Woman Who Calls Cops On Black Family At BBQ Becomes Viral Meme | The View

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Edmun Bizzle
Edmun Bizzle 4 kun oldin
Whoopi' s daughter is half black and half white.
dungeonfrek 4 kun oldin
Charcoal is Black, people. It is inherently dangerous.
Olgales Suida
Olgales Suida 8 kun oldin
BBQ Becky was accompanied by a cop.....walking on in the Halloween Parade in NYC. It was so funny. This women looked just like her. If only I could post a pic. ROF.
Bom Belz
Bom Belz 11 kun oldin
If you grill in a park in germany with charcoal police really will show up
Alecia Huggins
Alecia Huggins 11 kun oldin
Ms.mccain was awfully quiet.
Glenn Radford
Glenn Radford 12 kun oldin
Whoopi is a racist.
Glenn Radford
Glenn Radford 11 kun oldin
+Binyuma Ronald That is Stupid and makes no sense. So you are saying you agree she is Racist then like you.
Binyuma Ronald
Binyuma Ronald 11 kun oldin
Racists are quick to spot racists.
Mikkell Liboon
Mikkell Liboon 13 kun oldin
I think those who are on the side of bbq becky havent watched the full video....
Mike Ackland
Mike Ackland 14 kun oldin
We called on two black guys but when put a gun and drugs in the car.Was so funny black guy that not mind!!!!
Madam Satan
Madam Satan 14 kun oldin
As a white person I am sorry
User2718218 10 kun oldin
+Madam Satan There is nothing for you to be sorry for. She is a perfectly intelligent woman and she is not giving anybody a bad name. But the net result is that blacks give themselves a bad name because black dysfunction is happening yet again. If black people had their act together they would have denounced those two stupid black men for breaking the public safety laws for the park and for being too lazy to relocate when it was 11:00 in the morning an they had ample time to do so. That is the actual reality so you have everything backwards.
Madam Satan
Madam Satan 11 kun oldin
User2718218 I'm saying sorry because this stupid woman is giving us a bad name. If I were in her shoes I would ask if they had any food to spare
User2718218 11 kun oldin
+Binyuma Ronald Just go to my channel and watch my clip and read my comments.
Binyuma Ronald
Binyuma Ronald 11 kun oldin
+User2718218, tell us more about it, what is right here?
User2718218 13 kun oldin
You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for at all. What she did was 100% in the right and there is no racism in this story at all.
Nevermore 14 kun oldin
It actually was a crime to use charcoal because there apparently is safety reasons for prohibiting charcoal. She cites the ordinance violation to the police which The View conveniently left out. She actually didn't call the police immediately. She gave them fair notice to resolve the situation. Only when it became clear that they had no intentions of resolving the manner did she call the police.
Fly house of truth
Fly house of truth 16 kun oldin
No more thugs in blue and black, we just want our freedom back . . Blue lies matter we live in fear, Blue ISIS murders 1200 a year . We need this violence and abuse to stop, tell that to your loving cops . No victim no crime until they invent it, all Cops are Corrupt and Sadistic
rob sherman
rob sherman 16 kun oldin
You are just a Bad as She is !!! Get over IT!!!!!!!!-
Antonio Santiago
Antonio Santiago 16 kun oldin
laughter is the best medicine, especially when aimed back in their face!
rampart rod
rampart rod 17 kun oldin
hey meghan cannot have it both ways
lili rodriguez
lili rodriguez 17 kun oldin
o gosh lol 😂 I cant these memes are to funny
El_George 18 kun oldin
She is jessica shultz and works on Stanford collegue.
Markymark277 18 kun oldin
User2718218 20 kun oldin
A woman walks by a park and sees two men breaking the safety laws governing where you can have a charcoal barbecue. She is concerned because it is extremely difficult to safely dispose of your red hot coals if you are in the wrong part of the park. The red hot coals could be a serious danger for children playing in the park. She asks the men to move and they refuse. Then the wife of one of the men comes along and films her and intensely harasses her and badgers her for up to two hours until she has an emotional breakdown. Then the wife maliciously posts the clip online and it goes viral. It doesn't matter that the woman that called 911 was in the right the whole time, she is brutally demeaned and degraded online and then she gets doxed and gets death threats and has to go into hiding.
Nevermore 14 kun oldin
+Princess Taboo Asians largely are the victims of crime but don't report it... making them an even more attractive target to be victimized. I don't recall the exact reasons why they often don't report being victims of crimes. But it's not good for society to be blind to crime. That only ensure it thrives more. Demonizing good samaritans certainly isn't good. Perhaps some instances were dubious but not this one as it is a matter of public safety
Princess Taboo
Princess Taboo 16 kun oldin
Maybe it goes deeper to show many people's hatred of white women. I notice you never see videos of Asian's or other non-white people calling the cops on black people, but I'm sure it happens.
Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson 23 kun oldin
Geez if I were her I woulda of when asked if I can get a plate.. mmm ribs
anarquistarenovado 24 kun oldin
Only in usa!
Gerald Stokes
Gerald Stokes 25 kun oldin
These so-called scared people who are in "fake" danger and pull stunts such as these need to be arrested themselves for making false reports and just for being asinine and wasting the time and manpower of the police.
BayanTheOne 26 kun oldin
there's enough evidence that Jennifer Schulte was absolutely right and her call was 100% justified uzvid.com/video/video-7fij7xMwZLs.html for those with eyes and integrity instead of mob mentality anyone who thinks that black people are allowed to get away with breaking rules and laws just because at one time in history their ancestors were an oppressed and persecuted minority has no common sense the laws and rules are the same for everybody
Jon Powers
Jon Powers 26 kun oldin
That’s Mercia for you and this is a lesson for you niggas in the military
A Gaytheist
A Gaytheist 26 kun oldin
We shouldn’t be calling her BBQ Becky, we should be calling her Jennifer Schulte because she should be publicly named and shamed for this.
BayanTheOne 26 kun oldin
publicly named yes, but not shamed, rather commended for being a considerate and responsible citizen unlike the campers
Pine Sol
Pine Sol 27 kun oldin
What about all these poor minority redhair people murdered by blonde hair white girls and blacks
Jesse Mata
Jesse Mata 27 kun oldin
haha shes bent out of shape over bbq get it out of shape
User2718218 28 kun oldin
What you are observing in the UZvid comments is irrationality, mass hate, and mass stupidity about this story. This is an online version of "Lord of the Flies" and the truth about this case has to be blown wide open and make the national news. All that it would take is one smart and honest Oakland journalist. A woman tries to protect her community and do the right thing and encounters horrible people that refuse to respect the park rules and harass her incessantly and aggressively and and push her to the point of an emotional breakdown. And then she is demeaned, degraded, and abused by masses of people on social media and in the UZvid comments. She is falsely accused of racism by thousands and thousands of people. Then she gets doxed and gets death threats and has to go into hiding. It's a hot story and what does it say about us? And if the story ever broke out and went mainstream then the haters of this woman would scatter like cockroaches when journalists tried to follow-up with them cameras in hand.
Livanjka21 28 kun oldin
I'm having a new neighbour. She's black and she says she can't clean up the laundry room after her, because SHE'S A SINGLE MOM and she works 2 days out of 7 too. I'm glad I live in Switzerland where most people have self discipline and respect and clean up after themselves. Playing the race card is cheap, folks. Play by the rules like everybody else. Now I have to clean up her mess on a Sunday so that I can wash my laundry. Thank you very much. No wonder people become racist. I'm working EVERYDAY and I have kids too and I don't leave stuff behind. I would be ashamed if someone else would have to clean up after me.
Scott Verney
Scott Verney 29 kun oldin
Fake awkward laughs from white hosts.
Cindy win
Cindy win 29 kun oldin
Hi the View ..I laughed for about 15 secs but realized if this happened in the 60's a person could have been lynched. Remember Emit Till. I did and cried. By the end of the day we cannot laugh out of respect for the ones that have been tortured. We cannot laugh.
R D Oy oldin
I love the President Obama one.
updown4455 25 kun oldin
TRUMP 2020
Princess Jasmine
Why do people think you have to just be black to recive racism! Why is it only made a big deal when blacks are recieving racism and never brought to attention about Hispanics or indian herittige i am not ignoring the fact that black suffer from racism but it needs to brought to the peoples attention its not just them
BayanTheOne 26 kun oldin
in the context of this incident racism isn't even a factor
ArtsyBritt Oy oldin
Stuff like this is not funny because it happens too often
BayanTheOne 26 kun oldin
indeed, people violate rules and laws all the time, which doesn't mean that those who try to stop such violations deserve to be pilloried, ridiculed and labeled racist
alaskaskater Oy oldin
She did not vote for trump
J R Oy oldin
Cut before Meghan says some ignorant sh** lol
Mel P
Mel P Oy oldin
Yup, no one should ever report people breaking rules b/c rules only apply to "certain" people. BTW, this was at Lake Merritt Park in Oakland and the park rules do say that 2 types of grilling is allowed, stationary charcoal pit grills (the kind on posts in the ground provided by the park service) & NON-charcoal portable grills both, in designated areas only. www.lakemerritt.org/park-info.html Ppl should watch the whole video and how this woman was harassed by others not involved in the situation that showed up. While I'll admit the woman should have just reported inappropriate use to the parks service, but the notion that everyone should just look the other way in light of inappropriate/illegal activity b/c the perpetrators are POC? B/c police might shoot them over a BBQ? Ridiculous.
User2718218 28 kun oldin
I just posted a video proving that the barbecuers were breaking the park rules.
edwardinchina 29 kun oldin
The person filming was involved and was deliberately trying to stir up trouble. Her confession, however, has been completely ignored by the media. "Black Panther" "Videographer" uzvid.com/video/video-w5qPZGHotDc.html
Brains before BS
Bbq Betty needs to be dieting Debbie
Macey Cannon
Macey Cannon Oy oldin
I hope that the BBQ lady watched this and feels dumb lol
Roger Pantil
Roger Pantil Oy oldin
those memes actually funny! lol
Anaywilly B
Anaywilly B Oy oldin
this is not funny. they should set the example and take it serioulsly.
Peter Scampavia
SoaR Recruitment
These memes killed me omg this lady is beyond fucked
Krystal Mattella
I laughed a little then thought about how serious this racist fool is..She was actually calling the police..what’s crazy is that there’s a lot of racist white women and men that have the same way of ignorant way of thinking
I wonder how she feels about being not only a meme,but being portrayed on SNL...!?
Red Sunshine
Red Sunshine Oy oldin
Eric Rivers
Eric Rivers Oy oldin
What's ironic is that Compton is a predomintly black neighborhood..what was she doing there?
Leatisha Bailey
Media creates this fear and hate. Racial hate is a sexually transmitted diseases passes on to children from the loins of their infected parents
This is funny
Olivi Dalo
Olivi Dalo Oy oldin
This was never about race until Michell Snider made her sarcastic biased prejudice slurs. Ms Schulte never mentioned race. Ms Schulte saw people breaking the law and like any good citizen, she reported it. Ms Schulte even kindly tried to remind these individuals, but when they were nothing but uncivilized and combative towards her, she was in the right to call authorities. It is downright appalling how the police handled this. The city of Oakland is at fault and given their mayor’s history of supporting criminal activity it’s not a shock that city is plagued with Crime. The city passed that ordinance, yet totally just made Ms Schulte a victim of public harassment. The city posted the law yet provided no contact info of who to call when reporting violators of the law, so Ms Schulte called the only number one knows to call when laws are violated. The city and police should be ashamed for not only was their response unprofessional, but it victimized a law abiding citizen who was doing a civil duty in what was right. This is disgusting! I won’t lower myself to these thugs, but may they reap the benefits of spending life amongst their fellow uncivilized trash.
User2718218 28 kun oldin
I just posted a video proving that the barbecuers were breaking the park rules.
Kimberly Dill
Kimberly Dill Oy oldin
I loved her Whoopi hair!
Joyce 31202
Joyce 31202 Oy oldin
She is the one the city chose to dispose of THESE coals. That's why that was disturbing to her.. Ooooooh......😱.......
Mark McNally
Mark McNally Oy oldin
My brother is a cop and he has to deal with this crap all the time. He apologies to the people. Then schools the caller on the law and racial profiling. He is all about love.
Chris Reinhardt
Whoopi ballsack
Kirk Watson
Kirk Watson Oy oldin
Fuk- da pigs , Deportation ! Bigots need Deportation ! Fuk- racist bigots Fuk- da pigs
a man of many parts
"Improperly disposed of hot coals"? I was at a free open air concert and saw 3 *white* youths dispose of a complete (and still burning) disposable BBQ by dumping it on the ground in front of the toilets! Nobody called the cops on them.
RandomTuber Oy oldin
Wtf she really called on Rosa Parks lmao
Kim Frazier
Kim Frazier Oy oldin
This is just plain ignorencr on that racist person part evidently she has nothing going on in her life lf she did she would be about the father's business, (God) getting busy with that He does speak about busy bodies.
edwardinchina Oy oldin
This is the videographer Snider. Is she trying to improve race relations? uzvid.com/video/video-w5qPZGHotDc.html
jon byron
jon byron Oy oldin
Meh...they were breaking regulations BS or not
Jay Y
Jay Y Oy oldin
This is crazy! Crazy racist
Elizabeth Brown
Its so funny she has made a complete wanker of herself world wide....I dont feel safe with her in this world.:D
Stephanie Duncan
I hope they laughing at the stupid pink lady who called the cops. Because I "DO NOT" feel safe as a woman of color calling the COPS. It's not funny at all it's insane how people hate because of skin.
Sally Evans
Sally Evans Oy oldin
+Stephanie Duncan Sad you have so much hate
Stephanie Duncan
+Sally Evans you 🐕 smelling beast crazyyyyy Crackers are 😳. Bye Becky.
Sally Evans
Sally Evans Oy oldin
+Stephanie Duncan Who is the hater??
Stephanie Duncan
+Sally Evans the stupid, wrinkled ,pink lady should have mind her business 😀😀 😀. She needs to bother JENNY CRAIG😳
Sally Evans
Sally Evans Oy oldin
The stupid pink lady was upset about charcoal. Was the black girl who was said about nationality and made it about race.
User2718218 Oy oldin
Whoopi is too dumb to figure this out and she is a disgrace.
jesse Talbott
jesse Talbott Oy oldin
All these racist UZvid videos are obviously fake and planned to stir up racism by Liberals because a normal white person wouldn't be like that to black people who are minding their own business.. this crap is fake and made to divide races.. why do Liberals want to intentionally start a race war???? Hmm??? Maybe because the Liberals are the most divisive and racists people in America??? Why else would they intentionally want America to fight amongst each other over race religion and politics???? The Liberal Elite are brainwashing the people who are small minded and easy to manipulate thru the media and youtube and funny how the media and internet is Liberal ran and invented so they can control the dumber of the masses.. I'm not stupid and think for myself thank you.. the average human being is dumb if y'all believe this kinda crap and let it influence your opinion of white people who are either faking or obviously ignorant tho...
User2718218 Oy oldin
It's not fake and the call to the cops was 100% legitimate. You are suffering from a double-whammy.
B B Oy oldin
Whoopi and her mindless bunch of vaginas...How is this unintelligent show still on the air?
RAS reggae
RAS reggae Oy oldin
Trevon Turner
Trevon Turner Oy oldin
She is being out of shape both ways😂😂😂😂😂
Armani Akeem
Armani Akeem Oy oldin
What we should do is start checking in with the Police.. Hey Good day to ya 911 I just wanted to check in with you letting you know Im driving, Im swimming, Im shopping, Im studying, Im looking at real estate..Im just hanging at out MY OWN HOUSE. AND IM BLACK.. It's white ppl around and I don't want you killing me or my guests. FLOOD THOSE 911 CIRCUITS. IF this IS THE game were playing.. LETS PLAY!! They should be financially charged for this behavior.
User2718218 Oy oldin
The call to the cops was 100% legitimate and it has nothing to do with race.
Antonio cordero
Whoopie. Your not ugly . You are fugly Fugly!
coolsouth S
coolsouth S Oy oldin
She would have called i. ANYONE! Yall arent that special!
Chris Haunton
Chris Haunton Oy oldin
Ok ....this video is the first time whoopy has made me laugh since the 80's
Aleetha Dixon
Aleetha Dixon Oy oldin
david jones
david jones Oy oldin
is that funny?yea some people call cops .... some people do drive bys
Victor Akandu
Victor Akandu Oy oldin
There is ONE WOMAN who is not happy with your reactions... Megan McCain!
Trent Timoy
Trent Timoy Oy oldin
The Obama one is probably my Favorite! Hahaha!!
Eric's Variety Channel
The problem is that charcoal briquettes don't know not to jump out at children, where a piece of flaming wood knows better.
olivia Psalms91
why am i not surprised to see this on the view? and of course whoopi has to be the one doing most of the the talking.
Osafo D'Zulu
Osafo D'Zulu Oy oldin
That's so sad to witness the simpletons at play. And, It's not amusing to see the mental ill walking around unsupervised...
Jeremy Sears
Jeremy Sears Oy oldin
In order to have civility with others you kinda need to actually acknowledge they are human in the first place.
Libertarian Prince
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cass Oy oldin
This is hilarious 😆 but it's kinda sad too, I'm pretty sure she has mental issues.
Sgt Rock
Sgt Rock 2 oy oldin
Go BBQ in the country side....in the park......really......
Martin Vaughan-Watkin
Black's really have a chip on their shoulder woman was a bell end no matter what colour she is
waaazup D
waaazup D 2 oy oldin
Bbqing while black lol
H krnz
H krnz 2 oy oldin
I hope Jennifer Schulte dies of an obesity related heart attack.
User2718218 Oy oldin
Why would you say that? She is a good woman that was trying to protect her community.
Dill Mephis
Dill Mephis 2 oy oldin
I trust t-challah and the wakondins they serve great authority to their kingdom,their families and their knowledge
Gail Williams
Gail Williams 2 oy oldin
She's just bent because she wasn't invited.
User2718218 Oy oldin
Lousy joke and her call to the cops was 100% legitimate.
Mikey Acuba
Mikey Acuba 2 oy oldin
Megah McCain laughing too hard shows everything you need to see
Trebor Marshall
Trebor Marshall 2 oy oldin
The new kkk are the black Hebrew israelite cult
Trebor Marshall
Trebor Marshall 2 oy oldin
Stop trying to hunt the non existant white devil
Trebor Marshall
Trebor Marshall 2 oy oldin
Would you want your toddlers burning there feet? Propane only!! That's the law... the "white" woman should be commended for standing up for what she believes in you backward racist liberal turds
User2718218 Oy oldin
You are absolutely right. This is an outbreal of mass stupidity and it's awful and sad to see.
Trebor Marshall
Trebor Marshall 2 oy oldin
People were getting injured walking on hot coals improperly disposed on the ground. Hence the law and why this "white" lady was concerned. Use your heads and listen to both sides you dumb fucking cows
Brucethegoose 2 oy oldin
She never said black people.
Nerd Alert Reviews
When I was living in Chicago an African American lady started pointing at me and told me to go back to my own country. I wish I had that on video. I was sad.. but then I moved from crappy Chicago. I feel better.
Brandon Owyong
Brandon Owyong 2 oy oldin
Why Susan? Why do you hate the black panther.? Wakanda is forever
Joseph gerges
Joseph gerges 2 oy oldin
for once I agree with Oprah!
Randstein WolfShield
What would of happened if a black cop arrived after she made the call xD
AlexLun 2 oy oldin
She's obviously the bbq police.
AlexLun Oy oldin
+User2718218 hey I'm just saying, children gotta learn one way or the other.
User2718218 Oy oldin
Yes, she wants to protect your little niece from getting her face half burnt off.
peggyevans2691 2 oy oldin
You failed to tell that she said that race didn't matter and that it was against the law in that area. Now this woman is being harrashed. She was reporting a crime no matter how small
User2718218 Oy oldin
You are absolutely right Peggy. The woman who called was doing the right thing and look at the disgraceful outbreak of mass stupidity that we see about this case.