Women With Curly Hair Perfect Their Curls

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Curly hair is a lifestyle.
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2-Sen, 2017

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Deleted Account
Deleted Account Yil oldin
As someone with curly hair I learned so much!
Karla A
Karla A 9 kun oldin
Same girl 😭
Alyssa 10202005
alycatxo7 Oy oldin
Deleted Account now li
iimaddy stars
iimaddy stars Oy oldin
Saby Ramos
Saby Ramos 3 oy oldin
Right! I did to, especially about putting gel in your hair hair when it’s wet, Genius!
Shelby Stevenson
Shelby Stevenson 22 soat oldin
Alexis is absolutely stunning!
Amy Brown
Amy Brown Kun oldin
autumn & winter
autumn & winter Kun oldin
Wait what ?!!!!!
Nikita Nair
Nikita Nair Kun oldin
I so relate to the first 30 seconds. And so I just got a keratin treatment done 🙄 but I actually do love my curls. Just tired of people.
Noelia Noliz
Noelia Noliz Kun oldin
It's actually less work to straighten it 😕 If heat was used, what's the point of this technique??
Leah Fulkerson
Leah Fulkerson 2 kun oldin
They are telling you if you damage your hair, don’t use oil. I’m pretty sure it’s ok to use oil, actually encouraged.
Sheila Dunn
Sheila Dunn 2 kun oldin
What shampoo and conditioner did you use?
chaimae t
chaimae t 2 kun oldin
very good tips but you didn't give us tips about how to take care of it in the morning after a long night sleep!
Ilaria Mocciaro
Ilaria Mocciaro 3 kun oldin
The same thing happened to me and I’m glad I can relate to someone now!
Brittany Welch
Brittany Welch 3 kun oldin
What hair gel did you use?
🍒 4 kun oldin
i have curly hair but i've been straightening it almost every day for 8 years... i wanna try having it natural but i've never known how to make it not look frizzy :/
bodichitta mommy
bodichitta mommy 4 kun oldin
They both have really thick hair what about fine curls? Or interracial hair? Any tips for busy moms? I don’t have time to do half of this 😂
Nat Martinez
Nat Martinez 4 kun oldin
I feel bad for these girls who grew up in that generation of pressure for straight hair. Of course we still have a bunch of people who like their hair straightened and changed and that's perfectly fine, but we now in a time where no one cares about your hair texture. Nobody was getting bullied for that. Nowadays if you bring your curly baby into the salon everyone is going to coo at them and praise you. People are learning to embrace and love and flaunt what they were naturally given and it's so much better for everyone.
Margaret Ralston
Margaret Ralston 4 kun oldin
I have the same hair as the first girl. I’ve learned a lot and I used to do super bad crap to my hair and now I’m gonna take care of it. Maybe it will go from super wavy to curly!
Ethan Butler-Paige
Ethan Butler-Paige 5 kun oldin
I have very thick 4c hair and I used to use a pick but now I use a wide tooth comb to detsngls my hair. This helps not to break my hair as much. I sponge my hair and it looks okay I guess but I want to try something new soon if anyone has ideas.
dasha chess
dasha chess 6 kun oldin
Honestly, liked their natural look
Collette Jadyn
Collette Jadyn 6 kun oldin
Kudos to Deva curl
hadar mor
hadar mor 6 kun oldin
did dhe leave some of the conditioner in?
Eileen Severa
Eileen Severa 6 kun oldin
I so wish I could get my curls back.
Hamzah Bholat
Hamzah Bholat 7 kun oldin
Anyone else who stopped watching after tip 1 to avoid using coconut oil for hair?
Suii Chann
Suii Chann 7 kun oldin
What is the perfect Haircut for curly hair?
bishnupriya rout
bishnupriya rout 7 kun oldin
Curly hair is best even of u r suffering from major hairfall u will still have hair on your head😞
Kiki fernandez
Kiki fernandez 2 kun oldin
bishnupriya rout subscribe to my channel please..?❤️
Zuleimy's world
Zuleimy's world 7 kun oldin
I want curly so bad
Foster Cat
Foster Cat 8 kun oldin
Fantastic! Both ladies look great.
Illinium 8 kun oldin
So prettyyyyy
Yuno Gasai
Yuno Gasai 9 kun oldin
My natural hair is straight but I want curly hair so much 😔
Destiny Elle
Destiny Elle 9 kun oldin
The girl with the all black hair, it's strange how the top of her head is full but the bottom is like thin, I would've cut the ends
Dilcia Orellana
Dilcia Orellana 9 kun oldin
Curly i am not know how make my hair curly
loulou abdou
loulou abdou 11 kun oldin
its so good
Agathe. G
Agathe. G 11 kun oldin
I need this to be done to my hair
Emma Elisha
Emma Elisha 11 kun oldin
Finally someone brought up the oils thing.
Tobi Ayala
Tobi Ayala 11 kun oldin
my step mom who is white and im mexican she always say my hair sooo messy and look bad and why didnt you brush it?? but i do brush it just gets super frizzy, this is so helpful! hope I cant make my hair like this so my mom will stop saying to straighten my hair and make fun of me.
Extra Shooketh
Extra Shooketh 12 kun oldin
I have extremely curly hair. When I would straighten it people would say, "Finally you brushed that mess!" 🤣
CocaineDragon 12 kun oldin
Unfortunately, sometimes I'm forced to over-brush my hair (for reasons) and it destroys my healthy curls.
Mamta Rawat
Mamta Rawat 13 kun oldin
Wat product u used
Sophie Siegel
Sophie Siegel 13 kun oldin
Oh no they used way too much product! Makes hair looking wet :/
Abbie Smith
Abbie Smith 13 kun oldin
I can’t use sulphate free shampoo/conditioner as for some reason it reacts with my scalp and leaves me having a very itchy and red scalp, is there anything else I could use? And do all diffusers fit every hair dryer? Or are they just specific ones made individually for each hair dryer?
funnygal4u2 13 kun oldin
Ouidad is the way to go dealing with all curl types
mjshegog 13 kun oldin
I would love to see this with some 3-4 types of curly hair. This doesn’t apply to large swaths of curly girls.
Illyana Morales Cook
How often do they wash their hair?
Marielaa Reyes
Marielaa Reyes 15 kun oldin
I want to embrace my curly hair bjt my curly hair doesn't want to embrace me 😢
Jennifer Nguyen
Jennifer Nguyen 15 kun oldin
I WANT THIS but I don't really need it ..😂
Mehreen Simmons
Mehreen Simmons 16 kun oldin
Literally a devacut
Jolee Caitlin
Jolee Caitlin 16 kun oldin
The girl with the darker hair has beautiful hair I'm jealous lol
Alli Grace
Alli Grace 17 kun oldin
My hair looks just like that because I straighten it everyday
Laila Helmy
Laila Helmy 17 kun oldin
When she was talking about kids throwing stuff in her hair I felt that 😭😂 pens and clips and all sorts ended up in my hair at the end of the day
CocaineDragon 12 kun oldin
Laila Helmy A lot of the time I found people's stuff in my hair (pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, combs, a cell phone, stuff...) and I'm not sure it all got there on purpose. LOL
OS253 17 kun oldin
Her hair looks wet and greasy. Like they jump into an oil bath.
Alexa Cannon
Alexa Cannon 5 kun oldin
OS253 Yeah, I think normally you scrunch out the gel to avoid that
Corações de Algodão Doce
so happy for them!!!
Chem Is Cry
Chem Is Cry 18 kun oldin
I have fine, thin hair. I blow dry it for volume, then get the ends wet to put some curl back in. My hair is a fuzzy mess, and yet it is still flat. I use oil on the ends but maybe I shouldn't? :o
Hana ar
Hana ar 18 kun oldin
I have a tight and loose curl pattern that is now kind of damaged, I don’t put heat on it and it just became damaged. Every video I’ve watched it said to use oils and now in this video The lady said to not use oils?? I’m lost.. Any recommendations to keep curly hair healthy?? Also sorry for the long paragraph..
Sydney Olson
Sydney Olson 18 kun oldin
Natural hair looks the best on everyone
QuirkBored 19 kun oldin
The dark haired girls hair at the end still looks wet/weighed down with product :/ I have curly hair and the last thing I want is to have it feel sticky and chunky - touchably soft, light weight bouncy curls is goals!
Ashley Pollard
Ashley Pollard 20 kun oldin
This is exactly what you do!!! This trick is how I learned to love my curls years ago!
Kelera Rokotavaga
Kelera Rokotavaga 20 kun oldin
which type of gel did you use for the styling?
Au Chanel. Fantastique!
Did anybody else’s hair turn curly after puberty? Cos before 13 my hair was like a loose wave and now I look like I should be in an 80’s rock band.
Yes Yes
Yes Yes 21 kun oldin
What happend if we haven’t a diffuseur ?? 😅😅
SAMMIsLIFE 21 kun oldin
Ugh, i need her to do my hair lol
Nidhi Sharma
Nidhi Sharma 21 kun oldin
I Love my curly hairs... But they don't grow up
Samantha Derrick
Samantha Derrick 21 kun oldin
difference between curly and kinky.
Dalia Selene Gutierrez Garcia
No se ingles awwww como amaria entender por que amo el cabello rizado😢😍
Caleb Salvatore
Caleb Salvatore 23 kun oldin
I dont know why people feel the need to straighten their hair? I love curls.
Miauribe 23 kun oldin
This helped so much THANKYOUUU
angelina 23 kun oldin
Love this video 🤩🤩
OhSnapItsKat 24 kun oldin
avoid coconut oil for hair? what
jphoenixx 26 kun oldin
I relate with the girl in the beginning. Just this week a random girl was pulling my curls whilst saying boing boing. That same day someone threw something in my hair. 🤪🤪 ANNOYING
Bubbles 27 kun oldin
My mom want me to keep my curls
Jessica Garcia
Jessica Garcia 27 kun oldin
I have such different type of curly hair from this it’s hard to learn anything
Jaleeah 27 kun oldin
I wishhhh
Al Han7
Al Han7 28 kun oldin
4:52 She looks like Selena Quintanilla!!!
TK W 29 kun oldin
I use like 3 products & I can achieve this - anyone know of just ONE product I can use & achieve it??
KernowManiac1984 29 kun oldin
I literally douse my hair in olive oil creme to stop the frizz...Looks like I've being making it worse...
fandie42 29 kun oldin
The problem with curly hair isnt the 1st day, its the day after when you wake up & ur curls r gone
Andres Villagomez
Andres Villagomez 29 kun oldin
Can anyone recommend me some good shampoo/conditioners for curly hair? And what other post showers products too use? Thanks 😊
Acacia Rivera
Acacia Rivera 29 kun oldin
Wow I’ve been doing it wrong all along!
Pari van Diemen
WHAT EXACT PRODUCTS DID SHE USE ??? aksing for a friend
ahhmani Oy oldin
What products did they use ???
stubborn Oy oldin
Who else here has been bullied about their curly hair?..
J * M
J * M Oy oldin
I should really take more care of my curly hair 😰😰
Lulu Babyy
Lulu Babyy Oy oldin
Since I was 10 till 13 my mom used to straighten my hair a lot because I hated curly hair so much but now I’m almost 14 and my hair has changed so much in 9 months and I’ve learned sooo much about curly hair so if anyone got questions I’m here
Gaby Kapps
Gaby Kapps Oy oldin
I've never understood why curly hair is considered unacceptable in schools...so much as to be bullied. I had problems with my curls also.
Selin Atalay
Selin Atalay Oy oldin
What are the products you use? Please answer♥️
Project Parkour
you're not a big baby, your transformation made me want to cry :') so pretttyyyyyyyy
Ashiah Cackowska
Hello what is this gel???
K Oy oldin
Jesus so dramatic. "I had to straighten my hair and that's why I didn't feel/was myself." Gurl hair doesnt make us who we are.
jessica Oy oldin
ok let me tell you, devacurl is worth every penny.
Miru Chi
Miru Chi Oy oldin
Tysm for thiiiis 💕
Nancy Sanghavi
Any drugstore gel for the same purpose? Please help.
Annaliese Hoffmeyer
WOOOOOOOWWWW!!! As a curly girl I can say I’ve learned a couple things to help my hair
Nightcore_ Dragon Slayer
My natural hairstyle beachy waves
Love the after! Embrace the curl! Throw out the straighteners
Hula Girl
Hula Girl Oy oldin
My hair is curly ... tight curly. It loves oil. I do coconut oil and Moroccan oil then wrap it and use a heating pad for thirty minutes. It is beautiful. I trim it myself because dressers cut it too short. And don't touch it while drying naturally. Then, gentlely with your fingers shape it.
Ellie Larson
Ellie Larson Oy oldin
Ughhh, I WISH I had curly hair. It's SOOOO pretty, I love it! Plus, you don't have to straighten, style, or even blow dry: all you have to do is air dry! They're SO lucky!
Rice Crispy
Rice Crispy Oy oldin
I have like beach wave curls. My mom and dad both have really tight curls and they look so beautiful. I’ve always wanted to have my hair like theirs. I followed some of these steps and I AM SOOO SURPRISED! My curls are sooo much tighter and I have more volume! I’m in LoooOoOove ❤️
Yasmina Ak
Yasmina Ak Oy oldin
I used to straighten my hair a lot, had to cut off half of my hair to get my curls back
Hshs Hahs
Hshs Hahs Oy oldin
Who tf puts conditioner on their roots
водка Oy oldin
I have stick straight hair (everyone in Russia does) and I wish I had curly hair so bad, it’s so pretty
Idk 123
Idk 123 Oy oldin
How is hair hair still so long but also way more defined i got my hair cut really short and i want to get it cut again because to me it looks really weird (i have more volume at the bottom )
Sonnetica Oy oldin
I have so much respect for curly haired girls, my hair is wavy and stuff which is fine but my mother has the craziest natural curls and her hair maintenance is craaaazzzzy
alms baasha
alms baasha Oy oldin
Omg this is me !!😶😫 where can I find her ?! I straighten my hair my whole life too Bc of kids in school and people saying it looks better straight 🙄 AND! I always cut my hair when it’s straightened ! I thought it would be easier! I had no idea it was incorrect 🤦🏽‍♀️ I learned soo much ! It’s just soo hard to trust salons it’s a hit and miss 😣