Women Train Like Professional Dancers For A Month

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Five women take on the challenge of training like professional dancers for a month under the guidance of choreographer Robert Gilstrap and Beyonce’s backup dancer Jermeel Hewitt.
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Randy Jackson Presents 'America's Best Dance Crew' Season 3 Finale - March 5, 2009
Chris Polk / Getty Images/Getty Images
FOX's 'So You Think You Can Dance' - Season Thirteen FOX / Getty Images Beyonce 'The Formation World Tour' - Closing Night In East Rutherford
Larry Busacca PW / Getty Images/Getty Images
Randy Jackson Presents 'America's Best Dance Crew' - February 24, 2009
Chris Polk / Getty Images/Getty Images
Randy Jackson Presents 'America's Best Dance Crew' - February 24, 2009
Chris Polk / Getty Images/Getty Images
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Janelle DeChancie, 1st AD
Drea Vlaovich, Makeup Artist
Ami Desai, Hair Artist
Christina Gonzalez, Steadicam Op
Matt Miller
Kevin Stiller, DP
Benjamin Disinger, Colorist
Silas Orteza, Editor
Alexa Fung, So You Think You Can Dance competitor
Jermeel Hewitt, Professional Dancer



7-Apr, 2017

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Victoria Midnight
Victoria Midnight 14 soat oldin
The coach is very rough on them...NO HATE
Kpop Corn
Kpop Corn 3 kun oldin
I like ashley’s teacher more! *coaches encourage students more please!* *she is in a very good enviroment, while this girls are forced and are pushed to do this thing!*
Felicia Kamga
Felicia Kamga 3 kun oldin
I honestly don't think that jermeel was that hard on them. to be good, you have to know where to work on. You can't just be sugarcoated every single time. They are adults, they should be able to accept hardness. I agree they were kind of harsh but some criticism is good to build perfection
Megan van Zyl
Megan van Zyl 5 kun oldin
Jou are you. 🍩 ❤️ You are awesome
Alyssa Turcios
Alyssa Turcios 5 kun oldin
Why isn't there more vids?
Kayla Kraft's
Kayla Kraft's 6 kun oldin
You are grown and he was yelling at you 😶
Ava Doherty
Ava Doherty 7 kun oldin
Kelsey looks like Blake lively and I love it
Cecilia Herrera
Cecilia Herrera 7 kun oldin
This is the reality of the dance industry. You have to really LOVE it to power through all of the challenges dancers go through but at the end of the day that 3 minutes on stage is what really counts.
MiriINC 8 kun oldin
Why’s everybody so whiny about the coaches? They’re grown women, they can handle it. Not everyone you meet in life is just rainbows and kittens 🤦🏼‍♀️ you can’t expect encouragement and and understanding from people all the time, so you gotta be strong and pick yourself up. In the end they all shined and looked sexy and powerful, so the coaches probably did something right 🤷🏼‍♀️
shook aldc
shook aldc 8 kun oldin
Look girls,im a dancer.and in the dance world then make u do things that u dont wanna do.And i understand going out and performing to a thousands People is hard but,BELEIVE IN UR SELF,BE CONFIDENT AND U WILL ACHIEVE ANYTHING!
danielle devine
danielle devine 10 kun oldin
Maddybruhhh 10 kun oldin
This is disgusting smh
Dat girl Galaxy
Dat girl Galaxy 10 kun oldin
A lot of times in performances your nervous at first but right as you get in stage and start performing you get confident and totally just zone out in the dance. :)
Aida Poore
Aida Poore 10 kun oldin
You all looked so good!😄
Lizard Chan
Lizard Chan 11 kun oldin
5:44 and 5:47 wow
Akshara Modhvadiya
Akshara Modhvadiya 11 kun oldin
Jasmine it's ok your soook beautiful:)
hyunminie 11 kun oldin
3:54 i can't with the dude in the bg
Brian Gathui
Brian Gathui 12 kun oldin
Jazzmyne looks like Paris Goebel...or is it just me
CallMe_Nikki 12 kun oldin
I actually loved this video and all the ladies did great! Good job 😍😍😍
Bella Ochoa
Bella Ochoa 12 kun oldin
Finally people understand.... there is so many different throws of dances and they are all so beautiful
My name My last name
If the dance instructors complimented them more, the girls would look much more professional. If they were critiqued, the would look less confident. All you have to do is to trick your audience into thinking that you have it down by looking confident. Then they will be dazzled.
Georgie 707
Georgie 707 13 kun oldin
Why is a try guy in every vid
Urban_Thestral 13 kun oldin
I love how she’s dancing and he starts ranting about her eyebrows? Like, what?
Queen Asmar
Queen Asmar 13 kun oldin
You did so good I a month
Nancy Causey
Nancy Causey 14 kun oldin
I would LOVE to do something like this!!!
Alicia Gan
Alicia Gan 14 kun oldin
I get that he could have been more positive, but as a competitive dancer who dances 27 hours a week, he passes as a pretty nice teacher. I’ve had Russian teachers who step on my feet with platform heels, and contortion teachers who scream at us for 4 hours straight. It’s just part of dancing, but I agree that with people new to dance, he could have been nicer. I just think some people don’t realize how demanding of a craft dancing is.
Kat Buie
Kat Buie 16 kun oldin
Jazzmine is my favorite. She is just so beautiful and I really hope she knows that
Natalia Deliu
Natalia Deliu 16 kun oldin
I love that jazzmyn is there because she provides some divorsity to the dance group
Lydia Jade
Lydia Jade 16 kun oldin
Jazz should’ve got a throne cause she’s bosssssss
Mollie & Steph
Mollie & Steph 16 kun oldin
I’m in tears I hate watching people get critiqued 😭😭😭😭
Sophia Kruger
Sophia Kruger 16 kun oldin
Jazzmyen you did great 👍👍👍 but I'm sorry if I spelled your name wrong you work it all you WANT. Love you as a friend!!! 😘😋😃😃😃😄
ivozia bakenschmeh
ivozia bakenschmeh 17 kun oldin
wow. they look prettier than my dogs.
Makeup is my magic
Makeup is my magic 18 kun oldin
You guys should try Irish dance, I've done it for 5 years and am on my 6th year now
That One Shipper
That One Shipper 18 kun oldin
Who’s gonna host everything now that Keith is gone
Ryan Shxun
Ryan Shxun 20 kun oldin
Idk why but 8:33 makes me laugh so much
Komal’s World!
Komal’s World! 20 kun oldin
Stay strong girls. Stay strong!!!
Nneoma Oseagulu
Nneoma Oseagulu 20 kun oldin
They have it easier because i take dance 6 times a week talking 3 different classes a day
KpopAnimePotato _
KpopAnimePotato _ 21 kun oldin
It is rlly nice what people get to see the bad side of performers too because when u see a performer u see a person who is having fun but it isn't as a performer u are not having fun u let urself get judged. I critizie myself because i need to see what i don't do right if i don't see it i won't get better and as a performer u tent to perfect things because its a performance, not an game.
ItsAmeLife 21 kun oldin
Im a Dancer and I work really hard but I think the should have gotten the dance teacher Ash had :/ Ash's dance was great but yeah this was kinda ok for non dancers :)
Vienna Does Contortion
The men couch was to serious they have never danced before
Secret Zexyula Teloiv
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Jemini K
Jemini K 22 kun oldin
Stfu dude, they look beautiful >.>
Maddie Eventing
Maddie Eventing 22 kun oldin
Sydney Thomas
Sydney Thomas 22 kun oldin
this is very inspiring
Kaya F
Kaya F 24 kun oldin
What's the song at 0:15??
Jay_feather of ThunderClan
This video made me think of my body image a lot.
Silk ᗰᗩᖇᐯEᒪ
This is not professional 😂😂😂 5 year olds at my dance studio do this kind of choreography effortlessly 😂😂😂👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
Mami Monika
Mami Monika 25 kun oldin
I’ve been a dancer my whole life and it really is stressful, you can’t just say “I’ll learn it later” but later is when you preform your dance to people, Learning the dance is fun but making sure you do the dance cleanly and make sure people can understand what you are doing, take it from me, I’ve been dancing for 13 years and you can’t just learn it in a second, take your time and you’ll reach your goal 😁
Olivia Croy
Olivia Croy 25 kun oldin
You all are soooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
Heavens Sea
Heavens Sea 26 kun oldin
I love how jasmine doesn’t let anyone effect her
Sue Dowell
Sue Dowell 26 kun oldin
I totally like Ashley's one better, the person is telling them to be confident and there sitting there saying, oh you eyebrows are to big or your body type is skinny so you need to be better. For beginners they should have had Kyle (Or I think that's there name).
CapriCousins 28 kun oldin
Canela Renée
Canela Renée 29 kun oldin
Wow that was so petty how the dance choreographer talked to them
Luna Oy oldin
Kelsey looked gorgeous thoo
Sumiya Carter
Sumiya Carter Oy oldin
You go girl
Aylish Levesque
These dance teachers seem like assholes!
Camila Gonzalez
Katherine Hunter
As dancers conisider critiques an honor. If the amazing accomplished teacher notices you and take time to give you a tip and help you, it shows they know you can be better which is an amazing accomplishment in itself.
Hey Oy oldin
Should’ve gone to Kyle Hanagami
I train with professionals for hula. Y’all r lucky, this looks easier than what I do!!
Caylin YAY
Caylin YAY Oy oldin
This is why I will never join buzzfeed...
Little Puff Ball
Heh this make me realize that I keep talking *beeep* about myself. But I do this knowing that I'm ok and I am not sh--- .I do this for people you hate themself to make them feel better about themselfs
Natalia tiene bigote Y compañía
I think jazmine is gorgeous⭐️❤️
xxOmqRobloxSlaysxx Cutie
I saw jazzmine get her ears waxed on BuzzFeed
BeaniRose Oy oldin
It's hard to find a balance between to nice and harsh truth. And as a dancer you need to be able to accept the harsh truth. If you use confidence it makes it easier and hides a lot of mistakes. I've learned more than one routine in three weeks. I've only learned one routine in a two week period and then I competed with a group I hadn't practiced with from 2 states away on stage.
Kelsey Hyrtle
Kelsey Hyrtle Oy oldin
Lady's you did amazing so proud of you all
fee liebermann
the way these coaches talked to them is disgusting.
fee liebermann
3:54 *guy walks in* "hey gu--" *sees what they're doing* "oops" *leaves*
Kick Y.S
Kick Y.S Oy oldin
I mean....a lot of dance teachers don’t really say nice things when teaching.
M&M&M ‘S
M&M&M ‘S Oy oldin
Now they know what dancers had to go through
Crafty Cats
Crafty Cats Oy oldin
Now people will have repsect for 12 year old me
Ysabella Jourdain
Jazzmyne you are beautiful just the way you are and you are awesome and you are confident with your body because my mom doesn’t like her body
_SimJay_ Oy oldin
I’m a dancer myself and I think the girls did actually really awesome! They executed the dance choreo extremely well, and with such a short period of time for practicing. Most dancers have to perform 3 - 12 sets of choreo in 1 day. They also learned so much about themselves during the long hard worked month, I’m really proud!
Lmao love the guy ar 3:54 who walks in and walks right out
Pøsitive . ASMR
Yasssss queens
CaratCake Oy oldin
I love dancing and I wish these professionals critiquing them thought about their own beginning and understood that they've been doing it for years, and these girls just a couple weeks.
Claudia ice skates
Can you guys make “We trained like professional figure skaters for a month” If so thanks!
Sophie Royle
Sophie Royle Oy oldin
Jazzmyne, you always look beautiful. Yes, the others look beautiful in the skinny supermodel way, and they are pretty, but you are gorgeous too. You are funny, and interesting and witty and smart, and you are beautiful. The audience will be looking at you more, but you are the most beautiful and that’s why. The others are skinny and sexy, but you are my definition of beauty and I wish that I could be half as confident and beautiful as you.
Rhea Solomon
Rhea Solomon Oy oldin
Charity Mckitchen
Lol for some reason I want to dance now
Shilo Berg
Shilo Berg Oy oldin
This video made me cry
Hi Hello
Hi Hello Oy oldin
Why did it get so sad all the sudden
Paradise Smith
You girls were amazing!!! Y'all killed it!! Coach's are tough for a reason!! BUILD STRENGTH!! YALL KILLED THAT DAMN DANCE FLOOR Y'ALL PUT IN THE HARD WORK AND THE RESULTS WERE AMAZING!!
Pooja Senthilkumar
my life right now!!!!!!!!!!
silly mango
silly mango Oy oldin
My school does a thing to get back into school and it’s just a week of fun stuff. Anyways it’s little things like metalshop, music, landscape etc. I picked dancing idk why just it’s fun jumping around with friends even though I don’t dance. WELL we had 1 day to learn a dance and the show my entire high school. I’m just gonna fake being sick
city girl art jaimee
I'm 12 and I dance every Saturday and perform in a huge audience you go girl
jaydes corner
jaydes corner Oy oldin
Jazzmyne is so beautiful 😩💕 I’m really proud of her confidence 💖 she probably my favorite female at buzzfeed
Sandra Jurkowska
I wish they tried another genre of dance, with more emotion
Julie Bradshaw
Anyone see that guy at 3:54 that just walked in then right back out lol
Tiah The Unicorn
There are a lot of comments saying how rude they are and it’s not nice and blah blah blah, but if someone’s wants to make it in the industry these comments are gonna happen. Are they the nicest? No, but having someone yelling in your face telling you your not good enough is gonna help if you wanna be the best. You need to be pushed to succeed.
Hi Smith
Hi Smith Oy oldin
All of the dancers in this chat are like “yep.....yep” like if your a dancer! I love dancing and I hope you do to lol I sound like a bratty girl
Anna A.M.
Anna A.M. Oy oldin
Freaking Queens 🔥💕👑
BR May
BR May Oy oldin
buzzfeed do interviews with the dance captins.
Adrie Dembowske
I do point ballet and jazz i understand I'm eleven iv been dancing sense 5
Ashley Xo
Ashley Xo Oy oldin
My friend is a professional dancer and she's only 10 😂 Like when she goes to dance comps she wins ALL THE TIME.
Eva_07 Oy oldin
Did anyone get Brittany Spears vibes in the beginning of the dance???
MariaYoshi Oy oldin
I've been dancing since I was 6 in a room which was so tiny u couldn't do stuff... Learning how to dance in front of a computer watching films ahahah Got maybe total of 2-3 months of lessons and my teachers never were like that, they helped me without judging so harshly, now I learn on my own in the streets where my fav dancing style was born: streetdance. Please do not think all teachers are like that, most are nice!!!
S4phire Oy oldin
This makes me want to dance lol I don't dance or perform
Dani Carias-Flores
hey lmao this isnt my account its my sisters but i can really relate to jazz cause im plus size and dont look like the other dancers in my class but i do acrobatic dancing and im pretty flexible and it gets hard when you have all these perfect girls in a room and then you come in but she really made me feel more confident with myself with this video so thnx jazz ily