Worst 2000s Fashion Trends - RANKED

Good Mythical Morning
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Ed Hardy, low rise jeans, and Abercrombie & Fitch -- 2000s fashion in a nutshell! But which fashion trend was the worst? GMM #1524
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12-Apr, 2019



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 3 705
Stormy Dino
Stormy Dino 8 soat oldin
No Rhett your getting Hollister and Abercrombie confused! Holllister is dark and smelly! And Abercrombie is tacky and too bright!
Joni S
Joni S 15 soat oldin
I love Rhett for loving 00’s fashion
Kendal Harris
Kendal Harris 16 soat oldin
13:52 you can tell Link has a daughter 😂
maxrutledge ho
maxrutledge ho 19 soat oldin
10:52 wtf lacrosse is the best
Goth Moth
Goth Moth 19 soat oldin
platform flipflops are the only good looking flipflops
maxrutledge ho
maxrutledge ho 19 soat oldin
nobody: my 4th grade teacher : 8:01
ELLIE Z 21 soat oldin
At 11:48 I thought link was going to say “if my memory serves me, correct me” like he has before😂😂
Caitlin Walsh
Caitlin Walsh 21 soat oldin
Missed opportunity with the juicy velour tracksuits.
Erica Babbitt
Erica Babbitt 21 soat oldin
Guys. Hollister was the one with the dark lighting, shirtless men, and overdose on body spray. Abercrombie and Fitch just sold preppy clothes.
Marii Ren
Marii Ren 21 soat oldin
as a platform flip flop lover I'm offended
Jack Pardun
Jack Pardun Kun oldin
What do you have against horses?!?!?!?!?
ifollowrivers Kun oldin
“You would encounter a shirtless man boy” - Link 2019
ifollowrivers Kun oldin
I like dusters, or things that flow behind you and make you feel powerful lol
Michaela LaLonde
A lot of these are too recent for me to actually hate them.
Danyelle Shaeffer
Born November Of 2000!!!
Chloe Fletcher
Chloe Fletcher Kun oldin
I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch... NOT!
Chloe Fletcher
Chloe Fletcher Kun oldin
I'm petite too. 4'11" and 93 pounds.
Chloe Fletcher
Chloe Fletcher Kun oldin
People still wear platform flipflops
Chloe Fletcher
Chloe Fletcher Kun oldin
Oh and false lashes
Cpt. Obvious
Cpt. Obvious Kun oldin
Just my 2 cents, but I hate LTAT
Sierra Alexis
Sierra Alexis 2 kun oldin
He pulled out the cologne 🤣🤣🤣
7even - Project Onyx
Why does 2007 Rhett look like a douche? 😂
Micah Heemstra
Micah Heemstra 2 kun oldin
If I were a girl I’d 100% be wearing that duster cardigan! Heck, I might just wear one anyway!
Mitzi E. M. Guerrero
My thumbs up of this video is for Emily. Said it. She dresses up for the ocassion, AND WORE IT. Yes 😍❤😎
Malifor2210 2 kun oldin
I could smell the fierce cologne from across my screen when he sprayed it
Noah Mcelwey
Noah Mcelwey 2 kun oldin
A lawfirm for people who get DUI's on the way from lacrosse games is probably the best connection I could think of
Heaven Williams
Heaven Williams 2 kun oldin
I was born in 2000😂
TheDisguise 2 kun oldin
"My wife's a petite lady, I'm a big man. I want these to come back so I can see her again." 😂😂😂
Linda Johansson
Linda Johansson 2 kun oldin
Love how Rhett laughs at EVERYTHING Jordan says
Collin McLean
Collin McLean 2 kun oldin
Does anyone else think Jordan looks like he's related to Patton Oswalt?
Kemi 29
Kemi 29 3 kun oldin
The crew takes on an awkward approach, anyone else think so?
Allie Haffely
Allie Haffely 3 kun oldin
Is it sad that I wore all of these things and loved it
D33p Six
D33p Six 3 kun oldin
How on Earth did no one mention “joots”?
Paige 3 kun oldin
I agree w that rating. Very accurate
Juhmick M
Juhmick M 3 kun oldin
Rhett is too old for this game!
Triest Wright
Triest Wright 3 kun oldin
How did the low dose not win i don't understand.....how.......
Kayleigh 4 kun oldin
Aw, I still kind of like Ed Hardy 😂
Michael Vargas
Michael Vargas 4 kun oldin
More ranked with the crew members please!!😂🙏🏽
Chelsea B
Chelsea B 4 kun oldin
Also a ton of woman still wear duster cardigans. That fashion didn’t die, it’s classic 😴😂
ThatGuyCubey 4 kun oldin
I’m sad now loads of my clothes are Abercrombie and I wear their cologne
Xzenoarts 4 kun oldin
si think that my mother is stuck in 2000 because she still wears stuff like this still
E Desruisseaux
E Desruisseaux 4 kun oldin
Aye born in the year 2000😎😊
Tarek Akel
Tarek Akel 4 kun oldin
At 4:18 you can see the dudes print 😂😂
Rachel O
Rachel O 4 kun oldin
Emily is my fav lmao
Aaron Carlson
Aaron Carlson 5 kun oldin
Amanda LeLoup
Amanda LeLoup 5 kun oldin
I like the duster lol
Ryan N Mendels
Ryan N Mendels 5 kun oldin
Heelys didn’t make it?
Yuuki 5 kun oldin
Strange cause I don't find any problems with any of these fashions lol
Orla 5 kun oldin
I still wear platform flipflops
Samantha B
Samantha B 5 kun oldin
Ok I loved platform flip flops. They are easier to walk in than heels as a clumsy short girl.
Shane Guzman
Shane Guzman 5 kun oldin
"If my memory serves me, correct me." -Link Neal
Coda Shoshone
Coda Shoshone 5 kun oldin
I think fashion is opinion. There is no right or wrong.
Nanci Mendez
Nanci Mendez 5 kun oldin
Emily's mustard tennie shoes...... what are they!? Love them
St514 5 kun oldin
“I am a human Bud Lite Lime!” LOL
Jessica Fels
Jessica Fels 5 kun oldin
It's ok Rhett. I liked the sandals and cardigan, too!
Randall Jordan
Randall Jordan 5 kun oldin
Crew be looking like the Scooby Doo gang
Bananateil Birb
Bananateil Birb 5 kun oldin
Well I can’t vote yet even tho I was born in the 2000s cause I was born in 2007 >:3
Jordan Deaton
Jordan Deaton 5 kun oldin
Is Jordan that guy from king of queens or am I crazy????
Becky Miller
Becky Miller 5 kun oldin
So this is what the Source Fed members are up to nowadays
Justin Y.
Justin Y. 6 kun oldin
Rhett looked like daddyofive in 2007
jasmyne ford
jasmyne ford 6 kun oldin
Ok I feel attacked I own a duster cardigan and I always wear it lol😂
Christine Tyler
Christine Tyler 6 kun oldin
Harry Dresden says dusters never go out of style.
Alleigh Bal
Alleigh Bal 6 kun oldin
I thought I was the only one who called olive green "poop green."
Rae Seidel
Rae Seidel 6 kun oldin
Jordan is so funny, needs to be on more episodes. But not as cotton candy randy cause that guy is terrifying.
Crystalluss 6 kun oldin
The cardigan is great and I don't care what anyone thinks. >:O
23The Dreamers26
23The Dreamers26 6 kun oldin
I really do have a thing for older men ❤😍 especially Rhett, that beard tho.. First time I'm attracted to a bearded guy 😍😍
Linky Okumura
Linky Okumura 6 kun oldin
I can absolutely attest to the danger of the platform flip flop, I wore a pair to my middle school dance and wound up breaking my foot lmao. Had to wear a boot for a couple months becuase of them
feral kitten
feral kitten 6 kun oldin
4;15 omfg
Harley 6 kun oldin
It's a therapist sweater
jordo 6 kun oldin
In Canada, people born in 2000 CAN LEGALLY DRINK!!!
Hannah R
Hannah R 6 kun oldin
This was just 14 minutes of learning Rhett's type.
Death by pony
Death by pony 6 kun oldin
i broke my foot taking out the trash in platform flip flops
Hannah Turner
Hannah Turner 6 kun oldin
Uhh...gauchos??? Wearing tank tops OVER your t-shirt??? Crocs??? Topping off the look in a sparkly newsboy cap??? Silly bandz??? I guess y’all had to be 12 in 2006 to get the full effect.
Batmouse Cass-cass
Batmouse Cass-cass 6 kun oldin
I didn't wear the platform flip flops for height, I wore them for comfort. Bring them back! Also, dusters are still very popular. They're on my list of things to make for myself soon.
Esther RFG
Esther RFG 6 kun oldin
I love the platform flip flop!
Erik Jackson
Erik Jackson 6 kun oldin
So the furrys have infulrated GMM f##k one of our strongest defense operations may God be with them
Galaxy Univern
Galaxy Univern 4 kun oldin
Erik Jackson amen 🙏😥
Athena Battaglia
Athena Battaglia 6 kun oldin
No no. Let him keep pulling them up.
Jessica M.
Jessica M. 6 kun oldin
This just shows me that we can't trust Rhett's fashion sense 😂
Mendy Peters
Mendy Peters 7 kun oldin
*that guy with the belly chain was on another pod, i forget the name*
Kimberly Armstrong
Kimberly Armstrong 7 kun oldin
Emily reminds me of a younger version of comedienne Kathleen Madigan. The smile part? Her relaxed demeanor?
Ray-Han Yeager
Ray-Han Yeager 7 kun oldin
Even worse offenders: Pageboy hats and the Avril tie necklace
Charles Marsh
Charles Marsh 7 kun oldin
The BBC ;D
Maddie’s Music Covers
Is it just me or does the duster a and f and platform flip flops and can Dutch look good on the crlebs
Seth Frego
Seth Frego 7 kun oldin
If you want to look like absolute trash lol 😂 😂😂😂😂
andre1k28 7 kun oldin
12:34 "I look like I'm about to die in a Jet Ski accident" 😂 Jordan
Garrett Gates
Garrett Gates 4 kun oldin
andre1k28 don’t forget the comment immediately after that. “IM A HUMAN BUD LITE LIME”
smileTOBY .’
smileTOBY .’ 7 kun oldin
Look like daddyofive?
mabbyzee 7 kun oldin
12:18 When he says its too dark... That's not Abercrombie.. That is Hollister 😂
Ryan Lexow
Ryan Lexow 7 kun oldin
Who are the 2 on the right? i'm bad with names. Funniest crew members by far.
sweetdelaney 7 kun oldin
omg i love will i remember watching him on sourcefed, still on that #weina train lol XP
damian prado
damian prado 7 kun oldin
anyone else feel the gmm is better when it’s only Rhett and Link, not with the extras/guests
Jessica M
Jessica M 7 kun oldin
I actually like the edd hardy type style, in moderation of coarse. Like I'd wear a t shirt or a hat or a jacket with those designs, not all at once of course. I've also reached the age where I don't give a crap what people think & I embrace my weirdness. Strangely enough even though I like the designs I don't have any tattoos mainly because I'm terrified of needles.
TGabrielC13 7 kun oldin
I love how open and accepting Rhett is about the fashion. Just seems like a not so judgemental man.
Tic Tactical
Tic Tactical 7 kun oldin
Your welcome for liking,commenting and subscribing to gmm
Andrew Torvi
Andrew Torvi 7 kun oldin
Why does the lady on the right try so hard to turn everything she says into a standup bit
Del Hawk
Del Hawk 7 kun oldin
“I’m a human bud light lime!” That straight up, seal clap killed me 🤣🤣
SleepyKate 7 kun oldin
as sad as it is when gmm crew members leave/move to do different things there is always SUCH fantastic chemistry with the current crew it's so great to see everyone doing well!!
DeductedGem 7 kun oldin
i actually find girls wearing hats hot
Alathorz 7 kun oldin
I was like " dafaq is a flip flop?" and then i realised they're called thongs!
Andy Saunders
Andy Saunders 7 kun oldin
*steps on the hat with the platform flip flops* "that's someone's fetish"
azkaland 7 kun oldin
It wasn't really celebrity popular but I remember those horrendous loofah flip flops. I had more blisters than toes.
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