Women Get Head-To-Toe Makeovers

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“I don’t even recognize myself!"
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Silas Orteza, Editor
Nisha Patel, Keratin Complex Hair Colorist
René Cortez, Keratin Complex Hair Stylist
Lindsay Diamond, Stylist
Ami Rawal Desai, Makeup Artist



10-Noy, 2016




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Stillthatemokid 2 kun oldin
Why does Olga look Asian after her makeover?
Sally Superwoman
0:38 she looks so much like santa clarita diet
Yenju Oy oldin
i watched this right after listening to the beatles and skipped to 0:36 while skimming through
Madison Edwards
I want a hug from Olga I wish she was my grandma
If you broke Go to work
omggggggg my name is Lindsey too!!!!
BloxyGigi 3 oy oldin
olga's so cute lol
Lil’ Introvert
Lil’ Introvert 5 oy oldin
2:59 “Yeah gurl get it!” 😂😂
Emma Liddle
Emma Liddle 6 oy oldin
Geez they could’ve winded that reveal mirror 😳
Aztec Raider
Aztec Raider 7 oy oldin
Evangeline 8 oy oldin
Hey is Nisha Patel a common name because I swear I watched a crime documentary where the victim was named that
The KPOPgurl
The KPOPgurl 10 oy oldin
They are such beautiful women
Alexis Beal
Alexis Beal 11 oy oldin
All these women, look so beautiful!
lily xo
lily xo 11 oy oldin
YES OLGA 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Kristen Chu
Kristen Chu 11 oy oldin
cried a lil moms are wonderful and should feel wonderful ahhh
Moonlightbae Yil oldin
Anyone else think that the last girl WAS khloe kardashian
MeesNukk Yil oldin
Yes 👏 More content like this and less painting with period blood, please.
Krystal Paul
Krystal Paul Yil oldin
I cried. And not because they looked beautiful (which they did.) But because they looked HAPPY. Feeling good takes looking good to a whole 'nother level!
lolwah alkhedher
1:29 her voice😭
Jamie Thompson
Jamie Thompson Yil oldin
Shameca Rose
Shameca Rose Yil oldin
hola is bombdigidi❤
Alexianna Bafalouka
I have the same jacket with Olga
Cheyenne R
Cheyenne R Yil oldin
I love Olga!!
Natasha L
Natasha L Yil oldin
Let It Be tshirt's not that bad hahah
Alexis Campbell
Alexis Campbell Yil oldin
Chloe looks so cute
Sandhya Kamble
Sandhya Kamble Yil oldin
More indian people doing it..
Javian 213
Javian 213 Yil oldin
the first reveal made her look more older, at 4:10 thoe, i died, she looked like she about to hate her new look
Zazoo Flores
Zazoo Flores Yil oldin
they couldn't clean the mirror?
o h
o h Yil oldin
1:05 typical hispanic mom outfit.😂
Caecilia Vitha
Caecilia Vitha Yil oldin
I love this, the style is practical and easy to find anywhere. Not too ups and down changes but enhanced's style. Love
Dezirey Simono
Dezirey Simono Yil oldin
ladonna cannon
ladonna cannon Yil oldin
I like the last mom and what she said. Self care everyday even if it's small.
Mexicos from Avocado
Enjah Smith
Enjah Smith Yil oldin
Off brand version of love lust or run 😂
Silvia Flores
Silvia Flores Yil oldin
OMG she has my and i spell it like Traci
luna !
luna ! Yil oldin
olga is adorable
Janita Yil oldin
3:13 she looks so much older now...
Gabi Shawn
Gabi Shawn Yil oldin
ITS RENE, LILLYS HAIR STYLIST! This is how I know I'm a mega fan of lilly..
floppy waffles
floppy waffles Yil oldin
The one who wanted chloe kardachian She's so pretty
Aaira ibrahim
Aaira ibrahim Yil oldin
Omg Papi is doing the hair
ruu chan
ruu chan Yil oldin
not bussfeed
john eggbooty
john eggbooty Yil oldin
THE BEATLES yes. What a cool mom.
Chefdom Yil oldin
Women get head... lol I was like whaaaaaaaaat
Jitendra Kumar
Jitendra Kumar Yil oldin
Wait what? They both are Indian stylists...?! Damn...
Adriana Rivera
Adriana Rivera Yil oldin
i really like how theyre not all american, theres lots of mothers like Olga in Miami that want to feel great too
sandy portillo
sandy portillo Yil oldin
old mexican lady loves jennifer lopez
Lily Stanakis
Lily Stanakis Yil oldin
Who else loved the BEUATIFUL Spanish lady before makeup she is just so sweet
Onarda Melton-Gibson
They all deserved it and were BEAUTIFUL in their new looks.
Dani C
Dani C Yil oldin
olga made me cry shes SLAYING
Diana Banana
Diana Banana Yil oldin
the stylists are so fine
Jennifer W
Jennifer W Yil oldin
I cried watching this