Women Swap Mystery Beauty Boxes • LA and Mumbai

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Aishwarya and Chantel connect across continents by sharing their favorite beauty and style items!
Get their mystery box items here:
Mini Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick: bzfd.it/2A5bo5L
Forest Essentials Facial Treatment: bzfd.it/2QXro0T
Maggi 2 Minute Masala Noodles: bzfd.it/2DxBbH2
Drunk Elephant NightBright Duo: bzfd.it/2S09j2r
One Question A Day Five Year Journal: bzfd.it/2OXHLcc
Forever 21 Octagonal Sunglasses: bzfd.it/2zi0ZUW
Oloves: bzfd.it/2OQmOjj
“​We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.”

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20-Noy, 2018



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As/Is 4 oy oldin
Get their mystery box items here: Chantel Mini Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick: bzfd.it/2DMla0Z Forest Essentials Facial Treatment: bzfd.it/2zdUl1K Maggi 2 Minute Masala Noodles: bzfd.it/2ziC7fv Aishwarya Drunk Elephant NightBright Duo: bzfd.it/2QXjMLM One Question A Day Five Year Journal: bzfd.it/2qUeVj9 Forever 21 Octagonal Sunglasses: bzfd.it/2DPfIul Oloves: bzfd.it/2FvNruh “​We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.”
Fa_fatima _
Fa_fatima _ 4 kun oldin
India Pakistan
Xx_Gacha AngelxX
What about L.A and Puerto Rico just asking it would be super cool to see what the both do..?!!??!??????
Andromache Hall
Andromache Hall 2 oy oldin
Oh sry about the olives
Andromache Hall
Andromache Hall 2 oy oldin
It's Olive's
Halimah Loonat
Halimah Loonat 2 oy oldin
Im in enland and im in love with maggi 🤩🤩🤩🤩
AAnnxiety Soat oldin
Most people say that Chantel didn’t put any effort into her box but I personally think that both boxes are amazing and I would love to get both their boxes.
Fátima Bernal
Fátima Bernal 3 soat oldin
Chantel acts like a jerk in this video but I really like her in other videos
Kamilah Di Stefano
Kamilah Di Stefano 9 soat oldin
Utah and Argentina
Alice Tranter
Alice Tranter 2 kun oldin
I feel really sorry for the girl who got chantel's box, but to be fair I suppose she didn't really know what price range it was going to be in
Kayden Brookbanks
Kayden Brookbanks 4 kun oldin
LA and New Zealand?
Jaahal Gadhvi
Jaahal Gadhvi 4 kun oldin
we have a forever21 in India. multiple, actually.
Supriya Finch
Supriya Finch 5 kun oldin
I genuinely thought that Chantal had bought her whitening cream and I was terrified 😬😬
Hassna Fatima
Hassna Fatima 5 kun oldin
Plz do it in la to pakistan
Jilia Lestino
Jilia Lestino 6 kun oldin
Aradhana Mohanty
Aradhana Mohanty 6 kun oldin
Anna Allen
Anna Allen 7 kun oldin
Maggi’s nose is so cute and small!💚😂
ilovepotatoes :3
ilovepotatoes :3 4 kun oldin
Who’s maggi? Lmao isn’t it aishway I think
Roumaissa Vds
Roumaissa Vds 7 kun oldin
New york hong kong London den haag
Roumaissa Vds
Roumaissa Vds 7 kun oldin
Did she really gave her olives Girl if i was her and she gave me olives i would laugh so much that i would cry😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Edit: omg i have like ..... oh thats me😑
Aayushi Uniyal
Aayushi Uniyal 7 kun oldin
ashwariya: anitquie engraved binochulars chantel:' 'A CHALLENGE' WOW. just shows the diffrence between the standards...
Ravleen Kaur
Ravleen Kaur 7 kun oldin
Chantel's box needs ALOTTA work
Ailyn Caraballo
Ailyn Caraballo 7 kun oldin
Korean and Russia
Ganesh Bhandary
Ganesh Bhandary 7 kun oldin
Swap manglore India and london
clement samy
clement samy 7 kun oldin
OMG I luv chantels gift
ilovepotatoes :3
ilovepotatoes :3 4 kun oldin
Are u genuinely saying this? Or just joking
Faizah Bhaiyat
Faizah Bhaiyat 8 kun oldin
At least the girl from India put effort in it unlike Chantal who did this in 2 minutes
nessadla 8 kun oldin
Ecuador and Japan
philippines and South Korea
Rupali Ranveer
Rupali Ranveer 8 kun oldin
Aishwarya is so positive 😘
Lauren Drawdy
Lauren Drawdy 8 kun oldin
Please do more of these videos! Love them!
Mea Heard
Mea Heard 9 kun oldin
I think chantel did a great job
Super_slav Blin
Super_slav Blin 10 kun oldin
If you have a place in Russia do Russia! Please.
Megan McElderry
Megan McElderry 10 kun oldin
They should make someone in Cali and someone in the UK swap next!
Karez Afandy
Karez Afandy 10 kun oldin
Kurdistan and New York
Georgia Aloizou
Georgia Aloizou 10 kun oldin
Do a swap with someone Greek
Elsemieke Omvlee
Elsemieke Omvlee 10 kun oldin
So can i be in a video like this i love this idea
Anna hellstrom
Anna hellstrom 10 kun oldin
amra salihi
amra salihi 12 kun oldin
Does aishwayra have any social media because she's so pretty and so nice
So Crafty
So Crafty 12 kun oldin
who is watching this in 2019
Lazeena Anha
Lazeena Anha 14 kun oldin
Bangladesh and China
hamna rehan
hamna rehan 14 kun oldin
Pakistan and india
Kashi Cutie
Kashi Cutie 15 kun oldin
“Wow this oil is really oily” ilmao 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Eloise Arthrell
Eloise Arthrell 15 kun oldin
can we see England and Japan
Jajiloves Asmr
Jajiloves Asmr 15 kun oldin
I was at least hoping for her to give the Indian girl $100 to buy something. Very disappointed
Aurora Alisa
Aurora Alisa 15 kun oldin
Bangladesh and Uk
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith 15 kun oldin
American and korean
EMILIA TREVINO 16 kun oldin
Mexico and china
EMILIA TREVINO 16 kun oldin
love ladylike
Reshma Faiz
Reshma Faiz 16 kun oldin
Pls make more these kinds I want Chennai and Washington or some other city from USA I loved it all the Indian things were my favourite loved them
Pickle Toys
Pickle Toys 16 kun oldin
Vietnam and australia
ellie alvarez
ellie alvarez 17 kun oldin
people should switch london and korea or la and korea
ellie alvarez
ellie alvarez 17 kun oldin
one. how about yall don't rip chantel apart they both put effort into it one just put more than the other but you know what it doesn't matter BUT their sharing their FAVORITE items so you just can't say that she didn't try
Jaime Gandarilla
Jaime Gandarilla 17 kun oldin
Most items could’ve been bought in a mall in both in Mumbai or in LA :S
Roopa anand rao
Roopa anand rao 17 kun oldin
Proud of u Aishwarya
Reef 17 kun oldin
Workout music .....who are you kidding
Dee Bee 321
Dee Bee 321 18 kun oldin
can you guys please swap with Poland please ;)
magical species
magical species 18 kun oldin
Pune and Florida
Gymnast 101 Banga
Gymnast 101 Banga 19 kun oldin
Y’all should do New York and shanteniketan
Ariadne Mendoza Ayon
La and Paris???🤘👐👍👍👍👍
Ramen Noodle Rat
Ramen Noodle Rat 20 kun oldin
Uh chantel,huneh,no go and refund her or sumthin-
lisa key
lisa key 22 kun oldin
South Korea (: I am so down!
Iana Delgado Rivera
Iana Delgado Rivera 22 kun oldin
You guys should do Puerto Rico and Los Angeles
Tunmise Adeladan
Tunmise Adeladan 23 kun oldin
Do Nigeria
Claudine Bradley
Claudine Bradley 23 kun oldin
Claudine Bradley
Claudine Bradley 23 kun oldin
New Zealand and America
Elisabeth Kooskora
Elisabeth Kooskora 24 kun oldin
L. A and Tallinn 💘
Madison Mae
Madison Mae 25 kun oldin
Us and france should swap next
Faizah Bhaiyat
Faizah Bhaiyat 25 kun oldin
"it was surprisingly easy" that's because you did it in like 2 minutes what a joke
-xoxo- 25 kun oldin
Chantel sucks big time in this video! Zero effort! Make a new one with more effort and apologise
sree chandrakala
sree chandrakala 25 kun oldin
You should do Hyderabad and Dallas texas
Cinnimin 26 kun oldin
3:17 Yeah Chantel it was easy cuz you put in no effort. You could’ve at least sent her the money, tho.
Kristal Reyes
Kristal Reyes 26 kun oldin
This would be so cool to do!!
Veronica Raye
Veronica Raye 26 kun oldin
they should do different american cities not just L.A.
Cate Esmond
Cate Esmond 27 kun oldin
sydney and la
sasha incorvaia
sasha incorvaia 27 kun oldin
🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️Chantel...you can’t be serious
magical world of srijeeta
Chantel cheated
Ananya Negi
Ananya Negi 27 kun oldin
This shows general mentality of American women which is "Not to give a damn".We should learn from them to be cheap,inconsiderate,insensitive and ungrateful to others. Kudos!!
Ciara LORD
Ciara LORD 27 kun oldin
you should do Australia and la
Kabita Gurung
Kabita Gurung 28 kun oldin
Next you should do Nepal and Egypt?unless it’s not there.
Katie Falco
Katie Falco 28 kun oldin
california and florida: both beachy hangloose ares with surprising differences
Isabel Xiao (Student)
Nice! I love these videos,
Sis I’m pure
Sis I’m pure 29 kun oldin
Seriously Chantel? Olives?
Riya Ghosh
Riya Ghosh 2 kun oldin
Sis I’m pure Army💜
Kawaii Potato Bean XD
japan vs romania
Kawaii Potato Bean XD
11:29 clearly doesnt like them unless you frown when you like fries
Berfin Kaya
Berfin Kaya Oy oldin
A.... book...
Caitlin last name
Oh so this is the video where people are saying "At least she didnt Chantel it!" (I dont kbow if i spelled it right)
cønfusëd goldië
a lil disappointed in chantels gift
Lexis LIFE
Lexis LIFE Oy oldin
Jolon Stone
Jolon Stone Oy oldin
wish that Chrissy or Selorm did this challenge. Chrissy's gift box would have been fun and flirty. Selorm's would've been thoughtful and pampering. F chantel.
Almayasa Alkhori
Chantel made me so fu*king angry and I feel so bad for aishwarya but she was so nice
Ciara LORD
Ciara LORD Oy oldin
you should do la with england
Alexander Hoekema
Imagine giving a complete stranger some fancy binoculars and getting a piece of paper in return telling you to spend your own money.
siera sampson
siera sampson Oy oldin
olives are you kidding me!!!!!
Honestly, I thought that the journal and the hard drive were especially sweet. Chantel’s gift was very thoughtful it just wasn’t spend a lot of money on a luxurious item thoughtful. It reflected Chantel’s personal style which isn’t materialistic. Food for thought. The one thing I would critique would be telling the other girl to buy something that scared her, she could have instead bought her something that represented her Hispanic culture.
Stephanie Riveros
10:13 love the shirt
Madi Meek
Madi Meek Oy oldin
You guys should try western Nebraska and Tokyo Unless it has to be where a buzzfeed office is you should do Tokyo and la
Marissa Sutherland
germany and L.A.( have jen be apart of it)
Aisha Imtiaz
Aisha Imtiaz Oy oldin
Horrible and low quality items besides the drunk elephant thing, poor Aishwariya, was probably expecting nice things from LA instead of 2 dollar sunglasses and a pack of OLOVES. I wouldnt be able to hide my disappointment as Aishwariya did LMAO
elva136 Oy oldin
Nothing exciting about the LA one..heck I am from India and even I would have been dancing around with the gifts aishwarya sent..these are gold, super rare and very very thoughtful. Would love to have a friend like aishwarya
Jenny Gardiner
I know the US doesn’t have as strong a culture as India, but? Chantel’s box was so bad.
RedWonder Oy oldin
LA and Soul South Korea should do a swop box
What Oy oldin
“ is this music ?” OMG CHANTEL ...... you owe her an apology.
Cassandra Bredahl
They should try swapping with Denmark bahah
Rain & Food
Rain & Food Oy oldin
Do Australia next
Austin LeCour
Austin LeCour Oy oldin
Atlanta GA and Tokyo Japan?
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