Women With Natural Hair Try Dry Shampoo

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“I would think that this was dandruff if I didn’t just spray this dry shampoo in my hair."
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root loggins
root loggins Kun oldin
Its fur hahahaha..I'm triggerd.
Monda Hines
Monda Hines 11 kun oldin
What's all the hype about, they had black and white people in the video?
janaynayification1 14 kun oldin
Wait, what is the point of this video?
MELIA A 22 kun oldin
I’m no expert but I think that the women in this video have natural hair, what’s the problem with calling it natural hair?
Rachel G
Rachel G 22 kun oldin
Wow, there is a lot of passive aggressive black people in the comments! 😂
Leslie Griffin
Leslie Griffin 24 kun oldin
i deadass wash my hair about once a month lmaoooo but i do deep condition once a week 👌🏽
X O 24 kun oldin
1:04 whats her texture
Samantha Day
Samantha Day 25 kun oldin
As white girl I do not find this video offensive as all but I only wash my hair once a week too but still wish my hair look that good greasy they all have gorgeous hair
India Chariton
India Chariton 26 kun oldin
I've heard that the foam ones are better for women with curlier hair so maybe that would be better on natural hair
Don’t look at my pfp
Comments 99.9% people annoyed at hate comments 0.001% hate comments LIKE WE GET IT OKKKRRRR
Delaney Greer-Valle
2:56 *looks to be biracial*
Natalia Pola
Natalia Pola Oy oldin
I'm latina and black people told me my hair is comparable to biracial hair.
Nesiannn Blue
Nesiannn Blue 2 oy oldin
BLACK WOMEN ONLY-> have any of ya'll used dry shampoo while wearing braids?
HeyItsAyan 2 oy oldin
DevaCurls dry shampoos is catered for curly/natural hair, hence why it’s less drying. Would’ve been nice to see them all try the devacurl one.
Mufasaanutd 2 oy oldin
To everyone saying to everyone saying
foreverthea ii
foreverthea ii 2 oy oldin
So Deva curl is the best one to use. In my opinion.
MInTyy FReSh
MInTyy FReSh 2 oy oldin
Lol I wash my hair every morning
xomaqaroonxo 2 oy oldin
Honestly if you're that pressed start your own movement. Y'all are not babies you don't have to cry if your not included. Chill your cheese
Zaralynette 3 oy oldin
I have 4b/c hair and I use dry shampoo from time to time. It doesn't cleanse anything but it does make my hair more pliable if I'm trying to restyle without washing lol
Alan Boy
Alan Boy 3 oy oldin
i came here for the comments.
Sage Void
Sage Void 3 oy oldin
Currently trying the Renpure Lavender Mint Dry Shampoo to freshen my crochet braid hairstyle. It has no white residue and doesn't feel sticky. The smell is light and not overpowering. It's also not sticky. So far, so good.
1 3 oy oldin
Also i think dry shampoo is not targeted towards women with dark hair
JQuiet 2 oy oldin
1 Um, what? Dry shampoo can be used with people with dark hair too
1 3 oy oldin
What’s the point just wash your hair when in it gets greasy
Tariq 3 oy oldin
5:11 “spray at the scalp in short quick bursts” *proceeds to not do so in short quick bursts* ok
Stephanie Thornton
ipa vibes Died!!
Mariah Garza
Mariah Garza 3 oy oldin
Ew washing your hair every 2 weeks is gross. Her hair isn't even that thick or super curly she can wash it every week.
JQuiet 2 oy oldin
Mariah Garza no it’s not gross 🙄
Kat Hunts
Kat Hunts 3 oy oldin
My hair is super thick, not white I use dry shampoo 🤷🏽‍♀️
tiffany wolfe
tiffany wolfe 3 oy oldin
Yesss, my hair is curly. And I liked the idea of dry shampoo, until I saw the instructions that said “Spray, rub in, and brush out”. The brush out part freaked me out.. lol. Tried dry shampoo, just made my hair dry and frizzy :( Definitely for straight, super white people hair...
orange juice company
the lady who said she used to japanese straighten her hair has the most soothing voice?? it’s so nice like it’s just
Lishy 3 oy oldin
Dear white girls in the comments: the natural hair movement was started by people of colour for people of colour. It’s not that hard.
Autumn Thomas
Autumn Thomas 3 oy oldin
If you want a temporary dye for natural hair just use dry shampoo 😂
Lemonラムネ 3 oy oldin
Im laughing so hard at the comments of people who dont have a black persons hair are like "our hair is natural too!" Like I'm white and I have a white person's hair (duh) and i never thought that bc saying "natural hair" refers specifically to a black person or at least the hair texture of a black person XD like chill
Oppa Blu
Oppa Blu 4 oy oldin
"But it's the poc that get triggered over everything!"
U Iriamuzu
U Iriamuzu 4 oy oldin
Because apparently only white women have straight hair. Wavy hair women use dry shampoo and some white women have curly hair
Miss Tam
Miss Tam 4 oy oldin
She hold it too close to the scalp I have natural hair and it doesn’t leave white spots in my hair
Neanderthal Cave Becky
So only white women have straight hair? Okay. Got it.
insta musiclover69
Everybody in the comment section complaining about white ppl gettin triggered,...... WHERE THO? no one is! lol😂
JQuiet 2 oy oldin
insta musiclover69 This video is a year old duh
Tryphose Auguste
Tryphose Auguste 4 oy oldin
Just just your danm hair
SoSeductive1981 4 oy oldin
I thought the dry hair shampoo is only used on the scalp or at yhe roots, not the hair itself. Tell me if I'm wrong
Hunlover123601 4 oy oldin
*whispers* why did they give them dry shamp when they have dark hair omg >< also, * short quick bursts* *proceeds to go pssssssssssssshhhhhhhhht* XDD yeah, with my hair and its thickness it is not worth it tbh, i have to use almost half the thing for it to work well, so id rather just give my hair a quick wash, squeeze it as dry as i can get and let it air dry after XDD
Slayed ByJin
Slayed ByJin 4 oy oldin
What dry shampoo do?
Cool Music
Cool Music 4 oy oldin
they first of all put the dry shampoo in wrong. You need to spray it from like 10 inches away. What are they doing ??? 😐😑😐😑
lorettalynn Davis
It's a waste of time on African textured hair lol! but I'm sure it was fun :)
Me and dyspraxia
Me and dyspraxia 5 oy oldin
The deva curl looks amazing I am sorry to the other who had to use the other brands for people who don’t have wavy to curly hair
moochieb1209 5 oy oldin
Maybe living proof changed their formula but it smells so good definitely not an alcohol smell
A Youtube Account
These comments make me sick. "White women keep getting butthurt" you're the one getting butthurt by a comment from someone that didn't know what natural hair ment. Also, how do you know they were white they could've been any other race or ethnic group.
SunnySideUp Brown
As/ls need to change the bio!! It's not boldly anymore nor buzzfeedyellow
Comelite Lesch
Comelite Lesch 5 oy oldin
I have 3B and 4C curls and I only wash my hair once every 2 months. I roller set my hair on wash day and get it pretty stretched and silky. I use Batiste dry shampoo and it really keeps my hair feeling fresh especially my scalp. I just love dry shampoo especially this brand.
Damn so racist these girls
BR May
BR May 5 oy oldin
wash your hair with warm water and conditioner because the salts and the dirt in the air if you don't wash it out will make your hair break. I'm black and I wash my hair about every 3 days if I straighten it and everyday if it's curly. I dowash n go
Unicorn Besties
Unicorn Besties 5 oy oldin
My hair gets oily after 3 weeks. *I've gone 3 weeks without washing my hair* I know it's disgusting....
Emma Couch
Emma Couch 4 oy oldin
Unicorn Besties I have straight hair but I only need to wash it about once a week (the sucky thing is it is SO poofy and not super thick but pretty thick)
osame o
osame o 5 oy oldin
The third woman looks exactly like Megan markle
w h o ?
w h o ? 5 oy oldin
White people hair=not natural.....*clap clap clap*
Felipe Ferreira
Felipe Ferreira 5 oy oldin
I see lots os generalizations coming from both parts here in the comments section. Stop being collectivists!
loony10 5 oy oldin
last girl looks like princess nokia when the camera is pointed downward at the end.
sjc04d 5 oy oldin
Why are they so confused about dry shampoo?
Xafir 6 oy oldin
95% of the comments „omg white people are so triggered, they can’t let us have anything“ 4% white people who are confused what „natural hair“ means 1% actually about the video Also I have a question: dry shampoo is obviously marketed towards oily hair so why even make a video of people with dry hair trying it and then complaining how it doesn’t work for their hair texture. Like just don’t use it then. You should be glad because dry shampoo is hella sticky and having oily hair sucks. :D
Elise Jackson
Elise Jackson 6 oy oldin
i have natural hair and I wash my hair once or twice a week.
Alai Magalei
Alai Magalei 6 oy oldin
i have gray hairs and im 12 and it's genetic i swear I'm not stressed
Kennedy Aalo
Kennedy Aalo 6 oy oldin
I’m half south Asian and half white, so my hair is pretty straight and looks oily super fast. Since my hair is dark the only dry shampoo that works for me is the tinted kind.
I have no friends squad
2% of the comments are "white people being offended" 98% of the comments are people complaining about the offended white people
Who IsYou?
Who IsYou? 2 oy oldin
I have no friends squad ikr
DorothyDIY 6 oy oldin
Is it just me or does no one really answer the question at the end lol 😂
LadyJaggerX3 6 oy oldin
I've used dry shampoo with my hair in box braids, years back when I was still transitioning. It was a Tresemme one. I might wanna try the Deva Curl one next time.
EMMA WRIGHT 6 oy oldin
Smh ...use a blow dryer USE A BLOW DRYER
mac p
mac p 6 oy oldin
They always say white people... like white people are the ONLY ones with straight hair... No way do Asians, Hispanics, or even some black people have straight hair. And a lot of white people have curly hair too. Calm down on the white hate it's not cute
TheMschan330 6 oy oldin
mac p I think they know that other races have straight hair, but when you watch the TV and you see the advertising for products like this, it’s white people that you see. I don’t think they are ‘hating’ they are talking from what they see and their experiences. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Thesepticcat 00
Thesepticcat 00 7 oy oldin
I use dry shampoo with my braids
jasmine martinez
jasmine martinez 7 oy oldin
My hair is too sensitive to use dry shampoo I have to wash mine every day ik people say you shouldn’t but I have to my hair is feathery, thin, soft like a baby plus it’s also beach waved. I just have to as for the dry shampoo I tried it once it left my hair like a snow globe
Ana Gabriela Vargas coronado
Why women with straight hair are not included in this video. Like I get it is for curly girls but the title says women with NATURAL hair try dry shampoo but I for example have naturally super straight hair so women like me should be included
Pepper _16
Pepper _16 6 oy oldin
Ana Gabriela Vargas coronado "Natural" is a term black people use for their hair, calm down. It's about African natural hair not white women
Karmalana W⋆
Karmalana W⋆ 7 oy oldin
To help with the whiteness of the dry shampoo, try a dry shampoo geared towards dark hair because I have the same problem if I don’t use the dark haired one. My cousins have natural hair and they use my dry shampoo all the time, so definitely can work!
Danielle and Mia
Danielle and Mia 7 oy oldin
propane? huh?
glitter queen
glitter queen 7 oy oldin
Dry shampoo is not really for people with natural hair
Simply Her
Simply Her 7 oy oldin
I have thick hair with very tight curls. Tbh I didn't even know what dry shampoo was until I clicked on this video.
A Youtube Account
People are commenting about comments about white people being triggered about the title, yet I can't find any of those comments.
Sadae Sashington
Sadae Sashington 8 oy oldin
Um.. the video was alright. I wouldn't use dry shampoo just because I have dry hair and dry shampoo reminds me of spray deodorant 😂. The sound it makes. Anyway I have no clue why some people are on here tripping on what Natural Means. I know it means people who doesn't have chemicals in their hair. Point blank. It's not that deep.
Sadae Sashington
Sadae Sashington 8 oy oldin
I think the deva curl was the best out of the three.
Rebecca Simen
Rebecca Simen 8 oy oldin
With straighter finer hair, dry shampoo really helps to get rid of that separation. You cant really see any grease or separation on natural or curly hair. I have straight fine hair and for me, dry shampoo makes my hair feel horrible but it looks totally clean. Thankfully there is dry shampoo with color now so theres no white in your hair.
Hentaibih 8 oy oldin
Um excuse you¿??!¿ #AllHairMatters
Hentaibih 8 oy oldin
Issa joke lmao, also a metaphor in a sense, toodles.
Karyah Page
Karyah Page 8 oy oldin
dry shampoo turn my 4c hair white
Emma Oliver
Emma Oliver 8 oy oldin
This situation is exactly like if buzzfeed made a video titled “women try nude clothing “ but it only had white women and every women of color was in the comments saying that nude should not only be represented by only white women(I agree) . Then the white women would say that they never said that women of color weren’t nude but this is just their type of nude.
Kamiya Britton
Kamiya Britton 8 oy oldin
I don't even use regular shampoo😂
naseerahvj 8 oy oldin
I would not use it on super fine hair, the alcohol would make it break
Denise Vasquez
Denise Vasquez 8 oy oldin
I use dry shampoo when my hair is straight around 2nd week to stretch it out, since when my hair is straight I wash it every 2-3 weeks and my natural oils start to do its thing. I don’t use dry shampoo when my hairs it’s in it’s natural state , there’s no point lol. Overall I actually like dry shampoo. I cringed when the first girl used it on her natural hair lol
goal pop
goal pop 8 oy oldin
I don't even see a difference in my hair when I use dry shampoo and I'm white 😂
Blue Night Flyer
Blue Night Flyer 8 oy oldin
With batiste you really have to do a sweeping motion other wise you get white patches
Abby Liu
Abby Liu 8 oy oldin
5:10 lady sounds so objective I love her
Shana Morrison
Shana Morrison 8 oy oldin
The reason they say that is because it used to be very mainstream for black women to get relaxers and perms to straighten their hair out of more conscience and the thought years natural. So its just a term. They arent excluding people Everyone calm down.
T 8 oy oldin
Black people, don't be offended. Most white people are very ignorant of everything that does not have anything to do with their culture or beauty standards.
Parishma Patani
Parishma Patani 8 oy oldin
My hair is too thick to wash more than once a week. I tried to wash every two days once and my hair had never been so dry. Plus washing my hair adds like another 1.5 hrs to my shower
I’ve never used dry shampoo but i found a hack that baby powder works too, does it?
Rayya Brown-Wright
What's next, White girls use Blue Magic grease???
Soph’s Stories
Soph’s Stories 8 oy oldin
curls in general are so hard to work with og
Damia Baines
Damia Baines 8 oy oldin
bUt iSn’T aLl hAiR nAtuRal.........no becky
Caitlin Parker
Caitlin Parker 8 oy oldin
“natural” tf everyone’s hair is natural so gtfo
Just read the comments of people explaining it
Carly Graham
Carly Graham 8 oy oldin
Transportation down coach Korean customer racism commonly pay feeling reference plan.
So much Fun
So much Fun 8 oy oldin
No poo
Ezinne Likes Food
I wash my hair once a week too
asapa10 Greer
asapa10 Greer 8 oy oldin
i hate how they refer to natural hair as just black womens hair like no, everybody’s hair when there hair actually dries after a shower is NATURAL HAIR
Shana Morrison
Shana Morrison 8 oy oldin
The reason they say that is because it used to be very mainstream for black women to get relaxers and perms to straighten their hair out of more conscience and the thought years natural. So it just a term. They arent excluding people
RealMature 8 oy oldin
I agree that dry shampoo always smells like alcohol
Maricela M
Maricela M 8 oy oldin
I hate batiste sm it stinks like an old lady tbh😂
Nichole Collins
Nichole Collins 8 oy oldin
I only use dry shampoo around the edges of my hair when it starts to look to oily and when I don't have time to wash it before work. If shampoo my hair more than 1-2 times a week it would feel like straw.