Will It Milk? Taste Test

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We're entering a whole new world of dairy-alternatives. Today we're answering the age old question... Will It Milk? GMM #1455
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7-Yan, 2019

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Michaelah Angeli
Michaelah Angeli 10 daqiqa oldin
the captions out of context are great.
Brett Baxter
Brett Baxter 59 daqiqa oldin
I was 10 minutes in before I realized they weren’t mixing these items with milk 🤦‍♂️
Rimarrian Soat oldin
milk is fatty link so cheeto milk is no different
Candybrine64 2 soat oldin
This confirms my belief that spiders are awful in *every* way, shape, and form. Never thought I'd see them as milk, but that's what GMM is for, right?
Bryan Le
Bryan Le 2 soat oldin
He said nutsack🤣
Reed Mathias
Reed Mathias 2 soat oldin
Hey y’all my grandmas best friend has leukemia so can all commenters who see this be praying for him he is like family to us and if it be Gods will he will survive I know not many people will see this but all who do God bless you and please pray for him his name is Gerald Any body who prays for him God bless you
Can't Have Privacy
Can't Have Privacy 3 soat oldin
Did you milk the cheeto or did the cheeto get ground into milk?
Mr. MONDY 4 soat oldin
I’m going to the Nashville show
Andrew Branson
Andrew Branson 4 soat oldin
it will be a sad day for pledges if a fraternity member found this channel
Adam Lewis
Adam Lewis 5 soat oldin
Its 2019, and I have not seen one I think would have been obvious "Will it brownie?"
Angelica Jusino
Angelica Jusino 6 soat oldin
The word you might be looking for is satiated. 😁
Ethan Buss
Ethan Buss 7 soat oldin
One episode in and you already have great quotes for compilations XD
RockismyAir 8 soat oldin
Oh eww
ImageResultForCircle 10 soat oldin
"2 Men Intensely Squeeze Nutsacks"
Stacey Jackson
Stacey Jackson 13 soat oldin
Link missed the chance to say “looks like cider, tastes like cedar”
Moonlight io
Moonlight io 13 soat oldin
who else likes the new gmm intro
EliasMorals 14 soat oldin
I am very not used to the new intro. I dont hate it, but I dont love it. Its neutral
Kirralee Parker
Kirralee Parker 17 soat oldin
I had second hand gag reflex!
DiamondCalibre 18 soat oldin
hydrated for food? You mean, satiated? Or nourished?
PELON49ER 79 20 soat oldin
Season 15 premiere was a sack of fun 😅😅😅.
PELON49ER 79 20 soat oldin
4:29 "squeezing a nut sack is not easy" the quote of 2019 already, congrats Rhett 🏆👌👍👏.
PELON49ER 79 20 soat oldin
4:29 no sir, squeezing a nut sack is not easy, preach my homie... Preach! 😅😅😅
Hyena-Gaming 21 soat oldin
Where is skittle milk?, y’all loved that in will it cereal
JDa Hawke
JDa Hawke 23 soat oldin
Remember the white flag you can wave just in case...
Daniel Tarver
Daniel Tarver 23 soat oldin
This episode is going to be a dirty joke Marathon
Emperor Ehryn
Emperor Ehryn Kun oldin
"Year of the twink" and everyone in the background laughing.. they all know what that is. They're going to heck
Sarah Skegrud
Sarah Skegrud Kun oldin
Twink-alicious, perhaps?
videopcaccess Kun oldin
Will Radney
Will Radney Kun oldin
Can y'all switch to 4k
Rodsella Aragundi
Will it Soup?! 🍜
Rodsella Aragundi
Will it Soup?! 🍜
Jaxon Frazee
Jaxon Frazee Kun oldin
like the new intro
Killer bean
Killer bean Kun oldin
8:10 it’s called being full lmao
Ryan Carter
Ryan Carter Kun oldin
Link sounded like a cow when he was milking
Brandi Mullins
Brandi Mullins Kun oldin
goku son
goku son Kun oldin
Why are rhett and link so childish man😂😂 I knew alot of puns and jokes were incoming before the video even started.
Daria Brown
Daria Brown Kun oldin
the word for food hydrated is "nourished"
Snazzy Stables
Snazzy Stables Kun oldin
I miss the old intro! Just me? Ok. 😂
Ally Singley
Ally Singley Kun oldin
I think the word he’s looking for is nourished
Dashiell Gregory
Will it kombucha
Nickojijus Kun oldin
I don’t like the new intro
Pierce Irvin
Pierce Irvin Kun oldin
Dry-drated is the word you were looking for. You're welcome
Little Miss
Little Miss Kun oldin
Satiated is the food equivalent of hydrated haha
Prachi Kalra
Prachi Kalra Kun oldin
7.54 its a smoothie rhett. Or a shake.
Meh Smeh
Meh Smeh Kun oldin
There IS an easier way to make nut milk (Which I think we should rename to Nut Juice personally.) You need to make sure that whatever you’re using is softish, so with Almonds and other nuts you roast them for a few seconds first. Then you add the stuff you’re using and a little bit of water into a blender and blend away, and then you pour the mixture into the cheese-cloth bag, and you actually milk it in the same motion that you milk a cow. Because the stuff has been ground up before, you don’t have to do as much work!
izzes Kun oldin
Poor spiders, though :(
Mr. Very Kool
Mr. Very Kool Kun oldin
I had never considered beverages as a possibility. I'd love to see will it beer or will it soda P.S. it just occurred to me that this video is basically "Will it Tea?"
Eric Vahl
Eric Vahl Kun oldin
Of all the spider stuff, that is by far the creepiest one so far
Jon Snow
Jon Snow Kun oldin
How do u milk a almond yet alone a cheeto
Gaming Nubula
Gaming Nubula Kun oldin
Wh.Wh. where's the *SKITTLE MILK* man. WTH
Dikdikdikdikdik Kun oldin
The food equivalent to hydrated is "sated"
Kristine Garrett
I gagged when I saw Link pull the spider out of the glass. I'm just going to hide in the comments for a bit...
silver8o 07
silver8o 07 2 kun oldin
Omg stop the cheeto water is NOT GOOD thats gross 😂😂😂
AlexanderNN ?????
AlexanderNN ????? 2 kun oldin
peta says save the spiders
vanny 2 kun oldin
its always so weird when they change the intro
LynX 476
LynX 476 2 kun oldin
"sQuEsE iT"
BHWolfVenom27 Dude
BHWolfVenom27 Dude 2 kun oldin
You guys should make a will it soda but if somebody else came up with that I idea I don’t want to steal that idea
Journey Faith
Journey Faith 2 kun oldin
Link: This needs bourbon Rhett: I think it could use some lemon
Cheyenne Colvin
Cheyenne Colvin 2 kun oldin
Replenishing not hydrating 😂😂😂😂
Genni Sipher
Genni Sipher 2 kun oldin
Yall do some nasty shit for us, thank you.
Jasmine Bost
Jasmine Bost 2 kun oldin
Proud Panda
Proud Panda 2 kun oldin
How does wood milk for Link...but Cheeto doesn't
Emma Campbell
Emma Campbell 2 kun oldin
"it's an excretion, which they then eat." *"Y U M"*
Matthew Duer
Matthew Duer 2 kun oldin
Will it Juul pod?
Montenegro Gaming
Montenegro Gaming 2 kun oldin
I would dig the old intro anyday.
Autumn Peacock
Autumn Peacock 2 kun oldin
The fact that skittle milk was not brought back as promised in the Will It Cereal episode is heartbreaking
TheStoneMason 2 kun oldin
i think u looking for the word "nourished"
Gabriel Poche
Gabriel Poche 2 kun oldin
I’m surprised that they did not do skittles bc they discovered that in the will it cereal episode
DanforthSalunek 2 kun oldin
wood milk is actruely wood
garlaicīgs cilvēks king
if u truly want cheeto milk put cheettos in real milk BOOM U GOT UR SELF SOME CHETOMILK
Adam Long
Adam Long 2 kun oldin
potao beer
potao beer 2 kun oldin
I love seeing how the intros changed
JonathanSnowden 2 kun oldin
I swear every year the break makes me forget them but when I come back and click on the video and the animation is different and I always freak out
EB4EnderBlaze 2 kun oldin
The Jam Man
The Jam Man 2 kun oldin
It’s literally been years since I last watched your show.
Elise stillman
Elise stillman 2 kun oldin
LACTOSE FREE?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? That is like fake milk, Half of milk
Toshinori Yagi
Toshinori Yagi 2 kun oldin
I like this
Hannah Childs
Hannah Childs 2 kun oldin
I think the word for food in “stay hydrated” terms would b nourished “stay nourished!”
My name is [dan]
My name is [dan] 2 kun oldin
Link looks like my grandma
asia black
asia black 2 kun oldin
I Wish i had some of these milks when I was stuck on a liquid only diet.
Gregory Charlemagne
Miss Aria
Miss Aria 2 kun oldin
I think the word that Rhett was looking for to go beside "hydrated" was "nourished".
Josiah Pettway
Josiah Pettway 2 kun oldin
"Stay eatdrated?" Maybe fed is the word
Autumn Frank
Autumn Frank 3 kun oldin
OMG I live in Columbus ohio
JDMALLDAY 3 kun oldin
Will it tea
Alexis Alexander
Alexis Alexander 3 kun oldin
Why do I feel like this is how they make all those crazy flavored drinks in Wall-E that tastes like whole meals?
ARey 1010
ARey 1010 3 kun oldin
Is Rhett not lactose intolerant anymore?
Carter Brooks
Carter Brooks 3 kun oldin
It doesn’t make chicken feel better
Oof 3 kun oldin
мїlк нДяd
Ace_-_Unitz 3 kun oldin
Will it suggestion will it pot pie like a chicken pot pie but instead of chicken other meats
asimple pie
asimple pie 3 kun oldin
walle did the whole food in a cup in the future lol
Jaycee Is Weird
Jaycee Is Weird 3 kun oldin
I gagged when they drank the spider milk...
Sammy Mancuso
Sammy Mancuso 3 kun oldin
Loewdrated. Hydrated and loewdrated. 😉
Nigel Cooper
Nigel Cooper 3 kun oldin
Rhett and Link milking their wood together 8:28
that intro is so heckin cool but it startled me don’t do it ever again
EducaFinn 3 kun oldin
Was “Spider Nipple” your nickname in High School, Rhett?
Pilly Idol
Pilly Idol 3 kun oldin
"Squeezing a nut sack is not easy"
Pilly Idol
Pilly Idol 3 kun oldin
They talk about not making dirty jokes but then just go all out with "year of the twink" lmfao 🤣
Christina .p.
Christina .p. 3 kun oldin
Fed is the food version of hydrated
sarah clark
sarah clark 3 kun oldin
wood milk looks like cider...tastes like cedar