Will It Milk? Taste Test

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We're entering a whole new world of dairy-alternatives. Today we're answering the age old question... Will It Milk? GMM #1455
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7-Yan, 2019



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 15 038
Kadeen Dallas
Kadeen Dallas 46 daqiqa oldin
No spiders were harmed in this episode
ShadowChaos 3 soat oldin
Nut Milk... Okay
Zoe Ello
Zoe Ello 4 soat oldin
Ilona 07
Ilona 07 6 soat oldin
I remember someone talking about will it cracker on the will it chip episode... when will it happen?
Dynamic Unreality
Dynamic Unreality 9 soat oldin
LPT: You might not want to google twinkie milk
Nikki Yarnell
Nikki Yarnell 14 soat oldin
will it oreo? will it pop tart? will it pudding?
sky meade
sky meade 15 soat oldin
could have called the wood milk woodstock
Rootie_ Official
Rootie_ Official 15 soat oldin
Will It Hot Sauce?
Bmambii Lawe
Bmambii Lawe 15 soat oldin
Shut up with your dink it oh my god
Radiatex 16 soat oldin
Unknown Awakening
Unknown Awakening 16 soat oldin
This was more will it water, should've add cream to everything instead of water
Davis Jugroop
Davis Jugroop Kun oldin
green potatoes
Mark Knappe
Mark Knappe Kun oldin
We needed that skittle milk
Catisy Ellen
Catisy Ellen Kun oldin
Why did you... I... I did not expect that last one.
Deh Pigeon
Deh Pigeon Kun oldin
It's fed. Your well fed.
907Norseman Kun oldin
Nut milk
Alex Jidan Topno
Alex Jidan Topno 2 kun oldin
NUT MILK?! OKAY that's out of the world!!!!!
Twelve Fingered T.O.M
Woo, shoutout to Myrtle Beach
Caitlynn Ahern
Caitlynn Ahern 2 kun oldin
You had me dying at “year of the twins”.
Gunner Gaming
Gunner Gaming 2 kun oldin
2:31 me trying to open my dog's mouth to see what hes eating
Gabe Krause
Gabe Krause 2 kun oldin
My aunt jenny browing or jenny Purcell is the ceo of indianna dairy association. So got milk?
Rafael Arizaga
Rafael Arizaga 2 kun oldin
What if Soy milk is just regular milk introducing itself in spanish
Dana Rivera
Dana Rivera 16 soat oldin
MTH 346
MTH 346 2 kun oldin
Happy new intro!
Spooki Scari
Spooki Scari 3 kun oldin
7:56 I think the word you're looking for is fed
Casey Jackson
Casey Jackson 3 kun oldin
Nourished. The word you’re looking for s nourished.
Amanda Pence
Amanda Pence 3 kun oldin
Rhett is on a whole nother level in this video. He's killing me lol
Not today Satan
Not today Satan 3 kun oldin
2019 is the year of the twink confirmed
Daniel Marcum
Daniel Marcum 3 kun oldin
The word for food hydration is "satiation"
JuiceNeverDries 3 kun oldin
You should do a will it gum.ok thanks gmm
Scout Sullivan
Scout Sullivan 3 kun oldin
As a person that drinks 2 gallons of milk a week, I thank you for this
NewYorkCompliant 4 kun oldin
Its pink because it's just guts and rotting spider meat
Lizard Paradise
Lizard Paradise 4 kun oldin
Hickory is a better wood should’ve used Hickory
Katelyn Sweeten
Katelyn Sweeten 4 kun oldin
Just throwing it out there, Will it milk, wasabi
Mark Zeitler
Mark Zeitler 4 kun oldin
Where is skittle milk
Nalani Puckett
Nalani Puckett 4 kun oldin
This is basically just wall-e😂😂I love you guys!
Only1Gamer /Fortnite And More/
If I branded fried chicken milk I would call it fricken milk
HappyAsAClamInCO 4 kun oldin
twinkies actually dont lasts forever
billy jones
billy jones 4 kun oldin
Rhett, most of what you said is extremely gay
AKA Ghozt
AKA Ghozt 5 kun oldin
MAN, allready season 15?! ive watched since season 2!!! but i still watched season 1
Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark 5 kun oldin
Mix some of them with alcohol to try to make them better 😂😂
Simply Trash
Simply Trash 5 kun oldin
The word could be nutrated
Mack 5 kun oldin
Hope Hicks
Hope Hicks 5 kun oldin
Teeny_Tiny_Tuna _
Teeny_Tiny_Tuna _ 5 kun oldin
Remember when Rhett and Link ate a wood popsicle?
Duck 5 kun oldin
The word he was looking for was satiated haha
Chaza DSL
Chaza DSL 5 kun oldin
this is how wall-e starts
y 6 kun oldin
Kolby Fritz
Kolby Fritz 6 kun oldin
You should try will it walking taco. It’s a Midwest thing. But boy aren’t they great.
Celeste7737 6 kun oldin
When I saw the “wood milk”, I thought, “they didn’t make wood milk. They made tea.”
Shaw Lamontagne
Shaw Lamontagne Kun oldin
Celeste7737 everyone knows tea is called hot salad
ibr gue
ibr gue 6 kun oldin
He should of said "milking cheetos ain't easy, but neither is it being cheesyyy" :D
Emily Hazlewood
Emily Hazlewood 6 kun oldin
Awwwwww... can you come to BC Canada? Please!?
Anita Lifford
Anita Lifford 7 kun oldin
as soon as I clicked on this video I was waiting for the skittle milk
Tiny fox tim Games
Tiny fox tim Games 7 kun oldin
Hey, guys. That word you’re looking for at 8:30 or so is “nourished.” lol.
Tiny fox tim Games
Tiny fox tim Games 6 kun oldin
Avril Cadeul lol
Avril Cadeul
Avril Cadeul 7 kun oldin
I was thinking about moisturize XD
Paul Bisca
Paul Bisca 7 kun oldin
Rhett 2019 - "Do cockroaches have nipples?" 😂
Landon Graham
Landon Graham 7 kun oldin
8:00 it’s called being satiated 😂
OHC Blind
OHC Blind 7 kun oldin
8:55 smoked milk
Ashton Combe
Ashton Combe 7 kun oldin
JadedJules 7 kun oldin
You know Iiked Cheetos before this video
Lewis Cash
Lewis Cash 7 kun oldin
Where does link get his sweaters ?
Pastelle Bow
Pastelle Bow 7 kun oldin
The Maryland Show is super close to my area but I sadly can not attend. I can’t walk right now and won’t be able to for a while I will be having physical therapy then so I won’t last long at the show. I hope when you guys go on tour again I can attend. ❤️
Pastelle Bow
Pastelle Bow 7 kun oldin
Loving the new intro ❤️❤️
Ya boi lil nacho
Ya boi lil nacho 7 kun oldin
You should do will it pizza
the green gamer
the green gamer 7 kun oldin
They used Twinkies which have a creme filling andcheetos which have a cheese powder and cheese is made of milk
Jada James
Jada James 8 kun oldin
Y’all should have Billie Eilish as a guest one day
Jacob Apple
Jacob Apple 8 kun oldin
GMM do your part and help the war. DO YOUR PART SO WE CAN WIN!!!
Allie Petrie
Allie Petrie 8 kun oldin
Random person that likes gmm: I really think there running out of Video ideas Another gmm fan: Really think so? Another gmm fan: GUYS THEY ARE OKAY LOOK AT THERE RECENT *looks at Will it milk title* -shows- Everyone: YUP THEY ARE!
Drippy God
Drippy God 8 kun oldin
Milking ain’t easy when your cheesy
InsAne Narwhalz
InsAne Narwhalz 8 kun oldin
No one needs teeth in the future
InsAne Narwhalz
InsAne Narwhalz 8 kun oldin
No one needs teeth in the future
Riley Shaw
Riley Shaw 8 kun oldin
Gmm please do a week of just different will it episodes. The will it week 👌
Blake Sanford
Blake Sanford 8 kun oldin
You gotta stay drydrated
Mikaela Hoover
Mikaela Hoover 8 kun oldin
Milk doesn’t taste like beef tho?
Diego Theveny
Diego Theveny 8 kun oldin
In fact in South American countried like Colombia, cockroaches are mixed in milk and then the milk is drunk to take care of Asthma!
Jayden Croke
Jayden Croke 8 kun oldin
Twinkies needs to release Twinkie milk
LeAnn Klein
LeAnn Klein 8 kun oldin
I feel like the wood milk would be more of a tea?
Dara Burke
Dara Burke 8 kun oldin
Rhett: "I've never seen wood milked... until now." Me, thinking to myself: "Then how did you have kids bruh? What do you mean?" 😂😂😂
Pip 8 kun oldin
Link sounded like an actual cow
Katelynn Goins
Katelynn Goins 8 kun oldin
wow, rhett really came at myrtle beach like that 😅 ouch. he's not wrong though.
Naire Rowe
Naire Rowe 9 kun oldin
His face when he tried to make Twinkie an adjective😂
Naire Rowe
Naire Rowe 9 kun oldin
Who else loves the will it series😆
Shartoi G
Shartoi G 9 kun oldin
It is getting obvious that these people are running out of ideas... No hate I just noticed this, I really like your channel
Shartoi G
Shartoi G 9 kun oldin
They make it sound so GREAT when in reality is good
NerdForMusic 9 kun oldin
S A 9 kun oldin
It’s just intensely flavored water what ever it’s called infused I think like when you make bubblegum infused vodka and you let it seep for a day or two
darcipeeps 9 kun oldin
Hydrated to water as probably satiated to food idk
deprofundis 7 kun oldin
Or "fed" lol
AvianInkKit 9 kun oldin
Link’s face at 4:17
Big B Little D
Big B Little D 9 kun oldin
How do you know how wood tastes like lol
tenibris sketch
tenibris sketch 9 kun oldin
The worst part about being vegan is waking up early to milk all the almonds
Choco_Chippy 321
Choco_Chippy 321 9 kun oldin
Devil In Shiny Heels
That might be the most disgusting thing that was ever made on this show, I believe. Lmfao
Jack Benimble
Jack Benimble 9 kun oldin
Drinking those spiders is hands down the sickest thing I've seen, and America has let me see people killed. I think I would almost consider lethal injection over that. Jk I value my life. But I'd go down swinging.
L 9 kun oldin
Stay fed? Or stay nourished? I think that’s the closest you can get to hydrated
Marius Groth
Marius Groth 9 kun oldin
I think the spider milk is straight uptthe nastiest thing you have injected efter
Michael Reyna
Michael Reyna 10 kun oldin
The wood milk looks like tea
Saurabh Mane
Saurabh Mane 10 kun oldin
Was anyone else thinking Cheetos Soup?
Tiny Nuggz
Tiny Nuggz 10 kun oldin
An adjective for Twinkie is twiklink
TheFecalmonkey 10 kun oldin
Satiated was the word you were looking for
deprofundis 7 kun oldin
Or just Fed
Benjamin Cavanaugh
Benjamin Cavanaugh 10 kun oldin
The word Rhett was looking for is "Satiated"
Jacob Denise
Jacob Denise 10 kun oldin
"Squeezing a nutsack ain't easy" - Rhett, 2019
Ward 9 kun oldin
“Stealing a comment ain’t easy” - Jacob Denise
justin molt
justin molt 10 kun oldin
Will it hot dog? That would a cool one to see
Payton Hilliard
Payton Hilliard 10 kun oldin
Mr. Hicks?
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