Will Smith's Lifestyle ★ 2018

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Will Smith's Net Worth ★ Houses ★ Cars ★ Mobile House ★ Wife ★ 2018
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15-Okt, 2017

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bigjule jules
bigjule jules 5 kun oldin
At least he doesn't have no expensive cars collection .
Nighat Ullah
Nighat Ullah 9 kun oldin
Jaden is one messed up boy.
Pro God Pro life Pro Gun
Whos here from the California fire?
conor j shammy
I cant stand women who want men who are married and vice versa, STAY AWAY THEIR MARRIED, goddd........
Apao Fonmanu
Apao Fonmanu Oy oldin
Saraly! get your spelling right
J E ss E Y
J E ss E Y Oy oldin
I love how you stole the thumbnail from another video
Speedy Racer 4
I have to ask, 7 mid roll adds on a 14 minute video? What caused that?
shigsho 2 oy oldin
He is a one man cause of global warming.
lallianthuama lallianthuama
what is the name of the first music....in this
lallianthuama lallianthuama
dj or other please tell mee..
rhonda turner
rhonda turner 2 oy oldin
I don't care who you are or how much money you have why so many damn cars I can not see the point in that you can only drive one car at a time I could think of better things to waste my money on and why did the mustang have Dubai tags/plate on it
Festus Demena
Festus Demena 2 oy oldin
Adolfo Nguema Nguema mc profe
Mc profe. el verdadero decirles k Mi trabajo esta en vigor
Adolfo Nguema Nguema mc profe
Mando saludos a todos
Christine Navubya
I hate the fact, that his house is my entire village
strawberry flavored bleach
I have the same birthday as him but I was born in 2006
andy moser
andy moser 3 oy oldin
he's a globalist cant believe you guys are praising him. he's not your friend wake up sheep
glockumollie 3 oy oldin
Nice family will
Music Is Food For The Soul
Fuck will smith right in the pussy.
MuSick 4 oy oldin
Half a year later and you still showing willow smith’s pictures
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton 4 oy oldin
the billionaire,too much money,show me some love
Sheron Byrd
Sheron Byrd 4 oy oldin
The Sun in Hawaii must be expensive as hell because I don't see 30million worth of house there
Morning Star
Morning Star 5 oy oldin
Men n Black 4 of to see it someday😁
happy danel A
happy danel A 5 oy oldin
Willow is very beautiful while jaden extremely handsome
Riki Mahoney
Riki Mahoney 5 oy oldin
Wow be blessed !
Aaron Ross
Aaron Ross 5 oy oldin
Nita Cruise
Nita Cruise 5 oy oldin
What the f***'s is wrong with Will Smith's kids?
Luan Oliveira
Luan Oliveira 5 oy oldin
Veronika BaxlA
Veronika BaxlA 5 oy oldin
I love will Smith's sir and his dressing and look bahut ache lagte hain.
OficialDK!D Officiel
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DocSiatat 6 oy oldin
What the fuck is saraly ?
Fredik Gharibian
Fredik Gharibian 6 oy oldin
Fredik Gharibian
Fredik Gharibian 6 oy oldin
Manuel chaparro
Manuel chaparro 6 oy oldin
newoaknl 6 oy oldin
Horrible music.
Ebony Hoffman
Ebony Hoffman 6 oy oldin
sooo happy for him and his family. 🌺💖☺
Lgt jett
Lgt jett 6 oy oldin
1:38 Right side she’s the mom who acted in Creed right?
X egacy
X egacy 7 oy oldin
This isn’t will Smith life style this Will Smith family
Xavier Williams
Xavier Williams 7 oy oldin
Rafal kj
Rafal kj 7 oy oldin
Czarny się dorobił
shivaji dhatrak
shivaji dhatrak 7 oy oldin
I thought he was 27
shivaji dhatrak
shivaji dhatrak 7 oy oldin
49 years old!!!
stilcrazychris 7 oy oldin
He has my dream car. 1965 Ford mustang.... Damn I can be hopefully & only wish one of these days. I to will own my dream car. I'm not going to hold my breath. I'm happy for him for all of his success. He seems to have a good heart. Chris from Missouri
Shaun Elliott
Shaun Elliott 8 oy oldin
He's got shite taste in cars
Flower Yum
Flower Yum 8 oy oldin
Ads!? Next, lol
Joey Flite
Joey Flite 8 oy oldin
Will beast from east
Surfishy888 8 oy oldin
"Saraly"...really? I think you mean "salary". Unless he was paid in frozen cake products.
Ralph Meredith
Ralph Meredith 8 oy oldin
this nagga rich as hell
Guido Vagnarelli
Guido Vagnarelli 8 oy oldin
Jaden smith is a failure in his head.
Rafał Stępniak
Rafał Stępniak 8 oy oldin
Such a lame canal...
WizzyFortnite 8 oy oldin
2:48 when you get a rpg in fortnite
Street Frantic
Street Frantic 8 oy oldin
7 reasons why will smith vlog is a must!(click the link below) topindianvloggers.wordpress.com/2018/03/25/7-reasons-why-will-smith-vlog-on-youtube-is-a-must/
H¡ro_9_0ne 8 oy oldin
I germany they say will shmit
Black Jesus
Black Jesus 8 oy oldin
The fantasy will end.
Black Jesus
Black Jesus 8 oy oldin
I don't care how much "paper " Will Smith has, it's NOT going to get him into The Kingdom Of God period .So enjoy because it's going to all end soon. The Most High GOD is going to destroy this world very soon. Just like Sodom and Gormorra .
Tommy Drozdowski
Tommy Drozdowski 8 oy oldin
Music ???
Bolin Onyomama
Bolin Onyomama 8 oy oldin
Lolz dude you need to learn how to proof read before releasing this saraly shit😂😂
Hustler Mkuu
Hustler Mkuu 8 oy oldin
saraly and still repeated wtf
sy keen
sy keen 9 oy oldin
whats with the stupid music
Tracy Rodric
Tracy Rodric 9 oy oldin
That boy jaden is mess up in the head, thanks to his dad.
Velvet Ropes
Velvet Ropes 9 oy oldin
It truly is amazing and I believe one of the best celebrity houses. The lavish interiors and the overall outlook prove that Will Smith is the true king of Calabasas. If you want to have a look at the complete coverage then kindly click on the link www.velvetropes.com/backstage/will-smith-house/.
Bourhany Zongo
Bourhany Zongo 9 oy oldin
Hey wow The Legend Prince Du Belleur HangKoock Mr Will Smith Best Picteur Fantastique Vidéos Musique Films The Legend Thank You So Mush Will Smith
quad comparator
quad comparator 9 oy oldin
What !!!! No private jet ? I'm disappointed.
Jim Walsh
Jim Walsh 9 oy oldin
"Satan says bow down and worship me for all these riches"! Jesus says get lost Satan , These celebs ,entertainers , musicians , go where do I sign to sell my soul for all these riches?Wht does it profit a man to sell his soul and gain the world? Fools you think Gods word is a joke ?! Wake up!
Patrice Porteck
Patrice Porteck 9 oy oldin
Fun with will smith!!!!!!
Eva Ghee
Eva Ghee 10 oy oldin
my birthday is Feb 25 me and will has something in common
Ian Thomas Thomas
Ian Thomas Thomas 10 oy oldin
What's with the camera panning down for the crotch shot?
Chino Bandetto
Chino Bandetto 10 oy oldin
Made the movie bright after his mother
Pierre Kerezovic
Pierre Kerezovic 10 oy oldin
1 points. Like
Ashok Nagulan
Ashok Nagulan 10 oy oldin
Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva 10 oy oldin
Eu sou muito fam desse cara
Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva 10 oy oldin
don jhigfluiygl
don jhigfluiygl 10 oy oldin
Im sure at 6'2" he weighs more than 181 pounds/82kg.
Iyke Gbench
Iyke Gbench 10 oy oldin
How am i to take this seriously if you can't spell salary.
Lonnie Bryant
Lonnie Bryant 10 oy oldin
I remember will Smith use to battle rap...back in the mid 80's and his music sounds better than most today I came up big...beautiful family
Brandon Brimm
Brandon Brimm 10 oy oldin
The houses are crazy!! Like, you live here?..
Chase Bandz
Chase Bandz 10 oy oldin
Nationality American? Where they do that lol, That boa Black✊
iamLenea Young
iamLenea Young 10 oy oldin
That fucking music 🏃 🏃
Cristobal Lozada
Cristobal Lozada 10 oy oldin
Cristobal Lozada
Cristobal Lozada 10 oy oldin
Cristobal Lozada
Cristobal Lozada 10 oy oldin
Cristobal Lozada
Cristobal Lozada 10 oy oldin
Nice life your Bless all your Life will Hook me up with 100 dollar
Cristobal Lozada
Cristobal Lozada 10 oy oldin
Hey Will Am so poor I can't by you Car Men help a brother Wisconsin
Michael Campbell
Michael Campbell 10 oy oldin
The Mouse
The Mouse 10 oy oldin
Salad $40Mil
iGhost Mystique
iGhost Mystique 10 oy oldin
Ya’ll so whack, a successful black man and all a lot you talk about is how gay you think he and his sons are lol like they give a fuck if ya’ll think he is gay. He has three mansions lol he can live free and do whatever the hell he wants. How many houses you got?
Island breeze
Island breeze 10 oy oldin
You for got to include his older son fool
Tia Randolph
Tia Randolph 10 oy oldin
Good Job!!!!!Imma get one day....my stuff took a terrible back there somewhere
Rammutla Jack
Rammutla Jack 11 oy oldin
he is balling
Edrina Cornelius
Edrina Cornelius 11 oy oldin
DB, Im thinking like you? WTH is "Saraly:? Then it dawned on me that it was probably meant to be "salary". LOL
David Gillespie
David Gillespie 11 oy oldin
why post a slide show on UZvid, oh, to get people to watch thinking it has some real content. Hate these.
Viva Hate
Viva Hate 11 oy oldin
ice cold
ice cold 11 oy oldin
Proud of will and his family he had made a great life for himself I like to see success.
shorttdogg power
shorttdogg power 11 oy oldin
Enjoy it while you can cause a hurst dont have a trailer, sad you people live like this and millions n poverty
Elias Santana
Elias Santana 11 oy oldin
😂😂😆 saraly ... word wtf
Nickie B
Nickie B 11 oy oldin
Christopher Jackson
I'm trying to get that Saraly!!
OchoaSupremo Sr
OchoaSupremo Sr 11 oy oldin
I want some celery for some reason
sna videos
sna videos 11 oy oldin
he's not gay. he slapped a gay man for trying to come onto him. he's married!
Larry Holloway
Larry Holloway 11 oy oldin
CFWManagement His Word did you see the gay ass slap? Please....if a dude tried to kiss me I'd take his lips off of his head. Foh he gay as fuck.
wq1299 11 oy oldin
He has a Taurus? Really? I mean maybe an SHO, but I think he is sporting a few better cars.