Will & Jaden Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro Rap! - The Graham Norton Show - BBC One

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More about this programme: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01y17gc Will Smith treats Graham to a star-studded rap medley. With Jaden Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro.




24-May, 2013

episode 13Jaden Smith (TV Actor)bbc1carlton it's not unusualbbc onegraham nortonAlfonso Ribeirobbctom jonesfresh prince rapthe graham norton showrappingThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Airrapjazzy jeff the fresh princeDJ Jazzy JeffCarlton Banksseries 8Will Smith



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gundamai 7 soat oldin
This will never get old. Aaaand only Carlton can do "The Carlton". I bow.
Patricia Rosales
Patricia Rosales 10 soat oldin
Mario José López Sierra
Crislaine Santana
Crislaine Santana 11 soat oldin
Maravilhoso , não canso de ver
Rodrigo Alves
Rodrigo Alves 12 soat oldin
Harriett Coleman
Harriett Coleman 21 soat oldin
Jayden sit down. U got no talent
Frida elena Fernandez herrera
En Filadelfia
Nicolly Faria Moreira
Alguém do brasil em 2018??
Guilherme Silva
Guilherme Silva Kun oldin
2018 alguém ...
R B Kun oldin
Jaden looks 10 years old
Luiz Marcelo Ferreira
Brasil 2018
Daniela Souza Almeida
I Love...
Cris Helmer
Cris Helmer Kun oldin
Tá decidido quem inventou o quadradinho foi o Will Smith e Afonso Ribeiro. Amo muito 😍😍😍😍😍
Hj Azza Samsudin
Hj Azza Samsudin 2 kun oldin
will should have done that handshake he had with jazz in fresh prince...
Piper 1027
Piper 1027 2 kun oldin
Nice!!! 👍👏👍👏👍👏👍😎😎😎
Nashir Ahmed
Nashir Ahmed 2 kun oldin
I love jaydens part the most. Hello!
q merda
q merda 2 kun oldin
Deu mo saudade agora mane
Jad Daher ,Jadson Dancing
Sorry Jaden but you have 0 talent
Kirsten Fernando
Kirsten Fernando 2 kun oldin
I dont think Jaden knows how cool his dad is lol
Gabriel Padilha
Gabriel Padilha 3 kun oldin
2018 br
Ian Dog
Ian Dog 3 kun oldin
Jaden smith is cringe personified, get off the stage child you have no business in show business.
Connor Thomason
Connor Thomason 3 kun oldin
Who’s watching in 2018 ?
CHEMO123456789 3 kun oldin
Will Smith no envejece solo se.vuelve mejor con.los.años
Dan Scott
Dan Scott 4 kun oldin
This never fails to cheer me up! 😂😂
Hasan Arslan
Hasan Arslan 4 kun oldin
Greatest ever mein Gott
Saartje05 4 kun oldin
Really cool
catherine spassoff
catherine spassoff 4 kun oldin
waoooow!! ils mettent le feu!!!..j'adore,une ambiance du tonnerre!!
Jonathan Myers
Jonathan Myers 4 kun oldin
Why do I feel this is exactly what Will's Wedding Reception was like?
derrie page
derrie page 4 kun oldin
Zazan Shemshady
Zazan Shemshady 4 kun oldin
Alfonso is so much cooler then Will. He should be more successful as an actor.
Luciano Figueira
Luciano Figueira 5 kun oldin
Pratik Chiku
Pratik Chiku 5 kun oldin
Only bad thing about this video is Jaden Smith.
aliboo_ 23
aliboo_ 23 5 kun oldin
Can u just imagine standing on a stage and just breaking into song with your dad.
D R 5 kun oldin
Lo único que sobra es el chamo ....
CoolGuy76 6 kun oldin
I feel kinda bad for jaden, he just kinda drifts into nothing when his dads around
Shane Morrison
Shane Morrison 6 kun oldin
Bit cringe
matin geddes
matin geddes 6 kun oldin
you fae coatbridge?
Tasha Clark
Tasha Clark 6 kun oldin
NO ONE does it just like Carlton!! lol
robson piceli
robson piceli 6 kun oldin
Que da hr!!!! Sdds...
Eileen Carter
Eileen Carter 6 kun oldin
Wow that was great! Missed it on TV..
Mr TJKTV 6 kun oldin
Will Smith is a great beatboxer but wtf Jayden should quit rapping that’s awful (Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello) Heather Is banging
League of tips
League of tips 6 kun oldin
When you have a talkshow and the guy you invite take it completely over the show
Pobsnobs 6 kun oldin
His kid is crap
Mistery Invisible
Mistery Invisible 6 kun oldin
Thats funny... Heather Graham looks so thin though.. she looked better thicker in the movie Anger Management.. dont know why women think they look better ony skinny
E C 7 kun oldin
I could watch alfonso do the carlton all day 😍 😍
Marco Hartge
Marco Hartge 7 kun oldin
Andy Castle
Andy Castle 7 kun oldin
What is the first song that the dj puts on? Minute 2:00
Thierry Oliveira
Thierry Oliveira 7 kun oldin
Que Nostálgica maluco
Teri Ackles
Teri Ackles 7 kun oldin
LoL I love this! It makes me want to watch the fresh Prince of Bel air!!
Amanda Highfield
Amanda Highfield 7 kun oldin
I don't think we realized in the 90s the gem we had
Hanna Khan
Hanna Khan 7 kun oldin
jackrobinson82 7 kun oldin
Whenever I’m feeling down, I just watch Carlton dancing and I smile again!
John Ohara
John Ohara 7 kun oldin
His son ruins it big time! He's not a star!
Travis Nelson
Travis Nelson 7 kun oldin
Will Smith legend.....jaden Smith garbage.
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Just imagine being there in person...
Davy Deb
Davy Deb 8 kun oldin
ika lemonjava
ika lemonjava 8 kun oldin
4:39 What is the name of this dance?
betty cogswell
betty cogswell 3 kun oldin
I believe it's Jump On It...
Stevie Scott
Stevie Scott 8 kun oldin
ika lemonjava dunno bro but I can do fresh
Donior 8 kun oldin
What song sang Smith? Write the name of the song please
Stevie Scott
Stevie Scott 8 kun oldin
Donior 'it's not unusual'
David driver63
David driver63 8 kun oldin
Tony,You are SO right!! He IS the "Dance!!
jimmy chain
jimmy chain 8 kun oldin
Wtf!!!!!! Was the white girl doing on the couch
BlueX XDragon
BlueX XDragon 8 kun oldin
For a concert at my brothers old elementary school my brother and his friends did that dance for the concert and they won
Arafaat Ahmed
Arafaat Ahmed 8 kun oldin
Like that energy is great feel like will
Lyiz Claudio
Lyiz Claudio 9 kun oldin
Luizzzphelipe Silva
Algum BR
Sofian el
Sofian el 9 kun oldin
Will Smith
A Drishta
A Drishta 9 kun oldin
joycealbuquerque 9 kun oldin
will smith i love you, you are the best.
Martin H.
Martin H. 9 kun oldin
will still got it
Michelle W
Michelle W 9 kun oldin
Carlton was always funnier. He killed it as usual😀
Andrea 9 kun oldin
Rosi Miramontes
Rosi Miramontes 9 kun oldin
Jaden seems so dorky to me 😄
Edward Morel
Edward Morel 9 kun oldin
Carlton’s dance was an instant nostalgia trip!!
JuniorMint 10 kun oldin
This is the definition of show boating.
Red 92
Red 92 10 kun oldin
In france like in lot of country i suppose , the fresh prince (prince de bel air ) is a classic I watched this show with my parents when i was young and this video is very cool Nice to see Alfonso Ribeiro
Lolly Barnard
Lolly Barnard 11 kun oldin
Will Smith has so much charisma and star quality love him
RUHAN UDDIN 11 kun oldin
I showed this to my cousin amd he said whys he copying fortnite😢😕😐
Ken Chiu
Ken Chiu 11 kun oldin
Will Smith in the house yo!!!!
Callum Thomson
Callum Thomson 11 kun oldin
Coolest man alive
Panashe Nicole
Panashe Nicole 11 kun oldin
I honestly still think about this performance a lot, 5 years on as well
The Badger
The Badger 12 kun oldin
Am I the only one who finds Jaden unbearably cringe worthy?!!!!
Christian Dukes
Christian Dukes 12 kun oldin
Gay!! Gay!!! Gay!!! And Gay!!!!!
yohana gebreselase
yohana gebreselase 12 kun oldin
This smack
Kelly Di Nathaly
Kelly Di Nathaly 12 kun oldin
SÓ monstros no palco😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Evolvez 12 kun oldin
Fresh prince
Romain Zip
Romain Zip 12 kun oldin
je ne sais pas comment j'ai atterrit ici mais je ne regrette pas !!!! You made my day !!!
digi bau
digi bau 12 kun oldin
Will Smith is the fu.king coolest guy ever to walk on this planet!! Sexy ass hell!!
Monica Angelini
Monica Angelini 12 kun oldin
Best talk show and host EVER!!!
*Will Smith should do an album with Jaden and Jazzy Jeff as the DJ* uzvid.com/video/video-b7Gl8huuC48.html
Shaixez & Admiral A
Shaixez & Admiral A 12 kun oldin
jaden smith? is it dre parker kk10.
Gabriel Biel
Gabriel Biel 12 kun oldin
I love you will smith
Gabriel Biel
Gabriel Biel 12 kun oldin
It's crazy year kk
BR two weels.
BR two weels. 12 kun oldin
Esta aí um cara que eu gostaria de conhecer.. Will é simplesmente incrível!!! Um salve p/ quem é do Brasil.
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams 12 kun oldin
Cody W
Cody W 12 kun oldin
That dance never gets old
Me Chamam de Daiana cozinhar com carinho
Sou apaixonada pelo Will desde o episodios um maluco no pedaço. Will me ajude a realizar meu sonho de te conhecer Ter um día de princesa com você . E participar do construindo um sonho no programa selsso portioli no sbt Brasil .obrigada te amo me chamo Daiana
Eazy bro
Eazy bro 12 kun oldin
Omg carten
Fraser Munro
Fraser Munro 12 kun oldin
That awkward moment when Graham Norton is cooler than you!
Ed Óliiver
Ed Óliiver 12 kun oldin
I want some of whatever that Heather took...
Ed Óliiver
Ed Óliiver 12 kun oldin
Every Jaden moment is extremely akward...
Jessie LaBombard
Jessie LaBombard 12 kun oldin
Idk why but his kid kinda annoys me like he tries too hard to be cool like will
Evolution of Dance
12 yil oldin