Will Smith Bungee Jumps Out of a Helicopter!

Will Smith
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Will Smith takes on Yes Theory’s challenge of bungee jumping from a helicopter into the Grand
Canyon. SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/BUjQW8
Find out how the story started and see Yes Theory's challenge video:
Most Recent Videos: goo.gl/pqjbrR
Best Of Will Smith: goo.gl/P3jjA3
Instagram: goo.gl/8mBb1K
Facebook: goo.gl/yzifAY
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26-Sen, 2018

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*Action Family Customs*
priyansh goyal
priyansh goyal 23 soat oldin
Not even a mention to yes theory... Wow!!!
J.J. Bone
J.J. Bone Kun oldin
moi mooha
moi mooha Kun oldin
LeoTehJester 5 kun oldin
Nice one Will
Jn Mc
Jn Mc 5 kun oldin
Carlton hasn't aged a day since fresh prince
Anabel Pizarro
Anabel Pizarro 10 kun oldin
Super... who should I contact in order to do this. anabelpi@gmail.com Thnks
Michelle Alexandria
Michelle Alexandria 8 soat oldin
Anabel Pizarro they offer bunji jumping over the grand kanyan tours in vegas. Last time Iooked a few years ago it was $500
polo poñk
polo poñk 11 kun oldin
Hapy birthday 50
polo poñk
polo poñk 11 kun oldin
I love you wiiiiiiiill
Jonathan Duenas
Jonathan Duenas 13 kun oldin
How is it possible to not hit the edges of the canyon .__.
polidelia 14 kun oldin
this is gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgeus this is gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgeus fuckin americans
Andrew C
Andrew C 14 kun oldin
I'd definitely do that..no hesitation!
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal 16 kun oldin
Yes Theory's video is better.
Donte Jackson
Donte Jackson 19 kun oldin
Some part of the future is going to be unbeatable and that part is the good side of life.
dedezinhoow fort
dedezinhoow fort 20 kun oldin
um maluco no pedaço kkkkk algm br??
Виталий Поляков
Я бы не только обписился но и обо....ся от этого экстрима.
Cyber Gaming
Cyber Gaming 22 kun oldin
Did your stomach hurts?
jessi gut
jessi gut 23 kun oldin
I went skydiving with coworkers after watching his skydiving video
FELITO21 GDWS 24 kun oldin
Yes theory video was more epic and emotional lol
LieutenantEggRoll 24 kun oldin
Oh yeah
Carlos XD
Carlos XD 24 kun oldin
P.O.L.O 25 kun oldin
👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 this make me wanna go skydivin even more...iono about the bungee jump. 🙄 but s/o to u, dad! 😂
Beckaboo3397 25 kun oldin
Props to the yes theory for putting this out into the world and manifesting it. ✨✨ Also happy belated birthday Will. 🎂
Walker #18936
Walker #18936 26 kun oldin
Yes Theory has made the right decision in asking you this XD
Robert Punt
Robert Punt 26 kun oldin
This is not UZvid
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider 27 kun oldin
baldy hardnut
baldy hardnut 27 kun oldin
he got paid a mil for this i think
baldy hardnut
baldy hardnut 7 soat oldin
+Michelle Alexandria well he certainly wont do it for free... ?
Michelle Alexandria
Michelle Alexandria 8 soat oldin
by who and so? he’s worth a few hundred mil, so he certainly didn’t do this for the money.
Hamie 27 kun oldin
It looks fake when it’s zoomed in on him😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sam Obama
Sam Obama 29 kun oldin
Who cares!
Comrade Ladd
Comrade Ladd 29 kun oldin
FЯее v ъuСкз
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 29 kun oldin
It's rewind time OH Yeah Yeah
석길남 29 kun oldin
윌 스미스
Verbs describe us
who did bungee jumping? :)
Jack Shite
Jack Shite Oy oldin
Call Jane Goodall
Ahmareyon Cobb
Your moving with your auntie and uncle in Bellaire
Шкаф Лат
Respect FrOm Ukraine!!!!! You very good people! You very good actor!
Nassim Ps44
Nassim Ps44 Oy oldin
Voll geil
roblox productions
Play me some of that jumping music
2DGorillaz22 Oy oldin
so why did he do this
John John
John John Oy oldin
Damm it! Hes still alive!
Это случайно не тот негр, который играл в "Люди в чёрном"?
Great subtitles
Bluefire Oy oldin
Ah that's hot! that's hot!
King.K The Best
That's hot
paty ramirez
paty ramirez Oy oldin
Will soy tu fan te quiero❤❤❤
Nico MONART Oy oldin
Hancock where are you? 😂😂😂😂😭
No Bigy
No Bigy Oy oldin
*wire snaps* Its rewind time
Wireless Studios
“Das hot, das hot”
Grant Spams
Grant Spams Oy oldin
It's rewind time
Genial Fire
Genial Fire Oy oldin
will smith more like sweaty smith
Mr Pears
Mr Pears Oy oldin
Дарова это новые съёмки люди в чёрном?
Ms Love
Ms Love Oy oldin
Am I the only One who want to do this Sooo BAd.....but feel they just simply CAN NOT!!
TΛBBY : Chill
_Aah that’s hot_ _That’s hot_
Yoel Glover
Yoel Glover Oy oldin
And then you realize the bungee broke off his foot
ッRGG Oy oldin
And he will jump out of a Battle bus
Roses are red Violets are blue The number your looking for Is 4:42. Sike DATS DA WROUNG NUMBAH
Alexander  Briceño
El dinero vuelve estupida alas personas con lo que esas personas gastan en sus estupideses uno desea una cantidad mínima para comprarse una cobacha . Ricos idiotas
Guy Manson
Guy Manson Oy oldin
I can't be the only one concerned that he could've hit the rotors...
Peter Pan
Peter Pan Oy oldin
Kinda funny how the word he uses is gorge-ous. The words aren't related, but it's a funny coincidence.
Zeppy Brawl Stars
*splat Will died from fall damage
Xharyuk Oy oldin
Welcome the xander zone J
Anne - Marie Audet
How come he looks sooooo young Looks like 35 year old......FOREVER young
goonsy Oy oldin
That’s hot
Alice Schmidt
Alice Schmidt Oy oldin
I wish you long live😳😳😳
Alice Schmidt
Alice Schmidt Oy oldin
bellabana Oy oldin
All the people on here wrongfully complaining that Yes Theory didn’t get enough credit when in fact they did are actually doing a disservice to Yes Theory because people are now pissed off about the constant whingeing & moaning from you guys. You’re spoiling it for everyone involved & making Yes Theory sound like a bunch of crybabies!
Löschgruppe Vilkerath
Boy, what is wrong with you 😂😂😂😂🤟🏻
murilo Rodrigues
May nami is Murilo
murilo Rodrigues
No próximo vídeo vou falar todos os inscritos
murilo Rodrigues
Gente aperte na minha foto e se inscreve no meu canal
Kubek toDzban
Kubek toDzban Oy oldin
YAAA its rewind time
Mikael Andersson
makitaki1 Oy oldin
ich sehe nix ? nur schnittechnik , wieviel wiegt man wenn man 30 meter tief fällt ? und ein gewicht von 80 kg hat ? wieviel gewicht zerrt an dem Heli ? ^^ wie gesagt ich sehe keinen Sprung nur geschnittenes Material .
Lol Phoenix Gaming
Charles S. Adams
Didn’t think the Bluegum was gonna do it...
mukhtar ansari
Wow thanks for reading bhagwat geeta
TIAGO Bezerril
I dont be afraid not anymore but you jump first ok.
Elementalgamer 2000
Apple watch marked 140BPM while watching this vid! This was a rebirth day, not a birthday!
Laura games 123 br
Sou maigod
Gavin Themoon
Gavin Themoon Oy oldin
Bad boys 3 preview
Milo Estobar
Milo Estobar Oy oldin
hey not fair why he is the only one playing?...
Amós Figueiredo
Wil, seu maluco no pedaço, ae Brasil. Tem nada o que fazer com a grana não!!!.hahahaha. da pra mim: seu doido abraços.
CIA Oy oldin
It's rewind time!
أحمد علي
I n for
Bullet proof
Bullet proof Oy oldin
It would give me the rush let mei Tell ya
Marcus Davis
Marcus Davis Oy oldin
My Nigga Made it...!!!
D B Oy oldin
Will looked like he needed to go to the bathroom right before that jump. That boo boo that show's up up when you're terrified😳🤪.
IYD Oy oldin
this reminds me about what happened to trevor....rip
Ярема Керр
YoYoT4F Op
YoYoT4F Op Oy oldin
Grosse couille
Waskita Pratama
Who has the mic?
Sarah 12345
Sarah 12345 Oy oldin
yaahahahahhahaha It’s rewind time
April Triana
April Triana Oy oldin
I was like damn I hope he doesn’t end up like Trevor (Hilary’s boyfriend) lmao Glad he enjoyed this experience it was a bit emotional to watch! Love it 😍
Evil Dude
Evil Dude Oy oldin
dude, very disappointed, was waiting for you to call me for this day. I was all ready to jump too. :( Also, plz pump out some more scifi blockbusters, yours are always awesome.
Living Proof
Living Proof Oy oldin
People with money..... 😏
Oskar Malik
Oskar Malik Oy oldin
Its rewind time
techme061 Oy oldin
most shocking moment was seeing Carl
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