Women Diet Like Kardashians For 30 Days

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Four women take on the challenge of working with nutritionist Kevin Libby (PH2 Nutrition) to diet like the Kardashians for a month.
Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/12887
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Vanessa Hudgens Cover: www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/vanessa-hudgens-interview
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PH2 Nutrition
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8-May, 2017

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Lindsey Marie
Lindsey Marie 8 soat oldin
“I’ve been on set for twelve hours. I’m eating a piece of pizza. IDGAF.” 😂😂😂
Eve Lux
Eve Lux 8 soat oldin
Plastic surgery and exercise to maintain that’s how they do it 😒
Kiara Jay
Kiara Jay 8 soat oldin
I just went on kind of a binge on food porn videos 😂😂
Emziz34 media
Emziz34 media 10 soat oldin
"I have proteen powder, it's chocolate" "I have an egg!!" my faveorit part!
Zoe Thomas
Zoe Thomas 20 soat oldin
omg Jordan u r so buff just build those muscles and u would be ripped in the same time period DX
Mary Medinas
Mary Medinas 21 soat oldin
Stress reduction is good. I like that advice.
safia bella
safia bella Kun oldin
This video could have been a lot better
Ayyy _Trinity
Ayyy _Trinity Kun oldin
This chic in the thumbnail doesn't even know how to flex no offense but for real
Kiki 81
Kiki 81 Kun oldin
she's just less bloated...
vanilaaxlov321 Kun oldin
Why is the nutritionist fat
anime Kun oldin
This kinda seems dangerously triggering to the girl with body dysmorphia
Tayla Jane
Tayla Jane Kun oldin
eating healthy is expensive
Hozuki Akaki
Hozuki Akaki 2 kun oldin
eating healthy can be so damn costly T_T in those cases, you're mostly forced to train, which is actually a good option.
MD 2 kun oldin
They look like Hannah, aria, Spencer and emily
anjelina julie
anjelina julie 2 kun oldin
Better to avoid oily food, like deep fried stuff and alcohol and conversion to veges and water, supplementing it with some organic tonic like "beyond weight management tea" of secretsoftea could help great.
Kayte Larsen
Kayte Larsen 2 kun oldin
this wont work for vegan.
Brandi M
Brandi M 2 kun oldin
For real, these girls don't know what fat is. Call me when you get 180.
Shayne Bitoon
Shayne Bitoon 2 kun oldin
I don’t know but I think the ladies were not flexing in the before videos to make them look fat.
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 2 kun oldin
Nice video, but I hate that they are using a darker lighting to show muscle tone better for the results. You can tell because of their skin being darker, wish they could just give honest results without using different lighting and posture change.
Alina Cojocaru
Alina Cojocaru 2 kun oldin
How to lose weight. Stop eating. Worked for me lmao
Joseph Gaudet
Joseph Gaudet 2 kun oldin
I've gained around 60 lbs...I'm overwhelmed at the challenge, but I need to do it. I just need to eat more naturally and believe in myself more. This vid helped me feel not alone in this. Loosing weight is hard, but I've done it before...and I can do it again :)
Haus of Gemini
Haus of Gemini 2 kun oldin
SLIMMING WORLD!!!!!!!!!!! In less than 4 months I've lost 3 stone and I've still been able to drink alcohol have sugary snacks and occasionally have a takeaway. I haven't exercised ever throughout this whole weight loss journey and I have still lost 3 stone.
ItsGeminii 2 kun oldin
So did y’all weigh them or just trust them on what they said 😂
Jennie Ng
Jennie Ng 3 kun oldin
Me watching this video: I'm hungry
Chanel Robinson
Chanel Robinson 3 kun oldin
Save yourself some time & just go to your local cosmetic surgeon, THAT'S what they do & don't anybody tell you differently
FC_CT C 3 kun oldin
if aliens are studying us from beyond our galaxy: they're wondering why we have an obsession with mass.
organic Bunny June
organic Bunny June 3 kun oldin
I like Ham Ilton
I like Ham Ilton 3 kun oldin
0:29 Jordan had some fun before the video as I can see
Kailee Palardy
Kailee Palardy 3 kun oldin
What was Alex diagnosed with???
Sarah Brennan
Sarah Brennan 3 kun oldin
I don’t understand none of these women need to lose weight...
Simran Judge
Simran Judge 3 kun oldin
*I hAvE aN egG*
Lonely Lovesome
Lonely Lovesome 3 kun oldin
I swear who else is eating and watching workout videos😂
Jess Sp
Jess Sp 4 kun oldin
If you want to diet like the kardashians just call your local plastic surgeon.
xodaniee 4 kun oldin
This is by far so sad to see because their loss is beautiful YET it doesn't address how UNREAL these diets are. To cut out sugars and carbs is unrealistic. Our bodies NEED carbs to produce energy. In fact it needs carbs, fats, and proteins to do so. I lost 80 lbs over 2 year span and I didn't spend $150 a week to do it. Yeah they got results but it doesn't last forever when you do it to that extreme. I also want to point out what many people already posted that there is a HUGE mental proponent to losing weight and or dealing with body dysmorphia and this video does not address that. Instead we have women and young women who are unsatisfied with their bodies and see this thinking this is what is going to help them and its not. I just hope that if anyone wants to change their weight do it for you... not to be a kardashian or anyone else but being you, being healthy, and being happy.
kelly chauca
kelly chauca 4 kun oldin
i’m only 17. boobless buttless no muscle i’m just fat & weigh more than michelle. i’m 127 i rlly need to loose weight
Eve Brown
Eve Brown 4 kun oldin
Who else is eating chips while watching This?.
Kalika Lundstrom
Kalika Lundstrom 4 kun oldin
Chips and soda ....... Opps
NAT-AT 4 kun oldin
I weigh more than all of these women. I'm only 18 fml
Chloe Wells
Chloe Wells 4 kun oldin
Yes put the girl recovering from an eating disorder on a diet. Fucktards
soum1272 5 kun oldin
Dina Kemp
Dina Kemp 5 kun oldin
What a waste of money!! Intermitten /Dry fasting not only saves money, but assists in weight loss and health benefits
Hailesbailes101 5 kun oldin
They all weigh less than me
Izzyscales •
Izzyscales • 5 kun oldin
Ya know how it’s no gluten and no dairy I’m lactose intolerant and gluten free
Dailie Maisie
Dailie Maisie 5 kun oldin
That man “helping” them is nasty
Moka Sky
Moka Sky 6 kun oldin
They all have beautiful body before and after
Hannah Gs
Hannah Gs 6 kun oldin
How fast after this did they gain this weight back? This kind of extreme diet almost always leads to gaining the weight back
Rebecca Kelland
Rebecca Kelland 6 kun oldin
You all rockkkkkkkkk
Nicole Bissey
Nicole Bissey 6 kun oldin
Amelia Haglock
Amelia Haglock 6 kun oldin
Eating so many cookies while watching this
Tamara Hussain
Tamara Hussain 6 kun oldin
michelle was sucking in at the end
Down the Wrabbit Hole Travel
Would love to see the results on women who were actually overweight. I’d be so happy with all of these women’s starting weights!! LOL
Emma Receveur-Ward
Emma Receveur-Ward 6 kun oldin
I wish they would have a big girl do one of these videos 😒
Leighann Linge
Leighann Linge 7 kun oldin
It makes me upset that these women believe that they are heavy when they really aren't. I really wanna be like them because seeing stuff like this is inspiring yet it makes me sad that as a 14 year old I weigh 176 pounds. And they are freaking out about 130
Adriana Garcia
Adriana Garcia 7 kun oldin
Adorable! Best part is Luca doing his facebook stalking/research prior so that he conveniently gave you a ride home. :) I'm also a USD alum (but for grad school!)
G M 7 kun oldin
Danté Riccelli
Danté Riccelli 7 kun oldin
The comments here make me feel good about my diet
Sarah Chatwin
Sarah Chatwin 7 kun oldin
Could somebody type out the entire diet for me? I really wanna try this with the new workout routine I’ve discovered. I’ll probably type it out myself but if someone could save me the hassle of doing that I would be grateful. I’m kind of doing it as a revenge type thing. Thanks x
Leah Hall
Leah Hall 7 kun oldin
over half of these women weighed less then me........................I'm 11
dunjica77 7 kun oldin
It would help to know the height of the ladies
chokoladekage 140
chokoladekage 140 7 kun oldin
Oh, well I weigh 145 pounds and I'm only 14 soooooo
Natalie Graichen
Natalie Graichen 8 kun oldin
I wish they'd done this with women that are actually significantly overweight. 😒
dancer dog
dancer dog 8 kun oldin
I have hashimoto also, right now i'm doing the aip diet
Nada Atef
Nada Atef 8 kun oldin
This is not very accurate because they obviously have been working out it really shows on their bodies. it's very clear that this far from only dieting so they should've also featured that part for the sake of accuracy because dieting alone will give you such defined bodies, also explains why they haven't lost that much weight but look very different.
Madison Dowls
Madison Dowls 8 kun oldin
Love the girls shoulder hickeys. Super classy
Baz Savage
Baz Savage 8 kun oldin
Honestly the Kardashians are a bunch of overgrown apes. Y'all girls can do better
Phillip Glenn
Phillip Glenn 8 kun oldin
This really works I know somebody doing it. tinyurl.com/y8mbbd28
Sara Woods
Sara Woods 8 kun oldin
None of these women are over weight. If they want to be stronger and healthier, fine.
Gamer Lightning
Gamer Lightning 9 kun oldin
All these woman have amazing beautiful curvy body!
Sarah Brennan
Sarah Brennan 3 kun oldin
Gamer Lightning I know I’m turning off now.. as none of these need to lose weight
Victoria Guerrier
Victoria Guerrier 9 kun oldin
Nice video! I was able to lose weight myself using this two week diet plan. Check it out while it is still online. bit.ly/2Kww4XH
ruva masiyanise
ruva masiyanise 9 kun oldin
This is giving me anxiety. Going to get a glass of wine
Naomi Beaver
Naomi Beaver 9 kun oldin
If anyone would be interested please look at what I have to offer! modere.com/2325314
April Burnett
April Burnett 9 kun oldin
I cant even afford a scale :( :( :(
Megan Worsham
Megan Worsham 9 kun oldin
Watched this during a fast :)
Nayeli Reyes
Nayeli Reyes 9 kun oldin
The military diet is easier and you lose more quicker
curylyHeadxCeCi 10 kun oldin
What's funny is the fact that I way more than those ADULTS and I'm 11 wtf🤔😑
curylyHeadxCeCi 2 kun oldin
Haus of Gemini thx but I've went to the doctor for check ups and asked about my weight and they didn't say anything was wrong I was just a little over weight. And I'm about the same night as them too. It's just my body shape my mom was built like me too
Haus of Gemini
Haus of Gemini 2 kun oldin
mae wip how tall are you ?
Haus of Gemini
Haus of Gemini 2 kun oldin
You are going through puberty so your weight is going to fluctuate but it sounds a bit worrying that you weigh more than an adult female. You should go to your doctor and ask them to measure your BMI.
curylyHeadxCeCi 4 kun oldin
Rhiannon Potiphar cool
Rhiannon Potiphar
Rhiannon Potiphar 4 kun oldin
Not funny really..
Riley Allen
Riley Allen 10 kun oldin
You know I actually experience the whole “I can’t eat what my friends are eating because ... (insert reason)” because I’m vegan so ya I understand
Keeping it Real
Keeping it Real 11 kun oldin
what a joke
Cody Red
Cody Red 11 kun oldin
Great video 👍🏽 Check out my booty workout?
Mil Bob11
Mil Bob11 11 kun oldin
K.....now I'm gonna go eat a whole pizza
Julie B.
Julie B. 12 kun oldin
Can somebody explain why Michelle’s results were the same as the ones when she ran in the marathon with only “10 weeks of training”??
Bee Smart
Bee Smart 12 kun oldin
Why do they speak with vocal fry? Can’t watch.
TheFryedIScream 12 kun oldin
diets are so awful why do we keep advancing them as if they don’t cause misery
jasmina zulbeari
jasmina zulbeari 12 kun oldin
which is the diet
Elizabeth 12 kun oldin
Great video. I've been able to lose a lots of weight using a pretty method. You can find it here while it's still online: derpy.me/Lose-Weight-Fast
Monochrome SBT
Monochrome SBT 7 kun oldin
Elizabeth Why do I see you everywhere? And the comments are also similar!
Sarah Chatwin
Sarah Chatwin 7 kun oldin
Elizabeth thanks
Lil Space Freckles
Lil Space Freckles 7 kun oldin
Booo 👎🏾
Natalie Graichen
Natalie Graichen 8 kun oldin
Elizabeth you've stolen High Carb Hannah's photos for this tweet scam. Fake!
Bianca Taylor
Bianca Taylor 13 kun oldin
A lot of the weight lost was just water because they were on a low carb diet. Carbs hold onto water, and if you stop eating them you'll lose a few pounds in a very short period of time, but they're just water. Willing to bet they'd gain around half the weight back if they resumed their normal diets
bucksicle 13 kun oldin
me: i could diet better than them me: *_opens another bag of chips_*
carnival30 13 kun oldin
These people are so whiny.
Turkey Burglar
Turkey Burglar 13 kun oldin
These are like the female try guys
jetset charm
jetset charm 13 kun oldin
Why would someone who works with many celebrities allow a person with body dysmorphia allow this when he KNOWS they use surgery to look how they do?!?! Also, all of these women are under 140, much less than the average American woman. Just bad bad bad on all accounts.
Carl Green
Carl Green 14 kun oldin
very funny
EmiRose 14 kun oldin
I know nothing about the Kardashians... or celebs in general, so why did I click on this video? Must be bored. My weight goal is 138 atm (I'm currently 156 - started at 160). I don't think I'm fat or anything (out of shape for sure, though), but the fact that all of them weighed less than me starting out (some less than my ideal weight) tells me I really need to try harder. If they can lose ten, I can lose ten... albeit through a slightly different method of exercise and calorie counting. Kudos to everyone else out there getting in shape. We can do it!
Halli Sturm
Halli Sturm 14 kun oldin
Hmm maybe I should do it *eats a lot of taco dip* nahhhhh
Miss Queen Me
Miss Queen Me 15 kun oldin
I'm 13 but shaped like Kylie Jenner and it's actually annoying
Ravi Blue
Ravi Blue 15 kun oldin
Why isn't the nutritionist in shape tho
Ravi Blue
Ravi Blue 15 kun oldin
Actually maybe he is I can't tell with that sweater lol
Rayanne Becker
Rayanne Becker 15 kun oldin
How do they need to lose weight??? 125! Seriously. That's goal weight.
Candy Floss
Candy Floss 15 kun oldin
carbs aren't bad you are supposed to have them for a healthy life
Allie Sailboat
Allie Sailboat 16 kun oldin
"Restrictive" and "expensive". Lmao y'all don't know how to shop or control portions. I spend 50 a month at the store, and I eat plenty. It's all beans and produce.
The Bougee Hippie
The Bougee Hippie 16 kun oldin
Did they also factor in the body modifications and lipo the Kardashians get? 🤔
Lanna Jade
Lanna Jade 16 kun oldin
The Heaviest Girl Is Like 145 Lbs..... Can We See Someone 175+ Do This? Lort... Skinny Girls Getting Skinner.
Jasmine Brown
Jasmine Brown 16 kun oldin
is the girl michelle serious lol..stfu lol