Women Train Like Professional Dancers For A Month

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Five women take on the challenge of training like professional dancers for a month under the guidance of choreographer Robert Gilstrap and Beyonce’s backup dancer Jermeel Hewitt.
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Randy Jackson Presents 'America's Best Dance Crew' Season 3 Finale - March 5, 2009
Chris Polk / Getty Images/Getty Images
FOX's 'So You Think You Can Dance' - Season Thirteen FOX / Getty Images Beyonce 'The Formation World Tour' - Closing Night In East Rutherford
Larry Busacca PW / Getty Images/Getty Images
Randy Jackson Presents 'America's Best Dance Crew' - February 24, 2009
Chris Polk / Getty Images/Getty Images
Randy Jackson Presents 'America's Best Dance Crew' - February 24, 2009
Chris Polk / Getty Images/Getty Images
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Janelle DeChancie, 1st AD
Drea Vlaovich, Makeup Artist
Ami Desai, Hair Artist
Christina Gonzalez, Steadicam Op
Matt Miller
Kevin Stiller, DP
Benjamin Disinger, Colorist
Silas Orteza, Editor
Alexa Fung, So You Think You Can Dance competitor
Jermeel Hewitt, Professional Dancer



7-Apr, 2017

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Sarah Bace
Sarah Bace 7 soat oldin
tbh, my dance teachers tell me I'm trash on the daily
maygucci 10 soat oldin
YOU GIRLS KILLED IT YOU WERE SO AMAZING ( i wanna be in a dance clas 😆)
Kika Casanueva
Kika Casanueva 12 soat oldin
Kelsey was ROCKIN' IT, she was so fierce and sexy i loved her performance on stage
Qinory Juseva
Qinory Juseva Kun oldin
You guys are so lucky. I wish I had a chance trained by pro too 😭
Life Light
Life Light Kun oldin
Jermeel and Robert, this is for me
Pink Sparkly Batman
Michelle Williams
My thoughts about Robert I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!!! He is not even trying to make these girls feel better about their own bodies he’s making them feel worse Please no backlash I just really don’t like him but that’s my opinion
amber dawn
amber dawn Kun oldin
woah he fr said "there's a difference between sexy and slutty" that's so grossly misogynistic
TheStine2000 Kun oldin
Kelsey is amazing!
joely Celine
joely Celine Kun oldin
I took dance classes for 3 years and I can tell you it's hard I stopped because I sometimes had panic attacks before class because I thought I was not good enough, not going to fit in, ruining the dance, and that I just couldn't dance. BUT I still miss going to classes, I miss being a part of a team and just dance itself. I love dancing and still do it at home❤️It will always be a part of my life❤️
: D
: D Kun oldin
We all know the star was Eugene saying the booty needs to be on point.
Catharine Kendrick
Catharine Kendrick 2 kun oldin
Does anyone know the song at 8 minutes 05 seconds? ;)
Maddie Moo
Maddie Moo 2 kun oldin
I am a dancer and I agree being a dancer is very hard. when I am in ballet I feel left out because I am short and I am not allowed at the “ tall” bar
Gee Strong
Gee Strong 3 kun oldin
"train as professional dancers" *kicks off when they get treated like professional dancers*
Emø_trash_Quinn 3 kun oldin
As a competition dancer, dance is hard, but you look amazing if you let it lose. Robert was very....well, rude. They should have gone to Kyle.
Master Speller
Master Speller 4 kun oldin
I think this challenge was a great idea, but when it pushed them all to tears, it took it too far. The professionals are taking it too hard on them, and it is frustrating to see such talented and confident women feel so unhappy. But, honestly, that final performance was so, totally perfect! I especially loved Jazzmyne’s perspective in her experience!
Olivia Walter
Olivia Walter 4 kun oldin
they are all so. gorgeous. oh my god.
Yasmin Freire
Yasmin Freire 5 kun oldin
Kelsey !! Who else has seen the 100 baby challenge ?
L *
L * 5 kun oldin
goodness...they were terrible 😨 Sorry
Yvonne Nguyen
Yvonne Nguyen 6 kun oldin
Should have gone to Kyle Hanagami! He doesn't judge people and he isn't mean like that. Robert and Jermeel are to harsh on them!
Yvonne Nguyen
Yvonne Nguyen 6 kun oldin
Should have gone to Kyle Hanagami! He doesn't judge people and he isn't mean like that. Robert and Jermeel are to harsh on them!
Yvonne Nguyen
Yvonne Nguyen 6 kun oldin
Kyle Hanagami is much better and nicer!!!
Jays Place
Jays Place 6 kun oldin
Did anyone else see the man in the background come in and out at 3:54 lmaoooooooo
Laura 6 kun oldin
Really makes me re-think all those kpop groups
Aubrin Shea
Aubrin Shea 8 kun oldin
I’m just going to say. Jazz wasn’t given a flattering outfit like everyone else.
XxGacha JaquesxX
XxGacha JaquesxX 9 kun oldin
Jazzmyne, you did amazing and I don't care if you have long hair, you are still beautiful in my book!
Food 9 kun oldin
Omg I haven’t even realized how many videos Kelsey is in until 100 baby challenge.
Forever Meimei
Forever Meimei 10 kun oldin
People say the trainers are rude, but that is so real and I have experienced way worse than what they got ... just the way it is, and what he says, it’s true! Jazzmyne reminds me of Parris Goebel though, both such GORGEOUS women ❤️
gacha bangtan
gacha bangtan 10 kun oldin
i dont think ashlys here because she a professional
Sara Sadiq
Sara Sadiq 10 kun oldin
Jazzmyne should wear her makeup that way more often. She looked stunning without looking extra, which is kinda hard to achieve with makeup
Slytherin Queen
Slytherin Queen 12 kun oldin
3:54 the biggest nope ever (look at the mirror, the door to be specific)
Morgan Bear
Morgan Bear 13 kun oldin
that guy dances for ANTHONY BURRELL(sry if spelled last name wrong) where are my dance moms fans at?!
Tiny Pineapple
Tiny Pineapple 13 kun oldin
Were are my tap dancers at😃
Positively Udo
Positively Udo 13 kun oldin
The first song was supposed to be Ciara’s “Get Up” and the third song is supposed to be Beyoncé
Kenzie & Emily
Kenzie & Emily 13 kun oldin
Jazz is beautiful,she shouldn’t feel like that. She is so beautiful and is so amazing she reminds me of my cousin. Both of you are so amazing and beautiful!! ❤️
Annalies Marsh
Annalies Marsh 14 kun oldin
The blond hair with the jacket always tied around her waist looks like she got the hang of it quickly at the beggining
Leolivia 14 kun oldin
Jeez, as a dancer/gymnast that teacher and Jameel said some really sketchy things.
Sara Shelton
Sara Shelton 14 kun oldin
Bruh, y they crying
Alexandra Grozea
Alexandra Grozea 14 kun oldin
They. Killed. It!!!👏👏
Rachel Wolf
Rachel Wolf 16 kun oldin
I used to be in dance (for three years.), but that was two years ago. After, I went to karate. My first two years I did kick dancing, and the last year I did hiphop (which was my favorite.). Overall, I had a *GREAT* time in dance, but I don't want to go back; atleast not right now.
Kelli Helmer
Kelli Helmer 16 kun oldin
As someone who does dance, dance coaches have to be harsh because that's how you improve. But I agree, those coaches were too harsh. You have to draw the line when you start critiquing women's bodies that's just not right.
Muhammad Mikhail
Muhammad Mikhail 17 kun oldin
how is she that huge
Sarah Divina
Sarah Divina 17 kun oldin
As a plus sized dancer I really understand Jazz’s struggle it’s Hard to make sure that you stand out in a good way and I don’t think the guy was being rude when he told Jasmine that when your body type is different you have to go all out because it’s very true you just have to be confident in yourself and have fun
Samantha Reed
Samantha Reed 18 kun oldin
It’s funny how they just glazed over the fact that Jazz walked idly as everyone else got to walk across the stage and pull a move. Maybe Jazz couldn’t do a flip or splits, but she got hips she can work, so why? Also, Michelle’s braid looked great on her, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like maybe a pony tail that she could flip around would look better. Again, it’s not her looks at all, it’s the fact that the braid just looked like a long rope flailing around her head.
Ana Cardenas
Ana Cardenas 18 kun oldin
thecreepz 18 kun oldin
I really hated this video. It was so pessimistic and forced and the editing was way too fast, why was this so fast? Yall couldnt stretch this out to a longer video like Ashley’s? This was a flop, guys
Kristel _
Kristel _ 18 kun oldin
This looks like a documentary for a koop star
Brighton Johnston
Brighton Johnston 19 kun oldin
At 3:54 you can see in the mirror a guy walks in and back out😂🤣
Ava_iknowimcringy Jj
Robert seemed so nice then something happend
Mj Parks
Mj Parks 22 kun oldin
That coach was so harsh. I have done three forms of martial arts and I know it's not the same but when you have a Sensei or in their case a coach who is so harsh and puts you down with their words. It can be really hard. When you're in martial arts you need to get the moves right, especially in self defense because if you don't get them right in class you train yourself to not get it right out in the real world. And when you don't train confidently then you won't perform confidently. When you train, you should train how you want to perform. ❤️ and you guys trained so amazingly. You guys did so good, I could never do what you guys did.
*lost girl*
*lost girl* 23 kun oldin
Cindy Kelly
Cindy Kelly 23 kun oldin
Cheelyn Wang
Cheelyn Wang 24 kun oldin
I still cant belie that kelsea is single
Megan Jones
Megan Jones 25 kun oldin
At the start I was like SLAAAAAY KELSEY!!!!
yueᅵmoon 26 kun oldin
the choregraphy wasn't the best, i think ashley's coach did a better job
TherapyCat 26 kun oldin
I love how Keith hyped the girls up
studentamyryan 27 kun oldin
Yesssss Jazzmyne! HAWT!
Okay . . .
Okay . . . 27 kun oldin
Shaneluvshuskies 28 kun oldin
5:12 music?
Big Guy Little Girl
Big Guy Little Girl 28 kun oldin
Same. To everything you said.
Fern Fore
Fern Fore 29 kun oldin
I saw keith, so i clicked.
Subrina yesmin
Subrina yesmin 29 kun oldin
First it was ashley for 30 days, and now a month? I dont think ive been inspired this much before, if that even makes sense.
Alyssa Burkhalter
they were so mean
Esther Unicornlover123
elarna- louise antonio
Who expected Eugene to say anything else
Daria Strezova
This looks like an actual dance show, dance mums r quaking
Chika Dunga
Chika Dunga Oy oldin
skips to the performance
eden oliver
eden oliver Oy oldin
It is hard dancing....
Ariel King
Ariel King Oy oldin
The royalty free music they danced to was pretty anti-climactic for me.
a sister was shaken
Girl they got way to stressed for no reason lol
I eat a lot of donuts
Jazzmyne you're perfect just the way you are ☺️
Bangtan Bananas
Who is Ashley?
tatum greener
tatum greener Oy oldin
You are all perfect, and you all did amazing😀
Amariah Murphy
Lindsay looks so different in this one compared, to now that she cut her hair
Mia Taylor
Mia Taylor Oy oldin
You ladies did a great job.
Pity Circle
Pity Circle Oy oldin
Tbh helps me cope like nothing else does, it gets me thru the week knowing that i‘ll be going to dance class. It helps me with my depression and tbh i am so so in love w dancing i‘m glad i found my passion. I hope everyone gets to find their passion ♡
Anna Epler
Anna Epler Oy oldin
Im just saying....they still probably don’t get how hard it is....and they were being a touch too dramatic like when you’re actually a dancer the pressure is a lot bigger....where my fellow ballet dancers at 💖💃
Barbie 安猿ヘ
I want to be a dancer but my parents said it's too late for me to be one, that I'm too old for it now (yeah right, I'm only 15)because I'm an artist and also I'm losing interest in art and I wanna try something new, but never mind then.
Barbie 安猿ヘ
Barbie 安猿ヘ 25 kun oldin
+Rosé Sssi Yeah, thank you x
Rosé Sssi
Rosé Sssi 25 kun oldin
Barbie 安猿ヘ no it is NEVER too late if you really want to do it and your parent are the ones stopping you then in my opinion that’s not very good parenting everyone should be able to do ANYTHING they really want to do 💕
tabi violet
tabi violet Oy oldin
i left my last studio because they were so toxic and never encouraging. i’d walk in class shaking because the teachers were terrifying. at my new studio, i’ve never been yelled at, or hit, i haven’t pulled a muscle, and i don’t leave crying. these choreographers are going so hard on them, but encouragement is so important
Kaylee Taveras
I did not like the choreographer. No I didn't like him I HATED HIM!!!!!!! He didn't give the girls encouragement he told them off he called them babies. At one point he made one of the girls think that they were too different for the dance because of their outer structure. In the first part of the video they were crying or stressed because he made it sound like their dancing was horrible. Changes he needs to make.
ebony __________h
I am a dancer and I look up to you guys and your confidence igo out in leotards and some tights and I am so self contious and I love how confident you guys you r
t Oy oldin
unlike the "learning how to dance in 30 days" video, these girls are training like /professional/ dancers. i'm no dancer, but i don't think people should get too mad at their coach here. idk, he may have even been on the nicer side. the girls did amazing though. i'm glad to see they're a lot more happy and confident with themselves.
Tamsin Blewden
They killed it!!
Min So Ji
Min So Ji Oy oldin
Robert wasn't being rude, he was pointing out their problems and insecurities with dancing. I know how it feels because I have been learning dancing for a year now and it's hard but if you trust yourself and push through your limits you can do it!
Allison Pack
Allison Pack Oy oldin
I wish they did another dance group!! This was so goooooood 😭
E I E I O Oy oldin
I didn’t see any basic training like in Ashley’s video. The basic training was good because Ashley actually learned how to do more then one dance and learned the moves and HOW to dance💃🏼 because of it. No hate. Not the girls fault. It’s Roberts Fault. He was terrible and didn’t encourage the girl enough. They did FANTASTIC AMAZING SO AWESOME! But could have done better with Kyle who helped Ashley through everything. Love the girls they were awesome! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Aline Renaud
Aline Renaud Oy oldin
gabrielle rancourt
Jazmine was talking about how she was with skinny and long haired girls and i mean i get it but like she can lose some weight its not that hard and she was the one decided to chop it off
yo yo
yo yo Oy oldin
When Kelsy was crying in the intro I just screamed "ITS NOT THAT HARD"
yo yo
yo yo Oy oldin
Btw I am a dancer
It's Jowke
It's Jowke Oy oldin
Kelsey should have told them what to expect when you are treated as someone paid to dance, there is a reason kpop stars dance perfectly on stage:they do this and end up with the perfect lives we all see on youtube, they train for years and get used to it.
S_afhz Oy oldin
try a full month of hip hop
Vamp Akime
Vamp Akime Oy oldin
I feel like they were trying to "hide" Jazz... But my eyes were on her the whole time. She was great as well as all the other women!! Great job!!
Cíara Twomey
Cíara Twomey Oy oldin
I’m an Irish dancer, and it is hard. I struggle with body confidence I’m full of insecurities. And I’m always being critiqued. It’s really hard 🤕
Medina Hadziefendic
Jazzmyne you are beautiful and the other girls that Coach is ruuuuuude
Garnteerar Sherman
They would have florished with ashly's coach , he is not the nicest Edit : I mean jermeal in this one
skskskksksks skskskksksks
Everyone is saying how the dance coaches were rude but that’s just how the entertainment industry works. You need to know your flaws and your mistakes and fix them if you want to come out on top and be successful. And that’s why the coach’s are there, to let you know what your doing wrong and help you fix it.
Heaven Harris
Heaven Harris Oy oldin
Jordan was me before a test when she said I just realized like it just hit me
Melissa Boussaroque
They trained three times a week as grown adults I'm 12 and I dance 14-15 times a week not including competition and performances
Grace Oy oldin
all my fellow dancers like '...yep this is all completely normal'.
mermaid world
mermaid world Oy oldin
I am a dancerr !!!!
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