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Can a Bloody Mary be made into an edible chip? The Mythical kitchen whipped up some of the strangest chip flavors for us to test on our palettes. GMM #1268.1
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5-Fev, 2018

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seidimeow 11 oy oldin
DID Y'ALL see Rhett and Link last night during the superbowl??? I was so proud of these lowkey dads, they've gotten so far 😭😂🎉🏈
Samer Shamseddine
Samer Shamseddine 20 kun oldin
9:23 Best part😂😂😂
ellohareeye4 Oy oldin
I'll need to find it. I rarely watch football and I'm not as regular of a viewer of any gmm stuff since 2017 so I'm watching a few games and Will Its getting back into it
Angel x Demon
Angel x Demon 2 oy oldin
**shows Rhett and Link** Me: **rubs eyes** Rhett and Link?!
Adam Hart
Adam Hart 2 oy oldin
Psycho Milk... sigh
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Soat oldin
Your breath smells like penis
Marcus Dan
Marcus Dan 5 soat oldin
" cockamole"
SacredSlaughter 5 soat oldin
CptKirk FPV
CptKirk FPV 6 soat oldin
Hey link. Potatoes and corn are both not vegetables...
Glass Dragon
Glass Dragon Kun oldin
Can't wait for that "Will It Penis?" Episode. That'll be one to remember.
Dirt Diggler Racing
Will it penis XD
Pyper Lude
Pyper Lude 2 kun oldin
How about a will it applesauce next lol
"Will it penis" made me laugh the most out of all your videos so far 😂😂😂
How tf do I happen to watch this video at the same time that I'm eating cereal and on the same day that I had Chikfila??
piyush sharma
piyush sharma 2 kun oldin
is it the lighting or is links hair kinda grey in some parts?
Heavenly Nocturne
Heavenly Nocturne 4 kun oldin
Im surprised i haven't seen Rhett in any fanficts lmao
Damantion Hamblin
Damantion Hamblin 4 kun oldin
Any one go to tour of mythicality mass
Julia Higgins-Sullivan
good job I've been watching for a while no ilyg bye
Itz 8lack0ut
Itz 8lack0ut 5 kun oldin
Can’t wait for the Will It Penis episode
Kailyn Thompson
Kailyn Thompson 7 kun oldin
My fish’s food were these frozen cubes of bloodworms and krill. Maybe it’s because they were not little goldfish or beta fish. But I did have a beta fish and I used to eat their dried food. It was soooo salty. It wasn’t good but I kept eating it
I don't think rhett is as straight as he claims
Lythien Thong
Lythien Thong 7 kun oldin
Reminds me of link when he said will it guinea pig balls in will it pancakes XD
Kristian Fagerström
Link liked Tomato? I thought he hates tomatoes?
Dr-Awesome 8 kun oldin
Will it penis????
Kurik Mcclure
Kurik Mcclure 9 kun oldin
Undaltering penis
Maedin Jones
Maedin Jones 10 kun oldin
When you guys said bow down to fish! My fish looked at me and kept swimming up out of her tank!
No Longer
No Longer 10 kun oldin
This is the funniest episode ever I laughed so hard
Hart Bridges
Hart Bridges 11 kun oldin
“guacapenis” - Link Neal 2018
David Bradt
David Bradt 12 kun oldin
alucardfu2 12 kun oldin
Anonymous 12 kun oldin
Holy shit this made me laugh so hard
Ryan Blue
Ryan Blue 13 kun oldin
Will it penis
Mrs. Nightmare
Mrs. Nightmare 14 kun oldin
*Would you rather have a straight penis?!*
Andrew Bardsley
Andrew Bardsley 14 kun oldin
I just unpaused the video and heard “we take your food and we dip it in you children”
Sophie Rousseau
Sophie Rousseau 14 kun oldin
Will it lollipop
T0xic 14 kun oldin
Will it penis 😂
Spirobrine 14 kun oldin
Santiago Sepulveda
Santiago Sepulveda 14 kun oldin
NirmyWizard -SammiiCake
The crew is so immature, but who isn’t right
NirmyWizard -SammiiCake
Yak penis is strong
Dallas Panopio
Dallas Panopio 16 kun oldin
This is the hardest I’ve ever laughed 😂😂
Jalisa Williams
Jalisa Williams 16 kun oldin
Still waitin' on will it Penis, guys
Miracle Clarke
Miracle Clarke 16 kun oldin
V.E The Gamer
V.E The Gamer 16 kun oldin
waiting for WILL IT PENIS episode.
Iron lord
Iron lord 17 kun oldin
13:54 it is confirmed... link is straight
Josh Olesnevich
Josh Olesnevich 17 kun oldin
Roses are red Violets are sometimes blue The time you might be looking for Is 12:22
Shark Man
Shark Man 17 kun oldin
Happy new year in 7 hours 🎉🎉
Prescription Coils
Prescription Coils 17 kun oldin
Its 2019 . I'm still waiting for the "will it penis?" episode
Tomm Watson
Tomm Watson 17 kun oldin
Will it penis ?
Ferou FAM
Ferou FAM 17 kun oldin
WILL IT PENIS??? RHETT IS HILARIOUS. I SWEAR THIS DUDE IS A LEGEND!!! LOL! Will it penis? Penis chip? Hahahahahahahaha!!!! I'm dying. Ahhh... That's funny! 😆
The_Goofy_Gamer 18 kun oldin
Chips? I think you meant crisps😁🇬🇧
Skittles S
Skittles S 19 kun oldin
Would you rather have a straight penis
ChipyGage 19 kun oldin
Is it just me, or do they keep saying my name?
John Chơi Game
John Chơi Game 19 kun oldin
Still waiting for Will It Penis.
DeMarquin Houston
DeMarquin Houston 19 kun oldin
Will it pie?
Hoard EG
Hoard EG 19 kun oldin
looking forward to will it penis
Toxic Trash
Toxic Trash 19 kun oldin
This is completely unrelated, but is it weird that right now I’m eating dry ramen? Oh and I also think most flavored chips that aren’t the original flavor are gross
IronMight365 19 kun oldin
GMM Episode 22,635 - Will It Penis?
Zack Hall
Zack Hall 19 kun oldin
The process describes more of a crisp than a chip..
Sunny_Lyte 20 kun oldin
Lol @9:29 "Stay down fish! Stay down in the depths!" 😂😂😂
Gign 20 kun oldin
You ate yak penis you got the gay 🕺
why are there so many toster strudels ?
I laughed for far too long at "just the chip"
why are there so many toster strudels ?
+Lucca F ya know... like "just the tip" cause its penis chips
Lucca F
Lucca F 10 kun oldin
why are there so many toster strudels ? I don’t understand this one.
Danwolf15 20 kun oldin
I'm still waiting for the "Will it Penis ?" episode
JK Hutch
JK Hutch 20 kun oldin
i thought links shirt was a picture of a balding man at first when i couldnt see the face of the fox
The Wiener Dog Vlogs
So the Bloody Mary was a virgin chip, thats actually good because since they didnt cook it ALL the alcohol would be in it, if they cooked it about 5% of the alcohol would be left, as unlike everyone seems to think, cookding it DOES NOT get rid of all of the Alcohol. Thats a common misunderstanding. Also, fish food is in fact...... other fish.
Lauren Roberge
Lauren Roberge 20 kun oldin
Just so you know, fish food is dehydrated fish. Fish eat other fish. So technically you were eating the fish and their babies.. lol 😂
Lauren Roberge
Lauren Roberge 20 kun oldin
Tyler Bevan
Tyler Bevan 20 kun oldin
“Traditionally, fish food is food that’s for fish.” -Rhett McLaughlin
Sylvia Corvalán
Sylvia Corvalán 20 kun oldin
The funny part is that I'm from Chile, and here "pico" is slang for "penis". So it could just have been Pico de gallo
Samer Shamseddine
Samer Shamseddine 20 kun oldin
Who else is here from the best 5 episodes of 2018?
Ralph Splitzer
Ralph Splitzer 21 kun oldin
im here for will it penis
Skye Brown
Skye Brown 21 kun oldin
this is def not an episode to watch while ur pregnant bcuz I laughed so hard I peed my pants which I do enough without good mythical morning
Damien Starks
Damien Starks 22 kun oldin
Remember when they used to not be creative at all with their Willits
AlchemGlitch 24 kun oldin
Will it penis?
Gregoria Ramos
Gregoria Ramos 25 kun oldin
Dedra Hall
Dedra Hall 25 kun oldin
Will it jerky?
Cry Celestial
Cry Celestial 27 kun oldin
So I’m only here because of a certain type of funny moment video
White Boys Rap
White Boys Rap 27 kun oldin
Guac-a-penis, imma put that in stores
Toxiclime 27 kun oldin
I can't wait for them to make will it penis😜
Spitfire Aly
Spitfire Aly 27 kun oldin
if you sell those worldwide i'd definitely buy all the flavors
SerialKillerSweet 28 kun oldin
“I mean I can’t say I’m enjoying myself but... I don’t wanna die.” Me in life everyday😂😭😭
the man, the myth, the legend Lukieboi
Will it penis, when
Jazz Mouse
Jazz Mouse 29 kun oldin
What was that at 10:32
Tactical Lime
Tactical Lime Oy oldin
It was approximately 7.25 seconds
stuff I find INTERESTING
Fish have no taste buds
baguette4rent Oy oldin
1. Put it on 0.5x speed. 2. Go to 13:55. 3. Enjoy.
Jadon Newton
Jadon Newton Oy oldin
Will it marshmallow?
Noah Rush32
Noah Rush32 Oy oldin
Sam Pouquet
Sam Pouquet Oy oldin
Disappointed that they didn't did the fish food in Phish Food ice cream
Apathetic Apparition
the bloody mary chips just look like regular ketchup chips
The kawaii Potato
Who likes Rhett over link
Ramiro Arevalo
Do Will it Nacho dip
ATOM Lurch
ATOM Lurch Oy oldin
Haha I can't do it 😂😂😂😂 this is too much for me
Adam Baird
Adam Baird Oy oldin
This is one of the best episodes of GMM of all time!
Still waiting for that "Will it penis" episode, lol :D
Danielle Thurman
I just lost it when Rhett will it penis😂🤣
Sing To The Clouds
Can’t wait to see will it penis
Katie Laitala
Katie Laitala Oy oldin
will it penis XD
Virgo Star
Virgo Star Oy oldin
Will it Christmas tree ornament?
Raise Racer
Raise Racer Oy oldin
10:51 The *madness* begins!
ebiljebus Oy oldin
Rhett and Link are true gourmands: uzvid.com/video/video-X08upzdwejg.html&t=2m39s
Dailynn Rockburn
i laughed so hard when Rhett said " Will it penis?" im crying omg
Krystal Kleven
GIGI Xoxo Oy oldin
I want to eat the cereal chip
Will It Poppy?
11 oy oldin