Women Diet Like Kardashians For 30 Days

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Four women take on the challenge of working with nutritionist Kevin Libby (PH2 Nutrition) to diet like the Kardashians for a month.
Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/12887
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Vanessa Hudgens Cover: www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/vanessa-hudgens-interview
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PH2 Nutrition
Kevin Libby, Nutritionist
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8-May, 2017

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Jenay Kun oldin
Lost me at $145.
eva cantu
eva cantu 3 kun oldin
You all weigh less then me big time....and im like 16😖
Felipe Maira
Felipe Maira 9 kun oldin
I meditate everyday now night and day and it feels amazing
Desta 14 kun oldin
can we talk about how when Jordan says she wants a six pack nutrition dude said "go to the store and buy one"
I eat very healthy and I am growing very fast so I am going to be the tallest on the earth 😊
People Exist
People Exist Kun oldin
CHEEZ WHIz FORTNITE CHEEZ WHIz FORTNITE You sure about that Mr. Cheez WHIz? Lmao
Meredith Brown
Meredith Brown 15 kun oldin
I don't eat, I'm starving:( and it's hard because I have a pantry of food full right next to me..
Pandoragmys 15 kun oldin
Michelle was already pretty fit and started with a weight closer to a healthy bmi as compared to the others. It's only natural that she lost less weight...
Sergio Santiago Jalao
Sólo he visto comer una cosa a Kim y no sé si adelgazará o no pero, y lo bien que sacia tú.
Van Bich Nguyen
Van Bich Nguyen 17 kun oldin
The guy lost me when he started to include "blood type" into their diet plans....Also, there is nothing wrong with gluten UNLESS you have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease....
Xenia St Charles
Xenia St Charles 19 kun oldin
Michelle looks like a Kardashian already!
liv bak
liv bak 24 kun oldin
um i’m 11 and i’m 130 pounds but i’m 5.4 so maybe it’s just because i’m tall?????????? or maybe it’s my decently big hips or kinda big booty?? am i fat? 😞 should i be vegantarian? guys help please i don’t know what to do and i need other people to say what i should do 😿
CeceliaJohnson Johnson
they all small woman ...I will love to do it ... but I will love to it with real bigger woman
Sophia Perez
Sophia Perez Oy oldin
Wait. Aren’t the pictures from Michelle’s before and after from her marathon training?
cooper patton
cooper patton Oy oldin
lol so im 12 my sister is 14 my mom is 32 and my sister weighs like 130 lbs and my mom weighs like 115 and I weigh 92 ls
Evangeline Oy oldin
10:03 tan, sucked-in stomach, flexing chest and arms, light-colored pants for contrast not believable
Grace Oy oldin
I weigh more than all off them and I’m 13
People Exist
People Exist Kun oldin
Grace I’m not sure that’s something to brag about
K May
K May Oy oldin
The tanned girl lost the least weight because she was putting on a lot of muscle and that’s inspiring to me rn
david F
david F Oy oldin
supperb!! i want to share with you this - bit.ly/2OZeVwO
Megan Landis
Megan Landis Oy oldin
i thought this would be cool to watch but when i heard the 125 pound girl say she needed to loose weight, i knew i couldn't relate. goodbye
sherry_EXO-L Oy oldin
who saw "عائلتى" it’s mean " my family "
Queen Cee
Queen Cee Oy oldin
You'd think he would use his own method...but he is flabby looking
Jam Glam
Jam Glam Oy oldin
Can we see these videos with actual fat people🙄
I’m Suffering
These girls are kinda skinny tho that’s the thing
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Oy oldin
gen naughton
gen naughton Oy oldin
The mentor guy looks unhealthy/overweight himself lol
Tsuki Oy oldin
Something about this is fake hmmm www.buzzfeed.com/michellekhare/i-went-from-hating-running-to-running-a-marathon-in-ten
Stranger In Moscow
Is it just me or I really don't care about the scale. Like I learned it honestly doesn't matter because you can be skinny and weigh 140, or you can be chubby and weight 140. I always thought about that whenever I think about the scale. Because no guy is going to say "damn she's 126 pounds thats hot".. like no.
Yadamin Alam
Yadamin Alam Oy oldin
I would love to take this challenge
Sophie Monk
Sophie Monk Oy oldin
How do they look like that..? One word 'money'
Sara Looney
Sara Looney Oy oldin
Did they even exercise??
Kennedy Webb
Kennedy Webb Oy oldin
She only lost 3pounds why does she look like that now “because she is sucking it in
Kennedy Webb
Kennedy Webb Oy oldin
Really I weigh more than all of them and I am 11
Madison Paige
Madison Paige Oy oldin
ITS SAD THAT EATING HEALTHY IS SEEN AS "WEIRD" :( i wish more people would take care of their bodies
Madison Paige
Madison Paige 11 kun oldin
+Corinne T exactly! Most people I know only eat fruit/veg once or twice a week :o its terrible!
Corinne T
Corinne T 12 kun oldin
I agree !!! When you say to people you eat vegetables everyday they think it’s weird, when we all actually should eat fruits and vegetables everyday ?? So strange
Patricia Troccoli
Patricia Troccoli 26 kun oldin
I've lost 4 pounds in 1 week by simply detoxifying my body, using this method gametricks.online/vr?3g1h114 I feel really healthy now!!
ria lad
ria lad Oy oldin
u can do it for yourself u just need to know your food and balance everything 😊
Odette Torres
Odette Torres Oy oldin
Okay, why are women and young girls looking towards the Kardashians as "body goals" when they achieved their bodies through plastic surgery? Everything about them is fake, worst role models for women EVER.
Uhm,I need this,
Cherry & Kiwi
Cherry & Kiwi Oy oldin
That one lady look like the girl from Jane the virgin
Lulu Zak
Lulu Zak Oy oldin
I want to do this 😭
Yazzy Rivera
Yazzy Rivera Oy oldin
Why are they negative toward their body when they are of normal weight
chrissy lamp
chrissy lamp Oy oldin
this proven system is what helped me lose over 60lbs in 8 months or less! I’d love to share it with you! bit.ly/2ymrUyl
Mary Long
Mary Long Oy oldin
These women are skinny to begin with so why do they need to loose weight?
Little K
Little K Oy oldin
I was eating cake while watching this video. Biiig mistake
Britny Me
Britny Me Oy oldin
Ya know I wish all I had to lose was 10 lbs, I’ve already lost 40 but I want to lose about 40 or 50 more but I’m def more healthy lol I wish I had the money to get a personal trainer to really hone in on what works best with my body and what foods I should eat but I’m still trying on my own
tayen storm
tayen storm Oy oldin
i swear ive seen this video five times but i keep coming back because it’s good and i want to see other people do it for some reason
Marc Pollie
Marc Pollie Oy oldin
You are what you eat ....
Krys Wilcox
Krys Wilcox Oy oldin
Oml , they weigh my goal weight
Teagan Davis
Teagan Davis Oy oldin
You think YOUR FAT i am 9 yrs old and i am 123 lbs
Courtney Mae
Courtney Mae Oy oldin
How can we get this diet? 😫
Sophie K
Sophie K 2 oy oldin
I think when people go for their annual physical they should include all the tests David is doing here. It is very important because if you fall into the high risk group , it get's you to address those issues, and be proactive . So you know you are doing all the right things so you can have a long, healthy and happy life.
Erin Reallyy
Erin Reallyy 2 oy oldin
I don’t like how they’re making vegetables and eating healthy seem extremely expensive in the first few minutes of there grocery shop, yes, if you buy everything at Whole Foods.....duh, but haven’t they heard of Aldi or even WalMart?! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
Coca Colaz
Coca Colaz 2 oy oldin
6:25 lol she at the Cheesecake Factory Last time i went i had to order off of there cuz i was on a diet 😂😢
Kinza Saif
Kinza Saif 2 oy oldin
The seceret how i lose 1 pound in just 1 week bit.ly/2CccaAO
EMily Edwards
EMily Edwards 2 oy oldin
I way more than them and im 12 :(
Srh Srh
Srh Srh 2 oy oldin
After you lose those first 5 pounds that's enough to motivate you to continue your journey you just have to start now just cheat 1 day a week and only in 1 meal
Chloe Crowe
Chloe Crowe 2 oy oldin
Anybody else notice that the girl in the thumbnails bellybutton is off center just saying
Kim_f D
Kim_f D 2 oy oldin
Why they tan in the after and pale in be4 is that body make?
SimplyySimone 2 oy oldin
The difference between them is they have money
Alexis Jade
Alexis Jade 2 oy oldin
I need ochis diet
Milly K
Milly K 2 oy oldin
Their attitude is the problem. They see this as a diet, not a privilege that they can afford this to look after their body.
Will Spra
Will Spra 2 oy oldin
Michelle only lost 3 pounds because she was already at a good weight and the skinnier you are, the harder to lose weight because you literally have less to lose. They all did a great job tho :)
Adrain Patterson
Adrain Patterson 2 oy oldin
marie calming
marie calming 2 oy oldin
Stop talking about EXTREME. He is feeding them okay. They are getting food. The problem is the extreme difference in what food your eating.
Jacks Noodles
Jacks Noodles 2 oy oldin
Kim bought like two of her babies... She had a surrogate because she was scared of what it would do to her body.
WFPB and you can eat as much as you want. No calorie restriction.
OMAD DIARY 2 oy oldin
Go ladies 🙋🏾‍♀️
Dianna Vernee
Dianna Vernee 2 oy oldin
Lmao, yall are so special if you believe the kardashians lost weight in the beginning by diet and working out😂😂. They got surgery.. maybe use diet and some workout to maintain their new body.
Prashant Kamble
Prashant Kamble 2 oy oldin
Michele is so cute
ChelseaFC Rk
ChelseaFC Rk 2 oy oldin
4 Garlic cloves+ spinach + lemon+ water shake in the morning ==> dont forget to brush ur teeths At least 3 bottles of water a day 1/2 bag of carrots at nights And forget the kardishans..
Strawberry Babomb
Anyone can have a nice looking body but what's even better is when you truly worked for that body.
LifeOf ADaughter
LifeOf ADaughter 2 oy oldin
Kardashian diet: They can afford...Liposuction.
Macie Nicholas
Macie Nicholas 2 oy oldin
When their starting weight is my goal weight 😩
David Burden
David Burden 2 oy oldin
it takes alot of preparation like preparing to lose time and money ;)
David Burden
David Burden 2 oy oldin
not worth it just eat healty and save $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Elisabeth Ellen
Elisabeth Ellen 2 oy oldin
So brutal.... the number 125.6 lbs. How do you think people who are heavier feel? Hate it when thin people complain.
Sarah Esperanza Martinez
See I always want to have a healthy diet but my Grocery budget is 20$
Roxanne Murphy
Roxanne Murphy 2 oy oldin
A lot of... All of these ladies are just merely overweight. How is this realistic?
Mishelle Bee - Mothers Who Manifest
Diets don’t work. Check out intuitive eating.
llsuixidell 2 oy oldin
can someone tell me how the Kardashian diet works bc um, i'm a fatass 😂
shandra leverett
shandra leverett 2 oy oldin
It makes me so sad that someone 125 lbs is so sad that she didn’t lose weight. I am 155 and I freakin love my bod. I wish we could all just take care of ourselves to feel good, not to ‘get skinny’ 😞
Unidentified Gem
Unidentified Gem 2 oy oldin
Fancy diet : drink water and eat air. Dont forget to snack on the thought of eating 😒 Just because you have a little weight doesnt mean your not healthy!!! FACT - stop over eating. You can eat whatever you want just drink water and eat small portions. The problem isnt what you eat. Its OVER EATING
Tom zxzu
Tom zxzu 2 oy oldin
3 of those girls looked fantastic before the program...I wish my GF would pursue this she needs to drop 50lbs
Aniya White
Aniya White 2 oy oldin
Lisa Wang
Lisa Wang 2 oy oldin
3:19 da heck I love dairy and I eat carbs every day. I also hate all veggies except for cucumbers RIP me 😭 I'm trying to lose a couple pounds.
Jungkook is my Euphoria
Weronika Anna
Weronika Anna 2 oy oldin
Did they exercise too? Or was it just the diet?
Luxe Love Club
Luxe Love Club 2 oy oldin
All-Natural Butt Lift! bit.ly/Apexbooty
kattyswirl z
kattyswirl z 2 oy oldin
Is anyone surprised why the think THEY of all people need to lose weight, they are gorgeous
Ke'Ara Clayton
Ke'Ara Clayton 2 oy oldin
I'M GOING 21 DAYS WITHOUT FOOD YALL!!! I'm on day 4 plus I'm uploading every single day. Follow me on my journey as I'm currently doing/completing the lemonade master cleanse.
baddie qweta
baddie qweta 2 oy oldin
i weigh more than all of these girls and i’m 14 but i’m not obese
Angila Flores
Angila Flores 2 oy oldin
Why didn’t they have any bigger girl In this video, all of them are under 150 how about help a women that is 170and up?? Or even 200 plus??
Catella 2 oy oldin
Two words... water weight.
Cathryn Cain
Cathryn Cain 2 oy oldin
I am curious how did you guys get picked or sign up for this program and did you all know each other before starting? Or were you four strangers put together for this? I could tell how supportive you all were for each other. That's very nice. You all did so well!
Rodwan Mostafa
Rodwan Mostafa 2 oy oldin
Thank you, No More belly Fat, bit.ly/2xzK9zP
SaltLifeChick 2 oy oldin
Sooooooo what is this diet???
Si Bonilla
Si Bonilla 2 oy oldin
Funny how they’re so upset how much they weigh , I’m 13 and I weight 158
Rat TheMouse
Rat TheMouse 2 oy oldin
That woman Jordan has some AMAZING shoulders and arms... Inspiring.
Saint Monodam
Saint Monodam 2 oy oldin
You missed the "lipo and fat transfer" step which is pretty crucial for the Kardashian model of fitness
BEEP BEAUTY 2 oy oldin