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I hope you managed to avoid these products in 2018!
xo's ~ Tati
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Hi I'm Tati from GlamLifeGuru, thank you for watching my video, please be sure to check out my collection of makeup videos where you'll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you're looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.

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2-Yan, 2019

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Tree Tree
Tree Tree Soat oldin
Oh my...Rule of thumb? I wish someone would cancel the use of the phrase based on the history of "rule of thumb." Easy to apply makeup; however, not so easy to think before one speaks. That term is cringe worthy and I can't continue to watch.
Sabelko08 2 soat oldin
Tati, I absolutely love your videos! I also love that you are being more careful about the products you are using! Keep being you and doing what you want to do! Love you!
Nikki Math
Nikki Math 5 soat oldin
I'm all about forgiveness! Everyone makes mistakes, even big brands like Tarte. I have their concealer, eye shadow and lipsick and I love it.
Tiffany l
Tiffany l 6 soat oldin
"...i dont even know my name." 😂
Hope Melanson
Hope Melanson 10 soat oldin
If anyone can come close to keeping peace with 5.2M people, its you!
Kaydence Mullin
Kaydence Mullin 14 soat oldin
hi tati love you please take all the other comments with a grain of sugar because i’m sure there just trying to help love you so much
Ronnie Stewart
Ronnie Stewart 20 soat oldin
I like tarte but also didn’t care for the shape tape foundation at all
Mustache Man
Mustache Man 22 soat oldin
No one liked the crayola or Tate
Florrie Davey
Florrie Davey 23 soat oldin
The comments here are brutal. There are valid points but there is a way to put them. I love you, Tati 💖 I hope January is being kind to you 😘
Maria Robles
Maria Robles 23 soat oldin
I love you MOM
Rosi Boteva
Rosi Boteva Kun oldin
Oy u are so pretty
Aya Aryan
Aya Aryan Kun oldin
i don't think y'all get that research isn't just googling things unless you're a jr high student writing a paper lol. plus its v easy to twist/bend info and lie w statistics. just saying :)
Bekki Jane
Bekki Jane Kun oldin
Lol I love her clap back about people giving her sass for the doe foot applicator thing.
Periwinkle Kun oldin
I think that all this talk about natural skin care and no chemicals is maybe a way of paving the road for new skin care products that she wants to launch. Ever since she started Halo, she mentioned that she wanted to grow the brand and come up with more products...
skiyogagirl Kun oldin
You look gorgeous, Tati! Hope your 2019 is filled with wonderful new adventures!
naturalgoddess Kun oldin
Hi Tati I'm not on tarte anymore I use to love the company but after the foundation fiasco, and their explanation I was done. I should not have to wait for my shade to be relevant. Up until now the shade range is horrible.
Mediocre Generica
How do you have such smooth skin after cystic acne!? I had it for over 10 years and even though I take care of my face as much as I can, I don't know what can get rid of the scars and redness my acne has left me with.
Brittany Jandick
What's with all the hate on her opinions on chemicals and "toxic" ingredients? She knows what she wants and likes. If you disagree then take it with a pinch of salt. Let her do her own thing without attacking her, it is her channel afterall. Yeesh
Victoria S
Victoria S Kun oldin
I anyone else going insane by looking at her left sleeve or is it just me😂😂
Amna Salman
Amna Salman Kun oldin
Ohhh love love love the eye shades on u here
Janessa Lorraine
Wait.... where are the deets about your makeup in this video. I need to know about the eye look!
Elise Bowman
Elise Bowman Kun oldin
so coconut doesn’t work so you so it’s bad?? k lol
Marcela Carmona Tobón
After long time decided to give Tati another opportunity and after this video I remember why I left...
Andrea Knight
Andrea Knight 2 kun oldin
2019 with you😊 xoxo
Tamron Brown
Tamron Brown 2 kun oldin
A blow dryer took your hair out? You get more and more dramatic every year, I swear.
chewb 2 kun oldin
Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy. - engraved in me from toxicology class. Also there's strict regulations in place for manufacturing cosmetics. There are ingredients that are banned or restricted to use in certain concentrations in Canada. If a product does not meet the legislative requirements it is not allowed to be sold. In Canada we have the Food and Drugs Act and the Cosmetic Regulations to ensure that no person shall sell a cosmetic that has in it any substance that may injure the health of the user according to the directions for use or as customarily used. Everyone should do some research on the regulations that are set in your country.
Karen Olmos
Karen Olmos 2 kun oldin
Tati !!! I’m not done with the video. I’m watching the first aid beauty coconut one. But girl I’m loving it soooooo much. I’m in my third jar. I bought two more when JCPenney Sephora had them for 50% off. I’ve had acne most of my life. Now I’ll get maybe one or two once a month. It has not clogged me. I did break out with other coconut products. I tried one from target. And it was massive acne. Lol But Just wanted to say I love it. So sad it didn’t work for you Lol I’ll conrinue with your video now Love you Tati
momma flips
momma flips 2 kun oldin
Wow, I cant hardly watch your channel anymore. Your demeanor has gotten way to over the top. Dismissing coconut oil, kale, charcoal, yet slathering fragranced shape tape on your face, the constant dismissal of dupes, always siding with the expensive brand, Im guessing to stay on the PR. Your losing touch with the majority.
LW Iceskating
LW Iceskating 2 kun oldin
Hi Tati! While everybody is commenting/ complaining about you talking too much about ingredients, I wanted to tell you you’re great. And you were talking about liking eye primers with coverage, I think you would really like the P.Louise base then. I don’t think I have seen you talk about it. On that, have a great day❤️
Yiwei Liu
Yiwei Liu 2 kun oldin
really like the eye look in this video
baylee hopwo
baylee hopwo 2 kun oldin
can you please do a hair care and hair routine video!!
Rachel Dox
Rachel Dox 2 kun oldin
you are my favorite youtuber love you ... but i agree with enough of the toxic talk ... it’s like half your videos lately ... could just say don’t like this not digging coconut it’s enough to make people do their research ❤️
tania0874 2 kun oldin
Black is not your hair color 😂
Sharon Crone
Sharon Crone 2 kun oldin
I"m just catching up on your 2019 videos and I just love your year end reviews. Thank you again for a wonderful year of videos and opinions. I look forward to what you share in 2019!
Liesl Neil
Liesl Neil 3 kun oldin
The lip gloss tastes like plastic baby dolls smell. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Isabella Sofia
Isabella Sofia 3 kun oldin
your eye look is gourgeus
Julia Berit
Julia Berit 3 kun oldin
what we really need is a hair tutorial for this look>>>>>>>
Lauren michelle
Lauren michelle 3 kun oldin
I love to research! One time I took almost 2 hours researching on lash enhancers and serums before I bought one and I found a lot of dangerous things and that when using lashes will fall out after awhile because they just stall our lashes proteins growth! So I didn’t buy it and I’m so glad.
Lauren michelle
Lauren michelle 3 kun oldin
I love that you said people should stop canceling people and businesses after one mistake! We all make mistakes so I agree and makes me happy because your the first beauty influencer who has ever said something like that!
TheHeroSaver 3 kun oldin
That shirt looks hella comfy my god
Faziyah A
Faziyah A 3 kun oldin
Love watching your videos
Ashley Deboer
Ashley Deboer 3 kun oldin
It’s so annoying reading comments saying Tati stop taking about fragrances and coconut oil. It’s literally her channel she can take about what she wants. plus she never says this is what everyone needs to be doing. It’s her opinion! I think people tend to forget that..
Nayla Leifson
Nayla Leifson 3 kun oldin
Why do people get mad??? Would you rather have her LIE to you saying she likes something she doesn't.... You should be thankful she's being honest
Emma Evelyn Pop
Emma Evelyn Pop 3 kun oldin
Hey Tati love you
Shelly Norton
Shelly Norton 3 kun oldin
What eyeshadow is this on lid?
Caroline Suchman
Caroline Suchman 3 kun oldin
Hey Tati! I love how you think about how personal makeup can be. I love to use coconut oil to take off my makeup (because regular makeup remover makes my skin itchy) but I cannot leave it on or I break out. I have to wash it off IMMEDIATELY and use other moisturizers afterwards. Love you, and ignore the haters!!
Priya 3 kun oldin
Tarte by no means has the worst shade range of high end companies. Their previous products have been pretty good about variety, and to cancel the entire company based on one foundation is stupid, especially when no one cares when other companies have consistently crappy shade ranges.
Clarisse Fricks
Clarisse Fricks 3 kun oldin
Tati, I have loved your Chanel and your videos, but please just dial down with the whole natural thing. I was really supportive in the beginning, I love that you were sharing your new approach to beauty products and what works or not on your skin. But now it’s getting a little out of hand, the videos are all about this. I wish you would go back to talking about the texture of the products, if it works or not, about the price and all those things. It’s your channel and you personal preference will be all over it. But don’t let it be just about it. Lots of love, this was not intended to be mean or anything like that.
shola fashanu
shola fashanu 3 kun oldin
Love you tati! Want to support you, can you please focus more on the make up and reviews!
Tanzin Afrin
Tanzin Afrin 3 kun oldin
Tati please please pick for the new PR boxing winner please please please .I never ever won anything entirely my life so far please .Happy anniversary .
Lorena Lobatos
Lorena Lobatos 4 kun oldin
Binge watching. Your honesty and opinions...
Desiree Gaffron
Desiree Gaffron 4 kun oldin
I’m glad an influencer finally spoke up on cancel culture and I wholeheartedly agree with you.
earlene wilson
earlene wilson 4 kun oldin
Katy Bell
Katy Bell 4 kun oldin
This comments section is so great to read. Women/girls who are scientists, students, and common sense thinkers standing up for what they know. Instead of following a person on UZvid they clearly watch and care about, they are choosing to disagree abd inform respectfully without tearing Tati down. I hope she finds inspiration from what has been said instead of feeling hurt. She has great subscribers.
Holly Creasey
Holly Creasey 4 kun oldin
Loveeeeee he wig😂😂😂
Sierra 4 kun oldin
Does anyone actually know what toxic actually means? I feel like it's overused
The Valerie Lorenzo
I actually like the tape shape foundation. The dewy one actually works well with my oily skin oddly enough.
The Valerie Lorenzo
That wig though 🤣✨
Lucius stormborn
Lucius stormborn 4 kun oldin
Could you explain why you hate coconut oil in skincare? Is it just because you react to it and you think that a ingredient shouldn’t be in a product if there is even a possibility someone would react? Or is there a genuine reason behind it?
Faith Stambaugh
Faith Stambaugh 4 kun oldin
Hair tutorial please!!
Brimadawna 4 kun oldin
Have you tried the Pia Louise eye base yet???
Brimadawna 4 kun oldin
*Coconut makes me break out too!* Can I get an amen!!!
ashleyxyzwtf 4 kun oldin
I love FAB coconut cream! ❤️
Alex Lancher
Alex Lancher 4 kun oldin
I really do need to see Glam and Gore use your failed makeup for a look lol
Owl_Lover 4 kun oldin
I couldn't find my shade in tarte foundation so I didn't care for it. That being said I love their concealers. I'm waiting for Fenty to see how that concealer goes for me.
Aubrey Gillespie
Aubrey Gillespie 4 kun oldin
I’m obsessed with your shirt!
Rachiebaby95 4 kun oldin
don't. get. bangs.
inna n.
inna n. 4 kun oldin
All that research, yet she havent figured out that her favorite primer is pure alcohol...
Pr3ttyFlaw3d -Jesicca Randall-
xlove tatis shirt here. does anyone know where I can get one??
Jamie Heck
Jamie Heck 5 kun oldin
Gurus are gettin hella lazy never putting the products in the description box 🙄
Alexis Boardrow
Alexis Boardrow 5 kun oldin
WAIT. I know I'm late to this video (catching up on my Tati). BUT I ACTUALLY DID THAT CANDLE THING 😂😂 I didn't have a brush holder, so I burned out a candle and that's my brushes home now. Lol Tati, we're on the same page!
Blue 5 kun oldin
You're talking about toxins yet you drink out of a plastic cup. You always have a starbucks cup yet you don't buy a refillable one???
Annette D.
Annette D. 5 kun oldin
I don't like that Jarrod was bullying tarte. I tend to like some tarte products!
k p
k p 5 kun oldin
Whats up with the obsession on toxic.. ingredients.. fragrance.. coconut! Even the thumbnail? Did your obsession started when you launched your products and that gives you solid expertise now? Your Past videos have been whining too.. long time subscriber but really noticed you changed too, like over acting, reacting and seems nothing is really good enough for you unless its designer or your friends’ products.
Grace Bilodeau
Grace Bilodeau 5 kun oldin
I love the look you have on in the intro!
Mary's Reviews
Mary's Reviews 5 kun oldin
Love you Tati.....I do enjoy all the info you can give about healthy products since I have Lupus it does help watching your channel to see what products are less toxic.
Victoria Peacock
Victoria Peacock 5 kun oldin
Love you Tati!! So excited for 2019 and to walk through it with your videos!!!
callme amys
callme amys 5 kun oldin
Not sure what’s going on, but Tati, hon, you’ve changed. You’ve become preachy and pretentious. Where’s the Tati I know and love? 😢
Madelyn Earhart
Madelyn Earhart 5 kun oldin
Tarte screwed me over with their new ingredients and then using more chemicals then they used to so I’m not with tarte anymore but not because of the foundation
Athena Furr
Athena Furr 5 kun oldin
Tati is a youtuber not a chemist, im sure she appreciates you educating her on whats going on her skin but why is this comment section acting as if this is a science network instead of a fun beauty channel ? If you guys could all take a step back and realize shes just researching on the web and shes not actually in a lab and then comment that’d be appreciated more I’m sure. Happy new year! 🎊
Janice Weaver
Janice Weaver 5 kun oldin
1:41 don't we love it when Tati goes all Amanda Bynes (remember back she Amanda was pretty and funny?)!
Athena Furr
Athena Furr 5 kun oldin
The amount of negative comments on here make me sad, this is her channel shes allowed to talk about what she likes on her face and body i mean she literally says its her opinion if u dont like her opinion why are you watching her videos? Tati you are truly a sweet person and u seem to have the best intentions for everyone so please ignore all these negative Nancy’s and have a great new year!!! Much love XOXO
Sydney Strohl
Sydney Strohl 5 kun oldin
I could hardly make it through this video because it seems like EVERY single one lately she’s talking about “clean” ingredients. We get it Tati. Please for the love of God, stop.
Domynoe L
Domynoe L 5 kun oldin
I like mixing moisturizer or my Vichy Mineral 89 into my foundation. Can't do that with a doe foot. And no, I still don't buy tarte. If they clean up their act, I'll consider it. Not before.
Kristie 5 kun oldin
I love you so much but I cannot stop staring at the sleeve on your right arm that's folded up and it's driving me NUTS lol
Ash Ivy
Ash Ivy 5 kun oldin
Tati. Watching your channel has become a chore. Every 5 mins your off on a non toxic tanget. Please, please keep in mind that you have viewers that cant afford most of those products or simply dont care. i know im here for finding the cheap drug store driers. I love your personality, but girl. Your turning into that pushy aunt who is very in your face vegan. P
Lori Loo
Lori Loo 6 kun oldin
I use food grade coconut oil for a lip scrub and for over the stove popcorn.
jpeanut100 6 kun oldin
You're so pretty!!
Alyk26 65
Alyk26 65 6 kun oldin
Tati......Gurl...... please do a review on the MORPHE foundation
April Nelson
April Nelson 6 kun oldin
Every company has hits and misses. I like some Tarte products, dislike others. Have nothing against the company as a whole.
Feline 6 kun oldin
Whinny Anne
Whinny Anne 6 kun oldin
Tati, 8mins 48secs in and you've listed 2 products. We appreciate your passion and advice on ingredients but is it possible to leave those discussions to their own specific video so we can watch them if we're feeling it.
Sofia Trevino
Sofia Trevino 6 kun oldin
Everyone is talking super negative in the comments but can we talk about how cute Tati's mom is?
Jezebel von Tex
Jezebel von Tex 6 kun oldin
Shouldn't you be giving ppl more chances than you give brands????
Olivia Goosman
Olivia Goosman 6 kun oldin
The first aid beauty coconut water is a great product for me personally. She gave her reasoning and I understand. I have young really dry skin, and it moisturizes great because it has a lot of water in it. I would try it if you have really really dry skin. Love you Tati🥰
Felicia Hernandez
Felicia Hernandez 6 kun oldin
Preach! Your intro was on point!
Tneah Strobel
Tneah Strobel 6 kun oldin
In an attempt to be non offensive you tubers spend ten minutes justifying their opinions. Stop. Get to the goods that’s why I’m here. I respect your opinion, good grief.
luna 6 kun oldin
Lmao plastic babydolls smell horrible Tati! I can't imagine how they taste 😂☠
Laryssa T
Laryssa T 6 kun oldin
PLEASE PLEASE get bangs 😁
gill leaf
gill leaf 6 kun oldin
I love organic coconut oil. I use it for taking my makeup off, it removes my mascara so fast & my skin is fine.