Will Smith Best of - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Funny Moments

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Season 1 Funny Moments, enjoy everyone and I'll do my best to make the other seasons as soon as possible.
Will Smith, James Avery (Philip Banks), Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks), Karyn Parsons (Hilary Banks), Tatyana Ali (Ashley Banks), Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey Butler), Janet Hubert (Vivian Banks), Jeffrey A. Towes (Jazz)




20-Okt, 2015

Will Smith (Celebrity)The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (TV Program)Bel-Air (Neighborhood)BestMomentsFunnyJames Avery (TV Actor)Alfonso Ribeiro (Award Winner)Karyn Parsons (Film Actor)Tatyana Ali (Music Video Performer)Janet Hubert (TV Actor)Stand-up Comedy (TV Genre)William Smith (Film Actor)



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Emilio Harris
Emilio Harris 18 soat oldin
I really can't stop laugh
Emilio Harris
Emilio Harris 18 soat oldin
I like the drum scene
Mary Thomas
Mary Thomas Kun oldin
Terry Pack
Terry Pack 2 kun oldin
2:40 peep the Jordan 5’s!👌🏽🔥Freshh!
Kali .T
Kali .T 2 kun oldin
December 2018 and is still hella funny
Akuma Sin
Akuma Sin 2 kun oldin
bring to Netflix
Lluvia Cruz
Lluvia Cruz 2 kun oldin
Funny as hell 😅
OmniSingular M
OmniSingular M 2 kun oldin
Emotions to will Emotions to will! 😂
OmniSingular M
OmniSingular M 2 kun oldin
This is basically 90% of every episode 😂 Shows how good the show is!
mauricio Bey
mauricio Bey 2 kun oldin
That ending with carlton never gets old xD
Frankie CupCakes
Frankie CupCakes 2 kun oldin
So funny 😂🤣😅🤪😜
Random Playz
Random Playz 3 kun oldin
The best part! 10:24!
-Gemberkoekje- 3 kun oldin
This seams pretty entertaining, ashame I wasn't alive when this was on tv
Hannah Parkton
Hannah Parkton 4 kun oldin
I don’t think I ever appreciated this show for how truly funny it was. I was too young when it ended, and I missed out on greatness
Noah Fike
Noah Fike 4 kun oldin
Huge dude from Kroger sanderlin Memphis # will? was that you? OK will, this guy was every cast member rolled up into 1 dude. on an underground note here will, this guy was ur uncle on steroids # from Jazz # imagine if uncle Phil became heavyweight champion of the world AFTER defeating the undertaker
Danyelle closer2peace
Will's best moments are every time he dances 😊😁
Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson 5 kun oldin
The 2nd Vivian sucks
Brian H.
Brian H. 5 kun oldin
Michael Jordan / Al Capone / Woody Wood Pecker / Fred Flinstone
Pepper Black
Pepper Black 6 kun oldin
Will Smith Is Crazy And Naughty
Pepper Black
Pepper Black 6 kun oldin
Will Smith Is Crazy
Pepper Black
Pepper Black 6 kun oldin
Will Smith Is Crazy
Raphael de la Ghetto
Yo baby yo baby yo
Noah Fike
Noah Fike 7 kun oldin
Ali manerurism. at I didn't get you anything.... at the end of anything.
Noah Fike
Noah Fike 7 kun oldin
there is a fireplace!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:21
Debbie Dewberry
Debbie Dewberry 8 kun oldin
l love will smith as the fresh prince of bel-air. He was so stupid funny!Lol!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Breanne McGreevy
Breanne McGreevy 8 kun oldin
This Vivian was SOOOO much better than later seasons!!
wastedclout 8 kun oldin
“Why do girls like poetry? Because girl’s think with their brains.” LMAO. 12:51
Jamila Moore
Jamila Moore 9 kun oldin
What was his outfit at first
Brittany Wynn
Brittany Wynn 9 kun oldin
What is the song will sings on the coach with head phone's some about a man
Christian Joiner
Christian Joiner 10 kun oldin
AE H 10 kun oldin
Who watched the 41 minutes
Armando Pinela Jr
Armando Pinela Jr 10 kun oldin
Lifeas_Alayna 10 kun oldin
15:58 lmao im dead😂😂😂
kenneth mwangi
kenneth mwangi 11 kun oldin
9:46 hahaha
Rose and Abby
Rose and Abby 11 kun oldin
Oh my gosh Will noooo why a crop top noooooo you will see it at 9:14 in the video gosh why
Brand New Son
Brand New Son 11 kun oldin
1St things first RIP Uncle Phil for real☝🙏
Shy McLean
Shy McLean 13 kun oldin
The drum scene lmao
Shy McLean
Shy McLean 13 kun oldin
Stapling. The poster lmao
Dman2020 13 kun oldin
Dman2020 13 kun oldin
Dman2020 13 kun oldin
Dman2020 13 kun oldin
Andrew Njunuri
Andrew Njunuri 15 kun oldin
michael jordan al capone woodypecker fred flintstone lmfao😂😂😂😂
Gachavrese Emy
Gachavrese Emy 15 kun oldin
2018 dads anyone?
Jose Robles
Jose Robles 15 kun oldin
Very funny!
fakemelody 50
fakemelody 50 16 kun oldin
“Dam baby you so fine”. 😏😍
Mr Moose
Mr Moose 17 kun oldin
Scourgestar 17 kun oldin
Am I the only one who feels bad for the aunt and uncle?😂😂😂
Wuft Chan
Wuft Chan 17 kun oldin
he invented the dlow shuffle
A Lex
A Lex 17 kun oldin
40:54 we will lol that shit funny af
Rearabetswe Ditshego
Wait... Is he wearing a cropped top???
Alvin Jr.
Alvin Jr. 18 kun oldin
i love this show, but u trippin if u think all the funny scenes from this show can be fitted in 40 mins
glockenspiel 19 kun oldin
i wasn’t around in the 90s but it seemed like a fun time. people had loads of fun with no smartphones
Harlem Jvmvicvn
Harlem Jvmvicvn 19 kun oldin
Never gets old since I been watching since like 05, 04
Ghostbuster Gabe
Ghostbuster Gabe 19 kun oldin
Vy's Shoes Takin Off and Barefoot She Goes
Milagros Granados
Milagros Granados 19 kun oldin
OMG the best was when Carlton turned into a bad boy/Street dude . I was so shocked he pulled it off real well. By far my favorite episode .
• Circuitly •
• Circuitly • 19 kun oldin
“that’s da FORBIDDEN dance! :0”
SkankHunt 042
SkankHunt 042 20 kun oldin
13:53 name's song?
Queen Idaliz Sanchez Figueroa
Still love my 90's oldies Shows yes my show Fresh Prince of Bel Air llmollll jajaja jejeje Yes love Will Smith. 😄😃😀😊☺😉😛😝😜😁😌😅😂😆😋😏😸😹🙈🙉🙊👅😍😘😙😗😚😘😎😇😺😻😽✨🌟💥👍👌👊✊✌👋
x a n a x
x a n a x 20 kun oldin
High key will smith started the fortnite dances ..
Mariell Clement
Mariell Clement 21 kun oldin
I wonder if he can still dance that way?
zazaranger5 21 kun oldin
@2:13: " Hey look who's here, Benson." Lol!
pinkie pie
pinkie pie 21 kun oldin
A E K 24 kun oldin
I really like uncle Phil.
Ethan Zybutz
Ethan Zybutz 24 kun oldin
Why did I just watch this whole video
Flávio Silva
Flávio Silva 24 kun oldin
Netflix removed that serie....November 2018....
Ervin Victor
Ervin Victor 25 kun oldin
Best comidy tv show of all time.
lilbapper 25 kun oldin
I lost it at 3:12
Budakcikeris Cikeris
I like the way he dance
Mella M
Mella M 26 kun oldin
Lucille is also Negan's bat in "The Walking Dead"
lucianna morales
lucianna morales 27 kun oldin
Why isn’t Hattie banks my grandma?...I mean come on, she’s the black version of Martha stewart...just with more Crisco and sweet potato pie...honestly, if Martha Stewart came to my house and baked me a peach cobbler...i’mma follow her...(jk...or am I?...nope, i’m Just playing)...but seriously, what happened to Hattie?...why wasn’t she there?
snipersev07 27 kun oldin
Will Smith has a lot of charisma and energy! I like that
ThatGuyAB 27 kun oldin
2018 and you still watching this!
Sim ?
Sim ? 27 kun oldin
The best season from this show hands down imo. & to think, will had ZERO acting experience before this show started........ This show is just as popular now as it was when it 1st aired! Legendary!!
Wellow Rain
Wellow Rain 28 kun oldin
What season was the last scene?
The beast slayer
The beast slayer 29 kun oldin
This came out so long ago but I love this show
Alexander Graham
Alexander Graham 29 kun oldin
I am ..i never get tired of this classic comedy
Marcus Mitchell
Marcus Mitchell 29 kun oldin
Fresh Prince got better about midway in. At first, there were lots of really badly written/directed/overacted/wasted talent shows. There were a few pretty good ones mixed in before they hit their prime, as the full version of the Pool Hustle, the basketball ep. -> "Just Pass it to Will", the Queen Latifah boss ep., the ep. of Phil's crazy boss: Jamison Whitworth, the one where Carlton was a thug, etc. But, those earlier shows were--to borrow Will's slang word--very WHACK for the most part compared to the later experienced acted eps. Somewhere along the way everything just clicked, neither Vivian was all that good, but Will and gang got better over the years, Phil was always a great talent, Ross Bagley[Nicky] was a great add(he knew how to deliver a line), and the behind the scenes got better, as well.
Excel 29 kun oldin
Honestly, everything was funny about this show.
Freddy FrostGuy
4:49 Rambactious Fortnite
Watching this after watching Pursuit of Happyness...you can’t watch Will Smith in this series the same way again after that performance.
Valerie Madrid
9:47 🤣💀 died
Natalie Ross Moyo
Hormones to will lmao 😂 😂
SaturNDay Zorak
Throught the show, Will went from childish at the beginning to mature towards when he cried on that one episode
Abdur Nazir
Abdur Nazir Oy oldin
That’s rambunctus from fortnite
carrie white
carrie white Oy oldin
Will was always funny
George94 Glz
George94 Glz Oy oldin
yo wats thts song will is banging on the door???
I remember that when I was a kid I always saw the intro to that show after Noggin.
Percy Reed
Percy Reed Oy oldin
Carlton am his fan more
gzim ademi
gzim ademi Oy oldin
4:50 they added that dance in Fortnite. Whatta 🐐🐐
Gynnelly Ramirez
You so stuck up your fingers gotta make an appointment to scratch your damn head 😂😂😂 i was dead lol
chippy chedders
"Baby you close your eyes when you dance with me!" 😂😂😂
Fuck me Gently with a chainsaw
I hope the scene that goes: “If we so rich, why ain’t we got no ceiling” is in here
Rel Bkz
Rel Bkz Oy oldin
30:51🤣🤣🤣will wasn't havin that shit🗣
Natasha Mckenzie
Looool can't get too much of Will
Anthony Armata
14:20 to 14:35 that music is from Ferris Bueller
Uchiha Hikaku
Uchiha Hikaku Oy oldin
Fuck Aunt Viv was hot.
Erke Kovács
Erke Kovács Oy oldin
bgasman Oy oldin
I love this show and it is old!