Woman Defends 2 Spanish Speakers Harassed at Colorado Supermarket

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Two women speaking Spanish in the aisle of a Colorado supermarket were harassed by a shopper who demanded they use English, according to Kamira Trent, who intervened in a confrontation captured on cellphone video. Trent followed the woman down the aisle and called police. "It was the right thing to do. It's the way I was raised. When you see something like that happen, you don't just stay there and let it happen," she said.



5-Okt, 2018

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Name 4 soat oldin
There goes our freedom of speech
Sergio Gonzalez
Sergio Gonzalez 5 soat oldin
Good for her
Rudy Roblero
Rudy Roblero 13 soat oldin
Estas pero bien pendejo😂😂😂😂
Kalie Lopez
Kalie Lopez 14 soat oldin
Bruh America doesn’t even have an official language lmao
Marka Scales
Marka Scales 18 soat oldin
amen . great . lovely be blessed
Laxu Chettri
Laxu Chettri 18 soat oldin
She was right speak English in America
ZGrav 2 soat oldin
Laxu Chettri ignorant .
John Landers
John Landers 19 soat oldin
Freedom of speech
Just a person on youtube watching a video
This lady needs a medal 👏👍
colin Corkery
colin Corkery 22 soat oldin
"You will lose your country!" This country was never ours to begin with. Never forget that this land was stolen from the Native Americans, after we pillaged, raped and murdered them and STOLE their land. This country was built by immigrants and will continue to be built by immigrants. This woman reeks of ignorance and hatred. Hope she sees jail time.
Michael Vargas
Michael Vargas Kun oldin
That is what people get for being a racist
Alex Domanovic
Alex Domanovic Kun oldin
What is motivated harassment ? Who was motivated ? I didn’t see anyone practicing
Young Bill
Young Bill Kun oldin
Lock the racist up, America has already been Great before a group of people stole the land from its original owners.
Listen& Learn
Listen& Learn Kun oldin
Interesting ...... but stupid. (rowan and martin's laugh in) The debate should be about freedom of expression, not language or cultures or acts of 'humanitarianism'. All the involved have violated basic socially acceptable norms, and the question remains: which is the instigator for the conversation, the cause or the effect? Can you say 'divisive'?
leonardo davinci
She's invited to the Carne Asada :) 👌🏽
Aiden Hill
Aiden Hill Kun oldin
1 months in a Mexico jail than she gets escorted back that’s it and a trail in between to see progress than back to that jail
Mahmoud Sairafi
Mahmoud Sairafi Kun oldin
Yes mem, I have the same problem at school when I speak my native language which is Arabic, thanks for speaking up✌️🙏
Fluffy puff
Fluffy puff Kun oldin
Fun fact: the most spoken language in the world isn't English, it's Mandarin ^u^
squizill Kun oldin
Human Being
Human Being Kun oldin
She’s invited to the carnesada
Lil peep
Lil peep Kun oldin
Its America "the land of the free" i dont care if your white, black, latino, etc we should all respect each other
Stella Kun oldin
Serves her right!
Mehhh Duh
Mehhh Duh Kun oldin
troy Stokes
troy Stokes Kun oldin
Learn to speak English your here learn our language
Orange Juice
Orange Juice Soat oldin
Hey dumbass it's you're not your.
Brybry Stevens
Brybry Stevens Kun oldin
This country was built by immigrants. There's nothing white about this country. Never has been. The ignorance of this woman. Wow.
ruby Kun oldin
i love her. i aspire to be like her and we need more people like her
roger Kun oldin
People can speak whatever language they want. Stop the ignorance.
jojo_tech Kun oldin
“Do you know who I am?”
Andrea Ochoa
Andrea Ochoa Kun oldin
God bless the lady who stood up for them
Marissa Rivera
Marissa Rivera Kun oldin
People don't realize that this country was built upon people from all over the world. There were also people here before the English who spoke a different language than them, but they were wiped out because someone just decided that this was their land and they didn't like their ways so.....
Jamie Harrison
Jamie Harrison Kun oldin
Great role model for her children!! Una Buena persona!!
VoltecRules Kun oldin
They have ruined California. Don’t let them ruin the rest of the states. She is a stupid person.
Victor Ramirez
Victor Ramirez Kun oldin
Racist mother😁😄😊📞😢
Master G
Master G Kun oldin
Osvaldo L Valdes
Evelyn Sanchez
Evelyn Sanchez Kun oldin
See America needs more people like her may god bless her
Hector Avina
Hector Avina Kun oldin
Good for you 🤠
Lol Person I guess
Thank u my dad lives in America and speaks Spanish I don’t know why people can harass people to the core
Dinè狼 Draven
Dinè狼 Draven Kun oldin
As a Navajo and working as a landscaping company I had no problem learning Spanish within 2 months to get along with Mexicans or Hispanics. They're good folks and they're really glad that I speak there language. Also I speak 6 different languages.
Fredi Alvarado
Fredi Alvarado Kun oldin
Dios vendiga i guarde a está mujer por defender a los inmigrantes aparte de bonita defensora i con muy buenos sentimientos Dios le vendidiga
Jose Savage
Jose Savage Kun oldin
We need more people like this
Davodr Romero
Davodr Romero Kun oldin
Her parents raised her well she stepped up to my race I am so proud👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Madeline Jaksha
Madeline Jaksha Kun oldin
this is the only good white woman
Neu Street
Neu Street Kun oldin
she is beautiful inside and out😍😍😍
Francisco Salazar
Americans need to speak English !!! Get over it !!!
Hernan Martinez
Hernan Martinez Kun oldin
Preach Camira preach!!!!!!!!
Paco Anastacio
Paco Anastacio Kun oldin
Amo este tipo de mujeres 😘😃
Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Kun oldin
so she called police because they got bullied? mind your business. she broke no law . freaking do goodders.
Frances Canonio
Frances Canonio Kun oldin
“ I took Spanish for three years yet I still can’t speak it :( “
Potent Kun oldin
Tacos tuna pussy
You need some Suga For your salty ass
Matthew Barnes
Matthew Barnes Kun oldin
Your in America no one has a problem if you speak Spanish at home but not in public speak English. The reason our country has so many issues is because immigrants A don't come here legally or B don't integrate in with the rest of the nation. It's ok to bring your culture and share it with the nation. The United states could benefit from other cultures. but you must be willing to except our culture. Or otherwise the melting pot doesn't work
Lil Homie Isaac
Lil Homie Isaac Kun oldin
We need her as our President!!!!!!!🏆🏆
Pinchedi Kun oldin
Everybody should strive to learn at least one other language. It will change you in such a positive way.
me speaking Spanish is protected under the first amendment thank you very much
Clorox Bottle
Clorox Bottle Kun oldin
Like fr i only voted for trump so he can deport spanish teachers
James Kirk
James Kirk Kun oldin
speak the language or learn it or GTFO
Juan M Nunez
Juan M Nunez Kun oldin
Great woman
Queen K010
Queen K010 Kun oldin
Hispanic fam where we at ?!
IZO 285
IZO 285 2 kun oldin
When you think the country has lost its luster your faith in humanity is restored
KingSavage101 2 kun oldin
I have never seen an upstander like that
Bobby Stroud
Bobby Stroud 2 kun oldin
Speak English in the United states of America or gtfo
Glenn Sells
Glenn Sells 2 kun oldin
The white lady sexy
WindexIsLove WindexIsLife
Friendly reminder that the United States doesn't have an official language. If you wanna speak "this country's language" maybe learn creek or Navajo, Sharon.
poke nerd
poke nerd 2 kun oldin
We more people like her May god bless the woman who helped the woman speaking Spanish
kent barker
kent barker 2 kun oldin
buncha liberal dumbass !!!!
VidsWithKiran&Ryan 2 kun oldin
I swear all racist people look the same😂
Pink GachaTuber
Pink GachaTuber 2 kun oldin
My sister showed this to me and I was crying because I'm latin
alfredo corona
alfredo corona 2 kun oldin
Congratulation 😉 to yu beatiful woman 😍
Baker Girl
Baker Girl 2 kun oldin
My mom says “I’m Jane and I stay in my lain” her name isn’t Jane bus she dosent do any thing involved with other people harassing someone like in this video she would just keep moving
Merlene Taylor
Merlene Taylor 2 kun oldin
"The right thing to do!" God bless you. I love this because it had nothing to do with race, politics, economics or any other label. Just human beings being kind to each other and speaking out against injustice. Gives us hope.
Mari Andino
Mari Andino 2 kun oldin
Now this is a true American
MALA FAMA 2 kun oldin
Ben Jodo
Ben Jodo 2 kun oldin
Defender is gorgeous whoa
skyler 43
skyler 43 2 kun oldin
She might not know English she probably just moved to a new country
Satara Murphy
Satara Murphy 2 kun oldin
She is genuinely a great person I love this lady she did the right thing regardless of race
Robert 2 kun oldin
Stupid liberal millennial snowflake
Phantom Forces Online Gaming
Good person defending others rights
BELIPLAYZ YT 2 kun oldin
She is so thoughtful and kind and when she says “cause it was the right thing to do” melted my heart
Jamie Moretti
Jamie Moretti 2 kun oldin
Listening to that makes me sick
Fucking Dragged.
Fucking Dragged. 2 kun oldin
Gracias 😪😪
Teddy P. Gray
Teddy P. Gray 2 kun oldin
Bias Motivated Harassment? They made that charge up just for her.
ella vieira
ella vieira 2 kun oldin
rolf stamenov
rolf stamenov 2 kun oldin
If I moved to Mexico I would learn the language I am so tired of this b******* they have no respect for us man
Ian's Chronicle
Ian's Chronicle 2 kun oldin
why I hate living in Colorado. So much racial profiling .-.
Jamaa L
Jamaa L 2 kun oldin
Damn she's hot
Gai Jin
Gai Jin 2 kun oldin
That’s right if your in usa speak English not I no speak English I wish gov Wallace was still here segregation now today and forever
SiLly rABbiT
SiLly rABbiT 2 kun oldin
She was just a racist person lol it’s so obvious
you wish I were gone
America has no official language, remember that.
Eddy Lopez
Eddy Lopez 2 kun oldin
She’s mami a’f! 😍
Emma Torres
Emma Torres 2 kun oldin
That white woman is being racist😤😤😤😨😨😨😨
Adam Lewellen
Adam Lewellen 2 kun oldin
Tanner88 2 kun oldin
mujer loca
nga pham
nga pham 2 kun oldin
Thank you so much to stand up for us. We love you alot
DIANNE TODD 2 kun oldin
Good for her.......we need more people like her in the world!!!!!
Efer Olmos
Efer Olmos 2 kun oldin
Let’s go I’m Hispanic and child of Mexican parents I was born in Texas if I’m Mexican American but anyways viva Mexico 🇲🇽
Cowboy161 Woody
Cowboy161 Woody 2 kun oldin
Deborah Minter
Deborah Minter 2 kun oldin
This is a free country, anyone may speak any language they want.
Galactic 2 kun oldin
You see, as a cashier, it is annoying to have Mexicans coming through your line and all they will speak is Spanish, then they hold up the line, especially if they’re using foodstamps or don’t understand something because they’ll try talking to you assuming you know Spanish even though they shouldn’t. I believe America should just set an official language at some point and make everyone have to learn it it’s just easier for everyone, call me racist, I don’t care, I’m allowed to give my opinion as it’s my first amendment right, freedom of speech
Robert Allen
Robert Allen 2 kun oldin
So stupid i cant believe its on the news... oh yeah thats right fake news lol
E Can2
E Can2 2 kun oldin
Aaahhhh hhhaaaa hhhaaaa!