Women Try Drugstore Makeup For A Week • Ladylike

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Chantel loves dupes.
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17-Iyl, 2016




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EilsTheDaydreamer 6 kun oldin
The fact American drugstores don't have testers is so weird. In the UK the only makeup with no testers is like the cheapest £1 store makeup. Normal drugstore brands like Loreal, Rimmel, etc. all have testers.
Baby Emo Unicorns
Baby Emo Unicorns 7 kun oldin
4:58 Pennywise?
While I'm here cringing about spending more than $8 on mascara 😖
Lara Cahow
Lara Cahow 11 kun oldin
Rich people problems.....
Pangkou Lee
Pangkou Lee 20 kun oldin
to be honest, it doesn't matter how much makeup costs. what matters is HOW you apply it. Or get what works for you. You are the artist. Your face is the paper. I knew someone who bought high end makeup, but it didn't look very nice on her. And she was very upset that I was able to look nice with just my drugstore makeup. Don't judge a book by its cover. Same thing with clothes. You could buy things for less, and still look bomb. You control on how you want your tools to work for you. 😘It's like art.
Emma Branham
Emma Branham 25 kun oldin
I have the Vivid Matte Liquid lipstick and Its really good. And It smells amazing
Neha Bhatt
Neha Bhatt 27 kun oldin
I can't even afford most of the drugstore makeup, as they are still too costly here in my country, be it loreal, nyx, they are high brand makeup to me. I can afford Maybelline. I guess I have most of the product of Maybelline only. It is the branded makeup for me, and I really need to save before I buy from Maybelline .
Kitten Bum
Kitten Bum 28 kun oldin
When your so cheap that you think drugstore makeup is expensive I Literally buy most of my makeup from primark lol
laura moore
laura moore 28 kun oldin
Anyone else still using drugstore makeup, not because you like it but because it is literally the only thing you can afford? And that's not saying much because drugstore makeup is hella expensive for me personally. I like this video so much less than some of the other ones I've watched because it kinda feels like they've taken what I can afford and I do my best with and have slated it. Seriously guys, you're way better than that.
no Sephoras here only Ulta
M Greenwood
M Greenwood Oy oldin
Um....you can return drugstore makeup
Tommy and Coco
can you say “spoiled brats” ?
Thicc Nipples
Thicc Nipples Oy oldin
When you realize that the makeup you usually use is considered “cheap”
Sam Rakita
Sam Rakita Oy oldin
Oh man, all my make up is from walmart and CVS, what can I say, I'm a cheap dude
Anna Thot
Anna Thot Oy oldin
In my drugstore we can swatch anything
Haley Holland
Haley Holland Oy oldin
I swear by elf eyeliner and drugstore brow products
Horse Crazy Girl
I feel like drugstores have some okay stuff
Milly Croney
Milly Croney Oy oldin
I don’t have to deal with not being able to swatch stuff before I buy because superdrug is amazing and has testers
Regan Matthews
They do know that if drugstore makeup doesn’t work for you, most of them have really good return policies, right?
Sam's Spectacle
Lol when your using a phone and you put the video down so you can look at other vids all it says is women try drugs😂😂😂
Regina Grant
Regina Grant Oy oldin
Can ladylike try to make their makeup bag cruelty free for a week? See how hard/affordable it is to switch all of their products?
jaclyn camacho
I love drugstore makeup
grosskenny 2 oy oldin
canadian drugstores have testers- or at least the ones i've been to. also, i can barely afford drugstore makeup pls
CrazyBaconLover 2 oy oldin
Can anyone tell me what eyeliner Chantel said worked well and had the thickness of a marker?
Maddie Sullivan
Maddie Sullivan 2 oy oldin
I don't make a lot of money, so I usually stick to drugstore make up. Plus a lot of high end make up companies test on animals.
ahem 2 oy oldin
In my drug store you can swatch anything
Dane Amparado
Dane Amparado 2 oy oldin
wait, so american drugstores don’t have testers? in the uk, there’s always testers at drugstores
Bridget E.
Bridget E. 2 oy oldin
lol what? all the makeup I own cost like $1-$5 each. most drugstore makeup is expensive af to me
Isabelle Steglinski
1:14 you’re more pink than any of the foundations
Just Echo
Just Echo 2 oy oldin
You can swatch drugstore makeup whare I'm from
JxJ World
JxJ World 2 oy oldin
Back when saf has thin brows
Missy Barbour
Missy Barbour 2 oy oldin
They're lucky to have any options besides drugstore makeup.
Elizabeth Mitchell
80% of my makeup is drugstore. Some of the things aren't that bad.
Zoe N
Zoe N 2 oy oldin
dog ladies :3
dog ladies :3 2 oy oldin
I have a stye so can't use makeup
ayeitsmariana 2 oy oldin
This is annoying. Drugstore stuff is actually good. Besides you guys have “high end” makeup but, it still looks trash on you guys. Makeup depends on the persons skills not whether it’s high end or drugstore.
Alissa 24
Alissa 24 2 oy oldin
Almost 400 freakin dollars for *makeup* ?!?! Bro!
Rajlakshmi Sengupta
“Sometimes makeup is sad.” Me: ......sometimes?
Glossy Kiwiz
Glossy Kiwiz 2 oy oldin
Can we take a moment and look at how in the intro everyone is wearing black?
Julia Garcia
Julia Garcia 2 oy oldin
lol I own nothing but drugstore makeup. Some covergirl and wet n wild eyeshadows, elf and wet n wild eyeliners, Milani and wet n wild lipsticks, and some random lipglosses from god knows where 😂 (I just realized I use a lot of wet n wild, wow)
Sonja Kananen
Sonja Kananen 2 oy oldin
In my country drugstore make up has testers too
Lupita Alvarez
Lupita Alvarez 2 oy oldin
Warrior Wolf
Warrior Wolf 2 oy oldin
They should do this Dollar tree edition
Hodan Aidid
Hodan Aidid 2 oy oldin
1:16 I don’t know why but for some reason the way Kristin is saying pink it’s so satisfying😂😂😂
Neko Chan
Neko Chan 2 oy oldin
Ima keep it real and say I buy ALL my makeup from the drugstore.... 😂
Sybelle96 3 oy oldin
Envy doeesnt look on freddie
Ella Bella
Ella Bella 3 oy oldin
I'm so confused where I live in the drugstore you can swatch (test) anything.....
mignonib 3 oy oldin
I just added up the retail prices of my daily makeup products. My total was $40.89, and I got most of those things on sale, and I'm pretty happy with how I look most days. I think the most I've ever paid for a single makeup item was $16, and that's because it included a high SPF.
mignonib 3 oy oldin
I totally love the Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain. I'm so sad they were discontinued. =(
Kylie & Savanna
Kylie & Savanna 3 oy oldin
I get Walmart makeup (which is high end to me) if not from Walmart then I get cheap makeup and brushes from dollar tree (it’s not that bad makeup) but 95% Walmart
Teddy 97
Teddy 97 3 oy oldin
Oh get over it! 60$ for a bit of make-up and you're calling it cheap? This video makes the girls look quite unlikeable and withdrawn.
Dothraki Screamer
Try Color Pop cosmetics if you want AWESOME quality at very inexpensive prices! I would not trade their eyeshadows and lipsticks for anything and I seriously can't believe that they haven't jacked up their prices by now. I choose their lipstick over MAC and they are easily as good as Urban Decay at less than half the price!
PeaceLove AndCupcakes
Whenever I see Kristin I pretty much now I'm about to laugh at a funny quote! Lol!
Little Bangtan Direction
The moment when the only "not drugstore" make-up item you own is mascara.
Carolyn Stephen
Carolyn Stephen 3 oy oldin
Feels kinda weird watching this because we can actually swatch drugstore makeups here in Malaysia, also some of these drugstore brands are only available in Sephora which is like 12 hours drive away from my place so nope haha
Aasma Hossain
Aasma Hossain 3 oy oldin
2:23 Jen is that you....
Cherie Domingo
Cherie Domingo 3 oy oldin
90% of my make up are drug store brands. And 95% of Filipino women use them too I think :) We consider them kind of expensive actually. We don't even call them "drug store brands" LOL
excuse me whAt the fuCk
lmao when kristen said she wasnt pink tf are you colour blind? also when she got a few pimples it could of been the product not specificaly all drugstore products
Rylee Gray
Rylee Gray 3 oy oldin
387 dollars 💵 oh lord
Grace Marie Reyes
ok safs makeup in the thumbnail looked really good
Kay Bee
Kay Bee 3 oy oldin
I *use* to buy my make up at BI-LO😂
Kay Bee
Kay Bee 3 oy oldin
Just don’t cheat out on what you put on your entire face. Primer and foundation. The rest can be drugstore👌🏽 or just stay natural like myself
Eerie 4 oy oldin
I don't understand make up. my boyfriend wears more than me for costumes and things. He has a character that's an androgynous android so he likes to try to dress more feminine just to be less masculine for the character. One of our friends puts the make up on him as I have no skill in it. Most make up I've worn is lipstick and eyeliner. I dislike the work of even those. Never owned foundation, bought blush once and eyeshadows to attempt but nope. Coudn't figure it it out so I gave up. Instead, I spend money once a year at renfair on corsets and more items to make a pirate queen outfit for halloween.
Yasmin Bond
Yasmin Bond 4 oy oldin
In American drugstore you can’t swatch??!! In England you can, and btw $61 is not cheap, that’s £60 in England!!
Karen Danziger
Karen Danziger 4 oy oldin
# Rose
# Rose 4 oy oldin
It's funny how Saf thinks she's acne prone...
Mariana Abassyleitzelar
I only shop at Sephora
Jordan Kay
Jordan Kay 4 oy oldin
went and wild photo focus foundation and covergirl healthy elixer foundation, wet and wild AND NYX brush tip liquid eyeliner, hard candy lipsticks with the gem looking things around the base, and elf matte palettes ( shadow ) in the black packaging and nyx brow stuff in the tube, maybelilne powders in the square boxes lol ( loose powders) rimmel pressed powder stay matte and their big ol bronzer and wet and wild catsuit lipsticks.. try those
Aubrey Balwanz
Aubrey Balwanz 4 oy oldin
Chantel, how you said you feel like a brat, because you only buy end products. Now i fell like a brat, because im 12 and i only use ulta , laura geller, and sometimes elf
Jessy 4 oy oldin
Love them but i srsly think they faked some of this cuz i have only ever worn drugstore makeup and none of this stuff has happened 😂😂😂
Rebeka Muižniece-barone
Ha i use 5 € every 3 months cause i use eyeliner
Khushboo Rizwan
Khushboo Rizwan 4 oy oldin
Don't like chantel. she is always complaining about everything. naa aaan
Hannah H
Hannah H 4 oy oldin
they picked all the wrong things, my routine is mostly drugstore and a lot of it is just as good as high end. they did the drugstore dirty
Ap Sa
Ap Sa 4 oy oldin
What is wrong on drugstore makeup?
Undertale Chara
Undertale Chara 4 oy oldin
broooo all three of the prices for their makeup mixed together is more than how much I paid for a green cheeked conure, a cage for it, food, a toy, millet, a smaller cage for travel, and another toy. like jesus spend your money on more important things.
Undertale Chara
Undertale Chara 4 oy oldin
btw all of that was about 534.00$ in total (idk the cents) but their makeup together was (not counting cents) was 945.00$
Michelle Lynn
Michelle Lynn 4 oy oldin
But let's h Get real. Liquid Mousse Sucks
dnt touch my coffee
What drug stores r u going to? 0in australia you can swatch in drug stores
GammaCentauri 4 oy oldin
I have no makeup aside from that Barbie Lipgloss I got in a birthday party 😂 #idontlikemakeup
originallemon 4 oy oldin
I love how Saf’s taller than all of them
froggym 4 oy oldin
Do drug stores in America not have testers for their products? They do in Australia, even the cheapest products have testers available.
Gabby Faw
Gabby Faw 5 oy oldin
Wet and wild is actually a nail polish brand soooooooo
Dalia Ruiz-Holt
Dalia Ruiz-Holt 5 oy oldin
Even drugstore makeup is too expensive for me... I just steal my mom's foundation and use mascara from the dollar tree and eyebrow pencil, and lipstick that I got for Christmas from my brother
lucy vlogging
lucy vlogging 5 oy oldin
I use drug store and I think it’s good - in a way I don’t see why you would spend so much money on things like eyeshadow when you can get a cheap one but still look good
clueless 77
clueless 77 5 oy oldin
Ooo nooo the poor penguins
Sadies. Edits
Sadies. Edits 5 oy oldin
I love Freddie’s hehehe
Sonia Siddiqui
Sonia Siddiqui 5 oy oldin
Not gonna lie drugstore has upped their game plus it’s more expensive
how lucky are we
how lucky are we 5 oy oldin
You're all so rich
Dissolve 5 oy oldin
I don't really wear make-up often if i wear foundation outside in public I feel like my face is dirty and I hate it I like eyeshadow mascara and eyeliner but I rarely wear it.
Makeup by Georgia
I buy high end foundation primer and concealer the rest is mostly drugstore but I have a few other high end products
Alex T
Alex T 5 oy oldin
God, if only saf knew she going to buy every single lipstick at Sephora.... lol
Emilie Willow
Emilie Willow 5 oy oldin
Practically all my make up now (besides soap and glory eyeliner) is from Primark and I can't complain. Sits well. Holds well. Good colour match. All I'm really looking for
Jaljayo Jeongyeon
is there no superdrug in America? superdrug is quite good & you can test all of the makeup products
Rachelll /
Rachelll / 5 oy oldin
Kristen always makes me laugh
tyler 5 oy oldin
i wear drugstore makeup every damn day of my life you ain’t special
mean bean
mean bean 5 oy oldin
I hate this. Like drug store makeup isnt bad. I love the fit me line and use the powder often, the master percise liner is p good, and covergirl makes awesome mascaras!
Lopez, Noely
Lopez, Noely 5 oy oldin
She looks like a sad sim 4:10
西西俞 5 oy oldin
I only own drugstore makeup. I took these issues for granted, and I might need something better after watching this now
Becky Lampkin
Becky Lampkin 5 oy oldin
Well yeah you're going to break out when you switch cosmetics. Especially when you have acne prone skin. I normally love ladylike but this is some snobby nonsense:(
lilaacskyy 5 oy oldin
i saw this video when it came out and im still peeved i mean what kind of drug store were they shopping at?? most drug stores carry low end brands as well as some very high end brands that sephora carries so unless they were deliberately looking for stuff that wouldnt be sold anywhere but a low end drug store they shouldve been able to find some very decent stuff. i say this as a huge fan of buzzfeed and ladylike. come on girls you can do better.
Kim Shook Jin
Kim Shook Jin 5 oy oldin
When they say it's from ladylike when the video is on another channel