Wish Ads Are Something Else...

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Today I look at some of the strangest, most awful ads from e-commerce site Wish. They are something else...
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10-Yan, 2019

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Emily Wildermuth
Emily Wildermuth Soat oldin
“Man I like watching movies on my phone, but I wish I could y’know eat some seeds while I do this” he says as I spit sunflower shells into a red solo cup..... Edit: I JUST SPILLED IT ALL OVER MY FLOOR OH SHIT OH FCUK
Mallory Monster
Mallory Monster 2 soat oldin
Oh look at this big hot shot UZvidr flexing his 6k tooth job. WE GET IT, YOU HAVE AIRPODS!
Dr Whammo
Dr Whammo 7 soat oldin
10:49 actually it's left image to right image, it makes you fatter
Dr Whammo
Dr Whammo 7 soat oldin
5:23 it's not $5... it's just 5... customer: Hey how much is this? clerk: 5 customer: $.05 or $5? clerk: just 5
The Invicible Dryer Sheet
You shou,d make merch of the cat burger thing like take you and burger put in a circle and make it a t shirt
Candace 11 soat oldin
you made me exhale slightly out of my nose and that makes me vERY ANGY
Caitlyn the geek!
Caitlyn the geek! 12 soat oldin
12:12 is it sad that my mom actually bought me this same exact spoon for my birthday😂 I had no idea it was from wish!
that one guy
that one guy 13 soat oldin
Was going to sleep but now I have to wait 15 minutes
that one guy
that one guy 35 daqiqa oldin
+Alina Rafiq plus add
Alina Rafiq
Alina Rafiq 46 daqiqa oldin
that one guy more like 14 minutes and 19 seconds :P
Pedro syan
Pedro syan 15 soat oldin
Wish has cream for cancer for like 3 dollars idk
BøffBoy Don't want a last name on yt
I got a fookin wish ad on this Edit: I got another one Edit2: another one omfg make it stoooop
WillyTheSecond 16 soat oldin
Hustle city ads
Bleach 17 soat oldin
Bought a gram scale and a weed pipe from wish😂
marinasdead 17 soat oldin
They cut the tongues of the chibise workers who talk too much while making goods and nothing goes to waste
gabthebusted 17 soat oldin
egyptian pyramids? they're sorta like graves for mummified pharaohs, built by tons of people as a contribution type of thing.
Bos 18 soat oldin
Got a wish add
MerrowMeghan 20 soat oldin
I actually do complain about raindrops on the side mirrors of my car. When it has just stopped raining and I need to drive somewhere, you can't see anything in these mirrors as soon as a light shines on them. It is very dangerous because I might hit a cyclist when they ride near me. I always have to dry them off before I get in the car.
RyMo Vlogs
RyMo Vlogs 20 soat oldin
That pillow is dank
gg zsh
gg zsh 21 soat oldin
As soon as I saw the tongue I was thinking of a Halloween party with tongues just hanging from the roof plus some of them attached to strings.
Nichole BJD
Nichole BJD 22 soat oldin
Jessica A.
Jessica A. Kun oldin
It's advertising waterproof phone covers, duh
Davis Alanen
Davis Alanen Kun oldin
and if you could grow facial hair you would understand getting it in the sink is no fun... -.- Wish fanboy 4lyfe
Davis Alanen
Davis Alanen Kun oldin
Honestly , wish is great. You get what you pay for, but if you arent happy with anything you get a refund and keep the product no questions asked. Gotten things like steering wheel covers, microphones, even some clothing
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy Kun oldin
**all nonbinary meth lovers sigh sadly**
Vones Kun oldin
Yeah, I drive a nissin!
M33r Kun oldin
Finally someone made a video of these
2326_543337 Kun oldin
Yeah I drive a N I S S I N
Beci Kun oldin
lmaooo everything ive gotten from wish in the past has missed the delivery date so i got everything technically for free, and out of like 12 items i got, one came with a duplicate so i got an extra, and only one thing came broken which i can legit hot glue and fix so idkk wish is pretty sick in my opinion if youre smart about what youre buying
oof Kun oldin
Breast Breasts
Lexie O'Brien
Lexie O'Brien Kun oldin
for some background: on the app once you buy something it pesters you nonstop about leaving a review until u do it so thats y ppl leave a review when they haven't tried it yet lol
Princess of Slytherin
People leave nonsensical reviews because they get discounts depending on how many reviews you leave, doesnt matter if theyre good or not lol
Blue Hat Productions
I bet the toe weight loss thing would leech your blood if it actually was real
Shahnoor Kun oldin
Got a Wish ad of some girls opening a Wish package with "Gucci speakers" in it
Nalle Buh
Nalle Buh Kun oldin
I wish...
Project: Infinity
I wish I wasn't in constant pain.
nina angel
nina angel Kun oldin
Comment Kun oldin
Wish is like stock photos, they publish everything for any occasion even if some of those occasions will probably never happen
Da-Ja's Quality Crap
*Didn't even review the actual filmed ads.* These guys are shelling out some serious life hack skits.
J4NB0 Gaming
J4NB0 Gaming Kun oldin
"We may never understand how pyramids work." They were made as pharaoh's graveyards. Each pharaoh had their own pyramid.
Meto gaming
Meto gaming Kun oldin
*wish ad plays*
Duh no u
Duh no u Kun oldin
Your cat is breathing? *THEN YOU NEED **1:27*
ArdeleanMuntean Nicolae
I deadass actually got an ad from Wish mid way throughout this video.
Unoriginal Channel Name
If you look at the toilet one, its not a toilet, they're just standing infront of a urinal with their pants down.
Ghostiebun Kun oldin
Any time they "advertise" selling a gaming console/device it's usually actually a case, screen protector, joystick replacement, etc. that they're showing on the device, you don't know that until you read the crazy name though XD
GoodHeroPL Kun oldin
9:26 yes
エクリプス Kun oldin
That's how -mafia- Wish works.
ZombieDoodle Kun oldin
Got a wish ad before the video started
bec bec
bec bec Kun oldin
someone please provide sauce on that silver tent fuckery thing at 3:35
mmich75 Kun oldin
But first hammer time
Young Cheri0
Young Cheri0 Kun oldin
Press *x* to doubt
Tate Barnett
Tate Barnett Kun oldin
They're not selling the actual DS, they're selling screen protectors for it.
Lost Lost and Lost
sorry for liking the video before it even started Slazo i truly apologise
Keza Buraz
Keza Buraz Kun oldin
*B R E A S T B R E A S T*
EeveeSpectrum 2 kun oldin
No. I don't need breast breast.
TheMofoHeister 2 kun oldin
5 ads! I count 5 ads on this 14 minute long video!
DoNisYoB055 2 kun oldin
The cat mask is made to blindfold a cat who behaves aggressively at the vet.
Antoine Charbonneau
I actually got the crack pipe as a free gift for creating an account
Blueberry juice Yummyness
First mafia city now wish? Oh god
Scott Phillips
Scott Phillips 2 kun oldin
Slazo is as always simply amazing.
Mewcario The Fur
Mewcario The Fur 2 kun oldin
I actually use wish and confirm that the items that I have ordered from it do arrive, albeit it sometimes weeks or a full month after ordering. The products aren't always the best either, but you're paying a couple bucks for them sometimes so you get what you pay for
Icebrine 2 kun oldin
Is this cat in the sequel of bird Box?
Percy 2 kun oldin
Boiga !!!!!!!!
Emily Otley-Howard
Emily Otley-Howard 2 kun oldin
I'm here too uwu
Thomas Conroy
Thomas Conroy 2 kun oldin
He didn't wipe
食べ尻 2 kun oldin
Hey want some breast enlargement pills
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 2 kun oldin
Okay but does anybody remember Wanelo? That was like Pinterest but with things I wanted to buy online
Johannes Sjøstrøm
Why did i get a fucking wish ad about the fucking chair thing on this video
Miguel Conway
Miguel Conway 2 kun oldin
Another fuqin wish add
Miguel Conway
Miguel Conway 2 kun oldin
And another one with Neymar in it
Miguel Conway
Miguel Conway 2 kun oldin
And another one in the middle of the video
Miguel Conway
Miguel Conway 2 kun oldin
There was a wish add at the start of this video byw
Den Mother Arkala
Den Mother Arkala 2 kun oldin
2:51 I think that may also be intended to be...How do I explain? Well, in places like Alaska, you'll see dogs and police k-9's with specialized goggles to protect their eyes from the sun. That product looks like a cheap plastic mimic (that probably doesn't actually work).
Alex Jagger
Alex Jagger 2 kun oldin
I had a wish advert for a weed grow house like the pop up ones😂
Big Fill
Big Fill 2 kun oldin
In the UK you get orthodontic treatment for free if you're under 16
Hunter Miller
Hunter Miller 2 kun oldin
Smells like peter knetter
Kevin Scully
Kevin Scully 2 kun oldin
If you only had five dollars you wouldn’t be able to buy the metal unless shipping is free which I doubt oh well caught lacking
unkown someone
unkown someone 2 kun oldin
I love Michael Macaroni
Moist Cologne
Moist Cologne 2 kun oldin
You should put music in the background, the white noise makes me feel awkward
liquid _
liquid _ 2 kun oldin
*wish add pops up*
jorher G
jorher G 2 kun oldin
The wish ad in the video
Simon 2 kun oldin
That is how Wish works
Justin Leary
Justin Leary 2 kun oldin
The beard thing works great tbh 😂
Aksels Nemme
Aksels Nemme 2 kun oldin
I got 3 whish adds watching this
Stale 2 kun oldin
"yea i drive a nisen so what about it" smhmyhead
Xxx_SirSwag420_xxX Steinhardt
Lol got a wish add on this video xD
wedontknow !
wedontknow ! 2 kun oldin
I got a wish ad on this vid.........f in the chat for these ripoffs
juwy 2 kun oldin
The ad for this was wiSh
diamant_skovl 2 kun oldin
nice got a wish app and I can confirm its bad
Nature Damon
Nature Damon 2 kun oldin
This background music was back in the reddit days of slazo
SinnamunBun 2 kun oldin
I got a wish ad on this.....
otis foust
otis foust 2 kun oldin
Why did that lady in the white bra on the last ad grab her titty like that 😂
not a troll
not a troll 3 kun oldin
Potition to get his old outro song back. Its not too late my friends 😂
You don't know me
You don't know me 3 kun oldin
Fuck these wish shitty ads. These shit is everywhere, on every video I open. Fuck off, bastard wish's stupid ads. Your stinky face is so annoying. You think your shit is a good way to attract people? Fuck your dickhead. Will never buy any shit from this moron wish!
Codename Kendall
Codename Kendall 3 kun oldin
Haven't watched it yet but 5 stars
imastuffedgoat 3 kun oldin
You get points for leaving reviews of your purchases that can be redeemed for discounts, so they are usually half-assed.
The Gamer
The Gamer 3 kun oldin
Last time I saw an ad from them was 1973.
Mrs. Mosquito
Mrs. Mosquito 3 kun oldin
that's how wish works
Can we get 2000 Subscribers without any videos?
Single EarPod. Just one. Nice.
WitheredKnight 3 kun oldin
Actually I have bought some good stuff from wish. Sure shipping takes a while and its not the best quality but it does work and the stuff I have bought has not broken
Millicent Schächter
Me, a fish: Press X Troubt
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