Will & Jaden Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro Rap! - The Graham Norton Show - BBC One

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More about this programme: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01y17gc Will Smith treats Graham to a star-studded rap medley. With Jaden Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro.




24-May, 2013

episode 13Jaden Smith (TV Actor)bbc1carlton it's not unusualbbc onegraham nortonAlfonso Ribeirobbctom jonesfresh prince rapthe graham norton showrappingThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Airrapjazzy jeff the fresh princeDJ Jazzy JeffCarlton Banksseries 8Will Smith



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StarCaster 23 soat oldin
I still expected him to pick up alfonso and toss him into the crowd lmfaooooo
David Hodges
David Hodges Kun oldin
Watching them dance and have fun brings back childhood memories that I had long forgotten and now I just have tears of joy.
Leon Bam
Leon Bam Kun oldin
Nice freestyle So damn funny this video 😂😂😂
Bill Cox
Bill Cox Kun oldin
Will Smith, DJ jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Roberto will always make me smile.
Pasan H
Pasan H Kun oldin
1:15 - there is sadness in Will's eyes b/c his kid sucked so much.. Guess it's time for the old man to save the day!
Lavender Love
Lavender Love 2 kun oldin
Sadly...like many offspring of the talented and now rich because of it...THEY DON'T possess the talent their parents have but THEY WANT THE FAME that comes with it...he just doesn't HAVE IT. 🤷🏾‍♀️🙄
Blue HD
Blue HD 2 kun oldin
4:50 Whats The Name of that Song?
Samuel parra
Samuel parra 2 kun oldin
Soy unico mexicano?
Norm La Marche
Norm La Marche 3 kun oldin
The G.N. show is getting tired.
Patricia Ribeiro
Patricia Ribeiro 3 kun oldin
I love Will
faisal bahomidy
faisal bahomidy 3 kun oldin
5:48 the golden 3
Boston Nik
Boston Nik 3 kun oldin
i can forget eminem diss will smith on forget about dre music video...when the reporter jane yamamoto ask eminem how the neighbour house burn on fire...
Jaycee C
Jaycee C 3 kun oldin
I just came from watching Michael Jackson, this rap shit is terrible. You people and your generation killed music!
h av
h av 3 kun oldin
So funny. Great
cesur 8000000000
cesur 8000000000 4 kun oldin
Carlton ,will,Onkel phill legend
fernando dasilva
fernando dasilva 4 kun oldin
Bravo go will go will and your son is great rapper
Marcelo Alves
Marcelo Alves 4 kun oldin
foda de + 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Marcelo Alves
Marcelo Alves 4 kun oldin
nosso maluco do pedaço
Lavanya Ramesh
Lavanya Ramesh 4 kun oldin
Music 2:12 ??
Yass Yass
Yass Yass 4 kun oldin
Warrior Ready
Warrior Ready 4 kun oldin
Jaden HAS. NO. TALENT. I feel for this kid brought up in the industry-but he CANNOT SING! Sorry but stating a fact from listening
Frank Valenzuela
Frank Valenzuela 6 kun oldin
This is the coolest thing ever
UttR Concrete
UttR Concrete 6 kun oldin
Will Smith’s raps are wack AF
Smith Love
Smith Love 6 kun oldin
love. will. good for you are being dad....
Deadman Walking
Deadman Walking 6 kun oldin
jaden is a loser
Rock n Roll
Rock n Roll 6 kun oldin
I wonder why people are getting so rude with Jaden, please spare the kid!
Al Liu
Al Liu 7 kun oldin
the living legend Will Smith!
Flex Piper
Flex Piper 7 kun oldin
69M Views yes!! 👍👍
walter kibbs
walter kibbs 7 kun oldin
Wow, Americans showing us Brits how it's done!
maggs 7 kun oldin
What the hell is Heather Graham doing? smh
R sante
R sante 7 kun oldin
Muito obrigado por fazerem parte da minha infância, kkkkkk vocês são os melhores!!!! O Brasil os ama❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷
Boats Media
Boats Media 7 kun oldin
69M 😱
Hat Sheshupt
Hat Sheshupt 7 kun oldin
What the hell was Jaden doing towards the end when they were dancing. Lol.
Rocco Hilly
Rocco Hilly 8 kun oldin
Hollywood is very entertaining
chiirox 8 kun oldin
Will forever ♥️♥️♥️
Brandon Yamamoto
Brandon Yamamoto 8 kun oldin
I love Alberto’s serious face when he does jump on it
Brandon Yamamoto
Brandon Yamamoto 8 kun oldin
Is Alberto the only fresh prince cast he still hangs out with
Kiei Luahi
Kiei Luahi 8 kun oldin
I love how Will Smith is all into it and doesn't feel too big or arrogant to relive his ''former glory''. Some actors that are really known for something hate it to play along with it. Will totally embraces it.
COTONET BR 9 kun oldin
Algum brasileiro em 2019???
William Keenan
William Keenan 9 kun oldin
Yago Moura
Yago Moura 9 kun oldin
2019? ♥️
Irene Reis
Irene Reis 9 kun oldin
😭😭😭saldades da série
Liandra Oliveira
Liandra Oliveira 9 kun oldin
E assim surgiu o quadradinho de 8 hahahah
kareem basem
kareem basem 9 kun oldin
Alfonso Ribeiro is very nice person.
Erin Black
Erin Black 9 kun oldin
Last time Graham Norton danced, he had a heart attack.
Super all congratulations greetings from Mexico 🇲🇽
Wow without Words I love you Will Smith
The Butler Family
The Butler Family 10 kun oldin
rafterscott 11 kun oldin
Heather is having WAY too much fun over there.
stalag Alter Egos
stalag Alter Egos 11 kun oldin
Jaden, learn from your old man. You have a start he didn't have, so don't waste it. Good job with the rap skills homie.