Will Smith Best of - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Funny Moments

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Season 1 Funny Moments, enjoy everyone and I'll do my best to make the other seasons as soon as possible.
Will Smith, James Avery (Philip Banks), Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks), Karyn Parsons (Hilary Banks), Tatyana Ali (Ashley Banks), Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey Butler), Janet Hubert (Vivian Banks), Jeffrey A. Towes (Jazz)




20-Okt, 2015

Will Smith (Celebrity)The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (TV Program)Bel-Air (Neighborhood)BestMomentsFunnyJames Avery (TV Actor)Alfonso Ribeiro (Award Winner)Karyn Parsons (Film Actor)Tatyana Ali (Music Video Performer)Janet Hubert (TV Actor)Stand-up Comedy (TV Genre)William Smith (Film Actor)



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Melissa Pena
Melissa Pena Kun oldin
I am and it's so funny and silly
Duarte Silva
Duarte Silva Kun oldin
Can't believe this man is 50 already. Time goes by real quick and he still looks young.
delphine ndaya
delphine ndaya Kun oldin
Rudo Cynthia Ndlovu
19 September 2018
Wisdom Ochicha
Wisdom Ochicha 2 kun oldin
If you’re a Nigerian you’ll be familiar with the soundtrack from 22:40!! 😂 in banks
Ashley Medina
Ashley Medina 3 kun oldin
Jeffrey "What would you prefer" Will "Your royal freshness "
amazingtomaso1 3 kun oldin
I miss this show :( #FreshPrince #Belair
This and home improvement was the best who ever days different is a sore loser
Meeru Plays
Meeru Plays 4 kun oldin
This show brings over My childhood memories. GOLD
Jose Robles
Jose Robles 4 kun oldin
Johana Enchautegui
Johana Enchautegui 4 kun oldin
I grew up watching this show in Spanish and let me tell you....IS WAYYYY WAYY BETTER AND FUNNIER IN ENGLISH,,,, LOVE THIS AND THE NANNY!!!
Alessandra Leigh
Alessandra Leigh 4 kun oldin
11:20 aunt viv wasn’t playing. Girl said not today no ma’am.
No one Attack tuc
No one Attack tuc 4 kun oldin
I love this show!!!
Mrs unicorn :3
Mrs unicorn :3 4 kun oldin
ONLY 41 Minutes? Are you sure you don't need the whole season?
Priscilla Guzman
Priscilla Guzman 5 kun oldin
See this ladies and gents is GOOD TV
Try-One VH#22
Try-One VH#22 5 kun oldin
how did they hook up? Jazz is like 7 years older than Will!
bossboy191919 5 kun oldin
21:35 that's one of the coolest and happiest things a family can do. Just dance together
ethichick2004 7 kun oldin
21:27 will dancing is hella funny!😭😭😂😂😂😅🤣🤣🤣 “ my brotha, you wanna take this outside?!” Lmao Will so crazy 😜😭😭😂😂😂🤣🤣
Montrisha Bethea
Montrisha Bethea 7 kun oldin
The music @6:23 though..Ol skool
Amaya Lim
Amaya Lim 7 kun oldin
Will smith do you remember me? When I was about like 1 year old you carried me.
Joe Masters
Joe Masters 8 kun oldin
Why is this not on Hulu or Netflix?
Joe Masters
Joe Masters 8 kun oldin
Haha - a young Will looks like Jaden only dressed as a man XD
cl mut
cl mut 8 kun oldin
Who is still watching october 2018 and enjoying??
cl mut
cl mut 6 kun oldin
Cant get enough of fresh prince
Meerah Devi Jusrut
Meerah Devi Jusrut 8 kun oldin
Liaserenityrose 9 kun oldin
You have to love Uncle Phil he has great insights and the fact even Will Smith himself even stated, "Everyone has got to have an Uncle Phil in their life." And it is definitely true because Uncle Phil kept Will grounded despite all the mistakes Will did in the show and his advice to Carlton was definitely powerful as well, "Courage is being able to be who you are no matter what anyone says." We miss you Uncle Phil.
Cain Kaiser
Cain Kaiser 9 kun oldin
This gives me nostalgia to a time when I wasn’t alive
Gabriel Lopez
Gabriel Lopez 9 kun oldin
I like the way how carlton runs 😂😂😂
generousg83 10 kun oldin
90s was the best for tv shows
Alpha Red
Alpha Red 10 kun oldin
I love this show.
Raymona Martin
Raymona Martin 10 kun oldin
1:51 that's my favorite part
2DtheStarShineChild 10 kun oldin
27:20 Me when I have to study for a chemistry test😂😂👌👌
Su Xiaoxiao
Su Xiaoxiao 10 kun oldin
He loves Jordan 5 very much I can tell.
Paul Eady
Paul Eady 10 kun oldin
The 90s was the best...!😂 I miss my teen years ....so much fun and so many mistakes that I'd do the same way all over again if given the chance...!! 😎
Miss Laura
Miss Laura 11 kun oldin
I'm sorry but I almost died at 34.17😂😂😂
Shayan Popal
Shayan Popal 12 kun oldin
One of the best shows that will smith starred in.
Fr3sh_Pandah_King 21
He was doing rambunctious the fortnite emote 4:50
Victor O
Victor O 12 kun oldin
37:07 oh shit I thought that was will 😂😂
Leah Martinez
Leah Martinez 12 kun oldin
Uh Oh Everybody Outta The Pool!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂21:17-21:20
JACK ANTHONY 12 kun oldin
These are his best moments? Dancing around like an ignorant jerk? Glad I missed the show.
Slippery Snakes
Slippery Snakes 12 kun oldin
Why am i watching this at 3am
Jonas Butler
Jonas Butler 13 kun oldin
Let's just get some barbecue and get busy.
Almonzo Cotton
Almonzo Cotton 13 kun oldin
Boy you must be on Dog Food lmao
Rex 13 kun oldin
What was he singing in the beginning?
Irrapture 13 kun oldin
This show had so much more goofy dancing than I remember
MaddieGamesAndLols yay
Ive got the power LMAO
Grace Medina
Grace Medina 14 kun oldin
When she said heavy d I thought of something else
Joanthan Mendoza
Joanthan Mendoza 14 kun oldin
29:35 😂
Aaron Cabrera
Aaron Cabrera 15 kun oldin
Every dancing scene in this show brings me so much joy.
adrainbaker10 15 kun oldin
Is royal freshness that’s dope 😂😂😂
Noah Schwartz
Noah Schwartz 15 kun oldin
Will Smith is one of the funniest people i love funny people
YouTube Fan
YouTube Fan 15 kun oldin
Love this show hilarious. Janet Hubert the better aunt Vivian
Itsme 15 kun oldin
If Bill is short for William, is Will short for Billiam
Luis Alonzo
Luis Alonzo 16 kun oldin
no batallaba nada para jotear este cabron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aryan funtas
aryan funtas 16 kun oldin
I am from india
aryan funtas
aryan funtas 16 kun oldin
Haa haa haa it very very full funny Yaar amazing I wan will give you 5star
Jason Stevens
Jason Stevens 16 kun oldin
Janet Hubert as Aunt Viv - ALL DAY!
Alexis Avilez
Alexis Avilez 16 kun oldin
4:48 fornite dance
David Shim
David Shim 17 kun oldin
carlton runs so gay
Danielle DeFreitas
Danielle DeFreitas 17 kun oldin
"Hey heyyyy they're doing the lambada. That's the forbidden dance" Gets me every damn time! LMAO! Love this show so much
Spooky Muddy
Spooky Muddy 17 kun oldin
Never gets old
gandalf 18 kun oldin
"Wait a minute!" Aunt Viv: "Boy do not test me!" LOL!!
gandalf 18 kun oldin
The last scene was good; Uncle Phil: "Bye...hehehe...Follow them." Will: "Out" LOL
Callum Jones
Callum Jones 18 kun oldin
No adverts you the really mvp
Schleich World
Schleich World 19 kun oldin
You notice most of these involve Will
Deacon Tchappat
Deacon Tchappat 19 kun oldin
4:50 rambunctious
Viper AmarEX
Viper AmarEX 19 kun oldin
Rigil Kent Rosales
Rigil Kent Rosales 19 kun oldin
3:27-3:30 All the single ladies!
Tyasia Hart
Tyasia Hart 20 kun oldin
"Damn baby you so fine"😂😂😂
Closed Caption Cue Caliber
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence got me through my childhood 💯
Michael Browder
Michael Browder 20 kun oldin
40:39 this man a straight pedophile
AndrewThabest 21 kun oldin
All the fortnite dances
Emily Edwards
Emily Edwards 21 kun oldin
Jaden smiths hair is brighter than wills shirt at 4:51
Tristan Matierrienne
First things first rip uncle phil. Fr.
Giovani Dulcio
Giovani Dulcio 21 kun oldin
Listen to Hear Me Now by Giovani Carlton Dulcio #np on #SoundCloud soundcloud.com/giovani-carlton-dulcio/hear-me-now
Hawaa Sarwary
Hawaa Sarwary 21 kun oldin
1:59 what song is that ? Nvm it’s back to life by Soul II Soul
Adam Jackson
Adam Jackson 21 kun oldin
BWA Butler with an attitude
Adam Jackson
Adam Jackson 21 kun oldin
XD that dance he does - gangsta
Abubakar Abdi
Abubakar Abdi 22 kun oldin
Lennon Hinds
Lennon Hinds 22 kun oldin
5:23 lmfao !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lennon Hinds
Lennon Hinds 22 kun oldin
the knocking on the door song sounds like ( Gorillaz-Starshine) #2001
angel arroyo
angel arroyo 22 kun oldin
i like how on a lot of scenes you can see the edge of the make beliefe scenarios . the sets hahaha
Isaac agada
Isaac agada 22 kun oldin
I love this movie.makes the 90s feel special.whos watching from 2160? Haha you lying cuz the world has ended and there's no UZvid Because you are all too busy fighting zombies and wiping out the civilization population to minimize food and other resources.
DiZzie Shockwave
DiZzie Shockwave 22 kun oldin
2019?? Anybody?
chrisanderson545 22 kun oldin
Will Smith’s fashion was ahead of its time.
Coconut Dayz
Coconut Dayz 23 kun oldin
The old days
JO 007
JO 007 23 kun oldin
look at old war machine😂😂😂
Mari Muse
Mari Muse 23 kun oldin
Jefferey savage at 23:11-23:22
Allie Clement
Allie Clement 23 kun oldin
I loved aunt Vivian
daniel sarn
daniel sarn 23 kun oldin
dat beat on the door at the start and those muffled bars were lit, better than the shit we got today LOL
Hawaa Sarwary
Hawaa Sarwary 23 kun oldin
12:30 he could say my love for you will never get old
Corrina Diaz
Corrina Diaz 24 kun oldin
that moment he almost knocks down the set wall
Kenya Kala
Kenya Kala 24 kun oldin
OMG..I love his dance moves! Will Smith you rock!
- Eli -
- Eli - 25 kun oldin
Rip uncle Phil.
Ashante Brown
Ashante Brown 25 kun oldin
Vincent Valle
Vincent Valle 25 kun oldin
Carlton can dance
0221serendipity 25 kun oldin
Happy Birthday to Will Smith today! Just realized that the Fresh Prince turns 50 today! 🎁🎉 (Sept 25th)
lilmississippi2012 25 kun oldin
Will Smith dancing and doing the Humpty Dance tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I miss this show! Non-stop laughter and life lessons! 📺 at its best!
Maximillian 25 kun oldin
will throughout the entire pilot: nah fuck that we hood in this bitch
Chris Hanson
Chris Hanson 26 kun oldin
Jose Gabriel Romo
Jose Gabriel Romo 26 kun oldin
In 4:49 it’s where the rambunctious dance all started, thank you Will Smith.
Ayla Norman
Ayla Norman 26 kun oldin
vontavius01 27 kun oldin
Will: "Come on Uncle Phil you gon ruin my rep." Uncle Phil: "You're only 17, you don't have a rep yet." Me: "So to you all the kids from across the land, there's no need to argue, parents just don't understand."
Hustle Man
6 yil oldin