Women Try One-Size-Fits-All Shorts

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"This never works out for me and I still keep on doing these things!"
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10-Iyl, 2018

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John B aka Smooth Chocolate
I think any woman looks hot in shorts
Demonica Gang
Demonica Gang 7 kun oldin
Shila look like on Dora the explore like if u agree
Taylor 8 kun oldin
Dr Shyho
Dr Shyho 12 kun oldin
Anime Potatoe:/
Anime Potatoe:/ 13 kun oldin
These are lounging around at home pants not public pants
Stella S
Stella S 14 kun oldin
Shila has such a pretty figure love you guys ❤️
some105 16 kun oldin
Guys... look at that BOOTEHH!!! Damn girl!
Emmuzka 17 kun oldin
Those should go to the emergency kit that the airline has for people with lost luggage, with the white t-shirt and use-one panties.
Idc 17 kun oldin
Kinda Mad they had the bigger girls wear them first ...
Cassidyr Rose
Cassidyr Rose 18 kun oldin
Katie and Emmie /our dumb videos!!!
I love these videos💗
Kimberly Alexys
Kimberly Alexys 20 kun oldin
so they're all trying on the same pair lol... ew
namu namu
namu namu 20 kun oldin
Okay but all these ladies are so fricken gorgeous
C W 20 kun oldin
They should have let the smaller ladies try them on first. But one size does NOT fit all ever
John B aka Smooth Chocolate
Hi there how are u? I'm John and it's nice to meet u
Rachel Elizabeth
Rachel Elizabeth 20 kun oldin
This is like buzzfeed jr...... I mean really
Kaelacraftygirl 21 kun oldin
Elisabeth Holm
Elisabeth Holm 21 kun oldin
More like one size fits small
sweatpantsprincess 21 kun oldin
I love the clear visual dissections of one-size. So important.
Kara Stub
Kara Stub 21 kun oldin
One size fits all 2-10 sizes
Leyah Wimberly
Leyah Wimberly 22 kun oldin
I think Destinee looked best in the shorts
Eccentric●Artist 23 kun oldin
appreantly, to humanity ~ *one size fits all* ~means you have to be a deformed, alien in *cloth* for cheap XD people dont get it. These girls are bangin
Elyce Severson
Elyce Severson 23 kun oldin
Why at 4:44 she looks like LaurDiy? Is that just me?
mela’s gym
mela’s gym 23 kun oldin
I love YB and Sheila’s looks the best
Layaal Mohammad
Layaal Mohammad 24 kun oldin
I would want to be the first to wear it
Brendon Urie Is god
Brendon Urie Is god 24 kun oldin
No offence but they should have put them on the smallest girl first, cause the way they did it, the shorts got stretched
Fizzy Pop TV
Fizzy Pop TV 24 kun oldin
Makenna Harmon
Makenna Harmon 24 kun oldin
destinee looks cute asf tho
Yas Queen
Yas Queen 24 kun oldin
Y'all do 1 size fits all but u only make (assuming their gender) girls or pepole without d*cks try them on
Kenz 25 kun oldin
How to be accepted by buzzfeed 1) Be a *woman* 2) Be a *feminist* 3) Be *queer*
Ghaliya Mansour
Ghaliya Mansour 25 kun oldin
I think destinee was the best one
wHatS a bLURRyfACE
wHatS a bLURRyfACE 25 kun oldin
It should be called “one size fits most skinny people”
SugaSpice EverythingNice
Destinee did it for me
Rosie A.
Rosie A. 25 kun oldin
Elastic gauchos. Duh.
Mia Brown
Mia Brown 25 kun oldin
why does yb look like jin from bts i’m-
Gemishell25 25 kun oldin
Dayummm, Destinee!🤯👀👀👀🎂🍰
StoryTime 13
StoryTime 13 26 kun oldin
If I really had to wear those shorts I would wear a skirt over them
John B aka Smooth Chocolate
You would look hot in those shorts or in any pair for that matter
Joanne Rose
Joanne Rose 26 kun oldin
I think destinee looks the best in them
nuria perez
nuria perez 17 kun oldin
Yeees, that boot
Julia Hecht
Julia Hecht 26 kun oldin
Sheridan- I NEED your original outfit!!
Rafaela Scheiwiller
Rafaela Scheiwiller 26 kun oldin
i wold love to see a video about ethical and sustainable clothing :)
How not to
How not to 26 kun oldin
It only looked good on the last two girls destiny and the other girl idk her name
Emily B
Emily B 26 kun oldin
Those shorts are definitely super cute depending on what's worn with them. I strongly disliked them at first but I loved them after I saw the different ways you can style them. The shorts also seemed to almost work with all the body types these women have so definitely better results than the swimsuits.
Captain 26 kun oldin
One size fits all are usually true to it.......they fit all just they just dont fit well
Malia Saavedra
Malia Saavedra 27 kun oldin
I want YB's yellow top
Im a simple person. If see sheridan in the thumbnail, im clicking
kbear lol
kbear lol 27 kun oldin
why is Shila touching her crotch in the pics ?????????????????
Kittykoty 2006
Kittykoty 2006 27 kun oldin
4:51 Hello?! James You here? Our sacred shister
Saltyfrenchfry 10
Saltyfrenchfry 10 27 kun oldin
Loose weight
Sophie Lehn
Sophie Lehn 27 kun oldin
They should have asked jasmine what they think That would have been greater!
Akure Ayune
Akure Ayune 28 kun oldin
Why not just buy clothes in ur size?
rubbish Lad
rubbish Lad 28 kun oldin
One size fits all means the average body not overly obese
Hannah Thompson
Hannah Thompson 28 kun oldin
Was I the only one expecting someone in a tube top?
John B aka Smooth Chocolate
Probably in the next video, but I'm pretty sure you would look hot in shorts though.
Grace Murdoch
Grace Murdoch 28 kun oldin
Is her actual name YB ??
Tatenda Mhindurwa
Tatenda Mhindurwa 28 kun oldin
I loved how destinee looked.
Aaliyah Payan
Aaliyah Payan 28 kun oldin
Shila and jazz are the prettiest
One size fits all is meant for a normal human size
peachycastle_69 peachycastle_69
The woman who tried them on first is gorgeous
laura sch
laura sch 28 kun oldin
Sheridan is gorgeous and i love her personality so much !!!
peachycastle_69 peachycastle_69
I'm surprised this isn't buzzfeed
peachycastle_69 peachycastle_69
Amara Bell OH lmao my bad haha!
Amara Bell
Amara Bell 28 kun oldin
They're part of buzzfeed tho
Aliah Santoyo
Aliah Santoyo 28 kun oldin
Sisterhood of the traveling pants /jeans yasss love that movie
Melody 28 kun oldin
“This never works out for me but I still keep doing these things. I love the pain of it, you know, it makes me feel alive.” - Welp that makes you a masochist
Erica Lopez
Erica Lopez 28 kun oldin
I want shilas hair so bad !! 🤤🤤
Abigail Jimenez
Abigail Jimenez 28 kun oldin
YB’s friend is my teacher at my high school, I couldn’t believe she was her friend🧡
Mariah Williams
Mariah Williams 29 kun oldin
shila is bae
jyoti !
jyoti ! 29 kun oldin
Shila's hair 😍
Nat Wit
Nat Wit 29 kun oldin
“They are cutting off my circulation and i cant wait to get them off” 😂😂😂
Lucero N
Lucero N 29 kun oldin
I think one size fits all refers to body type, not all weights.
Chelsea Williams
Chelsea Williams 29 kun oldin
sheridan is so beautiful
Teeuh Mia
Teeuh Mia 29 kun oldin
One size fits all is only good for spandex or stretchy material. I feel like clothes shouldn’t be one size fits all they should cater to everyone’s body differently because we have different bodies. My sister is curvy all the way around, me I just have a big butt and thighs and a medium and small bust top. We cannot wear the same things. Unless it’s like tights, midi dresses, bathing suits and such.
Amy Russell
Amy Russell 29 kun oldin
Don’t think these look good on anyone 😂
miss reckless
miss reckless 29 kun oldin
Isn't a one size fits all most of the time a 4-6 ?
ganzlove 29 kun oldin
Wow, YB's outfit is adorable!! also everyone is super pretty (inside and out), but Shila is the most gorgeous person I've ever seen!!
jesusita carbajal
jesusita carbajal 29 kun oldin
90’s baby ha you don’t even know about 90’s clothes
Destanee Marie
Destanee Marie 29 kun oldin
Y’all should try brandy Melville since it’s a one size fits all big brand store
Halle Gruetzmacher
Halle Gruetzmacher 29 kun oldin
They should try brandy Melville stuff. Pretty much all of it is one size fits all.
MissNaturalLuv 29 kun oldin
Her what do you mean reminded me of daequan
TheCatCrownGamer 21
TheCatCrownGamer 21 29 kun oldin
When I saw the swimsuit video video I was like .......
Jillian Dodson
Jillian Dodson 29 kun oldin
One size fits no one...
Lol 247
Lol 247 29 kun oldin
Snowy Squirrel.023
0:14 is it just me or does yb’s skirt and Sheridan’s shirt match.....or was it a twin day at work.
Moe Curls
Moe Curls Oy oldin
I like the design on the shorts
Theyre not that long..
fan ka
fan ka Oy oldin
They haven't got cellulite .... Im not too big but I have 😞 I think it's worse than be fat
fujoshi yû
fujoshi yû Oy oldin
YB looks amazing 😍
me mario
me mario Oy oldin
Laur diy has found her long lost twin
10,000 Subscribers without any videos?
YB is so adorable 😭
Sophie West
Sophie West Oy oldin
I loooove yb‘s top where is it from??💗
pettypotpie Oy oldin
For some reason I lowkey wanted Selorm to be in this video.
Hanna Moore
Hanna Moore Oy oldin
I really like all of these ladies but one size fits all really only looks good on the smaller people which sucks.
lilly bee
lilly bee Oy oldin
Did anyone realize the bigger lady was wearing an off the shoulder shirt on her shoulders...
Frace’s Life
The 1 and 2 one looks the same
Loveeeee this series
I'm still watching this videos because I'm still thinking of that video of those magic pants that literally everyone on the buzzfeed office tried on and the pants fitted every single person, I'm still hoping for that with this items.
Aleyah Malone
Aleyah Malone Oy oldin
Destinee did that
carmen santos
carmen santos Oy oldin
Wow they really runnin out of ideas...
Lilly_ Ana
Lilly_ Ana Oy oldin
WakeMeUp! Oy oldin
3 of them are fat lmao.
Kyla Brooks
Kyla Brooks Oy oldin
“...these are not for me” literally me when i’m attempting to go shopping
jas mine
jas mine Oy oldin
Fresh prince...I think it’s going g for somethinnnnnnng Lmaoooooo it took her 30 minutes to say “something”
are we human
are we human Oy oldin
Sheila knew she'd look good
aethorod Oy oldin
Why is quality of the video so low