Women Answer The Most Googled Questions About Women

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"We're coming to cut your internet off, that's it."
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Ashlee Marie Preston



13-Okt, 2017

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ThatOneKidWeAllKnow Louiza
More important question... Why are the government trying to put taxes on tampons cause they're apparently a 'luxuary item' I'd never use them but I think all the men trying to make this happen should be made to 'use one' and they'll change their minds
Beck Kjeldbjerg
Beck Kjeldbjerg 9 soat oldin
I never knew they set the temperature with men in mind
Devin Keefee
Devin Keefee 11 soat oldin
5:36 * throws phone across the room*
Judipudi 12 soat oldin
Ruba Kun oldin
The girl on the right is too beautiful 0:14
Magi MiteinemG
Magi MiteinemG Kun oldin
Most women have that one organ more than men that needs blood so when it's cold the uterus is more important than your hands and feet that's why women get cold sooner than men
• ava •
• ava • Kun oldin
The girl with brown reddish shoulder length hair kinda sounds like Emma chamberlain
Splat Paintz
Splat Paintz 2 kun oldin
Me a woman and me no like make-up.
J Palance
J Palance 3 kun oldin
I can answer ALL these questions with ONE simple ANSWER -- Because MEN have been forcing WOMEN to do ALL these things for hundreds of years! -- "Like" me if you agree!!!
vincentgc1 4 kun oldin
Why do most hetrosexual women go for the respectless guys, the players, the abusers and the bad boys? And then friendzone the good guys and says "all guys are the same" afterwards and then go do the same mistake again...?
Josh Saggers
Josh Saggers 5 kun oldin
“The temperature is set with men in mind” is probably the stupidest thing I have ever heard
dead rosesx
dead rosesx 5 kun oldin
What dk women want in bed me: ur mom
Khushi Srivastava
Khushi Srivastava 5 kun oldin
"Why are Women's Rights important?" Why not?
Mo Mato
Mo Mato 6 kun oldin
Technically we’re all related because we all started the same way.
Mo Mato
Mo Mato 6 kun oldin
I love how independent and honest you girls are 💜
Max Rudolph
Max Rudolph 8 kun oldin
Yo the girl with the purple bandana pisses me off so much
Leah Ginsburg
Leah Ginsburg 8 kun oldin
I love devin so much
Jen Kennedy
Jen Kennedy 9 kun oldin
You guys should have put the question on the screen
Precious Igbokwe
Precious Igbokwe 9 kun oldin
"That is so not true. I'm sweating right now"
Savannah Meier
Savannah Meier 10 kun oldin
Why are YOUR shorts SO long?
i.love.lambs miraculous
Why are bras so uncomfortable?
Ava Hoerner
Ava Hoerner 10 kun oldin
“The temperature is set with men in mind” that doesn’t make any sense at all it’s stupid
Mordecai 38
Mordecai 38 11 kun oldin
5:38 Guys i’m scared of unpausing the video
Ally Rowe
Ally Rowe 11 kun oldin
The makeup one omg... the girl said “it makes me look less dead” ..... i felt that lmao 😂💯
Aaliyah Khan
Aaliyah Khan 11 kun oldin
6:26 is my mum when me or my brother give her a compliment
Amelie Anchondo
Amelie Anchondo 12 kun oldin
Why Are Women So Beautiful? Ohhh 😊😏 why tank youuu
Kenia Ponce
Kenia Ponce 12 kun oldin
1:47 sounds just like Emma
Daniel Villarreal
Daniel Villarreal 13 kun oldin
Ok I most definitely hate girls with make up I find natural face more beautiful.... I had a friends who never wore make up she looked hella beautiful until she moved and came back and he looked like a clown 🤡I was so sad cuz he had lost he true beauty one day she went to church with out makeup and she killed me with her ugliness
WildFlowers OfTexas
WildFlowers OfTexas 13 kun oldin
wait...... Jenzie reference?? 2:39
Aarushi Chatterjee
Aarushi Chatterjee 13 kun oldin
"And I Would Like A Dog" Soo mee !!
Netta Tal
Netta Tal 15 kun oldin
About the coldness- women have one less litter of blood than men, which is why they are more cold.
Shani Black
Shani Black 15 kun oldin
When did Carey Mulligan start working here?
Jazzy 303
Jazzy 303 15 kun oldin
Omg I love things there so comfortable and pretty Oh the meant underwear thing ewww
Emman khalil
Emman khalil 17 kun oldin
"What do woman want in bed?" Me: a good night sleep!
Mia M.
Mia M. 17 kun oldin
2nd to last question broke my heart, in this world it should be equality for color AND gender. Who would ask this. How many people think women dont deserve rights? This is horrible, whats wrong with society. Its 2018 why arent times changing. 😭😔 smh
Oh Frankie?!?
Oh Frankie?!? 16 kun oldin
Mia M. Please tell me that this is a joke lmfao
Pink Magic Ali
Pink Magic Ali 17 kun oldin
I'd rather have a guy in a suit than a set of crazy muscles. And women are cold in offices because the temp is set for men in suits which keep them warmer and women's clothes are crap quality and offer zero protection from the elements. Beards are only good if they are kept neat.
Clumsy Studios
Clumsy Studios 18 kun oldin
I’m pleasantly surprised on how little cringe this had
Yum 'n' Yuck
Yum 'n' Yuck 18 kun oldin
Why do literally all women at buzzfeed have a full caked on face of makeup?? 🤮✋🏻
Hope M
Hope M 19 kun oldin
“The temperature is set with men in mind” yeah that’s totally what everyone is thinking when they set the temperature
MyTurtleApril 19 kun oldin
But princess peach likes mustaches!
Itzzz Wavey
Itzzz Wavey 19 kun oldin
Right when I thought it was a good video than they had to go feminist mode 😂😂
BtsWeirdo jk
BtsWeirdo jk 21 kun oldin
Question:What do woman want in bed? Me:more than 5 minutes 😂Not hate
Abby Smith
Abby Smith 21 kun oldin
Sometimes I just feel like I got hit in the chest by my love for women. Like, we have such pretty hips and soft tummies and eyelashes and lips and determination and we're always nice to other girls and I just afkdsl;jf;ak big gay
TheRedMan 206
TheRedMan 206 22 kun oldin
Comment about men’s face being a saddle has got to be the most objectifying thing I have ever heard, and to think there’s not a movement for masculinity
HastiKarami 22 kun oldin
that dark skinned girl is just.. i love how she answers and she has such a different and beautiful mind and answers differently damn
Aina Roura Villén
Aina Roura Villén 22 kun oldin
The answer to most of the questions is PATRIARCHY
Lacie Love23
Lacie Love23 23 kun oldin
“Floss for ur butthole”lmao😂
River 24 kun oldin
Lol your haircuts cost more because hairstylist are spending their time on you, also what they use to cut your hair isn't cheap, neither was their education.
Bella Drama
Bella Drama 24 kun oldin
“The temperature is set with men in mind” . That don’t make sense but OkAy
Lily HOWELLS 24 kun oldin
4:50 to sleep
Vio 2.0
Vio 2.0 24 kun oldin
4:02 her face asfasfhbkjd
Crim Poon
Crim Poon 25 kun oldin
Zoe Miyashiro
Zoe Miyashiro 26 kun oldin
i like how they're all so sweet and honest and are like "this is all my preference" so that people don't get the wrong idea
Emerson Baker
Emerson Baker 26 kun oldin
“ You wouldn’t be here without women” Like you also wouldn’t be here without men either soooooooo
Abi Ren
Abi Ren 26 kun oldin
i LiKe My MeN tHiCk
Dog Cat
Dog Cat 27 kun oldin
I dont want nothing in bed im asexual
54 27 kun oldin
I'd rather die.
I'd rather die. 27 kun oldin
5:40 That lady on the right is so intelligent omlll
Zach O.
Zach O. 27 kun oldin
Please let the Woman in this video read this. Women's rights are important but some people don't know why and you did not answer their question! They question wasn't why do you deserve rights but what are the arguments for it or more specially how can I argue for it. The google question wasn't 'Why women don't deserve rights'
Selena Stickney
Selena Stickney 28 kun oldin
Thongs floss for your butthole. that will be my senior quote
Lilbitchasshh Hoe
Lilbitchasshh Hoe 29 kun oldin
“I like my men thick, I am a thick women, And so I need to feel like I’m not gonna break you” 😂😂😂 I died
love love
love love Oy oldin
"I want a dog" ikr
Kelsey Beechamp
I’m 11 and I tell myself “It’s hard enough to be a women, but it’s even harder to be a black women.” I’m not trying to be offensive if it offends you btw
Trice Emerald
Trice Emerald Oy oldin
I love the woman with the purple gear on her voice sounds like I just woke up from a long long sleep
Sarah Siegel
Sarah Siegel Oy oldin
“I like beards on my saddle” I’m dying
Liz Ci
Liz Ci Oy oldin
Kuillileni Is the best i really like her form of thinking, we need more people like her ❤
Julia Brummell
the woman with the nose piercing has THE. BEST. VOICE. EVER. i’m honestly obsessed with her wow.
Julie Parnaudeau
Women are always cold so we can wear their sweaters 💁🏻‍♀️😏
Namjoon Fe
Namjoon Fe Oy oldin
CANDY BARS SAME omg what a queen
lez bean
lez bean Oy oldin
I love Ashly
LPSPendien Oy oldin
Hey, what about men
Germano Pires
Germano Pires Oy oldin
The blond girl looks like Rose lalonde!!!
fujoshi yû
fujoshi yû Oy oldin
I don't like beards at ALL
Miahavo 07
Miahavo 07 Oy oldin
I think woman are more cold than men is because we shave our leg but I do agree that people come from diffr3nt climates aswell
Maggie Henderson
question: why are women's rights important? my response: why is you life important? if you didn't have a mom, you wouldn't have a life. my mom: point proven love.
Kate Oy oldin
Devin looks like my set 3 year 7 teacher and that's a compliment XD
L I N N X Oy oldin
Why if a man wares makeup they will think there gay or trans?
Chloe Sama
Chloe Sama Oy oldin
Isabelle Goodrow
Wow love fhis
Cris Wilson
Cris Wilson Oy oldin
Alex Oy oldin
“What do you want in bed?” “To come” Nailed it
YESSS Oy oldin
"Thongs are like floss for your buttholes 😂"
Cheryl Honey
Cheryl Honey Oy oldin
The girl with the hoop earrings is so artistic 💙
munchkin Oy oldin
Yes I wouldn't be here if it weren't for my mother. But I wouldn't be here it it weren't for my father either.
Angie Nielsen
Angie Nielsen Oy oldin
”And i would like a dog” lmao
Kyle J
Kyle J Oy oldin
Women's haircuts cost more than men's because women have more hair.
Mya Cook
Mya Cook Oy oldin
Kuwililileni took these all too seriously
Kaitlyn Williams
3:28 i am thic and looking at the boys at school u think if they dont put on some muscle bruh im going to brake them
Maggie Martenson
SophieLoafie Oy oldin
I’m happy that my nan owns a hairdresser shop so I get the haircut for free.
4:03 um.. noo
Katherine Desch
4:02 what?
Yuuki Yuusha
Yuuki Yuusha Oy oldin
Women on average have a lower body temperature by 1 degree celsius
Amber Sullivan
"Beards make my kitty purr"........ HAHAHAHAHA
Sheaniadah Emmauel
Make up makes u more confident and make up can instantly make u look classy, sexy.. U won't give a really good impression for example if u go to an interview looking like u just woke up from bed.. Make up gives u like noticeable look.. For me, make up makes me feel confident and sexy..
Hayden Oy oldin
Why are women's haircuts so expensive? Maybe because they spend hours at hair saloons getting textured, shaped, dyed, permed/ relaxed. Meanwhile 5-7 minutes with a buzzer and a comb gets me out the door.
s mcm
s mcm Oy oldin
The lady in the white tank top made it feel like she was being attacked the whole time
Gabriela Bebber
Wow, i got emotional on this one
roxcyn Oy oldin
They all are so beautiful!
Molly Hughes
Molly Hughes Oy oldin
woman actually have thinner skin how ever they also where thinner clothing