Working Late (Scary)

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A horror short inspired by my personal fears when working late at night.
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5-Okt, 2018

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Flipper Dupermonk
Flipper Dupermonk 24 daqiqa oldin
1:39 im not kidding i jump out of my chair and my chips was everywhere.
RockOutLiz Soat oldin
I got my order of merch today and was delighted to open it. The shirt looks great but sadly the plus sized knee high socks are neither plus nor knee high. Kinda disappointed about that considering they were supposed to be made specifically as plus sized. I'll still wear them, but they were way smaller and tighter and shorter than I was expecting.
Neon Bob
Neon Bob 3 soat oldin
Sis got me good
Khloe Elger
Khloe Elger 3 soat oldin
C Cr Cre Cree Creep Creepy Creep Cree Cre Cr C
Khloe Elger
Khloe Elger 3 soat oldin
Damn... This.... Is.... Creepy....
xXgalaxygirlXx XD
xXgalaxygirlXx XD 5 soat oldin
Is this true I just wanna know it’s late I’m in bed in the dark soo... plz tell plz before I wet the bed
Lilipop 72
Lilipop 72 5 soat oldin
Rebeca dont go in!
Lilipop 72
Lilipop 72 5 soat oldin
Luv u
Victoria Walker
Victoria Walker 5 soat oldin
That did me a heckin' frighten
Viktorija. T.
Viktorija. T. 6 soat oldin
You got me at the end a little
Logan Young
Logan Young 9 soat oldin
Don't draw at night.
IPlayCringe 10 soat oldin
I need those freakin socks
Cupcake Snake
Cupcake Snake 11 soat oldin
Hi there
Hi there 12 soat oldin
I was legit scared lol
The UnorthodoxDream
The UnorthodoxDream 12 soat oldin
Bro you got me fucked up holy crap Im litterally sitting at my desk approaching midnight i should not have watched this right now
Yara Flores
Yara Flores 13 soat oldin
You saw me at Walmart
You saw me at Walmart 13 soat oldin
No joke I had a Seizure
DJfoxygirl !
DJfoxygirl ! 14 soat oldin
If you can give me animemating tips please and thank you
amazingotto playz
amazingotto playz 16 soat oldin
Olivia Kainz
Olivia Kainz 17 soat oldin
I watched this with lightness all the way down and with full volome dang I'm bad at spelling but at the end I forgot about that part . SO IT JUMP SCARED ME. Good job! :C AND I DON'T REALLY JUST GET JUMPED SCARED. D: Luv your vids!
Snew Stew
Snew Stew 17 soat oldin
Lmao it’s probably just the demonetization monster
Lillypad 17 soat oldin
Do we have a Dark Becca on our hands?
sol esparza
sol esparza 18 soat oldin
why i never sleep with the door open :( ;)
Stan Versijp
Stan Versijp 19 soat oldin
Anti-explain studios
AnLo 94
AnLo 94 19 soat oldin
Why aren't you or any of the animation squad members professional voice actors/actresses yet ?!!!
Thegoldencreeper 120
Thegoldencreeper 120 20 soat oldin
Scary story: you have lost connection to WiFi
Nimet 20 soat oldin
At the start of the video when there is Lightning by that building you see sort of code for what is that?
Christopher Caplinger
Christopher Caplinger 20 soat oldin
Getting into that spooky mood!!!! Am I right?
lisa espinosa
lisa espinosa 21 soat oldin
Merchandise yassssssssss
lisa espinosa
lisa espinosa 21 soat oldin
Did this actually happen ?!?!
nayelly garcia
nayelly garcia 21 soat oldin
Dj_firball gamez
Dj_firball gamez 21 soat oldin
If I was stuck in this situation FUCK THIS I QUIT And then I run out and never come back The end
Konstantinos Karamalis
Ironic Learner
Ironic Learner 22 soat oldin
FIRST OFF... That door moving, I'M OUT THE WINDOW
Jsaw23games 22 soat oldin
:o i was so scared
Dawn Davidson
Dawn Davidson 23 soat oldin
What. The. Heck.
Fłøřã Fłøwer
Fłøřã Fłøwer 23 soat oldin
My sisters are watching a horror movie right now as im watching this and im so so scared right now O.O
mon valdes
mon valdes Kun oldin
im not gonna sleep again in my life!
SoulSniper 124
SoulSniper 124 Kun oldin
Lol you released this on my birthday
The Lone Wolf 564
I got a shirt as socks, I just started watching this channel but I like the channel, and I wanted the socks so ya
Blood_ Claw
Blood_ Claw Kun oldin
wow!good job!
Lama Lemonade
Lama Lemonade Kun oldin
Hank Hill
Hank Hill Kun oldin
UZvid is So Shit Right Now
PopopamAJ Kun oldin
Wanna real challenge? :) *try to fall asleep tonight*
IcyIbex 221
IcyIbex 221 Kun oldin
Samantha Loftis
Samantha Loftis Kun oldin
"dark figure of person in hall" Me: Hell no!!!! "pulls out Holy water and baseball bat"
Samantha Loftis
Samantha Loftis Kun oldin
*dark figure of person in hall* Me: Hell no!!!! *pulls out Holy water and baseball bat*
Samantha Loftis
Samantha Loftis Kun oldin
*dark figure of person in hall* Me: Hell no!!!! *pulls out Holy water and baseball bat*
Brodie Beast
Brodie Beast Kun oldin
I subscribed
imapotato Kun oldin
Make a video game.
BNHA Trash
BNHA Trash Kun oldin
since i find things funny easily i thought there was going to be a plot twist where the creepsy thing was going to invite Rebecca to a tea party or something so i was bracing myself to laugh and not taking anything seriously, i was very disapointed in myself because i ruined it for me and now i cant be scared of it
Irrelevant Kun oldin
Rebbacca you should be a skeleton for Halloween cuz your scary videos send shivers down my spine.
kitten girl Animations
What was that CNGZ GXK EUA was that a subliminal message?
AnLo 94
AnLo 94 Kun oldin
You're Beautiful !
How do people make up Good memes?
Rebecca... you ok over there? Like seriously, this terrified me...
Халил Аптула
OMG did anyone else nothist that at the start the numbers 5291833 where on the building??!?!!??!?!?!!!???!
Remziye Cakir
Remziye Cakir Kun oldin
Did aniyone saw the numbers 5291833?
Elijah Gibson
Elijah Gibson Kun oldin
Ah yes, that scared the shit out of me...
Gamingwolf 82 animations
Huh.. strange I’m hearing an unnatural howling right now.... it sounds like a mix of a wolf howl and a horn playing..... And it’s raining. Great And I’m the only one awake Even more great And I see a strange light... This is find
Cinja Kun oldin
I think I figured out a secret message. At 1:04, on her screen is the words CNGZ GXKEUA. If you use it in the Caesar Cipher code at key 24, it comes up with the name Alex Evicsy. I am not sure who that is but if anyone knows someone called Alex Evicsy please tell me 🤔
Pixilatedcandy Tree
WAAAAAAAAAA MOMMY IM SCARED Why did I watch this...........in the first part I cried
Tre TV61
Tre TV61 Kun oldin
- - O O 2:49 ______
STARI Kun oldin
Gavin Mercer
Gavin Mercer Kun oldin
Hunter Doub
Hunter Doub Kun oldin
were you making working late while working on working late
a fat child who loves youtube
lemme just assume that she died and at the end of the video she is a clone
Izzy GS
Izzy GS Kun oldin
Luis Velazquez
Luis Velazquez Kun oldin
1:39 was my favorite scene I think my idea would more scary ask me if want to here it
55354gdf Kun oldin
pink fluffy princess Inyasha
You made my heartbeat so fast
Alexia Kun oldin
Lights out inspiration?
Matic G
Matic G Kun oldin
First animator who had spook me..................very nice (I had never seen an animator spook animation) That was very very very very scary
Emma Scott
Emma Scott Kun oldin
Alex Evi csy? Have I got that wrong? Good job with the animation BTW looks Amazing as usual love a UK fan
zexxor vlogs2
zexxor vlogs2 Kun oldin
axolotl my time has come to burn I invoke the ancient power that I may return
What the Rebecca You sure this okay heck no it isn’t
Dino Sparkle
Dino Sparkle Kun oldin
Wanna know what's more scary? You quitting UZvid.
fattifatti bomba
L3v1 5t4d
L3v1 5t4d Kun oldin
Why am i watching this bfore im going to bed
Epilepsy And Me
Epilepsy And Me Kun oldin
Thanks for the seizure warning❤❤
PurpleSkies Kun oldin
Halloween-y I like it!
Dino Memes
Dino Memes Kun oldin
I shouldn’t have watched this at night...
Quincy Upchurch
Quincy Upchurch Kun oldin
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! sorry about that, it waz too spoopy for me
panda taco
panda taco Kun oldin
minecraft bro MILLER//Mr. Monkey
Hey she said she wanted to be proven wrong about ghost being fake
no names
no names 2 kun oldin
That had me frozen in my seat OMG!!!
Gatcha Unicorn
Gatcha Unicorn 2 kun oldin
Not sacry
Blini Gaming
Blini Gaming 2 kun oldin
1v1 me m9
Liliana Chavez
Liliana Chavez 2 kun oldin
I love you :-)
Liliana Chavez
Liliana Chavez 2 kun oldin
Liliana Chavez
Liliana Chavez 2 kun oldin
And also PS I subscribed I love you Rebecca
Liliana Chavez
Liliana Chavez 2 kun oldin
You're not lying
Liliana Chavez
Liliana Chavez 2 kun oldin
I can find my icon it's right here on my comment it's not other Lily Anna Chavez's they fake they call my name their name they're lyingI can't believe people lie why can't they just get over lying
Liliana Chavez
Liliana Chavez 2 kun oldin
My channel is called LilianaChavez
Liliana Chavez
Liliana Chavez 2 kun oldin
I'm a UZvidr too
Liliana Chavez
Liliana Chavez 2 kun oldin
It was super scary I liked it usually other you tubers fake it and they say oh this is happening oh they're possessed they're faking it but this is some good quality here
My heart is beating I am done with my life I am not buying merch cause it's only girls and no boys ADD BOYS
nobody at all
nobody at all 2 kun oldin
I have a heart attack
Crazy Raptor
Crazy Raptor 2 kun oldin
Jasper Perez
Jasper Perez 2 kun oldin
Where do you work?!
Mega Bunnie
Mega Bunnie 2 kun oldin
The scream at the end scared me, it's like she died, I love little squiggly arm Becca, :3
Lemon Boi
3 oy oldin