Will It Gingerbread Man? Taste Test

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Thanks to Google Pixel 3 for sponsoring today's episode! Go to store.google.com/us/product/pixel_3?hl=en-US to get the Pixel 3 for yourself! #teampixel. Today we're answering the age old question- Will it Gingerbread Man? GMM #1443
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13-Dek, 2018

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Diana Iren
Diana Iren 12 soat oldin
5:49 to 5:52 when link ate the scorpion for a card game
Kyle Cook
Kyle Cook 17 soat oldin
Delp Entertainment
Delp Entertainment 20 soat oldin
I could probably easily eat a lot of the stuff that makes y’all gag, like brain, haggis, and some of those cakes from Will It Cake, just to name a few.
Talk to me about hamilto N
*sponsered by pixel*
Julie Barton
Julie Barton Kun oldin
Why was Link flapping?
? ?
? ? Kun oldin
What happened to christmas set up?!?
Proud Panda
Proud Panda 2 kun oldin
Insane in the lamb brain
wiiztec 2 kun oldin
The real sponsor was sheep brain
Tom Beedall
Tom Beedall 3 kun oldin
Link always gotta be doing the weird shit to get the nasty stuff down 😂
The Shank
The Shank 3 kun oldin
"I don't like gingerbread." Oh, stop the presses! Link doesn't like something?!?!?!?
Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam
13:34 out of context clips
AllannaXD 3 kun oldin
Drinking rules: 1.Take a shot every time they mention the pixel 3. 2. Fall into a coma, following severe alcohol poisoning.
Christian Upton
Christian Upton 3 kun oldin
Will it caviar
Christian Upton
Christian Upton 3 kun oldin
Give a like if link does not make sense
Alex yung
Alex yung 3 kun oldin
The gingerbrain man looks like Elmo
koko*don* 4 kun oldin
I love rhetts deep thoughts. Haha we grew up by a place that is responsible for the greatest steak.
MegaHoundoom Moon
MegaHoundoom Moon 4 kun oldin
T-pose gagging 13:24
Chris Andrews
Chris Andrews 4 kun oldin
Is this what my life has come to? Watching a grown man manually help his friend chew lambs brain and flap their arms like birds?
Charles Schauffler
Charles Schauffler 5 kun oldin
do a will it grill cheese
HiChristopher Washburn
Did anyone else laugh at them
zzpza 5 kun oldin
Link's jacket is good.
Erftan57 5 kun oldin
5:42 Rhett's subtle joke, he knows what he said
Ethan Bush
Ethan Bush 5 kun oldin
They’re Christmas zombies
MORE_Allen 6 kun oldin
5:54 "Think of a time when crunchy wasnt a good thing." Link: "I cant come up with one Rhett..." Well, just think back to Will it Pizza, because of the Beach Sand Pizza. lmao
Chloe Mae
Chloe Mae 7 kun oldin
"When was crunch ever a bad thing?" Hmmmm........ *insert flashback music* How about the Riptide pizza and Tea leaf pizza maybe? Lovely... crunchy... sand.
The Hell Am I
The Hell Am I 7 kun oldin
You can never forget the smell of a fresh raw brain more less a preserved brain (URGHHHHHH)
2024 Hope Smith
2024 Hope Smith 7 kun oldin
Rhett; hmmmmm Link: ugh, ugh, ugh! Rhett; oh, let me just help you chew that LInk; what are you doing! Rhett smiling and not seeming to notice the brains he's chewing on.
R. Flash
R. Flash 7 kun oldin
Why is Michael cera making Gingerbread men?
D’vyne Angel
D’vyne Angel 7 kun oldin
Am I the only one disappointed that they didn’t do a ginger and bread gingerbread man?
Daniel Kallsen
Daniel Kallsen 7 kun oldin
Josh blinks a lot
Jenna Sackett
Jenna Sackett 7 kun oldin
I can remember a time when crunch wasn't good it Link's life. Do you remember Will it Pizza. The sand
junna hisham
junna hisham 8 kun oldin
Ok I know this is not related to the video and somebody is gonna get annoyed and I'm sorry but please keep scrolling I don't know who to talk to😁 who is excited for txt to debut my heart feels weird I'm so happy plz tell me I'm not the only one
John Stonik
John Stonik 8 kun oldin
Now this is how you promote a product. Non intrusive and actually a great addition.
lwl 8 kun oldin
Try "Will it macaron"
Emir Krso
Emir Krso 8 kun oldin
Tell me a time crunchy is a bad thing. MILK
Robert Allen
Robert Allen 9 kun oldin
It's always sunny in Philadelphia, anyone?
Roxanne Lehtonen
Roxanne Lehtonen 9 kun oldin
Omg!!! This was the funniest video I have seen so far of you guys!😂😂😂😂 Love it!!! Keep it up!!❤❤❤
Hunter 9 kun oldin
Will it will it? (Could the be a conceivable topic of a will it episode xD)
Hannah the Musician
Hannah the Musician 10 kun oldin
I see Rhett and Link's strategy here. They do all of these things to make people smarter. Awesome!
Katelynn Marie
Katelynn Marie 10 kun oldin
I smell me hungry man that is in the microwave
Sebastian 0113
Sebastian 0113 10 kun oldin
I like how they were paid by google but they use iphones, at least one of them does
Trystan Dias
Trystan Dias 10 kun oldin
Cool episode, and thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S8, i could see this episode of GMM featuring the Google Pixel 3
Nóc Tun
Nóc Tun 10 kun oldin
Sup Nóc Tun..😘😘
Sean farrell
Sean farrell 10 kun oldin
Its frigen weird but these weird mixing gets ne hungry
John Dunham
John Dunham 10 kun oldin
I'm from salisbury and no we didn't make the steak but we did invent food lion and cheerwine, the original cheerwine bottling plant as well as the first food lion are in salisbury
Sube Tube
Sube Tube 10 kun oldin
I love the 2 second clip of link t- posing and dry heaving
mommy me
mommy me 10 kun oldin
Guys in Serbia pigs brain is delicacy. You deep fry it in crunchy batter season it well and serve it with tartar sauce for dipping .
JEVIL 10 kun oldin
11:52 YEP
Malifique96 10 kun oldin
Nothing stresses me out more than Link wiping his mouth, then his eyes, then his nose, then back into the eyes! Like dude, you gonna get an eye infection
Max Jefferison
Max Jefferison 11 kun oldin
Why did they record using the Pixel? Sure it's a good phone but just use an actual camera Edit: and mic
Jessica B
Jessica B 8 kun oldin
Because they got paid to do it. That would be the paid promotion thing at the beginning.
Olivia Brooklyn
Olivia Brooklyn 11 kun oldin
PLEASE GUYS, A REQUEST! Could you TASTE TEST & RANK jalapeno and cheese snacks from all fast food chains available? Jalapeno Cheese Bites, McDonald's Chili Poppers, Burger King Cheesy Jalapeno, Carls Jr Jalapeño Poppers, Pizza Hut Jalapeno Poppers, Arby's Cheesy Jalapeno Bites, Papa Johns you would make me so happy :)
Ethan S
Ethan S 11 kun oldin
Modern Rhett and Link look like they are just exhausted by this bit. The irony is, I think most people prefer to see the odd stuff that actually works. I hope your friendship is as good as it's always been.
Maureen Auman
Maureen Auman 11 kun oldin
i dont gag lol im actually curious on trying some of the foods you guys eat lol
BubbaDERP21 The Cringe God
13:02 F is for friends who vomit together
MeowgicalCatt 11 kun oldin
Pleasee more kitchen sceenes
Good Vibes
Good Vibes 11 kun oldin
Will it pb & jelly.
NoSoundAllEcho 12 kun oldin
I should not have eaten dinner while I watch this
Mr.E 12 kun oldin
They could be a bit more subtle with the paid promotion
Adam Mechlaoui
Adam Mechlaoui 12 kun oldin
I’ve eaten lamb heart. Will I have a lambs heart
Townnn-biz 12 kun oldin
Y E S?
Shadow puppet
Shadow puppet 12 kun oldin
You should do will it pudding like peppers or blood or ginger
Riley Pop
Riley Pop 12 kun oldin
13:32 *dad walks in* dad: tf?
Aaron Madin
Aaron Madin 12 kun oldin
*gingerbread people
skatermonkie 13 kun oldin
Link: gagging Link: actually that’s pretty good
Livia _
Livia _ 13 kun oldin
I’m dying from laughter right now XD
Djlxmofo vids
Djlxmofo vids 14 kun oldin
Seriously do will it salad there's too much potential and comedic value with salad as a will it video
Djlxmofo vids
Djlxmofo vids 14 kun oldin
WILL IT SALAD?????????????????????????????????
Meghan Ramsey
Meghan Ramsey 14 kun oldin
Why.......just why I'm not sure if I'm questioning his use of brains in gingerbread men or watching the video in the first place.......could be a little of both.
Will it.... Trifle? Lasagne? Toastie? Sandwich cookie? Tortilla?
BoB Rex Productions
BoB Rex Productions 14 kun oldin
12:40 made me laugh. Rhett is eating Brain but doesn't care instead he is making Link Chew, (Insert laughing emoji) *Sometimes you need your buddy to help you - Oh god! Oh god!*
BoB Rex Productions
BoB Rex Productions 14 kun oldin
6:09 *Particles*
Sidney James
Sidney James 14 kun oldin
*Josh works SO hard and puts in SO much effort and time into everything he makes! It looks like he has fun! Always fantastic work Josh!*
PhoenixDragon 15 kun oldin
You guys need to do a will it mochi challenge!
AHMED KHALIL 15 kun oldin
Hey guys As a matter of fact in Egypt they love to eat lamb brain as part of the meal Ps: I am from egypt
Benjamin Madsen
Benjamin Madsen 15 kun oldin
Will it milkshake
The Flashverse
The Flashverse 15 kun oldin
0:14 when you realize that school is closer than you think
Hunter Castro
Hunter Castro 15 kun oldin
13:33 Rhett and link asserting their dominance
josh hollis
josh hollis 15 kun oldin
Link where did you get that jacket???
ArcherProductions 15 kun oldin
How about trying “will it Bread”
Rafa Fern
Rafa Fern 15 kun oldin
Will it noodle like spaghetti
Rafa Fern
Rafa Fern 15 kun oldin
Will it kebab. Will it sushi. Will it slice like fruit ninja
Nerdy Vids
Nerdy Vids 16 kun oldin
Link:It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Me:Everywhere you go
GhastlyGoodness 16 kun oldin
5:52 all the bugs Link ate
The TubberNaught
The TubberNaught 16 kun oldin
They are using the music from its always sunny in Philadelphia lol
NicksBroArmy247 16 kun oldin
9:57 i had my window for youtube minimized and that pounding scared the shit out of me
Cassia McCarthy
Cassia McCarthy 16 kun oldin
I was watching this whilst eating breakfast!! 😆
Ligma ur Face
Ligma ur Face 16 kun oldin
How about will it gingerbread women
miramardream 16 kun oldin
9:02 How Link calls his wife.
Christopher Ashby
Christopher Ashby 16 kun oldin
The Ginger"Brain"Man kind of reminds me of A Tickle-Me-Elmo for some reason.
Fortnite 17 kun oldin
They meant will it merry marauder
Roxy The Pug
Roxy The Pug 17 kun oldin
Go back to their earlier videos and tell me Rhett and link weren’t the starters of mukbang :d
Roxy The Pug
Roxy The Pug 17 kun oldin
I haven’t watched these guys in three years, WTH happened to the old intro lol! But their humor hasn’t changed and I love it!
S W 17 kun oldin
Josh got really fat and out of shape
Hannah Calder
Hannah Calder 17 kun oldin
Sooooo is Josh single or?... because if not...
Tamsyn Kelly
Tamsyn Kelly 17 kun oldin
13:42 me December 1
Tamsyn Kelly
Tamsyn Kelly 17 kun oldin
“I’m a surrogate chewer, just relax”
Puzzled BFG
Puzzled BFG 17 kun oldin
I've asked and they have delivered thank you Rhett&Link I love your guys channel so much & you 2 as well.
Pariza Meer
Pariza Meer 17 kun oldin
Cora Taylor
Cora Taylor 14 kun oldin
Already done
Rodney Dalton
Rodney Dalton 17 kun oldin
This is a way to make kids eat food
TM777 17 kun oldin
Will it Diet Shake?