Will Smith Bungee Jumps Out of a Helicopter!

Will Smith
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Will Smith takes on Yes Theory’s challenge of bungee jumping from a helicopter into the Grand
Canyon. SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/BUjQW8
Find out how the story started and see Yes Theory's challenge video:
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26-Sen, 2018

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Anime Highlights
Anime Highlights 5 soat oldin
I would want Forknite And MARKASS BROWNIE LOL
JAMES ZENG 7 soat oldin
terrible sport i can not endure
Dprted Mexican
Dprted Mexican 11 soat oldin
**Thats hot that’s hot**
Milspec Machine
Milspec Machine 14 soat oldin
His Socks 😬👍🏽 Respect!!
Plastic Tank
Plastic Tank 15 soat oldin
I am surprised no one is talking about Carlton in the comments section
Daniel Gurrola
Daniel Gurrola 18 soat oldin
he kisses his kid on the mouth what a f--
Arthur Munoz
Arthur Munoz 18 soat oldin
So why if not praying to the one and only GOD ALMIGHTY, then why are you saying the name of GOD ALMIGHTY in VAIN, that a violation of the TEN COMMANDMENTS, right and it's very offensive to many who praise and worship GOD ALMIGHTY, in the name of JESUS CHRIST, just who do you call to when you are saying GODS NAME IN VAIN ?
santixz gamer
santixz gamer Kun oldin
You are so brave
Lory Falcone
Lory Falcone Kun oldin
La faccia tosta dei negri il mondo la conosce! I prossimi sbarchi di malaria a casa tua? Che ne dici? Sky pronto?
Lory Falcone
Lory Falcone Kun oldin
Fottiti negro di merda!
Jett Storm
Jett Storm Kun oldin
Why the hell wasn’t this in the rewind
Arlin Tso
Arlin Tso Kun oldin
Google year in search brought me here
Langga Labetter
Langga Labetter Kun oldin
I wanna try this
Jaden Jones
Jaden Jones Kun oldin
"Its Hancock"
Brent Johnson
Brent Johnson Kun oldin
Happy Birthday Will! Love your movies.
Duds 131
Duds 131 Kun oldin
I'd rather see Suge Knight bungee jump from a hot-air balloon.
Cristian 007 Meraz
Puro pinche americano alv
mlg vlogs and stuff
Play me some of that jumping music
stajop 2 kun oldin
Love ur socks Will!
Layan Mattar
Layan Mattar 2 kun oldin
Who else thought the title was “Will Smith bungee jump out a helicopter?” Instead of “Will Smith bungee jumps out a helicopter!”
Talha Shahbaz
Talha Shahbaz 2 kun oldin
what is so funny he is jumping and we are seeing ? ? ?
Сергей Ким
Когда узнал что сын педик
Thomas Just
Thomas Just 2 kun oldin
sad too see how his career has gone soure, now he has to perform stunts to get attention
Is This Rain?
Is This Rain? 2 kun oldin
Mad cos he's still getting money?
Carlos Rossetti
Carlos Rossetti 2 kun oldin
I wonder how much this costed
Is This Rain?
Is This Rain? 2 kun oldin
Probably barely made a mark on his wallet lmao
Valerie Reynolds
Valerie Reynolds 2 kun oldin
Madelyn B
Madelyn B 2 kun oldin
Ok I undrstand not liking UZvid rewind. But why take it out on Will Smith?
_ Moh_D
_ Moh_D 2 kun oldin
I love how they didn’t mention Yes theory at all. Disappointing
Is This Rain?
Is This Rain? 2 kun oldin
Will Smith did on his other videos relating to this jump.
for you
for you 3 kun oldin
I know it was scary hanging out THERE like THAT ..... I heard him say it.. Big ups too WILL Smith.
marcos flavio andrade
Um maluco no pedaço
Iam Social
Iam Social 3 kun oldin
You are a brave dude. Props.
MrSly025 3 kun oldin
It’s not even a name, it’s some kind of a future form - will.
Miles Morales
Miles Morales 3 kun oldin
I know this is from a month ago but I was nervous for him
Prune Queen
Prune Queen 3 kun oldin
UZvid acting like it was their idea......😒
Scott Hedley
Scott Hedley 3 kun oldin
Lmao Carlton at the end making it sound like an action thriller as Will is getting disconnected from the bungee
Scott Hedley
Scott Hedley 3 kun oldin
He should have jumped out of a fortnite bus
pert oodle
pert oodle 3 kun oldin
oh dats hot
DiverGaming 3 kun oldin
It's rewind time.
Aj Brown
Aj Brown 3 kun oldin
It looks to me that Will is bored with his life, that is why 'the extreme' and why he had to let everyone know about it. I wish u and ur family well but cherish ur life and the people in it.
Beth Vigna
Beth Vigna 3 kun oldin
Yes Theory brought me here!
NightyIsHere 3 kun oldin
Will Smith, you’re my favourite UZvidr!
YouTrash 3 kun oldin
AKA the battle bus
Jar Mason
Jar Mason 3 kun oldin
And? So he fell backwards off a helicopter. Should he get a cookie or something?
U Mirin Brah
U Mirin Brah 3 kun oldin
why are u salt bruh
Jar Mason
Jar Mason 3 kun oldin
What's that have to do with my comment?
Im You
Im You 3 kun oldin
The bungee cord could have ripped (unlikely) and he fell to youtube rewind 2018 (aka death) that's the risk
Jack Pelon
Jack Pelon 3 kun oldin
WOW WOW, Señor will smith, yo me haria "pipi" en los pantalones...!!!! WOW... Un abrazo inmenso desde Perú...
amara garsia
amara garsia 3 kun oldin
Yo si me alanso
American Films
American Films 3 kun oldin
Henry Wesley
Henry Wesley 4 kun oldin
Unfathomable way to free your spirit and let your chakra loose. Just clear your head man. Love Will Smith.
JOE BLACK 4 kun oldin
Mari Anna
Mari Anna 4 kun oldin
Yes Theory has like 10 times less views but I think their videos was more enjoyable! Still props to Will Smith for being a great sport and accepting their challenge!
: 0
: 0 4 kun oldin
The one good thing about yt rewind. Will Smith.
Roy Otten
Roy Otten Kun oldin
If only pewdiepie did the first part and will smith the last part
Aidan, Commander of Nerdy Army.
Good joke
lovepeople Hu
lovepeople Hu 4 kun oldin
Garrison Boyd
Garrison Boyd 4 kun oldin
He should fly with the blue angles in their two seater jet, I know they let people do that. Will's reaction would be awesome!
Jackson Henry Channel
Thats hot
Real Sunny Rosario
Real Sunny Rosario 4 kun oldin
you took over the whole challenge and then ended up on rewind without Yes Theory!!! GTFO. UZvid is not for you.
10INTM 4 kun oldin
Felt my stomach knot on that one. You'd have to kick me out this-is-Sparta style.
CornusXBL 4 kun oldin
Ahh that’s hawt, that’s hawt!
XxXxUltraa Fortnite
He's a savage
Benjamin Phiri
Benjamin Phiri 5 kun oldin
This guy's out here living our best lives haha
Karışık Tv
Karışık Tv 5 kun oldin
Nakal Teep
Nakal Teep 5 kun oldin
Big Hero in real "Big Zero"
Siddhartha Kc
Siddhartha Kc 5 kun oldin
Aww ,, that's hot
Michael Cobbs
Michael Cobbs 5 kun oldin
Excellent video.
Horrible-Artist699 5 kun oldin
I love how they had Carlron (Alfonso) to commentate for this!!
zman2cool 5 kun oldin
That scream sounds exactly like Oscar's 😂from shark tales if u don't remember
John Seabourn
John Seabourn 5 kun oldin
When is Will gonna make a trip with Bear?
Bambi du Gaming
Bambi du Gaming 5 kun oldin
Prince of Bel air
Ip Wischin
Ip Wischin 5 kun oldin
Have we really become THAT decadent?
Sami 6 kun oldin
Now, that takes a lot of guts to do it. Will Smith +rep
Patrick Ward
Patrick Ward 6 kun oldin
Yooooooo, that's hot, that's hot!
Black Lightyear
Black Lightyear 6 kun oldin
Who came here to dislike after youtube rewind
Kashif Khan
Kashif Khan 6 kun oldin
I have a reason to like him🙏🙋
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon 6 kun oldin
Why did I think it was fortnite? Lol
help me get to 1000 subs without any videos
5:06 on the right is that Carlton?
Guka Nozadze
Guka Nozadze 6 kun oldin
Who's here after watching PewDiePie?
helifalic 6 kun oldin
3:08 Nice to see Carlton came along to support his cousin.
ANVAY VATS 7 kun oldin
5:20 that's ma boy Carlton 😎
hej no
hej no 7 kun oldin
i.X.CAras Sirweks
i.X.CAras Sirweks 7 kun oldin
5:19 was that Carlton Banks ?😂
blackwingskodachi 7 kun oldin
ah haha that's hot, that's hot
Joseph Fuller
Joseph Fuller 7 kun oldin
A lot of people in the comments hating about this thing called "Yes Theory". I have never heard of it but if it spreads hate the way these people are making it look like then I do not want to know. Why can't people be more positive and use each moment to make the world better, instead of using it to stroke their own egos?
COOKI3MONST3R 2 kun oldin
Joseph Fuller I promise you they’re the complete opposite. The entire point of their channel is to spread love and encourage people to go out into the world and say “yes” to new experiences and connections. That’s how this whole challenge came about. I think many are just upset of the lack of acknowledgement they received from Will Smith’s end, being that they’re the reason “The Jump” is happening. You should check them out they’re actually genuinely inspiring!
Shailesh Rana
Shailesh Rana 7 kun oldin
Will Smith is cray-cray!
Us Marine
Us Marine 7 kun oldin
That heli is a huey holy crap!
Cubancomanche 21 | "Giving Back to the Good Earth"
Crazy Bastard! I Love It! You Da Man!
Ace Mercier
Ace Mercier 7 kun oldin
If you think that is gorgeous imagine doing it during a sunset.
Oli Gaining
Oli Gaining 7 kun oldin
John Paul Calmona
John Paul Calmona 7 kun oldin
Watching because of 2019 UZvid Rewind
Frank Stan
Frank Stan 3 kun oldin
Gabe Porter
Gabe Porter 6 kun oldin
John Paul Calmona ...
Mike Wallace
Mike Wallace 8 kun oldin
fake af
Leon Constantino
Leon Constantino 8 kun oldin
Carlton.....very funny
Brianna McNulty
Brianna McNulty 8 kun oldin
Brah that was lit 🔥
mukesh nirmalkar
mukesh nirmalkar 8 kun oldin
Hi Superman
Smoke 9
Smoke 9 8 kun oldin
He completing his bucket list
ORISHA PHOTOS 8 kun oldin
It's a free country.
Inject The Memes In My Bloodstream
Pls go back to Hollywood, UZvid is not the appropriate place for you.
T Woods
T Woods 8 kun oldin
The way this was filmed made it feel human. The most human filming is here in this video.
Ama 8 kun oldin
**flashbacks to UZvid rewind 2018**
iSellUsedCondoms 8 kun oldin
Will smith is a black dumbo looking mutha fucka .. this dude cant act...Foreal.. he so cheesy Wisconsin can spot him in a crowd .. yup the whole state!
Xopher Lee
Xopher Lee 9 kun oldin
Даниил Иванов
че за чурка лысая
Devboss Copeland
Devboss Copeland 9 kun oldin
He should of said, "SHREK! IM LOOKING DOWN!"
yo yo
yo yo 9 kun oldin
Y.......anda y que le den por culo..
VE VO 10 kun oldin
This is lit. 🔥 . 🔥 Thanks to everyone that listen to my musics too 🔥 🔥 🔥🔥 🔥