Women Try Drugstore Makeup For A Week • Ladylike

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Chantel loves dupes.
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17-Iyl, 2016




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Trouve Cetto
Trouve Cetto Kun oldin
"Drugstore make up is not as cheap as you think." Uh, duh
Jocelyn Rivera
Jocelyn Rivera 3 kun oldin
So is As/ Is just a YT channel that steals other people’s content?
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee 4 kun oldin
I love ladylike but Chantel saying she felt "ashamed" all week was crude. I'm 32 and only use drugstore makeup I love it and because that's my budget. This video was in bad taste, as I imagine most viewers are in the same boat I am.
Kai Baker
Kai Baker 5 kun oldin
Kristin is soooo annoying
Laiba Hussain
Laiba Hussain 6 kun oldin
Kristin: *I AM NOT PINK!* Me:........... Really?
Jessica Collins
Jessica Collins 8 kun oldin
My husband would die if I spent 400 dollars on makeup for 6-7 items!
Wolfy Junior
Wolfy Junior 8 kun oldin
Pray for me... my tablet is at 2% 😢
Ester Rani
Ester Rani 9 kun oldin
You wear high end makeup but still look like that?shocking 😏
lorde_habe_mercy 12 kun oldin
I'm not pink....whaa
Alanys Calzada
Alanys Calzada 12 kun oldin
i wear drugstore makeup every single day and it looks amazing. i thinks it’s wearable and perfect. i love ladylike videos but this video isn’t it. not everyone can afford high end products and we use drugstore makeup which is just as good believe me you just have to find the right products. i’m currently on my way to become a professional makeup artist and the majority of the products we use are from the drugstore because not only is it cheap but it is really good (again you just have to find the right products) it works extremely well for us. this video was just a bit over dramatic
Hannah Borbely Kubina
I only use drugstore makeup and all from bargains. Lol
Cookiegirl158 13 kun oldin
They are acting like they bought it from some dude off a street 😂
Natalia Dunyak
Natalia Dunyak 14 kun oldin
Wearing drug store makeup is not a big deal. This would have been a real struggle if they did full faces of dollar store makeup.
Aly J
Aly J 16 kun oldin
So no ones gonna talk about the fact that none of them even look like they wear makeup? Or properly, for that matter. So why do any of them bother with the expensive stuff lmao
Elisa karich
Elisa karich 20 kun oldin
Clarissa Hazel
Clarissa Hazel 21 kun oldin
Chantelle practically only used drugstore makeup to begin with ! Her foundation was loreal and physicians formula 😑
Bea Joe
Bea Joe 21 kun oldin
All my makeup is 17$...
Olivia Caroline
Olivia Caroline 21 kun oldin
I’m extremely pale and drugstore foundation is always too dark! And even if it looks ok while I’m applying it it always oxidizes orange
Olivia Caroline
Olivia Caroline 21 kun oldin
There are certain products that can easily be duped by drugstore products and there are other things that are better high end.
아만다Amanda 24 kun oldin
Drugstore makeup is hard to find but in e you find something you really like *you never stop using it!*
crystal walton
crystal walton 24 kun oldin
That eyeliner that kristen got is my absolute favorite
Gracie Cox
Gracie Cox 25 kun oldin
BuzzFeed thinks they are so high in when they use phones as vlogging cameras 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
B3fore 27
B3fore 27 26 kun oldin
a week? excuse me all my makeup comes from walgreens and dollar tree!!
Everything lotr
Did you mean: *wearing normal makeup for a week*
Ekundert1300 Oy oldin
Honestly I understand people being upset that they only use high end.....I have never used any high end products but would I if I could afford it? YES!! It is healthier for your skin, some products can damage your tone, create blemishes with the fillers that are in it, or burn/scar your face. Going cheap isn’t always the best and going high end for everything is super extra, I think a healthy balance of both for what works best on your skin is what everyone should strive for....
cybercats Oy oldin
I mean i can afford anything but drugstore makeup 😓
Maria Ela Yorukoglu
How do they pay their rent and all the other bills but are still able to throw money on makeup like its so cheap 😂😂😂😂
ronnie. og
ronnie. og Oy oldin
Chantel is like "I love a good dupe" but doesn't even know the first rule of dupe finding which is to Google It!!
Carlie Cuff
Carlie Cuff Oy oldin
Kristen! I loved that lip color on you!
keymeko95 Oy oldin
Lots of people offended by this video. As a person who uses I mixture of drugstore and high end I totally related to this video but also though they should have done some research in prep for it. If you have a high end foundation look at the ingredients and then compare to the drugstore one to ensure that you arent putting anything to different on your skin. Because you can swatch drugstore makeup it is so hard to find your shade especially if you are a POC. So lots of trial and error. Some drugstore makeup is pretty expensive and one of the gals mentioned it. Overall since they only tried what they picked they really cant speak to drugstore makeup as a whole because there are some pretty great dupes but it is a lot of research to find them
Caerwynn Wark
Caerwynn Wark Oy oldin
1:15 "Im not pink" Are you sure about that?
Jeanne Lin
Jeanne Lin Oy oldin
If you know what you’re doing then it doesn’t matter if your makeup is high end or drugstore. Do your research before buying something
Melanie Baden
Melanie Baden Oy oldin
How can the expect to have good results when they dont even use good drugstore products
trezzia Oy oldin
Im a bit abstain in this matter of case because for me skincare and complexion products should be selected very carefuly and drugstore makeup cant give u any sample or swatches. But I found myself liking drugstore lipstick, mascara and eyeliner. They aren't exquisite but for daily makeup, it's acceptable. But for skincare, I stick to a high end brand because good skin will result a good look. So yea
Dot Sy
Dot Sy Oy oldin
Her eyebrows are always horrible
All I have is drugstore makeup
maryelizabeth728 and Casper
My life is a money garbage disposal 😂
Dark Angel
Dark Angel Oy oldin
I only use drugstore makeup and I think it’s actually really good. I don’t think I would swap because the drugstore products are good enough for me, and it’s really not worth it to spend a lot of money on high end makeup when I only use a couple products. Honestly they just need to actively look for products that work better for their certain skin concerns. No hate though, use whatever makeup you want!
Flipping Talia
I use masterfix makeup setter to set my makeup for dance shows
Kusum Oy oldin
All these drugstore makeup products are actually expensive in India. -_-
Joyce Levins
Joyce Levins Oy oldin
I know where to find $1 roller makeup that's not that bad
Meghan Kelly
Meghan Kelly Oy oldin
i’m like 2 years late but like idk where y’all are getting those prices, there’s no way that cost over $80 😂
Matilda Lundgren
The mascara Chantel picked out is my fave, drugstore mascara is da shitz!
Jasmine Roy
Jasmine Roy 2 oy oldin
I love drugstore makeup! Mine lasts all day!
M G 2 oy oldin
I’m just glad Freddie my favorite wasn’t snubbing her nose at Drug store makeup because I would be so disappointed. Worse video from them and their uppity behinds.
ProxUrAimz 2 oy oldin
People are paying hundreds of $ for some dirt and are being all snobbery about it... I'm amazed... Like where is all that talk about women empowerment and busting standarts of beauty? Make up is a scam and y'all so proud for falling for it xD
lynlovescake 2 oy oldin
This is why I love Saf so much. She always gave things a fair chance and was always honest lol. Ladylike was never really the same without her
lynlovescake 2 oy oldin
I mix what i use. Face stuff high end. Eye stuff mixed. Lips recently have been drug store cuz I rediscovered my love for the color whispers and im playing around with the disney designer collection
I always have to get my makeup from America whenever I visit because In my country we have no high end makeup, no sephora, nothing, just some crappy maybeline or L'Oréal if I'm super lucky, plus there'd be sold for twice the orginal price.
X O 2 oy oldin
Kristen has a pink undertone tho
X O 2 oy oldin
I do this 52 weeks every year
Normal Is For Robots...
in drugstores in England like Boots and Superdrug, everything has testers so it's not like buying a lottery ticket
Rhielle Everet
Rhielle Everet 2 oy oldin
“It’s like an oil spill on my face... and ALL the penguins died”
Miriam Fease
Miriam Fease 2 oy oldin
1:16 are you sure Kristen?
Jazzmin Maspero
Jazzmin Maspero 2 oy oldin
I’ve spent soooo much money on makeup!! Im rouge at Sephora as well 🧛🏼‍♀️
purplecatlover1825 randompizza
Lol my makeup consists of stolen makeup from my sister Target and Walmart makeup
Yulissa Canela
Yulissa Canela 3 oy oldin
The only expensive thing in my makeup bag is my foundation the rest is drugstore yet maybelline is highend drugstore to me
Alice Mills
Alice Mills 3 oy oldin
All I wear is drugstore
slimeggoz 3 oy oldin
did she just say “pink” as “pank”
Diana Cuartas
Diana Cuartas 3 oy oldin
Drugstore is expensive for me. I go to dollar tree for my makeup and it isn’t even that bad imo.
i only wear drug store makeup?? just the thought of walking into a fancy make up store makes me nervous. just need the basics tbh
In the now
In the now 3 oy oldin
Wow. I have never before felt so alienated by a Ladylike/As/Is/Buzzfeed video. It amazes me that they'd produce and publish such a tone-deaf video. Couldn't they see how offensive it is to do a "Oh, no! I have wear the 'poor people' make-up for a whole week! How will I survive?!" challenge? Can't they see how entitled and elitist they come across in this video? Props to Freddie for not participating in this "let's go slumming at the drugstore like the working-class people do" fiasco.
Sawyer Alisen
Sawyer Alisen 3 oy oldin
Low to lower middle class people have left the chat
Sawyer Alisen
Sawyer Alisen 3 oy oldin
She is red
hot tea
hot tea 3 oy oldin
i gotta admit, the maybeline fit me foundation is really nice for me. i have sensitive skin and acne.
Matilda Muller
Matilda Muller 3 oy oldin
I'm curious as to how many actually buy the expensive crap as oppose to everyone I know who buys drugstore all the time and actually has a brain.
Veronika I
Veronika I 3 oy oldin
Anything you buy at a drug store you can return!! Same policy as any make up store. If u do t like it take it back
Amanda Gardner
Amanda Gardner 3 oy oldin
Lmao physician's formula is my expensive makeup aaaand it looks great :) 😛
Bry Isch
Bry Isch 3 oy oldin
1) Milani baked blush 2) physicians formula butter bronzer 3) maybelline super stay matte foundation 4) L’Oréal eyebrow pomade Real technique brushes and sponges 5) L’Oréal telescope mascara
Kinsey Taylor
Kinsey Taylor 3 oy oldin
Saf is back!
Kira P
Kira P 2 oy oldin
Kinsey Taylor the video was years ago
Gamergirl101 3 oy oldin
I have the matte square lip that saf has its nice
Ava Hannah
Ava Hannah 3 oy oldin
There acting like it’s bad to have drugstore makeup
vickanhp8 4 oy oldin
Girl you are pink
Nuri Sakina Suharto
Make up snobs 😑
Eleanor Castledine
Literally all drugstores have testers you can use to swatch
The fact American drugstores don't have testers is so weird. In the UK the only makeup with no testers is like the cheapest £1 store makeup. Normal drugstore brands like Loreal, Rimmel, etc. all have testers.
Pangkou Lee
Pangkou Lee Oy oldin
I wish we had testers. Otherwise it's like a hit and miss when we buy it. 😢
ChaoticDoll 2 oy oldin
Exactly! It would be horrible doing drugstore shopping in america considering they have no testers. I've seen some drugstore brands here in the uk have testers just for an entire eyeshadow palette and powder blushes as well.
Beauticorns Love
Beauticorns Love 4 oy oldin
4:58 Pennywise?
While I'm here cringing about spending more than $8 on mascara 😖
Lara Cahow
Lara Cahow 4 oy oldin
Rich people problems.....
Pangkou Lee
Pangkou Lee 4 oy oldin
to be honest, it doesn't matter how much makeup costs. what matters is HOW you apply it. Or get what works for you. You are the artist. Your face is the paper. I knew someone who bought high end makeup, but it didn't look very nice on her. And she was very upset that I was able to look nice with just my drugstore makeup. Don't judge a book by its cover. Same thing with clothes. You could buy things for less, and still look bomb. You control on how you want your tools to work for you. 😘It's like art.
Emma Branham
Emma Branham 4 oy oldin
I have the Vivid Matte Liquid lipstick and Its really good. And It smells amazing
Neha Bhatt
Neha Bhatt 5 oy oldin
I can't even afford most of the drugstore makeup, as they are still too costly here in my country, be it loreal, nyx, they are high brand makeup to me. I can afford Maybelline. I guess I have most of the product of Maybelline only. It is the branded makeup for me, and I really need to save before I buy from Maybelline .
Kitten Bum
Kitten Bum 5 oy oldin
When your so cheap that you think drugstore makeup is expensive I Literally buy most of my makeup from primark lol
Pangkou Lee
Pangkou Lee Oy oldin
I love Primark! I don't know if we have that kind of store in the U. S....
Lolly Holmes
Lolly Holmes 5 oy oldin
Anyone else still using drugstore makeup, not because you like it but because it is literally the only thing you can afford? And that's not saying much because drugstore makeup is hella expensive for me personally. I like this video so much less than some of the other ones I've watched because it kinda feels like they've taken what I can afford and I do my best with and have slated it. Seriously guys, you're way better than that.
Ava 5 oy oldin
no Sephoras here only Ulta
M Greenwood
M Greenwood 5 oy oldin
Um....you can return drugstore makeup
can you say “spoiled brats” ?
Thicc Nipples
Thicc Nipples 5 oy oldin
When you realize that the makeup you usually use is considered “cheap”
Sam Rakita
Sam Rakita 5 oy oldin
Oh man, all my make up is from walmart and CVS, what can I say, I'm a cheap dude
Anna Thot
Anna Thot 5 oy oldin
In my drugstore we can swatch anything
Haley Holland
Haley Holland 5 oy oldin
I swear by elf eyeliner and drugstore brow products
Miraculous Ladybug
I feel like drugstores have some okay stuff
Milly Croney
Milly Croney 5 oy oldin
I don’t have to deal with not being able to swatch stuff before I buy because superdrug is amazing and has testers
Regan Matthews
Regan Matthews 5 oy oldin
They do know that if drugstore makeup doesn’t work for you, most of them have really good return policies, right?
Sam's Spectacle
Sam's Spectacle 5 oy oldin
Lol when your using a phone and you put the video down so you can look at other vids all it says is women try drugs😂😂😂
Regina Grant
Regina Grant 5 oy oldin
Can ladylike try to make their makeup bag cruelty free for a week? See how hard/affordable it is to switch all of their products?
jaclyn camacho
jaclyn camacho 5 oy oldin
I love drugstore makeup
grosskenny 6 oy oldin
canadian drugstores have testers- or at least the ones i've been to. also, i can barely afford drugstore makeup pls
CrazyBaconLover 6 oy oldin
Can anyone tell me what eyeliner Chantel said worked well and had the thickness of a marker?
Maddie Sullivan
Maddie Sullivan 6 oy oldin
I don't make a lot of money, so I usually stick to drugstore make up. Plus a lot of high end make up companies test on animals.
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