Woman Who Calls Cops On Black Family At BBQ Becomes Viral Meme | The View

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Six Tical
Six Tical 2 kun oldin
Just one question, are charcoal grills allowed at that park?
Ashley Maria
Ashley Maria 5 kun oldin
The face that she started crying at the end when the police showed up. It just shows she needs help.
Lilinaminute Jackson
Whoopi I'm pmsl. The memes are hilarious. But the family in the park. We're friendly. But the woman has made herself a laughing stock. I'm white and she is a joke. I watch these kind of videos. And people call the police for nothing.
Purple 911
Purple 911 8 kun oldin
She did nothing wrong
Lucky Jazzy
Lucky Jazzy 13 kun oldin
Hahahaha! I'm dead. There's a Black man in the White house. Lmao😂
Nathan Boyle
Nathan Boyle 17 kun oldin
The View is racist.
Carlton Bond
Carlton Bond 18 kun oldin
The cackling hens. I.Q. lower then the double nickel.
Malory Burkhalter
Malory Burkhalter 20 kun oldin
The lady should be fined for calling the police especially since her reason was "waiting the city's money" ummm who do you think pays the salaries of those officers getting called out because a family is cooking? This is ridiculous
Cecil Mattison
Cecil Mattison 22 kun oldin
So dang ignorant white privilege silly white people being noisy dang when are these idiots go be put down
Alana's Take
Alana's Take 26 kun oldin
I mean i dont see anything funny about this....its ridiculous
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law 28 kun oldin
This shows to the W alMart syate of mind.
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law 28 kun oldin
I'm white, and two black guys were rolling around, " fighting " at the bus station. I poured water on both of them; who needs,cops
Wickedman 2345
thomas Rose
thomas Rose Oy oldin
Don't you get it reverse psychology dummy this woman is now a pariah she'll have to dye her hair and get a facelift I've had problems with minorities but it had nothing to do with their race I was being mugged but that has nothing to do with anything I was in the wrong area at the wrong time trying to buy drugs that's my fault even a wall will not stop drugs they will always find a way to get them in if that doesn't work they will make synthesized replacements in basements garages In-N-Out in the woods when you tell people they can have something they want it more then before
thomas Rose
thomas Rose Oy oldin
Why is Meghan McCain the only one not laughing even after what Trump said about her father she still can't laugh maybe it's that Silver Spoons stuck between her teeth she never had to do anything to get where she is John McCain I respected as a Navy vet we all should look at everything Trump has done and said about the military but some of you idiots don't get it he doesn't care about us and he is going down one way or the other within two years he will be packing his bags and playing golf at Club Fed
Lewis Rivers
Lewis Rivers Oy oldin
those ladies with whoopie are the main ones that would do the same thing, but on the show they are against the white lady.. come on.. they love to hide their true colors.. just look at what the democratic party has done for so long.. smh
Andrew Lailvaux
Fyi ladies any race can be racist. ;)
pringles 1976
pringles 1976 Oy oldin
Ia shes still alive?
John Oy oldin
Women only call the police for people they are not afraid of.
Breanna Anderson
She just ignorant on so many levels lol. Then she cried like she was in major danger
Haweya Abdullahi Adan
I dont get why these stupid women are laughing for that lady made a grave accusation that she is being harassed and followed
Kathryn Mays
Kathryn Mays Oy oldin
This woman is passionate about charcoal....she woulda done that to anyone I think
Mike Kosar
Mike Kosar Oy oldin
Turns out the bbq ers.. Were BBQing in non designated spot... shame on you woopie.. Wendy Williams...🖓
Truth sayer
Truth sayer Oy oldin
I hated the woman who called the cops, but to be fair, she never mentioned a dislike of black people, and she may well have called the police, if they were white. Black people jump at the chance to call everything a white person does, as being racist, but they never admit their own racism and bias. You never see a black person idolizing a white person. You never see a black person rooting for the white guy in any sport in which the competition is a black man. FACTS.
Mike Kosar
Mike Kosar Oy oldin
IGNORANCE.. AFTER THE RECENT WILDFIRES IN CALIFORNIA!!! IGNORANCE ON THAT WHOLE SHOW... guilty of what your accusing... you all missing the point
TSquared2001 Oy oldin
And she's not going to live this down forever. Good
I Says National News ISNN
I Says National News ISNN
dari_ m
dari_ m Oy oldin
Hello officer there's a black man acting in the movie as a black officer I dont feel safe
Phyllis Bunnell
Phyllis Bunnell 2 oy oldin
For me to question is was it illegal to have a barbecue in that Park? That didn't get addressed or even answered. Is this fake news again? Again the word racist comes up without any thing I've heard or seen over this issue so far. Also considering the fires that are going on in California right now wouldn't this be something that is brought to light. So yeah make funny all those families homeless, their belongings gone, all the people who have died.
Mr.K-Dizzel 4Real
Meghan Would Call The Cops On Any Black People
Edmun Bizzle
Edmun Bizzle 2 oy oldin
Whoopi' s daughter is half black and half white.
dungeonfrek 2 oy oldin
Charcoal is Black, people. It is inherently dangerous.
Olgales Suida
Olgales Suida 2 oy oldin
BBQ Becky was accompanied by a cop.....walking on in the Halloween Parade in NYC. It was so funny. This women looked just like her. If only I could post a pic. ROF.
Bom Belz
Bom Belz 2 oy oldin
If you grill in a park in germany with charcoal police really will show up
Alecia Huggins
Alecia Huggins 2 oy oldin
Ms.mccain was awfully quiet.
Glenn Radford
Glenn Radford 2 oy oldin
Whoopi is a racist.
Glenn Radford
Glenn Radford 2 oy oldin
+Binyuma Ronald That is Stupid and makes no sense. So you are saying you agree she is Racist then like you.
Binyuma Ronald
Binyuma Ronald 2 oy oldin
Racists are quick to spot racists.
Mikkell Liboon
Mikkell Liboon 2 oy oldin
I think those who are on the side of bbq becky havent watched the full video....
Mike Ackland
Mike Ackland 2 oy oldin
We called on two black guys but when put a gun and drugs in the car.Was so funny black guy that not mind!!!!
Madam Satan
Madam Satan 2 oy oldin
As a white person I am sorry
User2718218 2 oy oldin
+Madam Satan There is nothing for you to be sorry for. She is a perfectly intelligent woman and she is not giving anybody a bad name. But the net result is that blacks give themselves a bad name because black dysfunction is happening yet again. If black people had their act together they would have denounced those two stupid black men for breaking the public safety laws for the park and for being too lazy to relocate when it was 11:00 in the morning an they had ample time to do so. That is the actual reality so you have everything backwards.
Madam Satan
Madam Satan 2 oy oldin
User2718218 I'm saying sorry because this stupid woman is giving us a bad name. If I were in her shoes I would ask if they had any food to spare
User2718218 2 oy oldin
+Binyuma Ronald Just go to my channel and watch my clip and read my comments.
Binyuma Ronald
Binyuma Ronald 2 oy oldin
+User2718218, tell us more about it, what is right here?
User2718218 2 oy oldin
You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for at all. What she did was 100% in the right and there is no racism in this story at all.
Nevermore 2 oy oldin
It actually was a crime to use charcoal because there apparently is safety reasons for prohibiting charcoal. She cites the ordinance violation to the police which The View conveniently left out. She actually didn't call the police immediately. She gave them fair notice to resolve the situation. Only when it became clear that they had no intentions of resolving the manner did she call the police.
Fly house of truth
No more thugs in blue and black, we just want our freedom back . . Blue lies matter we live in fear, Blue ISIS murders 1200 a year . We need this violence and abuse to stop, tell that to your loving cops . No victim no crime until they invent it, all Cops are Corrupt and Sadistic
rob sherman
rob sherman 2 oy oldin
You are just a Bad as She is !!! Get over IT!!!!!!!!-
Antonio Santiago
Antonio Santiago 2 oy oldin
laughter is the best medicine, especially when aimed back in their face!
rampart rod
rampart rod 2 oy oldin
hey meghan cannot have it both ways
lili rodriguez
lili rodriguez 2 oy oldin
o gosh lol 😂 I cant these memes are to funny
El_George 2 oy oldin
She is jessica shultz and works on Stanford collegue.
Markymark277 2 oy oldin
User2718218 2 oy oldin
A woman walks by a park and sees two men breaking the safety laws governing where you can have a charcoal barbecue. She is concerned because it is extremely difficult to safely dispose of your red hot coals if you are in the wrong part of the park. The red hot coals could be a serious danger for children playing in the park. She asks the men to move and they refuse. Then the wife of one of the men comes along and films her and intensely harasses her and badgers her for up to two hours until she has an emotional breakdown. Then the wife maliciously posts the clip online and it goes viral. It doesn't matter that the woman that called 911 was in the right the whole time, she is brutally demeaned and degraded online and then she gets doxed and gets death threats and has to go into hiding.
Nevermore 2 oy oldin
+Princess Taboo Asians largely are the victims of crime but don't report it... making them an even more attractive target to be victimized. I don't recall the exact reasons why they often don't report being victims of crimes. But it's not good for society to be blind to crime. That only ensure it thrives more. Demonizing good samaritans certainly isn't good. Perhaps some instances were dubious but not this one as it is a matter of public safety
Princess Taboo
Princess Taboo 2 oy oldin
Maybe it goes deeper to show many people's hatred of white women. I notice you never see videos of Asian's or other non-white people calling the cops on black people, but I'm sure it happens.
Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson 2 oy oldin
Geez if I were her I woulda of when asked if I can get a plate.. mmm ribs
Only in usa!