Will It Cheesecake? Taste Test

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Can we have our cake and eat it too? Today we ask the age old questions: Will It Cheesecake? GMM #1385
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24-Sen, 2018

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Alia McBride
Alia McBride 3 oy oldin
"It smells like cheesecake... But it looks like a problem"
Artonline 3 kun oldin
+BLVCK LIGHT You should probably just get it over with as soon a possible. I can see the darkest shadows in your house.
Cynthia Middleton
Cynthia Middleton 23 kun oldin
You missed the tastiest one of all: bircjh beer.
violet Oy oldin
Haley Wood
Haley Wood Oy oldin
JesusChristVEVO wow jealous and salty much lol
Cas Lee
Cas Lee 2 oy oldin
+Jaina Novelo they make so much money from that thrown away food that they can donate a bunch of that money to charities, which ends up helping way more people than the food they wasted would've helped.
treynolds Reynolds
treynolds Reynolds 21 soat oldin
Do a will it pumpkin pie!
Ad00rable Kun oldin
5:09 - 5:37 beautiful
Samantha Grantham
Samantha Grantham 2 kun oldin
I love the will it video
Artimus Protensor
Artimus Protensor 2 kun oldin
If you want an energizing cheesecake, coffee would probably have tasted better.
Bere Cajica
Bere Cajica 3 kun oldin
Love the weird voices you make!! So funny ❤️😂
Liam Bean
Liam Bean 3 kun oldin
the look on link's face when he eats the bile cheesecake cracks me up every time XD
Artonline 3 kun oldin
Guess my town was not important enough for you to put up a billboard.
YOBY 5 kun oldin
9:54 "Bush wack like a couple of maniacs."
beastmode mcgee
beastmode mcgee 7 kun oldin
*soon as they take a bite* slow the speed quality to 0.25x to see what its like when rhett and link get a drugged cake.
Daula East
Daula East 7 kun oldin
Like as if normal cheese wasn't already fatty enough😹😹
Noodles Only
Noodles Only 7 kun oldin
What are grape nuts?
slimskulls Gaming
slimskulls Gaming 9 kun oldin
Lol i work at KFC the famouse bowls are odd they even started adding hot sauce to them. Also its very amazing how much they know about KFC foods
Roman Bukins
Roman Bukins 9 kun oldin
Those first two cheesecakes appear just so strangely... ... British. Remind me of those REALLY good savory pies :)
Magzie Wheeler
Magzie Wheeler 10 kun oldin
Can someone actually rank the top 10 worst things eaten on the show? Youresoloud?
Verif Ied
Verif Ied 10 kun oldin
Rhett used the power of Hulk Hogan in his prime to get through this. XD
Taylor Leigh
Taylor Leigh 11 kun oldin
Halfway in & haven’t heard “not a sponsor” like always.. so are some of them sponsoring?! I hope so!
Sonya Rae Lyn
Sonya Rae Lyn 11 kun oldin
I would not be able to handle half the things they ask Josh to make.
John Haney
John Haney 12 kun oldin
Isn't blood a secretion
Margaret Belle
Margaret Belle Kun oldin
John Haney no it's not. Secretions come from glands.
Bailey Gibson
Bailey Gibson 12 kun oldin
Do you think they go home sometimes and their wives are just like "No kissing today. I SEEN WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH ON TODAY'S SHOW"
Gideon Bowman
Gideon Bowman 14 kun oldin
"Wronged in the mouth." Bwahahahaha!
Matthew Storm
Matthew Storm 14 kun oldin
Link looks scared of the cheesecake
SomeRandomGuy 14 kun oldin
13:19 What was that cow eating?! omg pretty sure they make cows eat chemicals too.
Derf Gniddew
Derf Gniddew 15 kun oldin
Thank you for suffering for our entertainment.
Wash Board
Wash Board 15 kun oldin
I guess energy drinks bring on t e s t o s t e r o n e
RaiRai7331 15 kun oldin
Really not a fan of these new Will It episodes, they straight away go into the weird and it just gets boring. I way prefer the older ones where they actually were a bit more creative about it and made things that might or might actually not be good, and sometimes you'd think "I might actually try that". Now its just lets all watch them eat gross crap in the form of some food, which to me is just boring and repetitive. I don't mind them doing 1 or 2 weird ones at the end, but an entire episode where its either obviously bad or only just passes is just lame.
I am the Hey man
I am the Hey man 10 kun oldin
I am the hey man no
I am the Hey man
I am the Hey man 10 kun oldin
RaiRai7331 yes
The super bros Entertainment
Yeah kfc did things to me Like take my order
Lea Vallette
Lea Vallette 16 kun oldin
You guys should do a will it Oreo! Make the cream in the middle out of various things and put it in between two oreo cookies and see if it Oreos
Bryan C
Bryan C 16 kun oldin
Should’ve been called the philly cheesecake
Samuel 16 kun oldin
This channel makes me so happy, and pleased with myself
Preston_ Reese
Preston_ Reese 18 kun oldin
I wonder how much they make off of this
Mr. Cringe2
Mr. Cringe2 18 kun oldin
Rhett: We’re gonna ride the savory *train* one more time Link: *proceeds to ride horse*
Amy App
Amy App 18 kun oldin
i think there should be a will it dip!
Shelley Bancroft
Shelley Bancroft 19 kun oldin
😱 You know it's disgusting when Link yanks off his glasses 👓 🤢 I'm betting he'd eat a tomato 🍅 after that "bile have what cheese having," abomination 🤣
Dcrash 19 kun oldin
Haven’t watched good mythical morning in so long! Look at Link, lookin like a silver fox snack.
Antonio DeFrancesco/Spongememes
13:19 the moment their lives changed forever
Dom I
Dom I 19 kun oldin
My name fogus and i once survived 70 years in a ice cube made of slugs. Sometimes i love to eat green hamburgers but never without blue cheese. My favourite hobbies are belly dancing, spooning and walking on all three legs. I want to become president so i can make the world flat again and build many sky scrappers made of candy. VOTE FOR FOGUS. Thank you
RedX Nova
RedX Nova 19 kun oldin
I’m I saw one in Huntsville
Saoirse Carruthers
Saoirse Carruthers 20 kun oldin
I disagree because KFCs chicken bowls are the most wonderful hangover cures 😅
Fuck Off
Fuck Off 21 kun oldin
Beef bile my ass. They ate a vomit cheesecake
John Scott Jr
John Scott Jr 22 kun oldin
Lois Thompson
Lois Thompson 23 kun oldin
i dont know why but i love your intro aswell as the music (:
Voy Ker
Voy Ker 23 kun oldin
Craig Cain
Craig Cain 23 kun oldin
Can I get the cheese steak recipe😐
Unlikely_Jack 24 kun oldin
"Bile have what cheese having." 🤣😂
dwicha naza
dwicha naza 24 kun oldin
I love this episode
LPE SKEE 25 kun oldin
Herlande Rose
Herlande Rose 25 kun oldin
Brett Saunders
Brett Saunders 25 kun oldin
Mike de Jong
Mike de Jong 26 kun oldin
hey guys !! Im a baker from the netherlands :P is there any chance to get hold of the ''energy cheesecake'' recipe :D i would love to make it myself
Kristin Hyde
Kristin Hyde 26 kun oldin
I have one the Philly cheese cake lol
Mel B.
Mel B. 27 kun oldin
Link at 13:32
TheF_word 29 kun oldin
Ha philly cheese "scake" instead of steak or cake
TheF_word 29 kun oldin
Haha pure experiment "taste" tion
Park Soo Young
The things they do for us❤😂
Roseann Mazzone
our favorite common denominator! Please eat skinney!
For those of you who haven't experienced the wonders of bile, it tastes like the worst part of vomit with a little extra bitterness. Imagine sticking a Nintendo Switch cartridge on your tongue and then drinking a pint of sour milk.
Sarah Oy oldin
Why is their cheez whiz so yellow?! Is cheez whiz different in the us???
Rilven Oy oldin
Links soul left his body
Michelle Smith
y? y bile, from a cow even??? dont eat that crap. its going to kill you one day.
Nivea Fonseca
Nivea Fonseca Oy oldin
Love from Philadelphia ❤️🌹
Will it pie? Philly cheescake!
Or a will it pancake?
They should turn the tables and do a will it cartoon Where they make cartoons based on weird ideas and air it on tv to see if kids like it
Oscar D
Oscar D Oy oldin
Now that must've been damn bitter.
Sarah Meza
Sarah Meza Oy oldin
*Newsflash* milk is a secretion so you actually have had many secretions before
SwishiestSumo 86
i thought they was gonna pull out the adderal cheesecake at 6:18
Lil Vamp
Lil Vamp Oy oldin
Will it poptart
ur mom
ur mom Oy oldin
Diane Slaney
Diane Slaney Oy oldin
minty pink? lol
Daniel Lindaman
Κώστας Λουπασάκης
Fun fact: Bile is what gives poop it's signature color. So in a sense this is as close you can get as eating poop without actually eating the real thing.
Janet Jaimes
Janet Jaimes Oy oldin
OMG there was a billboard of gmm in my small town but I always forgot to take a pic
Jazz The Artistic
KFC Kentucky Fried Cake
Fluffy Pappas
Fluffy Pappas Oy oldin
I'm really upset that you didn't call it "Philly Cheesecake"
Willa Navarro
Willa Navarro 5 kun oldin
Fluffy Pappas SAME
Emilio ovalle
Emilio ovalle Oy oldin
Cotta love 13:00
GrimAesthetic MSP
It's a bile hazard
Zoe Pearson
Zoe Pearson Oy oldin
"Whos idea was this??" " _Kevin??_ "
Nezu Oy oldin
Hm... Recipes for the first three cheesecakes? :D
Covey Carter
Covey Carter Oy oldin
Why would anyone think beef bile would make good cheesecake
Hunter Armstrong
Philly cheese cake
hey rhett you should eat fish food with link
Penny Black
Penny Black Oy oldin
You need a gmm recipe channel for recipes such as the KFC cheesecake that y'all day we should try. I want some now.
I hate cheese cake. This whole episode made me gag.
Dave Schultze
Dave Schultze Oy oldin
I really want that energy drink cheese cake
CeliaXx99 Oy oldin
13:32 They broke Link 😂
minty mints
minty mints Oy oldin
7:59 pbg?
hiiii rhett and link
Chloe Hall
Chloe Hall Oy oldin
Will it Cookie or Will it Shortcake
WronG NamE TV
WronG NamE TV Oy oldin
Will it float (like a root beer float) but with like GRAVY & MASH POTATOES
WronG NamE TV
WronG NamE TV Oy oldin
Maven Esquith
Maven Esquith Oy oldin
I'm cry laughing! Oh my goodness that's awesome. I hope you do an episode where we see you eat the top ten worst things you've ever eaten on the show and you rate them... Also I was really hoping for gravy cheesecake.
Elafi Milo
Elafi Milo Oy oldin
Grape Nuts = pet food. The secret comes out!
Elafi Milo
Elafi Milo Oy oldin
Is Link red-green colorblind? He said the energy drink cheesecake was "minty-pink." On that note, my little nephew, who is himself red-green colorblind, said that a greenish pond looked "bloody," in his own words.
Jasdf Wasdf
Jasdf Wasdf Oy oldin
Rick Campbell
Rick Campbell Oy oldin
Jessica Bake
Jessica Bake Oy oldin
My favourite cheesecake is New York or passion fruit and mango cheese cake
Ahmad Farhan
Ahmad Farhan Oy oldin
Hi I from Malaysia. I think you must try another country food.
Hanson Yeoh
Hanson Yeoh Oy oldin
Make a series about "will it blue cheese"
Tina Brazz
Tina Brazz Oy oldin
Why didn’t they put Mac n cheese in the kfc cheesecake is my question like DUH 😂😂