Women Answer The Most Googled Questions About Women

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"We're coming to cut your internet off, that's it."
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Ashlee Marie Preston



13-Okt, 2017

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GabeGrapeJuice 4 soat oldin
4:03 um.. noo
Katherine Desch
Katherine Desch 22 soat oldin
4:02 what?
Yuuki Yuusha
Yuuki Yuusha Kun oldin
Women on average have a lower body temperature by 1 degree celsius
Amber Sullivan
Amber Sullivan Kun oldin
"Beards make my kitty purr"........ HAHAHAHAHA
Sheaniadah Emmauel
Make up makes u more confident and make up can instantly make u look classy, sexy.. U won't give a really good impression for example if u go to an interview looking like u just woke up from bed.. Make up gives u like noticeable look.. For me, make up makes me feel confident and sexy..
DrCray 4 kun oldin
Why are women's haircuts so expensive? Maybe because they spend hours at hair saloons getting textured, shaped, dyed, permed/ relaxed. Meanwhile 5-7 minutes with a buzzer and a comb gets me out the door.
samantha mcm
samantha mcm 4 kun oldin
The lady in the white tank top made it feel like she was being attacked the whole time
Gabriela Bebber
Gabriela Bebber 5 kun oldin
Wow, i got emotional on this one
roxcyn 5 kun oldin
They all are so beautiful!
Pan!con Jessica Hughes
woman actually have thinner skin how ever they also where thinner clothing
Shayne Gill
Shayne Gill 8 kun oldin
Women need equal rights... Yep. But you need a man to have a population aswell
le fandom gurl
le fandom gurl 8 kun oldin
"why do woman always wear tight clothes" Meanwhile me walking around in the most baggy clothes i can find
Noah 9 kun oldin
“Let us tell you what we want. We’re gonna let you know. So like can you do it” imagine the energy in the comments if a man said this
Noah 9 kun oldin
“The temperature is set with men in mind” imagine being this stupid
omnicron701 9 kun oldin
Why are women cold. Im sweating right now says the lady in a jacket. Hahaha
Schnibble Schnubble
Schnibble Schnubble 11 kun oldin
"*I need to feel like I'm not gonna break you*" OMG. SAME. it's like, you like short guys, and tall guys, skinny guys, and average guys, and thicc guys, and you just want SOMEONE THAT WILL LOOK BEYOND THE CHUBS AND STRETCH MARKS AND SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE 😭
granola 12 kun oldin
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom 12 kun oldin
Sleep eater. Explains the body.
Sam's Somnium
Sam's Somnium 13 kun oldin
Oh my goddess I’m too gay for this video I read beards as breasts
ars10001 14 kun oldin
"all women are strong" that's just a straight up lie.
Mary Dowdell
Mary Dowdell 16 kun oldin
It really pisses me off when my father says that woman are not smart and need to clean and cook and raise the kids and that’s all
Charlene C
Charlene C 16 kun oldin
Ok so I know that Ashely is something but first time I heard her say she’s gay. 3:05
Youtuber Edits
Youtuber Edits 17 kun oldin
the woman in the striped top is such a feminist you can tell😂
Tia Rock
Tia Rock 18 kun oldin
Brian Gathui
Brian Gathui 19 kun oldin
"I need to feel like I'm not going to break you" - that got me laughing so hard
Haley Elizabeth
Haley Elizabeth 20 kun oldin
I literally never ever get cold and I am a girl sooooooo
Peters palace
Peters palace 20 kun oldin
I’m so sweaty
madison noel
madison noel 20 kun oldin
ok i clicked on the video and looks away for a second and was confused BC THAT LAUGH SOUNDED JUST LIKE MINE
D 21 kun oldin
Boys take notes! 👍😂
Malinka ******
Malinka ****** 21 kun oldin
4:28 Thanos, I found your perfect girlfriend.
Erik Satie
Erik Satie 22 kun oldin
0:28 No
YoungLove Gaming
YoungLove Gaming 22 kun oldin
Why do women want equal rights? Becuase we are human beings.
Melanie Vang
Melanie Vang 22 kun oldin
I LOOOVED Kuwellileni’s(IDK HOW TO SPELL HER NAME BUT I REMEMBER IT)responses like serioussllyyyyy
Rachel Feltham
Rachel Feltham 22 kun oldin
Thongs are gross they're floss for your butt hole
Olivia Larrison
Olivia Larrison 23 kun oldin
what do women want in bed? “candy bars”
denisse almonte
denisse almonte 23 kun oldin
Women’s rights are humans rights 💪🏼👊🏼
denisse almonte
denisse almonte 23 kun oldin
My feet is always cold
denisse almonte
denisse almonte 23 kun oldin
What?! I only wear thongs
Daughter Nature
Daughter Nature 24 kun oldin
Thunderous Fury
Thunderous Fury 24 kun oldin
Women made the yoga pants you all wear. There's no patriarchy, depraved feminists.
Vanya Sharma
Vanya Sharma 24 kun oldin
3:38 ayoooooo yaaassss !
Vanya Sharma
Vanya Sharma 24 kun oldin
Preaaachhhhhh it the girl in the purple scarf !!!! Also very misogynistic questions
Choccymilq 25 kun oldin
Thongs were made for dancing so your panty line doesn’t show
ms. believer
ms. believer 27 kun oldin
i love these videos 😭😭😭💛💛💛💛💛
FADED GRACE.·` 29 kun oldin
"Just a little texture on my saddle"...... I just fell off my bed laughing
Vahini Banana
Vahini Banana Oy oldin
I got confused at thongs because I’m Australian (we call flip flops thongs) 😂😂
Albert watson
Albert watson Oy oldin
Is their a male version of this.
Beth alog
Beth alog Oy oldin
4:35 to 4:39 so me! 😂
a normal name
a normal name Oy oldin
,,What do women want in bed?" Me: Food, my dog, and my laptop.
Ella Nelson
Ella Nelson Oy oldin
the woman with the septum piercing and purple head wrap’s voice is so calming!!😂
sister naz
sister naz Oy oldin
I'm in love with that black woman
Bro Factorxx
Bro Factorxx Oy oldin
We work on our periods. We deserve more payyy.
single sings of macey
3:28 to 3:33 this is me when I'm picking out a bae
Erin Oy oldin
thongs are shoes not underwear
AV Crazyverse
AV Crazyverse Oy oldin
I don't feel the cold
Sanika Patil
Sanika Patil Oy oldin
What do women want in bed? Me: lots of pillows
Isabella Machado
I hate beards I’ll go for a stubble though
Karissa Meidal
Here, how about we flip the question so it’s easier for you guys to understand where we’re coming from. Why are MEN’s rights important? Not trying to be rude just seeing if a different perspective would be easier to understand 😄
tigerarmyrule Oy oldin
Can you mention a right which is unique to men in western democracies and then perhaps one can answer your point?
Super Zobo
Super Zobo Oy oldin
Devin being cho chang in avpm is awesome!
ricky griffin
ricky griffin Oy oldin
Without your father you also would not be here. Didnt hear about that part
Yay Turtle
Yay Turtle Oy oldin
These girls are hawt work it girlios
Yay Turtle
Yay Turtle Oy oldin
I went to a sears and at the checkout there were 1$ thongs. Lol lmao thx sears
Christine Boswell-Sexton
The temp thing is based on surface area to volume ratio. Men and women typically have vastly different ratios which is why we are so different in how we feel temp wise. Same goes is adults and babies. Adults get cold and hot slower than babies. Enjoy the science. 🤘
Lucien Angeliki
"Why are women's haircuts so expensive?" After talking to a lot of men about their haircut experience I have realized that they they cut their hair a lot often than women do? Why? Because most have short hair and when you have short hair you want to keep it short, this applies for women with shorter hair too While men would feel the need to get a haircut since their hair is too long like once a months, I'm pretty sure that a women with longer hair could go without a haircuts for 6 month or something
Elizabeth lane
*im hoping most of them are about women* the title is literally women answering the most googled questions about women
Ami Oy oldin
Count how many times they say/show the word "women"
Yolo Fam
Yolo Fam Oy oldin
The girl with the dreads and nose ring knows what she's talking about
Paige Oy oldin
“The temperature is set with men in mind”................ ummmm
pickle rick
pickle rick Oy oldin
You know the patriarchy isn't real right???
DaNewb 360
DaNewb 360 Oy oldin
Why do women have tight clothes...THE PATRIARCHY!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alexandria Vasquez
1:10 “The drag was on point” can somebody please gif that
Cami Oy oldin
W h y a r e y o u r s h o r t s s o l o n g ?
Maja *
Maja * Oy oldin
I hate devon. I just can’t like her. I don’t know i just do
Abby MT
Abby MT Oy oldin
The girl with the dreads is so smart!!!
Angie Oy oldin
Relatable 2:58 I've never saw it in that way
COC suker
COC suker Oy oldin
I like when people say without women, there would be no population. Like without men there wouldn't be a population either
DarkCloudSeungho 25 kun oldin
Yeah sure but men already have the most rights, this statement was made to highlight the fact that men and women are equal and both needed for humanity to exist. Thus, they deserve the same rights.
GodDr Oy oldin
Women's hair cuts take longer to cut so it costs more? P.s use common sense a bit.
Katie Jones
Katie Jones Oy oldin
why do men have so many questions about women and even they don't listen at all see? they are talking about their appearances. it's insane.
Hannah Ward
Hannah Ward Oy oldin
"I'm a thick woman so I want a thick man so i know I'm not gonna crush him." BOI I DONT WANT HIM TO CRUSH ME
Dominika Arczyńska
I like mustaches!!
Luke Bashian
Luke Bashian Oy oldin
Lol women’s haircuts are more expensive because they get like 1-2 a year and therefore how will the salon stay open without a good amount of money? I’m a boy I get a haircut once a month that’s 12 haircuts. I spend 12 pounds. Therefore I spend £144 pounds a year.
Have Fun
Have Fun Oy oldin
hahahah " I don't wanna feel like am gonna break you"
Holly Ruggiero
I wonder how many males watched this video to get answers 😂😂
Sariah Colwell
I think its a difference between what they are wearing. More women wear skirts, short shorts, thinner fabrics, open toed shoes etc. Of course we're cold.
Asian Bish
Asian Bish Oy oldin
"I am a thick woman" same
poonanny Oy oldin
I am so glad TRUMP is president!!!!!!!!!!!
Random Account
SkOMsiz ij totally forgot Ashley is gay
ツKanjiKing Oy oldin
When the girl the im gonna have to go with the patriarchy, im thinking then dont buy tight clothes, and the other women said they like it. Also i like the black girl she answers every question without being like THE PATRIARCHY or DO THIS DO THAT or EVERYONE IS SEXIST
Biswadev Majhi
What do women want in bed. To sleep. 😂 😂
Chrisa Rakou
Chrisa Rakou Oy oldin
The girl with the septum has such a soothing voice, I love it 😍
Sims 4 Mermaid
Why are women always cold? BOYYY (or GIRLLL) I'm never cold.
Helado de Limón
I just wanted to say... Dammmmmnn that black woman is slaying! She's so beautiful, I love her hair and her piercings!!! So cute and gorgeous!!!
Eric Ramirez
Eric Ramirez Oy oldin
Woman have a lot of god dam hair to cut with a million more hairstyles than men, thats why its costs so much
Jess Lipinsky
Jess Lipinsky Oy oldin
Y’all women’s skin is thinner that’s why they colder ( can’t relate tho I swear 24/7 what is cold)
Isabella Laurens
I ask for the AC on during winter so I don’t know where that came from?
montse s
montse s Oy oldin
1:25 looks like the girl of insatiable!!
Julianna Matheson
*what do women want in bed?* To go to sleep
Monse Esparza
Monse Esparza Oy oldin
Gage Westerhouse
Her aesthetics tells me a lot about her aesthetics... Huhhhh
Max Steel
Max Steel Oy oldin
Why aren't there videos of guys answering things?