Women With Curly Hair Perfect Their Curls

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Curly hair is a lifestyle.
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2-Sen, 2017

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Deleted Account
Deleted Account 11 oy oldin
As someone with curly hair I learned so much!
Saby Ramos
Saby Ramos Oy oldin
Right! I did to, especially about putting gel in your hair hair when it’s wet, Genius!
Kennedy Oy oldin
Deleted Account me too!
Oi Oi Yoongi
Oi Oi Yoongi 2 oy oldin
Deleted Account As someone with straight hair I’ve learned so much! Idek why I’m watching 😂
knari J.
knari J. 2 oy oldin
Sue Z no alcohol does nothing unless your hair has hair dye in it
Kawii lover 111 1
Deleted Account after. a es.
Kierra Townsend
Kierra Townsend 6 soat oldin
Omg gel and no oil? That’s a nightmare for my 4b hair all I use is a moisturizer and Cantu leave in and my curls pop 😍
isswara fans
isswara fans 7 soat oldin
Ive tried this hacks and megan's routine , ive been sthraigthing my hair for so long and its so damaged , i tried this hacks .... it work! I bought a garnier gel iwashed my hair upside down the only thing i use are shampoo conditioner and gel i sleep with my hair down and i wet it a little just to refresh the curls and i love the resuslts even its frizzy a bit but my hair is so damaged ❤❤
ombrebraids 20 soat oldin
Isnt gel bad?
Loreena Rosell
Loreena Rosell 20 soat oldin
I love curly hair lol it's just so beautiful mine is naturally wavy but not curly.
Queen. N
Queen. N 23 soat oldin
Lmaoo first of, gel causes breakage. Scrunching your hair causes breakage. && oils actually help restore curly hair. HEATTTT causes hair damage so by using just a tiny little heat on your hair it won’t work to get them back.. she’s not even “ helping” them get there natural curls back she’s just ruining it. If anybody believes this then your hair is just going to stay damaged I’m just saying.🤦🏽‍♀️
Elena Moroz
Elena Moroz Kun oldin
Question: what kind of gel are they using? I have curly but FINE hair (although a ton of it.. but each individual is fine on its own), and if I use gel it makes my hair super crunchy/hard and sticky.
Caroline Childers
I always sleep in scrunchies
Maya Ines
Maya Ines Kun oldin
I cringed so much at the gel part that would KILL my hair and oh jesus it physically hurt me
Ariel Brecheisen
What products were being used. That's what really matters... If anyone knows if really appreciate the info.... And cut style.
clod8 Kun oldin
Hmm what’s with those clips for “lift” at the roots? I personally am so glad my hair lies flat at the roots, not everyone wants the 1980’s perm look. Also, I hate it when hairdressers scrunch my hair, it feels nasty and I hate the look.I like twirling my hair better. I get curls but not huge volume cuz I already have volume
khaas_avocado 2 kun oldin
The lesson I want is on second and third curls. What do you do ladies?
Cagney Walker
Cagney Walker 2 kun oldin
I have curly hair and people used to say brush your hair out and I would say I can’t I makes my hair look like big fuzz ball and then they kept good nag on about how they brush their hair and it work but they don’t have curly hair
Unicorn Slayer
Unicorn Slayer 2 kun oldin
I want this for my super curly hair
Carmen Guzman
Carmen Guzman 2 kun oldin
It depends on your curly hair type but the main thing for curly hair is moisture
NoJamsHere 3 kun oldin
i dont get why curly haired people all feel so pressured to straighten their hair. like tbh your hair is beautiful and i'm jealous because my straight hair is boring af
Clarisa De Leon
Clarisa De Leon 3 kun oldin
Omg I cried too 😭 the summer heading into my freshman year of high school I didn’t want to wear it in a slicked back pony tail anymore, so I thought the next logical step was in order to wear it down was to straighten it. Because my hair is curly, I never realized how long it was, until I straightened it for the first time. And ever since then for the last 8-9 years I’ve been straightening it everyday. I recently stopped straightening it to give my hair a rest, and also because I just didn’t have time anymore from the stress of a a job and attending college. And because I didn’t know how to style my hair I keep cutting it shorter and shorter until it sat right at my shoulders, so then I started to wear extensions to have long length again. And in those same 8-9 years it’s finally grown to right above my boobs, when before it had reached below my butt when I straightened if for the first time. I’m so sick of just wearing it in a short pony tail again, and just letting it air dry and having it frizz up and having undefined curls. I hope this video and what it taught me helps transform the way I style my hair curly from now on, instead of having to straighten it every day of my life.
Luna Mellor
Luna Mellor 3 kun oldin
Thanks for the suggestions. I have tighter curls & hair Gel always left my hair crunchy feeling & flaked the next day. Can you recommend a mousse?
Crystal Tweeboom
Crystal Tweeboom 3 kun oldin
People with curly hair, how do you sleep with it?? Or do I have to make my hair wet every morning? Not exactly an option because I have super long hair(half way down my but) and do I have to blowdry it every time?
Marissa Gordon
Marissa Gordon 3 kun oldin
My hair is so damaged and I have no idea how to fix it😬
MISSY 4 kun oldin
OMG Space Invaders top!
Kenia Villatoro
Kenia Villatoro 4 kun oldin
What gel was used in this video??
Jennifer Sanchez
Jennifer Sanchez 4 kun oldin
I just tried this and my curls do look amazing. I just wish I could find a place to get my hair cut properly.
Brutal Heidi
Brutal Heidi 5 kun oldin
It does work! But it didn't define my curls, it only gave my hair a lot of volume and frizz :-( The only step I missed was the gel: instead of that, I used curl foam.
Mara Cordon
Mara Cordon 5 kun oldin
What hair cut was that?
Shelby Roland
Shelby Roland 6 kun oldin
Thats the amount of conditioner i use.
Ygor Cortes
Ygor Cortes 6 kun oldin
Omg their hair look SO BEAUTIFUL! Like perfectly beautiful!
gwen lynch
gwen lynch 7 kun oldin
where do you get these products?!!
tania 8 kun oldin
The bottom of my hair is straight like super straight not even wavy and idk why i’ve never gotten a perm and i rarely straighten my hair and people always say why is the bottom straight or like is your hair fake & it annoys me
Milton Orlando
Milton Orlando 8 kun oldin
you should do one for men with long curly hair please
mia solala
mia solala 8 kun oldin
i'm sorry... i'm sceptic. the hair looks kind of too full with all the conditioner left in plus the gel. as a person with curly hair myself i like my hair better when it feels natural and light. i'm washing it only every 2nd day only using mild shampoo and a good conditioner, but always rinse it... maybe 80%. for styling just a bit foam and air-drying. it's enough for my curls to sit right and have a nice bounce. but i like the video anyway for the pro-curly-vibe. curls rock! thumbs up! :)
weird child
weird child 8 kun oldin
So I have curly hair and I did all the tips now I shall wait for it to dry hopefully it works
Jenay’s World
Jenay’s World 9 kun oldin
I am learning a lot today
maryannleighton 9 kun oldin
I need more moisture. Any suggestions?
SundaeMomo 11 kun oldin
Is it just me or is anyone else noticing the hairstylist is suggesting things that you’re told NOT TO DO?!?!
Leslyn Marques
Leslyn Marques 11 kun oldin
My hair is 3b i am 11
Jules s
Jules s 11 kun oldin
That music is so distracting
Musicals & Mayhem
Musicals & Mayhem 12 kun oldin
I've straightened my hair about 3 times and have never used products to "boost my curls" any advice/cheap-ish products I can use?
cholly 8 kun oldin
Cantu products are affordable.
Lolita Moran
Lolita Moran 12 kun oldin
Where is Donatella located
Emely Meza
Emely Meza 12 kun oldin
This helps so much i am the only one in my family with curly hair
Alyssa Castro
Alyssa Castro 12 kun oldin
Anyone know what diffuser they used?
Try Me
Try Me 12 kun oldin
What gel did she use?
naunsense 13 kun oldin
Dora Safar
Dora Safar 14 kun oldin
These girls are queens !!! They look so beautiful, healthy and confident with their curls !!
Francesca Bedford
Francesca Bedford 14 kun oldin
There’s something wrong with you if you believe society pressured you into straightening your hair ...
Purple Iguana
Purple Iguana 14 kun oldin
Would mouse work?
Gabriela Moran Franco
But when u comb it...... 😣
Stephanie LeMaster
Stephanie LeMaster 15 kun oldin
I have always had curly, frizzy hair. I cried when I saw this because I don't believe I'll ever have this without feeling oily or crunchy afterwards.
Zoe's Vanity
Zoe's Vanity 15 kun oldin
I have long, curly, thick hair but it is weighed down and it does not stand up. Is it possible for me to achieve a Zendaya - inspired bouncy ‘do with bangs even though my hair does not defy the rules of gravity??😂😂 I really want to achieve that look
Maryam's LifeStylex
Maryam's LifeStylex 16 kun oldin
I feel like everyone is shooken even me about don't use too much oils
Zenyatta 16 kun oldin
For years I thought my hair was just wavy and unruly, so I straightened it with heat styling tools. After becoming pretty ill and being put on several medications, my hair started to become easy to fall out from the roots, and I lost a lot around my hairline. It’s devastating to lose hair, so I was willing to do anything to prevent that. The best advice I got was similar to that which is in this video, avoid heat if at all possible. I can’t say thank you enough for this video, by following the tips in this video, not only is my hair growing back but it is healthy, and the waves have turned into beautiful curls. Even my hairdresser was surprised and impressed! She recently gave me a cut, much like Donatella explained in this video, that enhance my hair’s ability to hold curl and have body. Thanks guys for this video, you saved my hair :)
matilda xx
matilda xx 17 kun oldin
Ok so my hair is really curly/wavy at the front and then you get to the back it goes straight and it looks so silly and I don't know what to do any advice anyone !?
Sameer yaris
Sameer yaris 17 kun oldin
hey i love curly hair ...hahahahahhaha but am single i am lukking someone??
Star ks
Star ks 17 kun oldin
I need this..
Horribad Gamer
Horribad Gamer 17 kun oldin
Beautiful results, but that was a lot of work! I think in general us long haired men have healthier, better looking hair because we are more minimalist and use less products.
Hafsa Hussein
Hafsa Hussein 17 kun oldin
*Avoid oils* I feel so attacked right now
Maya Papaya
Maya Papaya 18 kun oldin
I am LIVING for her Atari shirt!
Pritha Datta
Pritha Datta 18 kun oldin
Donatela sounds like Red from OITNB.
Izma Azhar
Izma Azhar 18 kun oldin
I think the same lady did a devacut on Jasmine Brown
Heather Fitzsimmons
Heather Fitzsimmons 18 kun oldin
*-Cut dead ends and possibly layers* *1 Don't use oils in your hair* *2 Use big hairpieces/scrunchies* *3 Do not stand directly under water flow to avoid flattening* *4 Wash with hair flipped upside down or to side* *5 Apply sulfate and paraben free shampoo from roots down* *6 Massage scalp and comb hair with fingers to stimulate hair growth (combs cause breakage)* *7 Apply conditioner from ends of hair and detangle up to roots* *8 With very wet hair (inside shower) apply a generous amount of gel to palms* *9 Smooth gel over sides of hair then scrunch up towards roots from tips* *10 Use a microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt to gently scrunch upwards* *11 Gently put hair in a diffuser (on blowdryer) and let it sit* *12 Place metal hair clips at roots of hair around the crown of the head to encourage lift while drying* *13 Air dry when possible for less frizz*
Chanel_No_5 18 kun oldin
All of these people here. Jesus like you all need the natural hair community! Those girls have the best advice and speak from experience! Like this doesn't cover everything so just search it up and watch some vids. There's an entire community out there to support you!!!
rina m
rina m 18 kun oldin
Gorgeous love love curly hair and yes curly hair is high maintenance lord knows i too effed up my natural curls too..sigh
I Luv Food
I Luv Food 18 kun oldin
I can never rind any vids for my hair bc this is gonna be a lot I have very very very very thick hair ALSO I HAVE SO MUCH HAIR IN MY HEAD ITS UNREAL so like very time it’s wet or what ever ITS SO HEAVY so I diy an ice pack don’t ask me how I did it
Give me The tea
Give me The tea 18 kun oldin
No OILS Gurl you funny
Eimee Noel
Eimee Noel 19 kun oldin
Use shampoo once a week. In between do a conditioner wash. After ur shampoo or conditioner wash. Add more conditioner that has a thick feel to it. Gently comb thru. Making sure conditioner distrputes through hair. Now with ur hand scrunch ur hair saturated with conditioner. Let air dry. It will get slightly hard. Scrunch some more and use a pick comb to volumize that Fab hair.
Eimee Noel
Eimee Noel 19 kun oldin
I have thick dry curly hair. I do oil treatments ( raw Shea or coconut oil) one a month. I use Carol's daughter;Shea moisture; and Sally Ion extreme moisture or heat damage repair.
Mersades Wilson
Mersades Wilson 20 kun oldin
I wish more stylist knew what to do with curly hair
weediebird 20 kun oldin
I have curly hair but my mother forces me to straighten it
Monalika Shrivastava
What gel have they used?
Jordyn Jank
Jordyn Jank 21 kun oldin
Since switching to the curly girl method my hair looks so much BETTER!!! I'm finally happy with my hair!
Yiksi Hassan
Yiksi Hassan 21 kun oldin
I need a Donatela!
Razan B
Razan B 22 kun oldin
What gel is to be used?
Chels Foreva
Chels Foreva 22 kun oldin
I’m trying this out now wish me luck ! Later: nothing happened that much :/
House of Zuma
House of Zuma 22 kun oldin
whats wrong with having individual human traits..lol wht people bully others for having curly hair?
Srushti patil
Srushti patil 22 kun oldin
My hair is so straight and I love curls so bad❤️
Tahlia Schlatter
Tahlia Schlatter 22 kun oldin
What gel did you use
Caro Line
Caro Line 23 kun oldin
The girl with the red hair is so beautiful. Her happiness is contagious. :’)
Little FE98
Little FE98 23 kun oldin
My hair is soft and curly. Can this be achieved without using gel on my hair?
Avia Mance
Avia Mance 23 kun oldin
Ok, I have double textured hair and it's not due to damage, I inherited it from my mom. I have straight/wavy hair on the crown of my head and beautiful curls under that layer. I want it to be all curly throughout, so what should I do? I am thinking about layering the crown of my head/sraight hair pieces so the curly pieces show and I can style the straight pieces. Any good advice please on how to manage my hair to make it look even throughout ! I am very gentle with my hair as well and don't use strong products
Angel Negron
Angel Negron 23 kun oldin
My hair is straight wavy and curly 🙃🙃🙃 starts straight turns wavy and then ends in curls help.
Bolsheviki 24 kun oldin
Also make sure that the gel doesn't have any alcohol in it because it dries out your hair.
Linta S
Linta S 24 kun oldin
I wish I had this hair ☹️ I can never tie any hairstyle except a bun, and a ponytail braided with my natural hair so I’m always always alwaysssss blow drying it and straightening it
monica montes
monica montes 25 kun oldin
Did she wash off the conditioner?
YariGlows215 25 kun oldin
My hair is naturally very silky straight but i love wavy/curly hair,i guess we always want what we don't have lol..these ladies have beautiful hair and the hairdresser is an artist.👍💕
Janasha Campbell
Janasha Campbell 25 kun oldin
i really like your hair in curls you look so pretty in curls for your age
Time to Sparkle
Time to Sparkle 26 kun oldin
omg I have learnt soooo much in this video thank-you soooooo much
Daisy Zaia
Daisy Zaia 26 kun oldin
Both my parents and my brother have super curly hair and I always had barely wavy hair (it only starts to wave from the chin down) until I stopped brushing my hair and washing with typical shampoo and conditioner. I didn't have perfect curls like theirs, but suddenly I had perfect beachy waves all over ! I plan to go back to this method to bring out my waves as my hair grows back out from a shaved head (: It will be so amazing to see my waves "pop out" in my natural virgin hair
agnes ferrell
agnes ferrell 26 kun oldin
its somehow comforting to know i wasn't the only one who got things thrown in their curly hair in school.
CeNadraz 26 kun oldin
The gel added in the hair while it was wet, hanging upside down, what gel is that?
Iasmina Dobre
Iasmina Dobre 26 kun oldin
My roots are streight, and from the half to the tips, it's curly. I'm a little upset because I want my roots to be curly too ;-;
Athena Iverson
Athena Iverson 26 kun oldin
Why you should not use oils: it doesn't soak into your curls. It just sits
Hanin Madhaji
Hanin Madhaji 26 kun oldin
I have curly heat damaged hair and the fact that I saw devacurl products in the back I was like lord Jesus save my hair😂😂😂
August Fall
August Fall 26 kun oldin
Stylist: “Don’t use too much oil” Me: ......
Clan Toriador
Clan Toriador 27 kun oldin
One of them says they felt pressured by society to straighten her hair but then says her mother pressured her to straighten it.
BreAna Loranger
BreAna Loranger 27 kun oldin
I got mad nasty curls I need Donatela WHERE SHE AT???????
mangocrepe 27 kun oldin
0:32 FAX my mom always sayin that. ive also had people compliment my hair and my mom being surprised that they actually like it. smh. also this video has a lot of useful tips i didnt know!
Gray's Necklace
Gray's Necklace 27 kun oldin
See all black and Spanish girls know they go to the Dominican hair salon down the block from there house and the whole staff knows them
Tayy Mariee
Tayy Mariee 28 kun oldin
Lol..this is what the Last Girl did
B. slimshady
B. slimshady 28 kun oldin
this i do not consider curly!
Tina La Rosa
Tina La Rosa 28 kun oldin
why did no one ever tell me about the hair ties!!!!!!!!!! I feel cheated thank god i watched this lol
miss october
miss october 28 kun oldin
No coconut oil? Almost every time I find a conditioner for curly hair, coconut oil is one of the ingredients.