Women Follow Royal Fashion Rules For A Week

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"I am more confident. Granted, it takes an hour and a half to get dressed in the morning."
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2-Sen, 2018

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Katherine M
Katherine M 2 kun oldin
Buzzfeed is cheap!! They should have given them a daily budget for clothing so that they could actually follow the challenge!!!
Klouhie 1997
Klouhie 1997 2 kun oldin
Damnn stop hating on selorm,It shows how hard this challenge is!
Art Party
Art Party 3 kun oldin
2:50 oh my goooood who are you it’s like ROALTY
Rida REHAN 3 kun oldin
I love how PRETTYMUCH was in the background for some of the video.
bangtanSonYaNDan 4 kun oldin
destinee did the best I think she looked veryyy good
S Kenzig
S Kenzig 6 kun oldin
I really want the sheer tights!? Where did you get them?
Me, Myself & I
Me, Myself & I 7 kun oldin
Not a surprise that the British girl Chloe did the best out of the three
Lily Smith
Lily Smith 9 kun oldin
I loved allllll of Chloe’s outfits
Riya Agnihotri
Riya Agnihotri 10 kun oldin
Chloe killed it :))
Clara Florence
Clara Florence 12 kun oldin
I find it so funny when americans talk about britain, i'm british and there are so many misconseptions and they love the royals when us british are well over them all,
Ebony R.
Ebony R. 13 kun oldin
Total fail.
deepali midha
deepali midha 14 kun oldin
The one continuously wearing black has no fashion sense
Candis Carnegie
Candis Carnegie 15 kun oldin
I cannot stand watching challenges when they just 'do their best' instead of following the rules. Seriously? A shirt tied up in a knot in the front??? What irritates me most about that ensemble is SHE'S FROM ENGLAND!!! Wearing black during the day and someone in the office even knew the rules and called her out on it. SMH! Oh! Asking a bunch of millennials in the office if you look good is really not a sign of success. Including Jasmine in finishing your outfit was not the best request for this challenge. She is so on trend and her fashion sense is so out-of-the-box (no a jab), she just wasn't the right choice for this challenge. Referencing someone who is an expert on royal fashion would've been the person to ask. Clearly there was no budget given for this video. I got 4.5 mins in. I can't do anymore.
Ricky Farrugia
Ricky Farrugia 17 kun oldin
im wearing leggings boots a sparkly baby blue sweater and a lanyard with my keys on it, lol, sometimes i like long dresses.
Julia González
Julia González 17 kun oldin
Destinee slayed 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Ottokaji 19 kun oldin
Destinee looked so amazing every day! She nailed this challenge!
Lara Coy
Lara Coy 20 kun oldin
I have that watermelon shirt
Disha Raju
Disha Raju 23 kun oldin
That navy dress is too cute!
floofy Kim Taehyung
floofy Kim Taehyung 23 kun oldin
from man point of view chloe did amazing because she didnt break any rules (dont quote me on this but if she did she was with the least rules broken) but.... destinee her outfits were slaying throughout the entire challenge. Lets not even go to selorm, like sis... u ruined the challenge for everyone!!!
hon3yB3ar AJ
hon3yB3ar AJ 24 kun oldin
I feel so bad for selorm
IceyCupcake 24 kun oldin
I just realized they were playing fur elise o.o
Clémence Dblic
Clémence Dblic 25 kun oldin
2:33 : oh waw she looks so much like Chapmam from Orange is the new black ! ! !
Gin chan
Gin chan 26 kun oldin
It seems like you guys didn't even try.
Emily Michalczuk
Emily Michalczuk 27 kun oldin
Chloe is the only one who looked good and actually similar
Monica Washington
Monica Washington 29 kun oldin
Business beautiful HE TRYNA GET THE MIX
Mrs J
Mrs J 29 kun oldin
Should try to stick to the rules a little bit more. Where can you find the Royal Wardrobe Rules?
Jennifer K
Jennifer K Oy oldin
Where's their "royal" budget for being able to succeed at this challenge?! Give em each $100 or so to even thrift some basics... P.S. I love everyone in this vid!!!
Luka Oy oldin
You didn't think I looked cute
why do i love that orange jumpsuit? i usually hate orange. i’m confused but i don’t hate this
Lisa David
Lisa David Oy oldin
honestly I'm just sick and tired of Selorm's stupidity at this point
maggi R
maggi R Oy oldin
Wrinkles everywhere
Tiana Matson
Tiana Matson Oy oldin
Destinee KILLED this challenge!!
Aida Shahira Suhadi
Destinee be like "i look like a princess" and proceeded to do a booty test lmao
Hye Song
Hye Song Oy oldin
I liked Chloe and Destinee's royal outfits.
goldensparr0w Oy oldin
that thumbnail had me dying *points to a beige* BRIGHT COLORS!
kara niakim
kara niakim Oy oldin
I do like that this channel is very "pro women confidence" thing. But sometimes people think that they have a fashion sense and sometimes... Most of the time issa no. Like Destiny's first outfit was classy and nice. The hat and sunglassed really didn't go.
Amanda F
Amanda F Oy oldin
Kat Alex
Kat Alex Oy oldin
yikes @ the fashion in america...
Bayan Kayyali
Bayan Kayyali Oy oldin
Hijabis have to go through this everyday 😂
Blue kid
Blue kid Oy oldin
People with normal jobs need to be dress like this... Only in a few places you can go to work in your pijamas a la Buzzfeed.. i hate that they made this challenge but none did it 100%... Lol none of them have a good closet all their outfit are childish or damaged
Binh Hoang
Binh Hoang Oy oldin
The content of buzzfeed is not that quality any more. Missing the old days!
Poppy Louise
Poppy Louise Oy oldin
Destinee does so well and puts so much effort in
Olivia Shepherd
Destinees day 5 look is so freaking cute!
Gigi Munky
Gigi Munky Oy oldin
I feel like As/Is gets A LOT less funding then Ladylike because they always buy new things for videos, whereas As/Is doesnt. Aside from that, I think Chloe and Destinee nailed it!
Marta Pliszka
Marta Pliszka Oy oldin
Chloes the best
Jainara Oy oldin
Half these rules the royal women don't even follow or they are made up
Tajeonia Rivers
I actually understand the struggle of this challenge even though I dress business casual/professional all the time, most of my outfits feature black. And the trousers I have are black or grey. I'm not a fan of bright colors which is a rule to wear bright colors for safety. I honestly would probably succeed one day doing this challenge. Maybe lol!
peales icy
peales icy Oy oldin
This is the equivalent of mumble rap 🤮🤮
luthus589 Oy oldin
Stolen content. Like everything else on this terrible website
Riley Redux
Riley Redux Oy oldin
wrong video...
humera shaikh
humera shaikh Oy oldin
Omg who are you ," Royalty"!😂
M Greenwood
M Greenwood Oy oldin
Gah every one of these describes how I want to dress anyway! Can I be a princess?
Chiara Z.
Chiara Z. Oy oldin
Finally Americans who are just learning how to dress with style : )
shin hyo seob
shin hyo seob Oy oldin
Yall are so sensitive. The point of a challenge is to see if you can win it. Selorm tried and failed, but you you know what? That's what happens sometimes during a challenge, you cant always win. Imo it wouldn't be as fun to watch if they all just won. And selorms pencil skirt, purple skirt, and orange jumpsuit, outfits were BOMB
Krisztina Balogh
Destinee did a good job, the other ones just simply didn't give a sh_t. I clicked because of the title but after watching the video it should've actually be Women TRY to follow royal fashion rules.... Kinda disappointing.
John Dobson
John Dobson Oy oldin
One of the girls on the first day broke the rule of no creasing
Eva and Avery
Eva and Avery Oy oldin
Destinee looked so cute
J. Morataya
J. Morataya Oy oldin
Chloe actually tried and only broke 1 rule without even realizing so for me she won
yookjelly Oy oldin
I kinda upset with selorms lol
Ashley Sanon
Ashley Sanon 2 oy oldin
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Stacey Hendriks
Stacey Hendriks 2 oy oldin
3,5 minutes in, still havent spotted any royal proper clothes...smh
Mikayla Maye
Mikayla Maye 2 oy oldin
I think destinee’s was the best
Julia Mooradian
Julia Mooradian 2 oy oldin
wow they are hust awful at all of their outfits from the first 3 days i’ve seen. like i don’t think the first last would ever wear rhose
Chubby Weeb
Chubby Weeb 2 oy oldin
Selorm didn't follow the rules any day lol
Shannon Suess
Shannon Suess 2 oy oldin
alright Selorm sucked
Zero Gray
Zero Gray 2 oy oldin
I would lose this immediately because literally all of my clothes are black
bester land
bester land 2 oy oldin
Have you tried a rainbow challenge? Wear all red one day, orange the next, then yellow, green, blue, indgo, and finally violet (or purple, and mulitcoloured for the final 2 days).
Kuhl Af
Kuhl Af 2 oy oldin
In my opinion only Chloe made the challenge. But Destinee killed all of her outfits!🔥🔥
Team Keeper
Team Keeper 2 oy oldin
As a Muslim women I flipping owned those rules. I do them everyday except the blazer and black thing.
Sarah Herrera
Sarah Herrera 2 oy oldin
Destinee was by far the best
zarah kyari
zarah kyari 2 oy oldin
destinee was the best dressed
Nene Serrano
Nene Serrano 2 oy oldin
That two-second rendition of the Genovian anthem just overshadowed everything else in this video 😂💕
Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete
You all did a pretty good job!!! Some adhered to the rules MORESO than others. 👀 I wore black tights, yessssss tights under a black dress last week. I was told "that's so cute", but also "you look so... skinny"(not a compliment for ME). 😐 I am a BEAST DARN IT!😡 I liked the look, maybe I'll try a brighter color and give it another go.😏
Micaela Navarro
Micaela Navarro 2 oy oldin
Girl at 2:29 is a dead ringer for Piper from Orange is the New Black!!!!!
The Girls made a good job for me. :) I think that I can't wear myself only with the royal rules, because I have MANY black clothes.
Sky Labajo
Sky Labajo 2 oy oldin
I hate it that most of the time they just talk about Meghan.
SatounoKumo 2 oy oldin
Grace Bubbles
Grace Bubbles 2 oy oldin
So I guess I can,tell people I dress like royalty now not an old lady because,I where bright long dresses with cardigans everyday lol
De De
De De 2 oy oldin
6:07-6:09 welcome to a British secondary school.
Nyantee A
Nyantee A 2 oy oldin
This was cute But aren’t we working towards respecting ppl regardless of what they look like or wear ?
Nyantee A
Nyantee A 2 oy oldin
I wanna see a video where women command attention and respect in whatever they are wearing in the workplace lol
Pro Justice
Pro Justice 2 oy oldin
It was a challenge alright a challenge to follow the rules lol Edit/Note: 5:19 She wins for me! All her outfits made her stunning! I love her. Chloe did well too^^
Tamira Bennett Volk
Only one girl looked good.The girl in blush
Cloe B
Cloe B 2 oy oldin
If you work at buzzfeed you must be used to the weirdest things walking around the office.
Amanda Briceño
Amanda Briceño 2 oy oldin
I can’t my school skirt is really short
daylight dollart
daylight dollart 2 oy oldin
Not even 3 minutes in they already give up like c'mon it's for a week, is their a willing part of you that dies in despair if you don't wear black like really? and she couldn't find a blazer then just wear dresses I don't get why you can't buy or borrow or even have a dress that's a light color for one day The only 2 I would say won the first day was Chloe and the girl twirking at 2:03 and that was for one day like c'mon can't they make a video that's actually good now a days
trueblood712 2 oy oldin
Sorry, but the V-neck is an absolute No-go for a a royal look (it's like rule No1), the style is supposed to be modest (why cover up knees and shoulders if you're gonna show your boobs?) Don't call it Royal Fashion Rules if you're gonna do it like that -.-
Killdoomkid 2 oy oldin
"I'm too lazy/unprepared/disinterested/etc to make a real effort for this thing I filmed myself committing to but I'm gonna laugh or complain about it every day" Basically sums up the mentality of at least 2/3 of the people in these challenge videos. It's not as cute or funny as they think to just constantly be terrible at things they said they're trying. I know they could've gotten the budget from Buzzfeed for wardrobe and they probably planned this video with several days before filming so what's the excuse to not be prepared for the challenge? At least Chloe worked at it and Destinee did look wonderful, but they still knowingly broke the rules. Maybe give them a budget, some prep time, and just make challenge videos with people who actually want to work next time?
Itz Valerie
Itz Valerie 2 oy oldin
I feel bad for Selorm ;-;
Salt n Peppa
Salt n Peppa 2 oy oldin
People who just dress for comfort are lowkey bums.
oh waddup im trash
If they're gonna go challenges can they at least not cheat? It's not even a challenge anymore if you just wear whatever you want.
Tasha Lydia
Tasha Lydia 2 oy oldin
"people were like omg who r u....… And I was like *royalty* " that had me dying😂😂😂
VansLars YT
VansLars YT 2 oy oldin
Selorm always break the rule which is annoying
TBNR Carla
TBNR Carla 2 oy oldin
The hate makes me cry. I’m sorry I don’t have the same wardrobe as you. Jeebuz...
Sam Buckner
Sam Buckner 2 oy oldin
Love your cat eye glasses
176Blue 2 oy oldin
It helps that the royals have money to buy top quality clothing and have a personal tailor.
Katie Thomas
Katie Thomas 2 oy oldin
The white top and patterned floral skirt was lovely! Especially with the pastel shoes on her skin. I also love the white leaf skirt and brown top and boots. Great on the skin tone of the other girl. I just prefer more modest shirts and a great pant so I loved this.
sophiakeys 2 oy oldin
Honestly, what was the point of this video? Any people have to follow dress codes like this at work, it just seems like a lot of work at BuzzFeed because the dress code is so casual. You guys could have hired a personal shopper to get outfits that both fit individual tastes and followed the rules. You could have gone to thrift stores and tried to get the royal look on a budget. You could have looked at outfits royals have worn before and tried to recreate the look without spending lots of money. I'm not the most fashionable person on the planet, but watching you guys pick out clothes you never wear from the back of your closet and throwing items that clearly don't go together really bothers me. Royals already have clothes that follow the rules, they have a full wardrobe of clothing that follows the rules, and plenty of people to style them. If you don't already have the clothes in your wardrobe then why bother doing the challenge? Clearly just lazy video making 🙄😒
Olga Perez
Olga Perez 2 oy oldin
Destinee nailed it. Love her outfits
Laura Goossens
Laura Goossens 2 oy oldin
Physically stress fight govern emerge aircraft.
R S.
R S. 2 oy oldin
Omg they work with Lady like!!!!!!!!!