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Woman Keeps Trying To Rescue Chained Up Dogs | Every day for months, this woman hiked by two dogs chained up in the mountains and asked their owners if she could take them. Her persistence finally paid off in the most beautiful way. Special thanks to Sara Ortin for sharing this amazing story with us: thedo.do/nomaddog. If you’d like to share your awesome animal videos with us, you can submit them here: thedo.do/submit.
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For the love of animals. Pass it on.
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9-Sen, 2018



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C0_0KI3 Kun oldin
Shes an incredible woman who handled that situation so well!
Adirakhalid Khan
Adirakhalid Khan 3 kun oldin
God bless you and the dogs and the ones who dislike this video has no heart reply "dogs the best" if you agree Edit: wow it has not been a minute and I got a like!
Jay Carr
Jay Carr 13 kun oldin
I can’t change my name in 90 days sooo
Those are some beautiful dogs 🐕
Demi-T Taylor
Demi-T Taylor 14 kun oldin
That woman is hero! 🦸🏼‍♀️🦸🏼‍♀️🦸🏼‍♀️
Gacha Bear
Gacha Bear 15 kun oldin
Who ever disliked this video have no hearts at all! I mean look at them all chained up but thanks to this girl their life changed! 😄😄
Qotton 15 kun oldin
Divya Dinesh
Divya Dinesh 19 kun oldin
Dodo ur amazing..like if u agree..and like small pups..
mathew samuel
mathew samuel 20 kun oldin
So sad and sweet❤️🥺
Sascha de Witt
Sascha de Witt 22 kun oldin
Wich kind of dogs where that
Yasmin Hetherington
Yasmin Hetherington 22 kun oldin
Heidi R
Heidi R 25 kun oldin
People like this woman ❤️❤️❤️
Kristelthat Shine
Kristelthat Shine 25 kun oldin
I’m so happy it breaks my heart when dogs are in a chain like that!
EL Lacks
EL Lacks 28 kun oldin
I love u and u are so awesome to help people save these animals
J Jaguar
J Jaguar Oy oldin
2:51 "wow man" that is how I feel on all your videos
Donald Brandt
Donald Brandt Oy oldin
The still photos of the dogs together were beautiful!
Doodle dragons Toucans
Awwww your so sweet!
Sarahi Castillo
You are nise
Sharko da man :p
Her eyes at 2:55 tho XDD
Lil j Ramirez
Lil j Ramirez Oy oldin
Im so glad people have good hearts and if ur like me scrooling through the comments then ur not the only one any ways im glad the didnd splitt up and the owners didnt want them they didnt count them as family but she did
Unicorn Singers
So um my next life I’m thinking about being a dog. Yeah that’s what’s gonna happen 😂 🐕 🐶
Christine Riddell-Matlock-Wojack
Thank you Thank You THANK YOU
Toofey Oy oldin
Best channel
Emily brent
Emily brent Oy oldin
Why do people dislike these videos
Faith Strocen
Faith Strocen Oy oldin
Thank you so much
Just watch Cause I’m wacky
Whats the heck its says this video was posted 1 day ago and the comments are from six months ago
ii!!FreeZe LaZeR !!ii
OMG this is so emotional!
BTS_ SF9 Oy oldin
And thats my goal to explore and search for dogs take them home and be safe
B o b a K i t t y
Are they German shepherds
Alice Wilde
Alice Wilde Oy oldin
'They didn't know better' I think they did but they didn't care.
Tinisha Verma - Sir Isaac Brock PS (1417)
Aww that was so cute thank you so much for rescuing them and giving them a forever home 👏🏻😊
The amazing woman needs a reward for helping the dogs (:
Holiday girl Sally
You’re such a nice person
YeEt yEeT
YeEt yEeT Oy oldin
Those dogs r so cute!
kjracing Oy oldin
Thank you for doing that. You are such a wonderful person. God bless you.
Random . net
Random . net Oy oldin
How can anyone chain them up?!? They are gorgeous dogs!
SureWolf Oy oldin
ARRIBA ESPAÑA Y SU BUENA GENTE JODERRRR !!!!! Haha soy mexicano no se por qué digo esto xD, igual gracias por el español.
Barb Beebe
Barb Beebe Oy oldin
I have a good day at school
Equine Finley
Equine Finley Oy oldin
Luna moon
Luna moon Oy oldin
I went to mallorca last year!!!
Shayla Alice
Shayla Alice 2 oy oldin
This is honestly, the sweetest person ever!! Just imagine, finding two dogs, just chained up, with nobody around! What would you do?
Hailea Charlebois
This women is a saint
tim tim
tim tim 2 oy oldin
Izi Hani
Izi Hani 2 oy oldin
before: chained up after: sleeping on the couch getting proper food getting a good life
Diego Ramirez Marcos
What kind of dogs are they
Tongan Tokos
Tongan Tokos 2 oy oldin
2019 anyone
Cow dog
Cow dog 2 oy oldin
My friend was so happy seeing you rescue dogs
kyuuh 2 oy oldin
We domesticated them and it's our duty to protect them. They depend on us. Don't get a pet unless you're confident that you can care for them for the rest of their lives.
1000 followers with one video
I saw people abusing dogs. I saw this to restore my faith.
Damsko King
Damsko King 2 oy oldin
At least the owners made a better decision for the dogs. Great adoption 😊
Ms HungryMonster
Ms HungryMonster 2 oy oldin
“Sara tracked down the dogs’ owner..” and chain the crap out of them!
Arvin Berger
Arvin Berger 2 oy oldin
God bless that there is a people like you are a child of god
Emily Sng Jia Xin Xin
Good job thks for taking care of animals u should be a life saver
yo itsme
yo itsme 2 oy oldin
Me and my sister was at an car wash and we saw two cats we thought they was OK and healthy, we gave them sum chicken and we notice one was wasn't eating we didn't pay much attention to it..... Days pass and we went their everyday and we heard crying like cat crying, and we the cat that wasn't eating we notice his jaw and back right leg was broken, we tried to get close to him but the other cat didn't let's us so we rook the other cat to the vet to get that one checked out, she was OK, and we had an chance to get the other cat so we wrap it up in an blanket and took it to an vet and they work on him, and his jaw and leg, after weeks and months, him was okay and me and my family adopt him and his sister, now we have three cats and two dogs, I hope y'all help animals.
SadieLady 116
SadieLady 116 2 oy oldin
I couldn’t put a dog up for adoption😂😭
Milk and Cookies
Milk and Cookies 2 oy oldin
Aww when animals have love for someone more than u could think
Su Berman
Su Berman 2 oy oldin
I love your attitude so generous and you solve the problem without any anger or judgement. Respect 👍
Ritu Mathur
Ritu Mathur 2 oy oldin
People who do this to animals deserve to be burned alive
Kaylee Milligan
Kaylee Milligan 2 oy oldin
This world needs more people like you!
Dhanu Treasa Mathew
U r that person I always wanted to be. People think I'm crazy, sm call me the cat lady ,bcs I feed the hostel cats secretly, whr it's like a crime! God bless all those who r kind not only to humans but to all lives inc. trees, & Let them multiply🙏
MAUSHMI MS 2 oy oldin
ohh that's my story!!! i am always there for all the animals in the world, i did the same thing here! i live in south india one day saw a dog he was chained for 24hours everyday, but he is so sweet he's friendly with everyone , his owner was ill! so couldn't take of him .owner's son was so rude to him he suffered a lot he was wounded with maggots, but no one cared.. i took him to the vet, started his treatment and also i fed him, bathed him and took him to a walk everyday and they started forcing me to take him but i was so happy for that... now he his happy with me , i never tied him after he came to our home now he is 3 years old.. golden retriever his name is harry😘😘😘😘😘😘happy
Jacob Mack
Jacob Mack 2 oy oldin
they thought they were doing their best thats a bit insane its good they finally gave you the dogs but i dont think i could have waited that long before i just took them. we have laws in our country to protects animals and you could go to jail for treating your dogs this way.
Maxamillian Hippo
the mean dog was probably the mother
Ivana 7767
Ivana 7767 2 oy oldin
I'm so happy😊What a true hero❤️
Maui Sanchez
Maui Sanchez 2 oy oldin
Pause at 2:55. Look at the dog on the left's face. Enjoy.
Paige Drummond
Paige Drummond 2 oy oldin
I would have just taken the without question
Mike Comando
Mike Comando 2 oy oldin
God bless you lady 👍👍👍👍👍
Harry Inkpot
Harry Inkpot 2 oy oldin
I don’t understand how people be so cruel thank god she found them
Diamondcrafter Lp
What race is the brown dog of?
Wiesbadengera M
Wiesbadengera M 2 oy oldin
I would’ve cut them loose right then and there and took them . Not like those pathetic owners would give a care
Aditya Sarkar
Aditya Sarkar 2 oy oldin
It did take time but the lady did a nice work rescuing the dogs
liz bollinger
liz bollinger 2 oy oldin
who chained them up
Informed Choice
Informed Choice 2 oy oldin
I am so sick of seeing what these stupid moronic people do to their animals. Well done.
good boi
good boi 2 oy oldin
Next time you better take that plastic bag with you, not leaving it in the woods... Still good job
jessica polanco
jessica polanco 2 oy oldin
what a beautiful story ❤️
Bleem40 2 oy oldin
The dangerous dog is beautiful!!! Love him
aymen 23p
aymen 23p 2 oy oldin
What's the kind of black dog I have the same but I don't know what is his kind ☺☺
FannyRomanoff 3 oy oldin
Spanish sre the best ❤️
Li'l Watermelon
Li'l Watermelon 3 oy oldin
My dog died just before his 9th birthday... but seeing people rescuing animals I feel like I could have done for him... we had just made an appointment that day cause he was breathing heavily but before that we took him to the groomers and that's when he died!! I will miss u buddie! I am literally crying!
Adrienne Diolin
Adrienne Diolin 3 oy oldin
I'll give you blessings to come girl!👌👊✊
Lesbia Sanchez
Lesbia Sanchez 3 oy oldin
She is a courageous woman to help those dogs🌻🌻🌻
Melonie Brown
Melonie Brown 3 oy oldin
God bless people like this so care. No dog should be chained up
Lolli pop
Lolli pop 3 oy oldin
Im glad theres people like u in this world
Jayden Castillo
Jayden Castillo 3 oy oldin
What kind of dogs are those
Claire Ward
Claire Ward 3 oy oldin
If there owner did Not want to get ride of them at least give them food and clean water I have to give my dog food 2 times a day and clean change her water bole 3 times a day
animalloverhailey crazylady
Thank you for the thing you did i love animals
ur mom a hoe
ur mom a hoe 3 oy oldin
What breeds are both of the dogs
C_Lucky Grow
C_Lucky Grow 3 oy oldin
Ryan ,redrider736
I ♥️ MY Daily Dodo!
Jackie Woods
Jackie Woods 3 oy oldin
Wow that's amazing, kinda shocked she didn't keep them tho
Elena Barnes
Elena Barnes 3 oy oldin
Ppl like this are amazing ppl and I’m glad they didn’t get separated ❤️
Snazzy Valღ
Snazzy Valღ 3 oy oldin
She is so kind
Snazzy Valღ
Snazzy Valღ 3 oy oldin
those puppies where do adorable
Lauren LPS
Lauren LPS 3 oy oldin
*W O W M A N*
Saber_ Tooth20
Saber_ Tooth20 3 oy oldin
Some people are just jerks
Andrea Lettich
Andrea Lettich 3 oy oldin
Wonderful woman❤
mary 19
mary 19 3 oy oldin
💓💓💓💓 such an inspiration 💓💓💓
missnessaa8 3 oy oldin
Great Job!! Those babies r adorable. I commend you for ur tenacity 😁
Tung Vo
Tung Vo 3 oy oldin
You are a good person
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