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I’m all about gentle beauty hacks.

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19-Apr, 2017

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Karla Faulkner
Karla Faulkner 2 kun oldin
I hear it works in high humidity I heard someone say you don't need primer with this technique
Aidinabaca Baca
Aidinabaca Baca 12 kun oldin
Freddie so beautiful
Vibes With Summer
Vibes With Summer 13 kun oldin
Hey if your in the comments section plz like my first ever UZvid video and subscribe I’m hoping to be a successful UZvidr ❤️
Tamara Malak
Tamara Malak 17 kun oldin
Devin: when I bake my skin it feels tighter Me: ME ME ME!!! that happens to me Devin : Nobody just me Me: 😾😪😰😭
Lucy Dawn
Lucy Dawn 27 kun oldin
im gonna go try this on my oily spots
Noreen Pitts
Noreen Pitts Oy oldin
Aren't you still using about the same amount or more makeup but in different proportions? Like, sure you might end up using less foundation, but you're using more setting powder in order to do so.
you use less but you are also using an extra layer of setting powder
Abii Anxiety
Abii Anxiety Oy oldin
I wish I could work here 😭
Wow, I have oily skin. I’m going to try this.
Nat U
Nat U Oy oldin
i didn't know this was a thing lol i've being doing it for years now. It does work for me, especially to cover up acne and acne scars. The powder makes it easier for the foundation to adhere, if that makes sense.... if you have acne, blemishes, pimples or scars, you should try it!
Yolanda Gonzalez
Your'e channel growed so much and it's only been 1yr and you already have 3 million
Ahgase For Life
jackie aina says to apply the setting powder by pressing it in with a damp beauty blender so that could impact the results
Justine Montoya
*I’ve lost all respect for devin after seeing how she wears bronzer I’m literally screetching*
Netty Smith
Netty Smith Oy oldin
You just mix a bit of setting powder into your foundation (on the back of your hand or a palette) and then apply to your face. Then set if you get extra oily. I’ve been doing this for YEARS and I would never do anything else x
Krysthell Ubaldo
Krysthell Ubaldo 2 oy oldin
omgggg freddie is sooooo flawless 😍
glittery piglet
glittery piglet 2 oy oldin
I wasn’t even aware people still used color corrector, I thought that was a thing of the past lol
Anshika Prasad
Anshika Prasad 2 oy oldin
If that thumbnail doesn’t become a meme, I will never believe in the internet again.
Anna Piper
Anna Piper 2 oy oldin
year and a half later.......no longer a hack but now a normal routine
Kz NotCrazy
Kz NotCrazy 2 oy oldin
The LA version of "It's really coming down!" 😂😂😂😂😂
Celina Stoehner
Celina Stoehner 2 oy oldin
Jackie Aina is queen of makeup
NCT Gives My Life Meaning
Just listening to this made my face oily... By the way, I love your hair Freddie. ❤
Reina Kalaja
Reina Kalaja 3 oy oldin
not throwing shade or smth but fredies brows need a little help 😂
foxxi 3 oy oldin
d-devin you're using your bronzer as a contour...
Janelle Loyie
Janelle Loyie 3 oy oldin
I've been doing this for a few years now
vesa 07
vesa 07 3 oy oldin
oh lord she pronounce it 'nix' instead of N.Y.X primer.......cute af
DizzyIzzy 6
DizzyIzzy 6 3 oy oldin
3:33 *send help*
Tin Huynh
Tin Huynh 3 oy oldin
If y’all see no differences it’s cuz they supposed to use a damp beauty blender not a brush.
Sarah Freeman
Sarah Freeman 4 oy oldin
Am I the only one who doesn't use setting powder???
Izabella Ashten
Izabella Ashten 4 oy oldin
They’re all so pretty 😍
Meara Lowell
Meara Lowell 4 oy oldin
Devin has too much bronzer on 😂😂😂
Liz O’Neal
Liz O’Neal 4 oy oldin
Baking sometimes feels tight on my skin too 😂
Ruth Long
Ruth Long 4 oy oldin
Jazz's lip colour though!!!
Anna Tabassum
Anna Tabassum 4 oy oldin
Chantel in the thumbnail though
Jane Ivanova
Jane Ivanova 4 oy oldin
I’ve been doing this because I have acne and foundation and concealer does not really stick to acne it just slides off so I started putting powder on first. It works. I didn’t know it was actually thing haha
Wila Broccoli
Wila Broccoli 4 oy oldin
I have such a huge crush on Chantel..... >.>
champagnemamitta 4 oy oldin
Wila Broccoli same hihi
Heather Johnson
Heather Johnson 4 oy oldin
I watch beauty gurus all the time on youtube and I don't see any of them doing this anymore. Haha.
Kadraya Charey Johnson
Jackie Aina.... MY AUNTIE
Ashley Licea
Ashley Licea 5 oy oldin
Bronzer? Blush? Setting powder??? I only use foundation and the very first thing
Eliza c
Eliza c 5 oy oldin
the hack looks like it worked
Emmah Cats
Emmah Cats 5 oy oldin
6:50 to 6:57. Chantel has two faces?
Savannah Flora
Savannah Flora 5 oy oldin
When you put the setting powder on before foundation you’re supposed is a beauty blender because that’s what Jackie Aina does
HeyItsBobby 5 oy oldin
I do this for my oily skin, it helps me set it especially on my nose which normally makes my foundation break up.
Heather Layton
Heather Layton 5 oy oldin
omg you're supposed to use a damp sponge to PRESS the powder into the primer, not a brush and swirling motion
Kate Sanders
Kate Sanders 5 oy oldin
The gorgeous commentator's lilac lippy! YES!
I'm murdoc Niccols From gorillaz
I get these hickey type marks on my neck and jaw (even tho ive never even kissed anyone lmao) but thats the only time i ever really use foundation (science/medical side of youtube..if ya know whats wrong with me hmu in the comments lol)
And honey you should see me in a CROWN
This is a hack? I already do this because my setting powder is also a primer.
Betty He
Betty He 5 oy oldin
Why is Freddie so cutee
Abby’s vlogs
Abby’s vlogs 6 oy oldin
Chantel is Ned Kristin is Keith devin is Eugene and Freddie is Zach
Alia Salvatore
Alia Salvatore 6 oy oldin
3:35 girl that’s a lot of bronzer
BOMB DIGGITY 6 oy oldin
I'm not trying to post a mean comment but... Freddie at the end was blinking everytime she said A word not just a sentence but almost every single word
pk 6 oy oldin
Freddie you r rockin those eyebrows!
Anita Boddie
Anita Boddie 6 oy oldin
I have Psoriasis among other autoimmune diseases and so finding make up for me is difficult. Please, please, please Ladyalike, do a series of skin care and make for people like me and who have sensitive skin conditions. It's so hard to do make up for myself right now because of actually having patches of psoriasis on my face. Please help all of us psoriasis sufferers and sensitive skiing sufferers out.
_ _
_ _ 6 oy oldin
i hate chantel
Rachael Lim
Rachael Lim 6 oy oldin
I actually never heard of this hack before and I have seriously oily skin after putting on makeup. Like my nose just becomes super duper oily after travelling for an hour or so. Would try this some time! Thanks Ladylike
Angel_moon O3
Angel_moon O3 6 oy oldin
Omg devin when I bake it makes my skin so tight because I have extremely dry skin 😂😂 so I don’t do it anymore
crystal_gatcha /animations
Omg i luv your hair Freddie its soooo cute
olga 7 oy oldin
Shikira Savannah
Shikira Savannah 7 oy oldin
Anyone notice Devin had flashback... no hate love you guys
Alice Cuddles
Alice Cuddles 7 oy oldin
No no. The way to do this is put on foundation, then setting powder, then foundation again, and setting powder again. It becomes more pigmented and covers your “flaws” more. It works for me at least. But it wastes more product.. so yeah
Alex Shaputis
Alex Shaputis 4 oy oldin
Alice Cuddles no that’s not the same thing they’re talking about. This is something that UZvidrs have been talking about. Setting their primer with setting powder then doing their foundation and everything else. Go watch any of the UZvidrs they mentioned to see them talk about it
Izzy Nadia
Izzy Nadia 7 oy oldin
Oh my god I love Freddie so much!!
Daya Subramanian
Daya Subramanian 7 oy oldin
Isabella Puccio
Isabella Puccio 7 oy oldin
I dont wanna be SHINNEEEY!!!!!!!!!
Alyssa Williamson
I think the side without the hack looks better
Jordan Haynes
Jordan Haynes 8 oy oldin
Try festival bras
Leen Vlogs
Leen Vlogs 8 oy oldin
I really didn’t see any difference at all
Liza Chen
Liza Chen 8 oy oldin
The word "hack" has just been used about 5 times in a min without any explanation.....I'm done.....Next!
Laura Emilia
Laura Emilia 8 oy oldin
But... why would someone put on concealer... after powder... I’m so sorry 😅
2 Time BrainSurg Survivor/RareDisease Fighter
This has been a MUA secret for years. Especially on movie sets etc. this is FOR OILY/COMBO SKIN TYPES ONLY!!! IF YOU ARE DRY DONT DO THIS! also monistat works as an amazing primer which is also a MUA and SFX artist hack for long wearing budge proof makeup.
They Knit, Too!
They Knit, Too! 8 oy oldin
Were those toilet seat covers y'all were using to blot with???
Poppy Hartley
Poppy Hartley 8 oy oldin
Jen?? ... why😪
Jess Nope
Jess Nope 8 oy oldin
May I just say, I hate makeup but I like putting it on others or watching tutorials and stuff about it is that weird? I feel like that’s weird
Atreyee Ray
Atreyee Ray 8 oy oldin
Freddie always look good.. she has flawless skin .. I just love her
Brooke Baumann
Brooke Baumann 8 oy oldin
Does Fred realize that her left bun is way bigger that her right bun
alison prendergast
"Save money by using less foundation" while using double the amount of powder lmao
Gabrielle Todd
Gabrielle Todd 8 oy oldin
Y'all are so georgeous
Emily Cronan
Emily Cronan 8 oy oldin
Devin uses the wrong shade bronzer and too much. It looks muddy on her face
Ingrid Burghart
Ingrid Burghart 8 oy oldin
Ha because beauty bloggers aren't normal people love ya freddie
Sally Versace
Sally Versace 8 oy oldin
I can tell on all their faces that the right side has oxidized more than the left.
Frenchy PooWho
Frenchy PooWho 8 oy oldin
"Oil"? what's that lol. I have Very dry skin to the point were i have to reapply moisturizer throughout the day.
Emily Shu
Emily Shu 9 oy oldin
I'm hungry.
DietSoda Bitch
DietSoda Bitch 9 oy oldin
Buzzfeed won’t let them reply to any of the fans
Sarah Twitt
Sarah Twitt 9 oy oldin
You girls don't even need makeup you are so beautiful just the way you are
Devna- Rosexx
Devna- Rosexx 9 oy oldin
Has anyone else already done this before it became a trend? 🙋😂 Love this channel soo much xx
angela whittemore
devins bronzer is a joke
PrayFor TheHeartless
I have oily and dry skin, so I only put the powder on the oily parts (forehead,temples,nose) and just do foundation everywhere else and set it with a bit of translucent powder after
Ella Arthur
Ella Arthur 9 oy oldin
Jazz’s lipstick is popping
Ida Linholdt
Ida Linholdt 9 oy oldin
Am i the only one who thinks that everyone, but me looks - more beautiful without makeup?
Yoonmin BTS
Yoonmin BTS 9 oy oldin
How about devin and Freddy swap makeup bags for a day? Like they use each others foundation, eyeshadow etc.
hannah 8 oy oldin
I really love BTS and kpop devin can’t use Freddie’s foundation.
HennaCalligraphy 9 oy oldin
Tbh midnight sun is like based on everything everything
Gabby Thompson
Gabby Thompson 9 oy oldin
I'm with u Dev it feels so tight on meh face when I bake
Bernadette Menard
What is primer? What does it do?
The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test
Would this work with sacha butter cup setting powder
Beanie’s World
Beanie’s World 9 oy oldin
It depends on the person
Paige Hairfield
Paige Hairfield 9 oy oldin
Omg 3:37 Devin learn how to use bronzer correctly
Tricia K
Tricia K 9 oy oldin
I feel like Chantel doesn't know like anything about makeup
Julia Pec
Julia Pec 10 oy oldin
How is it saving product? You're now using more setting powder?
caitlin leanna
caitlin leanna 10 oy oldin
Sounds like a desert disaster for my dry skin. I use an oil primer and then legit add oil to my already Dewey foundation. Atleast in the winter...Maybe it will work in the summer :)
Kristina Baker
Kristina Baker 9 oy oldin
caitlin leanna do you exfoliate your skin at all? You need to polish off the dry dead skin then moisturize right afterwards.
Gc 51mm0
Gc 51mm0 10 oy oldin
Fred looks so cute in this vid
Yvonne Parra
Yvonne Parra 10 oy oldin
I need Devin to get her hair out of the way.
Moi meme
Moi meme 10 oy oldin
Devin's contour is.... something.