Will Smith's Lifestyle 2018

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Will Smith's Lifestyle 2018
Willard Carroll Smith Jr. is an American actor, producer, rapper, comedian, and songwriter. In April 2007, Newsweek called him "the most powerful actor in Hollywood".
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19-Yan, 2018

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Paul Chittock
Paul Chittock 5 oy oldin
Melissa Thomas
Melissa Thomas 9 oy oldin
She got sacrificed!!! 😱. Dang.
Termite Exterminator
Melissa Thomas
Melissa Thomas 9 oy oldin
Top TV Hey!!! I thought Will Smith had a sister too!!! You forgot her!!!
Termite Exterminator
Real Hip (Current Event)🎥🎧🎵 Hop (Movement)🏆🏁 N.I.G.G.A.'s (Naturally Intelligent God Gifted African/Aboriginal) is not falling for the banana 🍌 in the tail pipe 🚓 you brainless shithead 💩 bitch 🐶! Fuc Wil Smith! This fag is fraudulent! He is getting butt💩fucced by white elitist 💰💰💰💰💰! All you niggaz who believe in this punk maggot are a bunch of fags💩! Fuc the synagogue 💒 of Satan😈! You punk bitches respect these Hollyweird maggots that have sold their souls for some monetary compensation💲💰! All praises are due to the most high!
cely aquino
cely aquino 8 kun oldin
AL Lee
AL Lee 13 kun oldin
Is he a Catholic or Christian?
Michael Moreno
$260 million my ass, maybe in his left pocket
Ludmila Lhamine
Ludmila Lhamine 2 oy oldin
Wau 👌👌👌👌👌
van van oliveira
van van oliveira 5 oy oldin
Ele ta Vivo ta vendo... HumRum!......
Roman Stellios
Roman Stellios 6 oy oldin
Was there no children with the first beautiful wife named Shereez Zampino(1992-1995)?
Joe 6 oy oldin
Kadiatu Sesay
Kadiatu Sesay 7 oy oldin
So cute
Jeannie Jones
Jeannie Jones 7 oy oldin
Will, brother, you don't do anything for me. You are a very unattractive men,in every way that I know. Jada has you all to herself. You two deserve each other. No class, either of you. You needed parenting skills,then your kids would have not turned out so dysfunctional. Dysfunctional parents=you know.
Edy Smith
Edy Smith 8 oy oldin
He has his mother's smile, father's eyes.
yolanda Raymond
yolanda Raymond 8 oy oldin
Yes Sexy
Julio César Paixao Paixao
Boa noite cei que vc e um homem bom e vim te pedir uma ajuda para trabalhar nos Estados Unidos aqui tá muito difícil para mim eu queria de gare ficaria muito feliz Obrigado mesmo sou seu fã Deus te abençoe e família.
Roseline Bouquette
I thought his mother was white that look like a black woman to me.
Mary D
Mary D 8 oy oldin
Thank you for sharing this video of Will Smith he got it going on he worked hard for it so he can lavish his lifestyle because he earned it I love it
Kay Jay
Kay Jay 8 oy oldin
Nice video....Trey Smith looks a little like, and or remind's me of the late Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee's son.
Open Your Eyes People
I think Will's first wife is not only prettier than Jada but she obviously had enough sense to move on from her gay husband.
S-E-C-A 9 oy oldin
Will Smith has a UZvid Channel..... Check it up also. He is vlogging as a movie star!
Velin Adamov
Velin Adamov 9 oy oldin
marcus bernau
marcus bernau 9 oy oldin
boring and vague
Alexander Taborda
Alexander Taborda
marcus bernau w
yolanda Raymond
yolanda Raymond 9 oy oldin
Still sexyyy as hell to
yolanda Raymond
yolanda Raymond 9 oy oldin
Thankz Bae
Abi Hajar
Abi Hajar 9 oy oldin
Yolanda Keyz like you
Ladonne Conney
Ladonne Conney 9 oy oldin
You Didnt Mention His TV. Career!