Women Train Like Professional Dancers For A Month

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Five women take on the challenge of training like professional dancers for a month under the guidance of choreographer Robert Gilstrap and Beyonce’s backup dancer Jermeel Hewitt.
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Randy Jackson Presents 'America's Best Dance Crew' Season 3 Finale - March 5, 2009
Chris Polk / Getty Images/Getty Images
FOX's 'So You Think You Can Dance' - Season Thirteen FOX / Getty Images Beyonce 'The Formation World Tour' - Closing Night In East Rutherford
Larry Busacca PW / Getty Images/Getty Images
Randy Jackson Presents 'America's Best Dance Crew' - February 24, 2009
Chris Polk / Getty Images/Getty Images
Randy Jackson Presents 'America's Best Dance Crew' - February 24, 2009
Chris Polk / Getty Images/Getty Images
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Drea Vlaovich, Makeup Artist
Ami Desai, Hair Artist
Christina Gonzalez, Steadicam Op
Matt Miller
Kevin Stiller, DP
Benjamin Disinger, Colorist
Silas Orteza, Editor
Alexa Fung, So You Think You Can Dance competitor
Jermeel Hewitt, Professional Dancer



7-Apr, 2017

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lulu12343298 4 soat oldin
I think the reason why they had break downs is because Robert is so strict
Adan Ramos
Adan Ramos 6 soat oldin
What’s the sexy song
Ad dy
Ad dy 13 soat oldin
Try me I am 11 and I’m a dancer since I was four. SORRY😥😰😨😭
Itsuki San
Itsuki San 15 soat oldin
That choreographer needs to be more encouraging... he was way too harsh on them.
dank_ dance
dank_ dance Kun oldin
trust me, i understand this. i compete in dance, and the training is literally awful. the training we have before competition (we have to run laps and go over the same steps for hours before we get it right.) sometimes, we have panic attacks and we can’t walk the next day, but it’s all worth it. the dancing and competing is all about it being fun, and doing it for yourself. go buzzfeed
Tuanaa M
Tuanaa M 2 kun oldin
Omg🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️i dont like the coachers why the devil he criticizes the look. He should motivate and be more relaxed
RuthieBoo 2 kun oldin
I wish this was more positive
Mckenzie Carter
Mckenzie Carter 2 kun oldin
I’ve been a dancer for so many years I can’t count and it is so stressfull because our dance teacher is so hard on us we work 13 hours a day and it is just what everyone has the power to do now
BLAIRE Vlogs 4 kun oldin
Asgleys was better cause the coach kyle wasnt judging her like the person whos teaching them hes like judging them
Shulamite Frank
Shulamite Frank 4 kun oldin
I wanna do this challenge.
River Wing
River Wing 4 kun oldin
I'm curious what he meant when he said there's a difference between slutty a sexy. Is sexy to him more confidence? Idk.
Art 18654
Art 18654 5 kun oldin
I had a dance show when I was 10 and the rest of my group ditched me and I had to dance in front of thousands of people with no one I know there. One of the girls had a solo and my teacher had to make something up half an hour before I went on stage.
Journey/Angela Owens
Being a professional dancer is hard, especially when u have no dance experienced. I am a dancer but not professional. I just do it for the fun of it. Professional dancers are amazing, but they are not perfect and they do make mistakes. Everyone one is different. They did amazing
Gabby H
Gabby H 5 kun oldin
I’m younger, but there’s a league called PopWarner. In the league, there’s competitive cheer and dance. There’s practice Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and sometimes Wednesday. This is on top of school, and our performance during competition is usually 3 minutes long. This performance takes us weeks to learn. The problem is, while you’re competing, your natural instinct will compare yourself to anyone else who seems better in your mind. I love how they become confident in the end.
Mrs J
Mrs J 5 kun oldin
Wow! 😉 that must have been fun and I think you guys rocked it! 👍 hugs
Samer & Samar Idelbi
Jazz ur pretty ur not fat I love u :)
Life with Twins
Life with Twins 6 kun oldin
I am a dancer
yvonne newman
yvonne newman 7 kun oldin
You all were amazing! Jazz, I didnt see size, i saw you being sexy and damn good!
Wes Williams
Wes Williams 7 kun oldin
3:55 dat man was like Yeet I’m out this B.
Emerald Kitty
Emerald Kitty 7 kun oldin
I am also a professional dancer and I am really proud of them. Dance is hard. I have trained for several months. They did good.
Emily York
Emily York 8 kun oldin
I really wanna learn how to dance but whenever I ask my friends (who are dancers) they say all this stuff and what they’re doing and I feel like I will be way to lame and just not very good compared to all the other girls and boys. Advice please? 😞
Gracie Gamer
Gracie Gamer 8 kun oldin
I love how they never quit through the mental breakdowns and I love dance... but it’s not easy
Soph 8 kun oldin
Jazzmyne is H-O-T
R C 9 kun oldin
Hehe anyone else notice the comments about the guy walking in at 3:54 hahaha....i need a life...
Nicole Muhangi
Nicole Muhangi 9 kun oldin
Didi Sido
Didi Sido 10 kun oldin
3:54 Did you guys see that guy that came in the room and then left immediately
R C 10 kun oldin
Keith is the *best* announcer.
some105 10 kun oldin
Damn they all looked amazing! But... damn Jordan in that makeup... That's a killer right there! She transmits so much energy!
btsgrande 11 kun oldin
This dancing coach is actually not positive at all.
BetterLifeAhead 11 kun oldin
I'm confused by the comments complaining that the teacher wasn't encouraging enough. Being trained in classical ballet we were communicated with by being shouted at and insulted 90% of the time, and we were kids. That's honestly how most dance teachers talk when it's serious training. I guess I'm just used to that being the environment. You're meant to toughen up
cloudina venaani
cloudina venaani 11 kun oldin
bilkis shahi
bilkis shahi 11 kun oldin
They think that what they done was stressful how about having only 10 hours or 2 days to perform in front of 1500 people well that's what I had to do and it takes a huge toll on your body . I had to make up the choreography and the edit and clean it and then learn how to perform it with confidence and style . I learnt how to put in emotion and it was only 10 hours . Plus it was in front of my whole school that is what I think is stress and dedication
Emily KittyPlay'
Emily KittyPlay' 11 kun oldin
I would never gonna go there* One time im dancing in front of hundreds of people, i fell on the floor on accident because the floor is actually slippery. And they still posted on UZvid!!!!!!!!
Ty D
Ty D 11 kun oldin
3:54 the guy comes into the gym, looks around and walks back out lmao
Isabelle MacDougald
Isabelle MacDougald 11 kun oldin
I'm a dancer and I was very impressed by this number
WinterMoon Hyacinth
WinterMoon Hyacinth 12 kun oldin
I wonder if their dance instructor was a narcissist..
Lexi Love
Lexi Love 13 kun oldin
You guys are beautiful and I’ve never seen such a focused and amazing group in my entire life
Dyno Mite
Dyno Mite 13 kun oldin
I was crying within the first 15 seconds... I’m so relatable to Jasmine ( I know I spelt it wrong)
Chelsey Wumbo
Chelsey Wumbo 13 kun oldin
Jazzmyn is so beautiful
michelle saldana
michelle saldana 13 kun oldin
stop at 8:13
aleigha taylor
aleigha taylor 14 kun oldin
Lindsay looks familiar??? I swear she could be twins with Joshua Suarez's girlfriend (her name is Lindsay too) 💛
Megan Povilaitis
Megan Povilaitis 14 kun oldin
When they were breaking down, i felt that.
Arianna Williams
Arianna Williams 15 kun oldin
This guy is terrible..all you must do is be confident...not change yourself...Ashley's coach was so supportive, encouraging and nice..these people are just terrible
Arianna Williams
Arianna Williams 15 kun oldin
No...I think this guy is just mean.
Feather The Wolf
Feather The Wolf 15 kun oldin
DO BALLET!!!!!!!!
olivia kyere
olivia kyere 15 kun oldin
Don't worry girls your BEAUTIFUL!! just the way you are !!!!!!!!!!👑👑👑👑👑
olivia kyere
olivia kyere 15 kun oldin
Olivia that nice👍
Kaitlyn Nusspickel
Kaitlyn Nusspickel 15 kun oldin
Dance world is a lot. I’ve been in it for 16 years and it never gets easier (with your body and everything else) but you have to just remember you love it and have fun.
bigpiggyman Equihua
bigpiggyman Equihua 16 kun oldin
They are all super pretty I don’t know what he’s talking about I wish I look like them🤗😃😂
Lauren Davidson
Lauren Davidson 16 kun oldin
0:09 lmao well that’s a dancer life I guess
Kattie the Kittie
Kattie the Kittie 16 kun oldin
Weird thing is I can dance in front of millions but can't share a project
Eszmeralda Kovács
Eszmeralda Kovács 16 kun oldin
OMFG Jazzmyne is so hot
RainEdayWoman H.
RainEdayWoman H. 16 kun oldin
Would love to see them train like Sorority (with their former dancer choreographer... Paris ??Odell?? Not sure of her name. But think that would make a great vid.
Kiara Himmelstein
Kiara Himmelstein 16 kun oldin
I doubt these choreographers would treat their famous clients like they did these girls. Boo them.
Le Noob
Le Noob 17 kun oldin
Jazz is like a badass mom that everyone loves
PNut Productions
PNut Productions 17 kun oldin
You guys did so amazing btw 😍
A N A H A I 17 kun oldin
yes dancing is hard! que todo el mundo se de cuenta de ello! 😊❣️
Hannah •-•
Hannah •-• 17 kun oldin
The thing is they are all the exact same,they are all beautiful women. But its a good thing to learn from critics because they help you improve❤❤
Maddie Vlogz
Maddie Vlogz 19 kun oldin
I love this video!! I am a dancer and wow. I am judged by my body type all the time. My dance teacher is tough. Emotion kicks in. Now we all really know what blood sweat and tears means.
Joyce Yu
Joyce Yu 19 kun oldin
I feel so bad for Jazzmyne
Jessica Hope world
Jessica Hope world 19 kun oldin
Honestly I didn't like but dont start hating me
AsynC 20 kun oldin
I know in dance you are suppose to receive critique but dang some were harsh for a 'beginners learning to dance' kind of video. They did amazing though
McKenzie Luciano
McKenzie Luciano 20 kun oldin
I felt really bad for jazmyne because she had to work harder than anyone else because she has a different body type
Katie Donaldson
Katie Donaldson 20 kun oldin
Holy crap, Michelle looked like a gorgeous instagram model in her stage makeup. 😮😮
Spicy Sunflower
Spicy Sunflower 20 kun oldin
I get they were supposed to be trained like perfessionals but they weren't used to that and the environment was very forced and stressful which definitely makes it harder
Jessica Baughman
Jessica Baughman 20 kun oldin
being a dancer, i was so annoyed at jazzmyne's hole in her fishnets like how to you go on stage with broken tights
Pussy BOY
Pussy BOY 20 kun oldin
Why are they putting the black girl into all these fitness videos like she’s fat give her a break
George Gonzalez
George Gonzalez 20 kun oldin
And that black guy needs to learn constructive critisism
George Gonzalez
George Gonzalez 20 kun oldin
I didn’t like this trainer I like the one that trained that Chinese girl
Sherry Reed
Sherry Reed 20 kun oldin
First of all I am a dancer and if they treated me like that I whould have been gone
Boss village
Boss village 20 kun oldin
I’m not saying I’m a professional dancer but those guys were horrible teaches.
Mycay Chyna
Mycay Chyna 21 kun oldin
Amazing video I have been party of a drill team for 5 years and the emotional things that these girls go through the is so accurate I am on week 2 of my senior year doing drill team and my team and I have learned 7 routines in 4 days we had 8 hours days of constantly being pushed yelled at and critiqued but honestly the performance and things you learn on the way are completely worth it!
Bob Jhone
Bob Jhone 21 kun oldin
Okay, you may not like how criticizing he is. But this is real dance. He is pretty tame compared to some teachers.
CutieB Senpai
CutieB Senpai 21 kun oldin
I was a dancer for like 6 months in a beginner class and it was super fun, we practiced everyday and at the end had a performance, it was nerve racking because there were loads of people and I can dance pretty well when no ones watching me but I ended up getting a award for most improved/Rising star award Not to mention I missed tons and tons of practices but managed :)
Sierra Cote
Sierra Cote 21 kun oldin
I LOVE LOVE LOvE THISS we are all unique with diverse specialities and its great to see so many amazing individuals over come fear and beat their own odds, its all mentality. thank you ladies!
Xlenalllena 21 kun oldin
TheLadyAyakashi 22 kun oldin
8:13 they worked off a lot of Blood, Sweat and Tears HA (knees slaps)
Ocean Blue
Ocean Blue 22 kun oldin
It really hit me hard to see these hard-working women being treated like dirt. These girls are not professionals. The "teachers" are professionals. Like, really? Are you expecting so much from people who are learning to dance in literally a month? And yes, dance is an art which requires an incredible amount of hard work and dedication, but this is supposed to be a video to entertain, not to discourage. This is not the way to treat a human being in any situation. This is body-shaming, this is wrong. This is bullying.
Alicia Ritchie
Alicia Ritchie 22 kun oldin
i've done ballet since i was 2 and i've recently started hip hop
Krenar Zyko
Krenar Zyko 22 kun oldin
cuz he offended jazzmine like he was a beaty guru
Krenar Zyko
Krenar Zyko 22 kun oldin
i think he offended jasmine a lot like what is he a beaty guru
Krenar Zyko
Krenar Zyko 22 kun oldin
i think the professional dancer was a little too much
Hillary The unicorn
Hillary The unicorn 22 kun oldin
It's true! I'm a competitive dancer ever since I was 6, it's a lot! Good job ladies
Tîff_ æñÿ
Tîff_ æñÿ 22 kun oldin
8:03 is when they dance
Kelsey Yablonski
Kelsey Yablonski 22 kun oldin
They didn’t train fully
FireEnderg1rl 123
FireEnderg1rl 123 23 kun oldin
Ya, and I'm a dancer! I feel the pain! Ik how you guys feel!♥️😂😍 We practice for months and months for ONE performance, but what I love about being a professional dancer is that I v0never give up and I always meet amazing people on the way! It's the most amazing experience! And I do it my whole life!♥️
Noor Alawi
Noor Alawi 23 kun oldin
Lindsey was soooo good
Luke Boom
Luke Boom 23 kun oldin
They should've started junior atleast for a week Supremacy s steps is way to hard
Elisha Ann
Elisha Ann 23 kun oldin
I think kyle teaching ashly was so much better than this. Kyle seemed more like a loving and caring teacher than him. And i think it really showed in the performance. Ashly looked so confident and looked like a completely different person and she looked genuinely happy. With this performance although they looked me confident you can still see their hesistance.
Stardust 23 kun oldin
For once a dance video mentioned cleaning days!!
moo_ 23 kun oldin
Jazz needs to look up Parris Goebel and her crew. Not all dancers have thinner body types.
Becca Intille
Becca Intille 23 kun oldin
The guy that walked in the background at like 3:54 and immediately walked out is my aesthetic
DJ Dynamite
DJ Dynamite 25 kun oldin
Anyone know the song?
Alexandraxo xoKeomany
Being a dancer, it's just fun to be intune with your body
vivi giapoutzi
vivi giapoutzi 26 kun oldin
Guuuuurls you KILLED it 😍
Paige Thomas
Paige Thomas 26 kun oldin
Jazzy I thought was the best cause of her sass in this dance. Cause it is all about the sass
NotYour AverageGirl
NotYour AverageGirl 26 kun oldin
Opening jazmine looking like a queen
she don mess w/ you.
Jazzmyne I LOVE YOU
stephanie holt
stephanie holt 27 kun oldin
Nobody is "suposed" to look like any certain way
Bella Hodkiewicz
Bella Hodkiewicz 27 kun oldin
i love how they said they train as “professionals” and only dance three times a week... honey it’s a lot more work than that
Penelope Laphere
Penelope Laphere 27 kun oldin
Girls don't beat yourself down ladys you all have inspired me to loose weight and possibly save my life through all of your videos so please keep it up and be brave!
fedex delivery
9 kun oldin