Women Try Cheap Vs. Expensive Lipstick

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These lips don't lie.
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Happy Dancing
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1-Yan, 2017



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eaglegrad 16
eaglegrad 16 6 soat oldin
Wet Wild lipstick is 0.99 cent junk. The tube breaks after only 2-3 applications.
xoxo 87
xoxo 87 4 kun oldin
I love mac
Ninja 101
Ninja 101 Oy oldin
Jennie Mackay
Jennie Mackay 17 kun oldin
Ninja 101 ikr
KEE KEE Oy oldin
Me: *realises that i bought mac golden lipstick for 25 bucks* ooh.
Baekhyun Privé
Omg that gorgeous lady of colour talks like Michelle Obama
Holo ;3
Holo ;3 2 oy oldin
tbh all my lipsticks are drugstore. The expensive ones most of the time is good but some of them are just .... i personally think drugstore is *bae*
siobhan marie
siobhan marie 2 oy oldin
Jazz! Where's your suit from? It's gorgeous!
Kailynn Peugh
Kailynn Peugh 2 oy oldin
I thought it said 100 vs 55 dollar lipsticks and I thought me and as is have very different definitions of cheap
Elsie The Equestrian
*Jazzmyne looks like an old lady oops*
cybercats 3 oy oldin
I own mostly wetnwild and even daiso brand (except for my foundation thats at least mabelline) 😂
Kalei Alameida
Kalei Alameida 3 oy oldin
I don’t wear makeup but I like to wear lipstick
drea smith
drea smith 3 oy oldin
Isn’t she fro David’s vlogs?
That Random girl
That Random girl 3 oy oldin
Lol look at the cup at 3:27
Marjo IsKlein
Marjo IsKlein 4 oy oldin
55:00 is ffin expensive to me lol
Attri Apoorva
Attri Apoorva 4 oy oldin
Only matte collection of Mac is worth spending this much money but for amplified and other don’t stay Wet n wild are really worth buying like some of there shades are dupe of Mac and performance wise wet n wild wins 😃
Tom Bruhl
Tom Bruhl 5 oy oldin
1:12 her face 😂😂😂
gussie mehler
gussie mehler 5 oy oldin
The most expensive lipstick I bought was kat Von D matte lipsticks for $20 and it’s pretty good
Orange Julius
Orange Julius 6 oy oldin
The white girls(sorry I don't know her name) voice is annoying asf😥🤐🤐
Navya G
Navya G 6 oy oldin
i have the wet in wild lipstick it is great
Abigail Redding
Abigail Redding 6 oy oldin
I actually have that wet n wild lipstick
shweta jade
shweta jade 6 oy oldin
Jazz's outfit is amazing
Tom Bruhl
Tom Bruhl 5 oy oldin
Suniya Kazmi
Suniya Kazmi 7 oy oldin
it starts at 00;45
Andrea Tavarez
Andrea Tavarez 8 oy oldin
None of the high-end ones had as much pigmentation as the wet and wild one.
Eli Blodgett
Eli Blodgett 8 oy oldin
i need that JACKET, jaz
Libby Kay
Libby Kay 8 oy oldin
Is that “OOOH HE GOT THE MONIES” girl? The comedian lady?
Cute Pink〈3
Cute Pink〈3 8 oy oldin
Good in between would be Sephora lipsticks.
sunflσwєr kíss
3:28 lipstick marks on the cups 😂😂😂
They spent $220 on the tom ford ones lol
SarahAnnRose23 9 oy oldin
If I'm going for lipstick, it's almost always Kat Von D. Urban Decay's Vice collection is also really nice. Every once in a while I'll spring for a MAC lipstick if I really like the color. But KVD has been a staple for for the last 5 years.
animulover 17
animulover 17 9 oy oldin
Chick:it's like a good chemical....everyone: BLEACH
DARK WINE IS MY COLOR!!!!! love it
Madeline Couchie
Madeline Couchie 9 oy oldin
HA oml I’m 12 and going in the 8th grade and just bought a bunch of wet n wild so I was cracking up when y’all where saying memories to 12 xD LOL plus I have dark wine to lol
stayhyung 9 oy oldin
The first lipstick matched jazzs outfit
MinYoongi_ LilBean
I have a wet n wild eyeshadow palette
Roxana R
Roxana R 10 oy oldin
Omg they twining at 1:18 the faces :o
Rachel Wolf
Rachel Wolf 10 oy oldin
Tbh i like her better bald
Server Girl
Server Girl 10 oy oldin
The worth it of makeup
Katie Johansson
Katie Johansson 10 oy oldin
But what shade of MAC lipstick did they try?!
ugly TM
ugly TM 10 oy oldin
Wet N Wild is so underrated. Most of their products are great. Especially the highlighters, theyre blinding!
Meliodas is life Also an anime freak
She don't like it
eagelskater 10 oy oldin
if your a nervous tick lip gnawer then you dont wear stuff on your lips because otherwise its ruined in 20 seconds if that. im very bad at my tick so my lips looking like they have a red lip stain on is common but im actually sucking or biting my lip for long periods of time. my favorite question people ask me is why my nails look painfully short. the answer is genetic trait where my nails grow out but can be sharp as a blade. its not fun to lightly scratch the back of your leg with a toe nail only to feel liquid in your shoes 10 seconds later a look down to see the back of your leg covered in blood or your arm i have scars from it. so yes short asf nails and no lip stuff. besides i like burying my face into my dogs fur and you dont do that in make up.
• daisy •
• daisy • 11 oy oldin
Buzz feed? I thought that was the ‘Makeup Hater’ in your fenty beauty video.
Miss Anthrope
Miss Anthrope 11 oy oldin
Wnw dark wine is one of my favorites. It's very wearable and flattering but you definitely need liner with it.
Lillian Phelps
Lillian Phelps 11 oy oldin
I thought the thumbnail said 1000 dollers
YOI and Voltron Trash
Wet n' Wild brings nostalgia,to me.
Cruella Mo
Cruella Mo 11 oy oldin
Do they get to keep the lipsticks ?
MadMaxxxi Yil oldin
My staple lipstick is all of NYX matte lips. They’re so perfect and affordable.
Adjewa Adjei
Adjewa Adjei Yil oldin
Quentia is too funny 😂 “I could be the richest thing walking around these here United States of America and I still don’t think I would pay $55 for in tea 😂 lipstick”
Adjewa Adjei
Adjewa Adjei Yil oldin
I’m with Quentia if that’s all I wear I’m getting that lipstick ‼️
November Wilson
November Wilson Yil oldin
I love Tom Ford!!!🤨
marilyn carson
marilyn carson Yil oldin
That Wet n wild lipstick is still way better than most lipsticks we have here 😩
Dank memes 234456
Omg that's the girl that says " A large" HES GOT MONEYY MONEYYY😂💀
Desirea Reveles
Desirea Reveles Yil oldin
Mac still test on bunnys
David Yil oldin
Jasmine: This color ages me Me: No, that facial hair does. Maybe see someone about an electrolysis appointment.
kwaiky Yil oldin
wet and wild lipsticks are literally perfect if you're on a budget, you just need a good lip liner for some of em to make sure they don't bleed and you're good to go.
Leia Dolan
Leia Dolan Yil oldin
I wish people knew that we girls wear makeup for ART not for "impressing boys" : /
Autumn Dale
Autumn Dale Yil oldin
I love wet n wild lipstick 💄
Kim Wade
Kim Wade Yil oldin
I'm always were lipstick everyday I'm wearing lipstick right now
Volleyball player From Minnesota
I have the Same Color from Wet and Wild⚡️ i feel special ❤️
Hannah Greybe
Hannah Greybe Yil oldin
zigzag722 Yil oldin
Can as/is please try to only test out cruelty free products
em Yil oldin
i have that first lipstick and it's gr8 for a dollar
Hannah J
Hannah J Yil oldin
I love lipstick, I wear it everyday I don't feel complete without it. THE STORY OF MY LIFE!!!!!
Grace Aunquoe
Grace Aunquoe Yil oldin
People are all like oh this is what I (makeup) wore in 8th grade or this stuff reminds me of 8th grade and I’m like “ I am in 8th grade and I wear no makeup at all”
Olivia Faiyaz
Olivia Faiyaz Yil oldin
Well I pay 100€ for 1lipstick
Katie with Puppies
Bruh I use the wet and wild mascara
Valerie Park
Valerie Park Yil oldin
You can get the wet n wild for 25 cents per lipstick. That’s a dollar for four lipsticks.
Sleepy Grandma
Sleepy Grandma Yil oldin
I love lipsticks and I have like 20 high end lipsticks, but I usually wear drugstore lipsticks on a daily basis and my roomies always say the drugstore ones look exactly the same as the 40 dollar ones. Honestly, I don't think lipsticks worth that much money if you just wanna some nice color on your lips. But some name brands do have some pretty unique shades
Madi Auman
Madi Auman Yil oldin
I have a huge makeup bag and half is expensive makeup and the other half is makeup from like the Dollar store or walmart
Allie Yil oldin
"i could be the richest thing walkin' 'round these here united states of america"
theshevirgo Yil oldin
I buy a combination of cheap and mid tier makeup with most high end makeup being sample/travel sizes. My most expensive ultimate fav lipstick retails at $26. Most expensive item is usually my foundation.
W1tch B1tch
W1tch B1tch Yil oldin
Wet and wild is definitely my favorite for things that I use a lot that I don’t really need too quality for, like pencil liner for my water line
Dinah Jauregui
Dinah Jauregui Yil oldin
2:46 had me dead 😂
Basically Pearl
Basically Pearl Yil oldin
Alex Mawe Mc Carthy
After a while with the Tom Ford you can’t line your lips because it will be flat
Jordan Thompson
Jordan Thompson Yil oldin
Resource processing supporter wipe elementary adult something library economic sense Olympics
Zara Marie
Zara Marie Yil oldin
even if i had the money to buy tom ford or mac i wouldn't. $55 and $25 for lipstick is ridiculous. i'll stick to wet n wild and colourpop lmao
Tessa Ast
Tessa Ast Yil oldin
Sometimes things that are expensive......are worse.
Abby Elizabeth
Abby Elizabeth Yil oldin
Do "Women Wear $1,000 of makeup for a day"
Joy ce
Joy ce Yil oldin
Cold shoulder girls vocal fry is atrocious to listen to.
inkypxrchment Yil oldin
I love Wet and Wild lipsticks.
Karen Ly
Karen Ly Yil oldin
Havent try wet n wild lipstick keen to try it and aslo love mac stick but expensive
KT Rose
KT Rose Yil oldin
Can you do a video on testing flavoured lip glosses?
1:41 it fells really naice
Maria 101
Maria 101 Yil oldin
I feel like people only buy Tom Ford because it's designer. Mac I'd as good as it's going to get when it comes to nudes, pinks and reds.
Happy Boii
Happy Boii Yil oldin
0:05 um........ok
awkward nerd
awkward nerd Yil oldin
Ily Jazz ❤❤
Tiffany Jayda Mcmanus
I hate when people buy expensive makeup just because of the brand
strawberrida Yil oldin
Esme Gutierrez
Esme Gutierrez Yil oldin
You should buy wish lipstick
Jessica With Charlie
I bought a 3£ lipstick it worked so well
Kelsey Allison
Kelsey Allison Yil oldin
Some might say it’s WORTH IT.
Kim Smallwood
Kim Smallwood Yil oldin
"for special occasions and when I don't wash my hair" PREACH
Little Piggy
Little Piggy Yil oldin
She said that she wouldn't buy it even if she was the richest women in America but if she actually was she would be using lipsticks that are 1000 dollers
Jessica Long
Jessica Long Yil oldin
2:19 since I'm really into my nails and the nail art and nail care her comment was totally me holding anything lol like wow this would be a cool magazine ad cause this totally matches my nails 😂
It's Kayla
It's Kayla Yil oldin
1:13-1:16 what was Quinta doing 😂
Mary Sherman
Mary Sherman Yil oldin
The face Quinta made at 1:13 killed me
I've used Wet 'n Wild but on me the colors sometimes come out in shades that are cheap & gaudy. They change from when first applied. Must be my chemistry reacting to something.
Phoebe Joe Bell
Phoebe Joe Bell Yil oldin
Quinta at 1:16 ME
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