Woman Defends 2 Spanish Speakers Harassed at Colorado Supermarket

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Two women speaking Spanish in the aisle of a Colorado supermarket were harassed by a shopper who demanded they use English, according to Kamira Trent, who intervened in a confrontation captured on cellphone video. Trent followed the woman down the aisle and called police. "It was the right thing to do. It's the way I was raised. When you see something like that happen, you don't just stay there and let it happen," she said.



5-Okt, 2018

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Shandrean Bass
Shandrean Bass 3 kun oldin
Stop worrying about other people and what language they speak! I don’t understand why that would be any concern of yours!! Go to the damn grocery store buy what you need and leave! Your giving white people a bad name!! And no she’s in a different generation thank you! Your old, ugly, outdated, broke down, Jim Crow, kkk, lynching, racist, stupid booty generation was dumb then and is dumb now! I don’t respect people like you!
darcicryptic the artistoknight
This video would win 6 Emmy awards.
alonzoxiver 6 kun oldin
This lady is a kick ass person her parent's brought her up right love you lady rock on
Don Lah
Don Lah 7 kun oldin
Speak English here in America
Rich Maldonado
Rich Maldonado 7 kun oldin
English is synonymous as the most racist language on planet earth! So people speak their language, and then the fact of the matter is Obvious !
Serio 13
Serio 13 7 kun oldin
Respect to her for Standing up
Judgy Judgerton
Judgy Judgerton 7 kun oldin
Did you hear the idiot say “Your going to lose your country”? Idiot. What she meant is “things will be different than in my lifetime” Yep. That THAT, is what the Founding Fathers WANTED EXACTLY! Get with that program, or, shut it at least. God Bless America, a place I can find all cultures at my fingertips while having the freedom to enjoy my own culture. How completely boring otherwise. Oh, and our public schools should start requiring at least 4 years of another language....it’s far past the time when we need to meet people at A table not OUR table....
Gary Williams
Gary Williams 7 kun oldin
They want to live here, speak English.
Jeff Pryor
Jeff Pryor 7 kun oldin
Go live in Spain then
Victor Rodriguez
Victor Rodriguez 7 kun oldin
I wish everyone would think that way, thank you, gracias...
CaesarMD 8 kun oldin
America is dead.
PyroShayNiac 8 kun oldin
Beautiful soul. Thank you for being so kind.
ulises Berriel
ulises Berriel 8 kun oldin
mason pallanes
mason pallanes 8 kun oldin
We speak english in America.
Pineapple Gachatubet
I’m Mexican and I find this very horrible
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez 8 kun oldin
I love this white girl She so beautiful. She is my heroe 💪💪😍😍
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I speak American
Bendyfan 9393939
Bendyfan 9393939 9 kun oldin
Just seeing this is very not happy to me I’m from hunduras and I speak Spanish and English if somebody does that to me I smack the with my shoe and i’d bring a shovel and smack her to death
Avalon Park
Avalon Park 9 kun oldin
I can care less about people speaking different languages. What gets me mad is when Americans can not speak English properly. Or use the wrong words in sentences.
Serio 13
Serio 13 7 kun oldin
Avalon Park yeah that is true
Nerdii Nub- Gacha Videos and More!
As a hispanic like me I feel attacked
Akira Sparkles
Akira Sparkles 9 kun oldin
Why have I been in this situation before
Mad Hatman
Mad Hatman 9 kun oldin
What is so wrong with people speaking more than one language most people I know pride themselves on knowing two or three different languges...
Serio 13
Serio 13 7 kun oldin
Mad Hatman that's actually a good thing means you can learn more than others
JARUIS SANZ 9 kun oldin
Knowledge is Power... The more languages we speak the more amazing life is when we communicate with other people in their own languages... I'd rather be the smart guy that switches between many different languages on the fly and speak to everyone and know what everyone is saying ... Once you learn a 3rd language the 4th and so on become easier to learn because your brain learns them faster and easier... Knowledge is Power... Having an open mind is the best asset one can have in life.... Recognize Adapt Evolve... Nothing will ever stay the same...
Fear EndoSe
Fear EndoSe 10 kun oldin
She’s such a Coño And Perrà
barthj21 10 kun oldin
Dont speak english, no need to be in my country
Despair Gumshoe
Despair Gumshoe 10 kun oldin
Being Latino makes you an invader. You have no right to be here and at this rate the Mexican American war will commence again. A clipped video by Inside Edition does not deter from this fact. It is time white women control their ovaries and protect their own over invaders😘🍺
Keto Rolac
Keto Rolac 11 kun oldin
Hhmm A lot of comments below cite the "freedom of speech" in the USA... WTF? That has nothing to do with the language you choose to speak. It's about you can say whatever you want, mostly...
Moonshine Sunrise
Moonshine Sunrise 11 kun oldin
That lady doesn’t know how good they cook 👩‍🍳
Shani Dantzler
Shani Dantzler 11 kun oldin
She’s invited to the cookout
Tri 11 kun oldin
See, this is the reason why america will be a land of trash. We live in america, not Mexico. If you go to asia they speak their native language. Come to america learn english
Keto Rolac
Keto Rolac 11 kun oldin
America has no official language... When you americans travel to another country, you assume everybody will speak english. Why is that?
Theodore 11 kun oldin
Nothing better to do? Seriously...move on.
Kaiden Evans
Kaiden Evans 11 kun oldin
U don't have to speak English but u need 2
spider spartian 2006 Productions
I would laugh and say pendja gringa
jobo 11 kun oldin
[Woman yelling] “This woman is VERY upset!” Yeah I figured
Lorenzo Cardenas
Lorenzo Cardenas 11 kun oldin
Pinche vieja rasista cuando te estés comiendo un taco de carne asada o un burrito t lo voy arrancar d la boca
Michael Norton
Michael Norton 11 kun oldin
That lady should have minded her own business no one is talking to you
l ol
l ol 11 kun oldin
To be fair this is America learn English or dont bother coming here.
Ceteris Paribus
Ceteris Paribus 12 kun oldin
Idiotic white lady doesn’t know the name Colorado is Spanish
happy duck
happy duck 12 kun oldin
Dame what a legend
Steve Forrester
Steve Forrester 12 kun oldin
When bill o'reilly was on Inside Edition, he probably would side with the bigot.
Auntie Geigui
Auntie Geigui 12 kun oldin
Here's your fifteen Your fifteen minutes of fame
Juan Carlos Garcia
Juan Carlos Garcia 12 kun oldin
Los europeos llegaron a América y se apoderaron de tierras que no les correspondían matando a mucha gente inocente en América solo existía un idioma antes de que ellos llegarán
Charisse Haskins
Charisse Haskins 12 kun oldin
glad trump hasnt brainwashed everyone yet
Santino Gomez
Santino Gomez 11 kun oldin
Peter Csigo
Peter Csigo 12 kun oldin
What she did was the right thing to do defending those woman.After all they were just having a private conversation in a different language.However it doesn't hurt when you come from another country to learn the English language. It's not mandatory but you do much better in America if people can understand what you especially in a workplace or in the supermarket.Let's say you need help at the meat department.lt's not a bad idea that you can actually communicate with the employee behind the counter.
Sanjuana Gasca
Sanjuana Gasca 12 kun oldin
The U.S nation of immigrants FYI Spainsh is spoken by other Latin American Countries to not just Mexican people speak it.
CP368 Productions
CP368 Productions 13 kun oldin
If you live in a country, you should speak its language. But verbally abusing people for speaking another language is not right. Many of the first settlers didn't speak English. Mine would have arrived speaking English, Dutch and German.
AmberFederal2576 Haskell
Shame, shame, shame of her!! As a white American I feel embarrassing! I speak more than a three languages. This is a free country!
Zombie Rusty Shackleford
MeriKKKa why can't white people let go of racism we all have
Benny Saravi
Benny Saravi 13 kun oldin
I speak spanish all the time' I guess it's easier to pick on woman than on big guy like me
BUFFYWOXY LoveLand 13 kun oldin
Admirable woman. She is right! We should all stand for what is right Thank you, I’m Latina.
cry4dawn38 13 kun oldin
This smells more like click bait then fact.
Keto Rolac
Keto Rolac 11 kun oldin
"than" fact, not "then"
Silver Gomez
Silver Gomez 13 kun oldin
English does matter, and so does every other language there is
Dana S
Dana S 13 kun oldin
US immigration system is a total joke if these people cant speak read and wright at a 6'th grade level. what a failure our country is becoming. my friend had to learn German at an 8th grade level in reading writing and speaking before he could become a citizen.
Keto Rolac
Keto Rolac 11 kun oldin
I will translate what you just wrote into english: "US immigration system is a total joke if these people can't speak, read or write english at a 6th grade level. Our country is becoming a failure... I have a friend who had to learn the German language at an 8th grade level in reading, writing and speaking before he could become a German citizen" Maybe you can speak and read, but certainly you can't write in english...
Yorokobi and DemonPup
I swear to god everyone in this comment section is either really racist or MAJOR trump supporters. I personally thing he's a 'meh' type of guy. I find some things he says true but the wall is something i don't like.
M S 14 kun oldin
When in Rome, do as the Romans.
B A Moron
B A Moron 14 kun oldin
speak English plain and simple.......
ф 14 kun oldin
Any Russians? μ
50 50 Fold
50 50 Fold 14 kun oldin
Fake news
Ramon Barajas
Ramon Barajas 14 kun oldin
And I assume every stupid American that makes comments like "speak English, you're in America", when they visit another country, they speak that language as well..........idiots......
Keto Rolac
Keto Rolac 11 kun oldin
They don't... They expect everybody else to speak english as well...
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 14 kun oldin
Both English and Spanish belong to European languages. The woman need to learn her history. What if the Spaniards colonized USA like they did to central America? We would all speak Spanish.
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris 15 kun oldin
English is the NATIONAL LANGUAGE dumbasses
KBJones 15 kun oldin
I thought I was watching an episode of “What Would you Do?”
Cory Goodman
Cory Goodman 15 kun oldin
Teddy Roosevelt said it best when he said if you've been here for five years and can't speak english... GO HOME! Translated: ir CASA perro!
Mystery Man
Mystery Man 15 kun oldin
*Wall intensifies*
Panha 07
Panha 07 15 kun oldin
Why does she look like a robot on camera
Hi There
Hi There 16 kun oldin
Go back to mexico and speak spanish there
Keto Rolac
Keto Rolac 11 kun oldin
Yeah, because Mexico is the only country where people speak Spanish... Oh wait... Why do we even call it Spanish? It should be "Mexican language"...
ф 14 kun oldin
Your wrong my firend μ
Hi There
Hi There 15 kun oldin
+Noah Mendez Spanish isint mexican culture you retard
Noah Mendez
Noah Mendez 15 kun oldin
Go get a life and stop worrying about other people speaking a different language 😂 the only reason you should care is if you were trying to creep on the conversation with your weird ass. Other then that, maybe you should mind your business and let Mexican express their culture in the land of the FREE!!! If you don't like a free country built on immigration, maybe you should go back where your ancestors emigranted from ;)
Darken NoShinka
Darken NoShinka 16 kun oldin
She had enough
Hazy Bear
Hazy Bear 16 kun oldin
Did that drug addict just say we'll loose the country? Listen junkie we already did being run by skull & bones for 200 years.
Coyote Gamer
Coyote Gamer 16 kun oldin
Truth USA is the country not just English language also Spanish French, German, Chinese, and more so mine your own business offending lady. If it’s only English why is the country named United States? UNITED PEOPLE Show respect their equal
XxK3V1N xX
XxK3V1N xX 17 kun oldin
Wow i did not know you could go to jail for that. Lel.
The Far Right Radio Show
Write or wrong no one should have been arrested for speaking their mind. I can say what ever I want to whom I want. So can yall.
Noah Mendez
Noah Mendez 15 kun oldin
Not if your harassing someone for no reason, she got what she deserved. Hope it was worth it
Darrell Barton
Darrell Barton 17 kun oldin
However no room for disrespect to anyone !Red,Yellow,Brown , Black or White ! All equal in GODS sight !
ф 14 kun oldin
Yes! Your right my firend μ
Darrell Barton
Darrell Barton 17 kun oldin
Official language of The United States of America is ENGLISH !
Keto Rolac
Keto Rolac 11 kun oldin
It's not... The United States of America has no official language... Maybe it's YOUR official language because you can't speak anything but english...
ф 14 kun oldin
Get out of here my firend your wrong! #μ
Noah Mendez
Noah Mendez 15 kun oldin
Still not illegal to speak Spanish tho
NY 17 kun oldin
Of course this was in Colorado lol
Criptic Games
Criptic Games 17 kun oldin
Donald trump has left the chat Immigrants has joined the chat Donald trump has joined the chat
Dark Horse
Dark Horse 18 kun oldin
Every idle word will be judged. It's not what goes into the body that defiles a man but what comes out of his mouth.
Fiona Knockel
Fiona Knockel 18 kun oldin
see something say something
Anonymous Commenter
Anonymous Commenter 18 kun oldin
that's when I hit her with a burrito
007 Lanski
007 Lanski 18 kun oldin
We need more people like this 30 year old.
Dee Dubya
Dee Dubya 18 kun oldin
Build the wall. Build it fast.
Keto Rolac
Keto Rolac 11 kun oldin
Most immigrants come by plane anyway... It'd be wiser to build a wall around every airport and not an useless propaganda wall along (some parts) of the border...
Noah Mendez
Noah Mendez 15 kun oldin
Climb that wall, dig up fast
Shay Love
Shay Love 18 kun oldin
Women like you will help change the world. Thank you
AllEnemiesForeign AndDomestic
I’m all for for legal immigration and the requirement of learning English because it Assimilates the individual and makes them bilingual. But once you’ve met your requirements and gained citizenship it’s a free country you can speak whatever language you want. Can’t stand prejudice like this.
Bolt TLA
Bolt TLA 18 kun oldin
Can someone slap that lady for me
The Captain
The Captain 18 kun oldin
On the other hand if it bothers someone to the pointbof yelling about it. Need to look in the mirror.but seriously people .young and old. Learning English will only help you and some of these barriors
Reece O
Reece O 18 kun oldin
Its people like her that make this world worth living in 😁
TRUMPABLO ! 19 kun oldin
The American people have to stop travel around the world Don't go machupichu- Peru Spanish Don't go Cancun - Mexico - Spanish. Don't go Rio de Janeiro- Brasil Portuguese. Don't go Barcelona -Spain Castellano- Catalan Don't go paris -france French Dont go Milano -italy Italalian Social paranoiac - don't go !
Savy Kennedy
Savy Kennedy 19 kun oldin
she has a good heart for others. I love people like her.
Savy Kennedy
Savy Kennedy 19 kun oldin
I vote for you. I am an immigrant and my family is white. I salute you!
Cienna Kellerman
Cienna Kellerman 19 kun oldin
Plenty of people in America speak Spanish
christorpher84 6 kun oldin
and that means what
Gary Williams
Gary Williams 7 kun oldin
And that is part of the problem. If they want to become American, they need to learn to speak English.
Dark Humor
Dark Humor 19 kun oldin
Spanish is a White European language
Alaverg Conlalevas
Alaverg Conlalevas 19 kun oldin
My respects for her. God bless her
jon williams
jon williams 19 kun oldin
We'd all be speaking German if it wasn't for our anscestors.
Will Diaz
Will Diaz 19 kun oldin
Good for her...…..I had to do the same twice here. This is a free country and built by people from all over the world.
hop Scotch
hop Scotch 19 kun oldin
yeah spanish speakers in this country need to be english speakers even obama said so plenty video of him talking about strengthening our borders, putting americans first etc etc it only became bad when Trump said those things even mexicans dont like mexico
Noah Mendez
Noah Mendez 15 kun oldin
It's because Trump is encouraging people to be rude about it and use him as an excuse for their racism
Kemora Kanipe
Kemora Kanipe 19 kun oldin
This 2 girls in my class speak Spanish but 1 of them can speak English
Joseph Giddings
Joseph Giddings 6 kun oldin
You mean these 2 girls in my class
Fap Warrior
Fap Warrior 19 kun oldin
Standing up for people is true justice
Tyler Vercetti
Tyler Vercetti 19 kun oldin
God bless this modern day sumaratin
Brett Sandy
Brett Sandy 19 kun oldin
Never be afraid to stand up for what is right, even if you're standing alone.
Noah Mendez
Noah Mendez 15 kun oldin
Well said
jeff kerr
jeff kerr 19 kun oldin
It's a free country. They can speak however they want to.
casec4 19 kun oldin
Can’t speak English but, can smuggle drugs 👌🏻
Keto Rolac
Keto Rolac 11 kun oldin
Maybe you can speak english, but can you smuggle drugs?
casec4 15 kun oldin
Noah Mendez look up drug convictions per cap, rape, murder and gang crime. Facts don’t care about your feelings.
Noah Mendez
Noah Mendez 15 kun oldin
Case close you're a arrogant, a troll and completely oblivious to everyday peoples situations.
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