Women Swap Mystery Beauty Boxes • LA & London

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Kate in LA and Remee in London share their favorite beauty and self-care items with each other!
Get their mystery box items here:
Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick Carina’s Love: bzfd.it/2QcJLTa
Bleach London Reincarnation Mask: bzfd.it/2EcnEWM
Monki Paw Print Tee: bzfd.it/2QtvGQL
Marks & Spencer | Percy Pigs Original: bzfd.it/2DWd3hs
Cowshed Knackered Cow Essentials: bzfd.it/2QBqqKM
FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick: bzfd.it/2rhAZob
FARSÁLI Rose Gold Elixir - 24k Gold Infused Beauty Oil: bzfd.it/2QwqNGE
MADEWELL Hand Jive Imitation Pearl Earrings: bzfd.it/2QwrmjK
Doritos Nacho Cheese Chips: bzfd.it/2BPLd5e
The Alchemist 25th Anniversary Intl: A Fable About Following Your Dream: bzfd.it/2FUZEsA
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8-Dek, 2018



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 3 675
Crystal Christian
Crystal Christian 21 soat oldin
I'd be so down to do this swap with someone. Just don't do me like Chantel smh
Pauline THOMAS
Pauline THOMAS Kun oldin
Toulouse in France!
Britney Kun oldin
She looks so much like Bethany mota
leighann mulvihill
leighann mulvihill 2 kun oldin
paris and dublin ireland should swap next
international playboy
"I love fake cheese" same
Ruby Blue
Ruby Blue 3 kun oldin
You should do it with Dublin (I’ll be your person I don’t mind) 🤪
TaylorSue Kirby
TaylorSue Kirby 3 kun oldin
Canada and Australia
Lorna Wood
Lorna Wood 3 kun oldin
Omg I listen to the podcast Criminal
Missy p
Missy p 3 kun oldin
Boston and Sydney!
Pheebz 4 kun oldin
‘Percy Pig is a f***ing G’ Never a more British sentence spoken😂
JustJillian129 _
JustJillian129 _ 4 kun oldin
LA and Canada
Arifah 4 kun oldin
*I love fake cheese*
Inlydia :D
Inlydia :D 4 kun oldin
Who wants to do this is with me
Mia Tullett
Mia Tullett 4 kun oldin
Percy pig is a British icon
Emma Marie Schmidt
Emma Marie Schmidt 5 kun oldin
Nour Fahed
Nour Fahed 5 kun oldin
Do Japan and India
Margaux Michel
Margaux Michel 5 kun oldin
New York and Sydney should swap 🤪🤪🤪🤪
Ala Mohamed
Ala Mohamed 5 kun oldin
Lorna Dan
Lorna Dan 5 kun oldin
You should do australia and america
김스베 5 kun oldin
Please do south korea next!😍
Anavocado? Thanks
Anavocado? Thanks 5 kun oldin
someone please do philippines🤷🏻‍♀️
Irese Obasuyi
Irese Obasuyi 5 kun oldin
I want Remee to be my new best friend
Alpen83 5 kun oldin
Kate is so freakin' cute!!! 😊
sophie cook
sophie cook 5 kun oldin
Percy pigs are iconic
Giselle Ibarra
Giselle Ibarra 6 kun oldin
The next swap should be Mexico and London or la
Laura Melnic
Laura Melnic 6 kun oldin
I would want to do one of those swap boxes☺️
girls can game
girls can game 6 kun oldin
Ruby Sears
Ruby Sears 6 kun oldin
do LA and Sydney, Australia
Maddison Wright
Maddison Wright 6 kun oldin
Should swap with Australia and New Zealand
Classical Ari
Classical Ari 6 kun oldin
remee is so cute
Brenda Reyes
Brenda Reyes 6 kun oldin
Texas with Australia 🥰 or LA with Russia
Bode Malih
Bode Malih 6 kun oldin
Syria and America
Hana D
Hana D 7 kun oldin
LA and middle east
Batgirl 678
Batgirl 678 7 kun oldin
"Maybe something that'll make me feel a little bit more grown up" 0:54 "Chocolate..biscuits. I can eat a whole packet of chocolate biscuits~" 1:01
VINNY MARIA 7 kun oldin
Can anyone participate in this? If so where do I register. I am dying to try this.
patrique pamintuan
patrique pamintuan 7 kun oldin
man those are some rlyy cute earringssss
Lauren Drawdy
Lauren Drawdy 7 kun oldin
Do more videos like this!!!
Holo.galAXY_CUTEandFluFFY 123654
7:01 already knew it was Percy pigs 😂😂😂
Sinead Kelly
Sinead Kelly 8 kun oldin
America and Northern Ireland/Ireland
Sipin Tea
Sipin Tea 9 kun oldin
Stockholm and la
Elsemieke Omvlee
Elsemieke Omvlee 9 kun oldin
Can i be in a switch like this!!!!!
Sehun's Rainbow Hair
*SHINee* Anyone who turned on English auto generated knows that 7:32
trixeybell 666
trixeybell 666 9 kun oldin
When she said cookies eating the biscuit... long live the Qween and pop the ketel on because my wig just left the eu
Jenene Satayaprakorb
La and bangkok
Jokhoda Jonkers
Jokhoda Jonkers 10 kun oldin
u should swap la and Adelaida
Sinan Törer
Sinan Törer 11 kun oldin
Please do it for men version
QianaLikesKpop :D
QianaLikesKpop :D 11 kun oldin
Honestly, I love how the two girls felt like they’d be great friend over beauty products! I honestly don’t know how to express it, but I’d love it if they became friends
Mrs J
Mrs J 11 kun oldin
Dorito Ranch
Izzy Butler
Izzy Butler 13 kun oldin
I’ve just watched the Japan one and it feels so good not to be reading the subs when the foreign one talks.... although I am English so America is foreign... did I get that write?
- RhapsodyQueen -
- RhapsodyQueen - 13 kun oldin
When she was on Carnaby street with all of the Queen light😍😭
Kashi Cutie
Kashi Cutie 13 kun oldin
I LOVE kate
Starbucks Girl
Starbucks Girl 14 kun oldin
Oink Oink Yum yum
Duygu Üçer
Duygu Üçer 15 kun oldin
Em&my 15 kun oldin
Amsterdam La think that would be an intersting swap
iro fahrina ahmed
iro fahrina ahmed 15 kun oldin
Oooooh she's the girl in the, "when your friend is the hot one" video!!!
ellie alvarez
ellie alvarez 15 kun oldin
what handkerchief was Remee wearing it is soooo cute and pretty
#guerostogether 6 kun oldin
ellie alvarez YAAAsS
Dee Bee 321
Dee Bee 321 17 kun oldin
can you please swap with Poland! thank you ;)
•Vi- Chan•
•Vi- Chan• 17 kun oldin
What she said about the Fenty is so true, I'll go into every make up shop and it will be sold out or they won't sell it, I can only go online to get it ._.
Becca Viljoen
Becca Viljoen 19 kun oldin
I say swap with Cape Town. I think it would be really interesting
Carleen Peters
Carleen Peters 20 kun oldin
Also the gifts are so effing thoughtful j' adore!!!
Carleen Peters
Carleen Peters 20 kun oldin
The thing I love most about this is the amount of swearing Remee does. So V English. Feel like ppl don't fully appreciate our love of the F word.
amy 20 kun oldin
remee is soo pretty
Madeleine McGuigan
Madeleine McGuigan 22 kun oldin
Colin caterpillars are better than Percy pigs!!!!
loveyourself ARMY
loveyourself ARMY 23 kun oldin
kenny body
kenny body 24 kun oldin
plz do another video like this plz plz plz
Agustina Milozzi
Agustina Milozzi 24 kun oldin
Really loved this one
Zuxsh_ 25 kun oldin
hecc yeah Percy Pig
Ahmed Al-Salman
Ahmed Al-Salman 26 kun oldin
Can you do La Iraq
xRosiex 0098
xRosiex 0098 26 kun oldin
LA and Korean
Kelly Graves
Kelly Graves 27 kun oldin
Mexico would be a cool place to switch with or Hawaii
Kuron :p
Kuron :p 27 kun oldin
This is the best one!! They’re both super cool!
Lucija Jelić
Lucija Jelić 27 kun oldin
Do New York and Madrid, that would be an interesting mix
Jane Richard
Jane Richard 27 kun oldin
You should swap boxes in Singapore and the us
Josephine Josephine
Josephine Josephine 27 kun oldin
Indonesia would be nice
I&R forever
I&R forever 27 kun oldin
0:35 yeeeees cats are my life! We are so alike! 0:46 or not.... Maybe we aren't alike at all....
if you like water you like 70% of me
North korea and america dhould swap
Anushka Desai
Anushka Desai 28 kun oldin
Best style swap yet lol :)
Ornella Ribeiro
Ornella Ribeiro 29 kun oldin
Do one with Germany!!💗
Adeeba Idris
Adeeba Idris 29 kun oldin
LA to Pakistan pls or LA to Canada or LA to Miami pls
Life As Lily
Life As Lily Oy oldin
We have cheese Doritos in the uk
Katie F
Katie F Oy oldin
Percy Pigs are the best ever
Stephanie Riveros
this episode is childish🤦🏻‍♀
Morgan Debenham
You should swap with korea
Madi Meek
Madi Meek Oy oldin
You should do western Nebraska and Tokyo - I’m from NE
Jenny Gardiner
I really hope they meet one day, they’re so similar
Bronwyn Fairchild
Toronto and Belgrade!
Hang Thanh
Hang Thanh Oy oldin
HOLO it's me
HOLO it's me Oy oldin
Please do sweden or afghanistan
honeymoon Oy oldin
You should do London and Argentina 😍😍
Sudhay Dhakal
Sudhay Dhakal Oy oldin
what about NEPAL swapping mystery box with any country around the globe?
Amelia Jackson
And the world gonna know your name whacha name man "my name is Alexander Percy pig" Like if you get the referance
Upasna Sharma
Upasna Sharma Oy oldin
Do it with Russia and let me participate
Wylie Sparks
Wylie Sparks Oy oldin
The first girl in the intro sounds like Molly Burke
AaravPatel DIY
Do it with moms Hannah whillams
Gwen Peterson
Gwen Peterson Oy oldin
please swap Parris or Hawaii next
Celeste Falkovich
You should swap with France and New York
Remee looks indian
Akshita Krishnan
Why is it always la
Ellen Oy oldin
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