Women Swap Hair Routines For A Week

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No brushes. No combs. No heat allowed.
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20-Fev, 2017




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ØCEANIC 2 kun oldin
Ok so I come from a family with very curly and bouncy curls and one day my mom said brush your hair it looks nasty and looks like it has a lot of knots so I said ok I'll do it so I did it, and when I was done I looked like a lion so never again I brushed my hair 😂
Tyron Jones
Tyron Jones 2 kun oldin
*Just posted a curly hair routine on my channel come check it* 🔥🧡🤟🏽
Nienke van Houwelingen
Does anyone has a shower routine tip for me? Because I didn't always have curly hair. I have it now for about two years and I have no idea how to care for it in the shower. (I'm the only one in my family who has curly hair)
Rachel Colquhoun
Rachel Colquhoun 4 kun oldin
I wish I had curly hair
million talent
million talent 7 kun oldin
"I'm ready to shave my hair " Yah me to
Zeynep Ozpalas
Zeynep Ozpalas 9 kun oldin
I can relate to the curly haired woman.... but the woman with the straight hair can't complain since it was the same since the start to the end
Danielle Frank
Danielle Frank 11 kun oldin
I have curly hair. I also work at a beauty supply store. Ppl will ask me how I keep my hair so nice and curly. Girl let me tell you its a process, and I also do the upside down as well 😂
Niamh McCauley Byrne
I will be forever grateful for this video. 15 months ago I saw this video for the first time, and after realising that that was what curly hair looked like when it was brushed out, I realised that I had curly hair. Since then I have only straightened my hair once, ( and that was 13 months ago) , and I have worked really hard on my hair. My hair is looking so healthy now, and I am slowly starting to love it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you
Lil Tay
Lil Tay 17 kun oldin
Did you know asains have curly hair
MeLani Anderson
MeLani Anderson 26 kun oldin
EMBRACE YOUR CURLS. (my hair type is a 4c)
Laney Jean
Laney Jean 28 kun oldin
I once told this girl with straight hair that I don’t brush it, she actually said ur gross and get away from me lmfao
Fight2thedeath 12
Fight2thedeath 12 29 kun oldin
In middle school my hair was mad curly and good lookin, my parents would be like I’ve never seen you run a comb/brush threw your hair(btw I’m the only one with curls in my fam🤦🏻‍♂️) and It would be because it would hurt to brush it out and I didn’t own my own brush and then highschool cane I cut all my hair to a number #6 guard and brushed my hair as it was growing and my curls have not been popping since before I cut it
only destiel
only destiel Oy oldin
Im shure the curly hair girl brush it in the shower because curly hair get tangled you can't do it just with fingers
Kate Markham
Kate Markham Oy oldin
man, BuzzFeed is so extra
Polarheart45 Oy oldin
My curly hair care routine is so therapeutic for me. My family thinks it’s unnecessary for me to own so many products. They asked me why i can’t just wet my hair and go out like that. People who don’t have curly hair don’t understand
Slime G
Slime G Oy oldin
People always pull my hair and let go at watch it bounce 😂
Slime G
Slime G Oy oldin
What in this world makes you think girls with curly hair actually use a brush
Drpdv Oy oldin
this megan girl is litterally IN EVERY. SINGLE. CURLY. HAIR. VIDEO.
Laviena Sampson
When I was younger everyone would tell me straighten my hair
TropicalLooms Oy oldin
any 3a curly girls here?
Angie Sierra
Angie Sierra Oy oldin
Why does she does it upside down?
Life is good
Life is good 7 kun oldin
To get volume
ShanForShort Oy oldin
I thought girls with curly hair need a comb or tangle teaser to comb hair in the shower
Life is good
Life is good 7 kun oldin
She comb her hair with her fingers so she don't lose much hair
Tay T
Tay T Oy oldin
The girl with brown curly hair is now loosing her hair there’s a vid abt it on insta 😪
Life is good
Life is good 7 kun oldin
Yes that's sad
Anita Mlem
Anita Mlem Oy oldin
2:29 me when someone asks me why I don't brush my curls
LOYALTY B Oy oldin
I have 4c hair ......THE STRUGGLE IS REAL
Rebek L’
Rebek L’ Oy oldin
So it’s my first day with the curly permanent and I’m actually enjoying it, I was born to have curly hair😂 and also I don’t even need to brush it because it doesn’t tangle at all, all I used was my fingers.
I Have dags
I Have dags Oy oldin
I can't remember the last time I actually brushed my hair, if you have straight hair you can actually brush your hair WITHOUT IT FEELING LIKE YOUR ABOUT TO RIP YOUR SCALP OFF Edit: also if you have curly hair brushing your hair won't help, it will go poof and it will look like you have an afro
•Megan Neeb•
I’m a twin and my names megan and my twins Morgan 😂
maayan s
maayan s 2 oy oldin
3:34 does somebody know where her coat is from?
SoulSisterCosplay. _.
I understand that curly hair frizzes when brushed, but does anyonr know the reason WHY?
Conchita G
Conchita G 2 oy oldin
Omg when she told her to brush her hair, I felt her expression to my core.
Dede super girl Vlogs
Can everyone just stop with saying oh straight hair girls don’t have the right to complain or they are don’t know the pain or something like that We do have problems but not as big as curly style hair like we do also have struggles Every style of hair is beautiful ❤️
Leonie Kiamo
Leonie Kiamo 2 oy oldin
So basically the curly girl uses the curly girl method and after a week of the straight girl using the gc method as well you can see waves and slight curls forming 💁🏼‍♀️ means she probably also has some type of curls
Lisa Whittaker
Lisa Whittaker 2 oy oldin
I’m biracial and... let’s just say I didn’t brush my hair one summer.. Literally, I didn’t.
Lily Shirey
Lily Shirey 2 oy oldin
00:30 that looks like it could be sofie dossi in that picture
kate k
kate k 2 oy oldin
when the only curly haired girl you can interview has straight hair
It's Kayla
It's Kayla 2 oy oldin
I hate when people pet/touch my hair at school. Especially since they don't understand my hair type and the fragileness of my usual styles. THEY ALWAYS MESS UP THE VOLUME AND SPHERE LIKE FIGURE OF THE FRO.
lovin_ari 2 oy oldin
I have straight and it's really boring, curly hair is so much more prettier. I love curly hair❤️
OJU ᗩᖇᙢƳвlᎥռк
If i dont brush my hair for 5 mins it gets all knoty and tangled so i carry a small hair brush everywhere i go and have to brush my hair whenever i have time I dont know what hair i have not curly not straight but a bit more straight than curly (I dont know what im talking abt sorry)
Kayai Barrie
Kayai Barrie 2 oy oldin
she’s so dramatic how doesn’t she own a brush? she should brush her hair when it’s wet
sassy tidepod
sassy tidepod 3 oy oldin
it’s kind of sad to think Megan is now losing her hair still beautiful no matter what tho 💞
sassy tidepod
sassy tidepod 27 kun oldin
Hala Fayek yea
Hala Fayek
Hala Fayek 27 kun oldin
sassy tidepod why??? she’s loosing it
Rebekka SHAW
Rebekka SHAW 3 oy oldin
It’s so sad seeing this video after knowing about hair loss situation😓
Emma Gray
Emma Gray 3 oy oldin
watch her new video "what its like to lose my hair"
Sarah MacDuff
Sarah MacDuff 3 oy oldin
As someone with wavy hair.... I do the same routine that she does, and it takes a while.
Maria Ela Yorukoglu
Now she is losing hair :///
Jessica Salgado
Jessica Salgado 3 oy oldin
At this point, i cant brush my hair at all. I would brush it in the shower, but that woild ruin the way my curls form
Erna K-D
Erna K-D 3 oy oldin
my hair is the weirdest mess ever cause its straight but curls at the bottom, my baby hairs are like three inches long which doesn't make sense and it's frizzy and oily and grows ten times it's size which is funny not gonna lie
Eren Noland
Eren Noland 3 oy oldin
Meghan is gorgeous
Sanne yeet
Sanne yeet 3 oy oldin
I went from 2c waves to 3b curls. How? My mom styled my hair but she wears wigs so she used products that were damagin for my hair. So wheni starded styling my own hair i used better products and now i have real curly hair
Brianna Nicole
Brianna Nicole 3 oy oldin
I have straight hair but it's so thick while it's wet I can't brush it back unless I have a detangler spray.