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Woman Keeps Trying To Rescue Chained Up Dogs | Every day for months, this woman hiked by two dogs chained up in the mountains and asked their owners if she could take them. Her persistence finally paid off in the most beautiful way. Special thanks to Sara Ortin for sharing this amazing story with us: thedo.do/nomaddog. If you’d like to share your awesome animal videos with us, you can submit them here: thedo.do/submit.
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9-Sen, 2018

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EnderGamingCC Kun oldin
How do you not have like one thousand million subscribers
Kathleen Phillips
How beautiful!! Thank you for being so patient!!!
Whittney Jaques
Whittney Jaques 2 kun oldin
What a WONDERFUL Woman to be so determined to save these beautiful dogs!
Allyza Van Cappelle
This is so cute 💗 ❤️ 💕!!!!!
•lexiii.hopeee •
I love ppl like her❤️
Psycho X Kill
Psycho X Kill 6 kun oldin
Blessed you girl.
Daniela J Parra Rios
Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh 11 kun oldin
People who chain up dogs should be chained up themselves and see how they like it. Fucking pricks. Thank you nice spanish hiker lady for helping them.
Janie Jones
Janie Jones 12 kun oldin
I would have stolen them!
Aaron Merkel
Aaron Merkel 14 kun oldin
the world needs to stop breeding domesticated animals.
Alexandra Luster
Alexandra Luster 18 kun oldin
Omg, these are such beautiful little darlings! Who in their right mind could be so mean to them?!
cute kitten
cute kitten 18 kun oldin
I appreciate that all these wonderful people are saving these beautiful animals but they shouldn't have to. We need to get rid of all the people abandoning these dogs so that these wonderful people don't need to save them. There should be no neglecting, abusing or abandoning these animals. The good guys have to much on their plate.
lps merelaine l
lps merelaine l 19 kun oldin
Ransart Charlie
Ransart Charlie 19 kun oldin
God bless her❤️
Huang I Hua
Huang I Hua 21 kun oldin
God bless you, mum 🙏
Yasmin Kengil
Yasmin Kengil 24 kun oldin
God bless this wonderful woman in Jesus name amen.
Drew Lynn432
Drew Lynn432 26 kun oldin
You can see genuine happiness and love for the two precious lives in the beautiful woman's eyes. God bless you
Airianna Schuhardt
Airianna Schuhardt 26 kun oldin
i love you guys. i dont know why people do this. who just leaves animals like that. if you don't want them just find them a nice and wonderful new home
Tai S.
Tai S. 27 kun oldin
Is perfect that they are happy and protected forever, because she did what she was supposed to do, rescue them, obviously, but she should have taken the dogs inmediately, period. The people who had the dogs didn't have any saying in that, they are horrible people who abused and neglected those dogs. She should have called the police too, so that they are never allowed to have any alive beings and never do that again.
Shadow wolf900 Brown
I’ve got a question I’m guessing all these videos are not all yours (like you hadn’t make these yourself) 🔴🔵No Offence🔴🔵
Debra Clinton
Debra Clinton 28 kun oldin
This woman is my hero! What a wonderful, kind, dedicated animal rescuer! BRAVO!
Noah Mastain (Student)
i love how you people go out to save animals that are hurt, injured, or abused and that is awesome. i wish i could join you people and do what you people do.
Rileigh_ Harper
Cilla Perez
Cilla Perez Oy oldin
God bless her!!
BrynnDraws Oy oldin
i know i like cats more but this is awesome!
Enjoyable Experience
What an amazing kind and caring woman she is, crying tears of joy 😂
Deersareda Oy oldin
To cute
Medina Becic
Medina Becic Oy oldin
Thank you so much for saving these dogs ur so nice🙂
Conceição Santos
Tão lindo...
Beaniebooland W.D
I love dogs so try to find the face 🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐶🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🦊 good job you find them say oh yeah there's two
Racquelle Grossi
I feel so bad that the dogs were chained up I’m so glad she rescued them I’m so glad the dogs r okay and that they got adopted 🙏🏻❤️
Tori Palios
Tori Palios Oy oldin
The woman is beautiful. Inside and out. ❤️
mat v
mat v Oy oldin
You are an angel. Thankyou
Amy Rose
Amy Rose Oy oldin
What type of dogs are they?
Lisa di Brazza
awww soooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Hannah Thoma
Hannah Thoma Oy oldin
*These People Are Legends!*
Sophiex Pedel
Sophiex Pedel Oy oldin
I love these videos they make me cry but the ends make me feel so much better about the world
Ryann Stanton
Ryann Stanton Oy oldin
I love these stories so much just knowing that people have such kind hearts is amazing!!
Veronika Angelopoulou
Two years ago I have a really cute kitten
TDMxFAN Oy oldin
Love at first bark 😅🐶
Abe P.
Abe P. Oy oldin
What specific breed/mix?
Kyle MacPhee
Kyle MacPhee Oy oldin
Thank you we need more people like that in the world!!
Nathan Robertello
JR Equestrian
JR Equestrian Oy oldin
I wish it wasn’t just a like button but a love button!!! This is so cute 💞
Harold Balanzar
Mary S
Mary S Oy oldin
I wonder what their names are 😊
Man I appreciate every single one of the pet helpers they are so nice
chyna richard
chyna richard Oy oldin
What breed are they..? They're super cute
Tom Harrington
The dog story’s get to my heart
Puppies are da best !!
Such an amazing video. Thx for sharing.
Erica of Malachite
I'd never leave my dog in a doghouse or on a chain. I heard in North Korea, people eat dogs there. Sometimes, they even snatch dogs off people's yards without permission and put them in kernels. NEVER will I ever want to see a dog outside on a chain! It's like you're handcuffed onto a wall and can never get out.
Agnes Tjiong
Agnes Tjiong Oy oldin
I cry
Elizabeth Czepiel
Brilliant and thank you so much for rescuing these precious souls!
Paulina Baez
Paulina Baez Oy oldin
The 107 people who disliked this video have no soul.
Caroline Nawracaj
I wonder what country this took place in, because the women didn't sound like she was from any English countries but her English is really good. Mallorca is an island in Spain btw but did this take place in a any Eastern European countries?
Lizplaysroblox205 K
You know what I think the there should be some kind of club to, like, help these animals. This woman made the right choice.
Probable Possibilities
Those assholes... what’s the point of having dogs if you can’t take care of them?
Nisa Qatrunnada
Molly Graham
Molly Graham Oy oldin
Combo pack :0 Of pupperz of course
Shawna Caudill
That is sooooo amazing
Kai Huizing
Kai Huizing Oy oldin
Das itch goed!
Stu D
Stu D Oy oldin
That lady...👍
Aidan Trautman
Is this the best UZvid channel or what?! I love every single video.
Francy Petra
Francy Petra Oy oldin
Ora legare quel mostro alla catena!!
Evander Windham
"You won't be in this mountain anymore." that gets me. Happy that they are now feeling way better!
Snxwy_ Oy oldin
They are soo cuuutteee
Zsuzanna Breckenridge
I live dodo
M. G.
M. G. Oy oldin
Yes...I cried 😢 SO happy they found a forever home ❤
Kadek Green
Kadek Green Oy oldin
Evelym Mejica
Evelym Mejica Oy oldin
Love it and so cute!!!!
Ainsley Illium
2:53 She teared up!!!!🌞😢
Daisy sun
Daisy sun Oy oldin
Layla Galaxy
Layla Galaxy Oy oldin
Aaawwww They’re so sweet! 💖
Zoe XX
Zoe XX Oy oldin
Aww poor dogs at the start but a happier ending
Rohini Pathak
Rohini Pathak Oy oldin
Thanks to you for being such a wonderful human❤❤❤
Uppt Gaming
Uppt Gaming Oy oldin
At least it wasn’t abuse
"Wow, man"
wild wolf
wild wolf Oy oldin
Beautiful story
Mr. Suicidal Wolf
Do these dog’s have an instagram bdgfrgthhgrgg
Kaylah Kelley
Kaylah Kelley Oy oldin
So cute!!!💖😄 Comment if you agree
ChopStickZero Oy oldin
Love it !
DirtyJohn Gaming
Yay, Good Story.
Char Weighell
Char Weighell Oy oldin
That’s so beautiful 😍🐶🐶
Leahs Animal World
Thank you
Karen Rogers
Karen Rogers Oy oldin
lady you are wonderful
Helen Luo
Helen Luo Oy oldin
That dog is so cute! All dogs are cute
Ken Gonzalez
Ken Gonzalez Oy oldin
Why do people chain dogs and abuse them they just want a nice owner and a happy life
natasha ashlin
your a good person god bless you and those dogs
Ellie Wilson
Ellie Wilson Oy oldin
Beautiful 😭😭😭😭
Thianna Treasure
Aww what type of dogs are they?
Unicorn 101
Unicorn 101 Oy oldin
That is amazing good for them
James Daly
James Daly Oy oldin
0:41 pretty sure it was because they had no fucking water
Lucky 101
Lucky 101 Oy oldin
Thank you dodo for the great videos
n balaboon
n balaboon Oy oldin
humans are sick . I care about animals more by far .
•Fun with LA•
Why are people disliking?!?! This is so amazing
Kevin Kasius
Kevin Kasius Oy oldin
Your superwoman
Tesseract9630 Oy oldin
Thank you so much.god bless you.
Kwebbish Oy oldin
If I can, I would make a group for saving animals in need and making them happy
Tilly Too
Tilly Too Oy oldin
2:55 never saw a cross eyed dog before, first time for everything😳
indra wijaya
indra wijaya Oy oldin
omg *crying 😢😢😢