Women Answer The Most Googled Questions About Women

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"We're coming to cut your internet off, that's it."
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Ashlee Marie Preston



13-Okt, 2017

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Isabella Brazel
Isabella Brazel 4 soat oldin
The girl with the purple hair wrap knows it all! She knows her stuff! Major respect for her!
Fuck Ya chicken strips
Who the frick cares if your a man or a women? I don’t care
Brubarov Kun oldin
Darn that dark girl with dreads is so lovely I want to hug her. Really smart.
Madeline Borski
Madeline Borski Kun oldin
Why are your shorts so long?? I died😂😂😂😂
‘Tis Lit Gaming
Why are they thots (jk)
Barbs A
Barbs A Kun oldin
I would love to hang around these women
dANK Meemees
dANK Meemees 2 kun oldin
Shut tf up and go to the kitchen
Lauren Underwood
Lauren Underwood 2 kun oldin
The thong question reminded me of something from my childhood.... So when I was in like third grade I called the shoes thongs. But every other super cool third grade girl knew that they were called FLIP FLOPS. I mean obviously right? I remember two times where I called them thongs to my friends... I was in gym class hiding out behind the gymnastics mats trying my best to avoid participating in dodgeball and me and my friend were just talking. I told her that my mom had just bought me some new thongs and how much I loved them. She said ewwww! Thatsssss baaaaad!!! And I was like huhhhh?? And was like oh yeah yeah so bad I totally hate them... The other time that same friend told me how a girl on her cheer team was wearing a thong and how crazy it was!! And again I was confused how this was such a big deal but I just stared at her for a second before nodding my head.... took me a few years to understand. But I mean how much can you expect a 9 year old girl to know? Anyway... sorry for the long story. Have a good day! 😘😊
XtraOrdinaryGirl 2 kun oldin
I also really like thongs plus they work really well for theatre and dance 👍🏼
Evelyn White
Evelyn White 3 kun oldin
every woman is beautiful
Amber Camp
Amber Camp 3 kun oldin
3:49 most woman have cold hand/feet because our body gives most of our body heat to our womb, that’s also why our stomachs and backs are almost always warm
Carissa iz Lit
Carissa iz Lit 3 kun oldin
Yassssssss great answers
Maria Monteleone
Maria Monteleone 4 kun oldin
It was never! Like you have to wear makeup.
msjsjsbqh hanwhwkwneeg
1:47 she sounds like emma chamberlain
Maddy Jane
Maddy Jane 5 kun oldin
I look around and think My generation is going to start the hunger games and end up ending the population
Elizabeth_958 5 kun oldin
Whether or not you get cold or hot more easily has to do with your body fat. Because fat is an insulator, the more fat you have on your body the more you heat up. So heavier people tend to get hot really easily whereas lighter people tend to get cold really easily
Maeve Kernstock
Maeve Kernstock 6 kun oldin
Fun story about the whole hair cuts thing. So I have really short hair, a pixie cut if you will, and I was calling around for hair cuts to find out the cheapest I could get. I found this place but it was a guy's hair salon called buzz and I was like "hey can I make an appointment here, I'm a girl but I have super short hair" they then said "yes but we will have to charge you more" I replied with "but I have probably shorter hair then a lot of guys that go there... Why can't I get the regular pay?" She then said "that's just our policy" :)
Tila Hooper
Tila Hooper 7 kun oldin
Person: Nice Shoes! Normal people: thanks! Me: watchu tryin to get from me?
Tila Hooper
Tila Hooper 7 kun oldin
Dafuq is Sisco? Cisco? How do you spell it? I’m so 🤷‍♀️ confused
Brooklyn Keeter 101
Awe when it asked why are women beautiful I almost cried
Shye Ruppel
Shye Ruppel 7 kun oldin
"But i want a dog"
Rebecca Cardenas
Rebecca Cardenas 8 kun oldin
These ladies are AWESOME.
Skyllar Bowdy
Skyllar Bowdy 9 kun oldin
These questions weren't what I expected.
lizy star
lizy star 10 kun oldin
I like me some mustaces >~
eunji 10 kun oldin
the dark skinned girl w purple headwrap was so chill, respectful, normal and seemed the nicest! i loved all her opinions and side note her voice is sooo nice
eunji 10 kun oldin
the dark skinned girl in white was so chill, respectful, normal and seemed the nicest! i loved her opinions and her voice is sooo nice
Aran Brunette
Aran Brunette 11 kun oldin
“Why are women’s rights important”????? 😂😂😂 I’m surprised people actually google that
Jessica K
Jessica K 11 kun oldin
" and i want a dog" big mood
Amelie Clerkin
Amelie Clerkin 11 kun oldin
Women could evolve to live without men, like some animals we could evolve to create life without another person.
Night Magus
Night Magus 11 kun oldin
"... just dress cute." Me: * Watches Boku no Pico* Me again: *Cosplay*
Ana Lomeli
Ana Lomeli 13 kun oldin
So true!!! Why are men's shorts so long???
Hannah McNelly
Hannah McNelly 14 kun oldin
emily m
emily m 14 kun oldin
a "questy-questy"
Rose Brophy
Rose Brophy 14 kun oldin
2:28 - 3:30 me.
PineapplePrism 15 kun oldin
2:18 How did I know Devyn would be the only one 😂
707 Sae Young
707 Sae Young 16 kun oldin
"Oh no we're wearing underwear god forbid" 😂😂
Marta Graca
Marta Graca 17 kun oldin
Some women don't want anything in bed
starkiddy :D
starkiddy :D 17 kun oldin
Why women stopped acting in Starkid musicals? (Bonnie and Devin)
Gracie Wilder
Gracie Wilder 18 kun oldin
Women give birth to every person on this earth and id understand why in some countries women don’t get equal rights as men.without women men would not be here????????
Sabah Esmail
Sabah Esmail 19 kun oldin
3:51 her cleavage looks like someone drew a line down the middle of her chest
Yahaira Bautista
Yahaira Bautista 19 kun oldin
I love grandma undies too!
People Person
People Person 20 kun oldin
If you didn’t have men, no one would be here either Unless you find a way to get pregnant by a pig or something
love kim
love kim 16 kun oldin
no scientists are finding ways to create human life without men, so soon we wont need them thank god.
Grace Phillpot
Grace Phillpot 20 kun oldin
I mena you wouldnt really have a population without men either, but i get what she is saying and I support it. Sometimes that argument is made out to seem like woman are the sole reason humanity continues, but both depend on each other.
Tae Is Smiling
Tae Is Smiling 21 kun oldin
the girl with the nose ring, hoop earrings, and purple headband is lowkey an intellectual
CrazyCatLady 947
CrazyCatLady 947 21 kun oldin
Why are women such *bITcHeS*
Manasvita Shetty
Manasvita Shetty 21 kun oldin
I love all of you and your answers!!!
Sauce Chickk
Sauce Chickk 21 kun oldin
Did anyone else see the very sad but cute movie trailer in the beginning
Kyra Hyatt
Kyra Hyatt 22 kun oldin
Devin and them sexual innuendoes
Brooke M
Brooke M 22 kun oldin
The drag was on point Why are your shorts so long Its floss for you but hole Lmao
Everythang Skylar Raiyn
I would like a dog -Devin
Mohit M-2
Mohit M-2 22 kun oldin
Why most women get offended easily?
Laepley The robloxian
I am almost always hot 🥵 Not always cold!
sweetbanileja10 23 kun oldin
If you dont know who Sisqo is your too young to be watching this video 🤣🤣🤣
Brandy Jones
Brandy Jones 23 kun oldin
Candy bars 😂😂😂
Sweet Sorrow
Sweet Sorrow 24 kun oldin
I think men googled "why do women needs rights?" NOT asking in an old fashioned way...its 2017/18/19 come on people...BUT they are asking "what rights don't you have????" women just want abortion and other rights to harm their bodies ....human rights seem to end with the smallest and the weakest and the most vulnerable
Sweet Sorrow
Sweet Sorrow 24 kun oldin
lip gloss ice?? what the HECK
Pooja Patel
Pooja Patel 25 kun oldin
Why are women so mean on their periods? Me: we’re not mean, it’s just that you seem extra annoying that day and we want to punch ur face in 😇😇😇
Just a Random
Just a Random 25 kun oldin
We need the women in the scarf back she was speaking facts‼️♥️
who cares
who cares 26 kun oldin
i think wearing makeup is stupid like show your true self if u wear makeup to impress someone your just being fake
leila rashidian
leila rashidian 26 kun oldin
4:13 She is a wise human being! Like omg girl you're so mature! I aspire to be someone as broadminded and smart as her👌
Angelina Perikleous
Angelina Perikleous 27 kun oldin
1:46 she sounds so much like Emma chamberlain 😯😯
Richard Ross
Richard Ross 28 kun oldin
I hate that we have to ware take clothes Btw I'm a big booty Judy
Sophia Veliz
Sophia Veliz 28 kun oldin
1:48 Perfect Emma Chamberlain answer and voice.
zoe douglas
zoe douglas 28 kun oldin
I think women’s haircuts are more expensive bc they take longer, and women usually care more about the aesthetic stuff, like hair shape, texture, and smell. At least, more than most men do.
No Name
No Name 29 kun oldin
Blonde girl looks like new Sabrina
I am myself, and myself is you
ah back at retardvile
Kayai Barrie
Kayai Barrie 29 kun oldin
i feel like they’re so defensive
llama skeleton
llama skeleton 29 kun oldin
The question "Why do Women wear clothes that are tight?" And we have me that wears clothes that are 3x times my size
martha 29 kun oldin
women are cold cos we want your hoodie
Raine Oy oldin
Black girl is so real
Lindsey Vasquez
I think haircuts are more expensive for women because the hair is longer and harder to get right and get what the client wants or likes
Elizabeth Greenawald
Women are cold more often because of periods. A lot of females of childbearing age who have periods are anemic at some point (not all of course).
Just Malaron
Just Malaron Oy oldin
What do women want in bed? Time
Estrid Zeland
Estrid Zeland Oy oldin
I like that it wasn’t the most Google the most
Avery Chilton
Avery Chilton Oy oldin
Google: Why are woman so beautiful Me: I think they forgot to exclude me 😂
Um.okaaay 454
Um.okaaay 454 Oy oldin
“Do Women Like Muscles?” It’s all preference tbh.. I like dudes that are either hella thin with no muscle tone at all or short Lil chubby dudes with baby fat. So not all women like muscle tone, cause for each type of person their is someone that love ur body and personality type.
Sister Soprano
if we didn't have women.... we wouldn't have men... respect us!
The Fearless Fury
And i love Ashley's biceps
Marwan Nawabi
Marwan Nawabi Oy oldin
Why is "why are woman's rights important" a question?? They are humans, what do u think.
Savannah Beauty
I love this channel😂
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Oy oldin
2:40 * thinks of johnny orlando and mackenzie ziegler *
monika writes
monika writes Oy oldin
i love how their answers vary for like every detail😂
wang weihai
wang weihai Oy oldin
i don't think that's the mistery anybody can solve
Sarah Kim
Sarah Kim Oy oldin
0:25 Ummmm lets see... Hermione got attacked Ginny got possessed Myrtle died
The only thing beautiful about me is something no one cares about, personality
Malorie Oy oldin
You should want to find someone who encourages you to be the best person you can. Where they respectfully inform you where you can improve and vis versa. We are not perfect, you'll never be perfect - the best you can do is find someone who wants you to strive to be the best you can be. Including taking responsibility, forgiviness when it's the hardest, being selfless when it's the hardest and so on. Many live by the "perfect the way I am" lifestyle. You aren't. Once you accept that, happiness can only be achieved.
Jasmine Zheng
Jasmine Zheng Oy oldin
Women are 60% of the American population. The Congress is 22% women.
Elena Oy oldin
And i would like a dog- Devin is just the best Person on Earth 😂she is so funny 🤪😂
just a person having fun
Allie Lou
Allie Lou Oy oldin
4:39 dev same
Bob m up
Bob m up Oy oldin
So the girl mentioned she looked around and thought the world was lucky they had girls but no girl would have ever been born with out god and Adam gave up his rib or eve so case closes
Kylie R
Kylie R Oy oldin
6:23 the quration should be why are people so beautiful and this come from a women
Random Smol Bean
Emma Pedley
Emma Pedley Oy oldin
Lmao i didnt understand at first. Aussie
Karla Cohen
Karla Cohen Oy oldin
I wear my clothes tight so I don't have to iron 😁
Kelohgz-_- Oy oldin
What do women want in bed? Me: my side of the bed
Solenn Le Bail
Yeah Personal space Please u.u
kookiesls Oy oldin
The girl in the white shirt looks like drew barrymore lol
Silly Bean
Silly Bean Oy oldin
To the first question. I feel like there are multiple answers varying between different women (and other people). The reason back in the day was so they'd feel less self-conscious and be approved by men and stuff. Now I feel like it's just because some people enjoy the experience and the look. I think that some makeup is fine and I enjoy wearing it but *anybody* with too much makeup...it's just unnecessary. Of course it's fine now if it's what you want but you should never feel pressured to do something simply because it makes someone else happy. And the tight clothes? Maybe back in the day it was because it's what we have but now people just wear what they're comfortable in so yeah. If it's for bras though...simple, support. It's a lot better than having them all waving about...at least for me lol. I also hate facial hair. I don't like big muscles on people either...I like fairly thin with a little muscle or even a little chubby (on anyone) .I'd like someone who's going to try to make me happy and I'll do the same.
EmmieXMay x
EmmieXMay x Oy oldin
When talking about thongs the only thing I can think about is "Does she wear it or does she floss with it?"
Little J
Little J Oy oldin
I want to trust u I want to be individual and i want a DOG😂 That's soooo me lmaoo
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