Woman Defends 2 Spanish Speakers Harassed at Colorado Supermarket

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Two women speaking Spanish in the aisle of a Colorado supermarket were harassed by a shopper who demanded they use English, according to Kamira Trent, who intervened in a confrontation captured on cellphone video. Trent followed the woman down the aisle and called police. "It was the right thing to do. It's the way I was raised. When you see something like that happen, you don't just stay there and let it happen," she said.



5-Okt, 2018

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KimimaroYenPup Soat oldin
0:40 right instead on intervening, and doing ANYTHING when someone is being harrasses you just let it happen, absolutely not! WHY would you bother asking such a dumb question? Such a shame we have to broadcast helping another person and question it rather than just accept that one human is helping another. Good going Miss, you have a good heart. If only more did.
Oliverio Cortez
Oliverio Cortez Soat oldin
Good that’s what she gets ... happened to me at a Marshall’s lady was surprised I spoke English and got quite
amorypeace Soat oldin
God bless this lady 👍
JVS 3 Soat oldin
The young woman is a true American that understands the freedoms America grants us, the older woman seems clueless in her ignorance of what America is
Agatha Dolan
Agatha Dolan Soat oldin
Bless the sweet lady who took up for the Spanish people. And shame on the lady who harassed them.
Avg Joe
Avg Joe Soat oldin
I wonder who the rude lady voted for this last Presidential race😄
powerfullforce Soat oldin
Christopher Columbus took America from the native Americans then raped them. But they won't tell you that in history class lol.
Nwwj Smms
Nwwj Smms Soat oldin
Can someone explain what happened?
Pancakes Perry
Pancakes Perry Soat oldin
I think if someone is traveling to another country they should make an effort to learn the language
Gozaburo RoaNoa
Gozaburo RoaNoa Soat oldin
Thank you ! For helping out my people 😁
Tulare County Cop Watch
Chris Sosa
Chris Sosa 2 soat oldin
Such a beautiful women with a beautiful heart!
Sylvia Edi
Sylvia Edi 2 soat oldin
Beautiful I like her Spirit, much Blessing, and Thank you!!
Iahel Cathartes Aura
Yeah that crazy harassing woman needs her ass kicked thoroughly! No one's ideologies or views EVER give us the right to attack, threaten, terrorize or harass an individual in person like that! And we must always defend the attacked person when we can! I was raised like that too.
mid night
mid night 2 soat oldin
I am glad some people as still Good in this world and don't look at difference but at the heart and I'm glad she stand up for my people 😁
weepingreaper 666
weepingreaper 666 2 soat oldin
Speak both, problem solved.
Ronie Land
Ronie Land 2 soat oldin
Respect! She is awesome
wmligon57 2 soat oldin
EXCELLENT, ,,, now if we can just get the Police to STOP BEING RUDE INTIMIDATING chumps, we just might Make America Great Again.
Trey Baker
Trey Baker 2 soat oldin
This woman is such an inspiration. She is also beautiful and has such a big heart.
lonisha stanley
lonisha stanley 2 soat oldin
jose guerrero
jose guerrero 2 soat oldin
That lady looks like a real angel
Ivan Nuñez
Ivan Nuñez 2 soat oldin
How dumb is this lazy? She's talking to people in english who don't speak english 😂
King Jorge
King Jorge 2 soat oldin
Carti Abel
Carti Abel 2 soat oldin
Wow that lady is brave and wonderful and beautiful
Ravonda Jacobs
Ravonda Jacobs 2 soat oldin
Awesome lady
אברהם סלומון
ItsRayven Tillis
ItsRayven Tillis 2 soat oldin
If the people speaking Spanish were from Spain she would have no problem with it. It's just that most intolerant Edomites assume the spanish-speaking person is of one of the conquered places (e.g. Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, etc.). I've never heard a Edomite go off against an Italian-speaking person, Swedish speaking person, French speaking person, etc.
in a way it is sad that police have to come with the law
ScoobySnack 3 soat oldin
That's right that darn lady got what she deserved we need for people like this good hearted hot girl good bless her
Steam Punkster
Steam Punkster 3 soat oldin
There is no "national language" in the United States. Look it up. As for the woman defending the two Spanish women, good for her. She's tge hero in this situation.
leandro loves gameboy
Man people need to stop being racist I don't like it you know I need to move to other country or move to Mexico I never came back from us
Viena Xayarath
Viena Xayarath 3 soat oldin
Seriously the is America ! Shes right! Speak English!
Shrijay Shastri
Shrijay Shastri 3 soat oldin
If Canada can tolerate French why can’t the US tolerate spanish
RTC1655 3 soat oldin
«Bias motivated harassment» Hm, why isn’t Trump in jail, then?
Malcolm Holder
Malcolm Holder 3 soat oldin
She can ask Donald Trump to have Kavanaugh pull a few strings and get her off.
pansik 88
pansik 88 3 soat oldin
Being bilingual is a blessing, why they want only one language? Ser bilinguel es una bendicion, porque quiere tener uno?
Melissa Aukuso
Melissa Aukuso 3 soat oldin
What *In America You need to speak English not in a Different Language* That’s Dumb It’s a Free country Anyone can speak Any kind of Language they want in a Country Your you Brain Lady😒😒
D Johnson
D Johnson 3 soat oldin
A good woman
Frida Loks
Frida Loks 3 soat oldin
Frida Loks
Frida Loks 3 soat oldin
Julia Kane
Julia Kane 4 soat oldin
Sweeeeeet! Brilliant gal👍🏻
blake buckwold
blake buckwold 4 soat oldin
she fine af
Eye Pop Compilations
Oiga me, yo voy a hablar espanol en qualqiero lugar que me gusta. Pendehadas y pendejitos de verdad
Taylor Carnes
Taylor Carnes 4 soat oldin
ok if your Mexican or any race then no one should judge you can speak any language express yourself and share the things you know with PEOPLE and I know they'll be impressed because your being you and you is all that matters
Officer Ralph Pendelbury
Support for her!
Oscar Parrilla
Oscar Parrilla 4 soat oldin
A true American Heroin ! ❤️
Patrick O'Donnell
Patrick O'Donnell 4 soat oldin
If I was There in Colorado I would speak Spanish over There Or Something if I Know Spanish And no One will stop me lol 😂
Xfadedamy23 4 soat oldin
And I want to be at court now and say what I have to say even if I’m a kid I have more things to say then other people
SgtVon Carstein
SgtVon Carstein 4 soat oldin
These hillbillies a trip
Sara Cruze
Sara Cruze 4 soat oldin
This lady was mad because she could not understand what they were saying .she's all up in their conversation .NOSEY NOSEY PEOPLE!!!!!
i_want_to_die 4 soat oldin
If I was being harassed by these *_Americans_* they would have turned into was was.
Shiranai LS01
Shiranai LS01 4 soat oldin
So, if the racist woman went to another country, told her to not speak in English 😂
Curtis Tisberger
Curtis Tisberger 4 soat oldin
This is news??????
Rebecca de Vos
Rebecca de Vos 4 soat oldin
That older lady would probably have heart failure if she shopped where I live in Canada... on any given day you can hear at least 5 different languages being spoken in the grocery store, including Spanish.
italian guy
italian guy 5 soat oldin
The lady in the white shirt is a Trump supporter
Sinbad of the 7 skies
Vete al infierno, you old hag!!! 😠👎👎
Goland454 5 soat oldin
“You will lose your country”. I thought we already did to Trump. Maybe she’s late to the party!~! 🤨
Luis Vargas
Luis Vargas 5 soat oldin
You go girl god bless you and your family much love
Kiwiana 5 soat oldin
God Bless you for standing up for complete strangers for speaking in their own language!! Your parents raised you right. The world needs more people like you!!!
TooCuteNoir B.
TooCuteNoir B. 5 soat oldin
Yaaaassss she is wonderful. We don't even have a national language that lady was an asswhole. And she got charged yaaaass
Mike Morgan
Mike Morgan 5 soat oldin
I wonder if her ass hole is lose
D R 5 soat oldin
Well there's till good people left on this planet!
D H 5 soat oldin
Poto Madre !
Denise Gabbard
Denise Gabbard 5 soat oldin
I vote for her for President!!
Blood Setter
Blood Setter 5 soat oldin
Yeah but she shouldn't have touched the other woman lol! Store warrior or not. Don't touch people.
Mushroom Hatters  Adventers
thay need to speak english if i went to mexico id have to lrean spanish.. lol i didt even watch it
Oops something went wrong
interesting how Asians have assimilated for decades with out issues like this
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez 5 soat oldin
Another thing, you've never been insaulted by someone speaking another language, because they known or thought you didn't understand them? Happens all the time.
PX13 Ray
PX13 Ray 5 soat oldin
Glad she defended the women, but calling the cops and having her arrested is extreme.
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez 5 soat oldin
What goes around comes around, didn't some Spanish speaking wemen at a fast food restaurant get in trouble for refusing some patron their order because they didn't speak spanish.? Just a few weeks ago? Where is that story i.edition?
Gameboynitro 9
Gameboynitro 9 5 soat oldin
Don't know why the arrogant lady is complaining to Spanish speakers when her dumbass can only speak one language.
A.G Heartboricua_81
A.G Heartboricua_81 5 soat oldin
❤ty Gbu👏👏
Unicorn Marvin
Unicorn Marvin 5 soat oldin
Oh....i thought this stage of humans being a bunch of idiots passed....well I guess not... My second language is Spanish and rn I'm learning French. I just hope in the future someone random just talks bad about me because I'm not speaking English so I can just talk to them in English and be like "SURPRISE"
Carmen G
Carmen G 5 soat oldin
Thank you so much!! For stand and support my people 😊
Adrian Williams
Adrian Williams 5 soat oldin
Hopefully more ppl step up
유창완 5 soat oldin
There is no official national language of America, just FYI
Dylan Harris
Dylan Harris 6 soat oldin
She really did the right thing by defending those 2 girls
Jairon Durham
Jairon Durham 6 soat oldin
Amen she that told that hater off👍 I'd do the same thing too
Nitai NitaiNitai
Nitai NitaiNitai 6 soat oldin
They already lost Europe
Francisco Garcia90
Francisco Garcia90 6 soat oldin
This is America you speak English!!! .....I guess native Americans spoke English than
Blue roses 54
Blue roses 54 6 soat oldin
Jose Salas
Jose Salas 6 soat oldin
Thank pretty woman I love you so much you re my # 1
Linds m
Linds m 6 soat oldin
Good she told that lady off 👍
roy richardson
roy richardson 6 soat oldin
"you will lose your country " hilarious
Pulse RESURRECTED 6 soat oldin
Damn she's fine Witter sjw ass
rgutierrez123100 6 soat oldin
This woman is hereby accepted to any mexican gathering and if she wishes it, become a mexican herself :)
S H 6 soat oldin
And she looks Spanish as well! Miserable lady! I’m so happy the other woman stepped in!
kelly c
kelly c 4 soat oldin
How she looks spanish? 😂
Rakesh Bhimappa Mali
She intervened maybe because she thought she was on "What would you do?" lol
a anaya
a anaya 6 soat oldin
You go girl
Calico_Hannibal 6 soat oldin
White supremacist disliked this kind of a video content hahaha.
Bee D
Bee D 6 soat oldin
I agree. They need to speak English. My Grandparents came and learned English. They never assumed anyone would speak their language. I lived in Japan. Never once did anyone expect to speak English to me! I had to learn Japanese!
Legolas Greenleaf
Legolas Greenleaf 6 soat oldin
Funny. There was no English speaker to defend the black American woman who was harassed by Hispanics at a taco bell in *America* for not speaking spanish...
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 6 soat oldin
Well done lady👏🏾👏🏾
Evil Neo
Evil Neo 6 soat oldin
Beauty, Intelligent, Kind Hearted classy lady!! 😍😚
Garrett Swanson
Garrett Swanson 6 soat oldin
There’s still good people in the world. The lady defender the Hispanics is a very good example
Kiki 6 soat oldin
No need to talk ,go out and vote blue come november ,cos worse will come by them and trump when they win.
Justin Yang
Justin Yang 6 soat oldin
Sentenced to 5 mins in time out.
agent.vintage55003 6 soat oldin
Idk but I always see old people doing the harassing, and I know it’s not always them but in videos I seen it’s always been the old person. Idk probably it’s just the videos I’m seeing 😅
Kiki 6 soat oldin
Go out and vote blue people time to fight back ,soon enough ,you can't walk on the street ,as for the lady that intervened ,i can only say ,remain blessed.