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Woman Keeps Trying To Rescue Chained Up Dogs | Every day for months, this woman hiked by two dogs chained up in the mountains and asked their owners if she could take them. Her persistence finally paid off in the most beautiful way. Special thanks to Sara Ortin for sharing this amazing story with us: thedo.do/nomaddog. If you’d like to share your awesome animal videos with us, you can submit them here: thedo.do/submit.
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9-Sen, 2018

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FannyRomanoff 4 kun oldin
Spanish sre the best ❤️
Sydelle Kumar
Sydelle Kumar 4 kun oldin
My dog died just before his 9th birthday... but seeing people rescuing animals I feel like I could have done for him... we had just made an appointment that day cause he was breathing heavily but before that we took him to the groomers and that's when he died!! I will miss u buddie! I am literally crying!
Adrienne Diolin
Adrienne Diolin 6 kun oldin
I'll give you blessings to come girl!👌👊✊
Lesbia Sanchez
Lesbia Sanchez 8 kun oldin
She is a courageous woman to help those dogs🌻🌻🌻
Melonie Brown
Melonie Brown 8 kun oldin
God bless people like this so care. No dog should be chained up
Lolli pop
Lolli pop 9 kun oldin
Im glad theres people like u in this world
Jayden Castillo
Jayden Castillo 10 kun oldin
What kind of dogs are those
Claire Ward
Claire Ward 10 kun oldin
If there owner did Not want to get ride of them at least give them food and clean water I have to give my dog food 2 times a day and clean change her water bole 3 times a day
animalloverhailey crazylady
Thank you for the thing you did i love animals
ur mom a hoe
ur mom a hoe 12 kun oldin
What breeds are both of the dogs
C_Lucky Grow
C_Lucky Grow 12 kun oldin
Ryan ,redrider736
Ryan ,redrider736 13 kun oldin
I ♥️ MY Daily Dodo!
Jackie Woods
Jackie Woods 17 kun oldin
Wow that's amazing, kinda shocked she didn't keep them tho
Elena Barnes
Elena Barnes 17 kun oldin
Ppl like this are amazing ppl and I’m glad they didn’t get separated ❤️
Snazzy Valღ
Snazzy Valღ 18 kun oldin
She is so kind
Snazzy Valღ
Snazzy Valღ 18 kun oldin
those puppies where do adorable
Lauren LPS
Lauren LPS 20 kun oldin
*W O W M A N*
Saber_ Tooth20
Saber_ Tooth20 21 kun oldin
Some people are just jerks
Andrea Lettich
Andrea Lettich 24 kun oldin
Wonderful woman❤
mary 19
mary 19 25 kun oldin
💓💓💓💓 such an inspiration 💓💓💓
missnessaa8 26 kun oldin
Great Job!! Those babies r adorable. I commend you for ur tenacity 😁
Tung Vo
Tung Vo 28 kun oldin
You are a good person
Kam So
Kam So 28 kun oldin
What a happy ending. These two lovely doggies are so happy now.. Thanks to the lady who didn't give up to save them..
Kathy Florcruz
Kathy Florcruz 28 kun oldin
I will never understand ignorant people who have no clue that chaining a dog is torture. Thank you - anyone - who rescues dogs from STUPID people like that.
Cermet IsVeryTriggered
This woman is an angel, she, unlike most people actually tried to help these animals. This story is very heart-warming
Katie G
Katie G Oy oldin
Fairy tale thx to you. You're a love. God bless you for being an angel.
aron2015 Oy oldin
Good job can't say much for the owners.
21 Oy oldin
Why is every video where the people talk in such a bad quality
Lili M
Lili M Oy oldin
Oh my gosh there so beautiful
Rushna Begum
Rushna Begum Oy oldin
Wow this woman changed the dogs life. Thanks
Mark vüller
Mark vüller Oy oldin
Yes Yes Yes 👍👍👍👍
Tippu Sultan Shaik
Dogs are getting luxuries but some humans are dying to buy one time food in a day.. soo sad.
such beautiful dogs ❤❤
Jaooi Oy oldin
YAY DOGS❤️❤️❤️❤️
Venkatesh B
Venkatesh B Oy oldin
Shakes First
Shakes First Oy oldin
Middle aged man and yes I got happy tears from this. No onion jokes needed.
kW yh
kW yh Oy oldin
This are bed dog owner
flutter fly
flutter fly Oy oldin
Expectation vs reality Beautiful inspiring❤
k a y l e n !
k a y l e n ! Oy oldin
Those dogs are adorable 🥰❤️🤠
Mei Mei Zhang
Mei Mei Zhang Oy oldin
But the sad truth is that many dogs dont have a happy end. But if people like this help then maybe the world could change..🌎
Harmony Lennon
I'm actually mad. People be disliking this amazing video. Like do u Evan have a life??!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!??!??!! OHhHhHHH I get it they have a lazy thumb so when they go to press like they accidentally press dislikeeeeee ohhhhh how could I be soooo dumb ahhh smh
630247365 Oy oldin
Chaining dogs up in rural areas is common practice. They're usually guard and work dogs.
Mud Puddle
Mud Puddle Oy oldin
630247365 Sure, but you better take good care of them. These people couldn't, although it's not their fault. They must've had little money.
Carla Conte
Carla Conte Oy oldin
The dedication is outstanding 👍
leah mcnally
leah mcnally Oy oldin
I have my aunts dogs second only daughter and one day my dogs mam got out and some one called the pound. My aunt knew about it buy wouldnt go and get her so they left her their. In my aunts house she had so share a kirchen with 2 other dos and neither ot them were aloud out. There were two big ones and a shih zuh who is called Holley and the big one is my dogs dad who is called demon the ndog thay was in the pound was xalled mya . My mam pulled me aside .yester day and showed me some pictures of mya at her new home. She is so happy. She is aloud and where in the house and likes to gall asleep on the seatee and you can tell that the sadness is gone from her eyes and that she is in a loving home im soo happy for mya but miss her still but ive still got my dog shadow her baby
ChimentiAKA Towlie
Am i the only one who cries watching these videos
Slime Lover
Slime Lover Oy oldin
Poor dogs!
Mena and Waffles
I love the woman for helping I would do the same
Jenny Johns
Jenny Johns Oy oldin
God bless this woman
Nilakshani Patil
Such Cute beauties!! The angel lady has a laugh like Amy Farrah Fowler.