Worst Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 1)

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Which Halloween candy is the worst of the worst? We're kicking off our 3-day long tournament to find out. GMM #1410
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29-Okt, 2018



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Fikrlar 21 894
Celenia Rivera
Celenia Rivera 3 soat oldin
I love spicy candy
Brendan Cassel
Brendan Cassel 12 soat oldin
I love licorice.
Guy Boi
Guy Boi Kun oldin
Who else watched it when it wasn’t even Halloween.
Siena Schettino
Siena Schettino 2 kun oldin
I love nicklnips
Dr Despacito
Dr Despacito 2 kun oldin
Caden Knutson
Caden Knutson 2 kun oldin
I love dots
Andrew Ettenger
Andrew Ettenger 3 kun oldin
I love whoppers
Terence Scanlon
Terence Scanlon 3 kun oldin
I love dot's!
Damian Oso
Damian Oso 4 kun oldin
Nikl nips are so good
Adamaster 4 kun oldin
I love dots
Keara Ellis-Betts
Keara Ellis-Betts 4 kun oldin
*Wait... are whoppers and Maltesers the same thing?* 😂
Ruby Howard
Ruby Howard 5 kun oldin
I love whoppers and hot tamales
TheSpawnOfYouTube 5 kun oldin
I used to eat the wax that those wax bottles are made of 😂😂
the perfect speed finder
I have a good idea,every halloween you put one of these buckets in the show
Tuffsmoygles 6 kun oldin
Dots and butterscotch is awesome.
Jordan Spencer
Jordan Spencer 7 kun oldin
If they still made the vanilla and strawberry milkshake whoppers id still eat them.
Dr steve brule
Dr steve brule 7 kun oldin
U guys have sen-sen anywhere besides canada? Those are the worst. That and thrills gum
Official Beyblader
Official Beyblader 7 kun oldin
I love raisinets and good and plenty
Edvin Sandström
Edvin Sandström 7 kun oldin
In sweden we do eat liqurish but in iceland they eat more
Suzy Ng
Suzy Ng 8 kun oldin
I loved butterscotch.....
Jaymes Nevis
Jaymes Nevis 8 kun oldin
Dots are bad and you should feel bad!
Candy Man
Candy Man 8 kun oldin
Raisinets are my favorite
Layten Kaid Williams
I freaking love rasinetts😂
Λυris 8 kun oldin
ASMR shouldn't exist...
can we get 10,000 crocs
i loveeeeeee whoppers 😂
Tyler Kennedy
Tyler Kennedy 8 kun oldin
It’s the journey that makes it count. It’s freaking Candy
Owl Payson
Owl Payson 8 kun oldin
Pro whopper and licorice
Owl Payson
Owl Payson 8 kun oldin
Why are any of them up there Okay, I actually don’t mind because people can like what they want
Owl Payson
Owl Payson 8 kun oldin
Along with dots, wax drinks, candy corn........ But mainly the first two
CM99501 8 kun oldin
Butterscotch isn't bad, but its always the "old person" candy.
BALD 9 kun oldin
Hot tamales are 🔥
Wwitkovsky 9 kun oldin
I love dots!
Gracie smith
Gracie smith 9 kun oldin
i love atomic fireballs but maybe it’s just me
TMuSiC 9 kun oldin
Rasinets are good imo.
friend ships
friend ships 9 kun oldin
That's sad I actually like nik o nips
hellodon 9 kun oldin
Why is RHETT never in the description? It’s always LINK in the description. It’s just not fair.
Uli Schmidt
Uli Schmidt 9 kun oldin
I love whoppers
Uli Schmidt
Uli Schmidt 9 kun oldin
And butterscotch
Genevieve Wiemer
Genevieve Wiemer 9 kun oldin
I like dots but who likes the orange but if you do thank fine also
Steven Olivas
Steven Olivas 9 kun oldin
Whoppers, raisinets, atomic fireballs, and butterscotch is delicious and nobody can tell me otherwise
Gamma Cookie
Gamma Cookie 9 kun oldin
Kraneapolus 10 kun oldin
If you hate dots, butterscotch, or candycorn then you need to die
Chargingbull 10 kun oldin
I freaking hate whoppers
Chargingbull 10 kun oldin
Rhett:My hair goes up link:my hair goes...up?
Ben Miller
Ben Miller 10 kun oldin
I just bought some Nik-L-Nips off of Amazon after watching this, I loved them as a kid.
Shrimpboi 10 kun oldin
Link has a cotton candy randy shirt on
Kevlar88 10 kun oldin
I'm like Rhett, there are few things i dislike.
King Peng
King Peng 10 kun oldin
You know why they called good and plenty because they ain't good and it's always plenty of em
Albino Cadillac
Albino Cadillac 10 kun oldin
I eat Dots Dots are delicious Change. My. Mind.
Joseph Gaffke
Joseph Gaffke 11 kun oldin
i love atomic fireballs
Isaiah and Floyd
Isaiah and Floyd 11 kun oldin
whoppers are awesome
sawyeryankees Sawyer
I love good and plenty
Streamer HD
Streamer HD 11 kun oldin
Atomic fireballs are Tasty
This name is Already taking
I’m insulted whoppers are amazing my opinion it’s fine if you don’t like it lol nik l nips are also delicious
Bigman Dennis
Bigman Dennis 11 kun oldin
Cinerator which is also liquor, is a sweet hot cinnamon whiskey, probably like atomic fireball, that or if ur not into sweet, then get fireball
Lizzie Corona
Lizzie Corona 11 kun oldin
I personally love dots I feel hurt and I also like the wax bottles
NIX 12 kun oldin
kathy reece
kathy reece 12 kun oldin
Sorry wrong video 🐰😫
kathy reece
kathy reece 12 kun oldin
I hate avengers infinity war because it killed off spiderman and that's just wrong 💀😡
casey 11 kun oldin
Homecoming sucked
Husam Dweik
Husam Dweik 12 kun oldin
good and plenty is hella good
NinjAve Animated,Gaming
Are whoppers just crappy maltesers?
Adam Allam
Adam Allam 12 kun oldin
I like all of these candies
Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Smith 12 kun oldin
Whoppers are amazing.
Lucca Chirico
Lucca Chirico 12 kun oldin
Me to
Anders McLennan
Anders McLennan 12 kun oldin
Who’s picking these candies? Who doesn’t like dots or butterscotch 😂
Uknown Entxty
Uknown Entxty 12 kun oldin
Dots are my good ;-;
MACHETE GAMER 13 kun oldin
How can you have whoppers, raisenets, and dots. They are AMAZING
snake nolastname
snake nolastname 13 kun oldin
Worst candy lacrisal it only taste good with alcohol
Nuder s
Nuder s 13 kun oldin
i love whoppers
Stacy 13 kun oldin
Those...are all of my favorite candies...
Gacha_ Girl
Gacha_ Girl 13 kun oldin
I love fire balls..... I love all the candy you had.....
billy jones
billy jones 13 kun oldin
Bro...dots were my whole childhood Halloween, I feel so attacked
DameOfTheRose 14 kun oldin
whoppers are great
Dolphin Bones
Dolphin Bones 14 kun oldin
Nik-l nips are my favorite candy fight me
lilwerdo gamer
lilwerdo gamer 14 kun oldin
Butterscotch is best!
lololol lol
lololol lol 14 kun oldin
“Never eat Dots alone...” More like never eat Dots ever
EvilLord37 14 kun oldin
Dots are you kidding me?
LeanMrfuzzles 14 kun oldin
Dots and candy corn are some of my favorites
ZEKE TORONYI 14 kun oldin
i love lequrice y dont u guys
SheppardDeGamer! !
SheppardDeGamer! ! 14 kun oldin
Grace Talmadge
Grace Talmadge 14 kun oldin
Why am I the only one who loves Raisinets...? :(
Ally Mills
Ally Mills 14 kun oldin
Happy Cotton Candy Day!
Dr. potato
Dr. potato 14 kun oldin
Call me insane but I love raisinets and dots
Destiny Lynne
Destiny Lynne 14 kun oldin
I actually love whoppers lol
Tyler Carlin
Tyler Carlin 14 kun oldin
I like dots and whoppers...
Corbin Brooks
Corbin Brooks 15 kun oldin
Queen’s Sweet Meat!
Gage - Mobile Gaming
Why Whoppers... I love those things...
Miranda Ann
Miranda Ann 15 kun oldin
Nik L Nips are my life
Kovu Likes The Neighbourhood
I am thoroughly offended.. I love dots...
Ethan Nelson
Ethan Nelson 15 kun oldin
Whoppers win. Like If you ugree
grape juice.
grape juice. 15 kun oldin
Whoppers, rasinets, and dots are all great
Rebekah Paul
Rebekah Paul 15 kun oldin
i eat dots
Josh Case
Josh Case 15 kun oldin
Please get Rhett off this one omg he is useless this episode lmao
iesu 15 kun oldin
licorice is actually fantastic, what's wrong with you people
iesu 13 kun oldin
+CobraBite 17 ofc, I'm just really confused
CobraBite 17
CobraBite 17 14 kun oldin
But ofc everyone is entitled to their own opinion
Steve Denny
Steve Denny 15 kun oldin
Whopers are amazing
randomlikings 15 kun oldin
Dots and tootsie rolls were my favourite things to get as a kid, tbh
Antonydabossman 15 kun oldin
Atomic fireballs are the best! I can eat like 3 at a time.
Honest Dave
Honest Dave 16 kun oldin
4:15 11:15 11:58
Kacie Moore
Kacie Moore 16 kun oldin
How did dots move on? Lol they’re great
ArticFabreeze 16 kun oldin
I like all of those candys.
BluCreeper13 16 kun oldin
Dots are good! I can't believe they put freaking chocolate rasins in front of Dots.
LarryLegend 16 kun oldin
Nik L Nips are the best.
Colin Clayton
Colin Clayton 16 kun oldin
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