's versatile.
EmoWhale 11 kun oldin
Link: *smells the food and then gags half the time* OH MY GOD WHY DO I DO THIS?! Rhett: Oooo! This looks nice! Link: * Eats it and hates it 100% * Rhett: * Eats it and likes it * Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks that Link smelling everything first is making him hate it more.
Foxxets Cousin
Foxxets Cousin 11 kun oldin
Lauren Samantha Clarke
I want marmite butter! Some one get on it!
Valerie TV
Valerie TV 16 kun oldin
Udder Butter belongs in the gutter
Argent 17 kun oldin
Will it penis?
lovely shadow beast
lovely shadow beast 17 kun oldin
4:30 the world stopped for a moment when Rhett didn't dink it😂
The Mouse In Your Room
I became a type 2 diabetic just watching this.....
Jessi amo
Jessi amo 17 kun oldin
8:30 But it isn't an insect, Rhett...
Igor Pupilo
Igor Pupilo 19 kun oldin
I always wondered, do you guys sleep on a couch after these episodes, cant imagine ur wifes let u in bed after eating all that stuff 🤢
Isaac Rumley
Isaac Rumley 19 kun oldin
Literally everything (except the cow guts) buttered!
Devin Mckinney
Devin Mckinney 19 kun oldin
my question is why are they eating crayons
David Lefebvre
David Lefebvre 20 kun oldin
we need a GMM cookbook
anime freek
anime freek 23 kun oldin
umm worry for there health because they ate crans did they ever say it was a natural cran do those things even exist idk all I know is we're lucky they do this for us
Mantis lair
Mantis lair 23 kun oldin
Will it chip
Albin 23 kun oldin
Well all The swedish People know the udder butter is what we call leverpastej
GST Monkey
GST Monkey 24 kun oldin
Rhett’s face at 0:55 when link called him a butter face tho
Madeline Larson
Madeline Larson 24 kun oldin
Missed opportunity to call the cow insides butter, gutter.
Delta Deann
Delta Deann 24 kun oldin
Rhett's face when Link calls them both butter faces is a mood
Phoenix Swanson
Phoenix Swanson 25 kun oldin
Do a “Will it Beverage.”
Catherine Chau
Catherine Chau 25 kun oldin
Cow intestines are good though...
James Hanvey aka GeekyRaptorStudios
rhett and link, i bet the starburst candy company would cut a deal with you... starburst butter is a genius idea.
Anne Mac
Anne Mac Oy oldin
They should have used a Culver’s Butterburger for the burger butter.
Madhu Krishnan
I have been enlightened on the basis of cow gut butter, thanks Rhett and Link, for your noble sacrifice.
Kyle Cook
Kyle Cook Oy oldin
Do “Will it Oreo?” Try new and exotic cream fillings!
Hamnster209 Oy oldin
Thank you for choosing: Exotic Butters
Marius Groth
Marius Groth Oy oldin
You have to do "will it mayo", where you try it with fries
FozzieatDetour BillNye
Where can I find some of that Starburst butter?
Acejal 6625
Acejal 6625 Oy oldin
Did ya get a butter bite buddy only real ones will get it
HiCludo Oy oldin
The 2k dislikers disliked cos Rhett didnt dink it
Ephraim Adedokun
Momo Maruto
Momo Maruto Oy oldin
Looks like pâté more than butter :v
Hmb Oy oldin
Brando H
Brando H Oy oldin
Utter butter naaah GUTTER BUTTER!
You should sell these on your tours
Thats what daddy needed👌
Daniel Turchan
6:00, it’s thick Thick and hardy make you ... farty?? 😂😂😂😂
Lexi Kay
Lexi Kay Oy oldin
The fact that the smell of intestines is “familiar” 😂
pittkendoka Oy oldin
Marijuana. Will it butter? Yes!
N Valiente
N Valiente Oy oldin
Sometimes they do/say things that make me think “these guys are definitely dads”
Mochi V
Mochi V Oy oldin
all I see is that *relax* sign in the back and i-
Quazzy Modo
Quazzy Modo Oy oldin
5:40 Link is truly unhappy hahaha
Fatih Çelik
Fatih Çelik Oy oldin
Hi guys Don't miss this free Bacon & butter deal! bit.ly/2M3h1XO
Alayna Cunningham
Will it tea?
Madison Barnhardt
This could have been the perfect chance to make blood butter. They could’ve called it BLOOD BUTTERS (like blood brothers)
Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson Oy oldin
5:40 Me when I can't get to sleep
Elle White
Elle White Oy oldin
6:24 made me feel some type of way
Quart D
Quart D Oy oldin
If it smells like s#%t, then you are eating s$%t. People eat intestines and you know you have to clean it first, right?
Kevin /RDT Ramos
Curious to try the starburst one xD idk about pop corn but yeah..
Kevin /RDT Ramos
Curious to try the starburst one xD idk about pop corn but yeah..
Randall Oy oldin
marijuana will it butter?
Sapp Cheng
Sapp Cheng Oy oldin
Lol u guys love hotdogs which is also in an intestine. But hated the actual idea that it is poop tunnel.
Essel Mcdonkor
will it make cheese
munchin Oy oldin
I didn't know they were in the Marines
Cameron Radaszewski
You wasted that lobster on wax you BASTARDS!!!!!
Butter Oy oldin
Nu butters were hurt in the making of this?
Carson Smith
Carson Smith Oy oldin
“You’ve ruined the experience for me”
Mr.Defaul7 Oy oldin
They should’ve made butter with cow balls and called it “nutter butter”
Kaarlina Oy oldin
In other words you guys are trying different types of Patte 😂
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson Oy oldin
Because they said never again I feel like your team should do a worst of the worst and best of the best video... Make them decide which is the worst and best things the ever ate on the show.. Jay Anderson Brisbane Australia.
SQU1RT5 Oy oldin
If the "&" sign were on the "Sink It" cup, I'd buy them.
Zúi Gaming
Zúi Gaming Oy oldin
Will it makes me less depressed?
Sophie Grace
Sophie Grace Oy oldin
"biscuits" - here in the UK those are scones, and biscuits would be like a cookie but not quite. Damn cultural differences, 😂😂
Grant Mcneley
Grant Mcneley Oy oldin
did he just say "you can really tell that it's an insect" when he was looking at the lobster? lol
Mr. Flat Earth
Thick and hearty make you farty
Hannah Taylor
Hannah Taylor Oy oldin
Hannah Taylor
Hannah Taylor Oy oldin
Is link getting old or is it hair dye
ThePlatGamer Oy oldin
“Familiar intestine smell”
Hunter x craft
Waste of a good lobster
Polar702bear Oy oldin
I'm on my way to Carl's Jr right now lol
fem wynn
fem wynn 2 oy oldin
that's not cornbread....
SB 50cal
SB 50cal 2 oy oldin
12:20 that’s what she said
Luna Park
Luna Park 2 oy oldin
10/10 on those Rhett sounds after he eats the Gutter.
Reznov 11982011
Reznov 11982011 2 oy oldin
“That’s what daddy needed.”
20kitkat 2 oy oldin
For the first few butters, I started to believe that 'hey, maybe today'll be the day that everything will butter'... But then...nah boi...WHY GUTTER WHY
Covey Carter
Covey Carter 2 oy oldin
Rhett finally admitted to being a bird
Nero Mauritzen
Nero Mauritzen 2 oy oldin
*Buys shotgun and waits for Thanksgiving/Rhett hunting season🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃*
kadijah adams
kadijah adams 2 oy oldin
I enjoy this show way more than I should !!
FFX Skipity
FFX Skipity 2 oy oldin
“Will it butter my crossaint”
Nishtha Sinha
Nishtha Sinha 2 oy oldin
Exotic Butters :)
Nero Mauritzen
Nero Mauritzen 2 oy oldin
Erotic Butters... 😆
SUBSCRIBE Just for fun
Rewatching this the camera looks so much crisper then now
Yasmin Seah
Yasmin Seah 2 oy oldin
Did Rhett say lobsters are insects? Aren't they crustaceans?
Jay Harv28
Jay Harv28 Oy oldin
Part of the same phylum
Dan Hemsley
Dan Hemsley 2 oy oldin
Breanna Kittle
Breanna Kittle 2 oy oldin
Exotic butters.
Leo Moore
Leo Moore 2 oy oldin
pickle butter? anyone
Nero Mauritzen
Nero Mauritzen 2 oy oldin
Yes! Made from those big pickled cucumbers
deveros dev
deveros dev 2 oy oldin
maybe will it soap ????
Screaming Phoenix
Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh, did these dudes deadass just eat the poop chute and the milk fat in one go
Vania Pinedo
Vania Pinedo 2 oy oldin
I would like ingredients and instructions and a detailed courseso on how to make the baked beans butter, the burger butter and the starbursts butter 😊😊 by the mythical crew😁😁
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