Women Swap Hair Routines For A Week

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No brushes. No combs. No heat allowed.
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20-Fev, 2017




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SoulSisterCosplay. _.
I understand that curly hair frizzes when brushed, but does anyonr know the reason WHY?
Conchita G
Conchita G 12 kun oldin
Omg when she told her to brush her hair, I felt her expression to my core.
Dede super girl Vlogs
Can everyone just stop with saying oh straight hair girls don’t have the right to complain or they are don’t know the pain or something like that We do have problems but not as big as curly style hair like we do also have struggles Every style of hair is beautiful ❤️
Leonie Kiamo
Leonie Kiamo 12 kun oldin
So basically the curly girl uses the curly girl method and after a week of the straight girl using the gc method as well you can see waves and slight curls forming 💁🏼‍♀️ means she probably also has some type of curls
Smile 14 kun oldin
I’m biracial and... let’s just say I didn’t brush my hair one summer.. Literally, I didn’t.
Lily Shirey
Lily Shirey 14 kun oldin
00:30 that looks like it could be sofie dossi in that picture
kate k
kate k 15 kun oldin
when the only curly haired girl you can interview has straight hair
It's Kayla
It's Kayla 17 kun oldin
I hate when people pet/touch my hair at school. Especially since they don't understand my hair type and the fragileness of my usual styles. THEY ALWAYS MESS UP THE VOLUME AND SPHERE LIKE FIGURE OF THE FRO.
Emanuela Hartman
Emanuela Hartman 18 kun oldin
I have straight and it's really boring, curly hair is so much more prettier. I love curly hair❤️
OJU ARMYblink 20 kun oldin
If i dont brush my hair for 5 mins it gets all knoty and tangled so i carry a small hair brush everywhere i go and have to brush my hair whenever i have time I dont know what hair i have not curly not straight but a bit more straight than curly (I dont know what im talking abt sorry)
Kayai Barrie
Kayai Barrie 20 kun oldin
she’s so dramatic how doesn’t she own a brush? she should brush her hair when it’s wet
sassy tidepod
sassy tidepod 27 kun oldin
it’s kind of sad to think Megan is now losing her hair still beautiful no matter what tho 💞
Rebekka SHAW
Rebekka SHAW 28 kun oldin
It’s so sad seeing this video after knowing about hair loss situation😓
Emma Gray
Emma Gray 28 kun oldin
watch her new video "what its like to lose my hair"
Sarah MacDuff
Sarah MacDuff 29 kun oldin
As someone with wavy hair.... I do the same routine that she does, and it takes a while.
Maria Ela Yorukoglu
Now she is losing hair :///
Jessica Salgado
At this point, i cant brush my hair at all. I would brush it in the shower, but that woild ruin the way my curls form
Erna K-D
Erna K-D Oy oldin
my hair is the weirdest mess ever cause its straight but curls at the bottom, my baby hairs are like three inches long which doesn't make sense and it's frizzy and oily and grows ten times it's size which is funny not gonna lie
Eren Noland
Eren Noland Oy oldin
Meghan is gorgeous
Sanne yeet
Sanne yeet Oy oldin
I went from 2c waves to 3b curls. How? My mom styled my hair but she wears wigs so she used products that were damagin for my hair. So wheni starded styling my own hair i used better products and now i have real curly hair
Brianna Nicole
I have straight hair but it's so thick while it's wet I can't brush it back unless I have a detangler spray.
autumn mcbryar
Can we please get that list for the curly hair routine?? I need that in my life
Leyla Rustamova
Why was the woman with straight hair complaining so much? Her hair looked really good
Nephtalie Bottoms
Where is my 4a,b,c girls at
Haley Holland
Haley Holland Oy oldin
Morgan looks like the cool mom every one wishes they had
Keira Burn
Keira Burn Oy oldin
Quinn Cole
Quinn Cole Oy oldin
plz plz do another one of these videos
Maja Dideriksen
Both my mum and my dad has curly hair, me and my sister and brother has totaly straight hair, like STRAAAAIGHHHT (I know, random ;-;)
Pyrrha Nikos
Pyrrha Nikos Oy oldin
Friend with super soft silky straight hair: Dude you should brush your hair! I do, and it mine gets frizzy! Me: (sees no frizz in her hair whatsoever) Friend: C'mon! Brush it! Me: NO! Friend: yes.. 10 minutes later: Me: I TOLD YOU SO! IT TURNS INTO AN AFRO! Friend: I'M SORRY!
Dilenia Oy oldin
You should make a video about swapping hair products
Gillian Cook
Gillian Cook Oy oldin
Anyone know the Jacket Megan has
Danielle Clay
Danielle Clay Oy oldin
I noticed no difference in Morgan’s hair... I’m sorry... but I couldn’t tell...
Random Person
Random Person Oy oldin
Morgan's hair literally looked the exact same, like, there was NO different
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl Oy oldin
The girl with the straight hair was upset about her hair not even changing but the girl who’s hair tripled in size was still positive
lauzie M
lauzie M Oy oldin
Where my afro squad at
Memey Avocado
Memey Avocado Oy oldin
I have long straight hair xd
Ginger Snacks Cole
I feel your pain Megan we have the same hair except mine is red
Addie Will
Addie Will Oy oldin
The Girl MSP
The Girl MSP 2 oy oldin
Girls who can brush their hair my God they are so lucky!
Yeppers Peppers
Yeppers Peppers 2 oy oldin
First three seconds I cringed uhh *oh no hunnie what is you doin*
anita da bee
anita da bee 2 oy oldin
i have straight hair but it is so thick and it gets so frizzy/poofy when i brush it (so i don’t) anyone else here in the comment section with this problem
Girls with straight hair always want curly hair and girls with curly hair always want straight hair lol
Sushi4neng 2 oy oldin
when i still had my natural hair...(which is superrrr curly) i only brush my hair in the shower or just use my fingers
American Girl
American Girl 2 oy oldin
I know people without curly hair and They still would use it for a good sleek smooth (with the natural hair wave )tight ponytail
Piggy Pepsi & Paris
My hair is curly but as i get older the curls get more advanced and it gets tangled so much
Mia Pineiro
Mia Pineiro 2 oy oldin
I can relate to the curly hair struggles
Des 2 oy oldin
Bro what sucks is having hair that can be straight after 2 days of not showering but you can't brush through because it's "wavy af" LIKE IM OVER HERE IN THE SHOWER BRUSHING MY HAIR AND I GET OUT 2 SECONDS LATER AND BOOOOOOOOM! and my mom is like "omg brush your hair it looks gross" like tf no
Amel Pics
Amel Pics 2 oy oldin
Am I really the only person commenting about straight hair besides curly........ Yea I really am
ethel mawi
ethel mawi 2 oy oldin
She wasn't lying 2:33 (no offense)
natalievr 2 oy oldin
I only own a shower comb so my hair can be less frizzy
TheUnstopableChickenNugget The Third
Honestly Megan looks waaaaaay prettier without makeup but get you do you!☺
G I G I Ardis
G I G I Ardis 2 oy oldin
How does she detangle her hair without a comb🤣🤣🤣if I didn’t comb my hair it would be a fatass knot onna top of my hair🤣
Mikayla R
Mikayla R 2 oy oldin
straight hair is so boring curly hair is much cuter
Jess B
Jess B 2 oy oldin
“This is what their looking at” while thinking hmmmm why don’t they usually tell me this with straight hair 😑😂
HAMLIZA 2 oy oldin
I died a little on the inside when she didn’t use water to brush her hair .
Gatør. Slimes
Gatør. Slimes 2 oy oldin
I literally have the same type of curly hair
fleurtje fleur
fleurtje fleur 2 oy oldin
Well hi, ik have curls, really big perfect curls, my hair routine Wash Conditioner Airdry Next day brush and flip it over Next day is washday agian, if not i'll wear it in a messy bun...
Piper 102
Piper 102 3 oy oldin
I do get Megan with curly hair and brushing my hair but I will get bad knots
AlyssaIsBored 3 oy oldin
5:17 i love love love your hair
Cara Pierson
Cara Pierson 3 oy oldin
So my hair is a frizzy wavy mess, and to make it look good this is my routine; 1. Shampoo. Mix regular shampoo with Aveda curly hair and (sometimes) head and shoulders and rinse. 2. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil to my hair and let it sit for 5-7 mins. Wash with a little shampoo and rinse. 3. Next mix a tiny bit of coconut oil with Aveda curly conditioner and comb it out. Then, tie hair up and put a wash cap over it. Keep it in hair for 1-3 hours. (For best results, keep it in all night) 4. After keeping hair in conditioner+oil mixture, rinse thoroughly. 5. Dry hair using TOWEL ONLY! Blow drying causes damage! Comb out hair. *DONE!*
dumb waffle
dumb waffle 3 oy oldin
Who thinks the girl with curly hair looks good without glasses
Dalilah Madison
Dalilah Madison 3 oy oldin
AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA 2:34 is me every single day 😂😂😂😂😂
Isabella Li
Isabella Li 3 oy oldin
The curly hair girl (I dont know her name) kinda looks like Colleen Ballinger!
Kasey Dutton
Kasey Dutton 3 oy oldin
Curly hair girl looked good straightened and then Curled too bad natural curly hair ain’t ever good
Kasey Dutton
Kasey Dutton 3 oy oldin
How does she not brush her hair doesn’t it tang
łīv h
łīv h 3 oy oldin
So apparently its bad for u if u wash ur hair when its wet. I have curly hair and if its dry and i brush it, the comb/brush gets stuck. Help.
Mia Shockley
Mia Shockley 3 oy oldin
You should do this with curly and straight hair girls
Katie T
Katie T 3 oy oldin
Oh that hair went from Hermione to flashdance to 80s suuper star
sundari 3 oy oldin
My hair routine (3c/4a) Get in the shower and get hair super wet Hair mask Wash hair mask out Shampoo roots and scalp Wash shampoo out Section hair off into 4 sections Put conditioner on each section Wait 5 minutes Detangle with wide tooth comb Wash conditioner out Get out of the shower Put in leave in conditioner Spread out the leave in conditioner evenly amongst my hair with my denman brush Style hair in twists, braids, ect
amethyst amethyst
The people with the straighter hair are always so dramatic
Dj Sparkles
Dj Sparkles 3 oy oldin
Always thot Megan was so pretty
Stargirl 3 oy oldin
I must have her two page hair prep instructions!!!
The Opinionist
The Opinionist 3 oy oldin
TBH loved her hair poofy
S Riley
S Riley 3 oy oldin
am i the only one that thinks morgan look like Young curly haired Mariah Carey😂?
maggie 3 oy oldin
“U will not see my forehead in dis video” Sees forhead
Ιωαννα Λαζαριδου
i have straight hair and all the time that i have to do them curled with an iron their turning back to straight {i like curly hair btw }
Gap Dupont
Gap Dupont 3 oy oldin
karla's 3 oy oldin
I brush my hair but in the shower
Natalee Denlinger
Curly hair is so hard haha. I’m just starting my natural hair journey and I wanna cry 😂
Esmy.delos 04
Esmy.delos 04 3 oy oldin
This is why I don’t bring a comb near me 2:17 😂
Bacca not your Buddy
Tell Megan to peep the hair routine, I need that curly hair routine wash tho
Vincenzo Diorio
Vincenzo Diorio 4 oy oldin
0:31 the picture on the left looks like Danielle Bregoli. I probably spelled it wrong.
peachiesツ 4 oy oldin
*Says will not expose forehead for any reason* *Shows forehead* ⚠️TRIGGERED⚠️
Ramisha Khan
Ramisha Khan 4 oy oldin
It’s so gross not to use a brush
EmilyRobles701 Er
Gonna straighten my hair today 07/19/18
fick wick
fick wick 4 oy oldin
The girl in the red looked really good with a pony tail
Lina Farah
Lina Farah 4 oy oldin
One strand of hair is very thin so its takes ATLEAST 1 hour and a half to brush but sometimes it could take up to 4 hours btw my Hair is straight my aunts hair is extremely curly but doesnt take as long to brush and I was always jealous of my friends beautiful curly hair and I just had blunt straight hair my hair was so soft when I was small if I put it in a ponytail after about 30 minutes I would be looking for my hair tie and UR not allowed to let UR hair out in school so thats a BIG struggle
Psycho Babylove
Psycho Babylove 4 oy oldin
Most people in my hair have straight silky hair.. Me?i have thick waves of death lol
TAYLOR TOTS 4 oy oldin
My hair is curlier than hers and I still BRUSH MY HAIR in the shower
Roger Perez
Roger Perez 4 oy oldin
She turned lightskin at 2:31
Jordan Gomel
Jordan Gomel 4 oy oldin
I have curly hair and it’s such a struggle I brush my hair wet so it doesn’t puff like that
Gracie Uriostegui
don't hate on me but the girl with the straight hair kind of reminds me of clay from 13 reasons. :)
Derian Elharith
Derian Elharith 4 oy oldin
I love how she says Italian standards when shes like 2 percent Italian lmao
Ms. Forgetful
Ms. Forgetful 4 oy oldin
Sorry Morgan but you look better with her routine
Kay Bee
Kay Bee 4 oy oldin
when people say “just brush it”
Collette520 4 oy oldin
Ugh I have super straight hair and I wish I could have big curly hair so badly
KAWAII Tater 4 oy oldin
Remi Fan
Remi Fan 4 oy oldin
Air drying actually decreases frizz
norma 4 oy oldin
I used to have 3A hair, now its just 2B and all I do is ; 1. Shampoo + Conditioner 2. Brush out when it's wet (My hair tangles) 3. Apply cream 4. Put in a ponytail until dry. On days I don't wash I just 1. add a little water to my hair 2. brush it
chloe livingdeadgirl
I'm Jealous of people with curly hair. It's honestly gorgeous! My hair is straight, no waves or kinks..just straight