Will Smith Had Carlton Teach His Son to Drive

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Will explains why it was a bad idea to have his “Fresh Prince” co-star Alfonso Ribeiro teach his son to drive.
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Will Smith Had Carlton Teach His Son to Drive




26-Fev, 2015

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Fikrlar 244
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez 12 kun oldin
Focus one of wills best love movies
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez 12 kun oldin
I would do the same for Harley quinn
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez 12 kun oldin
I would sneak my mom's car out to parties on the weekend
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez 12 kun oldin
My dad and a NASCAR simulator taught me how to drive.
Prince Tim
Prince Tim 4 oy oldin
Smh at title
EDEN ETIENNE 5 oy oldin
Mark Norville
Mark Norville 6 oy oldin
I wonder how many of these stories are real, and how many he has just made up, to make him look cool. You just never know with actors, as obviously that is there job to deceive people.
biddy ga-biddy
biddy ga-biddy 9 oy oldin
will hasn't changed a bit
Jacob Scott
Jacob Scott 9 oy oldin
My 2 best driving teachers were an uncle & a scout master who described cars as a 3000 pound vehicle of death
SG Tine
SG Tine 10 oy oldin
can anyone tell me what the ipad 9.7 ad song is? please im dying here
Puro 11 oy oldin
"He is 16 now" and then the most idiotic question "so is he driving now"? As if driving is some sort of a good thing.. Stupid.
VidinaSS 11 oy oldin
That title be a little misleading
yuh :
yuh : Yil oldin
Why can't he replace trump
rozi2089 Yil oldin
"...don't educate your kids." Yea, we can tell you didn't educate yours lol.
DearMakeUpDiary Yil oldin
And taught him the Carlton dance as well.... Will forgot to add 😂😊🙊
smoothcollected Yil oldin
For a brief sec he reminded me of Jamal on empire
Ifti Hossain
Ifti Hossain Yil oldin
moebz // moe.b
moebz // moe.b Yil oldin
I feel so bad for alfonso hes known by carlton such amazing acting talent and is known for carlton. Oh well still love the whole fresh prince cast esp will.
Jonathan Sim: Magic
If Carlton ever asked the Will Smith on Fresh Prince if he could teach his kid how to drive, Will's response would be, "I don't know, Carlton. Are you sure you're tall enough to see the road?"
It’s a shame that people only know Alfonso Ribeiro as Charlton!!!! He is so much more than that
Emily Mintern
Emily Mintern Yil oldin
I swear every 16 year old drives in America ? How? I’m 17 and live i England so I could do lessons now if I wanted but they so expensive 😂
vianjelos 11 oy oldin
Emily Mintern our parents teach us...most kids dont even go to driving school, its unnessesary outside of the info you need to pass the written test. And where I grew up drivers ed was a mandatory class that we took for our sophmore year, the final was the written test to get your permit..so as soon as the class was over you should have gotten your permit for free. Maybe its just cause more families have cars in most places in the US, that its cheaper and easier for parents to teach their kids.
Jimothy Snooker
Jimothy Snooker Yil oldin
he had to add in "Carlton" because nobody knows who the hell Alfonso Ribeiro is
Ivelin Hristov
Ivelin Hristov Yil oldin
"Don't educate your kids" The way hi sayed is very interesting.
Miguel Silva
Miguel Silva Yil oldin
Awe Will, parents just don't understand
Motionless Pictures
"Don't educate your kids!" Wise words from Will Smith 😂
tasha phanor
tasha phanor Yil oldin
at least u don't hear Jaden and willow out there on drugs going to clubs all the time,all people see is that there weird,but y r there weird though.
KozzyKage Yil oldin
he has a son? I thought he only had girls...
Cloud Kurosaki
Cloud Kurosaki Yil oldin
If Will shaved his facial hair, he could probably play his Fresh Prince character again, and look pretty much the same.
Noam Ku
Noam Ku Yil oldin
Did anyone notice will looks like an old 50 cent lol
CheeseMountain23 2 yil oldin
I love how they call Alfonso Carlton :D
K-9s Fur Life
K-9s Fur Life 2 yil oldin
OMG I WOULD DIE FOR WILL SMITH HE IS LIFE!! I almost passed out when I saw him at Muhammad Ali's precession.😍😍😍
Jay Oher
Jay Oher 2 yil oldin
"Don't educate your kids". Well how the heck would they land a job if no education lol
Makeveli The Don
Makeveli The Don 2 yil oldin
Jay Oher its a joke mate
Charles Robinson
Charles Robinson 2 yil oldin
I hate jimmy kimmel
Tdot30012 2 yil oldin
I love Will Smith, he is one of my favourite actors!!!!
There is no guy MORE likable than will.
Puro 11 oy oldin
Michael Jackson, Sir Sean Connery or King Harald V of Norway. Just to mention a few.
Mr. Vato
Mr. Vato 2 yil oldin
Chris Pratt
Bioxed 2 yil oldin
"girls clothing" what's the matter with you
Roman R
Roman R 2 yil oldin
hes a nice guy but i feel hes kinda failing as a father. he treats jaden like a king and at the same time whats to be his best friend. and it really made jaden grow up in a weird spoiled way. sometimes a father needs to be a father.
Virru112 11 oy oldin
yes because you know so much sitting there watching tv and reading magazines..
Lowdown 2 yil oldin
i dont see whats wrong with jaden, the niggas weird but other than that hes respectful and chill dude, his music good too
Tuke Lee
Tuke Lee 2 yil oldin
not your place man
jingle bells
jingle bells 2 yil oldin
how is he failing as a father? :\ cause he's not a traditional dad? He just likes to teach his kids to be who they want to be thats all, and I think thats great, his kids are open minded and we need more of that in this messed up society. where people are to closed off and not open to new and different people and things. Being different does not equal that he failed as a parent. I bet him and his kids are really close and they can talk about anything and i can't say that about a "normal" kid with "normal" parents lol
Hey bro
Hey bro 2 yil oldin
Imagine will smith the prince of bel air reacting to this
60sisthashit 3 yil oldin
He can just say alfonso. Everyone knows who alfonso is!
Caz Russell
Caz Russell 3 yil oldin
I love how Alfonso is just "Carlton" now all the time 😂 such a legend!
Christi Manweiler
I doubt having one character in your whole career. Anyone will remember, qualifies you as a legend.
Holly Online
Holly Online 2 yil oldin
Fawn Winter it was on an interview where will smith said that Alfonso told him to name his character something that he wanted to be called so he chose his name
Fawn Winter
Fawn Winter 2 yil oldin
Holly Online that's not why he did it. It was HIS show. That's why he left his name.
Holly Online
Holly Online 2 yil oldin
That's why will called his character will
Nguyen Tran
Nguyen Tran 3 yil oldin
im digging Will Smith's outfit lol
Emmye Venditti
Emmye Venditti 3 yil oldin
does he wear dresses still?
Bryan Conor
Bryan Conor 3 yil oldin
+Emmye Venditti who cares if he does?
Adette Youmans
Adette Youmans 3 yil oldin
Yeah, well..I'm a grandma myself & a big fan of Will Smith and I sure wish that before God will decide that what HE has intended for me in this world is done...I'll MEET WILL SMITH IN PERSON, I JUST LOVE THIS KID!
Swavi 3 yil oldin
Will Smith's son is turning into his daughter and his daughter is turning into a son. Wts is that all about?
MoRiellyMoProblems 3 yil oldin
I bet Alfonso Ribeiro was blasting Tom Jones' It's Not Unusual in the car.
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba 2 yil oldin
My favourite
Zena zema
Zena zema 3 yil oldin
love this dude
waldoman7 3 yil oldin
wait, cartlon can drive? how does he reach the pedals?
**i d r e e s**
**i d r e e s** Yil oldin
waldoman7 prince would be said that
jetnut89 Yil oldin
I can't tell if that's an authentic comment or a line from the fresh prince.
Patrick 3 yil oldin
He drives a smart car.
Anna Gonzalez
Anna Gonzalez 3 yil oldin
Trey is a football player but he does have the singing bug but didn't want to pursue that because his passion is football ...there is absolutely nothing wrong with willow or jaden or are only 14 and 16 y/o. Wanna talk about people just because there more successful then you are.
ballwallful 3 yil oldin
has anyone, commenting on this clip, ever seen the "just the two of us" music video? His lyrics are all about Trey and being a father for his son.
Mohammed Sardar
Mohammed Sardar 3 yil oldin
thats fuckin awsome ahahaha
MsHeart50 3 yil oldin
I had no idea he had another son...so weird his name doesnt match his parents' name like the other kids do.
Antwan Johnson
Antwan Johnson Yil oldin
He was on the video with Will "Just the two of us"
Simone M
Simone M Yil oldin
Trey is his son from his first marriage to his ex-wife Sheree. He did a music video with him back in the late 90s called "Just The Two of Us"
Camyy99 3 yil oldin
+SunyiSideUp I am CRYING. Poor Susan.
Patrick 3 yil oldin
I think Susan has pissed the building.
Brennan Peevyhouse
Brennan Peevyhouse 3 yil oldin
this got published on my bday
Rush 3 yil oldin
Kids just don't understand...
Wegee 02
Wegee 02 3 yil oldin
I don't understand why so many people hating on jaden.. I liked him in karate kid mainly because he got his ass kicked
hash1z 3 yil oldin
Lesson to the parents. Don't educate your kids. Omfg. LOL
Yeah Bee
Yeah Bee 3 yil oldin
by church he means cult that believe we are aliens that got dropped in a vulcano and later flew out as ghosts and inhabitated human bodies and they steal your monies
Cane 3 yil oldin
should teach jaden to wear some pants.
pizzapingvin 3 yil oldin
Sure Car...ups Alfonso taught him the info, how to be a good driver which is great but Will is the one who raised him how to behave ,his ethical foundation.
Turret Barrage
Turret Barrage 4 yil oldin
how can we drive when the the cars aren't real...
obi was here
obi was here 4 yil oldin
those ears tho. damn
xanatosking01 4 yil oldin
Will Smith is ageless.
Sam W
Sam W 4 yil oldin
Damn his movies stink and his kids are worse but dang it hes still got that charm
Weabe 4 yil oldin
trey is aweosme
Nick J
Nick J 4 yil oldin
whats up with these 1 minute videos... I used to be a fan of you Kimmel but I gotta admit Fallon is way more entertaining AND convenient to watch on youtube.
MrTiredmatt 4 yil oldin
jaden is a fucking insane person
Deborah I
Deborah I 4 yil oldin
LOL. I think you mean philosophical
SeanTheOriginal 4 yil oldin
I'm going to set up an Indiegogo campaign for when Jaden eventually runs over someone and kills them.
ACB Films
ACB Films 4 yil oldin
I don't get how someone with so much charisma and intelligence can have such a dumb and boring son hahah
Patrick 3 yil oldin
That's why. All his intelligence and charisma soaks up the room.
VlogUntilDawn 4 yil oldin
"Don't educate your kids." Oh, so THAT explains Jaden and Willow.
Big Deo
Big Deo 3 yil oldin
Savage af lmao
RJ29 4 yil oldin
5 dislikes lol
M DuB 13
M DuB 13 4 yil oldin
This is dope man I just saw a picture on complex of him and Uncle Phil hugging before he died.. there will ever be another show like the fresh prince
Artrial Clark
Artrial Clark 4 yil oldin
Will is still my idol
Mafi Pululu
Mafi Pululu 4 yil oldin
His oldest decided to NOT become a public figure. He's only there at premiere to support his family. Will didn't reject him or anything like that!TuT
Ida Andersen
Ida Andersen 5 oy oldin
Lord Habitaxe of Prydonia
Jess B. Ain't Trey a DJ? He's more like Jazz then
NYCrazyRob 4 yil oldin
I taught myself how to drive using a golfcart. It works. Would recommend.
F Andersen
F Andersen 4 yil oldin
I had absolutely no idea that Will Smith had an older son. Poor guy
Everything Movies
Everything Movies 4 yil oldin
"Don't educate your kids" well clearly he takes his own advice, look at Jaden
NeLeBe Yil oldin
His kids are smarter than most adults. You in particular since you make fun of kids 🤷🏾‍♀️
starbwoy lawrence
Everything Movies clearly he's joking but lol this is funny I'm dying 😂😂💀
joliejoliejolie90 COOL
what happen with jaden?
SunyiSideUp 3 yil oldin
+Daniel Lee This is very true. I recently found my old MySpace page from when I was about 15, and it was so cringeworthy. The purposeful misspellings and obsessions with teen heartthrobs D: People grow up and change dramatically. I don't even know that girl I used to be.
CarAmeL624 4 yil oldin
I'm surprised by how many people didn't know he had another son. Trey is from Will's first marriage. I think his ex-wife's name is Camilla. He plays football. Saw it on a bio-pic way back and I believe when Will and Jada hosted the BET awards way back when all his kids were there.
Theodore Lindsey
Theodore Lindsey 2 yil oldin
+CarAmeL624 It's because he doesn't want to be in the spotlight so everyone either doesn't know about him or just forget.
D. Foxx
D. Foxx 4 yil oldin
+CarAmeL624 Actually, one of Willow's middle names is Camille
CarAmeL624 4 yil oldin
+D. Foxx oh man either the bio pic was wrong or I remembered the wrong name lol. could have sworn they said Camilla
D. Foxx
D. Foxx 4 yil oldin
Lol her name is Sheree
Dreadnaught2517 4 yil oldin
Remember when you feel like getting ignored/rejected, Will Smith has a 22 yr old son, I didn't even knew this till now.
Ruben Scott
Ruben Scott Yil oldin
Dreadnaught2517 the media makes him talk about it more now
Serving Tea
Serving Tea Yil oldin
Maybe he doesn't want to be plastered all over social media
Divionist Yil oldin
In comparison to Will's two other children, I can't help but feel proud of Trey Smith.
helloWorldCats Yil oldin
he didn't write it. it was a sampled cover of Grover Washington Jr.'s song from 1981
KingKhanAbz 4 yil oldin
You can really tell they're splitting these Will Smith clips really short so they can monetise more videos because Will's proper popular :|
Peter Benson
Peter Benson 4 yil oldin
they do that with pretty much every guest, its split by topic
Im Brad
Im Brad 4 yil oldin
Carlton was the real star of The Fresh Prince.
jasonhylnd001 3 oy oldin
Although Carlton was my personal favorite character on fresh prince I have to say that everybody was the star of that show.
michael Jacobs
michael Jacobs Yil oldin
Im Brad jeffrey carlton will uncle phil. The women were useless lets be honest here
anla254 Yil oldin
Im Bradp we re am
Nathan Amoah
Nathan Amoah Yil oldin
Bruce Leeroy mate we all know Geoffrey was the one that stole the show 😂😂
Janina 4 yil oldin
Wait.. He has a 22 year old son?! Why do I only know about the other two
KingOfTheRing Yil oldin
Jaden and Willow are both celebrities. Jaden is an actor and rapper and Willow is a singer, who does a little bit of acting herself. Trey was never like that, he was more reclusive and tried to stay out of the limelight, but he was featured in "Just the Two of Us."
Mimi971 3 yil oldin
+Millie Ahmed thank you
Samantha selfaware
Samantha selfaware 4 yil oldin
I love the track "Just The Two Of Us"
conscut 4 yil oldin
+Janina he's a DJ and his mom is on the LA version of the Hollywood Exes with Nicole Murphy. Her name is Sheree Fletcher.
Ap Pozitiv
Ap Pozitiv 4 yil oldin
enough with the 1min clips ! it's fucking annoying !
ChelseaFC4life24 4 yil oldin
Keon 4 yil oldin
"if newborn babies could speak they would be the most intelligent beings on planet earth" - Jaden
The Good
The Good 9 oy oldin
At first it sounded weird to me... ..but if you think about it in a spiritual philosophical way... the statement makes more sense because then it would mean the babies and their soul come straight from The Source from where they came from before being born into this world and before being in the womb...so babies are closer to ''mysteries of Life" and further away from all the ''earth-learnt'' ways of mankind. Don't know if Jaden meant in that way..but it is sure a different way of thinking about it. ...A way that would fit the quote ..because the closer someone is to The Source of Life.. the more they know about the actual Truth. ..and the further away a person is from that ( like some people that have been on this earth for many of years already)..the less close they likely are to the More Pure intelligence, Wisdom and the ''Mysteries.'' So if a baby could speak ,..they might be able to tell us about things we do not know as older people. It is also said that babies till a certain age can still see the ultra violet light wave...( I think ) and after a certain age you can't see on that level anymore ...so babies might actually see different or more things than adult people as well as being closer the the Original Source of Life. This all beings said if a person where to look at the quote in a different way than in general.
Shane Steel
Shane Steel 2 yil oldin
+Wataaa! lol
Big Deo
Big Deo 3 yil oldin
It would be hilarious if his tweets were quoted and mentioned on the show with Jaden.
Wataaa! 3 yil oldin
+Keon Allums I thought your comment was a reply from the comment above lol
Peter Benson
Peter Benson 4 yil oldin
i wish someone would ask will smith about his son's retarded ass tweets lol
Keon 4 yil oldin
"the more time you spend awake, the more time you spend asleep" - Jaden
Keon 4 yil oldin
Jaden is the Ghandi of our generation.
CynicalCloud Yil oldin
ohshucks30 It is a South African term and it wasn't used by Ghandhi
honest bob
honest bob Yil oldin
ohshucks30 cheers dude.. honest bob
ohshucks30 Yil oldin
honest bob here are some direct quotes from Ghandi ( keep in mind that karrifs was a racist derogatory term equivalent to the N word) "Kaffirs Are Uncivilized Animals" "Indians ‘Infinitely Superior’ to the Kaffirs" "No Mixing Kaffirs With Indians" "Kaffirs Less Advanced"
honest bob
honest bob Yil oldin
ohshucks30.. explain please how gandhi was a racist idiot cheers
Keon 4 yil oldin
"how can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real" - Jaden
El Corgo
El Corgo 4 yil oldin
If only he could've taught his son Jaden how to act...
Sebastian Herzog
saymynameb*tch!!! I swear he’s talking about Trey Smith
Gerald Leonard
Gerald Leonard Yil oldin
Steve M I think you have like a little too much time on your hands to be crying about a dude you never met lol bored eh?
omzy24 4 yil oldin
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Robinx119 4 yil oldin
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