Women With Natural Hair Try Dry Shampoo

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“I would think that this was dandruff if I didn’t just spray this dry shampoo in my hair."
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Fikrlar 2 412
The Captin
The Captin 2 kun oldin
They act like white people are the only ones with straight hair
Sandy 15 kun oldin
No one was saying anything about having natural hair why is everyone hating?
Elsie Viola Dupuis
I'm finally trying dry shampoo and enjoying it.
Milah Jae
Milah Jae Oy oldin
The second woman has straightened natural hair and the third woman has very fine and loose curls. The first woman's experience is most relevant for me and for more Black women with unstraightened natural hair. PS: Dear white people, "Natural hair" is a term used among Black women which refers to the condition of hair being unrelaxed, (aka not permed.) We were encouraged to straighten our hair for many years (European beauty standards) The procedure for our hair care regimens vary depending on the condition being either "natural" or relaxed. Don't speak on our culture when you're uninformed about it.
Chantal B
Chantal B Oy oldin
Question: What is the hair texture of the woman in the to do list sweatshirt? My hair texture is like hers and I'm trying to figure out what it is
Addie Dickerson
Addie Dickerson 2 oy oldin
I bought a dry shampoo and wanted to see a video on it. I literally searched “dry shampoo on natural hair” AND THIS WAS THE FIRST VIDEO. Natural hair is reference to kinky/curly hair. The straight haired women/men in these comments really need to get a grip about my hair is “naturally” straight. Stop 🛑
Jacquelyn :
Jacquelyn : 2 oy oldin
It’s concerning that she said she wouldn’t use the product because it looked like a white woman on the back of the bottle.
Cerys Davey
Cerys Davey 2 oy oldin
Wait, where are all the comments people are complaining about ? I honestly can't find any- have they been deleted or something?
Elizabeth Prosper
cantu dry co-wash
root loggins
root loggins 2 oy oldin
Its fur hahahaha..I'm triggerd.
Monda Hines
Monda Hines 2 oy oldin
What's all the hype about, they had black and white people in the video?
Wait, what is the point of this video?
Miss Sokolowsku
Miss Sokolowsku 2 oy oldin
I’m no expert but I think that the women in this video have natural hair, what’s the problem with calling it natural hair?
Rachel G
Rachel G 3 oy oldin
Wow, there is a lot of passive aggressive black people in the comments! 😂
Leslie Griffin
Leslie Griffin 3 oy oldin
i deadass wash my hair about once a month lmaoooo but i do deep condition once a week 👌🏽
X O 3 oy oldin
1:04 whats her texture
Samantha Day
Samantha Day 3 oy oldin
As white girl I do not find this video offensive as all but I only wash my hair once a week too but still wish my hair look that good greasy they all have gorgeous hair
India Chariton
India Chariton 3 oy oldin
I've heard that the foam ones are better for women with curlier hair so maybe that would be better on natural hair
Welcome to your tape
Comments 99.9% people annoyed at hate comments 0.001% hate comments LIKE WE GET IT OKKKRRRR
Delaney Greer-Valle
2:56 *looks to be biracial*
Ruby Milner
Ruby Milner Oy oldin
She probably is, her hair is straightened tho
Natalia Pola
Natalia Pola 4 oy oldin
I'm latina and black people told me my hair is comparable to biracial hair.
Nesiannn Blue
Nesiannn Blue 4 oy oldin
BLACK WOMEN ONLY-> have any of ya'll used dry shampoo while wearing braids?
HeyItsAyan 4 oy oldin
DevaCurls dry shampoos is catered for curly/natural hair, hence why it’s less drying. Would’ve been nice to see them all try the devacurl one.
mufasa hunter
mufasa hunter 4 oy oldin
To everyone saying to everyone saying
foreverthea ii
foreverthea ii 4 oy oldin
So Deva curl is the best one to use. In my opinion.
Kpop is FReSh
Kpop is FReSh 5 oy oldin
Lol I wash my hair every morning
xomaqaroonxo 5 oy oldin
Honestly if you're that pressed start your own movement. Y'all are not babies you don't have to cry if your not included. Chill your cheese
Zaralynette 5 oy oldin
I have 4b/c hair and I use dry shampoo from time to time. It doesn't cleanse anything but it does make my hair more pliable if I'm trying to restyle without washing lol
Alan Boy
Alan Boy 5 oy oldin
i came here for the comments.
Sage Void
Sage Void 5 oy oldin
Currently trying the Renpure Lavender Mint Dry Shampoo to freshen my crochet braid hairstyle. It has no white residue and doesn't feel sticky. The smell is light and not overpowering. It's also not sticky. So far, so good.
1 5 oy oldin
Also i think dry shampoo is not targeted towards women with dark hair
JQuiet 5 oy oldin
1 Um, what? Dry shampoo can be used with people with dark hair too
1 5 oy oldin
What’s the point just wash your hair when in it gets greasy
Tariq 5 oy oldin
5:11 “spray at the scalp in short quick bursts” *proceeds to not do so in short quick bursts* ok
Stephanie Thornton
ipa vibes Died!!
Mariah Garza
Mariah Garza 5 oy oldin
Ew washing your hair every 2 weeks is gross. Her hair isn't even that thick or super curly she can wash it every week.
JQuiet 5 oy oldin
Mariah Garza no it’s not gross 🙄
Kat Hunts
Kat Hunts 6 oy oldin
My hair is super thick, not white I use dry shampoo 🤷🏽‍♀️
tiffany wolfe
tiffany wolfe 6 oy oldin
Yesss, my hair is curly. And I liked the idea of dry shampoo, until I saw the instructions that said “Spray, rub in, and brush out”. The brush out part freaked me out.. lol. Tried dry shampoo, just made my hair dry and frizzy :( Definitely for straight, super white people hair...
son.o.saturn 6 oy oldin
the lady who said she used to japanese straighten her hair has the most soothing voice?? it’s so nice like it’s just
Lishy 6 oy oldin
Dear white girls in the comments: the natural hair movement was started by people of colour for people of colour. It’s not that hard.
Autumn Thomas
Autumn Thomas 6 oy oldin
If you want a temporary dye for natural hair just use dry shampoo 😂
Lemonラムネ 6 oy oldin
Im laughing so hard at the comments of people who dont have a black persons hair are like "our hair is natural too!" Like I'm white and I have a white person's hair (duh) and i never thought that bc saying "natural hair" refers specifically to a black person or at least the hair texture of a black person XD like chill
Oppa Blu
Oppa Blu 6 oy oldin
"But it's the poc that get triggered over everything!"
U Iriamuzu
U Iriamuzu 6 oy oldin
Because apparently only white women have straight hair. Wavy hair women use dry shampoo and some white women have curly hair
Miss Tam
Miss Tam 6 oy oldin
She hold it too close to the scalp I have natural hair and it doesn’t leave white spots in my hair
Neanderthal Cave Becky
So only white women have straight hair? Okay. Got it.
insta musiclover69
Everybody in the comment section complaining about white ppl gettin triggered,...... WHERE THO? no one is! lol😂
JQuiet 5 oy oldin
insta musiclover69 This video is a year old duh
Tryphose Auguste
Tryphose Auguste 6 oy oldin
Just just your danm hair
SoSeductive1981 6 oy oldin
I thought the dry hair shampoo is only used on the scalp or at yhe roots, not the hair itself. Tell me if I'm wrong
Hunlover123601 7 oy oldin
*whispers* why did they give them dry shamp when they have dark hair omg >< also, * short quick bursts* *proceeds to go pssssssssssssshhhhhhhhht* XDD yeah, with my hair and its thickness it is not worth it tbh, i have to use almost half the thing for it to work well, so id rather just give my hair a quick wash, squeeze it as dry as i can get and let it air dry after XDD
Slayed ByJin
Slayed ByJin 7 oy oldin
What dry shampoo do?