Worst As Seen On TV Products - RANKED

Good Mythical Morning
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We've gathered some of the worst As Seen on TV products we could find, and now it's time to rank them and see which is the worst of the worst. GMM #1437
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5-Dek, 2018



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Chance Whybark
Chance Whybark Kun oldin
9:30 bike pump. Old style manual railroad propulsion mechanism.
yeey 2 kun oldin
4:26 for the best part
Sebastian Rios
Sebastian Rios 4 kun oldin
I miss old good mythical morning when they would eat bugs 😂
dylan jordan
dylan jordan 4 kun oldin
I'm in love with the red head
Peter Harris
Peter Harris 5 kun oldin
Yes Link u are weird
Sarah Peterson
Sarah Peterson 5 kun oldin
That face "rejuvenator" could totally be a serial killer mask...
Bodie Accurso
Bodie Accurso 5 kun oldin
2:25 completely that’s what she said jokes
rufus gillespie
rufus gillespie 9 kun oldin
How many times has your intro changed
LAGGSANITY 11 kun oldin
Tan girl has shattered backboards 1s on. GG
Princess Fuzzy
Princess Fuzzy 13 kun oldin
Are Jordan and Emily related?
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. 13 kun oldin
"It smells like a bitter divorce in here." 😂😂😂 i love Emily
Cranking KingsTV
Cranking KingsTV 16 kun oldin
Thats what she said 3:13
cgougeon1535 17 kun oldin
V fab
Evil Zach15
Evil Zach15 17 kun oldin
I had the wierdest state farm ad just now
Diego Perez
Diego Perez 17 kun oldin
Nobody: Jordan: HaPpY cOtEn CaNdY dAy DaDdies
Marc Meier
Marc Meier 18 kun oldin
7:14 *”I laughed the loudest, who’d have known...”*
Eiji Kazama
Eiji Kazama 19 kun oldin
i have a question...does it work on nose? for someone who have sinus problems or nose blockage?😀
Austin Sanders
Austin Sanders 19 kun oldin
The entire crew is just nothing but real savages 😂 I love you guys
Greg Paul
Greg Paul 20 kun oldin
9:14 That don't involve
Izzy Nat154
Izzy Nat154 20 kun oldin
Was it just me or did the mask look like it was out of the purge
Zeretox Gaming
Zeretox Gaming 20 kun oldin
The movement of Stevie's eye brows is all I want
samhouston1979 21 kun oldin
If the “Epilady” doesn’t show up, I’ll be disappointed. It literally had a rotating coil that ripped hair from your face
Sport Bros
Sport Bros 23 kun oldin
The Boy is Rhett
Pseudonym 25 kun oldin
Is that Patton Oswald's brother?
Temporärer Name
Temporärer Name 25 kun oldin
Jetzt hab ich bock auf Schnitzel...
Harry Todhunter
Harry Todhunter 25 kun oldin
Everyone talking about stevie, Emily and jordan, but nobody is talking about Christine. SHE IS FREAKIN ADORABLE
SilverFox 25 kun oldin
Do you know Joko and Klaas? They're german and you 2 are the english version of them
HackySack 26 kun oldin
2:27 close your eyes and listen
Marty Nguyen
Marty Nguyen 26 kun oldin
9:19 well that doesn't replicate any of the exercises...:D says the guy that doesn't go to the gym :DD that is really similar to close grip bench press or triceps pressdowns depending on the angle
Marty Nguyen
Marty Nguyen 26 kun oldin
Stevie is a beauty
BMoney8600 27 kun oldin
I remember the Wax Vac commercial especially the "OW" part
Emmy Lloyd
Emmy Lloyd 27 kun oldin
So Jordan has a fetish for single moms and first responders? Good for him 😂
Jesa Freese
Jesa Freese 28 kun oldin
I love that Bojack basically got a shoutout. 😂😂 Also... That face mask is TERRIFYING!!!
DirtBikeBoy 29 kun oldin
Schnitzel... Radda radda raddaradda radda. (CartoonNetwork-Chowder.)
CAGsoccer 7
CAGsoccer 7 29 kun oldin
This is the best channel on UZvid I love it it’s so fun to watch I love your vids
Mr pickenz
Mr pickenz 29 kun oldin
The amount of soy in this room is ridiculous...
Jarrod Carter
Jarrod Carter 29 kun oldin
Stevie's so gorgeous!!!
agustin herrera
agustin herrera 29 kun oldin
I didn’t know what a Schnitzel was. I thought they were talking about some guy I know. Rada Rada.
Tekashi 69
Tekashi 69 Oy oldin
how many "thats what she said" jokes could I say in this video. A lot.
Juan Diaz
Juan Diaz Oy oldin
STOP shaking your flaps 6:45 🤢
Morgan Lubansky
Am i the only one that thought he was dressed as rick in the thumbnail??
Jerome Benipayo
Wow. Didn't know stevie has a dirty mind. Makes her hotter.
10/10 Spellling
When we will see the Will it beauty mask video?
The French Scetch
Who remembers when the wheel of mythicality was spun during the video?
Game Master
Game Master Oy oldin
Stevie, you got my hearth dammit!
AnselAlly Oy oldin
Im convinced that GMM only hired good looking people.
Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts Oy oldin
I learned how to make a pizza bagel/ baguette before how to scramble an egg.
Destiny Watson
Years later and I’m still wondering where Link got the shirt he’s wearing
Ann-Jaqueline Elendt
A Schnitzel is not fried chicken! It can be any meat, but it is mostly pork. And it can be a huge flapp of meat.
Linda Forand
Linda Forand Oy oldin
Wasn't this on before?? 😳
Michaël X
Michaël X Oy oldin
These products are fantastic!* I thought these were supposed to be terrible?? *Well, except for maybe the creepy horror movie mask.
christina wechkin
*hears vibrations and moaning* 'honey??' dont worry babe. its my... e g g s c r a m b l e r if ya know what i mean 😏
Justin Barber
Justin Barber Oy oldin
Well HELLO Emily. Yummy😋😍
Tanisha Kumar Is an Army,Monbebe,and a Blink!!!
Stevie is so pretty! High five girlfriend!
airfobrat Oy oldin
schnitzel - fried PORK not chicken -.-
Brandon Gainer
Rhett's face at 4:29 is hilarious
MCNUGGET Minecraft
Janja Oy oldin
"It will be great torture device if you put your eye in it" XD my kind of humor
Madelynn Z
Madelynn Z Oy oldin
Do will it ramen
memesdanker Oy oldin
Link: Harder, deeper, deeper, DEEPER
Mahdi Uddin
Mahdi Uddin Oy oldin
Stevie is over 30 wtf?
VK2532 Oy oldin
The mask is the best. Jason just wanted to look beautiful and people were jealous of him so he murdered them lol
John Doe
John Doe Oy oldin
Schnitzel is pork
Sasha Olivia Rogers
Was waiting for someone to bring up “perfect smile veneers”..... now THATS a bad product
Bitter ฺ Sweet ฺ Lemonade
“Call now for a very special offer for a very stupid product” *-Calls-*
bilbo baggins
bilbo baggins Oy oldin
Wonder arms: if everybody is talking about it then what's the point of a commercial
I forgot what I was gunna say lol
Definitely Not Anny
Schnitzel traditionally is pork. It's german.
Hyuga Hinata
Hyuga Hinata Oy oldin
I loved this intro better :(
Cierra Throop
Cierra Throop Oy oldin
All I need to be ready for the Purge now is that mask. Seriously. If i had that for the Purge, nobody would know it was me who killed them.
John Paul Osorio
Is it just me or was anyone eating while they were testing the ear sucker thing😂
Luna Oy oldin
They look like Dwight when he cuts off the dummy's face lol
p1x3lman Oy oldin
@4:06 the cute redhead on the left remebers a commercial fron the '80? that means she is atleast 33! damn what ever she is doing, its working.
Sub-Urbanennial Poet
In love with Emilys personality
Henry Livingstone
As the only one who was touching it while it was happening it felt great 😂😂😂 lots of weird out of context quotes in this one
zach vall
zach vall Oy oldin
Jordan isn’t funny
zach vall
zach vall Oy oldin
Never mind the whole crew isn’t funny
lucas lucas
lucas lucas Oy oldin
Stevie is so attractive!! She needs more air time!! Btw how do I get her socials ?
daddy Oy oldin
yo is emily single? asking for a friend
Brendan Horn
Brendan Horn Oy oldin
It's only because he's wearing the shirt, but I just reallized the couch guy was cotton candy randy. In which case, when he said "I'm okay with some schnitzel for lunch", why did he not say it in the voice?
Julius Niemeyer
Interesting Americans think a “schnitzel” is a thin piece of chicken. Actually it has to be a thin piece of veal than is put into flour, then egg and then Semmelbrösel. Then it has to be fried in a pan. Otherwise it’s not a schnitzel, this is actually ruled by law in Germany. Americans have no idea what they are talking about...
louay playZ/animations and gameplays
Reminds me of an SCP ya know that mask ??
Hdmiok plays
Hdmiok plays Oy oldin
...a thin piece of fried chicken...
Shayla Hayes
Shayla Hayes Oy oldin
When Rhett puts on that face mask he reminds me of the guy from the movie The Boy
George Stanley
sally face cosplay
jared Blood
jared Blood Oy oldin
uhm.... that egg scrambler is amazing. I'm in culinary school and I WISH we had that!!!
Nate Holland
Nate Holland Oy oldin
I have decided by watching this that Stevie is Rhett and Link's mother.
what a true moron does truly need?
Rhet looks like Michael Myers on a thumbnail
Sir Walker
Sir Walker Oy oldin
The face mask could have been used by a serial killer....
Dragonlord the king of dragons
Rhett came up with a new interrogation method stab and scrabble the eye
ZombieBroKill Oy oldin
Stevie is a queen
Schnitzel is a German food and it’s fried pork. It’s very good.
Dick Hurtz
Dick Hurtz Oy oldin
Panel are terribld
Lukas Rudolf
Lukas Rudolf Oy oldin
Greetings from Austria, the Home of Schnitzel! No it's not a fried piece of chicken. It can je, but originaly its not. It's if you want so, a fried piece of pork. Please google schnitzel austrian dish. Greetings, love your show ✌👍
Deninini007 Oy oldin
A German guy is watching them : Schnitzel!!!
Varanox Oy oldin
Paul 09
Paul 09 Oy oldin
Schnitzel is not meat from a chicken
They're competing for a raise
Sureno Lord
Sureno Lord 25 kun oldin
ShadowXGaming 7874
11:02 the purge
Dany Wiekert
Dany Wiekert Oy oldin
Schnitzel is pork.
Sandhya Bagwati
This is the best team in the WORLD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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