Wish Ads Are Something Else...

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Today I look at some of the strangest, most awful ads from e-commerce site Wish. They are something else...
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10-Yan, 2019



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not a bot47
not a bot47 19 soat oldin
I got an ad for wish right when he started showing it
The Noobs Dudes
The Noobs Dudes Kun oldin
*I got one Durning this*
MoistHercules35 2 kun oldin
I literally got a wish ad watching this video
Gracie Beads
Gracie Beads 4 kun oldin
I’ve been watching your videos 1 after the other, funny as mate 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Too many fandoms help
I got a wish commercial before the video started, I kid you not Edit: the second ad is also a wish ad...
Cathaus Art
Cathaus Art 6 kun oldin
i got a wish ad before this started
Jeremiah Kulakevich
Did anyone else get a wish advertisement while watching this video?
Fortnite Bros
Fortnite Bros 9 kun oldin
I got a wish ad
Erbrow Gamer
Erbrow Gamer 11 kun oldin
i got a wish ad on this video😂😂😂
Ely luv Hayley Kiyoko
I got several wish ads on this...
Merdog11 Gaming
Merdog11 Gaming 15 kun oldin
. Gets wish ad in the middle of the video . Ha
Mr.Beeston 18 kun oldin
I got a wish ad watching this...
Jake Stevens
Jake Stevens 18 kun oldin
The cat blindfold is probably for animals who get anxious while their being transported, they do this with horeses as well.
Megan Riley
Megan Riley 18 kun oldin
Omg you are legit emkay 💀
mysterywhiteboy72 18 kun oldin
Got a wish ad and it took me a minute to realise it wasn't part of the video
Clarifythe3rd 19 kun oldin
Cartoon Slazo is so cute 😍...human Slazo is meh 😐
PotatoHeadGaming 19 kun oldin
Buy this buy that buy thisathat
SpencerGotThatClout 20 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure all of those reviews are bots
AJ McAlpine
AJ McAlpine 20 kun oldin
I got a wish add while watching this
Dr. Lemonz
Dr. Lemonz 20 kun oldin
I literally got a wish ad before this video
Luke Kevin Doyle
Luke Kevin Doyle 20 kun oldin
I got nothing but wish ads for this entire video
MinimiMax 20 kun oldin
Penis enlargement cream really works because when you rub it on your penis, you get aroused and get an erection so it seems like your penis is growing!
The AcousticSkeleton
Got a wish ad when watching this
keegan Ahr
keegan Ahr 21 kun oldin
This guy sounds like EmKay
The Diamond Slayer
The Diamond Slayer 21 kun oldin
I'm lucky I didn't get any ads while watching
bean bag
bean bag 21 kun oldin
I had a t4k Which was $80(NZD) which straightened mine which was identical to that ortho thing
Hype God
Hype God 21 kun oldin
Diabloslayer8 21 kun oldin
and of course I get a wish ad
Big Disappointment
Big Disappointment 21 kun oldin
I got a wish ad on this video
Angelina Bagge
Angelina Bagge 21 kun oldin
Ironically the only ads I got on this video were wish ads
chloe flanagan
chloe flanagan 21 kun oldin
It’s a pipe for 97% off who can say no
E Meme
E Meme 21 kun oldin
Arcanine-Espeon 21 kun oldin
Other than the keysmash, that hoodie looks like something I've only seen an anime character wear.
Trend Saltyy
Trend Saltyy 21 kun oldin
I got a wish add😭
TheCubeHead / TCH
TheCubeHead / TCH 22 kun oldin
i just saw a wish ad when i clicked on the video
Yellow bananago!!
Yellow bananago!! 22 kun oldin
Red Winter Academy
Red Winter Academy 22 kun oldin
Saw a wish add before this video
We got’em •_•
We got’em •_• 22 kun oldin
Who else got a wish add while watching this😂😂
Alma Tanori
Alma Tanori 22 kun oldin
People like stupid shit
WilGum Zeep
WilGum Zeep 22 kun oldin
I once got an add (has nothing to do with wish but it was an ad so yeah) and it said “brithday” Yep
The Furious High Bishop
This is so funny, and each of the ads for your vid have been wish 😂😂 it's like they're all part of the video!
I am trash
I am trash 23 kun oldin
i thank god for making me watch this vid on my laptop instead of tv, really
I am trash
I am trash 23 kun oldin
1:18 did u just say "bizarre" ?
Andrew Weekley
Andrew Weekley 23 kun oldin
I love Bearger so much 😭. Also, I can’t watch your videos enough 😭😂
Under ur Bed lol lmao rolf kys pls
Lmao i got a wish ad
Jonah St-François
Jonah St-François 24 kun oldin
Wish is *always* more expensive than eBay. They're from the same factories and "sellers", but Wish adds their fee as "shipping." You can find the same Yo-Yo for $1 on eBay, but free shipping, as you do on Wish for $1 with $3 shipping. The way Chinese shipping works is the seller will sell a whole bunch of shit, wait till they have enough to fill a shipping container, and ship it all at once. It's one of the reasons it takes 4 weeks+ to arrive. It's exactly the same story on Wish except you're paying extra on "shipping" which is, again, not the cost to ship it, only Wish's "fuck you lol" fee.
Kaden Keneal
Kaden Keneal 24 kun oldin
i have a 3DS. It costed $40!
Turtle Babe
Turtle Babe 24 kun oldin
OMG I thought the toilet advert was done by you as sarcasm 😄
iiKyanite 25 kun oldin
Nintendo 3DS - 3 Dollar Sale
that teenwolf 19
that teenwolf 19 25 kun oldin
Breast Breast Breast Breast
Cliffhanger Comics Studio
I think the tongue is for horny gay 30 year olds.
Marcos Wolffenbuttel Moreira
Slazo is the embodiment of chaotic neutral
codename cody
codename cody 26 kun oldin
Theres a fucking wish ad
Bread Container
Bread Container 26 kun oldin
No joke I had a wish ad on UZvid rn
Jolty STNT
Jolty STNT 27 kun oldin
Shit I unironically want the tongue
Rainbow Phoenix
Rainbow Phoenix 27 kun oldin
I honestly think Wish is run by bots
Mr. IKnow
Mr. IKnow 27 kun oldin
Breast Breast
WeeabooDan 28 kun oldin
I was looking around on wish and apparently $1000 drones are being sold for $50 as a deal....yup...
theandrewdinator 28 kun oldin
Every ad I got in this video was from wish
Piggy PlayZ
Piggy PlayZ 28 kun oldin
Lol I got a wish ad on this video!
Chad Holt
Chad Holt 28 kun oldin
I got a creepy clown outfit ad at the beginning of the video lmao😂
just an opinion
just an opinion 28 kun oldin
who else got a wish ad
Puddle Of Lemon
Puddle Of Lemon 28 kun oldin
First thing that came in mind when i saw that tongue for sale was; “Hmm, yeah. It’s probably made for women.” If ya know what i mean
Urte Kuprionyte
Urte Kuprionyte 29 kun oldin
I got three wish ads on this vid and no difrent ads
Rip FilthyFrank
Rip FilthyFrank 29 kun oldin
I got 2 wish ads
2Big 29 kun oldin
How am I supposed to pay for my braces if I’m 13
Just a Finnish Person
Nibui 29 kun oldin
I got an ad for wish while watching this video
Elias Hamil
Elias Hamil 29 kun oldin
Got a wish add on this video...
Cows are Cows
Cows are Cows 29 kun oldin
I got a wish ad while watching the video
Charlie Kearney
Charlie Kearney 29 kun oldin
I got a wish add
Joseph Hone
Joseph Hone 29 kun oldin
Did anyone got a wish add on this vidoe
whitey blue
whitey blue 29 kun oldin
While watching this video, three wish adds popped up on my screen.. Just why.
Random Music
Random Music 29 kun oldin
I got a wish ad on this vidio
SY2 Zero gamer
SY2 Zero gamer 29 kun oldin
I just taped the video and I got a fucking wish add
Whispering Jack
It's place where you buy cheap Chinese crap lol
I like making fun of people
Who else got a wish ad before the vid started?
Harry Hazell
Harry Hazell Oy oldin
I got a wish AD It was on this video
Warrior and Harper
Got a wish add on this video
The Film Freaks
Wish is a treasure trove of tat
Piggy Poggy
Piggy Poggy Oy oldin
Guess what ad I got before this video
Soggy Memes
Soggy Memes Oy oldin
Mafia city
Tiernan OMahoney
I got a wish ad watching this
Emma The FrYinG pAn
Omg lol I got 3 Wish ads during this vid xdddd
The K
The K Oy oldin
I just got a wish ad
Mihael Grbac
Mihael Grbac Oy oldin
I just got a wish ad when i clicked on this video
Mihael Grbac
Mihael Grbac Oy oldin
Four i'm done
Mihael Grbac
Mihael Grbac Oy oldin
Oh my god three
Mihael Grbac
Mihael Grbac Oy oldin
I mean two
i don't know
i don't know Oy oldin
omg your voice
Purple Dragon 9
Anay Pradhan
Anay Pradhan Oy oldin
Upload more on emkay
Big Boi
Big Boi Oy oldin
Faabrez TV
Faabrez TV Oy oldin
W: Wish I: is S:Such H:Hell
Flying meatball
Damn got a wish add w this vid
Evelina  Metsovaara
In Sweden it’s free to get a tooth bracelet. Because some of of us believe in socialism, you should try it ;))
I got a wish ad watching this
Thomas Tullie
Thomas Tullie Oy oldin
I got a wish ad before watching this...
Cinnalate Animations
I got a wish ad before this video started ;-;
BlobPlayz Oy oldin
I got a wish ad while watching this
I'm Typing This At 1:00 In The Morning But,
I know, I _wish_ they were also something else.
james freddo
james freddo Oy oldin
Did anyone get wish.com ads before the video even started?
Bob Jones
Bob Jones Oy oldin
Anyone else get a wish ad?
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