Women Try Dry Shampoos

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Which dry shampoo is YOUR die-hard?
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6-Avg, 2017

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Rachael Rixon98
Rachael Rixon98 17 soat oldin
Dry shampoo really defeats the purpose of not washing your hair
Kalie Terry
Kalie Terry 13 kun oldin
i go 10 mins without showering i look like a mess *all oily haired girls understand*
A H 14 kun oldin
i use dry shampoo and it makes my hair SO dry. its SO dry.
Cecelia Barnes
Cecelia Barnes 16 kun oldin
what about the studies of talcum powder and cancer though.... anyone else stop using dry shampoo because of this? I did
MugTheBoss 20 kun oldin
wait, women do not use shampoo? My life is a lie.
Random Dancer
Random Dancer 23 kun oldin
WAIT the name of their channel is As/Is. I thought it was As/Ls I ALWAYS THOUGHT IT WAS AN L!! ITS AS IS!! OH MY GOSH!!!
Sarah ahmed Anis el kassaby
I feel like Devin ruined her looks when she dyed her hair. She looked way prettier as a brunette.
I use cornstarch
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay Oy oldin
Devin looks so much better without makeup.
Jessa Nae
Jessa Nae Oy oldin
*Try cornstarch! Dry shampoos can be pricey! Also, suave brand is pretty decent!!*
Bam Bam
Bam Bam Oy oldin
Try just rinsing your hair with water and only washing with shampoo once a week, I started a few months ago after showering every day and my hair has really benefitted!
I use cornstarch and I have dark brown hair if you put a little bit in at a time then it doesn’t leave a white sheen
Jikook-shiiTV Oy oldin
I don’t get greasy hair idk why but I just don’t and I’m happy I do because ye i just don’t get greasy hair
Dani P.
Dani P. Oy oldin
I would use baby powder just bc Alix uses it.
Ava Mione
Ava Mione 2 oy oldin
I use the bastise
MissVintageLA 2 oy oldin
I have bangs so towards the end of the day (the day after I shower) my bangs llook disgusting. I'm ready to give dry shampoo a go and not spray it directly but rather on a brush just so that I don't get product build up
Χρύσα Ρ
Χρύσα Ρ 2 oy oldin
Team batiste💘
Truptee Banerjee
Truptee Banerjee 2 oy oldin
“I didn’t even put on makeup for this video” *looks flawless*
Sue Huynh
Sue Huynh 2 oy oldin
I used dry shampoo before because I was lazy at night
Robin Goh
Robin Goh 2 oy oldin
Can i check if it causes any hair loss at all?
American Devil
American Devil 2 oy oldin
So will this get motor oil out of a cats hair??? About to change his name to 40 weight, :)
Kenzie Jade
Kenzie Jade 2 oy oldin
I use tons of baby powder at night all in the roots and in the morning touch up with dry shampoo! That way it isn’t oily or silver looking!!
EmiCrimsonLips 2 oy oldin
I used to use dove but I hated the white residue so I tried Batiste and I loved the smell but hated the white it left in my hair, I fell in love with Hask Charcoal because it leaves my hair feeling fresh and smells nice I don’t think it leaves white residue since I ran out a while ago and bought the Chia bottle from Hask and it doesn’t leave any white whatsoever 👌🏻
Meghna 2 oy oldin
I absolutely live by batiste
Lydia Dew
Lydia Dew 3 oy oldin
For the second one your supposed to actually rub it in and then brush any access. I live in England so I use that at least 6 times every month.
Leah Ivanguyy
Leah Ivanguyy 3 oy oldin
is it just me or is the girl with baby powder like beautiful , not normal beautiful .....MODEL beautiful
rosy jones
rosy jones 3 oy oldin
ahh I love Alix so much😂
grace Waldron
grace Waldron 4 oy oldin
umm ur gonna get white stuff in ur hair if u put it that close to ur head
desiree yazzie
desiree yazzie 4 oy oldin
Take a shower everyday- my mom
Random Content
Random Content 4 oy oldin
Please don’t use baby powder it causes cancer
A Philip
A Philip 4 oy oldin
Swasti looking fine as fuck🔥💦 # thicc
Rose Spangler
Rose Spangler 4 oy oldin
omg i LOVE batise dry shampoo!!! i have rose-gold kind
The Indigo Papillon - Online School of Metaphysics
Anyone else think Swasti looks like Cher?
maggie 5 oy oldin
*like I am so lazy I didn’t even put on makeup for dis vid* sams
Shannia Julien
Shannia Julien 5 oy oldin
Ermm shampoo and water is fine ...
Flex Babe
Flex Babe 5 oy oldin
Baby powder!!!!
Have a magical day
Baby powder, it smells so bad. I use dry shampoo on a daily basis on third day hair until it has gone one and a half week and then I wash it😂 I EXERCISE DAILY but my hair still looks fresh after exercising on the first two days but from there on it turns into a frizzy oily mess without dry shampoo😂
EMMA WRIGHT 5 oy oldin
Omg use a blow dryer..i... just #WengiHacks
LiveLoveAct 5 oy oldin
Tip to Mia: A lot of the time the reason your hair is so oily is because you wash it every day. I know that isn’t all cases though.
Calista Hennessey
I use baby powder because I’m to lazy to get a dry shampoo😂
Bateman Furfur
Bateman Furfur 6 oy oldin
So did they layer the dry shampoos on each other after each day?
Rovic Valle
Rovic Valle 6 oy oldin
Why does it matter if your hair is oily or not? I mean it’s really good for your hair, your body won’t produce it if it negatively impacts your hair. But yeah, I know it’s uncomfortable 😣 so I don’t debate against it nor do I debate for it... NEUTRAL FEELING(S) FOR IT, to be short.
lucy 6 oy oldin
see i have very curly hair and dry shampoo just KILLS my hair.
Hayley Johns
Hayley Johns 6 oy oldin
Pause video at 2:59 LMAO
Summer Vitale
Summer Vitale 6 oy oldin
Why isn't this buzzfeed anymore
ArloEdits !
ArloEdits ! 6 oy oldin
Mia's eyebrows are not twins they're sisters
anna-the-banana 6 oy oldin
I love when they swapped at the end and then said 'friendship' and the baby powder chick was just sitting there awkwardly
Madster 987
Madster 987 6 oy oldin
Dry shampoo is life though.
Cate Kessler
Cate Kessler 6 oy oldin
Btw to the people who use baby powder it causes skin cancer if you use it a lot so yeah not lying
Roo 6 oy oldin
Batiste dry shampoo sucks, tbh. It was one of the first brands I tried and it doesn't smell or work the best.
Weird Cow
Weird Cow 7 oy oldin
I use L’Oréal. It doesn’t leave powder , it dries fast , and smells nice .
Must Ard
Must Ard 7 oy oldin
Devin just gave no shits 😂
Mikayla Vanl
Mikayla Vanl 7 oy oldin
Girl.your hair is oily and greasy is becuase yoh wash your hair everyday becuase from the roots
Maria Bianca
Maria Bianca 8 oy oldin
3:14 She has hair
Lea Müller
Lea Müller 8 oy oldin
it's funny that kelsie uses the most expensive one but her hair looks the worst
uunorginial 8 oy oldin
So jealous of women that can use dry shampoo. Maybe i’m in my car and forgot to shower, or maybe i’m just lazy. Dry shampoo always makes my hair look grey and clumpy and dirty
Kyra Sutton
Kyra Sutton 8 oy oldin
if you wash your hair EVRYDAY than soon you will get LICE
Gavin Burnes
Gavin Burnes 8 oy oldin
Alix 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Meg Xx
Meg Xx 8 oy oldin
This video is goals 😍😂❤️
Claudia Z
Claudia Z 8 oy oldin
Devin's skin is flawless
Maysen Davies
Maysen Davies 8 oy oldin
English products are better obviously
Ambar Marquez
Ambar Marquez 8 oy oldin
Ok but I actually prefer the original batiste (the one they used in the vid) over the one for brown hair because the one for brown hair has a chocolatey fragrance to it and I don’t like it
miranda oof
miranda oof 8 oy oldin
I use living proof
Cheeba K
Cheeba K 8 oy oldin
Instead of putting dry shampoo with really harsh chemicals you can use something more natural like arrowroot powder or Coco powder for dark hair.
Cheeba K
Cheeba K 8 oy oldin
Uhh people are still using baby powder......
Cecilia Romero
Cecilia Romero 8 oy oldin
I prefer Batiste in scents bare and cherry.
Ryleigh DeMarse
Ryleigh DeMarse 9 oy oldin
So here’s an Un-fun fact... baby powder is microscopic and it’s sharp and it can cut your lungs😂
Esmé Green
Esmé Green 9 oy oldin
My only problem with dry shampoo is that almost all of them say that they will give you volume and I want less volume because I have obscene amounts of hair
Jassy Hill2006
Jassy Hill2006 9 oy oldin
batise all the way btw im english
Ripra G
Ripra G 9 oy oldin
I wash my hair once a week, but I have curly hair and it really helps to create soft healthy hair
Isabel Judd
Isabel Judd 9 oy oldin
Washing your hair every day makes it worse because your constantly stripping your hair of its natural oils so it makes it produce more faster
monkeynumber nine
I used to wash my hair every day because it was so so oily. Then I met a coworker who convinced me to try an experiment- don't wash my hair for at least a week at a time and then I would find out that I was actually over producing sebum because I was washing my hair too often. She was right. Eventually I decided to see how long I could go without washing my hair with shampoo which caused several problems for me, including: hair loss, flaking, itching, redness, and bumps. I have gone as long as 3 years with nobody knowing unless I told them. The benefits of this for my hair and scalp have been wonderful. I never wash my hair more often than twice a month and I only use sulfate free shampoo and no conditioner.
Zosia Bielecka
Zosia Bielecka 9 oy oldin
Viola A.
Viola A. 9 oy oldin
the batiste shampoo costs 3 dollars in germany (including tax) why is it so expensive in the us?
Isela Romero
Isela Romero 9 oy oldin
For my brunettes sisters, Batiste comes in a tinted formula so no WHITE residue at all! 😍
Shady Llama
Shady Llama 9 oy oldin
*Alix is so pretty oh god I'm dead*
Akemi Moon
Akemi Moon 9 oy oldin
Wow, am I weird for enjoying showers?
Nasa 8 oy oldin
Akemi Moon yes
Evie Rose
Evie Rose 10 oy oldin
Beth Gelder
Beth Gelder 10 oy oldin
Dry shampoo is the best thing I have ever purchased!
keilah imai
keilah imai 10 oy oldin
Batiste is my favorite and u can find it at tj maxx for like $5 and it the big size too.. Its so afdordable
Jose Santi
Jose Santi 10 oy oldin
Just tried the winner and it has clogged by pores at my hair line, I didn't like the residue and since I figured out the main ingredient is butane I've been freaking out that it's toxic, I gagged, I sprayed way too much, too close. I didn't have a good experience and didn't like the scent. Ive tried baby powder and felt no difference I just smelled like baby powder.. It seems safe but idk...
Alix Levet
Alix Levet 10 oy oldin
Jean G
Jean G 10 oy oldin
Who paid the lady to say that baby pwder is good dry shampoo
Jamie Thompson
Jamie Thompson 10 oy oldin
Corn starch or rice flour and a few drops of essential oil. Mix with a bit of coco powder for darker shades.
Maria Ela Yorukoglu
That girl's arms..
Bee Zephyr
Bee Zephyr 10 oy oldin
Make videos about Dandruff. Come on.
FlameMonarch 11 oy oldin
The English lady has the prettiest green eyes and I'm so jealous.
Stefany Gracia
Stefany Gracia 11 oy oldin
So I stopped showering everyday and started showering every other day just so that I can actually give my hair a break every so often and since then it's gotten softer and looks stronger/healthier and what not. But for that one day that I do forget or I dont have time in the morning I do tend to spray on some dry shampoo, but I flip my hair over (so I'm like facing downward) and I run my hands through it to give it more volume and stuff (also I have pretty dark hair so it also helps with the whole "granny hair" situation). And tbh i love it, it makes my hair look/smell nice, and nobody seems to notice i used dry shampoo so thats a plus 👌🏻👍🏻
SmileSadly LaughLoudly
Why did no one teach these girls how to apply dry shampoo?! Watching them spray the first one in gave me anxiety!!!
Rose_ramone 11 oy oldin
I use batiste because I’m from England
Velma Velvet
Velma Velvet 11 oy oldin
I love dry shampoo. I only wash my hair once a week and it looks really good.
Morgan Green
Morgan Green 11 oy oldin
Her hair is greasy bc she washes it everyday
Macy Rayne Rodico
Macy Rayne Rodico 11 oy oldin
I didnt know that Johnsons baby powder was a dry shampoo
katiegrim 11 oy oldin
i like the suave dry shampoo with the yellow cap, i’m using the aussie one right now and it works fine suave is better tho
Lauren Blackley
Lauren Blackley 11 oy oldin
I take showers everyday but I don’t wash my hair everyday! I’m not gross I promise
Madeleine Laxton
I’m English but English people sound so much posher when they’re with Americans 😂😂
Kylie Martin
Kylie Martin Yil oldin
mittie rowland
mittie rowland Yil oldin
Batiste but in Dark Divine. I also like the pssst brand
SketchHo Yil oldin
The Pssst dry shampoo is also very good
Gooby Yil oldin
not a curly girl problem, thank goodness