Will Smith on Owning an NBA Team

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Will talks about being part owner of his hometown NBA team, The Philadelphia 76ers.
"We're Going to Hell” by The (RED) Pack uzvid.com/video/video-q7QrAAFx8nQ.html
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Will Smith on Owning an NBA Team




6-Dek, 2016




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Sharanya Wagh
Sharanya Wagh 4 oy oldin
What ageing cream does the FRESH PRINCE uses?? Cancel the moustache and he is the same.
Abijah Foundation.
"The Most Valuable NBA Teams. The average NBA team is worth $509 million, a 30% increase over last year. The increase is due to higher revenue from television, new and renovated arenas, and the NBA's new collective-bargaining agreement, which reduced player costs from 57% of revenues to roughly 50%". He's got alot of money and knows what to do with it, smart move if you ask me.
The big laker fan
Funny how now the 76ers are one of the best teams for the future and contenders to get lebron. Guess will is doing alright
TJ SMB 9 oy oldin
I keep forgetting Will Smith's almost 50
Van essa
Van essa 9 oy oldin
There's no way he's 48, man.
mayafurlan furlan
Will eres un ganador 😆🎶👌👍💝💝 God Bless
Gibson TV
Gibson TV 9 oy oldin
why play for the team if you can own the team
Tom Delano
Tom Delano 9 oy oldin
LA FOLK 10 oy oldin
Not mess it up he said that on HitcH
wwbdwwbd 10 oy oldin
48? He doesn't look a day over 28!
Lindo Mathenjwa
Lindo Mathenjwa 11 oy oldin
Will looks 30...
DissAstro Yil oldin
This guy will never be old. You got to hit that rice and chicken😅🔥⚡🔥
Vedang Nijsure
Vedang Nijsure Yil oldin
Will's the most likeable celebrity ever
J P Yil oldin
New Polaroids of Will Smith in Cleveland coming up soon...pay attention 🤣😆📸
Yung Faness
Yung Faness Yil oldin
will Smith one of the best actors there ever was enemy of the state i dont watched times an got that straight looking wife
HUSTLER1346 Yil oldin
Dang Will Smith looks oooooolllddddd! Idk why people say he looks young.
Samuel Woods
Samuel Woods Yil oldin
I think I was 5 when the Fresh Prince started, he looks the same age as me.
illmatic Yil oldin
lol i wanna know what happened that night in cleveland
miranda pow
miranda pow Yil oldin
I love jimmys laugh it’s genuine
Not Bill Gates
Not Bill Gates Yil oldin
They weren't Born Man 🤣🤣
Πάρης Τσ
Πάρης Τσ Yil oldin
I used to love this guy in Fresh Prince and earlier days, but now I feel he became kind of strange probably because of all that Scientology and/or illuminati crap in his brain
Frenk Lopez
Frenk Lopez Yil oldin
when you become rich in an easy way by laughing and being a comedian, your body soul and mind isn't getting stressed or worried. you are happy the majority of the time. where as somebody who went to school as a phychician works his brain hard, pull out his hair and if he doesn't his hair become white in a matter of week. ask your dad why do you look so young and why you do look so old?
AirKangLocker Yil oldin
sixers are doin good right now. all hail sam hinkie
dong9 Yil oldin
I like the part where they breathe
Emin Jonas Sulejmanov
SuperSaiyan3985 Yil oldin
Will's a baller.
O.I Yil oldin
48 ? no way
Gabriel Campineanu
he doesn't age
trebledc Yil oldin
his g as f!
kuur 313
kuur 313 Yil oldin
eureka0521 Yil oldin
I ain't touch dat girl! lmao
skalawitz Yil oldin
Wait.. hold it right there at 1:07. Did he say he's 48? Damn..
Winnie the poo
Winnie the poo Yil oldin
let me calculate this comment section 90%about will Smith being so fuking young 4%about the video 6%total random
Heimuer Yil oldin
"If the team doesn't win, it sucks later" ayy
Anonymous Yil oldin
I love this guy he's hilarious 😂
jayisfresh1990 Yil oldin
Will looks old AF more like the expired prince of bel air
Marco Marquez
Marco Marquez Yil oldin
but then this niegga run outta gas
Marco Marquez
Marco Marquez Yil oldin
pussy fashion
Karan R
Karan R Yil oldin
Will Smith:" I go home where we win it!" Cracked me up! #LakersLow
burns83 Yil oldin
You wanna hate Will Smith and now you kindda like justin bieber, youre Fed
Allen Ruz
Allen Ruz Yil oldin
You are legend
Gibstuh Yil oldin
I hope he does a Standup special one day.
Yesid Dalaf
Yesid Dalaf Yil oldin
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIn westphiladelphia born and raised
SUGAR NIPZ Yil oldin
Will should play for the 76ers. He used to ball at Bel-Air academy lol
Kristian Brandt
Kristian Brandt Yil oldin
Guess we'll see Jaden Smith on the roster in a few years XD
Did anybody noticed the grammar mistake on the title " an nba team"
Glenn Medina
Glenn Medina Yil oldin
will smith always looks like robert horry
Mikhail Baum
Mikhail Baum Yil oldin
Will with mustaches looks like officer Tempenni from gta))). Anyway he is great man. I adore to watch movies by him.
K J Yil oldin
I was wondering what would it be if Will Smith would do an action movie with Dwayne Johnson
FrsH -87
FrsH -87 Yil oldin
All my life I have wanted my hair to look like Wills, lol.
Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore Yil oldin
He looks like a cop
Borriz Cruz
Borriz Cruz Yil oldin
If you are a fpoba fan how old was will when it started
Hugo Lima
Hugo Lima Yil oldin
48 WTF 😲
WhiteHammer 62
WhiteHammer 62 2 yil oldin
This dude has to be immortal he doesn't age what so ever
Josh Hommes Dick
Josh Hommes Dick 2 yil oldin
Thought it was going to be a video about how Will Smith shredded an entire basketball team before crushing the backboard dunking it, I'm thoroughly disappointed.
Yan Rui Sia
Yan Rui Sia 2 yil oldin
I wasn't even born yet when fresh prince ENDED but i still know him from irobot, bad boys, MIB, i am legend. Man's a legend
Klarita R
Klarita R 2 yil oldin
I loved jazzy Jeff and da fresh prince back in the late 1980's "his the Dj I'm the rapper" and "Summertime" is still my summer classic No 1 tune of all time 😀👍🏾👌🏼✌🏽
Legendary Genius
Legendary Genius 2 yil oldin
This motafucka never age?? Still look fresh prince of bell air
Destiny Johnson
Destiny Johnson 2 yil oldin
in this video he reaaaaally reminds me of Chris Brown hahahaha the way he talks, moves and just has these facial expressions
eric northman
eric northman 2 yil oldin
I swear Will Smith is just high on life all the time... if that makes any sense lol
zeroa69 2 yil oldin
if i ever get the chance to meet him im totally doing the prince handshake right off the top.
Sutea 2 yil oldin
All these people talking about how young he looks. Is life extension technology upon us and I'm just a peasant?
sarah iman subhan
sarah iman subhan 2 yil oldin
The best person to have on a talk show
Uzi Yomega
Uzi Yomega 2 yil oldin
The stand-alone mustache = latina mouse trap. They completely defenseless against it. And Don't even get me started on the hogan handle bars neither.
CC 24
CC 24 2 yil oldin
When he said "not to mess it up" it reminded me of his line in Hitch lol
Hargest 519
Hargest 519 2 yil oldin
will is so jokes
Patrick B
Patrick B 2 yil oldin
What's up with dat laugh
KAELIN ELLIS 2 yil oldin
thats that "rich man" laugh
Patrick B
Patrick B 2 yil oldin
Well, sir. I think you know what I mean. In terms of similarity, Will Smith has a very unique laugh, unlike most other people. Kind of like Seth Rogan. You don't have to be a smart ass...
Joonya Boonya
Joonya Boonya 2 yil oldin
Wait . . what is the "typical way of laughing" .. is there a book on, "How to Laugh" that i'm not aware of.
Patrick B
Patrick B 2 yil oldin
No, actually I've known about and watched his movies and TV shows, aswell as listen to and enjoyed his music for a long time. I was simply just implying that he had a funny and not so typical way of laughing.
Abz Art
Abz Art 2 yil oldin
You must be new to Will Smith
Dr Phot
Dr Phot 2 yil oldin
76ers are some ass... Will Smith & jazzy Jeff aren't!
Yousef Saleh
Yousef Saleh 2 yil oldin
Stephen Dvorak
Stephen Dvorak 2 yil oldin
His natural laugh is exactly the "posh" laugh he used in The Fresh Prince to mock Carlton.
Roger Toledano
Roger Toledano 2 yil oldin
I noticed that as well! Hilarious!
joshthian 2 yil oldin
Can someone care to explain to me the justin beiber line at the end
Ray Moundo
Ray Moundo 2 yil oldin
+Lucas Ezequiel I was about to troll but I restrained myself
joshthian 2 yil oldin
+Rayman Ghafman thanks dude
Lucas Ezequiel
Lucas Ezequiel 2 yil oldin
You didn't troll and you were actually helpful for the kid. You win the internet today
Ray Moundo
Ray Moundo 2 yil oldin
joshthian Justin Bieber is always receiving a hailstorm of criticism every time he does something "bad" because of the existence of social media and how information can spread so fast these days. Will Smith says he's glad they didn't have social media back in his day because they were doing things far worse than the Biebs.
Guest Spinelli
Guest Spinelli 2 yil oldin
Just like JZ, Will own a very small almost minuscule portion of a team. Just enough to keep blacks from leaving the nba and nfl and starting there own leagues again. It's nothing more than a strategic control tactic put in play by the real owners. Please don't be fooled by this bs.
Lo O
Lo O 2 yil oldin
It's funny how homeboyey he was back in the day now he's got his legs crossed double breasted collar and what not 😂😂😂
nmessai215 2 yil oldin
he's 48 not in his 20's. We all grow up
Bilal C
Bilal C 2 yil oldin
LMAO love you too for your comment dude!
Muzikrazy213 2 yil oldin
+Bilal C no homo, I love you for this comment.
Bilal C
Bilal C 2 yil oldin
Lo Oo He finally started emulating his cousin Carlton, like his uncle Phil would have wanted!
Magic Mike
Magic Mike 2 yil oldin
Fake ASS laugh right there
typoconnection 2 yil oldin
Damn, black really don't crack...looks a lot younger than 48
Jason Lee
Jason Lee 2 yil oldin
He won't stop saying "like", the man has been in LA for way too long.
Andrew Simpson
Andrew Simpson 2 yil oldin
Lives in LA and goes to Philly only when the team is winning. Will Smith is the definition of a fair weather fan!
fatboyRAY24 2 yil oldin
Will Smith got that illuminati skin moisturizer.
Trey and Niquan Gang
Very wise man
Average Commenter
Average Commenter 2 yil oldin
His team is so crap
Ramiz Khalid
Ramiz Khalid 2 yil oldin
Idk what is about will. He is black but it doesn't seem like it
ELEVEN PAC 2 yil oldin
old dude from suicide squad ahahaha
Dilithium Crystals
Dilithium Crystals 2 yil oldin
wow he owns the 76ers???
Wolf Man Lyken
Wolf Man Lyken 2 yil oldin
Will smith looks like a young guy with a fake mustache
popeye697 6 oy oldin
Charlie G he grew his mustache a little thicker when he made Bright.
Charlie G
Charlie G Yil oldin
D. Foxx it's fake .... no its not. Yess it is ... its not !! lol
D. Foxx
D. Foxx 2 yil oldin
Wolf Man Lyken if you've seen that episode of Fresh Prince when he pretends to be Ashley's father...that's what he looks like lol
juan ruiz
juan ruiz 2 yil oldin
Wolf Man Lyken lol
Sean 2 yil oldin
the legend
rufio'smousse 2 yil oldin
There are people like John w henry who owns the red sox. And all I own are my own socks.
Od Tsogtbaatar
Od Tsogtbaatar 2 yil oldin
this mustache is disturbing
nancy encino
nancy encino 2 yil oldin
the old dude from suicide squad😂😂😂
MOTD 2 yil oldin
What a funny guy!
Andrew Goering
Andrew Goering 2 yil oldin
How the hell is Will Smith 48 years old?!! Is it a spiritually fatal deal with the mighty and glorious Shaitan? How is he 48?!!!!
Keenan Ballantyne
Keenan Ballantyne 2 yil oldin
Prime example of what you can achieve if you make the right lifestyle choices. Dude is looking fuckin' young still.
B Sugar
B Sugar 2 yil oldin
I love Will, I am so proud of him...But 48? Really Will? You look like a teen :)
The Noob Network
The Noob Network 2 yil oldin
Great job investing in a team that is arguably one of the worst. Debt is fun I guess.
SAM AD 2 yil oldin
as a barber I want to cuss wills barber out lol
D. Foxx
D. Foxx 2 yil oldin
+SAM AD the fade isn't bad, it could be the angle and the lighting, but I don't really see anything wrong with the fade. It could be that he just needs a good brushing
SAM AD 2 yil oldin
D. Foxx yh lol and the fade is a bit rusty
D. Foxx
D. Foxx 2 yil oldin
SAM AD you're talking about the top right corner of his shape up? lol
chinouyamale 2 yil oldin
Daniel Winchester
Daniel Winchester 2 yil oldin
he got the men and black stashe
Owlbbarnes 2 yil oldin
Will has the best laugh lol.
BerriBare 2 yil oldin
48 my ass!
John Biggs
John Biggs 2 yil oldin
I thought black people didn't have privilege...
Pat Keix
Pat Keix 2 yil oldin
tommorrow i am going to act just like him
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