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We've gathered some of the worst As Seen on TV products we could find, and now it's time to rank them and see which is the worst of the worst. GMM #1437
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5-Dek, 2018

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brian olmstead
brian olmstead 6 soat oldin
2:27 you’ll understand
Sega Tortoise
Sega Tortoise 7 soat oldin
Wait how old is stevie if she was a kid in the late 80s i thought she was in her 20s
Prakhar Aggarwal
Prakhar Aggarwal 7 soat oldin
Hello Clarice.... Tht tht tht tht tht tht tht
Areli & celine
Areli & celine 9 soat oldin
I remember my brother would watch this like three years ago and I thought it was boring now I watch it and my sister thinks it’s boring (for now) 😂😂😂
James  Power
James Power 11 soat oldin
Is Cotton Candy Randy's son wearing a shirt of his dad?
WafflePafflePikachu TV
Hey I have seen a as seen on UZvid.
Dustin Winters
Dustin Winters 18 soat oldin
Stevie can make me BUST
ssj rose
ssj rose 20 soat oldin
Kill me but I didn’t know who cotton candy randy was until I seen him and the shirt
Joshua Duplaa
Joshua Duplaa 20 soat oldin
Rhett, link, do yourselves a favor and stop wearing skinny jeans. Poor fashion choice for every man, especially men in their 40’s. Just a suggestion.
Katherine Hague
Katherine Hague 22 soat oldin
I'd donate if I was allowed
ugh life sucks
ugh life sucks Kun oldin
h i d a d d i e s
Roxie Danielle Dean
The fact that i am watching this episode instead of sleeping speaks volumes to my UZvid and gmm Addiction...
Mike1614b Kun oldin
that's california right there
HoboJack Kun oldin
Not a big fan of the crew
Chilly Willie
Chilly Willie Kun oldin
How dare you schnitzel is a thin piece of pork
Joanne A
Joanne A Kun oldin
eggs comeoff easily but .... the smeeeeelll
Cheryl Berg
Cheryl Berg Kun oldin
ha ha@ when rhett says ohhhkay? during the egg scramble segment
Donovan Kulp
Donovan Kulp Kun oldin
Rhett’s the 10th member of slipknot now
Aj Prigge
Aj Prigge Kun oldin
getting some cotton candy Randy vibes from that guy...
EpicestGamer Kun oldin
is that guy in the middle cotton candy randy?
FreewayKingz Kun oldin
Christen is hot and I feel like I can pick her up and take her to pound town and then put her in my pocket for later. Also does she have a lisp?
Darth Vincenitus
Emily is the best crew member. Bring her on more!
Garrett Norris
Garrett Norris Kun oldin
Egg Gaming Pro
Egg Gaming Pro Kun oldin
ya just let me spend $100 dollars on a boat to go down the rouge river
Jimbo4000 2 kun oldin
why are American eggs white?
Kevin Ramos
Kevin Ramos 2 kun oldin
who’s gotta boat!? lmak yoo that had me dying lol
Wolfy 556789
Wolfy 556789 2 kun oldin
Who else here is watching this at night when it is called good mythical MORNING 😂😂
Star Espeo
Star Espeo 2 kun oldin
That moment when GMM steals a Brian Regan joke
Quinn Brewer
Quinn Brewer 2 kun oldin
Lol when they were doing the Wonder Arms one and all the women kept talking and Cotton Candy Randy (idk his real name, sorry) kept trying to talk but they wouldn't let him
László Balázs Császár
That mask looks like Mike myers' mask
László Balázs Császár
Hi daddies
Will Garrett
Will Garrett 2 kun oldin
I think Christine does not understand anatomy or how muscles work......
Lam0 Lam0
Lam0 Lam0 2 kun oldin
I will help you with life on the comments section Put a Hyphen both sides and it looks like -this- Do the same with stars and it looks like *this* I don’t know any thing else if you do please reply x
justraedi 2 kun oldin
i dont like this format, and Jordan is too cringey in my opinion
Bunker Gamer
Bunker Gamer 2 kun oldin
2:26 listen with eyes closed
Kimberlee Calbetzer
Hey you like thick arms Jordan? Hmu! 😂😁
"Whose got a boat?"
Hulksmash solo
Hulksmash solo 2 kun oldin
Didnt expect stevie to look like that holy shit
chesterv88 2 kun oldin
Still devastated to know that Stevie likes girls.
HeyPeeps ImLizzie
HeyPeeps ImLizzie 2 kun oldin
Ok, I'm not trying to be weird, but can I just say that Christine is absolutely beautiful!? Especially when she smiles. 😊
HeyPeeps ImLizzie
HeyPeeps ImLizzie 2 kun oldin
I feel like that arm workout thing would just give me really weird bruises on my forearms. ☹
Sirlie08 2 kun oldin
Schnitzel is not made of Chicken! It‘s made of pig meat!
reeder.nick 2 kun oldin
Emily is the only one of the Mythical Crew that is even halfway entertaining or funny: change my mind
DATA WING 2 kun oldin
Left in The SmokeSD
the duel hand job trainer. hey whats up it critikal
Emily Hankinson
Emily Hankinson 3 kun oldin
Okay but is there a link for WaxVac thing? I'm looking for one (as a joke gift)!
zhissem 3 kun oldin
I like Emily’s teeth 😂
Finlay Hamm
Finlay Hamm 3 kun oldin
*ass seen on tv*
Harrison Novak
Harrison Novak 3 kun oldin
I got dumped today yayyyyyyyyyy💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😶😤😤😤😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄🖕🖕🖕🖕
Cosmo2727 3 kun oldin
“Don’t invol-“ “Can I get your head in there?” “DON’T INVOLVE”
Liam Whyatt
Liam Whyatt 3 kun oldin
He said bojack did he mean bojack horseman
S0larSystemWolf 3 kun oldin
Is that, cotton candy randy?
Kloud Productions
Kloud Productions 3 kun oldin
Rhett: "It could make a good torture device if you put your eye on it" Stevie: "oh" Man that got me good 😂
Anna Rebstock
Anna Rebstock 3 kun oldin
Should we leave? 😂😂😂😂
Bence Tóth
Bence Tóth 3 kun oldin
3:18 those faces from the ladies :D
Will Brooks
Will Brooks 3 kun oldin
Just close your eyes as you watch the first 3 minutes and 15 seconds of the video
michael howard
michael howard 3 kun oldin
That ear cleaner doesn't work
Haley Wilson
Haley Wilson 3 kun oldin
That mask looks like something from a horror movie!
Scott Arcement
Scott Arcement 3 kun oldin
Sure the last one isn't a bank robbery tool?
ACLG 3 kun oldin
schnitzel: pig
dhougone 3 kun oldin
Dang, those people were so cringy. Couldn’t finish watching the videos.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 3 kun oldin
Wow reading the comments, a lot of the fanbase here act like entitled little kids. Lighten up, folks
Diana Rendon
Diana Rendon 3 kun oldin
Millenial judges here 😆😆
bclikesyou 3 kun oldin
More Emily! She's killing it.
Jana Obergfell
Jana Obergfell 3 kun oldin
Schnitzel is not chicken! It's veal! #thisistheonethingitakefromthisvideo
Jeydaweber01 3 kun oldin
Its 3:36 am and i cant sleep so I’m watching this episode about as seen on tv products😂😂 you guys were spot on man😂💯👌🏻
peanut butter
peanut butter 3 kun oldin
Push ups and don't call it a snitchle
Jonathan Mendez
Jonathan Mendez 3 kun oldin
This show is so different from two years ago. I really miss the old GMM.
Schnitzel is pork “eye roll”
jman415 3 kun oldin
I love jordan
Itz GoodVibez
Itz GoodVibez 3 kun oldin
so many s3x jokes...why
Lizzie 3 kun oldin
11:53 Jason Vorhees is quaking in his canoe right now
Cuban Agassi
Cuban Agassi 4 kun oldin
I had a cotton swap cotton stuck in my ear one night in West Palm Beach. And I had to go to Walgreens at 2:00 am in the morning to buy a pointy Revlon tweezer to take it out myself. Cause my ex is a useless coward and wouldn't help me with it. Ten minutes later it was out.... 😔
David Mauzy
David Mauzy 4 kun oldin
... But wait there's more!
Emily Bryant
Emily Bryant 4 kun oldin
i strongly dislike Emily
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 3 kun oldin
Emily Bryant now now... depression hurts I know. You may not like yourself right now, but talking in the third person is not going to help. You need to own yourself as the person you are and embrace it
ninaeatworld 4 kun oldin
I was shocked when the leftermost lady said she was a kid in the 80s. I thought she was a 15-year-old :O
Mr Cat
Mr Cat 4 kun oldin
DJ 2FUNNY 4 kun oldin
You should do a video where you guess if the asmr is someone eating something or squeezing something who else would want to see that
TheGamerOfWac 4 kun oldin
do you guys watch peanut butter gamer
boigamer543 MC
boigamer543 MC 4 kun oldin
It feels great on the human nipple you say? GIVE ME YOUR ENTIRE STOCK NOOOOWWWW
Psera 4 kun oldin
I’m not defending the mask, but to make it work you’re supposed to use a type of gel first, which I believe is supposed to conduct the electrical charges. Without it, it probably won’t do anything.
Christine Machalek
Christine Machalek 4 kun oldin
For real Emily is so cute
ibeleaf 4 kun oldin
can you guys get a more hipster looking group of people together? jeeze.
LHockey14 4 kun oldin
I used to have a wax vac 😂
Hallam Steer
Hallam Steer 4 kun oldin
WTF was that face mask, it was just; did I watch the purge, jigsaw and strangers films all at once
Jesx 4 kun oldin
THEORY!!! I am starting to believe Jordan is actually Cotton Candy Randy(CCR). Think about it! Jordan NEVER appears when CCR is on set, and vice versa! We also never see them in a photo TOGETHER. Also, they have VERY similar facial features, for eg the eyes, nose and the beard scruff!!! lastly, can we just talk about how Jordan is the ONLY ONE wearing a shirt with CCR on it?! How crazy is that. (lol I'm just kidding guys, don't take my comment too seriously.. xD)
konzal84 4 kun oldin
3:13 I'm loving this, especially the reaction of the female part of the crew is priceless!!
Vin Scimeca
Vin Scimeca 4 kun oldin
Stevie will you marry me.!!!! God you are gorgeous.!!!!!
repeanut 4 kun oldin
Did you feel the cringe too?
yassine tayeb
yassine tayeb 4 kun oldin
stevie lookin' sexy as fook
ThatOneStuff 4 kun oldin
I like that guy but he should have to be randy anytime he is on the show.
Milton Rodriguez
Milton Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
I need someone who looks at me the way link looks at Emily @0:59
bondytune 4 kun oldin
Link: Deeper, Deeper! DEEPER!! Me: 🤔hmm...
TonyYT 4 kun oldin
The comment below me is gay.
Jonathan Green
Jonathan Green 4 kun oldin
Geez Stevie has the sexiest voice of all time....
Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve French
The absolute most the arm thing could possibly do is work the muscles. But doing so will not at all target the fat in that area. That's not how exercise or fat "burning" works.
Giovanni De Freitas
When Rhett said “could be a good torture device” and that women was like “oh” the look on her face 😂
Trenton Kick
Trenton Kick 4 kun oldin
Have you maybe thought of replacing the curly haired dude with a better person....Just an idea....Just-aaaa throwin’ that out there.....
The Space Knights
The Space Knights 4 kun oldin
6:12 Looks at his shirt, then his face, then realizes,” Holy crap.”
Edgar Castillo
Edgar Castillo 4 kun oldin
I was no where near the first product demonstration but I felt like I needed to wash hands or everything.
Worst Toys Ever
3 yil oldin
Hi I'm Poppy Oh
4 kun oldin