Women Swap Mystery Beauty Boxes • LA and Mumbai

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Aishwarya and Chantel connect across continents by sharing their favorite beauty and style items!
Get their mystery box items here:
Mini Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick: bzfd.it/2A5bo5L
Forest Essentials Facial Treatment: bzfd.it/2QXro0T
Maggi 2 Minute Masala Noodles: bzfd.it/2DxBbH2
Drunk Elephant NightBright Duo: bzfd.it/2S09j2r
One Question A Day Five Year Journal: bzfd.it/2OXHLcc
Forever 21 Octagonal Sunglasses: bzfd.it/2zi0ZUW
Oloves: bzfd.it/2OQmOjj
“​We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.”

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20-Noy, 2018

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As/Is 2 oy oldin
Get their mystery box items here: Chantel Mini Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick: bzfd.it/2DMla0Z Forest Essentials Facial Treatment: bzfd.it/2zdUl1K Maggi 2 Minute Masala Noodles: bzfd.it/2ziC7fv Aishwarya Drunk Elephant NightBright Duo: bzfd.it/2QXjMLM One Question A Day Five Year Journal: bzfd.it/2qUeVj9 Forever 21 Octagonal Sunglasses: bzfd.it/2DPfIul Oloves: bzfd.it/2FvNruh “​We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.”
Andromache Hall
Andromache Hall 4 kun oldin
Oh sry about the olives
Andromache Hall
Andromache Hall 4 kun oldin
It's Olive's
Halimah Loonat
Halimah Loonat 15 kun oldin
Im in enland and im in love with maggi 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Thomas Fontecha
Thomas Fontecha 15 kun oldin
Next do la and bogota it's in Colombia
Catastrophe Queen
dreamincolor14 I agree, seems like Chantel half assed it. The challenge? Way to avoid spending money versus sending something with it to challenge her.
Margo Matviychuk
Margo Matviychuk 4 soat oldin
new york and russia
Medha 5 soat oldin
Bangalore and Barcelona next please!!!!
TAYLOR WARD 10 soat oldin
i love you the f*ck chantel
Taniya Singh
Taniya Singh 10 soat oldin
Oh this oil is really oily😜
mk mk
mk mk 12 soat oldin
uae or korea
awesomeness0005 17 soat oldin
I really liked chantels box...
Anushka Gaware
Anushka Gaware 17 soat oldin
Guys you should not point anybody out . Pretty sure both are happy with each other's gifts😊
Georgie Margarett
“i’ve been to six continents” look out, antarctica chantel’s coming for ya
Daniell Guevara
Daniell Guevara Kun oldin
Please do Mexico or Italy
solar flower
solar flower Kun oldin
Guys your all saying that Chantels items were awful but hey did I turn out alright in the end?
animal319 Kun oldin
New York and Paris
KitKatCupCake 2 kun oldin
Swap with China!! 🇨🇳
Zainab Farooqi
Zainab Farooqi 2 kun oldin
Do Seoul and New York next
Mailey Hansen
Mailey Hansen 2 kun oldin
Seattle and Copenhagen
Mrs Jeon
Mrs Jeon 2 kun oldin
I never thought chantel could be so lazy she didn’t put as much effort as I thought she was low-key disappointed
Radia Ben
Radia Ben 2 kun oldin
The Indian girl should request a refund.
Katie 97
Katie 97 3 kun oldin
Stop hating con Chantel, her box she sent was great. It’s quite hard to buy for someone you’ve never met.
kshama shekar
kshama shekar 3 kun oldin
What!?? That's it?? the two girls never actually see and talk to eachother ?? :O
kshama shekar
kshama shekar 3 kun oldin
Anyone else notice Aishwarya was directing Naveen Richards and Sumukhi Suresh behind the camera ;)
E L I Z A B E T H 3 kun oldin
MAYA APALKOVA 3 kun oldin
you guys should do Singapore and L.A swap mystery boxes!!!
helan jiji
helan jiji 3 kun oldin
kerala and california
psycho believer
psycho believer 3 kun oldin
bangladesh and usa plz plz plz
Helaynaredfox More
Helaynaredfox More 3 kun oldin
San Antonio and la
eveline de lange
eveline de lange 4 kun oldin
Amsterdam and new york and i will send the box personale if needed
Aleesha _dude
Aleesha _dude 4 kun oldin
You have to do london and chicago
Miru 2004
Miru 2004 4 kun oldin
skerz ma.di.
skerz ma.di. 4 kun oldin
Please do Milan und and New York City 😍
She gave her a pendrive.
I understand that she was trying to motivate her to try new things but ... really?
angel castañeda
angel castañeda 5 kun oldin
Manila, Philippines and Miami, Florida
Bangtan’s Cereal
Bangtan’s Cereal 5 kun oldin
LA and ROMANIA, bucharest
harsha vardhini
harsha vardhini 5 kun oldin
Omg ondian buzzfeed and la buzzfeed
Gauhar Khan
Gauhar Khan 5 kun oldin
Who else was looking for Srishti!
Anya Perazich
Anya Perazich 5 kun oldin
Plz make Freddy swap with someone I LOVE HER SO MUCH
The country girl's life
That bag is seriously everything. I am jealous. Lol!
Tamanah Arja
Tamanah Arja 6 kun oldin
Swap with someone for the Netherlands ;)
Mariana 6 kun oldin
Aishwarya box was amazing because it showed India in a adaptable way, I would love to trade with someone like her. But in Chantel's defense, USA doesnt have a lot of original culture, so what was she even supposed to put there?
Japan and LA
shooketh 6 kun oldin
istanbul and nyc
Shifa Sherin
Shifa Sherin 6 kun oldin
She is go get by yourself wat the heck that means she dont want to waste her "money"😈wat does dat mean
Justina Escabarte
Justina Escabarte 6 kun oldin
send me Aishwarya's address and i'll send her something sHE DESERVES
Dana Ramirez
Dana Ramirez 6 kun oldin
Who realized chantel didn’t even try out the products...
Mariana Kloak
Mariana Kloak 6 kun oldin
make more of beauty mystery box videos
Abby Parkin
Abby Parkin 7 kun oldin
please for the next countries do South Africa and Seoul
Piper Anne
Piper Anne 7 kun oldin
you should do la and oslo, norway
Love Park Jimin
Love Park Jimin 7 kun oldin
Can you do : Or America and London Or America and Afghanistan Or Canada and China Or Greece and Canada Or Spain and England Or America and Spain Or Africa and America I honestly don’t know
Lunar BlackRose
Lunar BlackRose 7 kun oldin
Love both of y'alls gift boxes😍😍😍💖💖💖 Hope yall have a great year😇😇😇
Jess ica
Jess ica 7 kun oldin
nasteho ahmed
nasteho ahmed 7 kun oldin
Brussels and toronto
sofia isabella
sofia isabella 7 kun oldin
idk why people are moaning about chantels box, she did good
Tina Cheung
Tina Cheung 7 kun oldin
sk sk sk sk sk sk sk sk sk sk sk sk sk sk sk sk sk (south korea)
Destany Morales
Destany Morales 7 kun oldin
Canada and Japan
Akeelah Smikle
Akeelah Smikle 7 kun oldin
New York and Singapore
Noura HD
Noura HD 8 kun oldin
Chantel.....you can't be serious you didn't put any effort
Sabitha Barveen
Sabitha Barveen 8 kun oldin
Riyadh and LA ♥
Anisa Shtanaj
Anisa Shtanaj 8 kun oldin
You should do LA and Kosovo 🇽🇰
Charlotte Cosmetics
Do Florida to Tokyo and I wanna be the one in Florida
Piper Pizzax
Piper Pizzax 8 kun oldin
Chantels box 😂
Rewa Joshi
Rewa Joshi 8 kun oldin
okay i know this is unrelated but pune is still better than mumbai
Amelie Paradis
Amelie Paradis 4 kun oldin
Lol. In your afternoon siesta dreams.
TheJk1317 9 kun oldin
Where can I get that mosaic clutch?
Chantell Mckenzie
Chantell Mckenzie 9 kun oldin
Priya Lall
Priya Lall 9 kun oldin
I am pretty disappointed with this video in general as the items in the boxes showed very little about either Indian or American culture. The American box was pretty dull and was put together with the assumption that anyone from India would be overjoyed to receive anything from America, which is pretty arrogant if you ask me. The Indian box was even more dull as it was filled with items from American companies. Are you really telling me that the best a country with a booming economy can produce are chips from Macdonalds? Or that an Indian woman would feel that this is what she would want in her own box when she can outside and eating amazing street food for less? I think that Aishwarya was urged to pick these dull items by her boss from Buzzfeed, who felt that an American audience would not understand some more Indian items, such as Kajal. This is pretty insulting to both the audience and the receiver of these gifts as they learn nothing about India or vice versa. I advice Buzzfeed to never do this swap again with another country if they adopt this attitude to cultures outside of America.
Jennifer M
Jennifer M 9 kun oldin
this is so sad. literally represents how most Americans participate in global learning experiences at its finest. seriously from the beginning (the whole 2-month shipping fiasco!!!) Aishwarya had to deal with so much. yikes yikes yikes
aishwarya prabhu
aishwarya prabhu 9 kun oldin
Chantel said Aishwarya almost right
Ilovecats 88
Ilovecats 88 9 kun oldin
Have Devin and someone from Brazil do this that would be interesting
Alliecakes12 9 kun oldin
Do devin and someone from Australia
Emily Farro
Emily Farro 10 kun oldin
Why is everybody commenting that chantel is a bad gift giver I am not kidding can someone who tell me
RV Jp 8 kun oldin
Damn girl can't you clearly see... Wait what'd ya do if you bring someone an expensive binoculars having their name engraved on it and they bring you goggles
Ella 10 kun oldin
I love the Indian girls accent😍
Someone 10 kun oldin
Slovenia and LA
Aurora Gr
Aurora Gr 10 kun oldin
Do something like Mexico and Japan.
The Aartist
The Aartist 10 kun oldin
Sweetie, Chantel, I love you but this ain’t it.
Anthony D
Anthony D 10 kun oldin
Do someone who lives in the hottest city in the world and someone who lives in the coldest city in the world, that would be interesting.
Jessie L
Jessie L 11 kun oldin
China and India
Britta De Silva
Britta De Silva 11 kun oldin
Britta De Silva
Britta De Silva 11 kun oldin
Britta De Silva
Britta De Silva 11 kun oldin
the snakeu that hopie is scared of
Mabe egypt and korea or japan
EVA_ Limelight_besson
You should do LA and Tel Aviv
prakhar panchbhaiya
prakhar panchbhaiya 11 kun oldin
So dissappointed by what Chantel did!
CJ Vibes
CJ Vibes 12 kun oldin
Sydney (Australia) and Hong Kong (China)
Ruelle O.o
Ruelle O.o 12 kun oldin
so aishwaraya bought a decent lipstick , a very decent facial treatment 50$ , and those two noodles cost 5 $ each , priceless bag (i really want that bag :( , and the binoculars with her name carved on it .. the girl really spent a fortune , i'm not Indian but i know that Indians are so generous .. chantel's gifts didn't exceed the limit of 50$ and go buy yourself something card with no money on it ,, this is not only cheap but really rude .. if i really cant get aishwarya's po box i would like to send her a decent box from EGYPT .. i would love to buy her a Pharaonic collar necklace made of pure silver and Inlaid with precious stones like ruby or sapphire .. and i would get it carved with her name in pharaonic characters and her name in Indian characters and then her name in Arabic and her initials in English ... this girl is so generous and i would love to make it up for her ... all the love to India from Egypt
Ruelle O.o
Ruelle O.o 12 kun oldin
aishwarya's box is so amazing, omg she really put so much heart in it .. chantel's box is a real unfunny joke :S a box of disappointments
Akshata Bhandarkar
Akshata Bhandarkar 12 kun oldin
Can someone please tell me where did aishwarya buy the metal bag from? I really want it !
Amanda McCray
Amanda McCray 12 kun oldin
Who wants to do this? I'll swap with you! I live in the US
Ahgaming 18
Ahgaming 18 12 kun oldin
Qatar! Like if u agree
Misaki Yui
Misaki Yui 12 kun oldin
Tokyo!! I definitely have to see a Tokyo in there!
McKenna Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
will astle
will astle 12 kun oldin
Do Chicago and Paris
SimplyMichelle 16
SimplyMichelle 16 13 kun oldin
am i the only one who lovesss aishwarya’s accent????
Julia Evans
Julia Evans 13 kun oldin
please do la and israel. that would be so cool!!
Marcelino Medina
Marcelino Medina 13 kun oldin
How bout England and Russia
Princess Vi 2009
Princess Vi 2009 13 kun oldin
Samoa & Africa
Mariah Bounds
Mariah Bounds 13 kun oldin
New Orleans and somewhere in Italy should swap next
MrsMinSuga 93
MrsMinSuga 93 13 kun oldin
Yeah it was easy for Chantel to put tighter the box because she just got a bunch of crap and put it in a box that Indian girl deserves so much better
Kayleigh Allen
Kayleigh Allen 13 kun oldin
4:03 same Chantel😂
Aria Playz
Aria Playz 13 kun oldin
NYC and UK
Jason Maher
Jason Maher 13 kun oldin
London and LA
Anuradha Biswas N
Anuradha Biswas N 13 kun oldin
I want to work in BuzzFeed tooo...... If someone sends me such lovely💕😍 gifts once.... And they really seems to have fun all the time