Worst Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 1)

Good Mythical Morning
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Which Halloween candy is the worst of the worst? We're kicking off our 3-day long tournament to find out. GMM #1410
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29-Okt, 2018

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Mening pleylistlarim
Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 21 126
ToxiX Soat oldin
Why are dots on there
GNARLY 6 soat oldin
brinnda70 6 soat oldin
Can’t do Nik L Nips. Get a headache.😲
Broman TheMan3478
Broman TheMan3478 10 soat oldin
Whoppers are great and licorice is terrible
Aegis B.
Aegis B. 10 soat oldin
i honestly like nik-l-nip, dots, and butterscotch lol
K F 20 soat oldin
Who hates butterscotch?
11lexieee Chamol
11lexieee Chamol 21 soat oldin
Luna Oak
Luna Oak Kun oldin
Is it bad that I don’t like most AMSR stuff
Sylvie Butterfly
My grandma and I used to eat the liquorice sweets (good and plenty us) all the time She used to use the red ones we have in uk for her lips :) X
Clementine/ Gabi Ream
I love licorice and dots :P
Swagitron Ate my dildo
Whoppers are the best tf…
Pretzel 2 kun oldin
The wax juice is like my favorite things ever
The New Odell
The New Odell 2 kun oldin
Why whoppers there like my favorite candy there so good what’s so bad about them
Elina 2 kun oldin
As a Finnish person I gotta defend licorice. It's very good especially fresh ones from Panda. Also what kind of licorice you have if it tastes like medicine?
OGINGOCNI 2 kun oldin
Worst halloween candy isn't whoppers tho
Marney Olson
Marney Olson 2 kun oldin
I hate whoppers. Malt is disgusting.
Sean Scott
Sean Scott 3 kun oldin
Anyone else love some of these
Payton Zawada
Payton Zawada 3 kun oldin
I hate bananas- yet Laffy Taffy Bananas are my favorite 😪
Adision Ranger
Adision Ranger 3 kun oldin
Your wrong good and plenty is good
Aaron Hardy
Aaron Hardy 3 kun oldin
Dots are great
Crystal Critters
Crystal Critters 3 kun oldin
Are they English
LeeTheLoser 3 kun oldin
Don’t be hating on Atomic Fireballs, those are my jam
Chen Stormstout
Chen Stormstout 3 kun oldin
Seriously what is with whopper hate? Do people not like chocolate?
Nathan Berry
Nathan Berry 3 kun oldin
These are all my favorite candies. What does this say about me? 🤷‍♂️
Travis Ftbl k r
Travis Ftbl k r 3 kun oldin
Whoppers are the best candy and dots aren’t that bad
Philip Lind
Philip Lind 3 kun oldin
Dots schmack
Ryan Lin
Ryan Lin 3 kun oldin
yall are monsters whoppers are amazing
Rachel Wanner
Rachel Wanner 4 kun oldin
i’m like offended by half of these being in there
Christina .p.
Christina .p. 4 kun oldin
Nik l nips taste like watered down juice with an “expired smell” but they’re so addicting to drink and chew
Tim Bo
Tim Bo 4 kun oldin
Who ever said that whoppers were bad can fight me
Velvet da husky
Velvet da husky 4 kun oldin
I... uhhhhh..... Erm... Like candy corn and whoppers... 😐
Shirou Kun
Shirou Kun 4 kun oldin
Asmr videos make me feel so uncomfortable 😣
Birdo96 4 kun oldin
Hey dots are good 😂😂😂
Nicole Curtis
Nicole Curtis 4 kun oldin
Fyi dots are my favorite!!!!
David Utley
David Utley 5 kun oldin
Butterscotch are amazing
Crazy Parrot
Crazy Parrot 5 kun oldin
What’s wrong with butterscotch’s
Crazy Parrot
Crazy Parrot 5 kun oldin
I like raisinets to! Seriously 🤯
Sean Scott
Sean Scott 3 kun oldin
Crazy Parrot fruit and chocolate is always one of the top food combos
Crazy Parrot
Crazy Parrot 5 kun oldin
I like whoppers
Crazy Parrot
Crazy Parrot 5 kun oldin
I also like nik-l-nips! What’s wrong with nik l nips
Crazy Parrot
Crazy Parrot 5 kun oldin
Whats wrong with whoppers
Mid_Tea 5 kun oldin
whoopers and butterscotch don't deserve to be on this list
Emerald YT
Emerald YT 5 kun oldin
4:43 i guess yt red season 2 rhett is the opposite
BrettComplains YT
BrettComplains YT 5 kun oldin
Am I the only one who likes whoppers?
Shawn Griffin
Shawn Griffin 5 kun oldin
niklnipsare my favorite
Edon Ukaj
Edon Ukaj 5 kun oldin
Whoppers are awesome. I’d take em over twizzlers
Caroline Ω
Caroline Ω 6 kun oldin
Ok like Nik•L•Nips are great
Kristina Powell
Kristina Powell 6 kun oldin
So all 8 of these I love.
Maggie Wilcox
Maggie Wilcox 6 kun oldin
Hewo :3 I am cat
Keiran Grant
Keiran Grant 6 kun oldin
Whoppers and it’s are good cmon
Midnight _mystery
Midnight _mystery 6 kun oldin
I lOvE DoTtZzZZSszzszs
雪愛と平和 6 kun oldin
I love all of these exept for the raisin candy
雪愛と平和 6 kun oldin
I love the wax bottles
lorelei 6 kun oldin
dots are amazing nobody can convince me otherwise
Marivel Hetrick
Marivel Hetrick 6 kun oldin
um dots were my childhood
James Knorr
James Knorr 6 kun oldin
I like all these candies Am I... different?
Ajax Flores
Ajax Flores 6 kun oldin
rasinets are delicious
767 AlexGames676
767 AlexGames676 7 kun oldin
No I don't like the sound of you smacking whoppers against the box, dumb###
TheGreatPaw 1
TheGreatPaw 1 7 kun oldin
I love dots and niklnips
Daniel Kalafarski
Daniel Kalafarski 7 kun oldin
I love licorice
Erica Stolte
Erica Stolte 7 kun oldin
I used to really like the Nik L Nips when I was little lol
mia Mensi
mia Mensi 7 kun oldin
Ain’t no plug like a shameless plug!
Zoë's Book Reviews
I LOVE butterscotch candy
Josh Manning
Josh Manning 8 kun oldin
i love butterscotch
The nik-L-nips are the best for me 😂
HoqaBoom 8 kun oldin
Whoppers and dots are so good
Darci D
Darci D 8 kun oldin
I was gonna be mad if they put fireballs on to the next round 😂
Nicole Jerman
Nicole Jerman 8 kun oldin
dots are my favorite candy!!!!
Advanced Vac
Advanced Vac 8 kun oldin
Whoever doesn't like nikl-nips is a monster.
mariagilbertmr 8 kun oldin
“Happy cotton candy day daddies” 😂😂
Neeja 665.9
Neeja 665.9 8 kun oldin
I literally like all of this stuff accept for Whoppers and candy corn. Who did you get to vote?
Allen Gray
Allen Gray 8 kun oldin
Dots are Beautiful and amazing
Fire Wolf
Fire Wolf 8 kun oldin
Candy corn and whoopers are great.
OGKofaxis 8 kun oldin
I hate asmr
Krystal Kokay
Krystal Kokay 9 kun oldin
I like all of them
Frodin527 9 kun oldin
I am surprised juju bees didn’t make it!!! Those things are like dried up dots with a licorice undertone!!!
floww88 9 kun oldin
Dots are just horrible
floww88 9 kun oldin
Nik l nips are bomb
kErMit uR LoCaL mEmE
good & plenty is hands down the worst candy.
Ricky Cahoon
Ricky Cahoon 10 kun oldin
Yeah butterscotch is good until it cuts your tongue
Nicky Lettau
Nicky Lettau 10 kun oldin
Dots and woopers are one of my favorite!
X-Tech Gam!nG
X-Tech Gam!nG 10 kun oldin
Raisinets = 190 calories per serving, NOT 702........ wtf
Walker Erica
Walker Erica 10 kun oldin
Dots are awesome and delicious and same with fireballs
shinnok 2
shinnok 2 10 kun oldin
Nik-l-nips and whoppers are the best candies
Mr. Dubs
Mr. Dubs 10 kun oldin
My mom got me a big 'o bag of fireballs and a ate them in a week 😐
Jamisyn Taylor
Jamisyn Taylor 10 kun oldin
I don’t understand why everyone hates whoppers and dots 🤔🍬🍫
E God
E God 10 kun oldin
Butter scotch and fireballs are so good
Cloud_red 10 kun oldin
Anyone 2019?
Paige Stoneman
Paige Stoneman 11 kun oldin
i love dots
Cjak 11 kun oldin
I love both raisinets and dots
Karma Kazi
Karma Kazi 11 kun oldin
Dots are the best
Shea Toperzer
Shea Toperzer 11 kun oldin
"It's like a little rabbit turd" Link-2018-2019
TopSpeed Adrian
TopSpeed Adrian 11 kun oldin
Butterscotch isn’t that bad
NinjaJackson 11 kun oldin
I love dots
theVERYCONFUSEDgirl 11 kun oldin
I actually like Niklnips
Sydney Griffin
Sydney Griffin 11 kun oldin
Whoppers are so good tf?
Paige Beauchem
Paige Beauchem 11 kun oldin
Dots are my favorite candy!
Aimee Butcher
Aimee Butcher 12 kun oldin
rasinettes are gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
Charlee Johnson
Charlee Johnson 12 kun oldin
I hate dots but I love the nickel nips
Charlee Johnson
Charlee Johnson 12 kun oldin
I love raisinets
Wicked Rabbits
Wicked Rabbits 12 kun oldin
Dots are good people just don’t get it