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I hope you managed to avoid these products in 2018!
xo's ~ Tati
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Tati Westbrook
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Hi I'm Tati from GlamLifeGuru, thank you for watching my video, please be sure to check out my collection of makeup videos where you'll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you're looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.

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2-Yan, 2019



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Fikrlar 6 035
Marissa and Jaci
Marissa and Jaci 6 kun oldin
Stop talking and just get on with the video
Colton Molina
Colton Molina 5 kun oldin
LoHinrich 6 kun oldin
Wow! You looked just like Amanda Bynes with that wig on! That transformation gave me the creeps!
Rachel Velte
Rachel Velte 7 kun oldin
I love that you are fragrance free!
ashley 18 kun oldin
i feel like tarte uses clay of some kind in all of their stuff... nothing ive ever used from tarte ever worked for me... ps - coconut oil is factually comedogenic. it's not just you. your rule on body and hair are on point, i was just typing it as you spoke it lol pps - im obsessed with learning about ingredients in products as well. never gets boring to me and i can't un-know things once i learn them. i think it comes in handy. keep it up, Tati. you're so my favorite
Ladykay Oy oldin
Omg tati, I love you but holy ramble fest! 😂😂😍😍
Suhslifeis Fine
Why did tati make halo Read More
Zackery Litchko
Jaclyn M
Jaclyn M Oy oldin
I have my boyfriend give me a scalp massage haha love it too
Meh Sialai
Meh Sialai Oy oldin
She talked a little too long. I got bored.
Vanessa Otiniano
... your sleeve
Gaby Robinson
Gaby Robinson Oy oldin
Couldn’t agree more about coconut oil. It’s just so heavy and comedogenic. I relate sooo much to research. It’s so important to know what’s in a product and what you’re putting on your skin! Don’t even get me started on fragrances. You should check out DermaDoctor skincare. I think you’d really like it based on ingredients!
Life of a Mad Typer
Tati is a secret science 🤓 nerd. Cool!!!!!!
Stop2Smile Oy oldin
Waste of a time in the beginning 😒
Lindsey Straley
Tarte is just kinda okay for me. Their Maneater mascara and a couple other products took a few times for me to like. Their Shape Tape concealer? I wanted to like it. Every beauty guru raved about it so I bought it and I really dislike it. It just does not work with my skin at all and creases worse than any concealer I've ever tried. That's a big reason I didn't even think about the Shape Tape foundation.
Grace Louise
Grace Louise Oy oldin
Everyone is bashing you for going on a rant like you’re allowed to say whatever you want mamas 💗
BryanSeixas Oy oldin
7:38 that’s called passion babe, you have it.
Rosbelys Grullon
Sorry im super late! But I am such a research girl too! Omg i think that’s why im so behind on my yt videos
KAWDanville Oy oldin
Carolina Garza
What nail polish are you wearing?
Ksenia Alekseytseva
I really love your eye makeup here, Tati!
Max W
Max W Oy oldin
I really like Tati but I had to laugh that you think four hours researching something is a long time and you act like it makes you an authority.
Perla Cervantes
No good info and she talks ALOT!!
Honey D1p
Honey D1p Oy oldin
The thumb nail confused me I thought you were wearing your husbands wig 😂😓
greg Oy oldin
Noora Maliki
Noora Maliki Oy oldin
Natural deodorant is terrible. What company do you suggest?
ZenGoddess Oy oldin
FDA is just a $1000. license really doesn't mean anymore that its safe its about money now.
Brianna Williams
This video was very cringe worthy
towipo Oy oldin
You know why women wear make up and perfume? Because they're ugly and they stink.
Kitsunay Oy oldin
Wow people in the comments here are acting like such children.
Sydney P
Sydney P Oy oldin
“Be kind to others” “this palette was a DISASTER
Sydney P
Sydney P Oy oldin
Natural doesn’t necessarily mean good and chemical doesn’t necessarily mean bad. H2O is a chemical lmao
Egg Oy oldin
I just got the notification for this video.... C'mon youtube lmao
Tiffany Orton
Tiffany Orton Oy oldin
I just love you. So much. Xoxo
Melissa Cullop
ORRRR if they haven't done anything wrong.... Hello bandwagon of mis-information.
SemiOddBeing Oy oldin
Someday I'd like to think before I act as opposed to going with my instincts like you...
SemiOddBeing Oy oldin
How the heck are you still SOOO underated??!?
Lesley DeMattie
At 13:00 your face with that wig and sound effect! Lmao! I love when u act goffy. Omg. You r soo effin funny😊
Almightymegs Oy oldin
thumper62973 Oy oldin
I also had same type of skin younger, and combo skin you described you have now..what products do you use for skin care?
902angelina Oy oldin
I love tarte products 💖
GenXGypsy Oy oldin
“Toxin” and “clean” are not medical or science terms.
Marwa Mroue
Marwa Mroue Oy oldin
These comments are so negative. You don’t like the video, move on. Beauty videos are all about opinion and personal preferences so why is everyone complaining? She’s talking about what she thinks about these products and how she prefers more “natural” products. And the coconut craze where everyone was using it as skincare turned out to be the worst thing to use on your face since it produces acne.
bel pet
bel pet Oy oldin
I love you tati, but don't be the "scary chemical" person. Ingredients are only toxic in specific amounts. If they aren't in those amounts, they aren't toxic. That's why fda approves it.
Natalie Bankuti
to be honest i've always liked Tarte and don't feel much different after their scandal... like sure they should have definitely included way more variety in their shade range, but to be honest i still love their products. I tried their shape tape concealer and it wasn't the palest color which is so rare fore me, i'm a redhead so i have very pale skin (i mean the only two foundations that matched me in Sephora with their magical foundation matching laser were Tarte sooooo ive hd to use it a lot) Although I will say, the tarte amazonian clay foundation was just too drying on my combination/ dry skin. by the end of the day it would be flaky, but still i like their other products.
Brian Parker
Brian Parker Oy oldin
Just letting you know how much I appreciate that picture
April Maroshick
I’m really surprised at how offended people are by Tatis opinions. She always states to take hers and everyone else’s opinions lightly and to do what works best for you. She’s stating personal anecdotes. That’s all.
NerdNextDoor Oy oldin
Lmao they made that 6ix9ine song into a real thing
yana lysenko
yana lysenko Oy oldin
All the best to you, Tati!
DakiniKiss Oy oldin
Excellent video! You are fun and super hilarious!! Happy to have found you! Happy 2019! xoxo
Miina Garon
Miina Garon Oy oldin
It amazes me how bothered people can be in the comments. I understand that people may disagree, but could the negativity be kept to themselves? This is Tati's channel and she can discuss whatever she pleases. If something bothers you, click off the video. Don't spread negativity in the comments. Keep being authentically you, Tati. Much love, and can't wait for all the new content this year.
Christina Tadeja
Tarte lip paint is the bomb. Haven't liked any of their other products. But i love the long wearability of their lip paint.
Marie's wacky fun family Alecia Lucy!
Not having you around daily makes me feel so happy when you do upload. I look forward to seeing you more than before. Xxx ring ring... ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ praying for gods blessing over you and James xxx
Marie's wacky fun family Alecia Lucy!
Hi beautiful lady 👒 Please check out Pomifera oil. It comes from hedgeballs. Xx
jenny hardie
jenny hardie Oy oldin
I want to see Tati stream her researching products and ingredients, I would find that so helpful and interesting! Its like we could do product research all together!! 😩 AMAZING!
Stacy P
Stacy P Oy oldin
I really like your eye makeup in this video; the mix of the gunmetal with the warmer gold-looking shade is such an interesting combination.
Jacob Shouse
Jacob Shouse Oy oldin
The brand is called Younique.
Jacob Shouse
Jacob Shouse Oy oldin
Try younique makeup there awesome.
Tati, what are those dark rings on your right hand??? I LOVE THEM!!!
Diane McLean
Diane McLean Oy oldin
“Tastes like how plastic baby dolls smell” 🤔 I love that comparison!🤪
Kerry Williams
Your a good looking gal. A real beauty
Hanneri Kruger
Inglot has a clear eyebase that's absolutely fantastic
Katy Motta
Katy Motta Oy oldin
What coffee are you drinking??? I must know
Claire Merle
Claire Merle Oy oldin
That eyeshadow look you had in the intro looked so pretty with your eyes!
Nubia Ameker
Nubia Ameker Oy oldin
An oversight..😑
Alissa Faralli
Yeah Tati everything you didn’t like you can donate to me and I’ll give you pizza :)
julia ?
julia ? Oy oldin
i love hearing the little things about tatis life. like i found it really interesting how she loves to research things....
69CamaroSS407 Oy oldin
Dear God.....you can’t even look bad when you *TRY!!!!* Easily one of *THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ON THE PLANET!!!!!*
Glamour Withagiggle
Yo I’ve been being watching your vids like cray cray
Maggie Louise
Maggie Louise Oy oldin
Tati, i respect your right to like and dislike products! I dont care if you drink from a plastic cup . I don’t judge you, or your study into ingredients. I dont judge you on what you “FEEL “ is toxic to you. I feel the bullies , negativity in subscribers comments are toxic to ME! I respect you and your right to your opinions
An G
An G Oy oldin
Pleeeease, do a make up tutorial on this look
Molly Pospisil
- Tati - the makeup detective !
allison hernandez
“cancel culture “ is not a “thing” and it shouldn’t be an oversight to include shades for everyone! Are you serious? That was a load of nonsense and obviously since it doesn’t affect you then to you it’s just not fair to speak out on it. It’s 2019 this is not a “simple” mistake and the fact that you said it’s a simple oversight shows how much you know.
CharityLundy Oy oldin
Oh my gosh.. I love to research too!!🤓
Julie Nguyen
Julie Nguyen Oy oldin
Some of the comments are making really good points here about the actual toxicity of certain ingredients. But some are just degree-shaming Tati. She’s been using and reviewing products for years and years, I wouldn’t discredit her like that completely.
Lauren Miller
Lauren Miller Oy oldin
Who else heard Tati say “geeze I sure hope so” and thought of that road work ahead vine😂
danny boyo
danny boyo Oy oldin
I would love to see her Ahegao face.
Shay Nicz
Shay Nicz Oy oldin
tarte claimed they were going to come out with more foundation shades....its been how long and they STILL haven't come out with more shades smh
syd t
syd t Oy oldin
Tati! I'm not sure if you have already but you should do a hair video! Products you use on your hair, the kind of hot tools you like, etc. Your hair is so beautiful. Cross my fingers that you see this! xoxo!
Sami Dufresne
Sami Dufresne Oy oldin
I’m off of Tarte because of 1 shape tape foundation, 2 the Icy Betch April fools day, 3 repetitive palettes and 4 their “colorful” palette only had colorful shimmers which was a miss...
Bethany Rosier
Bethany Rosier 2 oy oldin
Googling doesn't equal researching. Buzzfeed articles are not peer reviewed journal articles written by professionals in the field. Looking at 1 piece of evidence that supports your current view is not studying. We appreciate that you're trying to educate yourself on ingredients, but taking actual biochemical or dermalogical classes may be more beneficial than conducting "independent research".
Marivy Madrid
Marivy Madrid 2 oy oldin
I get it that u wanna be more blah blah less toxic and this and that but is getting annoying like i wanna watch a video and relax not hearing you being an frustrated doctor hehhe please bring back the wtf videos or something less into negative or u bragging you are so high maintenance please
Jaluna Rolik
Jaluna Rolik 2 oy oldin
I've always avoided fragrance in basically anything- detergent, skincare, etc. I do it for two reasons: 1. I've got extremely sensitive skin that hates it 2. What's the point of fragrance when you lack the ability to smell? Also yay for aerosol free things!!!
April 2 oy oldin
Tati can you try delicate lashes or a similar at home lash lift kit?
Cynthia Barragan
Cynthia Barragan 2 oy oldin
those bobby pins are actually amazing! she needs to learn to use them lmao
Alece Peterson
Alece Peterson 2 oy oldin
If you are looking to try a plant based skin care like, Aveda makes AMAZING skin care without using coconut oil. Also, Aveda has awesome hair care products. I’m actually really curious what your opinion would be.
DailyCatFacts 2 oy oldin
I am fine with tarte... The shade range was sad, but honestly what brand in the makeup industry has NOT sqrewed up..???
Randa 2 oy oldin
You lost me 7 minutes in.
Tabitha Sanders
Tabitha Sanders 2 oy oldin
I sometimes find myself zoning out on how beautiful tatis hands are and miss what she's saying. Dang those beautiful people lol
Rosalie 2 oy oldin
Tati , Have you ever thought about going into Biochemistry? It sounds like you would be very good at it. Love you and ur channel. 💄💄💄💅💅💅👄👄👄❤❤❤ Hope you and James have a great 2019 !!!!!!
Brianah Cortez
Brianah Cortez 2 oy oldin
I’m probably going to get mauled for this but I don’t understand why people are losing their minds over this video? I’ve read a lot of comments so I know what are upset about, but I really don’t think it warrants the intense hatred. I’m not a diehard Tati fan and it doesn’t effect my life really if people are upset at her. I just think it’s a bit much
Ryan wiltse
Ryan wiltse 2 oy oldin
I love tarte shadows but their face products, mainly the shape tape line, has such a strong smell I cannot stand it!
blackwhite more
blackwhite more 2 oy oldin
Your reviews are fair and honest but there's no malice when you don't like a product. This is why I watch. Keep being the sweet person you are!
Tree Tree
Tree Tree 2 oy oldin
Oh my...Rule of thumb? I wish someone would cancel the use of the phrase based on the history of "rule of thumb." Easy to apply makeup; however, not so easy to think before one speaks. That term is cringe worthy and I can't continue to watch.
Sabelko08 2 oy oldin
Tati, I absolutely love your videos! I also love that you are being more careful about the products you are using! Keep being you and doing what you want to do! Love you!
Nikki Math
Nikki Math 2 oy oldin
I'm all about forgiveness! Everyone makes mistakes, even big brands like Tarte. I have their concealer, eye shadow and lipsick and I love it.
Tiffany l
Tiffany l 2 oy oldin
"...i dont even know my name." 😂
Hope Melanson
Hope Melanson 2 oy oldin
If anyone can come close to keeping peace with 5.2M people, its you!
kaydi mullin
kaydi mullin 2 oy oldin
hi tati love you please take all the other comments with a grain of sugar because i’m sure there just trying to help love you so much
Ronnie Stewart
Ronnie Stewart 2 oy oldin
I like tarte but also didn’t care for the shape tape foundation at all
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